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  1. Canuk

    Chapter 9

    The letters are in part an internal monologue. Interesting to see his thinking. Thanks
  2. Canuk

    Kennedy Gay

    So LA was a busy, but it looks like Patrick has seen the light! That dust up was a while coming, but hopefully it will clear the air. Wonder if Keiren can help fix the LA catastrophe?? Great chapter!
  3. Canuk


    "If Pandora had a brother, his box had been well and truly opened" Amazing line and exactly how I felt when I came out! I am not usually one to pine for happy endings (so to speak), but these two deserve a happy ending!
  4. Canuk

    Chapter 8

    The layers that build the picture are interesting. I think this will be one of those to rereead after completeion to see the changes happen and characters evolve. At the moment there is a fog around them clarified piece by piece. Thanks.
  5. Canuk

    Chapter 4

    Drew is not so much on a learning curve, as a learning roller coaster... Aria is a mystery, an enigma, innocent and all knowing, all at once. his "mates" are all as genuine as a three dollar note... with the possible exception of the manager... what a story!! Great read thanks...
  6. Canuk


    No idea how I missed this posting! Great story, happh but sad ending. The address gives us hope that they may find each other. Thanks.
  7. Canuk

    Black Jack

    Bloody wonderful. Sexy as all get out, and advancing the us all...so to speak! This is one hell of a story. Thanks!
  8. Canuk

    Captain's Table

    Bloody amazing, and there is nothing f'ing sexier than being with a bloke who knows what he wants! Yep, Keiren, you'll do! And @lomax61, all those threats and ..."suggestions"... don't worry, all is forgiven 😉
  9. Canuk

    Chapter 26

    Well that was bloody emotional! Declan deserves a whole heap of praise the way he handled that. Even down to keeping the blaces "for his pencils"; prohibition never works, but what declan did may be the begining of something wonderful. Great read. Thanks.
  10. Canuk

    Work In Progress

    I'm not sure what planet Richmond is on if he thinks Patrick should be with kennedy. Tho' admmitedly he didnt say they were good together he said that it was good for Patrick. Sounds like the perfect basis for a relationship I dont think! As a plot device the cruise works: no one can get away from anyone! Thanks.
  11. Canuk

    Chapter 7

    Well he just failed coffee prep in my view! Sounds like a strong instant coffee... not my cup of tea at all! 😁 I think there is some miscommunication around the "jock" thing. I am not sure Sherlock is as anti-jock as Watson ex 007 says. Perhaps there is just a bit of defensiveness clouding Watson's thinking? I am enjoying this. I like the concept and you write well... looking forward to the resolution!
  12. Canuk


    drunken father as bigot. it would seem his father can keep his demons under control until drink allows them freedom. hopefully it won't upset their plans... as for eric; while the visits have brought him out of his shell somewhat, I am concerned that he is becoming dependant on Andy. looking forward to what comes next....
  13. Canuk


    I agree - several are ending/about to end or end is in sight.... bloody authors; no compassion for their readers!!
  14. Canuk

    Chapter 3

    brave new world.... very unpredictable too - not the most comfortable space for a body guard. He is in for one amazing ride! great read!
  15. Canuk

    Underdeck Club

    Hey! I warned you last chapter.... this Kennedy/Patrick thing; no. Just plain no. Any other answer and there will be trouble.... That said, Kennedy is his own worst enemy. And Keiren, take a deep breath and read the first line of this comment; we are on your side. Be good, and patient.....

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