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  1. Chapter 58

    Rich Thank you for the Journey I did enjoy it You made me cry about the dog as I am about to lose one that I have had for eighteen years waiting for the next saga
  2. Chapter 51

    Happy New Year Mark Another great present you are giving us The twists and turns in this story really has my brain whirling When I think I have started to work out the plot you are able to cut it out from under me Good One Mark
  3. Merry Christmas 2017!

    Merry Christmas Mark and to all of your GA faithful followers I hope and trust that life will be kinder to you in this season and into the future I have missed reading your regular postings and it is joy receive your 2 postings on my Christmas Day Again Merry Christmas Happy New Year and the Gods smile on you into the Future
  4. Chapter 50

    Great Mark 2 chrissy presents on Christmas day Merry Christmas and have a great day
  5. Chapter 7

    Thank you Mark for this wonderful present as it Christmas Day here Thank you for being back with us
  6. Thank you for all of the likes. I hope you enjoyed the story :) 

    1. prklux


      I did enjoy your story and kept reading it until I finished it

      Thank you for posting it

    2. quokka


      Hope you werent up too late?

  7. Started to read this by chance then got hooked like the story line you have reeled me in now just eager for new chapters

  8. Prologue

    Thank you Mark We have all missed you and your great stories This is a good start of a new saga which I will eagerly look forward to each new posting
  9. Happy Birthday Mark sincerely hoping all is going well for you

  10. London Triumph

    I have a feeling the shoe is about to drop on Marco Great chapter
  11. Marco Takes a Trip

    I have enjoyed this whole series the story lines are believable and enjoyable I do not usually follow unfinished stories but yours have grabbed me
  12. Marco Takes a Trip

    Do not know if is an error but chapters 4 and 5 are the same
  13. Epilogue

    Discovered this story several days ago and the story line grabbed Had to finish it Thank you Bob
  14. Chapter 22

    I have really enjoyed this series THANK YOU
  15. Bug Reports! Bug Collection Thread.

    In the Chat Room the last entry is nearly completely hidden by the blue frame Using Firefox Nightly 55.0a1 Windows 10

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