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  2. My thoughts for today:,  The world just full of people, who will tell YOU How to do something... But don't have the initiative to do it for themselves? There is the matter of How we think it works..., And how it REALLY works...? And of course, it's easier to teach something, than to do something. Here's a Classic... It's FRUSTRATING to try and help someone, and they Fight you all the way? And/or give us boundaries when we are trying to help them. I think we need to be challenged to take some responsibility... YOU "WILL NOT"Change what you won't confront! How we have become More willing to take orders from someone who hates us then from someone who loves us??  , I have been made aware that it's not WHAT happens to you that Hurts, But who it is that Hurt's you! ( Dishonored... for being Honorable?) People Make you feel like you don't want to do right anymore because it Hurts to "Much" People their cruelty, and agenda... But I said all this to share, unless you've been through some STUFF, and have had Experience in the Tuff times... you will never have the strength, nor be given a position of leadership until you are wrapped and surrounded... Endured and persevered the hard times! For it brings and manifests what most people look their whole lives for, and never...Find the most powerful tool we have... is "INFLUENCE":hug::heart:

  3. White Christmas

    Karl deserves everything he gets and then some douche. Love this story and Rudy. So glad he and Trevor hooked up.
  4. Last Post Wins #43

    The fudge is so freaking good, I almost don't care. Almost.
  5. Yesterday
  6. All I Want for Christmas…

    That's exactly what I'm wondering !!!
  7. Last Post Wins #43

    *grab the shiny while Penguin is full of peanut butter fudge*
  8. kancho.png

    It's a common prank among Japanese kids to stick fingers into other people's butts when they are not looking. It's called Kancho.

  9. Last Post Wins #43

    Peanut butter fudge! My favorite It's absurd for anyone to think the shiny belongs to anyone other than the Emperor Penguin.
  10. Last Post Wins #43

    Flatter this boy you might I show you my smile with pearly white The bard is handsome even when holding shiny for ransom The boy shows his skills outwitting and escaping over the hills
  11. New Study:

    "Drinking Coffee leads to Longer Lifespans."


    Well damn!!! I'm Immortal!

    1. Mikiesboy


      i'm not far behind you ..LOL 

    2. Dmrman


      Gotta be true...:D I'm as old Juan Valdez and his Donkey... I'm Thinking I helped him pick some of those coffee Beans:unsure2::unsure2:

    3. Sweetlion


      Same! Should we learn how to use a sword? Immortals can lose their head after all...

  12. Story

    Oh wow, what a fantastic story, I loved they way it backgrounded us on Colin, and his family, community service. Then Ken, wow, what and awesome guy, hold on to that one Colin, thanks for sharing this with us, J
  13. All I Want for Christmas…

    Thank you, you are lovely as well!
  14. Last Post Wins #43

    I love the boy with laughter bright, who giggles long into the night, I find him so delightfully, because we know the crown’s for me! Mine.
  15. Heartbreaking quote of the day:

    "Well, I know I could have loved you, but you would not let me..." - Ulysses862 (screen name, non-GA)

    1. BlindAmbition


      That’s a (Sleepless in Seattle) or (Titanic) scene just waiting to be written. :(

    2. BHopper2


      Yeah it is. Uly is a German Artist on DeviantArt, who's does 3DModeling and Animation stories. Tons of Werewolf stories, and scenes. The above, is a quote from one.

  16. White Christmas

    You must be right. Rudy does not seem the kind of person to hide and lick his wounds unless they were very serious. However, as we still see most through Trevor's eyes and we now know how much he missed and misread in Rudy's reactions, I may be more reluctant to take everything at face value. Still so much gaps to fill in, so many developments to anticipate...
  17. All I Want for Christmas…

    Thanks Obican, another great chapter, these two are lovely, I really love this story.
  18. Chapter 13

    Another great story. So glad I got to read it. On a completely different note, I find it hard to believe that John and Wylie sold the ranch. The dealership and the boathouse, yes. But the ranch??
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    Change Direction
  20. Word Association

  21. Word Association

  22. Last Post Wins #43

  23. White Christmas

    I am pretty certain you need not wish her that, she is setting herself up for discontent and unhappiness anyway. Poor child, though, that baby will have much to answer for - making it hard to carry cutlery and plates and glasses - maybe cleaning would have been the better job for Mary - or Karl rather? I am sure she would be very efficient at supervising him.
  24. Word Association

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