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  1. This month we're keeping the theme going with another teen story by one of our site authors. This time it's My Jump Off by Nickolas James, one of the site Classic Authors. All too often authors write their teenage characters as if they are minor adults--a little more impulsive and stuck in high school still--but with all the wisdom and maturity to make the "right decisions". Well... what happens when right doesn't feel right and wrong feels so much better? I think Nickolas James's story features that aspect teens struggle with all too often in a very real way. Check it out! Length: 32,999 Description: Jarred Fedina's a high school sophomore who's got a problem....his boyfriend. Jarred's been thinking about leaving him for another guy for a while. Then, one day during a chance encounter, Jarred has an epiphany. A Reader said: I was there engulfed and sharing in all the emotions and love, confusion, and frustrations.indeed A VERY WILD RIDE for me...it brought Reality in its finest moments to me...(meaning I have some unfinished business. To handle there...... My heart goes out to you and your abilities and skills THANK YOU SINCERELY. .HUGGS ~ Dmrman (Ch. 20 of Staking My Claim, series book 2) If you want to spread the word about Nickolas James's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature! Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!
  2. Happy Birthday  Cia! And I am so sorry for my late message. All the best and thank you for wonderful moments spent with your beautiful words! 💖

  3. Cia

    Happy Birthday, Cia!

    Thank you, everyone! 💖 It was the usual sort of day for me, so that means busy LOL I did chores, errands, walked my 3.5 miles, then for a first in a LONG time, I had to work--not usual with a summer birthday and a school job. But I like math so an all day math curriculum workshop wasn't bad, and the family took me out to dinner. I got a few nice things and ran to the mall with my daughter to redeem a birthday $10 certificate at The Body Shop for girly stuff (banana hair mask) and finally got home to relax at 9:30 PM.
  4. Happy Friday, prompt authors! How do a few creative prompts sound for this week's challenge? There's something very, very wrong with both of these scenarios, and you have to figure out what that is... have fun! Prompt 692 – Creative Tag – The trunk Aggravated, you march out to the garage looking for boxes to pack your belongings in. You spot the trunk in the corner, grab the handle and go to drag it out, only to nearly dislocate your shoulder. Stopping, you open the trunk only to stand there screaming into the night. What was in the trunk? Prompt 693 – Creative Tag – Twin This morning you got up and knew something is was wrong. A minute later, your mother calls demanding to know if your twin is okay. You have no idea, because as far as you know, because you’re an only child. What’s going on? Did you write a prompt response last week? Don't forget to share it below.
  5. Hi Cia,


    I just wanted to thank you for all that you do for Ga and by extension for all of us here at Ga. How you juggle work,family and home, then turn on your computer and work your magic here, is incredible. You have helped build a site that is the envy of so many others. May the force be with you for many years to come.

    I want to add my voice to all the others in wishing you a Very Happy Birthday and I don't think your family would let you have anything less than a fantastic and wonderful day of celebrating it. Best wishes to you.


    Take care

    and thanks


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  7. Happy Birthday, Cia. May it be a great day for you, and your family.

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  8. All the best on this special dayn and here's to many more! Happy Birthday! 

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  11. Cia

    Chapter 44

    I wiggled my tongue against the capsule cautiously. I couldn’t break it, but I wanted to. My heart was racing, and tears were leaking from my eyes. Captain was cursing and pissed, Deke wasn’t any better, and their struggle and failure to suppress their rage helped our disguise. Only the promise I’d forced them to make kept us going after I’d become paralyzed and the first salty drop streamed down my cheek to drip off my chin. I’d feared it would happen, because losing control was a trigger Lakshou had taught me all about. All the things that could go wrong floated through my brain. The capsule might not work. We might be walking into a trap. Someone could get hurt. Deke said he had my back, but I’d rather he stayed close to Captain’s. Two of the guards from the other ship were pushing me. One was a tiny Phlonian with its rounded body protected inside its large, jointed legs, two on each side. Its body rose and fell as it walked, making me dizzy so I tried not to watch it. The other was a tall, sharp-edged female of some species I didn’t know. All her limbs had points on them, spikes with jagged tips in bright orange. Her large eyes were the same color and set on the sides of her head, protruding outward and rotating constantly to scan our surroundings. She’d be my warning if something or someone was coming for us, so I focused on her. I listened for Captain and Deke, but they were quiet, keeping up our pretense of being under guard. And I gently touched the capsule, the barest flicker of my tongue the only movement I could manage. Whatever code Freska had obtained got us in a side door apparently because we didn’t encounter the security I expected. We were greeted by several voices, but they took our escort at face value, didn’t search Captain or Deke or me. “Move.” The Phlonian shifted to one side. A human stepped up to the grav, peering at me. “So that’s the one, huh? Where’s Lakshou?” “How the hell do I know?” one of the others said. “He’s expecting a big payday for this one.” The human stepped back. “You expect us to believe he doesn’t want it?” He narrowed his eyes and sneered, his voice screaming suspicious. Not good. If my heart could beat any faster, it would have. “From Elliard? Hardly,” someone scoffed. “Frujil’s the money man.” The ugly twist on the guard’s face smoothed out. He pursed his lips before he clicked his tongue in a rude sound. “Truth. I’d make three times as much for him. And not be in as much danger as here.” He looked around the Intelligence building. “Damn government. Never know who’s crooked and who isn’t.” “Isn’t everyone crooked?” someone else said. “Sort of the definition of government. They’re all out to screw us if we don’t get ours and get the fuck out before they can.” “Ha!” Elliard’s guard barked out a harsh laugh. He clapped one of the guards on the back. “Truth. And if you have to stab a few family members in the back…” He eyed Captain Querry. “Too bad. I heard you weren’t a bad guy to ship out under. That’s what you get for being too fucking honest like a naïve stripling. Someone your age who’s been through the war should’ve known better. Old fool.” Captain lunged forward, and the guards caught him, pushing him back into Deke. I couldn’t tell if he was really angry or if it was acting, but he had to hold it together. I needed him calm and cool; he had to stick to the plan. “You need to calm down, like right now. Or someone might get hurt.” He looked at Deke and then me. The guard turned. “Let’s go. This whole section’s deserted for renovations. We got a lab set up to dissect the freak later today as soon as the docs get here.” If my body had been under my control I would’ve hyperventilated, or I would’ve attacked and ruined everything just so I could escape. Those words set off a cascade of images and fear not even Captain’s promises could hold back. If his hand hadn’t landed in mine, if he wasn’t squeezing my fingers tight under the cover of Deke’s body from where they’d stumbled together, I might have broken the capsule before we got through the scanner so I could do all that. But he was, and I held onto the brink, barely keeping the terror from swamping my mind and sending me into survival mode. We broke apart to move, but it had been enough. Enough to get me through the corridors. To the scanner where I was shoved through, one of my guards going first and then the other following so the machine only picked up my vitals. Techs scrutinized the screens but passed us, weapons and all. I was afraid there would be a second scan but Aparoe said the antidote needed time, so I had to break the capsule. Praying I wouldn’t destroy all our plans, I gathered all my strength. It was like trying to move the shuttle, taking every bit of my strength straining just that one tiny muscle, but the fragile capsule broke and cold swirled through my mouth and down my throat as I inhaled. After that I kept my breaths even and steady through sheer force of will. I couldn’t test to see if it was working. I had to stay still, not twitching a muscle, not even the tiniest flicker. Two of the guards opened doors and the third led the way in. “Elliard, you traitorous bastard!” Captain shouted. “Shout all you want. It’s soundproofed.” His cousin smirked. “Good,” I said. I curled my body and spun off the grav, my foot catching the guard under the chin, snapping his neck.
  12. Cia

    Will Hawkins membership

    What you should have done was use the FAQ to check out how/what you could change on your account and/or profile (it's your display name which can be changed through your profile settings and takes about 2 minutes to change, and you can do it on your own) or asked for help before your violated the site rules and created a second account. Having only one account is the primary rule on GA and is part of what you agreed to when you opened your accounts, and it is highlighted prominently on the sign up page for just that reason. You clearly did not do this maliciously or for any reason to create site issues for hiding your identity (as you are 'coming out, as you say). Usually staff would address this more privately as it's a moderation matter where we'd want to keep it private between you and staff, but as I don't think there's anything untoward going on here and you wish to be public in this by using the coming out comparison, I just need you to confirm that you wish to keep the Will Hawkins account as the 'live' account and information to show. After that we can merge your old account and remove it. Please reply with a mention of my name (type @ Cia with no space and click on my name when it appears and then becomes blue, if you don't know how to do those) so I get a notification that you've replied. And, thank you, because you highlighted that FAQ doesn't have a separate 'topic' about changing display names that shows up in the question list, and maybe it will help prevent newer members from starting second accounts if they can more easily find out how to change the names on their existing accounts and not think they have to start new ones. That will be addressed.
  13. One thing many readers have in common here on GA is that, at one time or another, we've had to grapple with the fact that we're not quite what everyone expects us to be when we're growing up. We're different. But others can't tell. And sometimes, when you're reading, that's a good thing! There are a lot of teen coming-of-age stories on GA, but BlindAmbition really connected with this one for his review. Read on to find out why! Losing Kevin Ronyx Reviewer: BlindAmbition Status: Complete Word Count: 57,913 Choosing a story to read can be difficult, whether you’re craving a certain genre, or a specific mood. Deciding which story to review can be just as difficult. GA has a vast library of stories and authors. I gravitate more to stories that evoke reaction, or real emotion. Losing Kevin by Ronyx is one of those stories. This story has your typical teenage angst, but there's so much more complexity within these characters and their relationships. It’s a binge worthy pleasure from one of GA’s Classic Authors. Losing Kevin centers on Kevin Williams. A boy who is coming to terms with his sexuality, and what exactly that means for him going forward. A difficult moment for any teenager. Add in his identical twin Devin, and well, it’s a recipe for disaster. The brothers have become increasingly distant as they grow older. Kevin is a master at blending in and keeping secrets, while Devin is Mr. Popularity juggling a social climbing girlfriend. The only thing these two have in common is pleasing a demanding father. Each has their own way of dealing with him. This has created a certain level of sibling rivalry. Kevin has kept a low profile. That was until new student Cameron Lynch enters the picture. There’s instant chemistry. Something which hasn’t gone unnoticed. Brewing storms from multiple fronts are ahead for Kevin and Cameron. The realization of secrets and truths will pit brother against brother, friend against friend, parent against parent, parent against child in this complex tale. Ronyx masterfully dissects these relationships layer by layer, giving the reader multiple views of situations. He does this with extreme neutrality, leaving the reader the opportunity to form their own opinion. I’m usually not a fan of too many teenage coming of age tales. Ronyx is an exception. He tackles tough and taboo subjects. Sometimes the issues are hard to read about, but they are handled with an honest and delicate curiosity. The teen characters are well formed individuals. You know they are teens, but there is a level of maturity there. Losing Kevin is a good introduction to Ronyx’s stories if you’ve never delved into his library of work. Happy Reading! Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance Tags: teen, gay, coming of age, university Rating: Mature
  14. This morning a total stranger with 2 dogs at the school/park said good morning and told me I had real dedication because he saw me out there working hard all the time (I have been hobbling the last few days with an ankle/foot brace getting a 5k in my hour workout due to the dog's trap aka yet another hole in the yard leading to me falling while mowing incident last week). It was a little strange, but also a great pick me up because I'd been sweating and suffering for 45 minutes and flagging. Plus, his dogs were super cute so I enjoyed the brief pet while they mobbed me (they were leashless which led to our exchange) before I finished up with 3.31 miles today. Sometimes a much needed boost comes from an unexpected source at a random moment!

    1. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Totally agree!!! Sometimes you just need that little boost :)

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      Random acts of kindness are the best!


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