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  2. NB Chapter 11

    I've never understood why Annette continues to humor Huon in this Sebastian and ship[ business. Sebastian has only been nice to Huon and I believe there is a good purpose behind it rather than any negative. This anger Huon has is over the top and irrational. It reminds my of someone who gets cut off in traffic and follows the other driver for forty miles to assault them.
  3. Have to love Nathan! The way he stood by Robbie side was the most mature way to fight Don bigotry. I agree that without being disrespectful (that could put him in more troubles than solutions) Robbie should have forced the issue on behaviour at home, he should aim to have nothing more and nothing less than the straight kids. And I still don't understand why he didn't bring his relationship with Tom, that would have shaken Don's stupid argument of "you were not gay, you are confused with the changes in your life". I can't imagine his face if Robbie was like "hello!! i was having sex with boys before I even knew you exist"
  4. Ruin A Movie

    Heathers Junk
  5. Chapter 13

    I'll echo the others. Well worth the wait. Ian's little panic attack in the kitchen was priceless. Ian called him "honey" twice and Adam called Ian babe. Keep up the good work with the happy couple. Thanks.
  6. Want the return of a feature similar to Ask An Author? Send me questions for your favorite authors. I'll need the author name you want me to ask, and the question for the author.

    1. Mikiesboy


      Oh excellent!  Should we PM you, Renee??

    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Yes, PM me your questions!

  7. Plagiarism Strikes Again

    It's sad that some people allow themselves to steal someone else's work, then try taking the credit for it. And all that... just because they, themselves can't create anything like the work they steal, and they know it, but they probably don't want to accept it. Well... what else can I say. It's sad. No one's stealing my work though (there's nothing worth stealing online and probably won't be..lol)
  8. Chapter 13

    Yes!!! not because they had sex (although it was a hot moment) but because they are stoping that strange (but lovely) mating dance, and that risks with each other. Ian has a wonderful heart and someone dear to me since William's Love. Can't wait to see more about these guys... And definitely anxious about the meet the family moment
  9. Chapter 4

    My first thought is that comicality is sending him the dreams as training. He has to learn to outwit his demons not fight them
  10. Ruin A Movie

    The Fast and the Furious F*ck.
  11. Ruin A Movie

    Steel the Magnolias.
  12. Ruin A Movie

    "Back to the Future" Calculus Canadian "independence Day" "American Beauty" Pageant
  13. Ruin A Movie

    It isn't adding a word but how about Lyin King
  14. NB Chapter 10

    i wouldn't have wanted to explain to Mary why I was so angry about the ship either, if I had been Huon. It's awfully petty and absurd. I have an idea what the twist is going to be, but I'm not going to spoil it.
  15. Ruin A Movie

    Pretty in Pink Panties.
  16. Today
  17. The whole worth of a kind deed lies in the love that inspires it.
    - the Talmud

  18. Plagiarism Strikes Again

    Even though I'm an author on here, I don't have that many stories on GA, and those that I do are riddled with grammatical errors and other mistakes that an inexperienced author is prone to make, so I would be completely baffled if I found out someone had plagiarized my stories. I forget that this is the internet, so it definitely is possible, even for an inexperienced author like myself.
  19. Ruin A Movie

    Comical Memoirs of a Geisha
  20. Ruin A Movie

    Dumb, Trump, and Dumber
  21. Ruin A Movie

    A Perfect Storm Sewer
  22. NB Chapter 9

    How much longer is this irrational dislike for Sebastian go on? Huon's been gone two months. Isn't that long enough to 'work it out?'
  23. Eyes on the Prize

    i am really fond of Caesar and Brett's relationship.... I've noticed a lot of fun well rounded diversity, and understanding between the two.. I'm not sure completely of their ages... but they really seem fine with a Buffet of fun and enchantment, yet sensible , realistic, playful, encouraging, mentoring, but by no means Prude..they seem to be able to give and take, even in the Hilarious sense... you can tell they are serious when they need to be, and can be witty wise and fun. and I am inclined to think there friends ( the Eight) have similar yet just different enough... to open up a Diverse selection and humor.. it will be very interesting... and while CJ seem's real comfortable about his change coming about I can really see the others will pose other important factor and impact in his life.... I think it's awesome when people come together on common ground.. bringing other views, and options you tend to miss in the immediate front lines... I can see the value of all Their growth as friends and the Importance of CJ now in the Dad's life.. I just Know will their friends will out of fondness and compassion rally to really Help raise CJ.. I feel that scenario is a very good possibility. I think they all Have a great connection and what better than to help raise a friends PUP... Carlos I love what you doing here and am glad I am reading it know while there is much to read other wise I'd be drooling so much I'd probably choke my self to death, hee, hee thank's and Hugz
  24. Plagiarism Strikes Again

    Great advice. As someone who has had their work plagiarized before, I often check Google like this post recommends.
  25. MetaPrompts 609: Call (MW8)

    Wow. Fate really is a bitch(bastard?).
  26. Parasitic Love

  27. Parasitic Love

    Beautiful story just wish it will continue
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