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    Bear in Winter

    William Watthews runs the local recreation center. Most people call him, Will or Bear, but it seems someone has other plans for him. Just what is going on at the rec center and what will it mean to Bear?
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    Chapter 1

    The snow swirled around slowly outside the front glass door. It was finally beginning to stick as William headed out the door to look for the cab. Mrs. Sacowitz stood in the doorway, watching as Will made his way to the street and looked down. “I can wait for the cab, William. There is no need for you to stay with me.” William turned and looked at Mrs. Sacowitz as she stood in the doorway, her hat on her head, covering her ears, the gloves, the cane, the long black coat, and her slightly bent figure, and he simply shook his head. “My dear lady, what sort of gentleman do I look like? I would never leave such a woman to stand in the cold and falling snow, waiting for a cab. You stay right there where it’s warm.” Will watched as her cheeks colored. “It was very nice of you to hold the Hanukkah celebration here, William,” Mrs. Sacowitz stated as she looked back into the local recreation center. “That’s what this place is for, Mrs. S. To help the community, give a place for everyone to come together.” She nodded as William joined her once again in the doorway. “Is the roadway coated?” “Not yet. You should get home safely before the worst of the storm hits. The cab company is one I trust. They will even walk you to the door.” “I’m not that old!” Mrs. Sacowitz tapped her cane on the floor. “I never said you were, my lady. Just that they don’t like to see anyone slip on the ice and you do have presents you need to get into your place.” Mrs. Sacowitz looked at the two small bags at her feet containing gifts and sighed. “Will you be back next week to help with the children’s holiday party?” Mrs. Sacowitz smiled. “Of course. Those hooligans helped with my party, so I shall help with theirs.” Will smiled knowing how the small woman had made friends with many of the younger children at the center, teaching them to cook and sew, while they kept her lively. It was something that made Will happy. Will looked outside and spotted the cab as it turned onto the street. “Your ride is on its way here now. Let me grab the bags.” “You don’t have to, William.” Will shook his head. “It’s no problem.” They walked to the cab and Mrs. Sacowitz slowly made her way inside and gave the driver her address. “Hey, Bear.” The driver waved at Will. “Hi Tony. Get her home safe for me. She’ll need help with the bags. Don’t let her tell you otherwise.” “You got it, Bear.” “See you soon, Mrs. S.” Mrs. Sacowitz waved as Tony slowly drove off. Will walked back into the rec center and locked the front door behind him. He caught his image on the mirrored wall and paused for a moment. At six foot four, nearly two hundred and fifty pounds, he did sort of look like a mountain of a man. His neatly trimmed beard was slowly going gray, and there were even streaks of gray appearing in his red hair as well. Age was beginning to take a toll, but he was still in pretty good shape. He shook the snow off and headed to his office. He filled in the daily ledger, made a few notes on his computer, and prepared to head out. As he went for his coat he spotted a small green package on the corner of his desk. There was no note or anything on it. Curious, he opened it. Inside was a small carved wooden bear. “Hmm. Nice work.” Will looked it over, smiling the whole time. He carefully set it on the corner of his desk, grabbed his coat, turned out the lights, and headed for the back door. Who had given him the figure? ­_ * _ * _ * The commotion was drawing all sorts of attention, including Will’s. He waded across the rec center to find Arnie picking on someone he didn’t recognize. “Get up you little queer. I caught you looking at me. I’m going to rip your face off.” Arnie drew back his fist to punch the guy on the floor when he felt his hand being lifted straight up, pulling him up off his feet. “Arnold, what have I told you about fighting in the rec center, and fighting in general?” Will’s voice silenced the room as he set the teenager down before him. “I asked you a question!” “But, Bear he …” “One thing at a time. What did I tell you about fighting?” Arnold scowled at the ground. “Fighting doesn’t solve anything, but gets you into trouble.” “Go on.” Arnold looked up at Will as he realized what he had done. “And if you are caught fighting in the rec center for no reason you will be permanently thrown out of here.” Arnold swallowed hard. “You, uh, you wouldn’t throw me out, would you, Bear?” “Why were you trying to beat up the new guy?” Arnold turned to the new guy and sneered. “The queer here …” “Excuse me.” Will gave Arnold a withering look. “You know better than that, Arnold. Everyone is welcome here. Gay, straight, old, young, Christian, Jewish, rich or poor … are all welcome at the town recreation center. So what did he do?” “I caught him staring at my ass.” “And?” Will stood, waiting. “He was staring at my ass. I’m not gay and not going to take that.” Will stood for a moment and then shook his head. “So, let me get this straight. You went after him for staring at your ass. So anyone staring at someone’s ass should be beat? Is that right?” “Yeah.” “You’re sure?” Will looked down at Arnold. “Yeah.” Arnold paused and crossed his arms. “Okay. So how many times should you be beaten?” Will stared at Arnold, anger clearly etched on his face. “Uh?” Will leaned down into Arnold’s face and said each word slowly, “How many times should you be beaten?” Arnold looked confused. “I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve caught you staring at Tasha’s butt while she helped the kids with their homework, or you staring at Tina’s butt while she was dancing, or hell, even you staring at Mrs. Anderson’s butt while she was teaching the cooking class.” “But I was staring at a woman!” “Makes no difference. So I guess I should beat you for looking at each of their butts.” The rec room was silent and the tension was clear. Tasha and Tina, both senior high school kids who helped out with the after school program, wandered over. “Wait … he stares at our butts and can enjoy it, but if someone stares at his butt they should be beaten up?” Tasha eyed Arnold up and down and shook her finger in Arnie’s face. “Boy, you aren’t even in my grade. Trust me, you and me ain’t never going to happen.” Tina just shook her head. Will leaned over and helped the new guy off the floor. “I wasn’t looking at his butt. I was trying to see the name on the jeans.” “Sure?” Arnold rolled his eyes. “Both of you, my office now!” Arnold paled, but the new guy just nodded and both walked to Will’s office. “Arnold, you know better. You started a fight in front of the younger kids. If you didn’t like what he was doing you could have talked to him or come to any of the workers and we would have handled it.” Arnold just looked at the floor, shaking. “And you …, hmm, sorry I don’t know your name.” “Benjamin.” The young man never looked up. “Benjamin, if you want to know something just ask. Some people take questions better than a look.” Benjamin nodded. “Thank you, Ben. You can go.” Will sighed as he turned back to Arnie. Ben left Will alone with Arnold. “Arnold, what am I going to do with you?” “Please, Bear, please don’t send me out of the rec. I’d have nowhere to go, and Mom will kill me if my sister and I can’t come here.” “You know what the rules are; you fight you’re gone.” Will sat across from Arnold, waiting. “I know. I didn’t hit him though, Bear. I just pushed him out of his chair.” Arnold sighed. “You stopped me from hitting him, so I actually wasn’t fighting him.” “I want you and your mother here tomorrow. We need some sort of plan on what your behavior will be from now on and how you are going to help. You can’t be left to do what you want any more. You were too close to being in a fight.” “You want my mom here?” Arnold went totally pale. “Tomorrow or you are banned from the rec center for a year.” “But …” “You’re right. I’m sorry.” Will shook his head as he looked into the book on the desk. “I got the length of time wrong.” Arnold sagged against the seat. “It’s a lifetime ban.” “I’ll tell mom.” Arnie’s voice cracked and he dropped his eyes from Will’s and looked at his shoes. “She’ll be here tomorrow.” Arnold rushed out of the room, never once looking up. A moment later Lana, the official secretary of the rec center, walked over and sat on the corner of Will’s desk. “You scared that boy half to death.” “That boy almost punched a new kid.” Will rubbed his temples and sighed. “His mother is a good one, and she worries about Arnie. He might be a breaker, but he is still not really a bad kid. His mother and I will work something out.” Will smiled at Lana. “I’m sure you will.” Lana casually picked up the carved wooden bear and looked at it before she set it down on Will’s desk. “Was there something else, Lana?” “You know, up ‘til now I thought Bear was a bad nickname for you. Now I know it fits. You can growl and show your claws, and make everyone crap all over themselves.” Lana shook her head and sashayed out the door. Will laughed and walked back out to help with the knitting group. _ * _ * _ The meeting had gone well with Arnold and his mother, Sarah Goldburg. Her husband was in the service, serving overseas, and she was doing the best she could to keep everything going back here at home. It was agreed, that since Arnie knew how to play basketball, he would help Mr. Jimenez teach the little kids how to play. Arnie’s sister, Patricia was a natural at the game and now she would be spending time with her brother as a bonus. For Will it was a win-win situation. As Will headed out after the meeting to join the members who were going to decorate the rec center for the children’s holiday party, he spotted Benjamin sitting by himself in the corner reading. He made his way over to check on the new guy. “You okay, Ben?” “Um, yeah, thanks.” Ben turned back to his book, but Will caught the blush that Ben had as he looked down at his book quickly. Will stood looking at Ben for a moment. Something was a bit off. The clothes were a bit older and while still close in style not exactly what everyone else was wearing. What was it about this kid that was now bugging him? “Ben, have you been coming here long?” Will asked, surprising himself by being so direct. Ben looked up, his face still red and he stared at Will for a moment. “Since August,” came his whispered reply. Will shook his head. He was sure he would have noticed the kid if he had been there since August. He would have to think about this for a while. Will went and joined everyone else as they began to organize and get the party decorations together. He found himself pausing now and then to look at Ben and then going back to work. “Is everything all right, William?” Mrs. Sacowitz stood beside Will, holding streamers in different colors. “Um, yes, everything is fine Mrs. S.” Will smiled brightly. “So why do you keep looking at the boy over there like he is sticking pins in your leg?” Will shook his head and smiled. “Just trying to place him. He says he has been coming since August, but I can’t seem to figure out where he’s from. Usually, the second someone new comes in I try to say hello and let them know the rules. The first time I really remember seeing him was when Arnie nearly hit him.” Mrs. Sacowitz shook her head. “Don’t worry about it, William.” “Mrs. S, how many times am I going to have to tell you to call me Will or Bear.” “Bear is an animal not a name. Will is a nickname, not your name.” Will shook his head and went back to preparing for the party. Later he took a little break and headed back to his office. Again he found a small package on his desk. He opened it to find another bear, only this time it was carved wearing armor like a knight. “Who is giving me these?” Will wondered aloud. _ * _ * _ * The party was in full swing and there were a lot of new people and donators wandering around. “Looks like everything is going smoothly,” stated Lana as she handed a cup of punch over to Will. “I know there is plenty of food and drink available. I hit every source we had,” said Mrs. Anderson as she patted Will on the butt. “Behave Marianna.” Will shook his head and smiled. “We have the rabbi from the local temple, a pastor from the Lutheran Church on Sixth Avenue, and two of the nuns from the convent down the street. The mayor is stopping by later. Oh and the fire department has volunteers for our Santa, elf, and Mrs. Claus.” Lana stopped and sipped her punch. “Hey, this is really good.” “It should be. It’s all made with fresh fruit. Speaking of, Hashburg Market made a donation of all kinds of fruit and sweet breads for tonight. We have to add them to the list of donors to thank.” Marianna Anderson smiled as she watched everyone move from table to table, talking and laughing. “Well thanks to the work you all have been doing the mayor is willing to keep up the donation to keep this center rolling into at least May of next year. I have applied for a number of grants as well. Now we just need one or two of these bigwigs to see the work we are doing here and decide to post some big bucks to the program.” Will looked at his team and smiled. “I know they keep saying we aren’t necessary, but I think this town needs us and I’m willing to do what I can to keep us going.” The mayor arrived an hour into the party, the media naturally following him. He gave a speech of how grateful he was for the work the rec center did and how he was happy to help in his small way to keep the center running. The media left shortly after and Mayor Riverside paused to thank a few people as he made his way around the room. While the mayor had stepped out of the spotlight, the fire department had arrived as the stars of the night. Santa, Mrs. Claus, and an elf were now taking pictures with various people in attendance and handing out gifts. The mayor was heading out when he spotted someone sitting at the table, paused, and then walked right over to William. “Why didn’t you tell me he was here? We could have had a huge media scoop.” William looked at perplexed. “Who is here?” “Him,” the mayor said as he pointed toward and empty table and stopped. “Where did he go?” “Who are you talking about?” “Charlie Benjamin. The youngest billionaire inventor this country has ever seen. He went missing a few months ago, but I swear he was sitting over there.” “Ben? You mean the teenager? I think he has been living on the streets.” “Teenager? Then I guess it isn’t him. He looks like him. Oh.” Mayor Riverside scratched his head. “Glad I didn’t miss an opportunity to help the town. Anyway Mr. Watthews, just wanted to say you do a fine job here at the center. I’m glad to help bring some attention to your great work.” Mayor Riverside shook William’s hand and left the center. Will looked all over and couldn’t find Benjamin. Soon he was helping people with various games and puzzles, and then watching people enjoy themselves. It wasn’t long until people were saying their goodbyes and heading out. Soon it was just Will, Lana, and Marianna left to finish cleaning up. “Both of you go home. I’ll finish up. Enjoy your night, ladies.” “Are you sure, Will?” Lana stood looking at the dozen or so garbage bags that still had to be dragged out to the dumpster. “It won’t take us that much longer to help you finish cleaning up, Bear.” Marianna cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms. At five foot four she could easily be mistaken for a lightweight, but Will knew better. She was a black belt and would have no problem tossing him across the room. “Both of you go home. I’m fine. There’s just some garbage to toss and the floor needs to be mopped. I got it.” Will led the two women to their coats and then made sure they safely got to their cars. He came back inside and was about to start taking out the garbage when he heard a noise from the couch in the corner. Walking over, he found Benjamin asleep on the couch. “Ben, wake up.” Will gently shook the young man. “Come on Ben, wake up.” Two crystal blue eyes blinked and looked up at Will. “Hmm. Sorry, must have fallen asleep.” “No problem. The party is over though. It’s time to go home.” Ben stretched and slowly stood up. Will was aware of every move Ben made, noting how everything seemed a bit big on the small frame. “You need to eat more. You are too thin. Your mother needs to make sure you are eating and not skipping meals.” Ben turned and smiled. “My mother and I haven’t spoken in years.” Will immediately thought Ben was a runaway. “You honestly don’t remember meeting me? I had long hair and a long beard when we met. You told me I needed to clean up. No one ever told me what to do.” “Did I?” Will vaguely remembered a guy who looked somewhat like Ben was describing. It had been during the big fair the town held at the end of summer. He had a table outside under a tent advertising all the upcoming events for the recreation center. “You came through as I was dealing with Mindy, if I’m remembering this right.” Will remembered Mindy was visiting with her grandmother, Mrs. Sacowitz. She had come to visit a few times and the two had become friendly. If Will was being honest, once Mindy adopted you that was it, you were her friend for life. Even at eight the girl could be sweet as pie. “Bear, catch me!” Mindy flew across the concrete and jumped at Will with her arms open wide. “Umph. Mindy, you aren’t so little anymore.” Will hugged Mindy tight as he caught her. “Mindy, you shouldn’t jump at people. It isn’t polite.” Mrs. Sacowitz walked over and looked sternly at her grand-daughter who still clung to Will tightly. “Thank you, William. She is a handful.” Mindy laughed and Will put her down. “Bear can hold me. He is strong. Besides, Grandma, I’m the only woman in his life.” Mrs. Sacowitz shook her head. It was then that Ben wandered over. He had been watching Will with interest. “Hey, Bear, he is kind of cute,” Mindy said as she pointed at Ben. Will looked over and bit his lip as he looked Ben over then leaned over and whispered to her, “Well he has nice eyes, kiddo, but he needs to get a haircut and shave. Little more wild than I am.” Will blushed as the memory finally surfaced and he realized he had checked Ben out. “Yeah, you did comment on me needing to clean up my appearance. I find that I really don’t need much in life. I am also older than I look, especially since I have gone back to being clean shaven. I’m thankful for you stepping in to help me when Arnie got upset with me trying to figure out what jeans he was wearing. I figured it was time to take some money out and clean up. I just wanted to look current. Besides, I’ve been learning all sorts of stuff here at the center.” “How old are you?” Will looked incredulously at Ben. “Twenty six.” “Twenty six? You can’t be. You look like you’re …” “Eighteen? Yeah, I know. But I am twenty six. And my name is Charlie Benjamin. Trust me, I can afford to be here.” “I thought you were a runaway.” Will stood looking at Ben as the younger man grabbed two of the garbage bags and began to take them outside. A moment later he grabbed two more bags of garbage and followed Ben outside. “I know you did. I sort of have been just traveling. Renting a room when I needed, but I could always afford the best if I wanted to when I traveled. I just have been looking for a place to go where I could fit in and make a difference.” “But you said you have been here for a few months. So why have you stayed?” Will tossed his bags into the dumpster and turned to face Ben. The younger man was blushing a deep shade of red. “I sort of found something here I thought I might pursue.” Will waited but Ben turned and walked back into the rec center. By the time he caught up Ben was holding three more bags and was heading back toward the dumpster. As the two men drew even, Ben paused and grinned. Will stopped and turned to see what Ben was looking at. Ben stood looking into Will’s office. “Did you enjoy them?” “Enjoy what?” “The gifts.” “The bears?” Will stared at Ben. “You gave me the bears?” “I carved the bears,” Ben grinned and then blushed deeply. “You carved them? They’re beautiful. Thank you.” “I always did have a thing for bears,” Ben smiled as he looked up at Will. “Especially, when they come to my rescue.” Before another word could be said, Ben marched out the door with the garbage bags. Will was transfixed for a moment. Then he gathered his wits, grabbed the last bags and carried them out. Before he could say a word, Ben was near the back door again. “I, um, need just a minute. I need to use the bathroom.” Ben rushed back inside. Will tossed his bags of trash away and headed back in, just in time to see the bathroom door shut behind Ben. With nothing but time to waste, Will grabbed the mop and began to clean the floor. His mind was trying to put together all the things he had learned, but wasn’t sure what to think. “Um,” came the voice behind him. Will turned to see Ben dressed up. He wore a deep blue shirt that brought out the color of his eyes. His jeans were cut and showed off his butt, and he was wearing brand new black sneakers. Ben had even combed his hair and shaved. Ben set his bag down beside him, and smiled shyly at Will. Will set the mop aside and stared at Ben. The room seemed smaller as Will walked over to Ben. “Wow, I guess you’re not a kid at all.” Will smiled at Ben. “Nope. Not a kid at all. I’m just someone trying to find a place to fit in.” Will couldn’t help but enjoy the teasing Ben was giving him. He reached out and surrounded Ben in a big bear hug. Ben leaned in tight and returned the hug. “Sorry, but I only kiss on the second date,” Ben smiled as he continued to hug Will tight. Will laughed. “I guess that gives me a reason to take you out and get to know all about you then.” “Good. I know where you can take me for dinner.” “Well, Mr. Benjamin, I guess that makes you my date.” “Damn right, Mr. Watthews.” Ben stood on his tip toes and kissed Will anyway. “And from now on you are my bear.”
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    Life Interrupted

    Just a few notes. 1 - still no computer. For my friends from here who may wonder why they haven't gotten a card, um, my address list was on the computer. No computer, no lidt. Sorry. If you want resend me your address, I will be glad to send it. 2 - had some health issues I am dealing with. Part of why I don't have a computer yet. 3 - hope everyone is doing well. Wayne Happy Holidays
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    Welcome To December

    Just wanted people to know I am alive. My computer died and while saving to get another have had a few issues. While I did do a story for the anthology I just have no way to type it up and get it done. This will be the first anthology since I joined that I haven't done. When I get my computer I will do it anyway. For those who haven't gotten a Christmas card, I'm sorry. Most of my addresses were saved on my computer and when it died so did my list. I am hoping to get things together but hard on just my phone. Just wanted people to know I haven't left, just seriously working a lot and no computer. My best to all. Wayne
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    Writing Prompts #456 & #457

    Wow! Is it me or are the weeks flying by? Welcome to another Friday, and you know what that means don't you? Prompt time. As usual, I don't want to hold you up, but need everyone to remember that prompt responses under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection. Now, on to the prompts. Prompt 456 – Creative Tag – First Line “How did I forget his birthday again?” Prompt 457 – Creative Tag – Spiders To say you loath spiders would be a gross understatement. However, you woke this morning and couldn’t see out your window, there were spider webs as thick as a curtain just outside your window. As you make your way around the house you see them everywhere outside. What is going on that you have so many spiders at your house? Last week there were two prompts and both got a response. However,I am going to go with Mikiesboy's story this week. He covers Halloween, two hot men, one great Scottish accent, and a dog. What more could you ask for? Wanna know what else happens? If you are like me, you want to. You can find it here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/mikiesboy/delicious/4 For those interested in Prompt 455, you may read it here - http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/40892-prompt-455-creative/ Remember the prompts are here to help you write, explore new ideas, and try things you might not otherwise attempt. For our readers we ask that you comment on any story you might read, hit that like button, and tell your friends what you have enjoyed reading. Nothing like helping to boost a writer's readers like word of mouth. 'Til next time, be safe and be well.
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    Writing Prompts #454 & #455

    Welcome back to another Friday Prompt Me! Yes, amazing how quickly the week seems to pass. Already those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are seeing the cooler temperatures moving in, the leaves changing colors, and announcement of snow. Seems that autumn is flying by. As it does hopefully people are taking time to enjoy things and perhaps even taking a bit of time to write again. Just the weekly reminder - Prompt responses under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection. Considering it is indeed Friday it is time to see if I can tempt something new from our authors with the weekly prompts. So no further holding back, here are this weeks treats. Prompt 454 – Creative Tag – List of Words Use the following in a story – costume, candy apple, big dog, a large bowl, and a broken mask Prompt 455 – Creative Tag – The Party Your best friend is throwing a party and has invited you to come. To be honest, you were told you had no choice; you were coming to his party. What sort of party is it and why did he want you there? Now last week I asked for your opinion on how many things you would like to see here from each week's prompts. So people asked for one or two to be spotlighted. I will go with the consensus. Last week there were two prompts and a poetry prompt. First up is a sample of the Ballade from last week. I choose Dolores Esteban's Enjoying what you read? Want to read the rest? Find it here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/dolores-esteban/gawritingprompts/64 There were more examples and they may be found here -http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/40858-poetry-prompt-14-%E2%80%93-ballade/ There were two different prompts last week and both got attention. However, I read them all and am focusing my attention on one of the entries for Prompt 452. Jamessavik gave us another glimpse into his world of Cadet Cruise. Curious as to what happens? Read it as well as find the links to all the other prompts for 452 here - http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/40869-prompt-452-creative/ You can find the stories for prompt 453 here - http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/40870-prompt-453-creative/ So the prompts come to an end for another week. Hopefully our authors will be inspired and write many new pieces to tempt you into reading them. When you do read remember to like and comment on the pieces. It allows the authors to know where they succeed or fail. Never be afraid to tell your friends about the stories you enjoy, word of mouth is a great way to get people to read. 'Til next time, be safe and be well.
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    Fridge Magnets

    From the album: Odds and Ends

    I've mentioned that I collect postcards and magnets. Recently I was asked if I really do have the magnets I said I do. So here is a picture. Anyone who gets postcards from me will recognize some of the magnets. I stay with what I like. lol.
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    Odds and Ends

    Stuff I find that I'm too lazy to classify I am going to dump here. So it will be eventually full of odds and ends.
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    Writing Prompts #452 & #453

    Well here we are again at the start of another weekend. Yes, it is Friday and that means it is time to tempt you all with some new prompts. Now that October is underway, some people might find it nice to curl up with some apple cider, a slice of pumpkin pie, and write! As usual it is time to see if we can encourage new authors, revitalize lagging authors, and see if we can keep our usual crew pumping out new works. Just the weekly reminder - Prompt responses under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection. First off is a new prompt from the Poetry Guru - AC Benus. He offers up a new style of poetry for everyone to attempt. The Ballade - A Ballade is a song/poem that is also very like the Ghazal in being flexible in what type of theme the poet wishes to select. One of the greatest French poets, François Villon, used the Ballade to write of abstract things like the seasons, as well as a very emotional plea for acceptance and forgiveness on the day he was to be executed by the State. Curiously enough, another point of connection between the Ballade and the Ghazal is the "Envoi" (or, sometimes "Envoy" in English). This is a direct address from the poet to the person or abstract notion the Ballade is dedicated to. In it's way, it's very much like the salute of the poet in the final couplet of the Ghazal. Curious for more on this style then please check it out here - http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/40858-poetry-prompt-14-%E2%80%93-ballade/#entry558402 Then of course there is the usual prompts for our ravenous members. Prompt 452 – Creative Tag – First Line “So tell me all the details!” Prompt 453 – Creative Tag – The Break You never got to take your vacation during the summer when everyone else did. With it slowly moving into fall you decide it is past time for a break. Where do you go on your vacation? This week was a bit sparse with people taking a shot at the new prompts. We did have two authors who attempted Prompt 450 which asked authors to use the following in a story – an apple, a farm, hay, a horse, a diamond ring. First up was JohnAR with another chapter of his metaverse. Curious as to what happens next? Read it right here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/johnar/metaprompts/38 Puppilull attacked this as well with a new chapter about the Vampire we've grown very interested in. You can read the rest of this tale here - So that is a sample of what our authors did last week. If you are interested in the stories please read and comment on them. It helps an author to know people are enjoying their work. I have question to ask you, loyal readers. Do you prefer to have a sample of all the works our authors have done or would you rather just have one or two spotlighted? I'd like to know as we go forward so prompts can reflect your interests. Thank you for taking the time to look at this week's works by our talented authors. Please check back next week to see what new wonders have been produced. Remember to read, comment, and tell your friends about the stories and authors you enjoy. It helps to introduce people to new stories and gives a boost to the author. Till next time, be safe and well.
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    October Happenings

    For a change I don't want to complain or talk about my life. I want to talk about my writing. Lately my muse has been active. Which is really nice. What this means for my readers. 1) I have a new Halloween story coming up shortly. Like some of those from my past, it will be a one shot, but hopefully it will be something people can enjoy. Instead of the usual stories about witches, zombies, vampires, or werewolves, I decided to go a little different. My tale is called Halloween - Lilith Style. 2) I asked in my forums which tale people would like to see expanded. People chose School Time Stripper. Guess what has three chapters done and I'm still writing. I am not sure when I will begin posting it but I want it fully completed before it does. 3) Finally came up with and idea for the Winter Anthology Blackout. So working on that as well. 4) It was announced that there would be a special anthology and all the topics from former anthologies would be fair game. Needless to say I have already finished one and there are a couple more I plan to tackle. So that is what is happening with me. Hopefully you will be enjoying more work from me shortly. By the way I didn't forget Seeon or Jonas. The epilogue is done for Jonas. Just have to pass off to my beta. Seeon is getting completed hopefully before the end of the week. Enjoy your October everyone.
  11. comicfan

    Writing Prompts #450 & #451

    So here we are at the first Friday of October. Is it me or is the year just flying by? Anyway, I hope everyone has been having a good week. Since is it once again Friday, I'm here to present to you some new prompts. As always, if your work is under 1,000 words you have to place into a collection. And now to give you something new to entice you to write. Prompt 450 – Creative Tag – List of Words Use the following in a story – an apple, a farm, hay, a horse, a diamond ring Prompt 451 – Creative Tag – The Fair It is time for the annual County Fair. Having been dragged to it, you find yourself surrounded by people and things you normally don’t see. What is the fair like? Naturally, it is now time to look back at what our writers decided to do with the prompts from last week. Again there was clearly a favorite among those who chose to write and that was prompt 448. The prompt asked that you use the line - "What did he just say?" Puppilull decided to continue the Vampire tale begun in another prompt. Curious as to what happens? Read it here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/puppilull/puppilullspromptresponses/3 ATrueFan also took a shot at this prompt. Did you want to know what happens? Find it here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/atruefan/icantbelieveit/1 Parker Owens also decided this worth a chance to explore. So yet another story for you to explore. His story is found here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/parker-owens/aquinasleaps/1 JamesSavik gives us yet another unique take on this. Want to see where he finished up? Read it here - http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/40831-prompt-448-creative/ Thecalimac based his story off of his fall Anthology. If he piqued your interest you can find his story here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/thecalimack/promptmethis/2 Our final entry is from Timothy M. His story can be found here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/timothy-m/timothysterriblepromptstories/37 So another week comes to an end. Hopefully next week there will be all sorts of new prompt stories to share with you. Remember to read, comment, and tell your friends about the stories and authors you enjoy. It helps to introduce people to new stories and gives a boost to the author. Till next time, be safe and well.
  12. comicfan

    Writing Prompts #448 & #449

    Hello again. If I am the one here you know it is Friday again! Friday, Friday, Friday ... drats. Someday I will get that song out of my head. Oh well. Since it is that day of the week I get to challenge you all to a new set of prompts. One of them might finally convince you to sit down and write, or decide it is time for a break from your usual story and try something new and different. Either way, I hope one of these two prompts grabs your attention and makes you want to write. Just remember, if your work is under 1,000 words you have to place into a collection. Now to show you what I have up my sleeves this week. Prompt 448 – Creative Tag – First Line “What did he just say?” Prompt 449 – Creative Tag – The Class You decide it is time to improve your education. You are unsure exactly what you should take, but you figure you need something to do besides work and watch television. You flip through the course catalogue and spot something that really appeals to you. What is the class? Now the authors here at GA are never idle. Although I wish I could say both prompts last week had takers, it would be a lie. However we did have two talented authors take a crack at prompt 446. First was JohnAR with his continuing Metaverse. Wondering where he was going to take the story? Follow it here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/johnar/metaprompts/36 Then we also had Craftingmom give her take on this idea. Yes she has returned to let us see Avery and Matt again. Curious where it goes. Read it here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/craftingmom/averymattshorts/5 However last week also seen two attempts at the poetry prompt from April on Quatrains. First up was Puppilull. Wonder what else his Quatrain had to say? Read the rest here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/puppilull/puppilullspoetryprompts/11 Headstall also decided to try his hand at this poetic form. Curious what else was said in this wonderful poetry form. Read it here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/headstall/headstallspoetryprompts/13 So that is all for this week. If you find you enjoyed one of these pieces, please, let the author know. Remember to read, review, and like as you go through these or any story on the site. Until next time, be safe and be well.
  13. comicfan

    Writing Prompts #446 & #447

    Looks around and doesn't see anyone. Well, then I guess I have the prompt page for a moment. Renee is off so I'm slipping in to introduce the prompts to everyone. Happy Friday! It's been two weeks since you were given something new, but then last week you were all given the Fall Anthology - Blurred Edges. I do hope you read and commented on them. Missed them? Find them here - http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/blog/258/entry-15753-2015-fall-anthology-blurred-edges-now-live/ First up I have something new to tempt your creativity. Yes, once again I have a whole new set of prompts to tease you into writing something new, maybe even writing for the first time. Just a few things to remember: Prompt responses under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection. Prompt 446 – Creative Tag -List of Words Use the following in a story – notebook, pen, coffee, a crystal, and a broken light bulb Prompt 447 – Creative Tag – The Gift You haven’t been feeling well lately, but you still try to keep up with your normal routine. You’ve been asked to a party, and although you don’t feel well, you decide to go. The only request is that as a gift you give something homemade. What do you give as your gift? Now looking back at the list of prompts there seem to be so many takers, not only of the prompts I create but of those AC Benus creates for the Poetry Prompts. After seeing all the different work that has been done, I figured it was only fair to highlight a bit of everyone's work that published since the last prompts were given to you. Enjoy them all. Prompt 442 - You were asked to use a list of words. Well, author Puppilull decided to go back and continue his story about the vampire. The rest of his story can be found here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/puppilull/puppilullspromptresponses/2 Prompt 444 - You needed to use the first line given. This had a number of responses. JohnAR continues the story of Meta here - The story continues here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/johnar/metaprompts/34 ATrueFan took a stab at this prompt as well. You can find the rest here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/atruefan/annoyances/1 albertnothlit presents his story here. Did he catch your interest? Then read the rest here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/albertnothlit/pleasegotosleep/1 jamessavik added a new piece to this as well. Wondering what is happening? Find out here - http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/40733-prompt-444-creative/ And while there were a few takers for the prompts, the poetry prompts seemed to pop up as well. Poetry Prompt 13 - Asked people to write a Ghazal. When asked, people attempted it. Headstall's Ghazal - The rest is here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/headstall/headstallspoetryprompts/9 J HunterDunn's Ghazal - The rest of his poem is here - http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/40736-poetry-prompt-13-%E2%80%93-ghazal/ Puppilull is back with this poem as well. The full poem is here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/puppilull/puppilullspoetryprompts/9 Headstall took a second shot at the form. The rest is here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/headstall/headstallspoetryprompts/10 And one last Ghazal by Aditus. I wish I had time to feature every story and poem, but the writers here are busy creating so many new pieces for the prompts. If you are interested in seeing and reading the rest please feel free to go to the writing prompts forum and read them. They can all be found here - http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/forum/97-writing-prompts/ Thank you for taking the time to read this. Remember to encourage each other. You can do this by reading, commenting, and liking the pieces you read. Have a great weekend and until next week and the next set of prompts, be safe and well.
  14. Marcus graduated from high school and works locally at the marina. He inherited a love of the sea and of surfing. However, Marcus makes the mistake of trying to surf when a terrible storm is coming. While he hoped to catch some killer waves, instead he is nearly killed. Rescued by a mysterious stranger, Marcus isn't sure what to make of his rescuer. What does this stranger have in store for him? The story was written for the 2015 Blurred Edges
  15. Gabriel is Nephilim and is trying to make his way in the world. However, if he isn't careful he can easily become one of the Fallen. What is a Nephilim to do?
  16. comicfan

    Another Late Night Confession

    I'm tired but can't sleep and I have to be up again in just seven hours. My mind is on the go and right now I can't get it to quiet. Too many things to deal with, too many things to wish for, too many bills to pay, too many demands, and above all far too little time and too little me. Ideas and Ideals, stories, obligations, dreams, and hopes swirl around me like some dizzy kaleidoscope of the unknown and the often traveled. I have been informed that I am now the only one in my family - gay or straight, to have not been married. Yes my parents generation are all married. My generation is all married, the generation below me just witnessed the last two get engaged, and invites have been sent for their weddings, and the generation below that one is everywhere now from being born to graduating college. So lucky me, I'm still single and as my father points out - alone. So alone if something happens to him I will have no one to fall back on. Makes me wonder about all the men before me who, gay or not, had to face time alone, sick or just aging. Did they have someone telling them they will die alone and unloved? I had some surgery to see if they could discover what was wrong with me. It was an in and out thing. I paid the bills I had and was happy I had health insurance. Guess what? The bills I paid evidently were just the ones for the doctors involved. Got socked with another major one today. Can I say how much I love my life? I wonder if they still have potter field burials? Cause surgery and tests still didn't come up with a reason. Just feeling a bit out of it. Occasionally we all do. Tomorrow I will get up and face the world again and I'm sure I will figure a way to do what I always do, survive. Just needed the few moments to say, why me and I'm tired of this! Thanks for letting me rant and confess. Night all.
  17. comicfan

    Late Night Confessions

    Having issues sleeping. My back is slowly healing. I'm hoping to be back to work soon.The pain is still there, but I'm staying off the pills. I had a friend who sort of hit the wall. It is scary to think someone you care about no longer sees light but only darkness. Trying to keep them grounded long enough to find help isn't easy, especially when you aren't close distance wise. I'm not sure I can keep doing this without breaking myself. Ever have so much happening and yet nothing. Sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense. I am just tired lately. It is very easy to wall yourself off from the world. Sometimes real life isn't so great and the friends you worry about seem to stop communicating. I know sometimes I really just need a hug to know I am valued, and I try to do that for others. The problem is keeping yourself from giving all, knowing you might literally get nothing back. Anyway thanks for letting me ramble. Confessions are over for now.
  18. comicfan

    Here I Go Again

    Seems my life has is more of a rollercoaster ride than anything else. Things had been getting back to normal. I was writing, Dad was back to his routine, JJ seemed happy to be walked and stay around us. Then I went to work Monday and all of it went out the window. I went to lift a printer off the floor and pulled the muscles in my back setting off all sorts of pain. I hadn't seen stars or pain levels like this since I had originally hurt my back two years ago. Tuesday I was barely moving but by Wednesday I had decided enough was enough and went to see the doctor. He increased the pain meds but didn't give me a muscle relaxer. Needless to say I've been drugged and sleeping nearly none stop. I had a doctor's note to stay out of work until today. I tried to go in and nearly passed out when the back spasmed on my way to work. Considering I couldn't take anything that wasn't the best plan. Came home instead. I am off the weekend and don't really intend to get out fo bed and just let the back heal. Hope this is just a temporary set back.
  19. Jonas Marks has just graduated high school when he tells his father he is gay. The end result is that Jonas is tossed out of his home. With no money, no job, and no place to call home he ends up on his friend Jenny's couch till he starts working at Kroger's. Then his life just gets strange.
  20. Charlie Wagner and Scott Reed are back for a little road trip. After the wedding of Charlie's cousin the two men take some time to visit different places and reconnect with each other. When they do it might just change their whole lives. This story is a stand alone but does contain many characters last seen in Accidents Happen.
  21. When you have health issues you like to go to the doctor, be told they found the problem and told how to fix it. Fix it can be drugs or diet, you don't care as long as your problem can be fixed. Mine seems to just keep going. My primary sent me for blood work, a sonogram, and other tests. He found new issues but not what was causing my original problem. He sent me to a specialist, a GI doc. Today that is where I was. He reviewed the tests I'd been sent for and then has ordered my first endoscopy as well as some other tests to be done early next month. All I can say is joy. Just want an answer not a list of what it could be, where each is a bit scarier than the one before it.
  22. comicfan

    Life Has Its Moments

    I prefer to focus on the odd. This morning the washing machine died. It had a long life. It gave its all trying to wash a load of my father's underwear and socks. Middle of the cycle a belt went and the machine seized. My father dutifully woke me up to tell me, help him go down and drain it, then take all the wash we could find down to the local laundromat and do it. Tomorrow he wants to go shopping. Today I am going to recycle the cans and plastics, pick up something to cook for dinner, and pretend that the jean shorts I have on fit, even if they are a size too large. I am going to forget the test I've taken. Not worry about the results not in yet, and pretend that the biggest oddity is the washer. How am I doing?
  23. comicfan

    The Life of Seeon

    Thank you for the in depth review Dr. Paladin. Seeon began as a prompt, where a character is given as a wedding trophy to end a war. For me that character became Seeon. I just wanted to see what happens when you take someone who for the most part has been totally isolated and now they are dropped into the middle of a large family that is loud, loving, and as opposite of Seeon's life as you can get. Just glad you are getting so much out of it.
  24. What would your life be like if you could always see the future? Would you do your best to alter everything or knowing you could only save a few would it affect you? Meet Tom Cleary, this is his life.
  25. comicfan

    classic car

    From the album: Odds and Ends

    Love old classics

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