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    Long road ahead. Harry, Teddy, Oli, and guitar playing make heart race. That siren should be blaring 24/7.
  3. Last Post Wins #44

    More denial... All Hail Tsar Steve the Benevolent!
  4. Chapter 1 Enlightenment

    OK... I'm officially confused. Was this a one chapter short story OR was it the first chapter of an ongoing story? Neal
  5. Last Post Wins #44

    Ahhhh, she is so bashful, she is changing around your post Drew to hide her deep, deep, deep love for you Isn't she cute
  6. 5 Letters

    SCENE Seamen can enjoy nightly exercises. HORNY
  7. Last Post Wins #44

    I live in Valhalla, thank you very much.
  8. Last Post Wins #44

    Val, you must live in Egypt, 'cause I can see Denial from your home... TSAR STEVE!!!
  9. Part 1 Now, things were gearing up for Christmas in full swing! This was a first for Makarovia. It was the church in Styria that have their services for those that could make it. The underground passages before did help, but often it was more difficult than it was worth it. Now, access to the church was easier and there was access directly from the underground to the church. My personal view about religion was…I don’t know what’s true! I believe we were more than just animals who were self-aware. I couldn’t deny Jesus existed. It was history like Caesar. I just didn’t know. I was wary of anyone that just “knew” all the answers. As things in Makarovia were…different about many things, there was the part of Makarovia that still very much based on family and things that were…right. They took the stance that there were good things about being human and those things were encouraged. No killing and no stealing. Honesty. The religions helped to guide that. Peter and I attended a program the local church and heard young voices sing about Christmas dressed in robes of festive colors. Peter leaned closer to me and whispered. “I love this.” He said taking my hand and looked at the many faces in the congregation. “It’s like…Makarovia isn’t hibernating anymore.” I looked back at the church with almost no place to sit down. “It’s a new beginning for Makarovia.” On the 27th, we were told the plane from England had arrived, so we were told. It took a while before we were told our guests would arrive. Until they completed the underground transport, they had to be brought by snowcat. When we got word they were coming up the elevator, Peter and I waited as they finally rose to us. Two fur covered things with those fur hats on. As soon as it stopped, Drew got off with quick sigh of relief and he kneeled down and kissed the floor. Wayne rolled his eyes at husband’s dramatics. Yes, Drew was definitely gay. I chuckled. “Rough trip?” “Oh, my God!” Drew stood up. “Are we at the opposite side of the world!? North Pole!?” He grinned at me and Peter. “We traveled forever…half of it here in Makarovia!!” He said pulling the thick fur off and removed his fur hat. Peter laughed at our friend. “You should have come to Boston. There are roads open there and not nearly as much snow!” “I know, I know.” Drew grinned coming to Peter and hugged him. “I’m really sorry we didn’t.” Wayne shook his head at his husband shedding his own fur and hugged me. “It wasn’t that bad, Wayne.” He said with a chuckle. Drew looked back at Wayne in surprise. “Were we on the same plane?” He asked. “It was this…big thing,” he spread his arms wide, “and…it shook and was so loud…” he said covering his ears. Wayne rolled his eyes again looking at me. “It was a military freight and transport flight.” He said softer and shrugged. “It was less on the frills thing, but it was fine.” He thumbed at Drew. “He just doesn’t like flying sometimes.” Drew came and hugged me. “We got here!” “Yes, you did.” I chuckled patting him on the back. “And it’s cold out there!” Drew said holding his arms out. “You didn’t know that?” I asked smiling. “I’m sure that was mentioned a few times.” Drew nodded. “Yes, being told and experiencing it are two different things!” I nodded. “I agree. I wasn’t ready either, but I’ve gotten used to it now.” “Are you tired?” Peter asked smiling at Drew. “Should you rest some first?” “I don’t need to rest.” Wayne put his arm around Drew. “There wasn’t a lot to do on the way here, but rest.” He looked at Drew. “You were stressed, honey. Are you still worked up?” “I’m fine.” Drew admitted. “What can we do? There’s a lot of snow out there!” He waved at the outside of the palace. Peter looked surprised. “Wasn’t there a show on TV about what’s happening here?” “I’m busy!” Drew said. “I don’t think there has been a show about what’s happening. What’s happening?” “Well, we’ll show you.” Peter waved at the furs. “You might need that, but just for a few moments. We do have to go outside briefly.” Drew frowned. “Back out there.” “For just a minute or two.” I said picking his coat up again and handing it to him. I went and got coats for me and Peter. We took them back out of the palace where we saw that it was a dark grey outside. Walking carefully to the above ground tunnel entrance we took them underground. There was even a place to hang the fur coats now where we could get them back on our way back. Once we were below and reached what had become the city center underground Drew’s eyes widened taking his husband’s hand as they both did the slow spin at all the new surroundings. The decorations were going up and the lights were twinkling…even Christmas music was being piped in. It did have a magic in the air. “This was covered!? By who!?” Drew asked. “I mean by the news!?” He shook his head. “I know they didn’t!” “It was told this was happening, but…” Peter said. Drew was touched his pockets quickly and grimaced. “Damn! I don’t even have my little camera!” Peter laughed. “We can come back. You’re here a week!” “Welcome to the new Styria.” I said pointing to the people walking below. Peter grinned taking my hand. “And it will just get better!” He said to Drew. Drew held his finger up and turned to Wayne. “I know we came to see our friends,” he waved to Peter and me. “But, I have got to cover this! Now!” Wayne nodded kissing Drew. “I know.” He gently rubbed Drew on the jaw. “You will.” We walked on through the underground and got the coffees we always got. “Wow.” Drew said a little impressed. “For us, Christmas is pretty well over. Everyone now is just waiting for New Years. Many have already taken this stuff down.” “Here, it’s just beginning.” I said simply. “This is three French hens’ day.” I said referring the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Drew held his head. “A story is forming.” He said to no one. “A Makarovian Christmas: A country reborn.” Wayne chuckled. “You need to work on the title.” It was at lunch Drew was getting excited about what he’d seen. “What you guys are doing here is absolutely incredible, Olek!” Olek smiled from the head of the table. “It’s not just us doing it. Your government and the United States are doing a lot of the work.” Helga shook her head. “That’s true, Dear. Their governments have the equipment and a lot of their personnel are helping, but there are many Makarovians working just as hard.” Olek chuckled with a nod. “I’m just giving Drew the idea that we couldn’t do it without him and the others from England and I know that.” Drew nodded smiling. “It’s not like we’re doing it just out of charity.” “I agree.” Olek acknowledged. “However, if you and those from the United States and other countries hadn’t stepped in, we would have lost that uranium.” “I will say in five years, no one will be ready for the new Makarovia.” I said proudly. “I have a guest arriving today.” Mom said suddenly, smiling at us. Peter smiled at his mother. “Your mystery man, Mom?” She nodded with a slight shrug. “He’s certainly not a mystery for me, but he will be here this afternoon.” Drew looked up suddenly, his reporter coming out again. “Mystery man?” Wayne sighed. “Drew.” And gave him the look to remind him to not be that reporter all the time. “I’m curious!” Drew defended. “And there will be an answer.” Mom smiled. “At about three o’clock.” We were told that this mystery man was on his way up. I held Peter back before he could rush off to see this “guy.” “Peter, he’s going to get here.” I cautioned quietly. “Mom will bring him to us, okay?” It took a few minutes before Mom came in with a man and I could be smitten myself! Sure, he was in his late fifties, but a very handsome man. He did have the polished look of a man with some wealth. A tailored suit of dark navy blue and had dark black hair that was greying in the temples and a little on the edges and a slightly olive complexion. Tall, like Olek and Peter and thin. Clearly Italian. Queen Alla had her hand in his arm as she waved to us. “Mario, these are family and friends.” Mom said in English and turned to us. “Mario is learning Makarovian. He speaks five languages, but the one common is English, so…that’s what we’ll speak.” She introduced Peter, me, Olek, Helga, Drew and Wayne. “This is Mario Basso.” Mario bowed slightly and said. “È un piacere incontrare ciascuno di voi.” Then he switched to English with a polished, Italian accent. “It is a pleasure to meet each of you.” Olek smiled coming over to the man. “I remember you! You were there in Paris…what was it? Five or six years ago?” Mario nodded again with a slight bow. “That is correct. That was also the meeting where I met Alla.” I never really got the meaning of the word until now. The man was suave! He seemed to drip as a polished, sophisticated and charming man. It wasn’t an act, it was just him! Of course, he was! Mom wouldn’t have her head turned for just anyone less. I brought Peter closer as I put my hand out. “See?” I waved at Mario. “No horns.” I stuck my hand out to the man. “It’s nice to meet you, Signor Basso.” He smiled at me shaking my hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you, My Lord.” He pointed to his head. “No, no horns.” Then he smiled more. “I heard you didn’t like titles that much, so can I be Mario and you Eric?” I bumped Peter lightly. “I like him!” Peter glared at me a little. “I never thought he had horns, honey, but he was dating our mother!” He waved at Queen Alla. “My mother!!” He held his hand out smiling at Mario. “It’s nice to meet you, Mario.” “Your Highness.” Mario bowed. “Do I call you your highness?” “Peter’s fine.” Peter said. What had been a family of three was perhaps going to be six! Yea! Mom and Mario had to be serious for her to invite him here to meet the family. It was as we were having an afternoon drinks together we found out Mom and Mario met at that conference and started dating…sort of that weekend. Dinner, I was told was the first time. They dated off and on the next year or so and became something more after that. Mario descended from wealth, yes, but he used his money and made a lot more of it. He was intelligent and didn’t appear to have that entitlement issues some do. “We loved your island off Sicily.” Olek said to Mario. “I wouldn’t mind going again.” Mario nodded. “I build the place to get away from all…business and other demands. Just let me know and you’re welcome to go any time.” Peter grinned. “Have you been there often, Mom?” She smiled and nodded. “A few times.” “So, your comment when we took Olek about the bathing suit not being necessary…you knew from experience?” Mom just smiled more and didn’t answer his inquiry. Olek ended a phone call and was very happy about something and he grabbed me and Peter. “I just got word…” Olek said happily, “we’re going to have a mall!” I looked at him surprised. “A mall? It’s practically a mall down there now!” He shook his head. “Yes, but really, those are just passages to get from one part of Styria to the other during the snows. No, they want to build a real mall! Things like…chain stores and higher end shopping and…” he literally bounced, “and that’s not all. The city center will be down there! Cold or hot weather, Makarovians can shop, dine or just be down there. Three additional floors below the passages that are there are proposed. All accessed by the passages and the new underground transport when constructed!” He was practically slapping us lightly on the arms when he said that. “Isn’t that great?” Peter grinned. “Yes, Olek.” He cocked his head. “But we need to consider the financial situation with most here in Makarovia. Will our people be able to afford these stores? Enough to keep them open?” Olek shook his head. “We’re not talking about those really big stores like…” he looked at me, “…what is it? Macy’s, Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdales or anything like that, but they might want to be here. The economy is growing!” He smiled again. “They are even talking about a hotel down there!” “Underground.” I said. “Yes!” Olek nodded. “This is expansion! Skoal is bigger than Styria now!” He hugged Peter and then me. Peter smiled as his brother went to Helga, but I saw Peter’s face. “Peter.” I said quietly taking his hand and getting him to look at me. Peter looked at me realizing he had sort of zone of thoughts a second. “I hope Olek knows…” he began and hesitated and thaking his head he looked more directly at me. “The people here may not…be ready for this.” “It’s going to happen, Peter.” He nodded. “I know.” He moaned. “I’ll be honest. The day we both arrived here together, I told you about things changing.” I nodded. “I remember.” Peter touched his own chest. “I wasn’t ready for the world out there!” He waved at the outside of the palace. “People here have problems, yes, but mostly they are sweet and…unsophisticated! They are simple people.” He shook his head. “They have always worried about staying alive during these months. I told you, criminals didn’t do well before, but now they will!” He looked as Olek was telling talking to others now. “They will lose that innocence.” “They will.” I nodded. “Olek has been out of Makarovia so much, I’m afraid he can’t see it.” Peter said sadly and waved at his mother and Mario. “Mom, too.” “You see it.” I said. “I don’t think we can stop it.” Peter closed his eyes. “We can’t stop it.” He sighed agreeing. “We can tell them what will happen…I mean the people and Olek and Mom, but we can’t stop it. We’ll need a bigger police stations and enforcement officers.” He looked at me with sad eyes. “We’ve been safe here, but there is another threat out there. This consortium is still out there and I’m sure isn’t giving up.” “They have to see that things won’t be easy now.” I said. “We’ve got Great Britain, the United States, Germany, France and Italy here.” “They may see it won’t be easy, but they won’t let it go. They will just try another tactic.” Peter argued. “You know that.” I hugged him. “They have us to keep an eye out for them and any other threat to Makarovia.” I smiled at him. “And don’t sell the people of Makarovia short, Babe. These wonderful people stood up for generations against the Ukraine, Nazis, the Soviets and many others. They will do it again! They might be innocent and simple, but they are not stupid.” I heard him chuckle. “You’re right.” He let me go enough to kiss me. “They aren’t.” Drew took his camera and some others and was recording many images of the underground and decorations. Wayne just watched as his husband worked. I brought Wayne a coffee I knew he liked as we watched Drew organize some children from four of five to eight or nine and their parents, filming them and the surroundings and asking questions. Drew spoke almost no Makarovian and the children spoke almost no English, but he asked the children about what they hoped Santa would bring them. They looked confused looking at the parents with them who translated. There were shakes of heads and they kept saying, “Ded Moroz!” Drew knew about Ded Moroz, but looked confused for them. “Who?” There were several unbelieving faces as they all said the name again to him and pointed to the figure on display with his long blue coat, bearded and holding his satchel of gifts. This figure was different, not the chubby fat man in the red suit known in the West. A sweet little girl about six looked at her mother. “How can he not know who Old Man Frost is!?” “I don’t know, Sweetie.” Her mother replied. Peter walked up behind Drew. “My friend here wasn’t taught about Ded Moroz.” He watched the many shocked little faces, but the amused looks of the parents. “I am telling you, he thinks Christmas was over after the 25th! We know better, don’t we?” There were many nods and agreements from them. “We need to educate him.” Peter said slapping Drew on the back. “Just remember, he doesn’t speak much Makarovian, but, he’ll listen.” Drew was instantly surrounded as they all were speaking to him and told him it was Ded Moroz was the one coming and that led to some excited answers from our smaller citizens of Makarovia. The thing was, Drew loved it! He listened to all of them and we knew this was his way of getting the true nature of the children. They were happy to tell him all about Ded Moroz. “He is a reporter.” I said to Wayne with a shrug. “What can you do?” Wayne grinned. “And the truth is…he’s so damned good at it.” He chuckled thanking me for the coffee. “Don’t tell him I said so, or he’ll never stop.” I grinned. “Your secret’s safe with me.” I saw Drew interact with the children easily. “You and Drew need a child. He looks like he’d be a great father.” Wayne nodded. “We’re talking about it.” He smiled. “My nieces and nephews just love him.” It was New Year’s Eve! That was like Christmas Eve in the West. Many families stayed home. There were many traditions from Ukraine and Russia again. We gathered together for our meal that night. Now this was both Ukraine’s and Russia’s traditions observed in Makarovia. The first was the Olivier salad, not olives, a French chef who lived in Russia in the 1960s named Olivier came up with this. It was Russian and had potato and meat. Tangerines! That was Ukrainian. Yes, there was dressed herring made with vegetables. I liked it. There was the red caviar on these little pieces of white bread. We had the caviar stuffed in eggs to have with the champagne we would have later. Aspic, now that took time to prepare. That was why we only had it on this holiday. It was made of minced meat and jelly and I’m not talking a sweet jelly like Smucker’s or Welch’s or any other sweet fruit jelly, but served with horseradish and mustard. Napoleon cake! An unsweetened pastry with this yogurt I asked Peter about some of these dishes. There were some of the more remote people couldn’t have this. He nodded telling me that this was an important holiday and almost everyone out there saved or prepared to have this in almost every house! Olek stood at the end of the table. “Friends and family.” He began holding a glass of the champagne up. “This has been such a tremendous year…not only for Makarovia, but for this family as well.” He bent kissing Helga gently. “There are some additions to the family…” he touched her gently and looked at me. “Some I hope will be around a long, long time.” He said to Mario. “I see a new Makarovia coming to life.” He waved his glass at everyone. “That is due to a lot of work by this family and dear friends.” He said to Drew and Wayne. “I wish everyone here good wishes and I look forward to this new year. I love all of you.” We all stood with our glasses raised. We all nodded touching our glasses together and drank our toast.
  10. Rapprochement

    Well this is more like it. They both were more careful with the other one's feelings. The end of this chapter gives me hope they will be good for each other. Eric especially needs someone to care about him. Thanks.
  11. Lilian

    Aww look at her pose for the picture. So precious.
  12. Chapter 24

    Indeed he had... But who from? The cops or Robert?
  13. Today
  14. Last Post Wins #44

    ...and back to me!
  15. Last Post Wins #44

    Or as the Lickspittle is so fond of saying... FAKE NEWS!
  16. Chapter 24

    Living is one long moral dilemma, don't you think? re: your Saint Sebastian and the other one... We had a life sized statue of Discobolus in the front entrance of the school - a very secular establishment. Visitors were faced with a muscular torso and a satisfying fig leaf. Those approaching from the corridor could gaze in awe on a perfect set of buttocks.
  17. Last Post Wins #44

    Sounds like another conspiracy theory.... ...and back to me!
  18. Last Post Wins #44

    Um.... Nope. Nope. Big ol' can of nope.
  19. Redemption

    Haha thank you! I won't say they'll happen often but unlike my other stories they'll definitely at least start happening. Especially in my next story, but that's all I'll say for now.
  20. Entry 19: Pancakes & Chocolate

    Yes jealousy is present a tad, of course confidence is on the line. You see another person bonding with a person you like it can be somewhat annoying if you want to be the one to be with them. Adam likes the attention on him; so initially when the limelight is not on him he feels threatened. And yes the baking scene was a nice change of pace, I had been having lunch with my little cousin; he was on break from secondary, and the song came on the radio and I decided to use the song for a scene lol. I though that Ross’s character would be the one to start a playful dance of sorts.
  21. Last Post Wins #44

    you are all delusional. Mine
  22. Diabetes ... again

    I understand you're not an expert, but having a vested interst - your husband’s health and wellbeing - in finding sound information on this subject, I believe you’ve done your due diligence to weed out the bad info. You haven’t been spouting nonsense as far as I can tell.
  23. Redemption

    Yup, Ryder will try harder not to get too excited..when he can do that, the first times having sex again will should probably let Teddy on top of him do most of the work... Just to be safe.. Dr.order's
  24. Redemption

    Finally! For several things in fact... It is good to see them moving from a caregiver/patient to a lovers interaction, even if cut short by Ryder's heart. And nice to see Harry and Ryder starting to talk again... They are all healing, slowly.
  25. Shifting Sands

    Shifting Sands, the conclusion to Jack Kirby's Las Vegas Trilogy is the best-titled entry of the series. Constant change seems to be the theme of the main characters lives. Sex and death play a large role but the overriding emotions are love and respect. The mostly gay group of men starring in this tale create an un-traditional family constantly battling adversity and more often than not succeeding. I wish the author had tackled the fourth installment to help answer the myriad questions I have. We're provided updates on most of the cast at the end, but that wasn't enough. Good novel and series you'll enjoy reading.
  26. What a wacky winter. There’s flurries in Vegas. That usually only happens in December... if at all.

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      Hockey teams, flurries. What's going on down there JP?

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      LOL! @Dodger, Canada is rubbing off on us.

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