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  1. Canuk


    Great ending. Very sad that there is no more. I have sincere doubts about "other stories not worth publishing": i live with an artist who has many paintings "not worth showing" which is just plain wrong, so i suggest the author/artist is not the best judge of their work... Btw Robert Gott has a brother Ted? If so we knew him well in Melbourne when my partner worked at NGV! Great stories, wonderfully written, haven't quite knocked the optimism out of me.😆 All the very best...
  2. Canuk

    The Tavern

    If Adam gets any better, I am moving to san francisco ( i am not allowed to call it sfo any more... I was told!😆) my husband of 18.7 years may be disappointed, but if I tell him I have found perfection, I am sure he'll understand! Great story, so well told. Envious and grateful!
  3. Canuk


    You REALLY want me to answer that? 😙
  4. Canuk

    Chapter 20

    That's an awful lot of religion for you...
  5. Canuk

    Chapter 20

    I get this feeling that Kyles Dad may not be the complete arsehole Kyle thinks he would be. At the moment Kyles dad has no expnanation why his youngest got into such strife apart from "fell into wrong crowd". While he may be angry and upset at the truth, he would also gain some understanding and accept that while his youngest is not the complete failure he thought, his eldest son is not the complete angel either.
  6. Canuk


    @Wesley8890, yes agree wholeheartedly. @Rigby Taylor, you have persuaded me that my way forward is as a pessimist... so Laslo is going to be a russian spy/homocidal maniac, with at least three STIs. He's also the brother in law of a woman who "inherited" a domed art gallery before she was done away with and this b-i-l is trying to find anyone who could be the perpertrator.... close?🤔 The other thing this story proves that in the right hands money is a universal good.... Keep on, this journey is fascinating/riveting!😍
  7. Canuk


    Families are verymessy, but running through them there is usually something that at various times pulls them together. Wierd and amazing things.... Glad Adam is gay. Me lusting after another straight bloke would be just plain sad! Great story....
  8. Canuk

    Clarence, Violet & Inesh

    Well, I did think trouble was brewing, but organ fonation (involuntary) was not on my list of possibilities! Our Frankie certainly has Shiva/luck on his side. I do hope there is some point in the future that Frankie does find someone that does what him for himself, and not his sex/body/body parts... please?😆 Now, the 'plane or more indian adventures?🤔😮
  9. Canuk

    Chapter 7

    Great story! Love the house/home thing.... its not a size thing 🙃 despite the "all things going smoothly" I sense a "But"....
  10. Canuk


    You really are trying to turn me into a pessimist - the dark/bad side of everything! I will persist, however! The architecture is rather great, however it does become mind numbing. It helps to know the story/characters being depicted (same with medieval stained glass in the cathedrals of UK/Europe) otherwise it is all either seen as "decoration" or simply overwhelming. I really hope Frankie is fine.... please?
  11. Canuk


    Exactly!! Once having read several of @Rigby Taylor stories, you just know "happiness" and unicorn farts are about as equally in abundance!!
  12. Canuk


    Scary parallels to my Swiss bloke 40 yaers ago! What a bastard Lucien turned out to be! I really did imagine he was going to see the light and actually "get it"; its the eternal optimist/Mr Micawber in me! Karma certainly caught up with him... Yet again, Frankie's natural ability to make friends, to think quickly and work with people served him well. I just feel sorry that while he has learned at lot, he hasn' t yet found what he's looking for. He gets more and more interesting as the story develops. Thanks.
  13. Canuk


    Fascinating question; generally Australia has been about a decade behind Canada. Two exceptions - women's right to vote - Australia was about 20 years ahead of Canada, and Flag/anthem issues - Canada "naturalised" its flag in 1965 and the anthem around the same time. Australia left the flag debate too late, and I recall the hideous debate around a series of equally bad songs to become the national anthem... on voting- Canada is so far behind Australia its embarrassing.
  14. Canuk


    I thought you had given him dysentry, which would not have been good for either of them. Interesting drug, cannabis is now legal here in Canada, and while there is a lot of snake oil talk around its properties, it does seem to work wonders on general aches that come with ageing, and with those prone to seizures. Frankie is such a pragmatist; "get better, because its less chaos than if you die"! 👏good read!
  15. Canuk

    Chapter 25

    too good, on so many levels. excellent writing. thanks...

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