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  1. VI. The river's son

    Loved this chapter! This story is fantastic so far, can't wait to see where it goes.
  2. Reunion

    Great story so far. I'm really enjoying the setting and the characters. Keep it up!
  3. Destiny Begets Destiny

    Just binged the whole thing in two days. What an enthralling tale. Amazing world you've created here. I remember getting a little bored of CoTT (sorry!) so I never gave this a chance at the time... how stupid! Easily one of the best stories here on GA. Thanks for sharing your talent and I hope you will revisit Morningstar someday.
  4. Unspoken

    Love how this is developing. Grant is such a fascinating character. I actually look forward to the drama and the darkness that is sure to come.
  5. Chapter 35

    Do you have to break the chapters up in such small pieces? I'm really enjoying reading it again but the mundane bits stand out a little too much this way.
  6. Lost and Found

    I just love your stories. I wish you finished more of them!
  7. Chapter 1 - Being Reckless

    Great start. The quality of your writing has improved a lot!
  8. Chapter 3

    Loving this story so far, keep it up
  9. Song of the moment

    Two LGBT artists finding comfort in each other
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Hypocrite

    Best chapter yet! Very powerful. I'm loving this story.
  12. Chapter 13

    Kind of strange, that sudden shift to first person.. loving the story though, glad they're finally opening up to each other.
  13. Chapter 12

    Finally! I guess I'm one of the few who really enjoyed the build-up. All of the "Lee" suspects have done or said something that might be incriminating. I don't think you could have created the mystery if Kye had spoken too soon. Sure it would be nice to have the story focus on his rehabilitation, stopping the bad guys, the love story, etc. (like your Neko series) but this is in fist person and I like the more psychological nature of the narrative.
  14. Chapter 10

    I do think most of the frustration comes from waiting for the next chapter. I don't think anyone is really acting strange or that they are being too slow to figure it out. Kye has every reason to be hesitant to speak up. Though I do agree Sam is pretty dense. Loved the part where Ashton was praying to his late mother.
  15. Chapter 8

    Poor Kye! Still not quite free from his master. Your stories are always so great and addictive. Eagerly awaiting the next installments.

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