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  1. dughlas

    Story Review: Never Too Late

    This is a wonderful review for a well loved story.
  2. dughlas

    Hey, It's Me!

    Wow, you're becoming so grown-up. I like the haircut.
  3. dughlas

    Inverted at Work? - a plea for advice

    Good for you. None of are created a finished work. We need to grow into ourselves.
  4. dughlas

    Inverted at Work? - a plea for advice

    This may sound a bit odd but think of life as improvisational theatre/comedy. In improv the major concept is "yes, and ...". Your goal is to listen and hear what the other person has said and add to it while also providing them the opportunity to respond in kind. I suspect you already do this with your team without being aware. We call this conversation. Consider that the well known people in your field are far more appreciative of the quiet competent individual than they are of the in your face person because it's the quiet one who is listening and learning. Recognizing a kindred spirit.Many, not all, true extroverts fear being overlooked. Those people you admire for their ability to interact were quite likely just like you. What they have going for them is experience. Your pushy bosses may actually view your quiet competence and success with your team as a threat. They may not have the same knowledge/passion/creativity and so cover for it's lack with "noise" to be successful pr at least feel successful. Relax, and just be yourself. If your team is happy you're golden. What your bosses do or don't is largely out of your control stop worrying about them. Chances are they will remain managers you have a different goal. Focus on that. You want to be the person that others will look at and say ... "I knew him when ... and he was always a great guy. He deserves his success". I hope I've expressed myself coherently. I'm in the throes of a migraine and sometimes my thoughts become jumbled.
  5. ... and he does, and does it well.
  6. Wow. I didn't bring a cake or a hot guy. Still ...



    1. Cynus


      You are welcome to send either of those to me on any other day. I'm patient. :P thank you so much!

  7. dughlas

    Chapter 11

    Glad your feeling better Adi. It's good to have you back with us.
  8. dughlas

    The Tale

    I can't recall the earlier version but this is incredibly creepy. My curiosity as to just what sort of creature Claude must be has been piqued. The fact that not only did he twist Ashton's memories but he was able to influence Paulo's belief of reality too is scary. Gaslight to the next level.
  9. dughlas

    The Tale

    Gives a whole different meaning to beefcake. This is an intriguing twist on Soylent Green. Here it's the young being turned into food.

    1. bignick


      DUGH!!!! Thanks, man!!! 😁

  11. dughlas

    Three Autumn Offerings

    Lovely one and all.
  12. dughlas

    Three Autumn Offerings

    Oh yes. I can hear it now.
  13. dughlas

    Chapter 16

    I'm not quite able to find the appropriate words to express my thoughts. Most of which have already been shared by others. Your plot twist is remarkable in that there were hints that all was not quite as it seemed and yet the truth of that remained a surprise. Is mom really just a sort of twist on the other three reactions to stasis? Has a portion of her thought process gone into statis without the devastating effects of "zombieism"? I have said that most stories come to have point that while we would like to know what comes next it's best to let the characters go on the "live" their lives without us peeking in the windows. Thank you for this gift you have shared with us. Namasté.
  14. dughlas

    Chapter 16

    We might be thought nothing more than an invasive pest requiring extermination.

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