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  1. Almost missed it! I pulled my head out of the sand and just in time to wish you a Very Happy Birthday. I hope it was a good one, all that you wanted. May all your days that follow be as good or even better.


    Best wishes,


  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Remijay

    That Summer's Day

    Omg omg omg!!! I loved this chapter the most out of all of them, this is my favorite. I love how they have 3 kids now and they act just like Ryder. Hah poor Teddy. OLI 21, that's amazing. I hope Oli and Mark are still together. Awaiting the next book. With love Remijay ❤
  4. WHy do i keep switching up the character names? LOL :O)

    1. Headstall


      You're not alone in that. :) 

  5. Remijay

    Chapter 12

    Thanks @Benji I'm trying to to get everything in order for the closing of this book. I'm glad you liked this chapter...
  6. Remijay

    Chapter 12

    You'll have to wait and see about the Nathan thing 😏 All stories have an ending. Whether it be good or bad 🙃
  7. Remijay

    Chapter 12

    Chapter 12 V Over the past few weeks I have been watching my brother and mother. I want to see what they do. And how they react to certain situations. Not that I’m trying to get away with anything, I’m still not comfortable enough to ask my mother for anything. Things just seem to magically appear when they are low. She hasn’t once asked me about Trent. Thankfully.. Speaking of him, I wonder why he hasn’t called me? Or at least even texted. Tammy and I do all the time. She’s my life line. My person! I do miss him terribly though. I hope he’s alright. On to other news, my mother did say that I will be starting school Monday. it’s in two fucking days… I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything, because I’m always wondering what this school will be like? Is it going to be different than my last? Will I make decent friends here? All these things are filling my head, and I just hope I can find some friends. “Hey Devon. My friends are coming over. Are you okay with that?” Asks Jeff “Why wouldn’t it be? This is your house.” I say as I look back at the TV. “Because… I don’t know honestly. Out of respect?” He says “Thanks for asking, but I’ll be fine.” I say back “Alright cool. They should be here in like ten minutes.” He says as he comes into the living and plops down next to me. Making me smirk. “What’s that look for?” He asks “What look? I wasn’t making no look…” I go to say, but I smile and then end up laughing. It’s good to have a brother that you live with. Granted it probably won’t be like this forever. We will probably end up arguing or screaming at each other sooner or later. “Nothing. It’s nice to have a brother. To chill with.” I say in hurry. Feeling embarrassed for bringing it up. The one thing… The one thing my father instilled in me is to not have emotion. He literally broke me of it. The hard way of course. So for me to actually show emotion like I have been, is something new. A knock came from the front door, and I went to get up…But my brother pushes me back down. I wasn’t going to answer it, I was going to run away to my room. The thought of people that I don’t know, coming here. It scares me… “Hey, guys come in!” My brother says all excited. Before they could get into the living room, I bolted up to my room. My body reacted on its own. When I closed the door behind me, my heart pounded in my chest, my whole body shook, and my anxiety seemed to sky rocket. Why couldn’t he have told me sooner that they were coming over? I wouldn’t have reacted so badly. I probably would have withdrawn into myself, and stayed quiet. But, now… now I’m hiding in my bedroom. Afraid to let anyone come in… A soft knock came from the door, but I walked backwards, slightly away from it. **A short commercial break** Pause for dramatic effect. And were back, W “Devon?” I spoke. Here I am standing in front of his bedroom door. Hoping he will at least open it a little. But as the minutes seem to slip away, I become worried. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I mean it’s been weeks since he got here, and he hasn’t once asked about my friends, or school. I know that he is still adjusting to what happened to him, and he doesn’t exactly know how to ask for things. I think it’s time that we set up an appointment with the psychiatrist. Maybe he/she will be able to help him. “Alright, I guess I’ll leave you alone.” I said, saddened that I couldn’t at least reason with him. But he has own reasons for doing things. I can only try to help. Walking back down the stairs, my friends are all in the kitchen, sitting around the island looking at me, with their heads to the side. Having the what’s wrong, worried faces. “So anyone up for a swim?” I ask, hoping to get the guys’ minds off my brother. “Yea!” They all exclaim “Where’s your brother dude?” Nathan asks “He’s not coming down from his room.” I sigh, “Oh, I guess that’s cool. Whatever, bro!” He shrugs his shoulders, as he leads the group to the backyard. “Yea, I guess.” I look at towards the stairs one last time, before I go join my friends by the pool. When I step out of my lounging pants, I look around all my friends. They are all in similar state. We’re all guys here, we can swim in our undies. “Hey guys?” I ask, “When you talk to my brother on Monday don’t be mad or upset that he doesn’t talk back. He’s had it pretty rough. Like severely rough before he came here. It’s tough right now even to get him to interact with other’s. It’s going to be a while before he can join in socially.” I say with a heavy heart. “It’s all good dude. After all the years of listening to you, complain and whine about how you don’t have your brother with you. We get it. You’re protective. Not worries… right fellas?” Nathan says “Yea, no probs.” They say “Good lets have fun!” I say smiling. But as I’m about to get in the pool, I look at my brothers window, and I see him looking out at us, all having fun. I wish that he could have at least met my friends. He will eventually though, school starts in two days.
  8. Remijay

    Chapter 15

    Chapter 15 In other news Blinking my eyes open I look around… I can’t see anything. Everything is blurred and distorted. Like looking through a screen. I try to move my arms and legs, but their restrained. I try to scream out but my mouth is taped shut. At least I hope. Why does my body hurt? Did I drink that much?? Shaking my head, I try to remember what I did. But it’s fuzzy. I try to think. But the headache is too much. The more I fought against what’s restraining me, the more the pressure hurt. Slumping against an ice cold surface I shudder. Maybe this is karma, maybe I have done something so bad that this is the punishment for it. “Oh look boys he’s awake!” A guy gleefully says, too chipper in my opinion, but I couldn’t voice it… So I did what any kidnapped person would do, I screamed against the tape in hopes that they would at least take the mask off. “Oh I think he wants to be released…” They cackle. Assholes! I know wishful thinking… Everything starts to go dark, the edges of my vision started to blurr and mix. Blinking open my eyes, I look around myself. I’m in a bed. Not restrained, and theres no mask on me… What a fucked up dream! But where am I? Those drugs did a number on me… “Hey you’re awake…” Jason says. Freaking out, I hurry and grab the blanket. Wrapping it more around myself. “Are you okay, Aiden?” He asks, why is he asking? “How did I get here?” I ask “Don’t you remember?” Jason asks, well if I knew that I wouldn’t be asking now would I? But I couldn’t say that to him. Sighing, I look around, I remember being doped up on something. Not quite sure what it was. But man, did it do a number. “Jason, I remember. Did we do anything lastnight?” I timidly asked him. “Well, we did kind of fool around lastnight. But we didn’t go all the way…” He hurries that last part. I look down and shake my head. Man, I need to stop doing that. “I came up here to wake you. Breakfast is ready and my mother wants to meet you properly.” He smiles. “I don’t have anything to wear Jason. All my clothes are dirty from yesterday.” “You can go in your briefs.” He chuckles “You just want to see me naked…” I blush “Maybe!” His smile broadens “Perv!” I go to throw a pillow at him, but he dodges it. Jason picks it back up and chucks it at me. I duck down into the bed. We laugh for a minute. “Seriously, though. What am I supposed to wear.” I ask “I may have something that could fit you.” He says, as he goes to the far left of his room. Swings open his closet. And man, let me tell you. I could fit my whole room, plus the bathroom in there. After a little bit, he comes back out with a pair of white boarding shorts, and a soft looking v-neck t-shirt. They complement each other. I like them at least. Instead of handing them to me, he places them on his desk, and goes to his dresser. He pulls out a pair of sexy looking undies and tosses them on top of the clothes. “Are you trying to make me look like Abercrombie and Fitch model?” I laugh “Well you do have the body to be one.” He blushes. “Thanks Jason.” I blush. I go to lift the covers, and I’m naked. What the fuck happened to my underwear? “Uh, Jason. What happened to my underwear?” I blush more. My face is probably scarlet red by now. “You look too adorable when you blush, Aiden.” He laughs as he walks over to me. Places a kiss on my cheek, and yanks the blankets back. I’m shocked that he would do such a thing. I go to cover myself but he grabs my hand. He looks down and then back up at me. “You’re definitely a perv… And I can’t Jason. I just can’t.” I look down, willing myself not to cry. I truly feel pathetic. “Don’t!” He lifts my head back up and kisses me on the lips. Once our lips disconnect, I open my eyes and look into his. They are the perfect shade of blue and green. So beautiful. “Jason, can you move? So I can get dressed?” I laugh “Oh, yea… sorry!” He backs away “Don’t even think about it, mister?” I say as I get out of bed. “Think about what Aiden? I wasn’t going to do anything…” He sneaks up behind me and smacks me on the ass. I yipped out loud. “OH you didn’t just do that, Jason?” I stare at him, with a lopsided grin. He holds his hands up in front of him, like it wasn’t him. Shaking my head, I turn back to the desk. “You’re so lucky that you’re cute Jason.” “You have a nice ass Aiden. Like damn!” He says. I hear him shuffling towards me but I ignore him. I reach for the underwear, and I feel him. Ghost his hands over my sides. It gives me goose bumps. He wraps his arms around my midsection and he lightly runs his hands up my chest. I lean back into him as he kisses my neck lightly. Biting my lip, I let out a small moan. “No… Stop…” Huffing. “Jason, I can’t. I’m not ready.” He doesn’t take his hands away from my body but he stops the kissing. He whispers in my ear, “I know you’re not ready Aiden. But you do have a very nice body. I just couldn’t help myself.” And then he backs away from me. “It’s not that I don’t want it Jason, because clearly I do.” I pointed down to my dick that is rock hard. “But because of those assholes, I have some issues. I have insecurities now.” I sigh, “I have wanted to do things with you for so long. That now, when we are finally together. Something like this has to happen.” “I understand. I may have went too far.” He bites lip as he does the once over. Shaking his head, he sighs. And turns his head. I grab the underwear, and put them on. I adjust my cock, and look at him with sad eyes. I know how he feels. I know the feeling of desire, the passion to be with someone. I go to grab the boarding shorts, but I stop. I look towards Jason one last time, and think about what I’m about to do… maybe it won’t be so bad if I do it to him. I mean he’s already half naked, and he’s probably hard as a rock right now. I didn’t see any underwear on him. So, why not. Just a quick blowjob, and we can go have breakfast. ******** You’d think that a straight acting guy would be less animated when it came to another guy giving that person head. But, Jason however isn’t. He was really into it. Grabbing my shoulders, moaning, huffing and puffing. Damn, it was really hot. At one point, I took him all the way down into my throat and he literally face fucked me! Heh, anyway, lets get back to the story… After the blowjob, we went down and had breakfast with his mother. She’s a nice woman, honestly. She didn’t pry that much, only simple questions. Any mother would have asked. How do you know Jason, what grade are you in, have you ever been with anyone else, have you always been gay? Those sort of questions. They weren’t the easiest to get through, but the awkwardness of it seemed to go away once we changed the subject onto something less personal. Like Jason and his softball coming up soon. Just imagining him in his tight little uniform, and his pert ass. Had me reaching below the table to adjust myself. What can I say, I’m 16 years old. My hormones are at an all time high. I could fuck a tree and it would be nice. Shaking my head, I concentrate on the conversation. “Yea Coach says, I should be pitcher this year. But I would rather be anything butt.” He smiles; I cough to cover the laugh that consumed me… “Something funny dear?” His mother asks me. I go to shake my head, but Jason looks at me with a knowing smile. Blushing, I bow my head, and hope I can make through this. “He’s fine mom.” He laughs “Shut it, Jason. You said it!” I laugh “I don’t even want to know.” His mother says, shaking her head, she picks up her coffee cup and drinks from it. “I think I’m going to take Aiden home soon. His parents must be worried.” Jason tells his mother. “That’s fine. Just be home before dinner. Your father should be home tonight.” “That’s great!” Jason says all sarcastic “Don’t be like that.” She sternly says, while looking him down. “I’m sorry.” He finally admits “That’s more like it, mister. Go on. The staff will clean this up…” She waves her hand and we’re off. Once we got into Jasons car we laughed so far. I don’t think I have ever laughed this hard ever. It felt nice. “You’re mother is something else, Jason.” I chuckled “She’s taking this surprisingly well…” He smiled as he started the car. “I honestly don’t want to go home. My family isn’t as accepting as yours. I’m pretty sure my father is cheating. My brother looks at me weird now. My mother doesn’t say anything to me, ever since that night. As for my little sister, doesn’t know what is going on.” “I understand babe. It will get better. First, no more drugs, deal?” I nod my head. “No I want words Aiden, no more drugs.” Jason says “Yes, me master. No more drugs.” I laugh at that, but one look at Jason told me he didn’t find it funny. “I’m sorry. Yes babe no more drugs.” “That’s what I thought.”
  9. Remijay

    Brother to Brother

    OMG! Tears!!! I loved this chapter more than all the others. You sir are not cool. Hmmph! Anyway, i love how the emotion pay off each other, and how even after all the embarrassment Oliver and Ryder are cool. Oliver and Teddy spoke to each other like brothers. Even though now Ryder might be killed... LOL i found hilarious. Amazing chapter... Keep'em coming <3 HUgs
  10. Remijay

    Chapter 11

    Chapter 11 T After my mother told me about what happened with my father. I kind of get it, you know. My father wasn’t the nicest dad by any means of the imagination. Even back then. When my mother wanted to take us, he wouldn’t allow it. I’m glad that my brother got taken out of the situation. I wouldn’t know how to handle it if it were any other way. Now, I’m not saying that I totally forgive her. That will take some time. And maybe some therapy, like my brother suggested. But in due time I can see myself liking my mother. Possibly even loving her. My mother also told me that I would be starting school soon. How soon, possibly next week. At least I’ll have my brother and his boyfriend with me. Almost like last time, two people whom you care about. Anyway, I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s like I don’t want to set myself up to fail. You know. I want this time to go differently, I want friends, the kind of friends that you can hang out with at any time, doing whatever. That’s probably wishful thinking on my part though, I know how screwed up my brain is, and I know that I wont be able to have any of those kinds of friends until I can recover from my fathers abuse and stop being trapped inside my head. Who am I kidding? I won’t be able to escape what my dad did. In a weird and bizarre way I understand why he did it. I understand how he beat me because he couldn’t get what he wanted. And I always screwed up somehow, in some way. I’m not perfect. I am a no body after all. ‘That’s right keeping thinking that, you fuck. I made you, and I created what you are today. You will not be able to escape me. I will live forever inside your head!’ Shaking my head, I look around myself. I’m cowering in my bed, in the corner. Trying my hardest not burst out into tears. Even when I’m two states away, he’s still here. Inside my head, abusing me. I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. A small whimper escaped my throat as I tried to control my emotions. I’m truly pathetic. A fucked up teen with daddy and mommy issues. Who would want to take on that as a partner? I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life…. A knocking came from my door, I go to clear my throat but I couldn’t say anything nothing but air escaped between my lips. I go to get up from my bed. But it slightly opens, revealing my brother with the phone to his ear. I quickly wipe my eyes, in attempt to look normal. “Hey Devon, Tammy’s on the phone for you.” He says cheerfully. Why does he have to be cheerful? “Devon?” He asks, in a concerned voice. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” I try my hardest not to burst into tears again. But the more effort I put into it, the more overwhelmed it became. “Hey Tammy. Can he call you back; he doesn’t feel very well…” He pauses while he listens to whatever she’s saying. “Yea, no problem. Love you too… Have a goodnight as well… Yea, okay. Bye!” He hangs up the phone. Pushes it into his back pocket. And waits there for a moment. “Do you maybe want to talk about it?” He asks, still standing just inside my room. I go to shake my head no, “I don’t really want to talk about it, but I know eventually I’m going to have to. It’s not like I want these kinds of feelings. I don’t want to be fucked up in the head Josh. Our father beat me into submission, he literally abused me in both senses of the word. He may not be here right now, but inside this head of mine, he’s taunting me, laughing at me.” I sob into my hands. Rocking myself back and forth. “Do you want me to get mom?” He asks “NO…NO! Don’t, I’ll… I’ll be okay.” He nods his head in understanding. Slowly he makes his way over to my bed, and sits beside me. Josh puts his arm around me and I lean into him. The contact feels warm, loving. A brotherly embrace. Filled concern and emotion. I know I’m a wreck right now, but I hope that it won’t be this bad every time. “One day you’ll look back on this and it won’t be as bad or you won’t feel anything. There will come a time when things will not seem so bad or scary. I know this isn’t exactly what you wanted to hear, and maybe I’m not saying this correctly. But I hope that you understand.” He hugs me tight. “Thanks bro. I’m glad I’m here now.” I attempt a weak smile “You’re welcome. Get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day you’ll see.” With that he gets off my bed and opens the door. He looks back at me with a smile. Falling back on my bed, I look at my ceiling. I wonder what will happen now that I’m surrounded by people that actually care for me and about me. I roll over and close my eyes. *********** U A few days have passed since the talk with my mother. I don’t really know how to feel towards it. I understand what happened. But, after all that time she could have came back. She could have saved me from the years of abuse. I’m still angry towards her. I’m still jealous of their life! So here I am, sitting on the back patio under this lush awning. Staring out into the river that lay just beneath our land. My mother and brother have gone somewhere to buy something for tonight’s dinner. They asked me to come along, but I didn’t feel the need to tag along. I wanted to be left alone, to my thoughts. So again, here we are. Summarizing everything that has happened. Not much thankfully. This feeling that I have… I don’t really know what this feeling is, I don’t even know if it’s good or bad. But, at this moment. I’m content. I can see myself eventually being happy, possibly. I heard a buzzing noise coming from the end table. Picking it up and looking at the screen I see it’s Tammy. I totally forgot to call her back. “Hey hun… Sorry I haven’t called you back I have been emotional. More emotional than I have been in a while.” “That’s alright. I can totally understand. How is it down there? Is it good?” She asks in a bubbly voice. “Someone chipper. Did someone get lucky?” I laugh at that “That’s not funny. And a lady never tells. But lets just say I have been seeing someone.” You can hear the happiness in her voice. I envy her. “Thank goodness!” I hoorayed out loud “Aren’t you cheery. I’m glad I made someone happy. Now tell me, what has been happening down there? Don’t skip any boring details.” I paused, do I really want to tell her everything? Sighing, I started to tell her everything. She’s my best friend after all, she knows more than she says and hears more than anyone I know. Over the course of an hour, we spoke about me mostly. With a little of her mixed in. If felt nice to actually talk with her and not keeping looking around to see if my father were anywhere near. “It sounds like you and your family are getting along just nicely Devon. I wish for you to get what you want. And not have to endure anymore beatings. The police up here still haven’t found your father. I know that isn’t saying much, but I do hope they find him a ditch!” Tammy spoke that last past in vein. I know how she feels truly… “Listen hun, I hate to ruin this moment. But I have to go. The boyfriend is beeping in. I love you with all my heart. Please be safe!” “I love you too Tammy. It was nice chatting with you. Have a good night.” “Hey there you are. I was wondering where you went. You weren’t in your room or the house.” My brother spoke from behind me, almost causing me to have a heart attack. But the sudden scare. Wincing in pain. “Sorry, I wanted some fresh air. And the patio seemed like a nice place… It is alright that I’m out here?” I ask timidly “Oh…” He pauses, “Yea… Yes, it’s totally fine that you’re out here Devon. I didn’t mean for it come out like that. This is your house now as well.” He looks me in the eyes, as he spoke. Making sure that I understood. “You have to know, that this is all new to me. I… When I was living in Colorado, with father. I couldn’t… He wouldn’t… allow me to go outside. He wouldn’t let me do anything other than clean, cook. And if I couldn’t those he would…” I didn’t finish. It’s not easy bringing up something that could trigger. “You don’t have to continue Devon, I understand.” He looks down at the ground. “No you don’t Jeff. You will never understand because you didn’t live it. You weren’t there. And thank goodness for that. But the sad truth is, someone had to be there. Someone had to endure his wraith.”I paused, my heart pounded in my chest, my body shook with adrenaline. ‘Think positive, think about street names. Brooklynn St, Cedar Dr, Court St…’ “I love that I am here now Jeff. But it doesn’t change what happened to me.”
  11. Remijay

    The Green Light

    Thats amazing... I'm dating a guy right now that is a CNA. He wants to go back to school for Pre-Med. Thats the million dollar question, what do i want to be? You have to think about what you want to see everyday going to work. Either you'll love it or hate it. You got this <3
  12. Remijay

    Christmas Day!

    omg for a second i almost beleive it myself. My heart stopped for a second, i think i read the rest of the chapter in a minute! You know how to capture an Audience thats for sure Ace Anyway, this chapter, how to put it into words?! hah, just kidding. I liked it alot. The emotion, the pure looks on the parents faces. When you go to visit new parents, you almost want one yourself, but then you leave and you're like nah not for me. Oliver screaming at Ryder for another scandal. That kid one day will give someone a heart attack i believe that LOL Teddy is right, Ryder's heart cant take that abuse right now. If he could they would have had sex already. And Teddy would be even more in love with Ryder. The next few chapters will be Ryder trying to make his fans and friends believe him, i hope he is successful. Keep'em coming, I look forward to reading every chapter as they come <3 Hugs
  13. Remijay

    The Green Light

    I honestly don't know how to describe this chapter. Exciting, entertaining, maybe?! LOL It seems that Blake and Liz are parents now. Now we just need to know what gender, and name. As for Teddy caving to go on vacation. I thought for sure he was going to say yes. But like always it takes his best friend Blake to convince him that he's letting life pass him by. And thats exactly what he's doing. Time to start living your life Theodore! Sheesh! Ryder and Liz finally have a conversation, and they have finally got a common place. Maybe they will be friends like they used to. But only time and understanding can heal that wound. Now for the asshat on the TV! The nerve of people. Do you not understand that when an emergency happens. You don't plan for it, it just happens? Ugh, and then to say stupid shit. Some people i swear! That is why i hate people. I can't stand them... Anyway, awesome chapter. Still waiting for more. How's school and life? <3 Hugs
  14. Remijay

    Following Footsteps

    Such a cute chapter. I remember those songs that Ryder wrote and made out to Teddy. They were filled with love and devotion. Oliver just doesn't understand yet how two people can fall helplessly in love. He will though, I can see it with Mark. That one song by Pink Floyd. Man that song gets me everytime. I used to listen to it all time. Keep'em coming hugs ❤
  15. Remijay

    Chapter 10

    I totally forgot about that lol face Palm. Anyway, it will be included in chapter 12

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