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[Luc] "I, No More" by Luc

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I'm glad you liked my poem. Thanks. :) It was SUPPOSED to end the story I started for the Winter Anthology, but I ran out of time and couldn't finish the actual story. The story was (and may still be since I may still finish it) to be about a boy who unexpectedly becomes the host of a symbiotic entity. Here's the beginning of that story. Let me know if you think I should finish it.


I, No More


Do you remember the moment you met the love of your life? The one you were meant to be with forever? The one that made you complete?


I remember it was winter. I was standing at the edge of the creek. It was running hard, oddly enough

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My God, Luc! You really are amazingly talented. YES, please do finish it! The poem as a stand alone was extremely beautiful and moving, but already I see it's significance tieing into the story and I can't wait to see the completed set!


Everything you write is so powerful and evocative this is certainly no exception!



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