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  1. RobV

    August, 2018

    Really enjoyable chapter. They really do feel like a family. Glad they've decided to fight back against Margaret. The vandalism and death threat is a twist I didn't expect, hope Diego and his kids will be okay..
  2. RobV

    June, 2018 (B)

    So we're only a quarter into the story? Wow, so much to look forward to. I don't have any suggestions, you're a fantastic writer. Just keep doing what you're doing!
  3. RobV

    June, 2018 (A)

    Glad Diego's finally coming around! Looks like he'll be forced to deal with lawyers and courts after all to try and get full custody. Poor Julian.
  4. RobV

    May, 2018

    Diego's such an ass, but somehow endearing because we know what he's going through and he regrets most of the things he blurts out. I'm surprised Sean allowed him to take it to the next level. I doubt that's gonna end well. Loved the chapter!
  5. RobV

    Turning Left

    Loving this so far. Glad they're already off. I always enjoy the pace of your stories.
  6. RobV

    Chapter 25

    If this were a TV show (which it easily could be) this would be a really frustrating season finale. 😋 Love it though! Can't wait for the next book.
  7. RobV

    April, 2018

    This is getting better and better. Lance is so awesome. Didn't like Rachel at first but she's growing on me too. Really a wonderful cast you've assembled.
  8. RobV

    Chapter 25

    Always a pleasure to see these guys again. Really enjoyed this one. Hope the next chapters will come to you more easily (and quickly) 😋
  9. RobV

    Chapter 24

    Just finished reading the whole saga so far. I love the characters, the setting, the pace, the quality of the prose. I hope you'll manage to finish this book, it's awesome!
  10. RobV

    February, 2018

    Love this so far, different in a good way. Please keep writing!
  11. RobV

    Chapter 23

    Whew, so much tension in this chapter. Brilliant stuff. Let's see if Carter can back up his bold claims.
  12. RobV

    Chapter 4 - Dealing with Monsters

    Seems Ty's monsters are getting too strong for him to control. He's one messed up kid. And Dane's refusal to be anything but his angelic savior is only making it worse. But I guess he has his own emotional dependence on Ty. Interesting dynamic they've got going on. Looking forward to the next chapter!
  13. RobV

    Chapter 22

    There must be more to Carter's relationship with Beth other than keeping up appearances or to have her as some kind of safety net. It just doesn't make sense. For some reason he is stuck with that girl. I would've liked to hear the explanation he was gonna give Jackson. It probably would've been better than the one two chapters ago. Maybe next time!
  14. RobV

    Chapter 27

    Love that this story is still going! I read the whole thing again today. Can't wait for them to return to the human world and hunt down Lester.
  15. RobV

    Spring Anthology: Now or Never & Encounters *Now Live*

    I love reading these! I hope you can find a way to better highlight these anthologies, like directly on the front page or when you open the stories section. If that's all you ever browse, they're quite easy to miss.

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