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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. 

    1. Valkyrie


      Same to you :hug: 

  2. Well at least Cia will be happy. We have a grinch stealing presents. Only kidding Ivric.
  3. I'll take number 5.
  4. Unfortunately I've been sick. Slept most of today asleep, so won't be able to do the anthology. Will enjoy reading them. Just will need to get started earlier for the next one.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Valkyrie


      Sorry you're not feeling well.  Too bad you won't make the antho, but hopefully next time.  :hug: I hope you feel better soon!  

    3. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      God bedring from Denmark

    4. Caz Pedroso
  5. I'm working on my Anthology story. Hoping to finish soon. Really would like to finish it before I get sucked into retail hell for the holidays.

  6. Chapter 1

    Sorry Cole. There was more to tell but to keep it as readable as possible, and because of how close to the damn deadline this story finally came to me, it's not as fully nuanced as I'd like. Thanks for commenting.
  7. Chapter 1

    I set it so the two would talk but neither is without guilt. I never really seen them back together, but talking because of Melissa.
  8. Chapter 1

    Plenty of blame for all. Melissa is the loser here. Time restraints kept some parts of the story out, but the only innocent is 4 year old Melissa. Desean and Camillo fell apart after 5 years together. I'll just say no one else is innocent.
  9. Chapter 1

    Yeah. Melissa sees Cam as dad. This whole thing was just a mess.
  10. Chapter 1

    Kitt, I couldn't have put it any better. Thank you.
  11. Chapter 1

    We'll I didn't want people guessing which story was mine before the reveal.
  12. Chapter 1

    Melissa is the innocent who will be hurt. Just couldn't see a way to fix it. Thanks for commenting.
  13. Chapter 1

    Honestly, they need to talk but I don't see them as a couple. Melissa is the one who will end up losing.
  14. Chapter 1

    Melissa is the only innocent in this. The other three are all guilty of something.
  15. Chapter 1

    I don't know if Cam can get back on the right path. Betrayal cuts deeply. Terry''s mistake's come from youth and not going for someone single.

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