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  1. comicfan

    Writing Prompts #706 & #707

    I am always up to mix things up. Just might be a while until you see it. I usually write them at three month clips, so the admins don't need to worry if something happens to me.
  2. comicfan

    Finally playing catch up.

    Hi all, I'll start off by saying I'm healthy for the moment. Last year, it was detached retinas. This year, I had triple bypass surgery. Needless to say, I haven't been in a good place and writing was very sporadic if at all. I'm trying hard to make a comeback. Right now, I have finished a story for the fall/winter anthology which is being read and commented on, so yeah, something is done. The final chapter/epilogue for Jonas is written. Now it is waiting on me finding a beta and editor. Yes, the long wait is over. I have been writing a dragon shifter story. It was put off when a beta read it and we couldn't mesh. Took a while, but finally gone back to it and am determined to finish. Finally, writing on a story that was begun and was abandoned. It's not because I didn't like it, more like health issues stopped it, and to be honest, I forgot it completely. Anyway, in process of finishing the last three or four chapters. What i did have written was lost when my computer died at the time, so basically been trying to remember what i did, and recreate it. Sorry for delays, but think I might be ok for a bit. Anyone interested in beta or editor work, let me know.
  3. comicfan

    Finally playing catch up.

    Thanks Val. When you finish, you finish. If you have time when you're done, I'll happily pass you Jonas. Just don't want to overwhelm you.
  4. comicfan

    Last Post Wins #46

    See, I just heard the shiny was up for grabs again. Mine.
  5. comicfan

    Chapter 12

    Well, one attempt with Amara and another with a stranger left Aria a mess. No one should be forced to do anything. No wonder he is a mess. Neither twin has a good self image. All I can wonder about is why dad seems to have abandoned them to their harpy mother? Still afraid what's going to happen when everything hits the fan.
  6. comicfan

    Weekly Wrap Up (Sept 23 - Sept 29)

    I know for a fact Santa is gay and has a boyfriend. I don't want to know about poor Rudolph after Mann finished with him. And who is playing with the elves now?
  7. Okay, do I have a willing victim, i mean volunteer,  willing to read over and comment honestly on a chapter. It's the epilogue to Jonas, so you sort of need to know the story. 

    1. Slytherin


      I'm not a very good beta reader but I suddenly felt that I need to re-read that story cause I love it :) and I loved the "Little Blue One's Bakery" in the story :P  I hope you are well, Wayne :hug: 

    2. comicfan


      I'm getting there. Your bakery comes back in the epilogue if I can find a beta and editor. :glomp:

  8. Hey Billy. Just checking in. Hope you are ok.

    1. Billy Martin

      Billy Martin

      Hey Wayne. I'm doing okay. Enjoying Florida for now. How are you?

    2. comicfan


      Surviving. Glad you are enjoying Florida. Talk soon.

  9. comicfan

    Last Post Wins #46

    Cider? Yum. Might make cider donuts.
  10. I'm always so pleased to find people here on GA willing to step up and help. I will forever be indebted to such wonderful people.

  11. comicfan

    5 Letters

    Cheap, helpful operators keep envelopes. Creep
  12. comicfan

    Last Post Wins #46

  13. Mine was done. These should be interesting.
  14. comicfan

    Questions, Questions Questions

    Are we talking Batman or Superman?
  15. Anyone free for a really quick beta on Halloween story?


  16. comicfan

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. You'll have a dish of Lima beans and liver ready every night for dinner. I wish the decorations for Halloween were up already.
  17. comicfan

    Chapter 11

    Wow, there is so much happening here. 1) The panic attack was well handled. I appreciate that both boys are able to depend on Drew. There seems to be little they can depend on but each other. 2) Momma is a heartless bitch. Again I fear the fact she is having another child. After what she has done to the twins, you worry what she will do to a new innocent child. 3) Alicia is still a puzzle. Not sure if I trust her. 4) Grateful there was no Ben 5) The threat. Photos, letters, and all leading to more. Things hinted at by Ben earlier now in photos. I worry about the boys. No denying the train has left the station and is picking up speed. Just wondering if Drew can keep it on track, or will we fly off the rails. Till next time.
  18. comicfan

    Chapter 10

    Wow. She has all the love and warmth of a homicidal maniac. I'm willing to bet a praying mantis is more affectionate as she rips off her mate's head then the twin's mother is. I feel sorry for them.
  19. comicfan

    Has it been 16 Years? Yup.

    I'm a little late, what else is new? 16 years this glorious engine has chugged along, "I think I can." It has the writers, new and old, spilling out blood, sweat, and tears for readers. It has seen people talk of hard times, make friends, lovers, and seen people we've come to care for pass. We have the gifts of wonderful stories, the pain of unfinished ones, and the sadness that some will never be completed. Like anything, people come and go. For however long they are a part, the have made an impact by sharing stories, or comments, or jokes in the forums. GA lives and breathes, dies and is reborn. The lucky thing is everyone is invited and it makes us a community who shares various ideas. For that, I'm humbled to be a part. Happy Anniversary. Here is to many more.
  20. comicfan


    Seeon escaped the civil war that is being waged in his country. His brother fights against his brother-in-law, who has his sister living like a living doll trapped in her own mind. Seeon has had to leave that behind for now and focus on his own future, which is much better for his own health.
  21. comicfan

    The Strange Life of Jonas Marks

    I've rewritten the ending a few times. Just not happy yet.
  22. Ah, but Spike got a soul and loved Buffy. Lol. I can work with Barb. At least it wasn't Angelus. Lol

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