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The 12th Question For Imagine Magazine...

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This is it! The 12th community question for Imagine Magazine! Wow! You guys have been really awesome at answering these! I have to go to a long work day, but I haven't been to sleep yet! I'll get four hours in tops! Hehehe, but I'm feeling giddy right now! So let's get this week's question in your minds! :P

SAFETY!!! We've all been taught that being sexually guarded is the way to go, right? That we need to be careful? That condoms were a must, as well as choosing partners that we knew well enough to not wiggle our way into a potentially nasty situation. Maybe even a DEADLY situation.

However...sex is a 'thing', we all have moments of feeling invincible, and common sense doesn't always work against spontaneity and the heat of the moment. So I wanted to ask you guys...

Can you say that you've ALWAYS been safe in your sexual experiences? Should you have? Do you have any regrets or any 'dodged bullets' concerning the idea? It only takes ONE mistake to alter the rest of your natural life. Just one.

Give us your tales of condoms, safety, or lack there of. It's a discussion that a lot of people need to have, but it can be embarrassing for a lot of younger guys to talk about. Let's have the discussion for them instead. K?

Tell us about your experiences buying, using, not using, condoms or other forms of protection while exploring yourself sexually. K?

I'm intrigued as to what you have to say! I'll add mine soon as well.

Don't feel embarrassed. It's an issue for all of us. K?

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I dated a set of twins in my junior year of high school. :blushing: We were worldly enough to use condoms about 90% of the time. The other 10%, well, there was no...penetration, happening, so we decided it was inconsequential. Although I had a few boyfriends before, I never did anything sexual with any of them; the twins were my first. :*) I had a few more boyfriends after the twins moved away, too, but I never progressed to the sexual stage in any of those relationships...until I met Morgan, and the rest is history. :D After my time with the twins, I made sure to get tested, regardless of whether I was in a relationship or not, and thus far, I've always stayed clean. :) Morgan and I used condoms when we first started sleeping together. Now that we're married, though, we don't normally use them anymore.

I'm not a fool, though. I'm not kidding myself into thinking that refusing to use condoms doesn't have consequences. I just happened to have VERY good odds on my side. If a younger person is reading this, PLEASE, use a rubber, or go "court the five ladies" (as the saying goes in China) in your bedroom. :P

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I was pretty much a monk for most of my life.

Thanks AIDS.


Monastic sexuality can be quite safe if done right. 



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