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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 vs Switch

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Now that I've got platform agnostic this generation buy getting every system, I thought I'd weigh in on things.

First up, I've been an Xbox guy since early 2006.  Before that, I was a PC guy pretty much exclusively.  I always enjoyed Super Mario Brothers, Castlevania, and Zelda games on Nintendo though.


Current Hardware setup:

I have a 7.2.2 (2 Dolby Atmos speakers.  7 standard speakers and 2 sub-woofers).

 have a late model Samsung 4k tv with HDR.

I have an Xbox One X, a PlayStation 4 Pro and a Nintendo Switch.


Xbox One X

  • Pros
    • Best Hardware as far as power goes.  Every game that is on all systems, looks best here.
    • Friendliest User Interface of the bunch
    • Best controller for people with larger hands
    • With the new group feature, hands down best way to organize digital content on any of the consoles.
    • Backwards compatible games
    • Xbox One X enhanced 4k games... even of multiple 360 titles.
  • Negatives
    • Single player games are a bit weak on this system.
    • There are basically no Exclusive games.  Especially good story based ones
    • Store is well organized but can be dog slow far too often.


PlayStation 4

  • Pros
    • Best looking console.  The flashy lights on both the console and controller appeal to my inner self yelling "Squirrel!"
    • Best Singleplayer exclusive games (Though Nintendo does well here)
    • Games play great on the Pro console
    • Digital Store has a cart.  That's great!
  • Negatives
    • The most god-awful user interface I've ever had to deal with.  I can see this being an utter nightmare if you get more than 10 or digital games installed.
    • The digital store's search function is obnoxiously bad. 
    • Digital stores doesn't even work.  Sony is incapable of processing digital purchases.  I had to contact support (I never contact support) and they told me to buy a Sony Gift card on Amazon and load money that way to buy digital games.  WTF?  I want to spend money and they can't even take it.  And It was ANY form of payment.  I tried credit cards, debit cards and PayPal and it just choked.
    • Did I mention their store sucks?
    • If you have big hands, their controller is a bit dainty.
    • Did I mention their store sucks?


Nintendo Switch

  • Pros
    • Portable
    • Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • Mario Odyssey
  • Negatives
    • Underpowered hardware, though Nintendo does their thing well with it.
    • Motion controller is gimicky
    • Switch controller joypad thingy is goofy
    • Pro controller is expensive as hell
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added back compat to xbox pro list
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Out of the three systems, which one would you say has the most variety of games?

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I'm going to have to say PlayStation 4 does...

Xbox makes up for it a bit with backwards compatibility and X-enhanced games and giving away 4 free games a month... but... since Xbox is 3rd party games + Halo + Sea of Thieves + Gears of War... it just can't touch the variety you get on PS4... since you get all the 3rd party games Xbox has plus a slew of exclusives.

Switch is not even in the ballgame since they don't have much of 3rd party games or first party.  Though they do have some outstanding ones.

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