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  1. Let’s Leave Everyone Hanging

    I need an update. Omg
  2. Chasing the Dream

    Do we have any timeline on more chapters?
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday:-)

  5. Chapter 3, Meet The Children...

    Oh my god, this story is incredible. The love that is clearly there is so beautiful.
  6. Timing

    Ugh, yes. Beyond worth the wait. Just amazing!!!!
  7. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year :)

  8. Chapter 21: Date

    Please, please, please continue this story. I am dying here. This is arguably the best story on this site. I hope you are still there.
  9. New year's resolutions

    Actually, bulking up is a big one for me. Other than that: Paying down my debt Possibly moving out Live to 12/22/12 Attend a Bachmann or Perry 2012 event Visit Tehran Try to get Anthony Weiner to send me a picture See Amy Winehouse in concert Punch Casey Anthony Find a man who knows how to use it A very doable list.
  10. Show yourself?

    I have been avidly reading on here for awhile. Discovered this thread about a month ago. Figured I'd posted something on here. And the mirror is just dirty, I wasn't that happy to see you guys. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7727455@N02/6508322657/ (didn't know how to actually put the image within the post and didn't want to search for a "how to")
  11. Eye of the Tiger by John Doe

    I think its great! The characters are amazing. I just wish the chapters were longer. Do you know how long "eye" will be? 30, 40 chapters? Qin and loren shipper here and proud of it!
  12. Out of Time

    Yes, I am not even into sci-fi stories, but this is awesome! Please, don't give up!
  13. Thanks for the story like!

  14. Thanks for the add, always appreciated.

  15. Hi dude ... thanks for the story 'like' :D


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