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  1. Canuk

    Chapter 34

    Great ending! Supportive families make all the difference. Thanks for this. Great read.
  2. Canuk

    Chapter 13

    Yes the mother has serious issues, but ultimately she is a mother (a very very misguided one!) That therapist however has no excuse whatsoever. People who you trust with your innermost being that then betray that trust deserve the most severe punishment possible.
  3. Canuk

    Chapter Four

    Sebastian is going to be trouble, or at least cause trouble in what should be paradise if they could ever move beyond the self conscious banter. Keep it coming!! Enjoying this very much!
  4. Canuk

    Chapter 17

    Great ending. Real transformation. Inside and out. Thanks
  5. Canuk

    A Misunderstanding

    Interesting perspective. Fathers reaction was so predictable. Not the same if it had been his daughter! Weirdly if Deidre had been honest, it may have been an entirely different experience and in fact better for both. Sadly she was a little too selfish for that. Great to see you back!
  6. Canuk

    Chapter Three

    Excellent development...love these characters. And Jenn is v funny! Looking forward to more!
  7. Canuk

    Chapter Two

    Great story, really good pace too. Thanks.
  8. Canuk

    Chapter Two

    I have the same problem, and apart from my passport and my birth certificate, thrre is no record... or not much of one! Weirdly when I had a son, he got it too (as did my father, his father etc...) sad really!
  9. Canuk

    Chapter 26

    Following these characters journeys was quite the roller coaster. Very satisfying, with really great tension. I have enjoyed following their lives. Thank you.
  10. Canuk

    Chapter 25

    Perfect. Kyle sounds like he has discovered this weird thing called "life". The timing of the hunch and the next child managed to open his eyes. He is a lovable bastasrd, but he does need the occasional clip under the ear. Jacobs reaction to the baby news...i recall the same feeling 35 years ago....😍 Great story....
  11. Canuk

    Chapter 24

    Well, somewhat speechless. Typing with rather moist eyes isn't too easy either. Very bloody well done. Very real...
  12. Canuk

    Chapter 22

    The Andy / Brian surprise was risky... if my beloved bought a house without me seeing it.... (actually he did, we sold in 6 months...) Kyle driving phoneless in the snow at night.... thoughtless; he deserved a spanking (I'd volunteer😁) Glad pieces falling into place. Thanks for the entertainment. πŸ€—πŸ˜‰
  13. Canuk

    Chapter 21

    Why does "Looks like Kyle is well on his way to being on the front page of every newspaper in Pennsylvania." sound ominous???? You set so many traps, I am exhausted, or perhaps my over active imagination is exhausted!😁😁 Thanks.... really great read.
  14. Canuk

    Chapter 20

    Great chapter. I am always amazed by parents who either toss their children out (for any reason) or who think they can "fix" them. All you can do as a parent is raise your child to the best of your ability, love them unconditionally and then stand by to help them whenever they need it. Its frustrating, annoying, challenging, but that's the deal. Great read, thanks
  15. Canuk

    Chapter 18

    I do think Kyle is over thinking every bloody move no matter how tiny. Yes I know he has responsibilities, but really, life is for living not debating every moment until it turns to ash. I wish them all the best... but at the rate they are going they be still debating and questioning on the way to cash their social security cheques! Thanks for this latest installment...

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