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  2. Vampire Smuggling

    Uhm, Elias bonded Jany in public, in a club with several werewolves watching. How the Moon do they think they can keep Jany a secret ?
  3. Chapter 11

  4. Chapter 13 Good and bad family moments

    What a good chapter! Peter and Michael are so cute Patrick is a very lucky man Grethe is just the perfect person for this house hold. And a great support for Patrick. We learn how bad his relatives are some people are just mean. But i hope that at some point Fiona will get to be a part of this story. This story is just delightful and well written and thought out! Great Chapter
  5. My 2-day total I'm up 54 points. I wonder if I should open a studio?


    I think you can count on more number puns.  I think it runs in my vampire family tree. 


    1...1 silly VampireMystic. Ah Ah Ah

    1. Dmrman


      Maybe they need a better reflective view of you...?:blink::unsure2: or they just think you're a little Batty...:unsure2: or maybe... <<< Holy crap dude you're just Guessing here...!!!! Just tell him he's fluttering around an no one can see him...!!!!:fight::fight:>>>:unsure2: and WTH would you Know, just get outta my head and leave him Alone...!!!:pissed::rofl::blushing::blushing:   Twins... Ha!!!!!!

  6. WSD Chapter 1

    I thought I was familiar with the story. It still amazes me that an eleven year old has such a business acumen. It certainly doesn't apply to any eleven year old people I have known in my lifetime, but perhaps they are more advanced where you are. Otherwise, I always enjoy your stories.
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  8. Chapter 9

    I mentioned in the last chapter how a single implusive action can have big impacts. Last chapter it was Randy's and Dean's kiss. This chapter, it's TJ's decision to try to shop lift some cheap alcohol. At least in this case, the impacts have a positive edge. While it's a shitty way to spend a birthday, TJ's secrets have been revealed, and people can now do things to heal his troubles. It's interesting that Carter is the one who has acted as the bridge between the two worlds of Randy and TJ. It's as if he's realised that TJ needs help he can't get from anyone else, and despite his own feelings, he's doing what's best for TJ. A pivotal chapter. Now we need to wait to find out in exactly what direction that pivot takes us.
  9. Chapter 5

    I am going to be honest, I started reading this story because my (in progress) story is on hold for the Olympics. I wanted something to read. I was not impressed with the first chapter, in fact I almost quit the story and went looking for another, but I went ahead and moved onto ch2. I am not a person who gets stuck with first impressions. I like your story and I am enjoying reading it. Good character development. Great story line, it is very real and believable.
  10. Entry 17: Boys & Girls

    You have done an excellent job of building tension, anticipation, hope. I am sure there is a word out there to express my feelings. Even without knowing what the word is, great job of moving the story along to a higher point. The kiss is going to be like a volcano exploding.
  11. Chapter 9

  12. Sigh! For the third time in 9 years I’ve been called for jury duty. Being blind, I’m not supposed to be summoned. What a pain to keep sending medical info.

    1. MacGreg


      Hmm. Sorry you have to go through that hassle. 

    2. BlindAmbition


      Thank you Sir @MacGreg. If I could, I would. They expect you to see exhibits and read handouts and take notes.

  13. LOVING IT!!!

    Well, I don't know what Comsie has established as I have not seen much development of 'Mr. Brian Temple' which is the name I gave Brandon's Daddy. I have made him out to be an international commerce facilitator in a business in which he has a vested interest: Temple and DeSaint Michele EuroTraders, Inc. This means that Brian Temple does a lot of traveling and hence why I have Brandon somewhat well travelled himself, at least between England and France. There are long family ties the Temples have to both countries as seen in my Brandon tie-in, Souvenir:
  14. Chapter 18

    Lol. Like minds Gary.. My thought was.. uh oh. I always catch up when there’s trouble afoot.
  15. Chapter 12 Romantic night

    What a wonderful love scene so kind caring and loving! Handled so well and nothing in the room caught fire hehe. And now well see where we go from here Great Chapter
  16. Things That Don't Interest Straight Guys

    I tried that for a couple chapters on other sites, but hated how it looked. I do better in later chapters on using context clues and giving the EPIC guys a different narrative "feel."
  17. I read this back before I joined. Maybe it's time to read it again. I can't remember if I read all three, but I believe I did.
  18. Vampire Smuggling

    You guys are too much...spoiler below. Also, Tatiana was relaying the message to all Omegas that the Goddess simply felt that a strange new connection was made (when our boys bonded with January). But, since there are so many Omegas running around making bonds as well, she can't pinpoint which one of them it is. And Tatiana does know about Mat. Once a new mate is found, Omegas generally report it to the temple and the other mates report it to their jobs (they get a week off per mate usually, to have them begin to gel to their mate 'pack').
  19. Chapter 9

    TJ just can’t catch a break! Any store that’s open all night and sells alcohol knows that people are going to try to steal it! It’s especially likely to happen in the neighborhood where TJ and Carter live! But I remember a suburban Pak ’n Save (Safeway’s warehouse grocery store) in an average town that changed its hours because of liquor thefts – it had been open 24 hours, but started closing at 2am when the bars close and the alcoholics are forced onto the streets. It shows TJ’s naiveté that he wasn’t street-smart enough to know that you go in large groups and split up to distract the employees…
  20. Vampire Smuggling

    I frikkin LOVE this story! I don't bounce (like Eli does alot) but when I read this story it is like I do mentally going, 'Uh huh! Then what?' a lot in my head. Then when I finish, it's like, 'What? But? Noooooo...' The most interesting thing for me in this story are Eli's markings. Why would he have the shape of the Sun around his eye when his Goddess is of the Moon? Even his colours (from reds to gold) are more like the Sun. Jany as a bat seems SO cute. Tatiana knew they had another Mate or did I mis-read that? Was she thinking Mat still? I love this story. I love it as much as I hate having to now wait...
  21. Chapter 16

    Omg I totally missed chapter fifteen yesterday! How'd I do that no idea. Nope still love Bart though!
  22. Chapter 9

    Send him a PM! ;-) But do you like scary clown movies? Do you like being cried on (even if it means getting mascara smears on your shoulders)? How many kids do you want to have? Are you a strapping young man on a motorcycle? ;-)
  23. Vampire Smuggling

    Yes. January needed to have seen the place first. Also, making a portal big enough for a car to go through would draw unwanted attention even in the vamp side of town. Looks like you just coined the group name! The sensual six. That's perfect, ha ha. Don't be surprised if you see that as a chapter title later on.
  24. Chapter 9

    I thought Carter was just a manipulative ass, but it looks like he cared enough about TJ to call someone to bail him out of jail, and rescue him from that b**ch of a mother. I knew, as soon as Randy's dad left the house, TJ would be in for it.
  25. Chapter 9

    I've read it before keep reading, I promise you'll want to.
  26. Vampire Smuggling

    If you think this group is colorful and imagination fodder, you should check out our Lust and Chasity boys. That world is equally as fun. We definitely have to do a crossover.
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