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  1. Chapter 10

    Well, I truly wonder if Granger is a little jealous of Mr. Ward being able to provide Freddy a place to stay when he really can't. I know that George can easily raise that green eyed monster where Freddy is concerned. I think this is going to be an enlightening voyage for several people.
  2. Chapter 9

    I hope that Spenser doesn't hold a grudge over Granger protecting his decision to punish Freddy somewhat the same as the GUILD asshole.
  3. Chapter 8

    It may prove that Granger can stop the Freddy duel only to be pulled into one himself. Hell if Spenser was a good administrator he would have yellowed that old admiral out on the spot. Admirals have to take orders too. All of your chapters seem to leave me wanting the next on tomorrow, but this one is much more so. Mark please don't wait for the next holiday to post the next chapter!!!!
  4. Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    Well, Mark this last chapter was a little late for Thanksgiving, I for one, enjoyed it. Of course, since I have read this new chapter. I am looking forward to the next.
  5. Chapter 7

    A fine chapter and a wonderful Christmas gift. THANKS Mark.
  6. Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    I half way expected to look in here and see Mark had posted a new chapter for us to be THANKFUL for. Mark if you happen to see this just know that we are all eagerly awaiting the next installment of this story.
  7. Chapter 6

    Well, here we go. I am sure George deep down is pissed to hear Spenser tell him that he or his ship are expendable. I think Granger should keep our spy/diplomat away from the stove until he actually listens to George's concerns. Carrot and stick works wonders. Another great chapter and I can hardly wait to see how the next couple of chapters play out for Granger and his crew.
  8. Chapter 5

    Mark you sneaky bastage. You love to tease us with subtle cliff hangers. Between the box and wondering what Spencer plans for George, we all will be wondering what is next.
  9. Chapter 4

    I can see the sullen faces when the officers and crew see that Sawyer is back to make their lives miserable once again.
  10. Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    I am sure our humble buddy Hornblower and our hero Granger will make a dynamic pair.
  11. Northern Exposure: General Discussion

    I am so excited to see something from you Mark. I also will be interested to see that we will hear a little about Hornblower. I agree that those books are a great read. Again, great to see you once again out and about on this site.
  12. An Update On My Life....

  13. An Update On My Life....

    I don't want to be another PITA that has to hear every day or so that Mark hasn't dropped off the face of the earth, but can anyone assure me that Mark hasn't fallen off the face of the earth? Sorry if I offended anyone with my PITA worries. 😜
  14. An Update On My Life....

    I'll second that emotion.
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      Hey Jim, Happy Birthday!


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