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  1. Stalker 101

    What an awful thing to have happen. You were kind and good and a monster found you. I pray that you and your wife remain safe.
  2. Tupelo Honey

    While your words craft spells I would rather not think on what they say for I love you little brother and the memories make me ache for the boy you were. Now my wish for you is a quiet morning spent in the arms of the one who loves you best.
  3. Over The Rainbow • Part VII

    I almost feel as if I walked in CJ's shadow through most of this chapter. Then suffered the same punch to the gut brought on by Brett's call. This was really good stuff.
  4. Age and Unborn

    Upon us all Age does creep. It's subtle caresses we feel. Alas the aches now felt are less welcome than those of the past Unborn was a particularly grand twist to expectations. Both are nicely done.
  5. Author Promo: northie

    I thoroughly enjoy reading Northie's stories. Her characters are real for me and she approaches topics others have not. I don't believe new readers will be disappointed.
  6. Chapter 22

    Well that stinks ... pheromones ... stink, hehehe. Sorry, chalk that up to migraine meds. So Kohen is going undercover so to speak. I suspect he'll better at that than he thinks.
  7. Featured Story: Predator Prey

    I remember beginning to read this story and needing to stop. I apologized to Parker and he understood and asked I give the story another try later. Well it's later and perhaps it's time ...
  8. inamoratos

    These words are more than simply words ... they speak to great depths of love and need. Love you little brother.
  9. Chapter 3 Round Two

    So just what did happen between D&JD? Not gonna speculate. I do understand why you needed to let COtT rest while you wrote this. There was no way Jimmy Dean would be quiet until you put this to words.
  10. Questions

    Eric seems to think when the weather gets nice Andy might disappear or at least be less available. My thought is since both are/were involved in landscaping perhaps Andy could find small chores Eric might do to get him out of the house and involved in life again. For now just helping Eric with the basics like grocery shopping, the optician, getting the landlord to meet his obligations are the most pressing but helping Eric find some enjoyment in life could be the ultimate benefit.
  11. Never Too Late by northie

    Yeah, but you're an old perv
  12. Never Too Late by northie

    Trust me. I don't read stories on GA for the sex. The characters in the stories I read become people to me. I don't want to feel like I'm peeking into friends' bedroom windows.
  13. Over The Rainbow • Part VI

    I think it's great that Silas could come visit and hang with Ritchie. What I'm unsure about is whether it's for the summer or just a couple weeks. Harley's sisters are cute ... "Mr. Abelló" ... "Uncle CJ". They knew just how to rattle CJ's chain. Of course CJ would fall in love with the one that needs work. He already sees it in the future. Beautiful and with room for friends and family. What prenup? We don't need no stinkin' prenup! That went about how one would expect. Ceasar should have known CJ would stir up a storm of protest, anger and frustration. He and Owen are in love, period. CJ is fighting for their future together. Ceasar is fighting for "what if". He can't win. Like Brett CJ doesn't care about the money. He and Papa are much alike on that point. It's nice to have but it's not a necessity. Poor Ceasar, he still sees CJ as a boy and it's tough to let go of that. But he needs to or he'll lose them both and maybe Ritchey too. Nicely done sir.

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  15. New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    Hi! Glad to have you here.

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