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  1. comicfan

    Last Post Wins #46

    all mine!
  2. comicfan

    Last Post Wins #46

    Making spiced cupcakes today @Valkyrie. oh and the shiny is mine!
  3. comicfan

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but all the fortunes read, your next fortune will contain ... ? I wish I could afford some time off.
  4. comicfan

    Never Have I Ever

    What in God's green earth is Edward Forty Hands? Nope never played it. Never have I ever been to a different country?
  5. comicfan

    Questions, Questions Questions

    Where's Wonder Woman?
  6. comicfan

    Last Post Wins #46

    All Mine!
  7. comicfan

    Chapter 13

    Aria is going to have some serious blowback from this from his Queen Bitch Mother. I fear what secrets Amara is still keeping. Just what has he done and sacrificed to keep his twin safe? Okay, maybe I can trust Alicia a bit. What on God's green earth did the doctor do to Aria all? I want his medical license pulled! Horrible individual.
  8. And yet another two beautifully done tales. So worthy of a read, and we are only halfway to Halloween!
  9. comicfan

    Our House

    The yard decorated, check. The livingroom decorated, check. The kitchen decorated,- if it is more than Halloween towels get out, that's my sanctuary! Lol. Otherwise a very sweet and romantic Halloween tale. Loved it.
  10. comicfan

    The Treasure of Escanaba

    Red is no more and Boyd has returned. Nothing is as good for the heart and soul as finding yourself and moving on to where you need to be. Great story. Bye, Felicia. Oops, I meant bye, Hal.
  11. comicfan

    Never Have I Ever

    Nope. Never have I ever been married
  12. I'm not sure why I was notified about one post, but now trying hard to not let it trigger my own issues. Probably sound off, but so be it.

  13. I told you that I'd find you before dawn. Game over.
  14. comicfan

    Sexual Assault and the aftermath

    As a survivor, you have every right to feel angry. I'm glad you're seeking help. None of it was your fault. The results of this can be difficult to deal with, but just remember it wasn't your fault, it was his. @Valkyrie said it so well. I'm sorry you had to deal with this.
  15. comicfan

    Halloween - is it just me?

    Halloween - gateway of the holidays. As a kid from the Northeast United States, the months of September, October, November, and December held very different meanings. September meant the end of summer and back to school. Classes were set, new lessons, everything scheduled. October meant autumn arrived. The colors changed, you got your heavier jacket. Schools would begin talking about the class Halloween party. You made plans to trick or treat with your friends. Mom would begin baking her desserts with apples and pumpkins and they had all sorts of spices. The yards were decorated with witches, ghosts, and skeletons. Horror movies and the first holiday cartoons would show. November first meant goodbye to scary as suddenly pictures of pilgrims, Indians, turkeys, and a cornucopia would appear. Conversations revolved around family you hadn't seen in a while coming for Thanksgiving, football season, and the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, which would start the Christmas season. That lead to Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving the malls became a winter wonderland. Santa sat to take pictures. Schools had art projects for Christmas and Hanukkah. You barely functioned waiting on the holiday parties in school. Now come September you'll find Halloween and Christmas both in the stores. Pumpkin spice coffee, muffins, and God only knows what else, is sold in every coffee shop and store beginning September first. November first pumpkin dies and Mint everything is out. The joy of each holiday is blended and the almighty dollar rules. Some still have Halloween parties, and there are pockets where the old joy of horror, scary, and fantasy still lie for kids, but in places it has become just gore or commercial. Some barely get out of their Halloween costume and the Christmas tree is up. Oh well.
  16. Wow. Totally twisted tales and both authors went in vastly different directions. Makes me wonder what else is going to "pop up" as the rest of these are released. I, personally, can't wait.
  17. comicfan

    The George Mackenzie Poltergeist

    Now that was scary. From screams and moans to total silence. You had some great twists there, Dolores. Loved it.
  18. comicfan

    The Tale

    Hmm. Ben is on leave? Kevin is now a wall decoration? The mummy's tomb is in the cupboard? Poor Kevin. No one even noticed he was gone except for Julia, and even she wasn't overly worried. The poor man must have lived a lonely life. Just grateful I don't work there.
  19. comicfan

    City of the Dead

    Now there is a twisted tale. Just as you think things are normal, there is another twist. Very well handled. However, if by chance there is someone I need to clear the air with, I'd rather do it in prayers than by opening the gates. Thanks, but no thanks.
  20. comicfan

    Writing Prompts #706 & #707

    I am always up to mix things up. Just might be a while until you see it. I usually write them at three month clips, so the admins don't need to worry if something happens to me.

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