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  1. Ashi is going to visit south.

    1. wildone


      Come north young man. We have snow 😛

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      South? South of where? Good luck, have a fun trip!  :)

    3. Mikiesboy


      Visiting in a particular direction can be interesting. Take lots of pics of south. We'd like to see. Have a nice trip.

  2. Ashi

    Happy Birthday Page Scrawler!

    Happy birthday and may you and Morgan be happy ever after.
  3. Ashi

    My Physics Notes

    Another like for the cute handwriting.
  4. I said... U just B U to a straight guy.

  5. Have you ever seen a guy's arm so yummy, you want to sink your teeth into it?  No?  Okay....  Nevermind!

  6. Ashi

    Do You Identify As Gay?

    I am gay, the same way I am Ashi. I just am. Gay is not my defining character, but I am gay. (btw, folks, I don't think Matt's poll is meant to pigeonhole people or marginalize anyone. He just wants to know more about the society we're in). I don't participate in LGBTQA community, except for this one. Once a while I'd go to Pride Parade (not this year though..., though county fair this year has a LGBT day, and I am thinking about going...). I don't think it's just the gay community, but this is true for many types of minority groups, some feel their skin colors, genders, sexual identit(ies), age, are their defining character, while some do not. Some are comfortable being in their cliques, and some prefer to play together as one big group. This certainly plays a big dynamic role in my work place. As I am aspiring to be a team leader in the work place, it is constantly in the back of my mind thinking how to get people to play along nicely, as people do have different comfort levels, and some keep having misunderstanding of other people outside of their self/pre-defined group. I guess you can see I am the type wanting people talk to each other, despite sometimes I think it might be disastrous at first, as their viewpoints are so polarized. However, the more people understand each other through first-hand contact, instead of assuming what the other group is like, the less conflict it'll be in the long run. And to add an extra dimension of complexity. I am in California! You'd think living in a society so diverse, respecting differences would be our second nature. Nope.... Back in late 90's and early 2000's, we were on the right track, but lately I've seen a reversing trend where people would self-segregate. We really need to learn to expose ourselves to all groups of people to dispel myths about people who are different from us. This is not about "us vs them!" As the world is globalized, this is critical survival skill, living peacefully, without ending up killing each other based on stuff we imagine in our heads. When I was young, I was so self-conscious NOT to be identified in a clique, whether it's my sexuality or my race or my nerdiness. Nowadays, I just am. I am just Ashi (no last name, because famous people only go by one single name). It gives me a good laugh whenever people try to figure out my sexuality at work. Does it really matter? If someone would stop playing with me because of some arbitrary, man made characteristics, should I consider them to be a friend? PS. I forgot to add this. While participating in a gay club/community may not be necessary to some, but to others it is vital. It gives people a sense of belonging and gives people a chance to communicate, so young people will understand what our community really is like so they don't self-discriminate/self-hate. After all, community and communicate stem from the same root.
  7. Ashi

    A Photographer's Dream

    Thank you Daddydavek.
  8. Ashi

    Which do you prefer in your romance?

    I've read some stories with threesomes or orgies.... They can be hot read, but in real life, I don't find it appealing. Isn't that weird? But then IRL I am boring as heck.
  9. Can't help you there, Ace.... I have trouble, too. Stuck between "be yourself" and "whore yourself out." LOL Watched any gay movies lately? Maybe drop a hint or two from the movie.
  10. Ashi

    A pale pink

    Oh, thank you. That shade looks good on you, too.
  11. Ashi

    Readers: Do you read Prologues?

    Though not an integral part of the story, like many said, prologue provides an important backstory or background to the story to come. Though I admit I sometimes skip it at first then come back to it because sometimes I am afraid it might be a spoiler.... Personally if I included a prologue, it's very important. I don't like prologues of classics stories because I dunno, they're boring. Though Mary Shelley's Frankenstein's preface is super important (the 1818 edition). I don't like reading some novel's forewords because they're written by other people.... Just some random thought.
  12. XXXX balloons in public is out of the question. I am very reserved. 😛 Serious though, I don't think I'd even hold hands with my BF if I ever have one, though I'd probably ask him if he wants to, just to see how much he cares about me.... (I know..., I know..., don't judge me). I rarely see guys kissing each other in public, and given I am gay myself, it's fairly ironic I actually do get shocked when I see it.... I do believe whatever is allowed for hetero couples should be allowed for gay couples, but I am reserved, so I don't even like to see straight couples kissing in public, but everyone should have the right to love their partners. Though you'd probably see me fuming if I ever sit in the table next to yours when the waiter asked you guys to tone it down, because I think that was badly handled.
  13. Ashi

    What Documentaries Are Worth Watching?

    I haven't seen the Documentary about Mr. Rogers, but it ought to be interesting. There are like gazillion of documentaries that I watched and I think they all deeply contribute my understanding of humanity and some are rather dark, but many are enlightening. Many Ken Burns documentaries are great (some may have some dark part of the history mixed in, such as Jazz and WWII). The recent documentary about The Vietnam War is very good also. I love The National Parks, America's Best Idea. Planet Earth is suppose to be spectacular (but I haven't watched that one and its sequel and spinoffs). Cosmos is great if you love science and astronomy. There are gazillians of documentaries I watched about British History. Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets and Secrets of the Six Wives (about Henry VIII's marital life, obviously) are accessible and interesting for modern audience. The documentary about the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn (I don't remember the title) is very good. There are quite a few documentaries about art periods are free to watch if you have Amazon Prime and they are produced I believe by BBC, and they're very good. For American history, besides the usual periods most people know (Independent War, Civil War, the two World War, and Vietnam War already mentioned), you should watch the documentary about Robert Oppenheimer, the inventor of atomic bomb, which covers the McCarthy era politics. Very important part of U.S. history, and perhaps a little insight about humanity and reflection about how the world is heading. The documentary about Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect, is very interesting. The only musician documentary I watched is The Harvest of Sorrow (about Sergei Rachmaninoff). Since biography about the post-Romanticism composer is scarce, and all the books are basically rehashing the same limited info, so when I watched the documentary, I already knew all the fact.... (I should've been a Rachmaninoff scholar...). Another composer documentary I'd wish they'd make is about Prokofiev. Most anthropological documentaries are interesting, but do watch them with an open mind and not insert cultural-centrism comments as you watch them. Be aware you might see some footage with naked natives and rituals that may make you wince. I don't remember the name of the documentary about gay pr0n industry, but that one was gritty and sad. There are many documentaries about the subject, but most of them are not very good, but that particular one is very good but depressing. Documentary about Stonewall Riots and Harvey Milk assassination kind of like important if you're interested in gay history (it is gay pride month after all).

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