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  1. Miss you  🙁

  2. Hey there... it's been a while :)

  3. Milos

    Wanted to drop in and say hello! Hope all is well. :)

  4. Long time... no see. Hope you are well! Sending you a 🤗

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    2. BlindAmbition


      I hope full time is good for other reasons. Sorry that you’re tired. We miss you hon. I’m ok... had a couple days at lake last week. Class starts Monday. Summer semester is 7 weeks. ❤️

    3. Lisa


      Yeah, I only wish they compensated me for busting my butt...our boss doesn’t dole out raises; you have to ask for one. I’m not good with confrontations like that, so we’ll see. Lol


      I miss it here too!! I’ve never been away as long as I have since I joined. I think about all the members on here who have full-time jobs and think: how do they do it? I come home and all I want to do is pass out.


      Yes, I read in another post that you’re taking summer classes (or are you teaching them?). Which classes are you taking/teaching?

    4. BlindAmbition


      It’s one class. I’m taking accounting. Help me with new tech and processes at the shop.

  5. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, BRIAN!!!!! I hope you had a great day! :D🎈🎂

  6. HAPPY BELATED B-DAY, COMSIE!!!!! I hope you had an awesome day!! ❤️🎂🎊🍾🎉🎁🛍

  7. Lisa

    Me age 7

    YES!!!!! It’s the hat and the smile!! Hmm, I think Oliver was blonde also. What an adorable kid you were, Mac. (And I mean that in the most non-pervy way. 🙃)
  8. Lisa

    Chapter 8

    So, I was thinking...when Erik produced his word vomit in the car ride back to Toronto, was he subconsciously looking for a fight? When I was in college, it seemed that at the end of every school break I had, I would pick a fight with my mom, whom I was extremely close to. I think I did it subconsciously because it made leaving her and my sister easier. It makes it easier to walk away when you’re angry with someone. Also, I totally took Erik’s words differently. I took a lot of those words as sort of insults to Ryan. Not about Ryan not making it in the city and moving back home, but how Erik is sad he has to leave because he doesn’t want to go back to the city. He told Ryan he’s tired of the city, and he’s tired of knocking on doors and being rejected. Ok, that’s not the reason. He’s sad because he’s leaving Ryan. He’d be thrilled about going back to NY if Ryan was going with him. I took that as an insult to Ryan. Erik should have just been honest with him instead of saying stupid shit about living in the city. As many of your readers have mentioned, Toronto has a very big film industry. Hello...QAF, anyone? Erik can go anywhere and do what he wants to do. That’s just an excuse. Erik’s mantra should NOT be Frank Sinatra’s song. And since I’m on the topic of Erik and insults, when he finally confessed to Ryan how much he loves him, he stuck those words in between what’s not right in his world and his work and shit. That is certainly not why you love someone! That was another insult to Ryan, IMO. Instead of explaining to Ryan why he loves him, he’s saying he loves Ryan only because nothing else in his life is going right. At least that’s the way I interpreted it. Anyway, this was another great chapter, HB! On to the next one...maybe sometime this millennium I’ll actually catch up!
  9. Lisa

    Chapter 7

    It sounds like a wonderful getaway, but the outhouse?? In the freezing cold??? With no heat?? That would never do!
  10. Lisa

    Chapter 1

    I haven’t re-read the chapter yet, but I’m so happy you’re posting this story, Ron! I meant to read the previous story you completed here, but I haven’t been on here much. I know I read it on TMJ, so at least I read it once.
  11. Lisa

    Discovery - Chapter 8

    This was another great chapter, Cole! Winnie was once a decent mother???? That was a shocker! It was nice to see Twyla remembering something nice about her for a change. Hmmm, why are Nat and Eddie acting so weird? And aren’t the guilty ones the ones who keep on denying something? I loved the scene with Ben, Clay, and Rush. They are becoming a nice, tight-knit family.
  12. Lisa

    The Last Screw

    WTF? Hartley is such a slime ball!!! What an asshole! He’s worse than the principal was with all his sneering at B & B. He’s even worse than Jen!!! I can’t believe her — telling Paula to just take Brett, she’s done with his shit. Jesus. I do have to commend Paula, though. In my eyes, she’s pretty much redeemed herself. This was a great chapter, Jeff. I’m looking forward to the next two. This doesn’t mean the story’s over, does it?
  13. Lisa

    The Author at Age 25

    See, at least I’m not the only perv here!!! Any more hot pics, AC? 😜🤗
  14. Lisa

    The Dance

    I haven’t been on here in a while, but I just had to log in, Jeff, to tell you how much I’m loving this story. I’ve been crying since Brett took off leaving Billy stranded in Erie. Brett has made a great argument regarding how Billy always makes him feel. I think Brett has really matured since the truth finally came out. Hopefully Billy will stop with the ‘Why does my life always suck’ mantra and actually think of others before thinking of himself. I was so proud of him when he started dancing with Brett. And honestly, the principal, John Taylor, and Jack (whom I actually thought was trying to redeem himself) are such d-bags! I want Jen and Paula (Dave would be great too) to go in there on Monday and threaten to sue. Better yet, the stupid principal is always worried about the school’s rep, Jen and Paula should bring the media with them! And then sue! I’ll tell you, Jeff, when I’m not at work, I’ve been glued to this story. Ok, back to the old grind. I’ll come back on again once I finish the next chapter. Oh, I almost forgot: Green Day’s Billie Joe spells it Billie Joe, not Billy Joe. Just an FYI.
  15. Lisa

    Just having a moment...

    Comsie, Idk who you’re talking about, but whomever it is is obviously an idiot. I absolutely ADORE your stories (well, except for the GFD series, sorry, not my cuppa tea), and as Mr. M said, focus on those who love you and admire you, not the idiots who dare to criticize you. Even though it takes me forever to catch up on your stories, I always finish a chapter and wait with bated breath for the next one.

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