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    On 9/6/2018 at 1:03 AM, Cia said:

    Yes, yes, I wasn't trying to make them hard! I was hoping most people wouldn't even have to pull out their google-fu to manage to play. :P and btw...


    @comicfan: Correct! Your twist is to include a character named "Barb" with all the sarcasm, evil, annoyance, and yet secret occasional bumbling on the side of good traits of the TV series character, Spike. Oh, and the slicked-back blond hair with the widow's peak is a total cliched must as well! 


    (Hee hee, you probably thought your extra theme prompt might be something cool and fun, like a vampire twist or demons or a high school cheerleader-y theme... oh no, not for you. You get a version of Spike, the vampire everyone is annoyed and wants to stake just to shut him up and make him go away. That's what you get for saying it's easy! :P

    Ah, but Spike got a soul and loved Buffy. Lol. I can work with Barb. At least it wasn't Angelus. Lol

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