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Imagine Magazine Question For 12/29

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MASTURBATION!!! Hehehe, why beat around the bush (pun intended), that's what we're talking about in this particular discussion. And as I've written into a story or two...there are two kinds of teenagers in the world. Those who masturbate...and those who LIE about not masturbating. ::Giggles::


So, feel free to wear a <I>furious</I> blush as you tell us, in detail, your thoughts about 'pulling the old hand brake'!

When did you first discover it? Where did it happen? What do you think about? Do you do it to video pornography? Or maybe pictures? Or maybe to the gay stories you read online? Some people have a preference. Maybe you only did it when you were younger, or maybe you still do it to this day. Maybe you did ten minutes before reading this question! Or even better...ten minutes <I>after</I> reading this question! LOL!


Most importantly, was there ever a time that you felt bad or guilty about it? Did you ever worry that you were doing it too much? Maybe for social reasons? Maybe for religious reasons? Hehehe...and just curious...ever been 'caught'?


Whatever your thoughts are on masturbation, whatever you want to talk about, let us know in the replies below! There's nothing wrong with a little self love every now and then. So let's get it out in the open where we can talk about it!


I'm curious to see where this goes! (Again...pun intended!) Have fun!

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The only differences are:

I was 11 not 14.

I was watching something about singing cowboys. Now when I hear Gene Autry singing a cowboy standard I get immediately aroused.

I was not thinking of anyone in particular. It simply happened on instinct and it scared me a little.

I was so innocent about it that I actually asked my mom if 'pillows could get pregnant'? :D

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