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  1. Rip Prince Duchess

    He had been dealing with CKD for a while now and was on dialysis.
  2. Rip Prince Duchess

    Just posting to let anyone that remembers Adam but doesn't have him on Facebook know that he passed away a couple hours ago. https://www.gayauthors.org/forums/user/8655-prince-duchess/
  3. Tend to do my best when everything goes wrong. That's why sad songs make me happy, 'cause I don't have to feel alone.

  4. Happy Birthday, hun!!!

  5. All this bad blood here, won't you let it dry?

  6. I've watched Frozen so many damn times, I think I need to go to the gym and extra day this week to retain my masculinity.

    1. Rizan


      *an. I miss the days when alcohol improved my grammar/spelling.

  7. Just spend $105 on a video game. What the hell is wrong with me?!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TetRefine


      Was it a fully loaded collector's edition or something?

    3. Cia


      *feels your head* Uh huh... *shakes head* Nope, you never were normal. :P

    4. Rizan


      Yeah, it was a collector's edition. Came with the game, an artwork book, a pocket watch, a keychain, and some other crap I can't remember. Totes worth it. :P

  8. mmmmmm in-n-out *drools*

  9. Favorite Song Of All Time

    Well, my absolute favorite changes pretty much every year because of how much music I listen to. But right now I have two songs that are together at the top. This song is fantastic, but I imagine 95% of the GA community are going to hear the first 'screamo' part and hit the x button. And second would definitely be
  10. I would argue circling "Discovering America" is just as wrong of an answer as "Proving the world is round."
  11. The Undercut Haircut on Guys: Hot Or Not?

    It depends on facial structure. There's this Hispanic guy that comes into our store all the time and it just looks amazing on him. But most guys I would say no, not hot.
  12. Disturbed really is perfect workout music

    1. TetRefine


      Down With The Sickness and Stricken are too very good workout songs.

    2. Rizan


      Indestructible and Inside The Fire. :P

  14. Brits Fail to Fill Out Map Of the United States

    I can name every one in my sovereign state. Human geography is inherently political in nature and has everything to do with the government of the nation. The geographical and political equivalent of a state in the UK is England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  15. Brits Fail to Fill Out Map Of the United States

    Asking an American to identify the counties of the UK is different because a county is not a state. Asking an American to identify all of the countries of the EU would be suitable. If you want to identify counties, America has 3,007 counties and 137 parishes. Good luck.

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