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  1. From the Frying Pan into the Honey Pot

    This chapter is a revelation! Discovering fathers, spy cameras, who are the good guys and who are the bad! My faith is restored.... seb has a father and a lover. Sweetness and light, so what will you do to our heros now? Please do not be too rough..... I so love the metaphor of grabbing balls. .. i think there may be a lot of balls in vices before the end!
  2. Guapo Discovers Nature

    Initially i used ascii codes. However my completely technologically illiterate but bi lingual partner showed me on samsung devices if you "hold" the letter down you get a range of acutes, cedillas, graves, circumflexes and all sorts of things that foreigners feel they need to enhance their language! As to being in your mind....i had a peak and left in a hurry....😨⚘
  3. Guapo Discovers Nature

    Doesnt Farzdbuk just reek of trusworthy, sincere humanity? Somehow the Desolé/Farzdbuk axis seems pure evil. I do fear for Seb; while i am sure he'll get out alive, i just know you have designed some dramatic physical and emotional testing for him.....
  4. Reginald Gets His Wish

    I did have this feeling that it was all too good to last. You are a master at writing such sensual characters/stories where the eroticism is not merely hinted at, but is pervasive. The down side is this "about to be expelled from paradise" hint of doom.... I look forward to future installments....😆
  5. Reginald, Ronnie & Rex

    Yes as mothers go, Desolé (my mans home, so accents appear!), is one of the more interesting in the range of maternal carers! I am still a little concerned about Sebastian's naivety. I hope he finds someone to look after him, as on his own he will get into trouble...
  6. Messrs. Noall & Achilles

    An amazingly physical story. Raw naked masculinity without sex. There is also an honesty that almost disconcerting. While i am happy without clothes indoors or outside, its only with one other; my man. Public nudity just doesnt work for me. I suppose its because i never thought i had the body for it....
  7. Chapter 2

    “You’d do in a rush,” LOL! great writing , enjoying this - tho' it's going to be a bumpy ride!
  8. Desolé

    so much! Desole (sorry, no accents! partner not home to give me the ascii codes!) is one hell of a mother....cameras, tapes? the new young person... Sebs seeming naivete. a large meal to be digested slowly..... Great start.
  9. Exhibition

    Sebastian is certainly different. Being able to go to a public pool in a string bikini takes balls!
  10. Abduction

    Karma. Such a wonderful feeling. And yes, peeing on an electric fence...not nice. You suddenly know exactly the point where everything is conected.....
  11. Time for a Rethink

    . ‘Viola, viola, as they say in France.’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 So which is it French: "raped, raped", or english: " stringed musical instument, stringed musical instrument"? I suppose it could be voila, voila.... but i can't do accents here... Good to see our hero had a wonderful australian education😆 Loved the reference to "core promise" For non australian a politician once tried to differetiate between "core promises"and "noncore promises". It didnt go down well in those more niaeve times. Love your writing. The twists, turns, shuffles and surprises. Entertaining!
  12. Faces for Mark's Stories

    I have just rewatched Hornblower (the tv series) in particular season 2 ep 2.( perfect teev to watch while ironing!) Hornblower (played by Ioan Gruffud) and Archie, 4th lieutenant, (played by Jamie Bamber) was the most satisfying paring and would do for our heroes in Bridgemont. If i was clever id post photos....😆
  13. Chapter 17 Performance

    Your character do suffer for their roles, nothing nice and simple.... Now... please tell me things improve?😆
  14. Questions

    Andys learned so much, and with Eric coming out a bit, it really is evoling as a story. That level of poverty, as in financial constraint, is just so scary. Makes you realise how fortunate you are. Great read.
  15. Chapter 14 Sanctuary

    A much needed break from the drama. A little rnr for our heros. But you are setting us up. I can tell...😣 Great read, as ever. They are an endearing couple.

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