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  1. WildcatLes

    Chapter 51

    Thanks for sharing this story with all of the readers on Gay Authors-Gay Stories. I have enjoyed each chapter and tale that you weaved. I will look forward to your next story and more enjoyment through reading.
  2. WildcatLes

    Chapter 1

    This seems like an interesting story. The plot is already being revealed in the first chapter.
  3. WildcatLes

    Screening Queens

    This should be an interesting story. I like the idea of a daddy finding a younger man as a traveling companion. Francis is definitely going to be selected. I think he is going to exceed all expectations for his "employer".
  4. WildcatLes

    Chapter 7 - Ember

    I started reading this story earlier today. I'm hooked. I also enjoy Wesley8890's comments. We seem to read the same stories on this site. You do leave us hanging at the end of each chapter, but that does make things interesting. I suspect that AJ and Novy will mange to get Ember and Brody together to talk.
  5. You sound like an interesting fellow.  Your daily blogs take as long to read as the chapters of some stories.  

    What stories other than Northern Exposure do you follow?  I'm following at least 20 now, although several have ended.  The latest one that proved to be quite interesting is "Frankie Fey" by Quokka.  He has written several stories that keep you interested.

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Uhm Frankie Fey is by another Australian: Rigby Taylor.

      But I agree with  you about sandrewn and the interesting status updates. :yes:

  6. WildcatLes


    I am glad that I checked in before it was to late(midnight). It has been a long while since I visited. I hope all is well with you. I see that you are a fellow devotee of George Granger. A select and discerning group if ever there was one(well, I think so).


    Well, old man(anyone older than me is an old man:P), I hope you had a very Happy Birthday today and tasted a very fine wine to help celebrate it.


    Take care

    my best to you


    (66 yrs young)



  7. WildcatLes

    Dec Chapter 19

    Quokka, you have done it again. I found your story yesterday and have read all of the chapters. Your writing style makes reading the stories quite easy. I like the reference to "Quokka" in regard to the 5 mammals to be moved to Louth Island. I know that you have more twists and turns to add to this story. I'm waiting to find out the partner that Gres selects. Thanks for writing another enjoyable story.
  8. "Lost in Manchester" is quite the enjoyable story. I started reading on a whim, but enjoy the interplay between the characters. It's quite a motley crew. I don't understand the violence with the football (soccer) fans. I'm an American college football fanatic, but rarely do fights occur after the games. Of course, plenty of security from the college athletic departments, as well as local police departments, county sheriffs, and the highway patrol serve as intimidation for fights getting out of control. I'll look forward to more twists and turns in Manchester. Now back to what happened to Ali.
  9. WildcatLes


    Reader1810, this story is much better than a binge read. You will get wrapped up in the main story, as well as the substories within it. I predict that you won't be able to stop reading until you finish the entire story. However, you may need to take a break after some of the intense chapters. Collateral is definitely worth reading. I hope that the author writes another story with the same intensity.
  10. WildcatLes

    Chapter 24 -- Bob

    This is the best chapter of your latest series. Finally, some real sexual action and mutual pleasure for Alan and Bob. I realize this is unusual for this series, but it made the story more enjoyable.
  11. WildcatLes

    Chapter 23

    Thanks for the wonderful ending to this story. You placed enough of "Days of Our Lives" in this story to provide the basis for a television series. I will look forward to your next adventure in writing.
  12. I am really enjoying this story in your series. I should have commented on other chapters, but this one definitely deserves a comment. I wonder if Tim will really tell his parents about his relationship with Luis. The last paragraph probably set his mother on her heels. Considering the rest of her comments in letters and earlier in the visit, I am surprised that she didn't tell them to leave. I'm looking forward to more tales of this diverse group.
  13. WildcatLes

    Chapter 11

    When will the next chapter be ready? I started reading this story earlier this afternoon and have finished all 11 chapters already. You left several themes in mid-air. Thanks for writing this incredible story that tells a great deal about life for teens in today's world.
  14. WildcatLes

    Chapter 3

    Wesley, I think you are always "Bad". Just kidding, since we seem to like the same type of stories. I just started reading this story today. I thought that the theme of twin brothers, with one being gay and the other straight, would have some interesting possibilities. The friction is already happening between the twin brothers.
  15. WildcatLes

    Family Man

    Some of the readers of this story are probably too young to understand the song, "Help" or to know the story about the Beatles. They provided music for my college and later years. I remember watching them on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1968, I think.

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