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  1. I noted one important item missing from the recent chapter featuring the wedding ... what was the ancient biker from FL wearing? I thought it clever you had the guys visiting Neiman-Marcus for measurements, etc. suggesting formal wear and the wedding party wore casual dress. But only one former president on the guest list. Is that because only one lives locally? It was kind and touching of the Obamas to attend discretely.
  2. dughlas

    ATGB X

    My son and daughter-in-law did whoopie pies. They were made here in PA and transported to St Pete for the reception.
  3. dughlas

    ATGB X

    They did it in their own style and it was lovely. Great chapter.
  4. dughlas

    Happy 20th Anniversary Comicality!

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary.
  5. dughlas

    Chapter 2

    Hmmm, and just what was that sight?
  6. dughlas

    Chapter 1

    This was such a delightful surprise that I could you but I'll refrain.
  7. dughlas

    Ups and Downs

    Two steps forward and a bit of a slip but then progress again. I too can get to feeling blue after reading M/M romances. The characters are so young. Too bad Eric doesn't like hugs. I think that is a generational quirk. The garden plans and some sunshine might perk Eric up. Great chapter.
  8. dughlas


    While I hate the idea of waiting an extra day for the posting I really like the idea of the posting and wedding happening on the same day. If you're collecting votes I say go for it.
  9. dughlas


    Must be nice to be the author ... that old biker from Florida is scoring some prime Harley time and I ain't talkin' about the bikes. The Brad that went to war isn't the Brad that will come home. CJ saw it in his eyes. A Tesla X. This is a great chapter. There's so much that goes into the planning and prep. Thanks. I guess you deserve a bit of time with the sexy motormouth.
  10. dughlas

    Dolphin Delivery

    Wow! That's pretty sneaky of you paying her off with wine bottles. She typically wants the wine too.

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Tillykke med fødselsdagen fra Danmark


      https://satwcomic.com/nordic-cuisine :rofl:

    2. Puppilull


      Thank you! I doubt I'll jump out of cakes, but I may eat some... ;)


  12. dughlas

    My Newest Art

    Very nice.
  13. dughlas

    Chapter 35

    Miss Cia is verrry tricksie she is ...
  14. It's yer birthday, it's yer birthday ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAL!

    1. Valkyrie


      Thanks! :hug: 

  15. I didn't watch but knew they wore kilts for Drew and Linda's wedding.

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