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  1. The Dance

    I haven’t been on here in a while, but I just had to log in, Jeff, to tell you how much I’m loving this story. I’ve been crying since Brett took off leaving Billy stranded in Erie. Brett has made a great argument regarding how Billy always makes him feel. I think Brett has really matured since the truth finally came out. Hopefully Billy will stop with the ‘Why does my life always suck’ mantra and actually think of others before thinking of himself. I was so proud of him when he started dancing with Brett. And honestly, the principal, John Taylor, and Jack (whom I actually thought was trying to redeem himself) are such d-bags! I want Jen and Paula (Dave would be great too) to go in there on Monday and threaten to sue. Better yet, the stupid principal is always worried about the school’s rep, Jen and Paula should bring the media with them! And then sue! I’ll tell you, Jeff, when I’m not at work, I’ve been glued to this story. Ok, back to the old grind. I’ll come back on again once I finish the next chapter. Oh, I almost forgot: Green Day’s Billie Joe spells it Billie Joe, not Billy Joe. Just an FYI.
  2. Just having a moment...

    Comsie, Idk who you’re talking about, but whomever it is is obviously an idiot. I absolutely ADORE your stories (well, except for the GFD series, sorry, not my cuppa tea), and as Mr. M said, focus on those who love you and admire you, not the idiots who dare to criticize you. Even though it takes me forever to catch up on your stories, I always finish a chapter and wait with bated breath for the next one.
  3. The Author at Age 25

    @Reader1810 and @mollyhousemouse: SOCKS????? You’re looking at his SOCKS????? I totally missed the socks; I was too busy looking at his face! AC, you were so boyishly, boy-next-door hot when you were twenty-five! Wow, I really feel like a perv now.
  4. 20180406_120446-min.jpg

    She is so adorable, MSM! Congrats, again!
  5. Rest In Peace Moggy

    @Dmrman: What you wrote was really beautiful. I only interacted with Moggy a few times, but she was very nice and sweet each time. I didn’t know she was sick. And she just had a birthday. RIP, Moggy. Based on what everyone has said about you, I wish I had gotten to know you better. You will be missed.
  6. Hey, Lisa  Miss you Sis, I hope you're doing Good...???:hug::hug::heart::heart:

    1. Lisa


      I’m doing fine. I’m sooooo sorry I haven’t kept up with my PMs to you. :( My hours increased, and now I’m working full-time. In fact, last week I worked 51 hours!!!!!! No wonder I’m so tired! :P 


      I missed you too, Bob. How are you doing? How are the eyes?  :hug:

    2. Dmrman


      My right Eye is Fine, A little complications with blur if I get Fatigued, but I just have to learn to Pace myself... My Boy is getting Married in July, and I am taking a trip to Hungary after the Wedding for a while... ( going to see Dennis) I have Semi-retired but will continue on staff as needed or Available...!!! I am Glad you're full time ( Just as long as your Okay I remember you were having complications for a while...? I am still on lockdown since my Fall in December ... I tore ligaments and Tendons in my right knee It is getting better but still has a ways to go...!! Hope Boys are good and I will be in touch... I have been Lax on PM's myself... Hugs and Love to all...:hug::hug::heart:

  7. Chapter 6

    This story keeps getting better and better, HB! I just finished chapter six, and I’m so glad I have a long way to go to catch up! Ryan can relate better to an insecure, vulnerable Erik rather than a cocky and know-it-all Erik. I love the ending of this chapter.
  8. Chapter 16

    I’ve been catching up on my phone with this hella awesome story whenever I have a minute to read. I haven’t been on here since February, but I wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying the story, Laura. I have one more chapter to go, and then I’ll be all caught up, so hopefully they’ll be a chapter 18 soon!
  9. Happy Day-Before-Your-B-day, Drew! I didn’t want to miss wishing you a happy 23rd, since I’m not on here much anymore. :( 


    I hope you have a hella awesome birthday!:hug::heart:

    1. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      Well then, my birthday wish is for you to be on GA more often, lol. Thanks, Lisa! :hug: 

    2. Lisa


      Yeah, I’m working too many hours! I wish for your b-day wish too! :D 

  10. Happy Belated B-day, Reader! I hope you had a great day! :hug:

    1. Reader1810


      I did, and thanks for the birthday greeting! :D 

  11. Happy Belated b-day, Molly!!!! :) 

    1. mollyhousemouse


      Thank you Lisa!

  12. Happy Belated B-day, Spikey!! I hope you had a great day! 

    1. spikey582


      Thanks Lisa.  You're missed around here you know.  

    2. Lisa


      Aww, that’s so sweet, Spikey! 


      I miss it here too! My hours increased at work, and by the time I get home I have enough energy to eat and then pass out. :( 

  13. Happy Belated B-day, Moggy! I hope you had a great day!

  14. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, CLO!! I hope you had a great day! :hug:

    1. clochette


      Thanks Lisa! :hug:

  15. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, CG!!!! I’m so sorry this is so late!


    I hope you had an awesome day!!! :hug:

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    2. Lisa


      It sounds like you had an awesome time, CG! Yep, yum for apple strudel!! :lol: I HATE when they sing Happy B-day in a restaurant, crowded or otherwise! Haha

    3. ColumbusGuy


      It's especially embarrassing when you've just turned sixty, and are still shy about stuff like that.  :)   Thing is, Mike didn't seem like the type to spring such a surprise on someone...he's normally more reserved than that, but I forgot he has an unpredictable part to his personality he keeps hidden.

    4. Lisa


      As long as you had a good time, that’s all that counts! :) 


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