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  2. What Are Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

    Yes! I get Ghiradelli peppermint bark. Awesome alone, in coffee or hot chocolate.
  3. Solitary

    Oh, boy...
  4. Make us laugh!

  5. What Are Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

    love the stuff too. it is one of the easiest things to make as candies go.
  6. Brokeback Mountain? Mebbe . . .

    Well, less uniforms and certainly not free
  7. What Are Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

    My guilty pleasure is peppermint bark. I will buy large quantities of the stuff this time of year since you can't get it in July. My freezer has a separate basket for goodies to be doled out a little at a time.
  8. Solitary

    hugs you
  9. Today
  10. What Are Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

    Yes, the Feast of the Seven Fishes. My nana always made me Italian chicken nuggets and pasta with pesto. Seafood makes me sick.
  11. What Are Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

    what's wrong with anchovies? best thing at Christmas was getting the oranges and chocolate in our stockings. later in life it was those chocolate oranges and blood oranges. and nana's specialty--Dr Pepper Yams
  12. What Are Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

    I think my Christmas fav is pasta d'olio aliche ( not sure I spelled that right). Pasta dressed with olive oil and garlic with seven different kinds of fish. Tradition in our family is this for Christmas Eve. No meats that night, although when I was hosting the army I made a concession to the non Italians and roasted a fresh ham as well. The anchovies seemed to chase them away from the pasta.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! (Cia just posted this on our Facebook page...) A great time to read some stories if you're stuck waiting...
  14. Last Post Wins #43

    Just hear those sleigh bells ringing
  15. Solitary

    so few words... so much pain. i'm sorry you're feeling these.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Last Post Wins #43

    Nice to see Daddy is having a beautiful roasted penguin for dinner tonight Hope you are having a great reign on your bday Northie
  18. Solitary

    Let it out, tim, I’m at the ready with more ............
  19. Chapter 23 - Mishief, and Playing Cupid

    Great chapter! Happy Thanksgiving.
  20. Solitary

    1 I won’t stay and bother you Have no fear of that I won’t get in your way It’s clear where you’re at I can say something You just shoot me down No worries have it your way Do just as you please I’ll go back to solitary Alone with my dreams 2 There’s nothing in my heart No joy that I feel Time to bury myself again Solitary. Insular. Alone. But I can’t say this What will others think? It matters not. Only Words do. 3 so very long ago i sold my soul true happiness then i'll never know sometimes there are glimpses let through the black velvet curtain scraps of me are left on the ground my dreams and hopes sold as junk I pour over pages on ebay But there’s nothing left of me ************************
  21. hosted my first family Thanksgiving. It was a success... they even took all the leftovers saving me from a Turkey coma.

  22. What Are Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

    Thanks Moggy. I forgot about the skin. Yes... my hand was always swatted away from picking the skin.
  23. Great chapter Zenith, keep up the good work. John Sydney/Australia
  24. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
  25. What Are Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

    oh it was so very good! and now the not so gentle, but oh so loving, noise of the kids cleaning the kitchen
  26. What Are Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. I know we’ve been talking about this. Hope you guys enjoyed it. xoxo
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