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  1. Steve3


    I hope you had a great  and wonderful Happy 62nd Birthday today! Best wishes.


    Take care


    1. Steve3


      Thx a bunch!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. Steve3


      Thx a bunch!

  3. Steve3

    Dead-Composers Society

    Big fan of El Sistema. So heartbroken that economics and politics have dealt it such a blow. I haven't heard any news about Maestro José Antonio Abreu in forever - hope he's still with us. This one of the beautiful moments from BBC Proms
  4. Steve3

    Dead-Composers Society

    If you're on IEMs, headphone, or big speakers, that Lay Concert Organ, added by the conductor adds considerable gravitas! Steve
  5. Posted originally in "dead-composers" forum. Discovered this forum.
  6. Steve3

    Dead-Composers Society

    A seasonal work. Authored by one of our brethren, Alfred Reed. Steve
  7. Happy Birthday Steve!

  8. Long time since last visit. Jim and I got married Oct 7th. :)

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    2. Cole Matthews
    3. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      Congratulations to you both!!! :-)

    4. MikeL


      It has been a long time. Congratulations!

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Steve3

    Tech Blog 7: The New Profile

    New Eye-candy. It'll be fun to explore the UI. Steve
  11. Cia

    Happy Birthday, Steve!

  12. Thanks a bunch all. Cheers! Steve/Jim
  13. Hi Folks - Quick question to the knowledgeable here. Jim and I live in the wonderfully redneck, and backwards state of Texas. After 22 years together, we wanna get married. The advantage to us living in Texas is that more progressive Federal Laws will soon supersede backwards/bigoted state law. From those with the knowledge, of the US gay-marrying states, which is the most friendly, or maybe just the most efficient and legal with the idea of a out-of-state gay couple poppin in for a few days, spending couple thousand, getting married, and high-tailing it back home? Thanks so much!! Steve/Jim
  14. Cia

    Happy Birthday hun!!

  15. YAY!! First one in 83 years!

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