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  1. Mike00

    Chapter 86 All My Loving

    Oh dear... I didn't see that coming. I thought there was going to be some smooth sailing ahead (although I should have known better ) after Nathan seemed to be OK about Fran. Another great chapter @Dodger Sue manages to irritate me in every chapter. Even more so than Don, lately. Because I don't think she's naturally bigoted, so she should know better, but she's allowing his ignorance and bigotry control her, and her actions seem to be featured more in the story so far.
  2. Mike00

    Chapter 6

    I was wrong, Derek's actually no better than the rest of them.
  3. Mike00

    Chapter 5

    Derek hitting Shane? So not cool. No wonder the kid's so messed up. Even those who do like him, mess him around. Tell him to meet them, and then not show up. Especially after he went to one of their games for them. Doesn't want to be seen with Shane? Sorry to say, but Derek's barely better than the rest.
  4. Mike00

    Chapter 2

    Unfortunately, I differ in view to the previous comments. I do believe that cases of abuse like this do go unnoticed or ignored. I've read the occasional news piece about children going through years of abuse, of this nature.
  5. Mike00

    Chapter 85 Breaking The Rules

    Loved the chapter. Surprised, but proud, to find Robbie coming out of the closet. I have a feeling that this upcoming dinner won't be an entirely peaceful affair. I don't think that Nathan's parents realise just how bigoted Don is, and how ineffective Sue is. They're in for an awakening, methinks. Thanks once again, @Dodger
  6. Mike00

    Chapter 11

    I think this is my favourite chapter, so far. It's so refreshing to see Tyler being so 'normal' having a good time with nice friends. He also got to see his boyfriend and his best friend. Things are starting to turn around.
  7. Mike00

    Chapter 84 Making Movies

    Don & Sue are making me dislike them more, every chapter I read with them. “Just behave like a normal boy going to visit a friend.” -- but Nathan's his boyfriend. Sue telling Robbie how he can and can't kiss and hug his own boyfriend, is going way too far. None of this went on when he was dating a girl. They're not fooling anyone pretending to be 'responsible parents'. More like 'homophobic and hypocritical parents.' I think I'd personally hold off on the adoption. I know he cares about the other kids, but they can still be close, as they are now, whether or not he's officially adopted. I'm kinda glad that Robbie didn't tell Nathan about Alex on this visit because I think they needed this nice moment together first, just to get back on the same page, with Robbie being housebound and whatnot. That said, I think if I were Robbie I'd bring up the thing with Alex, soon. Just to get it out of the way. And like some of the others said, this happened before they were dating so it's not like he actually cheated on Nathan.
  8. Mike00

    Chapter 83 Institutionalised

    Hmm... I have a suspicion that Don might try to interfere with Robbie & Nathan's plans - knowing him. I'm also worried about Alex coming between them. Either physically, ie Robbie and Alex doing something to jeopardise their relationship, or Nathan reacting badly to Robbie's confession (assuming it does happen). But I guess we'll have to wait and see. I loved the little back and forth banter at the end there. “Is it to do with ‘Take That’, getting back together for a tour?” He said. “Because, I already know about it, and I am so going to go to that gig in Toronto.” “No,” I said laughing. “It’s not about Take That, it’s about me.” “You’re going on tour?” he asked. That gave me a chuckle. Another great chapter @Dodger. Looking forward to #84
  9. Mike00


    I couldn't be anyone's second choice. He chose Sarah over Mike. There would have been no coming back from that, at least for me.
  10. Mike00

    Chapter 13

    I think I saw Gene's change coming a couple of chapters back. But it's still nice to see it all the same. Another very good chapter. Thanks, Ronyx
  11. Mike00

    Chapter 10

    Oh no. I hope Allen's alright. Another excellent chapter, Ronyx
  12. Mike00

    Chapter 9

    I'm glad to see Joey back with the Wendelmeiers'. I finished this chapter having even more respect for the family.
  13. Mike00

    Chapter 6

    I inwardly cringed when he went back to Tucker's home, and Tucker & his mother saw the state of Joey. I don't want them to kick him out because he's too much trouble. He's finally found a decent home and family willing to help and support him. At the same time, I feel bad for Joey. And I can understand why he's feeling and behaving the way he is. The scummy students at school didn't help any, when he returned. No wonder why he ran away from the school. Hope things pick up for him soon. Loving this story so far. On to chapter 7
  14. Mike00

    Chapter 5

    As soon as Star mentioned she was in the hospital to visit someone else, I had a feeling that it was going to be Allen. I wonder how she knows him? Perhaps they're related. Another great chapter, Ronyx
  15. Mike00

    Chapter 4

    Loving this so far. I also think that Joey's at a particularly tough spot, a difficult age where he's practically an adult. He's considered too old by most couples or families who're looking to foster or adopt. And almost , but not quite, old enough (legally) to live on his own, in an apartment somewhere and to be able to get a job to support himself.

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