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  1. Mary's Boy Child

    “I write with the conviction that nobody is irredeemable… “ I like that comment.
  2. Deck The Hall

    Thank you.
  3. Chapter 4 - You're unexpected

    I am a happy reader. Thank you.
  4. My most loved friends in this life have been my dogs.
  5. III. Springtime in the Park

    I still like them.
  6. Aurora Borealis

    I am commenting because your story deserves readers and comments.
  7. Satisfaction

    Good chapter, great story. Thanks.
  8. Dead and Snow

    A violent, and yet compelling chapter. Thanks.
  9. Chapter 1

    I reread this today. Please, please publish chapter 2. And Carl, I hope you are well.
  10. Chapter 7 - I Won't Give Up

    One of my favorite songs. Thanks for the good chapter.
  11. A Heartfelt Whisper in the Dark

    Good to meet Elias’ family. Good to read others comments. Thank you.
  12. The Wurl

    Well, I really liked it. And, who wouldn’t like it? Thank you.
  13. Good luck with your story. I will watch for more chapters.
  14. A Day with Ruiz

    I like the story, but yes I’m worried for Danni.

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