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[Luc] First Time

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I just read First Time and all I can say is, "WOW"!


It was so subtle and gentle, and yet it segued into such an intense (and HOT!) passion. Much like an infection subtly and gently begins to consume one's body until eventually you're burning with pain and misery. Yet this of course was the complete antithesis. Where the infection eventually brings suffering First Time gradually consumes the reader delight and pleasure until once again you're burning up!


Everything was so beautifully and exquisitely described. Lucas' feelings (both physical and emotional) so completely and perfectly told that the reader not only understands the story but is completely consumed by it.


Not only that but it was just really hot and erotic :boy:


Fantastic Job, Luc! Everyone should go and read this if you haven't already. NOW!!


Have a great day everyone and take care,


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I love all of Lucas' work but First Time just blew me away!


The second-by-second build of emotion and passion just weaves such an erotic spell it is almost as if the reader is right there inside Lucas' mind *can you just move over a little so I can have the front row seat here* :P


The pace of the story demands that you read it slowly and savour every touch, every thought, every word spoken to truly appreciate the beauty of this first time. Not only is it HOT but the characterisation has a sense of realism and all this in a short story to boot. Such a fine piece of writing should be complusory reading for anyone interested in this genre.


Thank you for putting this up, Lucas...... and if this is a TRUE story, you were one very lucky man!! :)



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Hello Luc,

Was going through your story. It provoked a lot of passion and thought. So I sent you a mail at lucswriting@yahoo.com. Please read it and get back to me at you earliest convenience.

I thank you most for posting this story. It gripped me in ways more than I can define in terms of words. :worship:

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