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  1. Paper Walls By Kd_Stories

    KD just posted chapter 25, and I've got to say, I really enjoyed it. I've written before about how rewarding it is to work with an author and see their work evolve. This is a prime example. If you follow this story, you'll see what I mean. If you haven't read any of it before, now is a good time to start. Congrats, KD, you done good. I look forward to reading more of your work.
  2. Almost there. Paper Walls is coming back soon with edits. This is a big chapter, in a lot of ways. Great work.

  3. D's belt.png

    Thanks. I set out to make a belt for myself in black, but Dave liked it so much, I coiled it up, stuffed it in a ziplok, and handed it to him. He watched me work on it for a few hours, so he knows what went into it.
  4. Untitled Album

  5. Harvey destroyed a section of my fence last night. Guess what I'm doing later. Fencing. In the rain.

    1. Daddydavek


      Keep safe! 


      With the dog, a fence is a necessity, especially in the rain....

    2. SolarMaxx


      My heart is with you, and everyone else who falls victim to that storm! Just watching it on the news is a nightmare. Can't imagine having the experience! :hug:

    3. rustle


      My damage is insignificant. It's an old fence, ripe for replacement. Many, many people are worse off.

  6. unfulfilled

  7. Test- How Gay Are You?

    Dude, I coulda told you that would be your result. Have you considered trying to fit the stereotype better? Maybe buy a Judy Garland album or something?
  8. Test- How Gay Are You?

    At 99, no discovery is easy. But with age has come the self-awareness that renders this "test" a lark.
  9. Test- How Gay Are You?

    Very gay. I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.
  10. Chapter 24

    There's a lot to like in this chapter. You started with good bones, but you fleshed it all out very well. Again, you went well beyond any suggestions I made, and your technique, especially on the last rewrite, was great, and smoothed out the chapter beautifully. I loved the internal dialogue from Ryder and the narrative when he and Tyler were texting, and the physicality he showed when he straddled Tyler on his bed. It helps put Ryder in context. He's a jock, so he's gonna be physical. The play between the two guys is really true to character, and makes me smile. Good character development on Mrs. K, and Coach's presence is pitched well. As for Jaxson, I just want to take him home with me, but he'd drive me nuts. Your writing has come a long way on this story. Tremendous effort, bud, great job.
  11. Paper Walls By Kd_Stories

    This is a strong chapter. You had been drifting a bit, but this time, you're back on the rails. I just want to take Ryder home with me, but he's better off where he is. And he's coming to terms with himself and his memories. Too bad everybody doesn't have a support network like his. Some families, you're born into. Others, you build around yourself. Always a pleasure to pick up a new chapter. Good work, KD.
  12. Dude!!!! It's been way too long! ((((hugs))))

    1. rustle


      Sir,you take liberties, and I love it. ***hugs back***

  13. Chapter 20

    I loved working on .this chapter with you. You busted your butt on it, and it made it a lot of fun to edit. Damn good work.
  14. Paper Walls By Kd_Stories

    Yup, I'm cross-training our boy here, working on another story, too, to keep the juices flowing. (He just thinks he's in good shape. We're gonna wring a lot more out of him.)
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    says the expert

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