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  1. I once read a book that had a section of it set in Philadelphia. The first mistake they made was saying that numbered streets run east/west. Wrong, they run north/south in most of the city. Named streets run east/west. Secondly, it described the first neighborhood I ever lived in here as an ethnic-white, working class neighborhood run by the Mafia. While that neighborhood certainly used to be a Little Italy where the Mob controlled everything, that hasn't been true since the 80s, and the book was set in 2011. It's now a very desirable, diverse neighborhood where you can find people from just about every corner of the globe. Also, the Mafia hasn't controlled much of anything in Philadelphia since it murdered itself into oblivion decades ago. I was so annoyed at the lack of even basic research that I stopped reading after that.
  2. Super Bowl 52: Who do you want to win?

    Just about every train running into the city for the parade that day was already crammed to capacity after leaving the terminal station. Some people who had tickets couldn't even get on if they didn't go to the first station. It was absolutely crazy. I had friends from the suburbs come to stay with me Wednesday night for it, and some of them had to park 20-30 minute walk away from my place. I live very close to South Broad Street, and unfortunately my neighborhood got absolutely flooded with trash and people peeing in the street before/during/after the parade. All in all though it was a lot of fun.
  3. What brought you to GA? Why do you stay?

    I found a link off a (now-defunct) website I used to visit a lot called TheGaySurfReport. That website featured a lot about gay California culture, and as a gay boy stuck in small town nowhere, it helped me escape to a better place in my mind. I find the link here to GA completely randomly, and since I liked to read, I followed the link. I created an account in 2009 when I was 17, and found an amazing community of supportive people that helped me realize that being gay had so many positive aspects that I never had realized before. As I was still a closeted teenager at that point, it gave me an outlet to explore the gay side of me. A couple months after joining, I met a guy on here who I would end up dating for over six years, live together with, travel the world, and learn a lot of good and hard life lessons with. A lot of people who I got to know in my early days on here are gone, but some still are around and it's fun to keep in touch. I haven't been nearly as active on here the last 2-3 years, but I still love to check in and see what everyone is up to. I also use this as a slightly more anonymous way to blog about things in my life, and thoughts I have that don't always square with the professional face I put on in public with people who I am not close to. I've been on here for 8.5 years now, which in internet years is like 1,000, so however inactive I become I doubt I will ever disappear entirely.
  4. Super Bowl 52: Who do you want to win?

    Well I just got back from the parade. They estimated almost two million people lined Broad St and the Parkway for it, and I think that's a pretty damn good estimate. It was beyond packed for miles.
  5. Super Bowl 52: Who do you want to win?

    One good thing about the Eagles winning is that the entire school district is closing Thursday for the parade, so I get the day off. It is expected to literally shut down the city. Ironically, despite living through 10 major sports championships as a Boston fan, this will be my first ever championship parade.
  6. New York City for a late birthday weekend and Alegria on Saturday! Not gonna lie, I've missed the scene a lot these past months. 

    1. Daddydavek


      Have a good time!  And be safer!

  7. DCMI_2345.jpg

    Yeah, somehow the camera catches all the shit parts of us every time, but it takes a hundred tries just to get one that comes out looking half-way decent.
  8. Oh yes, the tired old trope of blaming millennials....
  9. Super Bowl 52: Who do you want to win?

    The reports of Philly fans have been way over exaggerated, and a few incidents have been used to paint all fans, which isn’t even close to the truth. Minnesota fans came into downtown Philly, started talking trash, covered the Rocky statue in purple and then took a giant group photo on the Art Museum. They purposely antagonized Philly fans, and then wondered why they weren’t welcomed with open arms. Sorry but that fake “Minnesota nice” crap doesn’t pass the smell test of the East Coast attitude.
  10. California Culture: Circa 2000

    Ehhhh, he's blonde, with a beard and generic white-guy "good looks". Not my type at all.
  11. California Culture: Circa 2000

    Funny enough, I wrote a letter to Kurt Warner when I was in 4th grade as part of a writing assignment (circa 2001). I got a hand-written letter and a signed football card of him back less then two weeks later, both of which I still have.
  12. Super Bowl 52: Who do you want to win?

    I'm a Patriots fan living in the beating heart of Eagles country. If the Eagles win, I'll never hear the end of it. If they lose, people are going to hate me even more.
  13. The Gayborhood is Dying

    The last couple of weeks, my gym here in the city has been under threat of closure. A few months ago, the building was bought by a New York real estate company that has a track record of demolishing older structures and building condos. The building sits right in the heart of the Gayborhood here in Philly, which in turn is located in the heart of Center City. There has been a huge influx of luxury apartments being built the last ten years, like any other big city in America. I guess it was only a matter of time before the Gayborhood succumbed to that. The gym has over 4,000 members, many of whom are gay with strong attachments to the Gayborhood. It serves as a gym, but also a gay social and community center. I've been a member here for the 3.5 years I've lived in the city, and it's been like a second home to me. In those three and a half years, apartments, jobs, boyfriends, fuck-buddies, and friends have all come and gone, but the gym stayed the same and was always there for me. I got to know a lot of people in the scene from this gym, and it's where I first hit on my boyfriend over two years ago (he was terrified of me at first, lol). The point it, it is more then just a gym to thousands of guys, and now it is closing next week for good. After being Philadelphia's gay gym for 3 decades, it's going to be gone forever. And that is genuinely depressing to me. Everyone at the gym is being forced to disperse to multiple other gyms, thus completely diluting the sense of community the place brought. Sigh. Unfortunately, the Gayborhood has been changing a lot since the first time I stepped foot it in in 2010. 3 gay bars have closed in those years, while only one new one has opened. The best gay club in the city, Woody's, has now been overrun with obnoxious straight people and mostly abandoned by the gay guys who made it such a great spot. Voyuer, the popular after hours club across the street, is starting to suffer the same fate, with more and more straight people invading and ruining the things that made it such an amazing place to dance until the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately, the building that houses the gym also houses another gay bar, Tabu, and 18 other businesses with a strong LGBT focus and clientele. There is also a beautiful mural painted several years ago of Gloria Casarez, a well-known LGBT rights activist from Philadelphia who died several years ago (picture posted below). All of that will be demolished to make way for most likely another luxury high rise, and further water down one of the most fun, unique, and funky neighborhoods of this city. I guess this is a byproduct of gay rights and the gentrification of cities. As we become more mainstreamed, we begin to lose so much of what makes us unique from the generic, mostly bland and boring straight world. I'm not quite sure anymore if it's a price worth paying, because I don't want to become like my straight friends. It's such a pre-determined, mind-numbing path that ends in a suburban track home with 2.2 kids and a hour long commute to a job you hate. No, I want what I had in the beginning and what the older gay guys had back in the day. I don't want to be assimilated anymore. I'm okay with being part of a minority that is different and unique. We've lost so much of that, especially here in Philadelphia, and I'm not sure we'll ever get it back. It's time for me to start looking elsewhere in the world.
  14. Cheating? Academic dishonesty?

    As a special education teacher, yes I'd definitely say this is cheating. I work with a lot of kids as well who need different supports when taking tests, but never does it include giving them answers or hints. The supports are supposed to put them on a level playing field with their general education peers, not give them an unfair advantage.
  15. IMG_1764.JPG

    It's kinda like when your mom lines you up against the wall once a year to measure your height.

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