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  1. Think Before You Type

    Using **** is against the rules (and always has been, that's not a new change). Fracking isn't a swear word unless you're a scifi geek
  2. Did you catch Monday's blog where we featured Rec's story, Jake's Hand? You can also download an image there for your signature if you want to share your enjoyment of the story and promote it to fellow readers! If you haven't read it yet, maybe this excerpt will help you decide to put it on your list! Cia says: I picked this excerpt because it resonated with because I work with students. I know how many have to overcome the assumptions made about them, and how hard it can be to try and be a mentor at the same time you're a teacher. Also, this scene mentions a very obvious theme in the story in relation to the discrimination rampant in 1969 facing African American students in poorer areas, but that theme is echoed in far more ways through the story in very real and personal ways for Jake and Robbie. To read more, click here.
  3. Chapter 14

    “You can’t stay here forever.” Lakshou stood outside my door. “I’m fine.” I retreated and let Lakshou come in. The door slid shut behind him. “No, you’re not. You need someone to speak to. You need to be out among people.” “Why?” I wrapped my arms around my chest. “That’s when I’m dangerous.” “We don’t believe you’re in danger. Captain says there’s no way for someone to get a signal through the ship’s shielding while we’re traveling anyway. We’re not due to stop for a full standard month. The station where we found you was the outer edge of our orbit around this galaxy.” Lakshou shook his head. “We still don’t know what they were doing out so far. There’s no inhabited space sectors anywhere near here.” “Can’t we just practice here? Aparoe will visit me later; they come every day. I’m talking to people.” I sat on the edge of the bed. “Two people aren’t enough. I want to take you to the leisure ring. You have been cooped up for most of your life. I know you’re probably more comfortable with staying in your quarters, but it’s not healthy.” I sighed. Everything Captain had told me only made me more convinced that I needed to stay in my quarters. But they were all pushing me to leave. Aparoe kept mentioning other people they’d rescued and the results of tests they were running. I was the only human that had been there, but apparently not the only rare alien found this far out. Apparently there was one alien whose body gave off a soporific mist if the temp rose above sub-zero temperatures. “What if I panic again?” “As long as I’m with you, I can help with that. We’re not asking you to leave with a regular crew member; we just want you to stop punishing yourself.” “It’s not punishment!” I snapped as I jerked to my feet. “I’m trying to protect you.” There was a feeling inside me, a growing surety that my rescue wasn’t an escape but a test. This was real. I knew it was real. I also knew I was going to hurt someone. It was all I knew how to do. “We’re not afraid of you, Kohen. We’re afraid for you. Come out, just for a little while. I wanted to take you to the stores ring. You need a few more things.” “I don’t have any money to pay for it.” Lakshou waved that concern away. “There’s a fund set up for rescues from the Brox Consortium. They fund these rescue missions, help reacclimate anyone we find and rescue, provide travel home, or education and a job if going home isn’t an option anymore.” Home. I had a brief glimpse of a room, tiny and cramped, and bunks lining the wall. It was more like my cell than I wanted to admit, but I knew it’d been what we called home before my parents sold me. Barren land, subsistence rations, and a whole hell of a lot nothing. “Home definitely isn’t an option anymore,” I said bitterly. Now that I’d stirred up a memory, more would come. The vid screen couldn’t stop them, and I wasn’t tired enough to sleep—and I’d only have nightmares if I tried. “Okay, let’s go out.” Lakshou smiled, his bifurcated lips parting and curling up on the edges. “Great. You’ll need foot coverings.” I sat down in one of the two chairs in the room and grabbed the soft booties with the semi-rigid soles. Captain had assured me they’d keep me adhered to the deck if we lost gravity. They were mostly comfortable, if I had to wear something. “Ready?” “Yes.” Not really. Slowly, my anxiety ebbed. We got nods, some quiet greetings Lakshou returned, but most of the time I wasn’t given a second glance. There were several aliens, some I tried not to stare out, they were so different, but at least half the crew we passed were humans. I didn’t stand out at all. We traveled down to different rings, taking a meandering path. When we finally arrived at stores, I was tired and more than happy to sit down. The crew member staffing the area handed Lakshou a tablet that he handed to me. I looked down at it, then back up at Lakshou. “If all I have to do is make selections on this tablet, how come we had to come all the way down here? Why couldn’t we do it in my room?” He looked away, but I saw his little smirk. “Then someone would have had to bring them to you. We can pick them up here. And it got you out. You said hi to two different people. That’s progress.” I wasn’t really irritated with him. Now that I was out, I did feel a little less worried about leaving my room. It didn’t really make sense, but my stomach’s uneasy churning had settled. “Right.” We stopped at a mess on the next level up while we waited for my order to be put together. We were sitting down when a group came into the room, and Lakshou stiffened. I hunched over, eyeing them warily as they came closer. Were they like that other guy? “Lakshou.” The being in the lead of the group had leathery gray skin with striking red patterned spots in different sizes. Even more oddly, they had a single eye with a yellow slit pupil. “Ss’merit.” “A new disciple?” That single-eyed gaze was chilling as it roved over me. “No. This is Kohen. We was one of our other recent rescues.” “Ahh, the one the captain brought in. I was wondering why he wasn’t included in my orientation sessions.” Ss’merit’s already thin lips nearly disappeared as they… smiled? “Welcome to the ship, Kohen. I hope Lakshou can help you acclimate to your new freedom. If not—” “He’s fine.” Lakshou looked at the small crowd behind Ss’merit. “Looks like you have your hands full anyway.”
  4. January is a new year, a fresh start, or maybe just another month in the calendar for you... but it's all about time. Jake's Hand is set in 1969, an era far removed from what you would find in the world today. Choices the characters make... well, you'll have to read the story to find out! Jake's Hand by Rec Length: 80,964 Description: Two college men who have volunteered to tutor black kids for the 1969 summer in the South grow more and more attracted to one another. But the summer ends before they realize the full extent of their love for one another, and they go separate ways—one to get married and have children, the other to join the military and go to Vietnam. Some Readers Said: charlieocho said: Ah, what luck to stumble upon this masterpiece! It will be difficult not to devour this story...a deep chord is struck already. LJH said: You are a brilliant writer. Hooked, hell yes from the first sentence. You build the story and you don't let up and that's a point, raising left index finger and stroking the air. You've given Jake a light, airy, adventurous nature, and Rob Ellis beautifully paints his story. But then again, you are passionate about giving your characters soul, your plot a life, and reinventing style. You have steered clear from the stereotypical gay meets gay scenario and made yours different and consuming, I love the way they meet and then reintroduce themselves. They click. You rock If you want to spread the word about Rec's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature! Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!
  5. Chapter 13

    But would Kohen be able to handle that? He's full of self-loathing for how he used his body, so would he see anyone wanting him in a positive light right now? But if you're made to become capable of such things, to know that your mind and body were outside of your control and did those things, at the same time you're being conditioned to avoid all touch, even your own? What kind of mind-trip would that be? He's lucky he's not a completely broken mess incapable of any control over his reactions. Thanks, Gary! He has a kernel inside him, something that might help him heal now even when he has to face that his body and mind were taken hostage and used to do horrible things. He thought they were fake, tests to see if the touch deprivation conditioning was working... to now know they were real? Cruel, indeed! So much emotion, right? You have bits of Captain's with his refusal to allow Lakshou and Kohen to use his form of meditation, his refusal to allow Kohen to give into his fears, and the absolute horrific certainty on Kohen's part that he's just not safe and should be locked away for everyone else's protection. Thanks for commenting, glennish!
  6. Chapter 13

    Ah, but how the conditioning would twist him mentally and physically, right? It would involve an insane amount of self-loathing to break him. And yeah, I wasn't too subtle about Captain's attitude toward that, was I? LOL! C'mon... you can't tell me people weren't wondering about it. You'll have to wait to see how much emotion the Captain is feeling... and just what those emotions are! LOL! Sorry for the limit, but I'm trying to move the story along and give a lot of info/action in each chapter. It definitely makes me have to think to keep the pace but not gloss over too much. I think Kohen is going to have a big struggle getting over how much guilt he feels. Jealous? No..... Hmm... feelings of responsibility, attraction, or a savior complex... so many options to be the root. We shall see.
  7. Have you checked out this new story challenge with a newsletter feature for all the authors who take part? No special sign ups, no hidden twists... just a forbidden romance that should never have been bared on the page to entrance readers during this season of love! Length: Under 1,500 words Due: Friday, February 9th How: Post your story as a standalone story or flash fiction collection chapter then PM Cia with a link to your submission *Please post your stories as unpublished but NOT post-dated. This way they can be set live at the same time even with international authors. Any genre accepted. If your forbidden theme is within the moderated types of content, please clear this with Cia before writing/posting.
  8. Chapter 12

    Ahh, freedom. It's like he's had a taste, but is it better or worse now that he's stuck fearing that freedom was all an illusion? Yes!! There are definitely more questions than answers at this point. ooh, the Matrix. So instead of him thinking they were fake or real... the opposite is true. Hmm.... And did Lakshou back away because of Kohen's emotions... or someone else? Oh, you caught that, did you? The hardest thing to face is the possibility that your mind could have betrayed you, in my opinion. Definitely a lot left to discover in this story.
  9. Chapter 12

    Is reality really reality? That, and all the questions you brought up, are definitely everything I wanted this chapter to resonate with for readers. Yes! Just what is the goal of those people who tortured Kohen and the others. I do try. What I really wanted to have people get is that he's pushing them away because he's afraid to hurt them, not because he can't connect with humans on an empathetic level anymore, no matter what he's done in his past--even if he doesn't realize it. LOL! Eviscerate, that is a great word and exactly what I'd love to see too! Thank you, Jeffrey! I definitely hope that Kohen's fears don't come true too.
  10. Chapter 11

    Thank you, Lux! Yes, I definitely understand the wishing horrible things on them. Thank you, Jeffrey. I try to keep things realistic, and he's been tortured for a long time. He can't just get better, and the affects will be felt for a long time. Yes, definitely! I like to add in a lot of twists.
  11. Chapter 11

    Yes, the captain has definitely shown how he feels about Kohen. Cruel... or uncertain about how to deliver it... you have to look between the lines to see if it's cold or just awkward. Yes! It is definitely one thing after another. He's been kept in the dark, but he knew things weren't right. I'd have to think some answers are better than not knowing for so long. Yes, he does. And I definitely agree that answers are better than just not knowing what's wrong with you. Nope, they definitely weren't very nice at all. And you'll find out more how they work and what was done to him as the story goes, definitely.
  12. Chapter 11

    I know, right? You want to smother him in comfort. on this great review Yes, he definitely couldn't hide it from Kohen! Thank you, normischell! He is a lot more open than he originally was in the first few chapters. Thank you, Defiance!
  13. Chapter 11

    Well, he's a bit more overt, but I think that's more because he wasn't sure how to address it... so he just put it out there. It was more a symptom of awkwardness than blunt uncaring. Thanks, Parker! I do like to take my stories in directions readers aren't expecting. Yes! I'm trying to move the story along a bit farther now that we have a good foundation of the main characters. Well, I often do have a lot of harsh scenes and realities for my characters to face, I do try not to milk it overmuch or make it all bad so that readers are constantly put through the wringer. The harder to handle emotions need lighter moments or the impact really is lost. I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! Well, I do happen to be pretty blunt, but I think it's more the captain didn't know how to say it... so he just did it.
  14. Baby Driver

    See, now this movie I just couldn't get into. It felt very "stylized". Everyone was too perfect for their parts, too typecast into rigid character roles. Attractive hero/reluctant bad guy with a bad past. Manipulative bastard, as Myr said. Tatted up asshole thug. Tatted up asshole thug's woman. Poor girl with shitty job who just gets caught up in the bad. I was pleased with the variety of cars for the driving scenes at least.
  15. Ten's Unit - They Really Work

    I got my first one in 2000 when I shattered my right femur/ because I wanted off oxycodone and it worked sooooo good. I used it for years and got a new one a few years ago for back issues. The only downside is when you do mess up the settings (I have the type you turn down all the way to turn off thankfully) or once I was using it on my back and stretched too far. The electrode wire popped out and zapped me. I yelled, "Fish!" and scared the crap out of the elementary school librarian who was on the other side of the wall we were decorating at the time.

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