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  1. Checked my word count today.  665 words.  So I went back and wrote one more.  :devil:

    1. Valkyrie
    2. BlindAmbition


      Turns up Shout at the Devil... 🤘🏻

    3. Headstall


      What a rebel. :P 

  2. CassieQ

    Just Saying Hello

  3. Every year I look at the anthology themes and think "I've got nothing".


    A few days later, an idea usually kicks me in the teeth.  This is the day.  :lol:

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. CassieQ


      @Timothy M. I've already gotten something in for the Spring Anthology, this one is for the Fall.  No worries!

    3. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Oh good, then I can change it to a normal like. :) 

    4. CassieQ
  4. CassieQ

    Darker Themes

    As someone who had written some pretty dark stories, I like the tag system so I can warn potential readers what they are getting into. I write happy fluffy stories and I write some not so happy, not fluffy stories. I would hate someone to start to read Not The Sun or Unrequited and thinking they were going to get something like Geeks. As someone who sometimes has trouble reading dark content, I also like the tag system. If I see a story that has a rape or abuse tag, it will not necessary deter me from reading a story, but I will take a good hard look at the writer and the storyline and see how much I trust them. For example, I will read anything @Valkyrie writes because I trust her writing. If it is someone new or that I don't know very well, I might nose around a little bit first. Just my two cents as a sensitive little flower As far as the article goes, Comicality has great advice as always.
  5. CassieQ

    Old vs New

    Here in America, we have an entire section of the country labeled "The Bible Belt" primarily in the South and Southeast. In these places, it is not uncommon for people to ask you what church you go to, and where I grew up, you better say Baptist.
  6. CassieQ


    This is interesting. I would like to read more.
  7. You just made my entire weekend.  Thank you so much!  :hug:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CassieQ


      (Don't worry, there is a third) ;)

    3. BlindAmbition


      I’m halfway through Jabberwocky and put it aside. Not ready for it to be over... LOL! 🤗 

    4. CassieQ


      The boys will miss you! ;)

  8. CassieQ

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    I'll help. Seriously, I'm sad and frustrated that Comsie has to deal with this. Fuck those guys who think they are entitled to your hard work.
  9. CassieQ

    Rule #3

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I don't have a lot of experience writing polyamory, so I'm glad it read true for you!
  10. CassieQ

    Well, this week has sucked

    Ending up at a cornfield as your destination sounds like a great horror movie set up. I get that this was the beginning of GPS, but Garmin was awful. I don't think my sister ever used it again.
  11. CassieQ

    Well, this week has sucked

    Can't blame the girls for keeping a close eye on your hubby after that. That would have scared me to death as well, and I'm a grown ass woman. Thanks for sharing!
  12. CassieQ

    Well, this week has sucked

    I love reading about ghost and ghost stories although I don't really believe in them myself. But when I was reading about how haunted the Place d'Armes was in New Orleans, I couldn't resist. (Besides the hauntings, it is beautiful and right in the French Quarter). The only time i felt uneasy about it was the first night there, but that was after quite a few drinks at Pat O'Briens. So I totally understand my friend getting freaked out. Thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated!
  13. CassieQ

    Well, this week has sucked

    This did make me laugh a little bit, thank you. My Dad loves to sneak up and scare me and my sisters. One time he found a spider, which he knows I am terrified of (Cassie is arachnophobic) and acted like he was going to drop it on my head. I screamed and threw a video game controller at him and it hit him in the head. He was mad, but he didn't try to tease me with spiders anymore. Just, you know, in case you find that kind of info useful.

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