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  1. Chapter 57

    A good mystery always keeps the reader guessing until the very end. You have created a story that has all of us guessing what will happen next. What happens next is only known to you, Mark. Thanks for the wonderful ride.
  2. Chapter 56

    Mark, you have created many characters over the years, but Will is becoming the best one. Better than Wade. Better than Brad. Even better than JP. I wish he was a real person, he seems real to me because this world, our country needs a person like him. A person with passion and a sense of right and wrong. Loyal, caring and kind, he has grown into a great young men. If JP is looking for an successor, Will is the one. His great grandmother Tonto would be so proud! I love this kid! I guess he is not a kid anymore. What will happen next? I hope there with be no more dead bodies not even Elizabeth Danfield or kidnapped victims like JJ. And finally, who is the Black Widow? Thanks for this chapter but better yet thanks for this wonderful saga, these wonderful stories. Hope you are better and feeling as good as you can be.
  3. Chapter 54

    I have a feeling we will soon find out who is the Black Widow. As for Will, it is another proof of what a loving kind person he is. The tribute to Stef shows what a fine man he has become. Thank You Mark!!
  4. Chapter 50

    Thank you Mark!! A great Christmas gift for all of us. Hope all is better for you. May you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
  5. Brad at 55

    This coming week Brad will turn 55. Happy Birthday!!!
  6. Chapter 46 (Final Chapter)

    I have hoped for this ending for a long time. Their love has over come all the past and now they can go forward together. Thank you for this wonderful chapter.
  7. Chapter 42

    The first time I commented on a chapter was about who Matt's father was in Bloodlines. That seems like so long ago. Thank you, Mark for this wonderful chapter. It reminds me again why I love Will. He is smart but maybe even more important he is kind to people and this horse. He thinks of others first. He is concerned about his relationship with Steph and wants to make it better. He wants to save this horse from the hell it was going through. I wish Tonto was there is see what a good person he was becoming. Will is a grandson to be proud of. His desire to find out about the foundation again shows I believe his true calling to give the millions away to help people and for mankind. certainly a worthy and noble way to spend your life. When the time comes for him to take over he will do a good job. I can see Gail and Marie looking down from heaven and smiling. Good job Will I am proud of you too.
  8. Chapter 41

    I agree wth Kitt the bomb was in the care package. Is this part of the greater plan? Why did they want Buzz killed? Was it just to warn Brad, or something else? Again this chapter shows us how good Mark is spinning this web of mystery/
  9. Chapter 40

    I, I've always loved who done its. However, after reading and rereading these wonderful chapters I am still not sure who is the mastermind. Does anyone have a guess. I am so happy you are back Mark. Hope you are feeling better.
  10. Chapter 44

    I am not sure who really need each other more. I am very glad they will try to work things out.
  11. Chapter 38

    I never stop being impressed with Will. A young man to be proud of. How will this effect the Black Widows plan?
  12. Chapter 36

    I can't tell you how much, how happy, I am to hear these characters are back. At times they are so real I could meet them on the street. I am glad Mark you seem to be better. It was great seeing Will again being Will. Thanks again. Great chapter! I feel like I am there listening to them.
  13. Chapter 35

    Welcome back!! I have miss you so much, more than you will ever know!! I hope you are feeling better. I am so happy the Saga continues. But more than that I would trade all of it for your good health, Mark. This was a wonderful chapter. It shows us you are a great storyteller. All the best to you. Bob
  14. After rereading both sagas I was wondering about this. The three characters that come to mind are JP, Wade and Will. George is brave, caring, passionate, and kind. He also has a lot of control. At 24, George is a hero. So who is most like him? JP at 24? Wade is about 21 now in the story or Will in about 8 years. What do you think?
  15. It has been a very long time since I've been here but I couldn't stay away for JP's big day!

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