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  1. So went for a check up with my doctor. Xray shows im healing well and i lost 17 lbs in the last three weeks so the doc is happy. So far so good.

    1. Valkyrie


      Glad to hear your recovery is going well :hug: 

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      Good to hear!! 🙌

  2. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, Deville. I always like to toy with those getting to know you, or the taking that next step. I find myself to be a people watcher and hopefully that translates into believable characters and situations. Thanks for commenting.
  3. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    Thanks for all the help. Hope you see how I tied it into the topic.
  4. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    Glad you enjoyed it. Dialogue is always a way into a story and is something I try to work on. Thank you for the comment.
  5. The GA News Letter Pride Headline Stories came out today. If you haven't read them yet, why not? Remember to leave the authors a like and a comment. Never hurts to let the authors know you enjoyed their work.

  6. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    Glad you enjoyed it, Chris.
  7. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    I expect they will. Thanks for the comment.
  8. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    Recently was talking with someone and it's that whole awkward getting to know you thing that happens when you meet someone that I tried to echo here. I agree with the chicken tacos. Sort of a safe easy choice for a shared meal. Glad you enjoyed it.
  9. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    Thank you. Always happy when my story is enjoyed.
  10. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    Been a few years but can see the echo with Accidents. Glad you enjoyed it.
  11. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    Yeah. I figured with so many in NYC for Pride, running into someone was a simple idea.
  12. comicfan

    The Interview

    Wow. That was great. I felt Carter was going to get away with it, but sometimes people surprise you and make sure the right thing is done. Great story.
  13. comicfan

    You should be ashamed

    Interesting take on the topic. Hope you come back and expand this. Would really like to read more.
  14. comicfan

    Chance Meeting at the Pride Parade

    This story was created for the Newsletter Game : Pride Month Headline! My headline was Major Changes for this Sunday's Pride March. From that I created the story of Terrance "Terry" Burgess and his adventure on the day of the NYC Pride Parade. Enjoy.
  15. comicfan

    Chapter 6 - Player Pride

    I always feel people should come out when they are ready and hopefully they will find people waiting to support them. Loved how the coach made sure everyone knew he expected nothing but support. The whole thing made me smile.
  16. comicfan

    Out of Bounds

    You are always innovating Delores. You got the sense of your headline, but I just want more
  17. comicfan

    Blue Jays Pride Night

    I think we all need friends like Tom, who push us out of our comfort zones and force us to live again. I loved how Pete and Geoff met and just sort of took off. There was nothing forced and I loved the bit about bus fare. Made me smile. Love how it all tied into your headline.
  18. comicfan

    The story

    This was really sweet. I loved how you went back and forth showing how Josh was looking at his first Pride event, knowing if a whisper got back home his world would be over. He was scared feeling he wouldn't be accepted. On the other side you had Conner and Alex. Here is a young gay couple freely enjoying their adventure at Pride. They see Josh and go over to help this man. You are left feeling happy. Oh, and you tied in your headline perfectly. Really enjoyed it because you allowed me to feel all of the excitement and worry.
  19. “Goddamn it!” Terry muttered as he tried to rush through the busy New York City streets. At first he couldn’t figure out why it was so crowded when he wasn’t even near Stonewall yet for the parade. “Watch it, asshole,” someone screamed at him as tried to push his way toward the corner. “Sorry,” he yelled back as another woman shot him the bird. Terry only really stopped when someone grabbed the back of his shirt. “What the,” was all he got out as the yellow cab blew through the spot he would have been if he hadn’t been stopped. “You okay, kid?” Terry turned and froze. Before him stood what he could only think of as sex in pants. The guy was six two or three, with short brown hair shot through with grey. He had a neatly trimmed beard and deep brown eyes. Terry was about to speak when he spotted the rainbow leather bracelet and swallowed hard. “Whoa, kid, are you okay?” The guy grabbed both of Terry’s shoulders to steady him. “Uh…yeah. Sorry.” Terry blinked at the guy and then shook his head. “With the new parade route everyone is scrambling around.” “New route?” Terry stared blankly at his savior. “Yeah, they altered it and made it longer. The city is trying to prepare for the big anniversary next year.” “Oh.” “Sorry. I’m blathering on like an idiot. As long as you’re okay, I’ll be on my way.” Terry nodded and then the words registered. His hunk was leaving. The stranger started to cross the street and Terry couldn’t help but notice his muscular ass in the tight blue jeans. He started to follow like a puppy. “Hey,” he called out as they made it to the other side. “Yes?” “I’m sorry. I didn’t get your name or thank you.” Terry nervously wiped his hands along his shorts before putting his hand out. “I’m Terry.” “My name’s Andrew, but everyone calls me Drew.” Drew grabbed Terry’s hand, shook it, and smiled. “Let me buy you a cup of coffee, at least.” Terry felt his cheeks warm as he blushed. It got darker as he realized the t-shirt he was wearing was a giant rooster with words waiting to be plucked under it. What had seemed like a great joke at home was embarrassing as hell meeting someone new. “Lead on.” Drew’s laugh was deep as he followed Terry into the nearest Dunkin Donuts. The two men got their coffees and sat down at one of the tables. Drew took a sip of his coffee and looked Terry over. “So where were you rushing to?” “I was trying to get down to Christopher Street to watch the parade.” “We are along the route here.” Drew smiled and took another sip of his coffee. “You were saying they changed it. I just figured I might run into a few friends down there.” “Oh, I didn’t realize I was keeping you.” Drew sat up a little straighter and his smile faltered a bit. “We can take these to go.” “No,” Terry reached out and covered Drew’s hand. “I’d rather talk.” His eyes locked with Drew’s and he blushed again. The two men sat and talked for the next hour. “Look, why don’t you come with me? My apartment overlooks the parade route. I even have a fire escape where we can sit to watch it. I also have a coffee machine, a full fridge, and would enjoy the company.” Terry smiled. “I’d love that.” They tossed their cups into the garbage and were about to head out when Terry grabbed Drew’s arm. “Can I ask you something?” Drew frowned for a moment then nodded his head. “Ask away.” “Um…you’re not dating anyone, are you?” Terry bit his bottom lip. “No.” Drew smiled. “However, I hope you don’t mind if I ask you one?” “Be my guest.” “I know you said you were twenty, but I hope you don’t expect to be plucked tonight?” Terry began laughing. When he could finally get a word out, “Nope, not tonight.” “Good. I was thinking chicken tacos for dinner. You can help me make them.” “Sure, although I’m not much of a cook.” The two men walked hand in hand out into the crowded street lost in a world of their own. It didn’t take long to reach the apartment building where Drew lived. The street had people nearly standing on top of each other. Men and women were dressed in light clothing and in dazzling colors. Drew managed to get between two men in leather and open his lobby door, pulling Terry behind him. “I didn’t think we were going to make it,” Terry said as he followed Drew into the elevator. “I wasn’t going to let anything happen to you.” Terry waited ‘til the doors closed and then leaned in to kiss Drew. For a moment he noticed the startled look in Drew’s eyes before he felt the kiss being returned. Drew broke the kiss as the doors opened on his floor. “Hmm. I wanted to do that back when we got coffee,” Terry said quietly. Drew chuckled as he dug his keys out of his pocket and opened his front door. “Welcome to Casa de la Crutch.” Terry walked into the apartment and immediately noticed the large windows that looked out onto the city and the water. “Damn.” “Yeah. One of the perks of remodeling.” He walked into his kitchen and opened a cabinet, removed two glasses, and then turned to his fridge. “Water, soda, or iced tea?” “Iced tea, please.” Terry looked around and was impressed with the open space, wooden floors, and tasteful decorations. The more he looked the less he felt like should be here. “What’s wrong?” Drew came over and stood before Terry, setting Terry’s glass on the end table beside him. “Sorry,” he muttered and began to walk towards the door. “Whoa. Did I say or do something wrong?” Terry stopped and turned back towards Drew. “No.” “Did I make you uncomfortable?” “No,” Terry said as he tried to look at the floor. “Hey, no pressure, but what’s wrong?” Terry nearly bolted as he heard the concern in Drew’s voice. He took a deep breath before he spoke. “I’m sorry. My whole life my mom and I have lived paycheck to paycheck. Hell, I take classes now but am working two jobs to help pay for school and still help out my mom. Just looking around here,” Terry paused and swallowed hard. “I don’t know.” “Look, Terry, you need to remember a few things. First, I have nearly twenty five years on you. My college days and living paycheck to paycheck, thankfully, are behind me.” Terry glanced up and looked at Drew who stood there, leaning against the window frame. “Secondly, I’m not a single parent who is devoting myself to seeing my child succeed. You’re lucky that she cares. When I came out to my parents I was disowned, I ended up couch surfing, and hiding in the closet again to join the service. That way I earned money for college.” Terry now really looked at Drew. “Finally, all I’m asking for is a friend. I’m not out to judge you. Hell, the only thing I will say is you need to slow down and look before you cross a street.” Terry smiled. “Thank you.” “Drink your iced tea before it gets warm.” Suddenly loud music and screams could be heard. Drew opened his window and the two men sat on the fire escape watching as the parade began to pass the building. Hours later they went inside and Drew grilled up some chicken, while Terry chopped up the ingredients Drew gave him for their tacos. They laughed about some of the outfits they saw, dished on their favorite queens in the parade from Drag Race, and talked about the sheer number of people that crowded the streets. “It’s getting late,” commented Terry as he helped Drew finish cleaning the dishes. “Yes,” Drew said as he dried the last plate. “Would you….” “Would I what?” Drew asked as he stepped closer to Terry. “Would you like to go out again sometime?” Terry glanced at Drew and then the floor as he blushed. Drew reached out and gently lifted Terry’s chin so he could look into his eyes. “Yes.” Then he leaned in and kissed Terry. “Oh.” “What are you doing tomorrow?” Drew wrapped his arms around Terry’s waist. “School until three, and work ‘til eight.” “So, how about after work you come here for dinner. I don’t mind cooking and I promise to have you in an Uber going home by ten.” Drew hugged him tight. “Make it eleven and you have a date.” Drew laughed. “Deal. Come on. I’ll walk you to the lobby door.” The two men kissed the entire ride down to the lobby and walked slowly to the door. “Here, put your number in my phone.” Terry handed his cell phone to Drew. “I left mine up in the apartment.” Drew quickly put his into Terry’s phone and handed it back. “No problem. I’ll text you so you’ll have mine.” They kissed again quickly before Terry headed out into the still crowded street. Both men were smiling and looking forward to their date the next night.
  20. Don't ask why but I'm in the middle of writing a new Seer chapter. Some characters just like to pop back up.

  21. comicfan

    Last Post Wins #46

    Sorry Blue.
  22. comicfan

    Never Have I Ever

    No polo for me either. Never have I ever been to a concert by a known star. (Only local bands at the 4th of July concerts in the park)
  23. Mine is done. Can't wait to read them all.
  24. comicfan

    Questions, Questions Questions

    Does it really matter when it comes to food?
  25. comicfan

    Percy Jackson the Olympians

    Just love how none of them can keep it in their pants and the demigods end up related by their human halves. lol

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