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  2. That sinking feeling you get when your laptop keeps on playing up ....  :/

  3. glennish

    Chapter 25

    Great story and great ending. Thanks for taking us on this road. Also looking forward to more from Jackson and Carter. Thanks again.
  4. Dodger


    Thanks @Bft I'm glad you stuck with it too. The story was completed before I began posting so I was hoping people would continue reading knowing that the ending would ease the pain. It was difficult and at times I wanted to say 'carry on reading, everything's going to be okay in the end. I couldn't do that, of course, so it's a relief to hear your comments. I'm sure not everyone was prepared to push on and I can't say I blame them either. I know it was difficult to read. Thanks so much for your support and comments.
  5. WildcatLes

    Dec Chapter 19

    Quokka, you have done it again. I found your story yesterday and have read all of the chapters. Your writing style makes reading the stories quite easy. I like the reference to "Quokka" in regard to the 5 mammals to be moved to Louth Island. I know that you have more twists and turns to add to this story. I'm waiting to find out the partner that Gres selects. Thanks for writing another enjoyable story.
  6. “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”   - Leonardo da Vinci

  7. today turned into a "how many meetings can molly attend in one day" kinda day

    this calls for some mellow music


    have a good day y'all

    1. MacGreg


      Hang in there, girl. 

    2. dughlas


      Is that like the old tootsie pop commercial? How many licks does it take to reach the tootsie roll center ...

      How many meeting did you attend?

    3. mollyhousemouse


      thank you @MacGreg Sir


      @dughlas i started at 8 this morning and have had 3. 1 went a full hour the other two were about 30 minutes....

  8. MacGreg

    Come in Alone

    This is well-written. I think it could stand alone as a short story without needing anything further. You created great ambience with your descriptions and dialogue, showing us more than telling and providing just enough information to create interest in these characters. Good job. - Mac
  9. Today
  10. Bft


    Thanks for this story Dodger, I agree with several other people that it was a difficult story to read, like Empress said I also wanted go and shake some sense into Jeff, and there are times I thought that I didn’t want to continue reading this story, but I am glad that I did. I am glad that Jeff got some help. And David was able to recover and move on with his life. I am not surprised that the cult closed in on Darcy and stayed by him, they clearly believe in the Old Testament. The sooner people stop having religion as a crutch the better for the world as there is so much hatred and bigotry coming from that lot
  11. Love is a gift we give ourselves, it's said,

    But what other munificence offers

    Self-charity to live beyond the dead

    With nothing but words stuffed in its coffers. 

    You may not find here those earthly riches

    Only to be sought on the temporal plane,

    And think my love merely moans and bitches,

    Loudly mourning your absence and disdain.

    But to a higher purpose we're both led

    When mind to mind there's no question within

    That what's ordained in benefice is fed

    All the treasures of the world that's ever been.

         Doubt me if you must, if it feels better,

         But accept this our deaths can unfetter.

    1. Mikiesboy


      Keats is applauding this one AC...brilliant! 

  12. chris191070

    Chapter 13

    Great chapter, I think the boys will make great couples. Not sure if I like Buddy’s Mum but all the other parents seem really nice.
  13. jamessavik


  14. Couldn't agree more. As a user of this site I made assumptions about the meaning of terms like “book” and “complete”, and they were used against me, or at the very least as part of a stunt to play with me—not in a way that I appreciate, specially considering it was deliberate. It's not the first time it has happened in this site, I should clarify, but it's still as annoying as ever. Other than that, the story is great. It's gripping and it feels authentic, and it certainly brings out strong emotions. The next book is marked as complete as well, so I'll get to that—at least through the first chapter or two. Enough to move off of this cliff, because I have work to do but if I try to do it now I won't be able to concentrate anyway. ADHD can be annoying too.
  15. MrM

    GFD: Business As Usual

    Cool! Now I know what I need to buy a three-way! 😃
  16. Sam Wyer

    Chapter 2

    Great questions :) I promise answers to at least some of them, eventually.
  17. Wesley8890

    Last Post Wins #46

    Martini please, shaken not stirred
  18. glennish

    It's None of Your Business!

    So. I am a little confused after this chapter. Is Aron an ass or is this just how his and Alex’s relationship is???? A bit of frott and then jerk off on his ass to get his rocks off then to sleep??? Stereotypical husband???? What about pleasuring your spouse??? I am so confused right now and need more answers soon please!!!! Thanks for the new chapter.
  19. Daddydavek

    5 Letters

    Harry's a perfectly paired yuppy. PERFE
  20. droughtquake

    Chapter 13

    Ignoring Buddy’s initial infatuation with Kyle, the boys seem to have made two really nice couples! They’ve all managed to actually talk and get to know each other. And they seem to have made some strong connections in a short amount of time! ;–)
  21. jamessavik

    Make us laugh!

  22. Daddydavek

    Last Post Wins #46

    ...and back to DDK.
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