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The Thing About Untouchable

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Late last night, early this morning, I posted a brand new chapter to the story, "Untouchable". And while GayAuthors has reposted the earlier chapters on the site, and have had my back every step of the way with this story without question...I am sticking by what I said a year or two ago. The best place to read the newest chapters of this story is on Nifty:




The story stops on chapter 14 on the Shack website. But if you go to Nifty, I just had chapter 20 accepted a few hours ago. Cool?


I don't want any more trouble, no more confusion, no more complaints. If you guys want to read the love story that I wrote as it is, then I hope you enjoy it! You can privately email me at Comicality@webtv.net if you want to let me know what you think!


Just letting you guys know! Mwah!



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