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  1. Chapter 5: Endings And Beginnings

    I recognized the Coconut Grove as soon as I read about the fake palm trees. The fire was still being discussed when I was a kid. The feather threw me until fire on his sleeve. Great story. Thanks for sharing. Jim
  2. State of Mind

    This is a story that has me eager to find more by this writer. I only recently began to search out Mind Control stories. I happened upon this one and was thoroughly impressed. It is grabs your imagination early on and doesn't let go. It has characters that are believeable and protagonists that are well worth rooting for. There is more than enough intrigue to keep you guessing to the very end and enough sexual tension to make you wonder if anything is ever gonna happen. This tale is a most satisfying read. I can't see how it could be improved. Jim
  3. Chapter 32

    Thank you. If you have read other comments on my stories you know that I always appreciate the efforts of a reader that wants to make my story a better read for future readers. In this case, I reverted to the vernacular of my youth. To me, one who fetches something for someone else as a matter of habit is sometimes told to "go fer" this or "go fer" that. Where I come from, a gopher is an overgrown rodent. I agree that sometimes the two are descriptively and euphemistically synonymous. In this case, "gofer" is one who "goes for" something for another individual. Please allow me to be poetically in error. Thanks for commenting, Jim
  4. Chapter 1

    Thanks, I just discovered "Grammarly" and went back to re-edit and I guess I messed it up. I think it is fixed now. Thanks again, Jim
  5. Three Docks, No Wading

    When I received the notice, I wondered... what story is this and when did I start following? It's all coming back to me now. I wonder how long frustrated platonic love can last until it leads to physical consummation. Me thinks the question, "How do you feel about children"? Is more than a little prophetic. Thanks for sharing your talent. Jim
  6. Chapter 13

    You are right. I should never have let the ranch go. But, at the time I had no intention of ever revisiting those characters. Maybe a new edit is called for. Thanks for posting your comments. Jim
  7. Chapter Eighteen

    I am flattered that you feel that way about my story. I can identify with the "squeeze one more chapter in".. However, it occurs with stories that i think are much better than mine. Thanks again, Jim
  8. Chapter 15 Final

    WOW! I am slightly overwhelmed by your comments. Your reaction was precisely what I was hoping for when I wrote this story. A surprising number insisted they knew Gordy was dead long before it was announced. I admit it was never truly hidden, but I hoped folks would be shocked when they read about his death as stated fact. I agree with all your observations, especially concerning the triangle and how each felt about the other. Who knows maybe they would have eventually lived as a threesome.The emotional ties were definitely in place. But then, life is full of "what if". Thank you so much for such a wonderful commentary. It has brightened my day. It makes me want to read it again. And yes, I get a little choked up when I do. Thanks again, Jim
  9. Brandon Decides

    It was soon clear that Reed was to be found cheating. I rooted for their reconciliation. However the more I learned about Reed's personality the less I liked him. Chance soon had my vote. I was surprised that Reed was even invited to the wedding. Great Story, Thanks for sharing. Jim
  10. Change of Heart

    You are not being foolish. I in fact "follow" all my stories. I just don't get "notifications". Things may be getting better as I received an email notification announcing your comment as well as two others. I only just checked my email. I will reserve judgement until after I post the next chapter and see if I get notified of any posted comments. Thanks for trying to improve my situation in regards to "notifications'. Jim
  11. Chapter 38

    Thanks. I will keep that observation in mind. Jim
  12. Chapter 38

    I think you unintentionally validated this chapter when you stated, "People entering into a relationship do need to discuss these things to be aware of where their partner is on the subject." Jeff and Paul had yet to discuss their personal views on religion. This chapter allowed them to gather some insights into their partner's perspectives and beliefs. In stating that telling stories is a uniquely human characteristic you observed that, "History is a collection of stories." Everything we cannot personally, physically verify and validate is essentially a "story". Hence we read or watch "news stories". Documenting history has never been a real priority, that is why history has most often been written by the victors. "Religion was a basis for organizing our stories and played a profound part in our developing human psyche over the past several millennia. Therefore, I can't discount it." I won’t comment on, "Religion was a basis for organizing our stories". I do not "discount" religion. I am just not convinced that it has been or, more specifically, continues to be a boon to mankind. The "human psyche" (soul, mind or spirit) has developed little over the last few millennium,. Ancient Greeks were no less intelligent or spiritual than modern man. The real difference is the amount of stimuli the average human, of either time period, could expect to receive. I believe it would have been more accurate to state that 'religion has been a constant throughout the history of mankind'. But then one could say the same about disease, pestilence, warfare and greed. We can all condemn them, and yet mankind has persevered and advanced socially even with such dreadful constants. Thanks for posting your comments. Jim
  13. Chapter 38

    I am beginning to embrace the notion that our future will ddiscard deities while embracing some form of spirituality. How interesting, you have shared your views, at this time, as I just today, sent an email expressing similar thoughts. (I think I just violated the common comma quota law.) You have certainly given me cause to consider the idea that sexuality and spirituality have a common source within us. Thanks for making me think. Jim
  14. Chapter 38

    Strange that your take away from this chapter was that I am a democrat. Was anything I said, through my characters untrue? But, then again it is fiction. I gather you do not agree with any of their perspectives nor identify with any of their experiences. I tried to make each man's experience unique and at least somewhat relatable. Based on the majority of comments and emails I have received, I feel I have accomplished that feat to some degree. My goal, in spite of what you choose to believe, was to have five characters discuss their experiences and beliefs and have them come across as separate and unique voices. Obviously you heard one voice, mine. Your opinion that I am using my characters, in my story to "preach my beliefs" is wrong. While my beliefs and my experiences color what I write, surely I am not unique in that regard. Is it not true that religions have historically oppressed gays and continue, even today, to deny that gays are a valid and valued minority. As to republicans vs democrats, this nation currently has a two party system. One party, the Democrats, professes to support and embrace the "gay" minority and has proposed and enacted legislation demonstrating they support for gay rights. The other party, the Republican Party, has historically opposed any rights for any minority especially the gay minority. In fact their current senatorial candidate in Alabama has stated, "homosexual acts should be illegal". So you think, my gay characters should espouse opinions more supportive of those who would deny their right to even exist? As a gay man, I am not offended when you label me a democrat? In America, to make your vote count on the national scene, you are either a Democrat or a Republican. A vote for a presidential, senatorial or congressional candidate from the Green Party, Libertarians or any other party is simply a wasted vote. If a gay man votes republican he is truly saying, "I agree with my fellow republicans. I do not deserve the right to love whom I choose." To me a gay man voting republican is tantamount to Jews supporting skin heads and the alt right. (Other than their freedom of speech.) Why would anyone vote for their own.... demise? (I hesitated to use "demise", but it summed up my views of the republican party's regard for gays.) It is your right to disagree with me, and I respect and have defended that right. That discussion was one most thinking people engage in from time to time. If you have never questioned your beliefs or challenged why someone else believes as they do, then I encourage you to do so. question everything. Jim btw, I am not a democrat. I believe no one should be homeless, hungry, or ill clothed. I believe we should not be robbed by those who provide us with medicine, drinking water, electricity, fuel, cable and access to the Internet. I don't like the idea that my utilities make such a profit they can support charities and contribute to political campaigns and support lobbiest. I especially resent the fact that economic circumstances determines ones access to and the level of health care received. I think that makes me a socialist. IMHO, The Republicans take on the American dream is, "I got mine, now you get yours if you can, but don't expect any help from me for the "poor and huddled masses, yearning to be free" or minorities or gays or....ad infinium
  15. Chapter 38

    Your tardiness is forgiven😁 But Seriously, Thanks, I couldn't ask for a finer compliment than "a thought provoking chapter." Thanks so much for posting your comments. Jim

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