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  1. Happy birthday Allan!

  2. Christmas, This Year

    Enjoy your Christmukah. Warm his toes with your toes, and tofurkey probably never tastes better.
  3. Song of the moment

    OMG, how could anybody not like The Killers! Mr. Brightside. Brandon Flowers is just so cute.
  4. Song of the moment

    I love that album! Fools Gold, Out of My League, and Break the Wall are all very good. If you like that style, Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood is also very good.
  5. Happy birthday, if you're still around.  I miss you. 

  6. Happy Birthday Comicfan

    Erm.... Maybe it's my birthday too, can you send him this way? LOL (no, it isn't my birthday... )
  7. A Thing With Feathers

    This poem needs ice cream. Love is meant to be shared.
  8. Perigee

    *spins round and round* *smiles* *spins round and round again* *pulls Tim in*
  9. Wind and Whispers

    I think Winter is cold so people will stick together more. xoxo Wind might sound like whispers, but I think listening to your own heart is important too.
  10. Lessons

    A lot of self-reflection and unrequittedness in this poem. I like it.
  11. Same Sex Marriage in Aust

    Nope. I am in Northern California. Napa Fire is already gone. Kind of sad, really. When you get to see the soots from the fire everyday, and you know the place that's being burned.... Hope our SoCal friends are fine though.
  12. Same Sex Marriage in Aust

    I am happy for my Aussie friends!
  13. Mmmkay.... This kind of freaks me out. Like..., you want me to meet your relatives?
  14. Happy Birthday Comicfan

    OMG. Happy birthday!

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