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  1. TetRefine

    Old vs New

    I think we have fundamentally different views on the chance/purpose of life. Like I kind of said in my post above, I believe we simply ended up alive and here as we perceive it by total chance. Out of the infinite chances of things that could happen in the universe, we simply ended up "lucky" enough to have our dice rolled. I also don't believe their is a true purpose or meaning to life either. I full heartedly believe we create our own meaning as a way to cope with our inability to accept we are nothing but a random chance. It's not a bad thing either. The purpose I create for myself is intensely personal and reflects me and me only. Same for everyone else. The rules we mostly play by were again put in place so we could function past our most basic survival instincts. Just a thought.
  2. TetRefine

    Old vs New

    Sometimes we just have to accept we cannot understand everything quite yet. There are things we don't have the technology and ability to understand, and we should continue striving to eventually understand them. I think it's irrational in this day in age to still believe the stories 2,000 year old nomads made up to explain the unexplainable. I mean, what makes Christianity special from the thousands of others? Nothing really. It simply got adopted by the right cultures that, by chance, flourished long enough to pass it on. People hate uncertainty so they look for anything, however delusional, to explain it. They are terrified of death, so they desperately look for stories that tell them that death is not the end. It conveniently explains away our most basic human fears, which is why so many people find comfort in it and cling to it despite it being simply made up. Life is nothing but chance, luck, and meaningless existence. I feel sorry for people who live their life in fear of a magical man in the sky in hopes that it'll be better in the "afterlife". You only get one shot on this Earth, so it's foolish to waste it. As to the actual lines from The West Wing, it does a perfect job of illustrating the ridiculousness of taking the Bible literally. It also points out the obvious a-la-carte picking and choosing many Christians do when deciding what constitutes morality "according to the Bible".
  3. TetRefine

    How long should you stay?

    It's interesting, because the Starbucks where the whole thing happened is right in the middle of the most tony neighborhood in Philadelphia. Very wealthy, very exclusive area to live with lots of high-end shopping and dining, so it does not surprise me that they got jumpy when two black guys "dressed like black guys" came in. I cannot tell you the number of times I've used a Starbucks bathroom without buying anything. Whenever I'm in New York City and need to go to the bathroom, my first thought is "where is the nearest Starbucks?" Yet I'm young and white so they've literally never once bothered me doing it. The city took care of this issue in a heartbeat, and settled. If only they could be that efficient about solving the true problems this city faces. Another topic for another forum though...
  4. I have a three-way bromance with two of my old roommates from college. One of them is bi, and the other one is the gayest straight man I've ever known. I also have a good friend of mine who is gay who, in the most accurate way, can only be described as my Saturday night soulmate. We go out to the clubs and parties a lot, and for some reason we just totally click. We actually are two very different types of people, but what we really bond over is our care-free, live it for the moment attitude that we fully embrace. I can tell him anything I've done, am doing, or want to do without any fear he will judge me or put me down, and he the same with me. We've gotten up to some wild things in the time we've been friends, but I know I can always trust him and count on him. We often get mistaken for boyfriends when we go out dancing together, because we dance so intimately with each other. To us, it's not necessarily intimate but rather just the level of comfort we feel around each other. It's never gotten sexual and it never will. Neither one of us wants that. Andrew Holleran once wrote that "The friend you danced with, when you had no lover, was the most important person in your life." While both of us have significant others, in certain ways we are the most important people in each other's gay lives. It's hard to describe the kind of bond we have over the lifestyle we live, but to me it is very much an intimate one in it's own unique way.
  5. TetRefine

    We did something....

    Congrats guys! Hopefully the next time I come your way or you come mine we can have dinner again.
  6. TetRefine

    Sally O'Neals Pizza

    I went there when I was in Tampa a few years ago. It was pretty good! We sat right in one of those outdoor tables.
  7. TetRefine


  8. TetRefine


    Yes, yes it does!
  9. TetRefine

    Song of the moment

  10. TetRefine

    My Stuff

  11. TetRefine

    Avicii Is Dead at 28

    Yeah its crazy that he had to retire from performing in 2016 because of health issues at only 26. Though knowing the EDM/club scene, I can definitely see how being totally immersed in that world non-stop can destroy your health.
  12. TetRefine

    Avicii Is Dead at 28

    He was so young, so talented, and was the artist who first got me interested in EDM. I have so many good memories of dancing long into the night to his songs. RIP my man.
  13. TetRefine

    The Towering Inferno

    This, along with the Airport movies, are the best in the genre!
  14. I always wondered what you looked like. :)

  15. TetRefine

    Song of the moment

    This song is amazing.

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