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  1. WildcatLes

    Chapter 76

    I had to laugh about your comments about preparing your taxes. I'm a retired CPA and used to prepare income tax returns, as well as trust and estate tax returns. The standard procedure for distributions from some estates is to withhold 10% for Federal income taxes. I'm surprised that your received a refund from California. Governor Moonbeam likes to tax everything whether or not he has the authority to do so.
  2. WildcatLes

    Chapter Eleven

    "As The World Turns" is all that needs to be said. The mysterious happenings in and behind this story leave me wondering what is coming next. I truly hope that Miranda and Dustin can reconcile, but he needs to change his attitudes and ways. The spider and the webbing may be hiding more secrets.
  3. WildcatLes

    IOI Chapter 33

    I am guessing that the author has some surprises in mind with all of the guests who are arriving for the installation ceremony. Lewis is being overloaded with responsibilities, but I imagine he will adapt. He will have things running smoothly in short order, especially with Kylie there to help him. Each new chapter brings new surprises.
  4. WildcatLes

    Chapter 28

    I went to two high schools with new buildings in the 1960's. As I remember, we had two way communication from the classrooms to the office. Announcements were read from the main office at the beginning of the day, but students or teachers could be called to the office. The teachers could respond.
  5. WildcatLes

    Help me DONNAS

    I took a chance and started reading this story. I have to agree that the tale is AWESOME and hilarious. You have created enough characters to keep things moving, as you focus on each character in future chapters. I do have to make a comment that fans of the baseball team at Oregon State University would have you hanging from the yard-iron. The Beavers captures the 2018 NCAA Baseball Championship this year. I don't watch many college baseball games during the season, but I usually watch several games of the final games.
  6. WildcatLes

    Chapter 10

    This is a delightful story with plenty of drama and twists and turns. Austin has experience some dramatic situations in his life. Chezdon and he relate well to each other and are taking a slow, but deliberate, path in their relationship. I am looking forward for the twists and turns in the chapters to follow.
  7. WildcatLes

    Gay For You. Or Something.

    Without watching a video, this chapter really got my juices flowing. I can hardly wait for the next chapter when Carter, rather Alex, wakes up.
  8. WildcatLes


    This is an awesome story, as well as the story about how Adam and Kaleo met. I read all of the chapters in a very short time. I'm waiting for the next chapter.
  9. WildcatLes

    Black Jack

    WOW! I have been waiting for this chapter since I started reading this story. I know what you wrote in the initial chapters about Kieran being heterosexual, but the signals came through louder and clearer as each chapter was written. I am looking forward to more chapters of "Gay Vacation Companion". Thanks for writing this amazing tale.
  10. WildcatLes

    Underdeck Club

    Totally what I expected to happen. I wondered when some action between Kennedy and Kieran would happen. The opportunity provided by Patrick moved thoughts to action. I suspected that Kieran was waiting to engage in some form of sexual activity with Kennedy. The next chapter should tell the tale after Kennedy returns to the Cabin. This story definitely grabs your attention.
  11. WildcatLes

    Chapter 51

    Thanks for sharing this story with all of the readers on Gay Authors-Gay Stories. I have enjoyed each chapter and tale that you weaved. I will look forward to your next story and more enjoyment through reading.
  12. WildcatLes

    Chapter 1

    This seems like an interesting story. The plot is already being revealed in the first chapter.
  13. WildcatLes

    Screening Queens

    This should be an interesting story. I like the idea of a daddy finding a younger man as a traveling companion. Francis is definitely going to be selected. I think he is going to exceed all expectations for his "employer".
  14. WildcatLes

    Chapter 7 - Ember

    I started reading this story earlier today. I'm hooked. I also enjoy Wesley8890's comments. We seem to read the same stories on this site. You do leave us hanging at the end of each chapter, but that does make things interesting. I suspect that AJ and Novy will mange to get Ember and Brody together to talk.
  15. You sound like an interesting fellow.  Your daily blogs take as long to read as the chapters of some stories.  

    What stories other than Northern Exposure do you follow?  I'm following at least 20 now, although several have ended.  The latest one that proved to be quite interesting is "Frankie Fey" by Quokka.  He has written several stories that keep you interested.

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Uhm Frankie Fey is by another Australian: Rigby Taylor.

      But I agree with  you about sandrewn and the interesting status updates. :yes:


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