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  1. I sit down to do "a little bit" of writing, the next thing I know, three hours have gone by and I'm sitting here wondering why it got so dark.  

    1. Puppilull


      Write. Just write... 



    2. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      I’m entirely with you on that...

  2. Foreshadowing

    Great article. I LOVE the Star Wars reference and will point out that Luke and Leia kissed in Episode 4 AND Episode 5, but it's okay because they didn't know they were related until much later on. If they kissed while knowing they were related...well that would be very different story. I love the advice in this article though. Foreshadowing is hard and there are best selling authors out there that are really bad at it (looking at you Dan Brown). Like @Timothy M. said, sometimes I foreshadow without meaning to, as I abhor planning of any kind. If I had to do it deliberately, I'm not sure how good a job I would do.
  3. Writing the anthology was fun.  Trying to make it all come together so that it makes sense and doesn't look like a hot mess sucks.  

    1. Valkyrie


      I'm sure it will be worth the effort.  I'm looking forward to reading it. :) 

    2. BlindAmbition


      I have no doubt you have a wonderful story to tell.

    3. CassieQ


      Well, I was supposed to be off the computer an hour ago but I'm about 75% done, so time well spent.  :)

  4. Something to uplift your spirits...

    I think this is something a lot of people needed to hear today, thank you.
  5. Chapter 27

    Not really. Ben was expressing interest and when Galen shut him down, he backed off. But Galen isn't ready for relationship, not with Ben and probably not with Josh, which is part of what makes Josh's jealous behavior so annoying. Galen isn't his boyfriend and has enough on his plate to have to deal with Josh's moodiness. I hope Galen's time with the Sheriff is beneficial, although I am liking Dr. Snowden a bit more this chapter.
  6. Betrayal

    LOL. I'm not sure who would do more damage, Ra or Roma. Thanks for reading and commenting, the finale is coming up soon!
  7. Epilogue

    Glad you enjoyed it so much. If it makes a difference, I did write a scene that showed how differently time on Charion worked compared to time on Earth, but it didn't work with the epilogue, so I had to remove it. It had to do with how long Brandon's hair had gotten. Thank you so much for commenting! Book 4 is mostly a collection of short stories about the boys in college, so it's not something that I will regularly be posting, but I have fun writing them all the same.
  8. Was driving home and saw a license plate that read:  CASS & RA.


    Had a good laugh over that one.

    1. Puppilull


      Universe communicating with you!

  9. Weekly Wrap Up (Mar 4 - Mar 10)

    Wow, Signature Authors were busy this week!
  10. Betrayal

    LOL. Jumping to conclusions is never good, but I love your point about landing in the arms of a traitorous champion of your enemy. (And sorry about your nails). I'll have the next chapter up soon. Thanks for commenting!
  11. Betrayal

    I'm glad you are enjoying it!
  12. Chapter 26

    It's nice to see Galen being more active and getting out a bit, though it's obvious from the encounter at Jody's house that he is still far from okay. It's promising though. I wonder if Josh is aware of how much of a read Galen gets from his body langauge and expressions.
  13. Betrayal

    The good stuff is here. Lots of interesting memories coming back. Casey sure is fending off men right and left this chapter, isn't he? I think he kind of likes it. Thanks for commenting!
  14. Betrayal

    Oh snap indeed! Good instincts you had with Raphael. Thanks for commenting!
  15. Chapter 4 of Insomnia is up!


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