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Love, love, LOVE the recent responses to the stories!

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I didn't realize that so many of you guys hadn't yet read some of the older stories on the site! But I'm trying to keep up, and I can't thank you guys enough for the comments, posts, and ratings, for he chapters! WOW! Hehehe, you guys are amazing! Thank you!


I'll be going through all the stories to read your comments at my earliest convience! And I'm also working on detailed reviews of some of your favorite GA authors at the moment! Starting with "Let The Music Play", which is where I left off last time! So go check it out (By C James), and look for my review soon! Cool?


Thanks again! Your comments mean the WORLD to me! You're my new best friends now! Heheehe! Love ya! And I'll seezya soon!


I'll keep reading and liking your comments as often as I can! K? Seezya soon!

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I have been 'backfilling' as I've had time between writing my own stuff and doing Gone From Daylight animations ( :P ). I'm caught up on Gone From Daylight now so I'm catching up in other places. I'm reading In Between The Lines currently. It's different because it's your take on College.



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