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Is Jimmy Garopppolo the second coming of Steve Young for the 49ers'?

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I am bias, being a Patriots Teddy Bear :P , but I didn't like the trade we had for a 2nd round pick. Jimmy G. is a good back up QB with experience, skills, and ability.


The Rams game wasn't a huge deal, but the Jaguar game the week before on Christmas Eve showed us why the reactions on Jimmy G might be real, he's a damn good Quarterback. Defeating the leagues No. 1 defense is no easy task with one of the leagues worst teams.


Back in 2000, Tom Brady having come from San Mateo, CA had wanted to be a 49ers QB from his high school to college days, but they rejected him. (Aaron Rodger's also had the same dream). The 49ers have made a lot of bad choices over the decade in their franchise, but maybe just maybe they made a good one.


Now, Jimmy G. the Patriots backup QB was traded for a 2nd round draft next year and won 5 games to a team that had a 1-11 record, I am worried Bill Bellichick made a serious mistake. It looks like he just gave 49ers the Patriots version of Steve Young to Brady's Joe Montana.


Anyone else thinks Jimmy G is going to live up the hype and lead 49ers to playoff, or God forbid a Super Bowl victory?

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Jimmy Garoppolo is a 6’2” 225 lb. hunk of... Oh, wait, you’re talking about football.😬 Never mind.

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