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  1. i'd like to ask the definition of Experience... since "First Gay Experience" could cover a broad set of things from my first gay thoughts, to my first gay hug, to my first gay kiss, to my first gay intiment experience.... ...i'd say gay fits into the format of how i felt...for pretty much most of it... insecure, timid, and so on as well. also desiring more.
  2. Celethiel

    What Are You Reading Right Now? (Non-GA)

    C.J. Cherryh's Foriegner Series, i am on book 15. Alien Worlds and Alien Political landscapes with Assassinations and civil Wars are fun kind of like Mideaval political landscapes
  3. Celethiel

    Corrupt A Wish

    wish Granted, here have a bunch of spiders and bees under the sheets. I wish I could go to the mountians.
  4. Celethiel

    Inspirational Quotes

    "If you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." Walt Disney pretending to be Abraham Lincoln.
  5. Celethiel

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted you now have 12 tons of Edible Pepperonni (ie no need to cook it) instead I wish it WOULD actually rain tommorrow.
  6. Celethiel

    Test- How Gay Are You?

    pfft what does Dorothy have to do with anything....
  7. Celethiel

    Test- How Gay Are You?

    i found that test to be arbertary and stupid, like Daenrys Stormcrown when she ordered the Wise masters Crucified.... and also i got Labels are Meaningless
  8. Celethiel

    'Brandon' Smiling

    eh it could be worse, it could be my mother's graduation picture.... (can't say my grandmother since i've never seen those) Unlike Brandon, i've never stopped feeling unattractive and "weird" most of the time.
  9. Celethiel

    'Brandon' Smiling

    that's an old picture, it makes me feel young... like when i saw my teenage cousins (who were 80's teens) graduation pictures... and well, he's certianly not smiling, and he's not that hansom... either
  10. Celethiel

    Happy Birthday Sasha Distan

    happy birthday Sasha
  11. Celethiel

    Finally, some recognition for me!!

    pfft! *sings* i've seen some mighty fine things in my time, but i've never seen a wookie on the front porch! *sings* Cool Northern Lights, i have seen some before, just not in a very long time. (we get them here too every few years or so.)
  12. Celethiel

    Happy Birthday, Comicality!

    yes happy birthday, all us Ebil Elf Wishes to you... such as growing a mighty fine Beard and other things more interesting.
  13. It's a hug-and-run ...(hugs)

  14. Celethiel

    my beadwork

    that stuff, you know.
  15. Celethiel


    why!? Why!?

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