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  1. Tallguyct

    Everybody Loved Set

    Monday, July 18, 1973 As Owen walked into the apartment following his afternoon summer class the phone was ringing. He hoped it wasn’t Lee telling him something came up at work and he would be late for dinner. Vlad spoke in a very shaky voice, “There has been an accident. Seth’s truck was hit by someone who ran a red light. He is in critical condition at University Hospital. There is nothing you can do now except pray. I am at the hospital with Henry and Alex. I will call you if there is any change. Alex has called his family in Georgia.” An hour later Vlad called again. “Seth’s condition is deteriorating. Alex called his family again to update them. His mother wants to come to Cleveland. Alex called the airline and has booked a ticket for her arrival at Cleveland Hopkins Airport tomorrow morning at 11:00. Aiden will meet her?” Tuesday - Aiden waited at the gate area of Flight 885 from Atlanta which was scheduled to arrive on time. (In 1973 there were no restrictions of movement within airports. Friends and family could wait at the gate.) He wondered how he would identify Seth’s mother. So far all of the arriving passengers emerging from the jetway were businessmen or families. Then a short, sad looking older woman with grey hair emerged. She appeared somewhat bewildered. Aiden walked up to her, “Mrs. Cudley?” She gave him a smile of relief. Aiden did not know what to do. Then by impulse he hugged her and she with no hesitation hugged him back. Then reverting back to his rural Georgia drawl that he had spent years trying to eradicate, “I am Aiden Hudson, a friend of Seth’s.” As they walked to the baggage claim area and on to the car the tall young man from one rural Georgia town walked with his arm around the petite older woman from a different rural Georgia town. During the 45 minute drive to the hospital Aiden updated Mrs. Cudley on her son’s condition. She profusely thanked him for meeting her at the airport. The flight had been her first experience in the air. She also expressed her feelings about Alex. Seth had told her in letters that his employer was a very kind to him and that he really enjoyed the job. He had also told her that he was Alex’s right hand man and that he shared in running the business that had over twenty-five employees. She also praised Alex for his arranging her flight and that she would repay him for the ticket. Aiden broke in saying, “Alex thinks of Seth as family, not just a good worker. He therefor considers you as family. He would never dream of or expect you to pay for the ticket. You will stay at the home of Alex and his friend Roland while you are in Cleveland.” “When you talk, you sound like someone from my area of Georgia, not a sophisticated city boy.” Aiden laughed as he replied, “I grew up in Cou Rouge, about a four hour drive on back roads from your town. After graduation from University of Georgia I continued my education in Cleveland and am now a professor at Cleveland State University.” “I attended the wedding of a cousin in Cou Rouge. It is a small town similar to ours. So we are both Georgia Crackers. Never thought a Cracker would meet me at the airport. You are the first professor I ever met. Never thought professors could be such nice men or so young and handsome.” She continued, “Ever since Seth was a little boy he dreamed of living in a city. He begged us to visit Aunt Masie, my sister in Atlanta. From my sister’s house we would take a trolley car to downtown Atlanta and shop at Rich’s department store on Broad Street. Visiting a city was a real adventure for us folks from the country. Once when Seth was fourteen he took the Greyhound bus to Atlanta and stayed with my sister for a week. When he came home he did not stop talking for days about all the adventures he had had. Every day he took a trolley to a different part of the city. He had studied a map of Atlanta for weeks before that trip. He never got lost and enjoyed every minute of his visit. When he returned home he told me someday he would live in Atlanta or maybe a bigger city like Washington or even New York City. I was not surprised when he told us he was moving to Cleveland. I miss him, miss him so much. But he wrote me a letter every week and I know he had fulfilled his dream and made many good friends. How did you, a small town Georgia boy meet Seth here in the big city.” Aiden then related how his friend, Vlad, a professor at Western Reserve University, was also a friend of Alex. They had met when Alex suggested Seth do a painting for Vlad. Aiden did not reveal that the drawing, not really a painting, was a nude portrait of himself. Mrs. Cudley then surprised him as she said, “How is Henry? I know he must be at Seth’s side now. I was so happy that my boy found someone to share his life. When Seth accepted a job in Daisyville he told me it was a step in moving on to a bigger place. Of course when he told me about Henry I was not surprised as I was happy that he would have a roommate. Later when during a visit he told me Henry was a Negro I was shocked. How could a white boy have a black roommate in Daisyville. When he told me they were moving to Cleveland I was in one way relieved that they would not be living together in a small southern town. I have come to suspect that their friendship is much deeper than I realized. It is not the situation I would have wanted for my boy but I realize it has made him very happy. Every letter he sends tells about the interesting things he and Henry do together. I never thought my boy would attend a symphony orchestra concert or spend hours in museums. He and Henry share so much. Gradually I accepted him as he was. I don’t think his father or sister have any idea about his life. I do not discuss it with them or any of my friends. I know there are a few men who share lives in our town. However, it is never mentioned. There are no black and white men together. That would be impossible. For years I have wanted to meet Henry. Never did I imagine I would meet him at Seth’s hospital bed side.” Arriving at the hospital Aiden escorted her to Seth. She kissed her unconscious son and sat at his side holding his hand. Alex and Henry stepped out of the room to give her time with her boy from Georgia. A half hour later Alex returned to the room and placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned to him, “Thank you for everything you have done for my son.” With tears in her eyes she asked, “Where is Henry?” Alex was bewildered. He did not know what she knew about her son’s relationship or if she approved. He went to the hall and told Henry she had asked for him. In a daze he walked into the room. The short lady from Georgia stood and wrapped her arms around the stunned Negro. “I am so sorrowful about what has happened to my boy and your friend.” Henry felt her love as he wrapped his arms around her. They sat at Seth’s bedside, each holding one of his hands. Two hours later surrounded by the two who loved him the most Seth breathed his last breath. They sat with their loved one until a doctor arrived and officially pronounced the time of death. As the medical staff arrived to take Seth Henry led the sobbing mother out of the room. Alex led them to his car. As they drove to Shaker Heights, Alex’s home, he told her she would stay at his home as long as she stayed in Cleveland. Roland met them at the door as they entered the stately home. As Roland hugged the dazed woman, “I am so sorry. We loved Seth as if he were family. While we all feel great sorrow I am sure no loss is greater than that of a mother.” As this welcoming stranger held her all Mrs. Cudley could think was, ‘they warned me that ‘Northerners’ were unfriendly and that as a Southerner I would be looked down on. How wrong the gossips back home were. Never have I felt more welcome’. She then asked Alex if he would help her arrange to have a telegram sent to her husband (Seth’s father). Alex replied, “Why don’t you just call him on the telephone?” “Oh no, that would be too expensive.” Alex did not realize she had never in her life made a phone call beyond her small town. All visits to her sister had been arranged with letters and post cards. She and Seth had exchanged letters almost weekly since he left home at the age of twenty, twenty-five years earlier. Alex replied, “We have special telephone rates for long-distance calls. You should call your husband this evening and every day you are gone. Also, you may call any of your family or friends whenever you wish. Then Alex handed her the phone and told that if she dialed the three digit Georgia area code and then the local number she could talk to anyone at home. She dialed as instructed and was amazed when her husband answered the phone sounding as clear as if she was calling from down the street. Later as Alex escorted her to one of the guest rooms he told her Roland had prepared a light supper and that she should come downstairs when she was ready. As she sat on the bed in the most elegant bedroom she had ever seen she suddenly realized that Alex and Roland lived in what she would consider a mansion. Prior to her arrival Roland had purged the bedroom of man supplies such as the lube, Crisco and rubbers in the bedside table. Following a small supper of cold Smithfield Ham slices, potato salad and coleslaw with cake and ice cream for dessert the four sat in the living room. Roland offered glasses of sherry to all. Mrs. Cudley politely declined. Then she changed her mind and said with a smile, “I have never had any alcohol except some of my daddy’s moonshine when a teenager. We would steal a bottle of his hidden supply and take it behind the barn where we not only drank some but also smoked cigarettes. If we had gotten caught we would have had our rear-ends whooped. Maybe one little glass will calm me.” While sipping her sherry she announced, “Would you gentlemen please call me Betty, like all my friends do.” Then looking at Henry she continued, “Henry, please call me ‘Mama’ that is what all my children call me.” Henry stood and walked over to her. As he leaned in to kiss her cheek he said, “It would be my honor, Mama.” An exhausted Betty excused herself and went upstairs to sleep in a strange bed in a strange house. This would be the first time in over twenty-five years that she had slept in a bed other than that at home or her sister’s home during brief visits to Atlanta. As she laid her head on the soft pillow her thoughts of Seth were replaced by deep sleep encouraged by one of the most exhausting days of her life and possibly the glass of sherry. Meanwhile downstairs Alex and Henry discussed arrangements for Seth’s funeral. They both agreed that Mrs. Cudley should have final say on any plans. Since Seth had turned away from the church that he believed turned away from him they agreed there would be no formal religious service in Cleveland. They were sure the Cudley family would have services back home. After much discussion they agreed: Seth would be cremated if Mrs. Cudley approved, there would be a brief reflection in the beautifully landscaped garden of this house and a reception at a country club or similar place for the friends of Seth and Henry. They were not sure how she would react to the cremation. Henry then announced that since he would have trouble sleeping he was going to go home and clean the apartment. While Mrs. Cudley appeared to accept his relationship with Seth he did not want to embarrass her with their symbols of man love when he showed her Seth’s home. Cleaning the apartment was easy as Seth was what Henry called a ‘neat freak’. Henry then removed the three drawings on the bedroom wall: Naked Henry, naked Seth and the naked couple; the statue of David in the living room; Seth’s nylon bikini underwear in a rainbow of colors; the pink boa; Seth’s tight leather pants that he only wore during in-house play; and the handcuffs and whip that were only used at home in a playful, not painful way. Henry tearfully thought of their passionate play times. About once a month Seth would go to the bedroom and return wearing the leather pants and a leather vest. Henry would look at him saying, “You ain’t no tough boy, just a piece of southern white trash.” While the scene would vary the most recent started with Henry saying, “Get on your knees”. Henry then pulled out his uncut soft black dick. He forced it down Seth’s mouth telling him to make it hard or suffer the consequences. He then dragged Seth to the bedroom and slung him on to the bed. With Seth face down, ass up, he handcuffed his hands to the bed posts. Then pulling down the leather pants he slapped the ass covered in pink bikini nylon briefs. Pulling Seth’s head up he again forced his dick down the throat. When Seth called him a “fucking nigger” Henry replied, “You call me a nigger you piece of trash. You gonna pay for that. Henry ripped off the pink bikini and shoved it in Seth’s mouth. He then took the whip and smacked the ass. In his frenzy he hit harder than usual. When Seth cried out he realized he had gone too far as his lover convulsed while shooting a load of Southern cream onto the towel that had been placed on the bed. Henry felt ashamed as now with a limp dick he viewed the red bruises on the ass he had whipped. As he undid the handcuffs Seth reached up, pulled him down and embraced him. They held each other and soon Henry felt his dick rise against the cum covered crotch of Seth. His love’s dick also responded. Following tender play which included Henry massaging cream on Seth’s tender ass the dominant black man rolled Seth onto his back, raised his legs and gently penetrated his smiling friend. Before completing an affectionate fuck, Henry pulled out and while leaning over his love held both dicks in his hand jacking them to simultaneous explosions. Later as they showered together Seth looked with concern on his face, “You bastard, that hurt.” He then slapped Henry’s ass and with a smile on his face pulled him into a deep kiss. He then whispered, “They say, no pain, no gain. Well the pain was overwhelming but nothing like the intensity of that cumming. I love you.” A month earlier Henry had thrown Seth into the shower and pissed on him while Seth brought himself to a momentous cumming. That had been the only pissing event between them. Interesting but not something that Henry wanted to repeat or Seth encouraged. With tears in his eyes Henry realized his dick was throbbing hard. He took a pair of Seth’s nylon bikini underwear and wrapped it around his piece. Stroking himself he unloaded into the violet colored brief. After using it to wipe off the final drops he decided to keep it cum and all hidden it in the back of his own underwear drawer. Returning to the home of Alex and Roland he went to bed but not to sleep. Thinking of Seth he again took his dick in hand. This gave him a peace that enabled sleep. In the middle of the night he woke to thoughts of his love. With tender thoughts of Seth his fist again calmed him. Wednesday - The next morning Alex left for work at 6:00 to arrange schedules and follow up on problems. While he wanted to take time off to attend to Mrs. Cudley he had not only lost a young man he considered a second son, he had lost his key employee. Normally Alex could take off a few days and Seth ran the business. While he had never considered selling his business as he assumed someday Seth would take over, suddenly he felt weary and had no reason to keep it. He and Roland were financially secure and they both worked for pleasure: Roland with the books and Alex with the land. But without Seth the pleasure of working was gone, at least for now. Roland also had to go to work that morning. He planned to take time off the next two days to help with arrangements for the funeral and service. He knocked on Henry’s door. The young man replied with a sleepy, “Come in.” As Henry sat up in bed Roland as always enjoyed viewing the bare chest of the naked man with a sheet loosely covering his waist and below. “I’m sorry to wake you but we must plan the day. Alex left for work an hour ago. He hopes to be home by mid-afternoon. I also must depart soon. Hopefully I will be able to take off the rest of the week. You are left to take care of Betty, Mama. I know you and Alex discussed possible plans for Seth. I suggest you discuss them with her this morning. If she needs to discuss anything with her family in Georgia insist that she call them from our telephone. Maybe this afternoon you could take her to the apartment. It was a good idea to go there last night and prepare for her visit. As you can assume I did a quick cleanup of her room removing anything that might surprise her. She probably did not pack for a funeral. I will call a friend, Alfred, at a women’s specialty store on Shaker Square and arrange for her to be shown appropriate outfits and shoes to wear to funeral. I will also make an appointment with Rinaldo’s Salon for hair and manicure. Would you be willing to accompany her tomorrow? You will recognize both Alfred and Rinaldo. They were at our New Year’s Eve Party. In fact every time I see Rinaldo he asks about the red head and his Negro friend. Henry got up, showered and read the morning Plain Dealer waiting for Mama. Walking into the kitchen wearing the same outfit she had on the previous day she stated, “My lands, I have never in my life slept so late. That bed is so comfortable and this neighborhood is very quiet. The gossips back in Muddy Creek told me my poor Seth would never get a good night’s sleep with all the hustle and bustle of a big city like Cleveland.” Henry sadly thought to himself, ‘If Seth did not get a good night’s sleep it was because of the hustle and bustle we created on our own.’ While Henry served her breakfast he suggested they discuss plans for Seth. “When I wasn’t sleeping last night I was thinking of what we should do for Seth. What did Alex suggest? He is such a nice man. I know Seth trusted him. You cannot believe the wonderful things Seth said about Alex in his letters to me.” Henry knew the subject of cremation would be difficult so he started with the easy plans. “Alex suggested we have a small service for Seth in our garden on Saturday. You know that Seth rarely attended church services. In fact he did not believe the two of us together were welcome in churches.” Mama silently nodded in agreement knowing that churches would not accept two men living together. Henry continued, “We have a minister friend who knows all of us. I am sure he would be willing to provide a simple remembrance service.” Henry decided not to mention the minister was actually a Catholic priest, a person who many in Muddy Creek would consider an abomination. “Then in the late afternoon we could host a celebration of Seth’s life at a reception. All of his friends would be invited. I think you would be surprised as to how many people have been touched by Seth.” Then Seth would be sent to Georgia for burial in Muddy Creek. I know he had a little brother who adored him who died at the age of five. Seth would want to rest next to little Jimmy. You could arrange a service for him at home.” Mama was silent and then said, “Your plans are very thoughtful. Thank you. I can feel your love for Seth as you speak.” The Henry let loose with the big one. “Last April we attended the memorial service for a friend who had passed away. He had been cremated and his ashes were in a beautiful urn at the service. He has since been buried next to his wife. Alex and I are suggesting we have Seth cremated.” Mama was silent, then spoke, “I never considered the possibility of cremation. Of course I never considered the possibility of my lovely Seth dying. I should talk to his father about this.” Henry continued, “I do not wish to force a quick decision on you, but right now Seth is at a funeral home waiting for instructions. Would it be possible for you to call your husband now? Alex suggested you call him to discuss any arrangements. Then he can think about it and you can think about it and call him again this afternoon to discuss it more.” “This is not something I want to think about or discuss. But, I know we must make a decision.” Henry dialed the number at the father’s place of work and then handed the phone to Mama. He heard her side of the conversation. “Hi Masie, this is Betty” … ”Thank you for the kind words.” … ”No I am not home, I am calling long distance from Cleveland.” … ”I know these calls are very expensive. I am at the home of Seth’s employer. He told me to call anyone in Muddy Creek I wanted to talk to.” … ”I’ll wait while you find Jim.” …. ”Hi Jim.” … ”Everyone is so nice to me.” …. ”I slept in the guest room of the big house of Seth’s boss. He told me I could call anyone long distance I wanted to talk to.” … She then told him how caring and thoughtful everyone had been. She praised Alex and his friend, Roland. She told about the arrangements for the garden service, reception, sending Seth home and suggestion that he be buried next to little Jimmy. Then she spoke to him about the suggestion of a cremation. It was finally decided that he would think about it and that she would call him back that evening. After hanging up they discussed the plans and agreed to everything except the cremation. Henry continued, “Alex assumes you did not pack with a funeral in mind. He and Roland have a friend who owns a dress shop and another who is a hair dresser. They are making appointments for tomorrow morning if it is OK with you. Do not worry about cost. Alex considers you as family. He would do anything for Seth and desires to give you some pleasure during these sad times.” Mama had not had time to think about clothes. Suddenly she realized that for her son she needed to look her best. She agreed to the appointments and tearfully thanked both Roland and later Alex. That evening she called Jim, Seth’s father, at home. He told her, “I’ve thought about this all day. I called Rachel (Seth’s sister) and we agree that we are not happy with the whole idea of cremation. But we are both more upset with the thought of putting Seth in a box and having him transported by strangers on truck, train or however they do it. We also thought about Seth and little Jimmy. There would be room to bury an urn next to his little brother. You know how much Jimmy loved Seth. It would be nice to have them together. So if you are OK with the idea of cremation I am willing to have it done.” Thursday - After breakfast Henry took her to his and Seth’s apartment. Knowing Seth had been very particular about cleanliness and order she was not surprised at the clean, homey atmosphere. The three room apartment consisted of a living room, kitchen and bedroom with a double bed. Henry decided not to hide the fact that they slept in the same bed. She seemed to be accepting of their relationship and it would have been silly to tell her that he slept on the sofa in the living room and Seth in the big bed. They went through Seth’s belongings and selected a few items such as a pocket knife to give to his nephews. She cried when she saw the salt and pepper shaker on the kitchen table. They had been her mother’s, Seth’s grandmother’s. He had asked if he could have them when he moved to Daisyville. Henry insisted that she take them. Seth, an accomplished artist, had given his parents, sister and the Muddy Creek Library paintings and drawings. There was one on the wall depicting a scene along Muddy Creek, his hometown’s namesake. When she admired it Henry insisted she have it. Since he was planning to go to Muddy Creek for Seth’s memorial service he would bring it. She selected items of clothing to give to her grandsons, Seth’s nephews. The rest of the cloths were to be given to Seth’s friends or Goodwill. She especially enjoyed sitting at Seth’s kitchen table eating the lunch she helped Henry prepare. Friday - The events of the following day were surreal to Mama as she received special attention at the small dress boutique, a word for a store she had never heard, and was pamper at the beauty salon. When they walked into the small dress shop near Shaker Square Alfred, the owner, swished up to them. “You must be Seth’s mother. I am so sad for you and your family. Seth was a good man and good friend. We all will miss him.” As he took her hand and kissed it, something Mama had only seen in movies, he guided her to a chair. Henry was shown to a chair in a corner designed as a waiting area for men. Never before had Mama been in a store where you sat while clothes were presented to you. Alfred suggested a simple, basic black sheath dress with half sleeves. He inquired as to her shoe size and called the nearby shoe store. A salesman soon arrived with a selection of basic black shoes. Alfred suggested and Mama accepted a pair of black leather low heel pumps. For a hat she had a difficult time choosing between a black straw hat with satin bow or a Jacqueline Kennedy pill box. She finally decided the straw hat would be a better choice to wear in Muddy Creek. Their next stop was Rinaldo’s Salon. Usually new customers were put on a waiting list at Rinaldo’s. However, when Roland called Rinaldo at his unlisted home phone number the hairdresser responded with great enthusiasm. He had not only met Henry and Seth at the New Year’s Eve party he had made a proposition that the men very nicely refused without hurting feelings. Rinaldo had told them that two of his fantasies were handsome red heads and gorgeous black men. He invited them to his salon after hours where he would with great pleasure massage, trim or shave any or all of their body parts. Later Henry and Seth had discussed taking him up on his offer but decided they did not want to get involved with him. Rinaldo had not forgotten either and more than once had taken his hand to his fifty year old dick while stroking with thoughts of black and red. After greeting Mrs. Cudley with condolences Rinaldo wrapped his arms around Henry and whispered in his ear, “I am still waiting to massage, trim and sculpt our beautiful body.” He then told Henry that the appointment would take at least three hours. Mama did not understand why it would take so long for a simple hair dressing but kept her thoughts to herself. When Henry returned three hours later he had to wait another thirty minutes. To his amazement she looked very much the same, yet different. Following a subtle hair style change, manicure, facial and professionally applied make-up she was the same Mama with a level of sophistication added. At home Roland insisted she model her new outfit. He gushed with praise and then excused himself for a minute. He returned holding a black velvet box. He opened it saying, “This string of pearls belonged to my mother. It will perfectly compliment your outfit and I want you to have it. When you wear these pearls you will be reminded of the happy life Seth had in Cleveland.” She would have been shocked if she knew their value. Lying in bed that night events of the past days swirled through Mrs. Cudley’s / Mama’s / Betty’s head. When Seth moved north to the big city she feared that he would be lonely and friendless. Never in her wildest dreams had she considered he would be surrounded by a circle of friends who really cared for him. While he had hinted in his letters that his life was full and rewarding she assumed he was just saying it to cover his lonesomeness. She still felt dazed from the pampering she had received in the dress shop and beauty shop or salon as what a ‘beauty shop’ was called here. While she felt guilty that her new clothes and beauty treatments had resulted from her son’s death, she also was pleased that his circle of friends cared enough for Seth to be sure his mother was treated so kindly. Tears formed as she thought of her little boy from Muddy Creek growing up to be a respected and cherished man. Saturday – A brief memorial service was scheduled for 2:00 in the afternoon with the celebration reception beginning at 4:00. Alex handed her the phone while suggesting she call Muddy Creek. “Since the long distance rates are cheaper on Saturday make all the calls you want.” She called both her husband and daughter talking about an hour. About an hour prior to the service the guests arrived. First Father Sean wearing a cleric collar come in. Obviously he knew her son well as he not only expressed condolences but talked about Seth as a real friend. Later she was stunned to learn that this religious man who was a good friend of Seth, Henry, Alex and Roland was a Catholic priest. She had never spoken to a pastor of this strange church, in fact she did not believe she had ever been in the same room as one. If there were any ‘Catholics’ in Muddy Creek they kept a low profile. She was in a daze as handsome man after handsome man arrived. They included two young men: Owen and his friend Lee, an Asia young man; two tall men in their thirties: Peter and Tom and with them arrived two elderly men: Will and Reg. Most of these men had been mentioned in Seth’s letter she was now able to place faces to names. Later in conversations she had an interesting discussion with Professor Will Lang. Most of his professional life he had taught at a college in Daisyville, Georgia. One summer he had hired Henry to do yard work and then realizing his potential he both financially and morally supported college attendance. Peter, the grandnephew of Will introduced himself. He had visited his Uncle Will one summer in Daisyville where he met Henry. Her Seth had attended an art class taught by Will and eventually met Peter and then Seth. She was not aware of the details of the meeting which started with Peter posing nude for Seth’s class and then continued with a session with Henry where a piece of art was started but not finished. Meeting in the basement den of Uncle Will’s home Seth planned to complete the drawing of the nude Peter started in the class a day earlier. Peter had suggested Henry attend, observe and possibly also pose nude for the talented red head artist. As soon as Peter and Henry posed Seth lost all interest in drawing. The three had an encounter of the best kind. Then Peter went to bed while Seth and Henry remained in the basement den the remainder of the night. This was the beginning of their loving friendship. Chairs had been set up under a maple tree in a corner of the yard. The only other furniture was a small rattan table. Henry escorted Mama from the house. After they were seated the rest filed in with Alex carrying and placing the urn with Seth’s ashes on the small table. Following a prayer and Bible reading by Father Sean remarks were spoken by some of Seth’s closest friends. As Henry held Mama’s hand retired Professor (Uncle) Will, Peter and Alex reflected on Seth’s life. Following the short service all returned to the house. Mrs. Cudley had interesting conversations with Uncle Will and Peter. She was surprised when Rinaldo arrived. He escorted her upstairs where he tweaked he make-up and hair. While she felt guilty about all the attention she was receiving she was happy that she would represent her son as an elegant lady, not the backwoods cracker that some had expected. Actually Rinaldo had an ulterior motive for offering his service. He lusted after Henry and had fantasized about massaging and trimming pits and crotch area. As he brought Mrs. Cudley back he quietly told Henry, “Whenever you are ready for some trimming or tweaking my talented hands are ready and willing. Call me sometime for a private appointment.” Henry just smiled. Mrs. Cudley was amazed at the number of people already at Seth’s Celebration of Life. She stood with Henry on one side of her and Alex on the other greeting each guest while hearing condolences and kind comments about Seth. There were teachers from Henry’s school, workers of the landscaping business and an assortment of others, mostly men, of all ages. Alex introduced her to a handsome man, Alan, his son and then to an elegant woman June, the mother of Alan. Alan’s wife was also introduced. June and Alex embraced and kissed in a very friendly way. When Mrs. Cudley asked Henry later about June and Alan he explained, “Back in the 1930s when Alex was a poor Russian immigrant he did yard work for a wealthy couple. Initiated by the wife, June, skinny poor Alex satisfied her in a way her banker husband was unable to. When she discovered she was pregnant she encouraged her husband to be more active in bed. She did not want Alex to know what had happened so she stopped having him take care of the yard and do odd jobs around the house and in her bed. When Alan was born her husband assumed the boy was his natural son. Years later after her husband had passed on Mrs. June Foyle hired a landscaping firm to take care of her yard. To both their surprises Alex arrived to discuss her requirements. Eventually the son, Alan, was told the truth. They are now good friends and Alex enjoys being a granddad to his three grandchildren.” Then with a chuckle Henry continued, “I am sure such situations like that never happen in Muddy Creek.” Mama laughed, “According to the gossip at the beauty shop there is a lot of what you call ‘hankie-pankie’ going on in Muddy Creek. By the time Seth graduated from high school half of the girls in his class had dropped out of school to get married or had visited relatives for an extended time to take care of situations.” Sunday Henry, Alex and Roland escorted Mama to the airport for her return flight to Georgia. They had agreed that Henry would visit Muddy Creek in two weeks to attend the memorial service for Seth. He and Aiden would drive to Georgia bringing Seth. After the service Henry would visit his family in Daisyville, Georgia and Aiden his family in Cou Rouge, Georgia.
  2. Tallguyct

    The King Tops the Queen

    January 1973 When Lee rolled over to select a card his now hard dick pointed straight up. He reached for a card, looked at it and showed it to Owen. As Owen starred at the Queen of spades held by his lover, his dick quivered with anticipation. Meanwhile, Lee’s ass trembled as it awaited the assault by his tender loving Owen. Although this would be his fifth cumming (fucking Alex after the party, morning suck off with Henry and Seth, 2nd Alex fuck, recent cuddling and completion with Lee) in less than twenty-four hours Owen’s dick immediately rose to the occasion in readiness as he rolled over onto his back. Lee opened a rubber and rolled it down the eager shaft. Then as instructed he removed the cap from the tube of K-Y lube and slathered a generous amount on the dick. He then squeezed lube onto two fingers of his right hand. He reached behind and rubbed it on the ‘rosebud’ as Vlad had called it. He then forced one finger in the tightly closed hole forcing lube into it. Next he attempted, as Vlad had suggested, to insert two fingers into the hole. Although his fingers were slim this was too uncomfortable to complete. Then with a forced smile on his face he looked at his love as he kneeled facing him with one knee on each side of Owen’s chest. He reached behind and took hold of the hard dick. Leaning back he aimed it toward the rosebud. “Be calm,” Owen whispered. “Go slow.” Lee felt the dickhead breaking into the opening. With it just an inch (2.5 cm) in he felt a throbbing pain. He forced himself to not retreat. With a pained expression on his face he just froze with the dick impaling him. As his ass assimilated to the attack it loosened and the pain subsided. He leaned back and felt the dick move in. While the pain returned it was not as intense as the first. Then he moved down and suddenly realized his love was implanted as far as possible. The pain remained. At this point the only gratification he received was knowing he was connected with Owen and hopefully giving him pleasure. The two just smiled at each other. Owen reached for Lee’s limp dick and was surprised that it did not react to caresses. What seemed like an eternity but in reality was only about half a minute Lee began up and down movements as the pain subsided. Suddenly he felt something inside that was amazing. As Vlad had explained there was a special spot and Owen’s dick must have found it. As Lee moved up and down the pain returned as the pleasure increased. His own dick had gone from totally limp to rock hard. He became more vigorous in his movements as the pain mingled with the pleasure. Owen was now gyrating and pumping into his love’s canal. Not unexpectedly Owen cried out as Lee felt his lover’s cock surge as it pumped juices into the rubber. With Owen still implanted in him Lee grabbed his dick and fisted it until a massive load of white cream gushed onto his love with most landing on the face and eager open mouth. Exhausted, Lee fell onto his love’s chest as Owen’s dick gently slid out. Lee’s lips landed on Owen’s and he eagerly licked and swallowed his own spunk. Both cried out, “THAT WAS INCREDIBLE.” Exhausted from the events of the day and the previous night at Alex’s and Roland’s the lovers contently fell asleep cuddling, now exhausted and very happy, soft dick to soft dick. At 6:00 the alarm went off and Lee grudgingly crawled out of bed. While a morning woodie was normal he was surprised that after the recent activities it was still able to stand tall as it did this morning. Quietly he got out of bed hoping he would not waken the cute soundly sleeping Owen. January 2 was the day his company conducted a total count of inventory. He would be crawling through dusty warehouses all day and possibly into the evening. As he pissed away his woodie thoughts turned to the incredible fuck. The morning usual woodie became an optimistic hardon. Normally when in such a state he would get back into bed, crawl down under the covers and use his lips below the hips to wake his sleeping lover. This morning there was no time to start something that usually lasted at least a half hour if not longer. As he stroked Owen appeared at his side ready to piss away his woodie. After emptying his bladder Owen began stroking his own. The two simultaneously shot their spunk into the toilet bowl and then departed, Owen back to bed, Lee to work. Owen slept until 10:00, probably the latest ever. However, considering the activity of New Year’s Day he certainly deserved the extra rest. After a quick breakfast he drove to the John Carrol University Library where he planned to spend the remainder of the day researching material for class projects and papers. However, his mind kept returning to the fucking good experience. Twice he took breaks from his research to visit the library men’s room and beat his meat in the privacy of a stall. He wasn’t concerned about saving himself for Lee as he knew his love would come home exhausted, probably late evening, after an intense day of finalizing the inventory value working with the auditors in the warehouse. Lee, who was responsible for shipping at the firm, Yang Brothers (named after the owners: Lee’s father and uncle) had told Owen they needed an accurate count to satisfy the auditors before they could ship merchandise to customers or unpack shipments from suppliers after January 1. Basically the business was shut down until the auditors were assured of the accuracy of the inventory count. Three years earlier there had been problems with the count that resulted in delayed shipments to customers. The extra freight costs of expediting the late shipments were substantial and had caused a drop in first quarter (January to March) profits. Lee was not going to let this problem be repeated no matter how late he had to work on January 2 and possibly into the morning of January 3. He enjoyed working again with CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Brad Summers, the auditor in charge. At 6 foot, 4 inches (1.93m) and thin the ever professional auditor extruded a business aura wearing a dark suit, crisp white shirt, conservative necktie and always arriving wearing a hat, a fedora except on hot summer days when he wore a straw boater. While giving a professional appearance his subtle sense of humor made working with him a pleasure. When there was an issue he would say, “We don’t have a problem but an opportunity for resolution.” Lee’s father did not enjoy working with auditors and to the delight of the son had made Lee the point person with them. Actually Lee had fantasized about this tall guy since their first meeting two years earlier. Keeping in mind the limitations on friendships between clients and auditors required by ethics of the auditing profession Lee and Brad had developed a cordial and pleasant working relationship. This year there were no serious problems with the count. By 7:00 (19:00) the two staff auditors working for Brad and Lee’s three warehouse helpers had gone home. Brad and Lee were ready to sign off on the count when the handsome auditor questioned one of the counts that had been recorded concerning a recently received shipment. The numbers of crates exceeded the amount needed for the inventory items, imported kitchen utensils. The two walked to the warehouse receiving area where the crates were stored. They opened the first three crates and determined the contents matched the count records. The fourth was heavier and had not been opened as the auditors had only required test counts of a sample of items. This wood box was nailed shut. Lee found a crowbar and pried it open. To their surprise it did not contain kitchen utensils but packages wrapped in brown paper tied with string. Lee opened a package and discovered magazines. The top magazine had a photo of a sexy girl on the cover. The title and other writing was in Chinese. Brad looked at it with interest. “What the fuck?” Lee translated, “The title of this magazine is something like ‘Pussies Like Big Dicks’.” With a smirk on his face Brad retorted, “To have an effective audit we must examine the contents of this box.” The two professional friends and also normal horny guys began to thumb through the new found treasure. There was a wide variety of magazines. All included Asian women either solo, or with other women or men performing sex acts, some that Lee had never imagined. While most of the men were Asian a few magazines featured white American looking men with Asian women. Brad commented, “Those healthy, hot looking American guys must be military personnel making an extra buck or just getting off.” Brad made no attempt to hide his interest. He would show Lee pictures and ask him to translate the brief comments. He seemed especially interested in a sequence of photos that started with two well-endowed cut white men with an Asian women. Photos included her both stroking the magnum dicks and attempting to suck them. Their various positions included a double fuck with one guy on his back with her sitting on him getting fucked in the ass while the other entered her from the top. Brad showed special interest on the next page that had her on her back being fucked by one and sucking the other while the two guys were kissing each other. Then as Brad turned the page he exclaimed, “Can you believe this?” She was on her back being fucked while the other guy stood over her head with his dick in the mouth of the guy fucking. “Now that looks like fun.” Lee was both shocked and intrigued that professional and conservative Brad would admit that seeing a guy being sucked off by another guy appeared to be fun. The next page was even more interesting. She was still on her back with the same guy plowing into her. But the other guy was now behind the fucker and to the amazement of Lee was fucking the guy who was fucking the girl. Lee noted the slight bulge in Brad’s conservative dark grey pinstripe suite had turned into a major bulge similar to his own swelling. After looking at these photos together Lee stated, “I’ve got a problem. If I don’t take care of myself I’m going to cream in my pants.” As he stood and started to walk to a private place Brad suggested, “I’m in the same condition. Let’s just do it here.” As he said this he unzipped, loosened his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. Lee was amazed at the size of the healthy dick that stood at attention. Cut, long, thick with a mushroom head the hard dick had juice seeping out of the piss hole. Lee dropped his pants exposing his less impressive piece. Brad looked with envy, “You are lucky to be intact. Must be nice to be able to roll that skin over our head.” While intently watching the other both stroked and shot impressive loads onto the floor. As Brad wiped his dick on a handkerchief, “This will be our little secret.” Then with a chuckle, “How will we record this in the inventory count.” Lee replied, “Seriously, I need to report this to my father and uncle. Possibly one of our employees is smuggling this stuff into the country. I am not sure it is legal to possess such material. However, since there are no official records of what this crate contains, if some magazines were to fall out they would not be missed.” They had discovered some magazines that only contained photos of men. Lee noted with interest that Brad selected one with Asian men and one with white men as well as some featuring men with women. As he selected similar magazines Brad commented, “It appears we have similar taste. My roommate, Jason, will certainly enjoy them.” Lee replied, “I am sure my roommate, Owen, will have happy moments with them.” Having solved the mystery of the extra inventory the two departed for their homes and roommates. It was after 10:00 (22:00) in the evening when Lee returned home. Owen was working in his office and upon hearing the key in the door went to the entry hall. He shared with his love a deep tongue probing kiss. Following their greeting Lee stated, “Sure was a long hard but very interesting day. You will never guess what Brad the auditor found when we investigated a box that was not listed on the inventory sheets.” As he led Owen to the sofa he handed him a bag with the magazines. While explaining the events surrounding the discovery Owen slowly turned the pages and carefully examined each photo. While he looked Lee gave a detailed narrative of the activities of finding the treasures. By the time he got to a description of Brad’s dick Owen was hard and dripping precum into his underwear. As soon as Lee finished describing the mutual jackoff he knelt in front of his love and with no resistance pulled down Owen’s pants. As the moist hard dick popped out Lee took it in his mouth and almost immediately swallowed his love’s cream. Following a quick shower together they got into bed and an exhausted Lee immediately fell asleep while Owen continued to study the magazines. This inspired a solo jackoff while his love slept next to him. The next morning at breakfast they discussed the magazines and inevitable fucking of Owen. “If it was not absolutely necessary that I go to work early this morning I would have you on the kitchen table. But we both want it to be more than just a ‘bam, bam, thank you sir’. Hopefully I will get home early and we can have a romantic dinner followed by an evening of bliss.” With that Lee kissed his love goodbye. As soon as he arrived at work Lee met with his father and uncle. He took them to his office where Brad had helped him carry the crate. Both his father and uncle were shocked and appeared concerned about the legal issue of having imported such material. They had the crate taken to a locked room. The magazines were never mentioned again and Lee did not ask how the issued was resolved. He did wonder if possibly his father, uncle or both had arranged to have the magazines shipped. He also wondered what they had done with them. Were they thrown away or did one or both of them keep the magazines for their middle aged jerk off sessions. Having personally seen how Vlad, twenty years older than him, as well as Alex and Roland, forty years older, enjoyed sex he now realized his father or uncle or both could be having a good time. Brad and Lee never spoke of their finding or mutual experience. Lee returned home earlier than usual that afternoon and after a sensuous greeting helped his love complete dinner preparations. Both knew this was the night Owen would give his ass to Lee. Owen was more bewildered than excited while Lee was full of anticipation. As they washed the dishes together after supper Lee could not hold back the enthusiastic thoughts of his love riding his dick. As Owen dried a dinner plate Lee stood behind him and wrapping his arms tight around him. He thrusted his crotch against Owen. Just the thought of what would soon happen made him hard. As he gyrated against his man Owen pushed back. “Are we going to finish the dishes or are you going to have your way with me?” Lee replied by pinching each of Owen’s nipples as he continued. “The dishes will wait. My dick won’t. Unless you want me to cum in my pants we better GET NAKED AND DO IT!“ Lee grabbed his love’s arm and pulled him into the bedroom. He ripped his clothes off and helped Owen remove his since he was not moving fast enough. Lee laid on his back with his pole standing tall ready to be mounted. He rolled on a rubber and a generous amount of lube. Squeezing a gob of K-Y on his fingers he told Owen to stand closer and bend over. He gently rubbed his lubed finger against the rosebud. When he attempted to push some into the delicate hole Owen became tense. “Relax my love.” “Sorry. I am very nervous. No matter how hard I try to tell my ass to ‘be calm’, it just won’t listen. Let me apply the lube.” Owen squeezed some on his finger. When he attempted to push some into his own hole the ass resisted the assault. He dreadfully thought to himself, ‘if my ass will not accept my own finger there is no way it will accept Lee. Hopefully it will relax once we get started’. Owen knelt on the bed facing his love with his knees straddling him. Placing his ass over the ready dick he leaned back. Lee reached under Owen and massaged his finger against the well lubed hole. When he tried to push in with his finger the opening tightened. “Relax. Just lean back and let nature take its course.” Owen leaned back but as the dick pressed against the hole the opening clamped shut. Finally with Owen leaning back and Lee pushing up the opening was invaded by less than half an inch (about 1 cm). The pain, both emotionally and physical was unbearable. Owen cried out and immediately jerked forward forcing the dick to pull out. Tears began to fall, “I just cannot do it. I am so sorry.” Lee pulled him into an embrace. “Remember when Vlad said, ‘Vive la difference’? We are all different. I love you. Not for your ass, but for YOU. I wanted to fuck you to give you pleasure, not pain. Fucking you is not important to me. Giving you pleasure is!” The two lovers, now embraced and deep kissing. The painful encounter had resulted in exceptionally limp dicks for both. Wrapped in each other’s arms each dick began to rise. Lee whispered, “I want you in me.” He rolled Owen, whose dick had overcome its embarrassment, onto his back. Forgetting the use of a rubber Lee took the tube of K-Y and lubed Owen’s revived dick and his own hole. Kneeling over his love he let himself be impaled as far as it would go. As suggested by Vlad he paused to adjust to the invasion. Then Lee slowly raised himself and sat back getting full penetration. He felt the pressure against that special spot. His enthusiasm increased. He began more vigorous movements as Owen began thrusting. The activity increased and Owen’s dick fell out. Lee immediately reached back and with no difficulty reinserted it. With each thrust the pleasure increased at the same rate as the pain. At the point where Lee thought the pain would force him to stop Owen cried out as his dick pumped an enormous load. Lee felt the spasms and his own hard dick without being touched propelled gobs of cream onto the chest and face of his love. As Owen’s dick eased out of its entrapment Lee fell forward and the two were soon embracing, chest to sticky chest. Eventually they showered helping each other clean Lee’s hole, Owen’s dick and both of their cum covered chests. Returning to the kitchen naked they finished washing the dishes. As Lee dried the last plate Owen stood behind him wrapping his arms around him while grinding his rising dick against the rosebud. Lee pushed away. He walked over to the kitchen table and removed the placemats, salt & pepper shakers and sugar bowl. He then opened a kitchen cabinet and took out the can of Crisco. Lee handed the can to Owen as he mounted the table laying on his back. Owen needed no instructions as he lubed both his ready dick and love’s hole. With no difficulty Owen impaled Lee. As he thrusted with a smile on his face Lee reached up and pulled him down as they kissed while Owen continued to pump. Lee felt only pleasure. Having just recently unloaded Owen was able to last longer until he again filled his love. Lee reached down and with just a couple of strokes unloaded himself onto his chest. Following showers they crawled into bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning after breakfast as they cleared the table Lee handed Owen the can of Crisco. He let his robe drop to the floor and mounted the table on his back. When Lee arrived late to work he still had a smile on his face. A week later Aiden called Owen and invited them to their weekly dinner with Seth and Henry. Owen gladly accepted and the following Wednesday as they walked up the stairs to Vlad’s and Aiden’s they encounter Henry and Seth who were knocking on the door. Vlad laughed as he opened the door, “I see you all are ‘coming’ at the same time.” The conversation was light and interesting. As dessert was served Lee took out a package containing some of the magazines he and Brad had found. As they were passed around the table everyone keenly checked out and commented on the photos. Historical note: Prior to the 1970s the only legal male magazines available had the penis of nude males \either covered by g-strings, jock-straps or posed so that it was not visible. In the early 1970s publications appeared showing a soft dick. By the mid 1970s erections were displayed and the anything goes photos became legal and fully enjoyed. Lee and friends were viewing material that was probably illegal in 1973. While private collections of nude men were distributed between friends this was the first time any of them had seen hardcore activity in a publication. Lee translated some of the written Chinese material. Where the magazines were actually produced was not listed as the printing of such material was probably illegal in Asia. Although all the captions and comments were in Chinese none of the men sitting at the table cared. They did not need to read words to feel the impact of the publications. Lee told his friends they could borrow them but with two restrictions. “You are to tell no one where they came from. If asked ‘Say you found them in a trash can’. Secondly, you must promise to return them with clean pages. Any pages stuck together would result in punishment, possibly a spanking.” To which Henry replied, “Oh, I can hardly wait until the Oriental boy spanks my pretty ass. You are encouraging me to get the pages sticky.” Vlad spoke up, “You don’t need to do it to get the pages sticky to have your ass whipped. Just bend over and drop your pants and I will whack your pretty ass.” There was no spanking but the conversation continued in a light joking way. As Vlad said his goodbyes Lee took him aside, “Thank you for the brilliant fucking advice you gave us. Without going into details let’s just say we are both happy.” A week later Henry and Seth hosted the weekly dinner. To everyone’s disappointment the magazines were all returned squeaky clean, no spanking. The following week the group visited the home of Alex and Roland. With a piano available Lee provided before dinner entertainment. As expected Alex was the second dessert served ass up in the master bedroom. Never had Owen or Lee been happier as they hosted dinner for their circle a week later. They now had each other and a group of good friends that understood them. As the dinners progressed throughout the winter, spring and into summer so did the friendships. Except for Alex providing dessert there was no sexual activities between the pairs although there was much bedroom humor. As Owen walked into his apartment following a day in the university library a few days after Seth and Henry had hosted a dinner, the phone was ringing. He hoped it wasn’t Lee telling him something came up at work and he would be late for dinner. Answering the phone he listened to Vlad speaking in a very quivering voice, “There has been an accident. Seth’s truck was hit by someone who ran a red light. He is in critical condition at University Hospital.”
  3. Tallguyct

    Happy New Year – 1973  

    Happy New Year – 1973 After reading the invitation to the New Year’s Eve Party Owen and Lee went upstairs and knocked on the door of Vlad and Aiden. Vlad, wearing a red silk robe, a Christmas gift from Aiden, answered the door. While they sat in the living room discussing the party invitation Owen eyed Vlad’s exposed chest in the loosely wrapped robe. He wished the robe was opened lower exposing the handsome uncut dick he had only seen once, the night they pissed on the happy man from the bar. Vlad gave them backgrounds on their friends who had issued the invitation. “They had met them through mutual acquaintances, Peter and Tom of Columbus. Roland and Alex, both in their early sixties had been lovers for forty years. In the 1930s they had met in the nearby park when Roland was a student at Western Reserve University and Alex, a poor Russian immigrant living with his parents, worked as a laborer when he could find a job during the depression. Today Roland is a manager at Cleveland’s largest bookstore chain and Alex owns a successful landscaping business. They are gracious hosts in their Shaker Height’s home.” Vlad told the boys they would meet interesting people at the party and a good time was always had with Roland and Alex at their men only parties. They enthusiastically accepted the invitation. Vlad picked up the phone and called the hosts. After wishing a Merry Christmas he told them the young friends would cheerfully accept the party invitation. The remainder of the telephone conversation was in a foreign language, Russian. After hanging up Vlad told them Roland and Alex were looking forward to meeting them. He hoped it would not bother them that they would be the youngest men at the party. He then explained that Alex had answered the phone. They enjoyed talking to each other in their native language. Alex had reminded him that a Merry Christmas greeting was early as the Russian Orthodox Christmas would not be celebrated for two weeks. Vlad asked about their visit to Owen’s home. Owen told about his mother’s cool attitude toward Lee which was not unexpected. He then continued relating how Lee had expertly played the organ Christmas Eve. “By the time they left mother was delighted that her son’s new friend’s organ playing had captivated the entire congregation, father was impressed with his car and background and Sally liked him because he makes me happy”. He joked as he continued, “Unfortunately the serious organ playing was limited to the church. Since we slept in separate rooms and were always under the watchful eyes of mother playing the man organs was limited to a couple of quick blow and hand jobs.” Vlad and Aiden had just returned a few hours earlier from a week long visit to the farm near Seville, about an hour drive into Ohio farmland where they visited two good friends, Reg and Will. Both in their 70s Reg had been a valuable and loveable friend to Vlad. Soon after arrival in the USA over twenty-five years ago Vlad had attended a Methodist Church in Washington DC, not for the religious experience, but the ‘American’ experience since it was the tradition to attend church on Sunday morning in the 1940s. Reg had mentored Vlad as he transitioned from the Soviet to American life style. Reg shared his home and bed with Vlad. With Reg’s encouragement and financial support Vlad had completed an undergraduate university program in Washington and moved to Cleveland to continue his studies obtaining master’s and a PhD at Western Reserve University where he was now a respected professor. While Reg’s home was in Washington DC and Will’s on the farm the two visited each other frequently and enjoyed traveling together. They were planning to stay with Vlad and Aiden during the month of January attending the theater, Cleveland Orchestra concerts at nearby Severance Hall, museum hopping and generally enjoying each other’s company. In February they were flying to Paris, the ’City of Love’, to explore during the quiet winter season. Vlad told the young friends they would enjoy meeting these mature men with fascinating backgrounds and life adventures. When Vlad stood his robe accidentally (or not) fell open and Owen received a glimpse of the well-endowed uncut dick swinging over full balls. Vlad did not immediately pull the robe closed. After they departed Aiden commented, “Owen certainly enjoyed checking out your exposed chest and then more. He made no attempt to hide his inspection of the glorious dick you flaunted”. Vlad replied, “It is your fault. This soft silk Christmas gift you gave me caresses my body. Just the feeling of its softness makes me horney. That peek at all of me was my special Christmas present to Owen.” “I knew your reaction to the feel of the robe would be worth the cost ‘as you dawn your gay apparel. After all these years you still constantly turn me on.” He then approached his lover pressing his lips to his and he slid his hand through the robe opening to the crotch. The robe fell to the floor as Aiden fell to his knees. And so the Merry Christmas celebration continued. New Year’s Eve as the four friends pulled into the driveway Owen was impressed with the appearance of the holiday decorated elegant home of Roland and Alex. There were already a number of cars in the driveway. Alex and Roland greeted their guests in the gaily decorated entrance hall. Both the young men were surprised at the vitality of these two men who they had pictured as ‘old guys’. Short thin Roland was handsome and Alex was stunning. Just under six feet tall (1.83 m), and muscular he had the bluest eyes they had ever seen. His dirty blond thick hair crowned his rugged, sexy face. Owen, who was intrigued by uncut dicks thought to himself as he felt a twinge in his crotch, ‘you are a handsome Russian, therefore you must have a handsome uncut dick’. After introductions Alex stated, “There is one American Christmas tradition that I especially adore. You two are standing under the mistletoe.” He then pulled both into a hug kissing one and then the other on the lips. Owen kissed back with his tongue as the two lingered longer than a traditional friendly kiss required. They were then escorted into the living room and introduced to the other ten guests, men who appeared to rang in age from their thirties to sixties or older. They gravitated to two guests, Henry Baily and Seth Cudley. They learned that both were from small towns in Georgia. They had met as a result of Seth taking an art class from Will Lang, an art professor at the local college. The same now retired Will that Vlad and Aiden had visited on the farm the week before Christmas. The grand-nephew of Will who was visiting from Ohio twenty –five years earlier in the summer of 1958 had posed nude for the class. The nephew, Peter Smith, had invited Seth to the house to finish the painting. Henry, a college student, was doing yard work and odd jobs for Uncle Will the summer Peter visited. Despite the prejudices of small town Georgia the white Peter and Negro Henry became friends and created a love nest in the basement of Uncle Will’s home. When Seth visited the evening after the art class Peter suggested Henry watch and possibly pose while Seth finished the nude painting. The painting was not finished that evening as a loving friendship developed between Seth and Henry. However, there love was dangerous for two reasons: love between two men was not accepted and even more threatening was love between a black and a white in rural Georgia. Negro Henry was tall, handsome with penetrating brown eyes. Red head Seth was pure white with a muscular build. They had moved north hoping to find a more acceptable environment for their mixed race friendship. With the guidance of Will and their host tonight, Roland, Henry had found a position in Cleveland teaching junior high school English. Seth had been hired by Alex at his landscaping firm. With his mechanical and leadership skills he now assisted Alex in running the business. Alex hoped that Seth would take over the business when he retired. The four easily discussed their backgrounds, life in Cleveland and future plans. When Henry discovered Lee was an accomplished pianist he took his hand and led him to the piano. The shy Lee was hesitant but Henry insisted and the music began. When he started playing a Rachmaninoff concerto all conversation ceased as the guests realized they were hearing a true virtuosos playing. Tears came to the eyes of Alex and Vlad who had both lived in Moscow prior to coming to the USA as had Sergei Rachmaninoff. The playing was interrupted when Roland announced the televised spectacle of the ball dropping hosted by Dick Clark at Times Square in New York City would be on in ten minutes. Champaign was distributed and all joined in the countdown as the ball dropped ushering in 1973. The party continued for another hour. As guests began to depart Vlad took Owen and Lee aside telling them that although the formal party had ended they were invited to stay the night. “I and Aiden as well as Henry and Seth will continue to party after the other guests have gone. You two are also invited to stay. If you choose not to you may take my car home. Henry will drive Aiden and me home in the morning. Before you accept or decline the invitation you should know the agenda. It will be sexual. Aiden and I are true to each other except for very infrequent trysts with close friends. We have strong feelings for Alex and Roland and enjoy their company. The fact is that Alex is a bottom and enjoys, really enjoys, being fucked. The four of us, myself, Aiden, Henry and Seth, will give him what he wants. Then we will go our separate ways for the remainder of the night and Roland will continued what we started. You are invited to participate or just watch.” At this point Roland walked over, “I assume Vlad is extending our invitation. It is a sincere offer. You are welcome to participate or just observe. It would certainly be wonderful to have such handsome young men in the room with us even if you do not join in. Alex and I truly hope you will stay.” Lee replied, “Thank you for the invitation. Owen and I will discuss it and let you know.” They stepped aside. Owen began, “So my love, what do you think?” Lee: “I am willing to stay, but if you do not want to I have no problem going home with you now and celebrating the beginning of 1973 in our special way.” Owen: “Actually, I find the concept of ‘fucking’ strange but interesting. I do not know if I would be willing to participate. Also, I have never seen a black man up close. The few times I have had an opportunity to check one out was in the gymnasium shower at college when I was too intimidated to even sneak a peek at the whole body. Henry is handsome. I assume he is not different than us except for the color. But white or black, I would like to see that handsome body. And the red head Seth with the pure white skin is intriguing. Is the hair red down there? Must be enchanting. I would like to stay. Just looking at those guys would be interesting.” Lee: “I agree with all of your observations. I have also never seen a black man up close. Just thinking of it is making me hard. Also, those handsome Russians, Vlad and Alex. The thought of watching Vlad’s ass flex as he pumps into Alex has me getting really hard. (Owen looked down noting the obvious tent in Lee’s pants) Let’s go for it and see what we see, maybe more than just see.” With that Lee pulled his love in for a kiss. They returned to Roland and Vlad. “We will accept but we are not sure about level of participation. Right now we are saying ‘eyes only’ but that could change.” Roland chuckled, “The bulge in Lee’s pants indicates his interest. I guarantee your staying will be interesting, whether or not it is just visual or full participation. Roland escorted them upstairs. Vlad and Aiden went to one guest room, Henry and Seth to another while Owen and Lee were escorted to a den that appeared to be a home office with a sofa. “There are robes in the closet. This sofa opens to a bed. Make yourselves comfortable. Alex needs some time to prepare for this special celebration. We’ll call you when he is ready. There is a bathroom down the hall. You may shower although you do look sweet and clean as you are. If you need any inspiration there are photos of interest in the bottom desk drawer. Please, no hands or lips on dicks yet! Save it.” Lee went down the hall to piss and was surprised to see through the open door naked Henry standing at the toilet letting loose a full yellow stream. He smiled at lee. “Come on in. I was just going to take a shower. Care to join me?” Lee was speechless. Regaining his composure he could not resist the offer. Dropping his clothes on the bathroom floor he stepped into the bathtub shower with Henry. His average sized uncut dick sprang to full attention as he stood close to the Negro. With a smile Henry said, “I’ll wash yours if you wash mine”. With soapy hands Lee eagerly took the soft but hardening black dick in hand and caressed it. “Sorry, that’s enough. I want to save this for Alex.” As he said this Henry reached down and pulled the skin from the head of Lee’s and gently massaged it, then stopped. “Think it is enough for both of us. See you soon.” A naked Lee went back to the den and relayed his experience to Owen who would have been jealous except that he knew he would soon have the same or similar opportunity. He was holding a photo of men doing what men do. They were amazed with the photos of men fucking, sucking and jacking. They had never seen such a quantity of quality of pornographic photos. The only magazines available for purchase were ‘nature’ or ‘muscle’ magazines with men posed wearing jock straps or G strings. Meanwhile, Roland was helping Alex prepare. While Alex undressed Roland went to the bathroom and filled a hot water bottle with warm water. He made sure the rubber bottle, hose and douche insert tool were all clean and secure. Naked Alex came into the bathroom and kneeled on the floor with his ass up. Roland gently inserted the douche and released a slow stream of the warm water. When the appropriate amount of water had flowed in Roland gently removed the douche and left Alex alone to take care of himself. Alex, experienced in this procedure, stayed down as long as he could hold it in. After an agonizing few minutes that always felt like an eternity he sat on the toilet and let nature clean him out. He then did some knee bends and pushups to rejuvenate his body. After some more time on the toilet he took a quick shower and was ready. Everyone, each wearing a silky robe, was then invited to the large master bedroom with its king size bed. Roland then explained to the new comers (or cummers) how they would proceed. Each of the four or six if Owen and Lee wanted to join in would draw a card from a deck. The highest card would go first. While Alex has squeaky clean all wore rubbers since the sexual activity history of each was unknown. After the four or six had had their way with Alex’s willing ass they would go in pairs to their rooms for the night. The cards were drawn with the order being Vlad, Aiden, Henry and finally Seth. The athletic Alex laid on his back on the bed with a pillow propping up his eager ass. Roland generously greased his loves anxious hole. Vlad moved in between this legs. Rolling a rubber on his eager, hard dick he leaned forward and easily slid in. Since there would be five or seven fucks (the four or six guests plus Roland) each tried to be gentle. When Vlad pulled out Henry moved in. With interest Owen examined each dick as it prepared itself and then moved in. He noted that of the four Henry and Vlad definitely had the most impressive pieces. He then observed that each couple included a cut dick and a natural one assuming Roland who was the only one still wearing a robe was cut. The four white Americans were all cut while the two Russians, Asian and Negro were natural. As he watched Owen fantasized sucking each uncut dick. Unashamedly he stood near the bed where the activity took place with his less than impressive dick at full hardness seeping precum. Lee whose uncut dick was now also at full mast put his arm around his love as they watched number three, Aiden, fuck. Lee whispered into his ear. “I want to do it. OK?” Owen whispered back, “Me too. Right now I am so ready that I hope rolling on the rubber will not bring me over the edge.” Roland smiled at the two young men as they took rubbers. The pure white ass of Seth was now propelling himself into Alex. When he finished with a loud hoop he pulled his cum filled rubber out. He triumphantly pulled it off displaying the massive amount of liquid it held. Roland then leaned into Alex, “I believe our young friends would like to savor you. May they?” “You know the answer. However since these are newcomers let me get a close look at their manhood before it invades me.” As he gently fingered each young dick and balls he said, “Right now I am very conflicted, Do I want to just hold and caress them and then enjoy a face full? Do I swallow each and savor a mouthful? Or do I let them roll on rubbers and have me as the others and feel their throbbing as they explode? We are here to fuck. Go for it” He then let go of the dicks and wiggled his ass. After rolling on a rubber first Lee mounted him. To the disappointment of Alex he only lasted a couple of strokes. Owen moved in. Since he was number six Alex was loosened so one of the smallest dicks to fuck him that evening easily slid in with little feeling. But the lack of feeling was made up by realization that his ass was giving that dick a unique experience. While Owen only lasted a few strokes his cumming was one of the most intense of his life. He felt gobs and gobs of juice fill the rubber. He almost passed out from the euphoric feeling. Pulling out and removing the rubber he proudly displayed the fullest load of the night. Then as Alex rolled onto his side Roland let his robe drop to the floor. Lee and Owen were stunned by the sight. At 5’ 6” ( 1.65m) he was not only the shortest man of the group but also the thinnest. However while small in statue his large cut now hard dick of at least 7 inches (18 cm) was the most impressive of all. Also his small body even more emphasized the magnitude of his piece. The six quietly departed the room as Roland slid in next to his love for what all assumed would be Alex’s most satisfying coupling. As they walked down the hall carrying their robes Henry said to Owen and Lee, “The sofa in the den opens into a very uncomfortable double bed. Seth and I have a large cozy bed in our room. While I am not suggesting an encounter, it would be nice to share space with two handsome young men. Seth has agreed that an invitation should be made. You’ll sleep better in our bed than in that lumpy, overly soft sofa bed.” Owen looked at Lee who whispered “I am willing but only if you are.” Owen just smiled as they followed Seth and Henry to the large king size bed in the guest room. It was now 3:00 and the four exhausted and contented naked men crawled into the huge bed. Henry and Lee were in the middle, back to back as each faced his own lover. However, their backs and asses touched and each fell asleep sprouting hard, fatigued dicks. Mid morning Henry woke with a need to piss. He crawled over Seth and stepped out of the bed. As he walked around the bed toward the door he saw the awake Lee observing his morning ‘woodie’. Henry smile and caressed his dick as he headed for the bathroom. Lee feeling the urge to go and also check out Henry crawled out of bed maneuvering over Owen. This woke Owen who followed his lover to the bathroom. The door to the bathroom was open and Henry smiled at his friends as they watched him drain himself. While Owen and Lee pissed the now awake Seth joined them. Returning to the bedroom they found Henry laying on his back stroking his impressive piece of black meat. “Anybody want to play?” Eventually Seth and Henry had the pleasure of tasting their first Asian dick with Henry drinking his first Oriental elixir. Owen and Lee had with difficulty each swallowed to the base their first black cock with Lee having the pleasure of swallowing Negro juice. They laughed after commenting, Black, White, Oriental – they all taste the same. Following breakfast Roland and Alex invited all back to the bedroom for a farewell fuck. Roland suggested Lee and Owen go first since their previous ones had been short in time since the two had waited to the end and were so horney they both exploded almost immediately upon insertion. He did not tell them that Alex had requested their small dicks go first as he barely felt any sensation after having the well endowed Vlad and Henry loosen him the night before. Lee and Owen enjoyed longer fucks this time as the others watched the enthusiasm of the young men. As they drove home Owen and Lee told Vlad and Aiden that they had discussed fucking each other but were afraid to attempt it. Vlad told his friends the feeling of receiving his lovers dick could be exhilarating and sensual but that it could also be painful, especially the first few times. He explained both the psychological and physical implications. “From an emotional viewpoint the bottom must totally trust the top. I am sure trusting would not be an issue between you two. From a physical viewpoint the bottom probably might experience some level of pain the first time. Lubrication is extremely important. I will give you a special lube to use. The bottom’s fear of pain could be lessened if he were in control. I suggest your first time the bottom, the guy being fucked, actually place himself on top.” This comment resulted in confusion in the eyes of his two young students of fucking. “The top should lay on his back with his hard dick pointed up. The receiver should then kneel while facing his invader. Then he should gently lower himself onto the hard dick. Since the guy being fucked is in a position to be in total control of the insertion he need not fear about pain as he knows he can pull away if necessary. Once the dick is in pause and let the ass adjust. Any discomfort should go away or at least decrease. Then slowly rise and lower yourself feeling your lover inside you. Hopefully, at some point the pain will turn to pleasure. Feeling the dick pulsate as it discharges into you is one of the most incredible feelings a man can have. There is a special sensitive spot inside you. When the invading dick caresses that spot you will have an amazing feeling. For some men being fucked is pure ecstasy, our friend Alex for example. For others it is just a ‘pain in the ass’ with no special feeling. We are all different, vive la difference.” Lee then asked about the use of a rubber. “I suggest you use a well lubed rubber the first time. Obviously, considering where the dick is going things could get messy. There are ways for the bottom to clean himself prior to the fuck. Helping your partner prepare can be part of the loving process. But, for the first time I suggest you don’t make it too complicated.” Vlad then explained how to douche using warm water and a hot water bottle. “When you fuck bareback, not using a rubber, Crisco is a cheap, handy and very effective lube. But the oils in the Crisco could react with the rubber causing it to break so I suggest you use a lube designed for use with rubbers.” Owen chuckled as he commented, “You seem to be speaking from experience.” “I am twenty years older than you. Hopefully when you are my age you will speak with abundant experience.” After arrival at the apartment building each couple returned to their own home. Almost immediately Lee answered a knock at their door. Vlad handed him a bag containing rubbers and lube. “While I am not going to dwell into your personal sex lives, use these, if you so desire, with pleasure.” The first time one of them lost his virginity would be delayed as Lee was expected at a family party. While the traditional Chinese New Year celebration would not be celebrated until February 8, 1973, the beginning of the year of the Ox, the family attended a party at the home of the uncle every year on New Year’s Day. While it was not unusual for the single adults to bring dates to the event Lee and Owen mutually agreed this would not be an appropriate time to introduce the white friend to the Chinese clan. After Lee departed for the family event Owen continued to think about fucking. He wanted to be dominated and give pleasure to Lee while he did not wat to be submissive and endure the possible pain. Then he would imagine the feel, pain and pleasure of Lee mounting him. One minute his dick would be hard with anticipation and then it would deflate with thoughts of the consequences of a painful fuck. Who would fuck who? While the event had been on their minds constantly since their first fuck of Alex early that same morning they had not had much alone time to discuss it. Being alone in the apartment where he would soon share his lover’s body in the most intimate way Owen decided he needed a change of scenery to clear his head. He began his walk in the cold and crisp winter air. Falling snowflakes created a real winter wonderland while he strolled the tree lined sidewalks. After thirty minutes of brisk walking he came upon a neighborhood bar that was one of the few businesses open on this holiday. Being not much of a drinker he had no interest in imbibing and started to order a cup of coffee when he decided, ‘what the hell, I am going to celebrate’ and requested a gin and tonic. While sipping his drink a man sat in the bar stool next to him. The guy was slightly drunk and began complaining about his wife and relatives. While Owen had no desire to talk with him, he was willing to listen since it would help pass the time until he and Lee were together. As the man rambled on Owen suddenly realized he had placed his hand on Owen’s upper leg. The man, in his forties, continued to talk as his hand massaged Owen’s leg. The younger man was surprised he permitted this assault while his hardening dick inspired him not to push the hand away. The hand moved up and was soon rubbing the hard young dick. When his new friend attempted to unzip his pants Owen leaned in and quietly said, “As good as that feels, it has a date with my boyfriend who is returning home soon. You have a Happy New year.” With that Owen got up and walked out of the bar. As Owen hurried home he felt light headed. Was it from the one drink? The encounter in the bar? Or anticipation of the planned coupling with Lee? He really needed to piss but had not done it at the bar as he did not want to encourage his temporary friend to follow him into the men’s room. Finally arriving home he immediately stood at the toilet holding his piece of great joy as he unloaded a long stream. Suddenly he was thinking of their experience of pissing on the man months earlier with Vlad and Aiden. His dick was now rock hard and he resisted an attempt to stroke it while saving himself for Lee. By the time Lee arrived home two hours later Owen was in a total state of anxiety. As Lee walked through the door Owen grabbed him, held him tight and felt their hard dicks, pressed together between them, enjoying the company of the other’s. Owen led Lee to the bedroom while telling him how much he had anticipated this moment. Lee stopped and pulled his love against him stating, “The family party was both enjoyable and also seemed to go on forever as my dick was in a state of constant hardness. Luckily I wore tight briefs or my parents and relatives would have been shocked with my display.” Owen then explained his plan, “I have placed two playing cards on the night stand. You pick one, the other is mine. There is a king and queen of spades. He who gets the king will fuck the queen. Lee intently studied the face down cards. Like Owen he both wanted to have his lover in him and feared having his lover in him. He spoke, “Let’s get naked first.” They helped each other undress and cuddled on the bed. As they held each other in a tight embrace each dick rubbed against the other’s. Lee suddenly cried out, “I’m cumming.” As his juices spewed, Owen who had been painfully holding back his desires, also let loose. The exhausted lovers remained entwined as they fell asleep in each other’s arms as the sticky juices dried. About an hour later as Owen opened his sleepy eyes he saw Lee smiling and staring at him. “Have Mr. Owen and Mr. Lee rested long enough to select a card?” Owen replied, “Sure has,” as he felt himself getting hard. When Lee rolled over to select a card his now hard dick pointed straight up. He reached for a card, looked at it and showed it to Owen.
  4. Tallguyct

    Finding Mr. Right

    A week later at a reception for graduating business students Owen introduced his parents, brother with his wife and children and sister to Professor Hastings. The parents thanked Aiden telling him Owen had told him what a wonderful influence he had been on their son. He thanked them while thinking, ‘If you only knew how much I taught him’. Later his mother cornered the professor and again thanked him. She then told him that she did not understand why her son had left home to attend college as he could have lived at home where he would get decent meals and attend nearby Findlay College. She was also perplexed why he insisted attending graduate school at John Carroll, a Roman Catholic institution, when University of Toledo was not far from home. She did not see what kind of future he could have in a big city like Cleveland. There were many opportunities in Findlay and he could stay at home until he married. Aiden just smiled as she talked. It became obvious that Owen had made the right decision to create a life of his own out of the eyesight of his outspoken wishful mother. She would probably never accept his lifestyle. When Aiden had escaped from the mother Owen’s sister came up to him. “I see my mother has been talking to you, about Owen’s future I assume. He is a good brother and I am happy he got away from her commanding mentality. Our older brother eluded it by getting married. I don’t see marriage in Owen’s future.” Aiden thought to himself, ‘Does she know his desires?’ She continued, “I am happy for him. He has told us how much of an influence you have been on him. I am glad he is staying in Cleveland and hope you continue his friendship. I miss him. He is the one person I have been able to confide in. When he gets his own place, not just a dorm, I hope to visit this exciting city and see what it has to offer.” Aiden again thought to himself, ‘I know he is close to you, what a great brother to make sure his little sister has a supply of rubbers to keep herself safe.’ Thanks to a recommendation by Professor Aiden Hastings Owen was hired to work in the office of the Dean of Business over the summer. Aiden taught a five week summer school course starting the week after graduation. At least twice a week the student and professor had lunch together. Aiden found Owen’s quest to find Mr. Right interesting. While Owen continued to frequent ‘the bar’ he became selective after his first experience at a stranger’s home. During bar visits he had conversations with numerous and various men. None turned him on so he refused offers of home visits or quickies in the men’s room. One evening he noted an Asian looking young man about his age across the room. As he checked him out the Oriental glanced back at Owen. His very serious face turned into a smile as he looked at Aiden. Except for contacts in class Owen had never had a conversation with an Asian. While there were a few Asians in his high school none were in his circle of friends or even close to the circle. His mother would comment about how dirty they were and that she would never eat in a Chinese restaurant including the one owned by the parents of a girl, the valedictorian of his high school graduation class. When Owen glanced at the intriguing Oriental he was in a conversation with a man about thirty years old. This guy was handsome, articulate and someone he would like to get to know better. He had decided that ‘If this guy invites me back to his place, I will accept’. While eagerly hoping for an invitation the new acquaintance looked at his watch and said, “I have to get up early to meet a client in Canton (over an hour drive). Nice talking to you.” With that the man gulped down the remainder of his beer and walked out of Owen’s life. Dejected, he looked around the bar and saw no one of interest. The Asian man was gone. That night as Owen reviewed the events of the evening with his dick in one hand and a tissue in the other he thought of the man that got away. However, he was shocked when his thoughts moved from that man to the Asian. Lying in bed, as he shot his load into the Kleenex, he fantasized about the Oriental stranger with the smile. During the next two weeks he visited ‘the bar’ almost every other evening. The only memorable event was a jack off session at the urinal with a cute young, hardly eighteen, red headed guy who had a pure white long thin cut dick crowned by a thick thatch of red hair. He had lowered his pants while jacking revealing a small rounded pure white ass. When they were interrupted by someone entering Owen who had not lowered his pants moved into the urinal to hide his hard dick. The young redhead made no attempt to conceal his activity and seemed happy to flaunt his young dick and ass. The newcomer, an older bald man looked at the redhead and commented, “Now that is one beautiful sight. Please continue.” The older man pulled out his and after pissing began jacking himself. Owen backed away from the urinal and the three continued until all had shot their loads. Back home that evening Owen used the cute redheaded twink as his inspiration for fist time. Then he suddenly realized he had replaced the cutie with the Oriental as his inspiration. Two weeks later when Owen entered ‘the bar’ the Asian was standing alone in the back. Owen decided that he had to act fast or possibly loose him again. As he ordered a beer at the bar he laughed to himself. Most likely after I talk to this guy for two minutes I will decide we have nothing in common either intellectually of sexually. He walked up to the Asian, “Hi, What do you think of this place? I saw you here a couple of weeks ago. Do you come here often?” In a very soft voice, “Just a couple of times.” Owen did not know why but the soft voice coming from those sweet lips seemed very sensual to him. Owen then introduced himself and the stranger gave his name as Lee. He asked Lee how he had found this bar. The reply was that friends from college had recommended it. Their conversation easily continued. After about ten minutes Lee said, “I really enjoy talking with you but this place does not interest me.” Owen felt a twang of rejection. Was this guy going to say ‘good bye’? Then Lee suggested, “There is an all night diner not far from here. Why don’t we go for coffee and continue our chat?” Lee offered to drive telling Owen he would bring him back to his car later. Lee held the door open on the passenger side of his Porsche 911. As Owen got in he hoped his new acquaintance would not see the old Chevy Nova he drove that he had inherited from his mother. At the diner their conversation rolled on for two hours. By the time Lee dropped him off at his Nova Owen had learned: Lee had been born in Taiwan and immigrated to the USA with his parents when he was three years old, he had a younger brother and younger sister, he graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in economics – the major his father insisted he pursue while he minored in music – his passion, he had attended this liberal minded college as his parents felt as an Chinese he would have better acceptance there than at most other schools, he gladly accepted his parent’s recommendation since Oberlin was famous for its music education. He talked about his passion music and Owen later learned he was an accomplished on the piano. His father and uncle owned an import business specializing in imports from Taiwan, He worked for the family business and it was assumed he would someday take it over, his family religion was Buddhist although he only practiced it when with his parents to please them. He had never had a serious relationship with a girl and his family home was in Pepper Pike which later Owen learned was one of Cleveland’s exclusive suburbs. Owen shared his life story with Lee omitting his sexual encounters. While they did not discuss a mutual attraction for men it was understood they shared desires since they had met in a gay bar and both had admitted no interest in girls. After two hours of conversation Lee told Owen he needed to return home. As he dropped him off next to the old Chevy Lee told Owen that he really enjoyed the conversation and hoped they could meet again. Owen was so infatuated with this man that he immediately made a suggestion for a future meeting. They exchanged phone numbers and agreed to go to the movies together the following Saturday. Owen read a review of the film, Sunday Bloody Sunday showing at a local art cinema. Its story line would certainly encourage interesting discussion by the new friends. In the film a male Jewish doctor and a middle aged woman both have affairs with the same male artist. When Lee called about Saturday night he readily accepted Owen’s recommendation after hearing the story line. Lee picked up Owen at his dorm. As they sat in the sparsely filled dark theater Owen suddenly realized his hand on his knee was next to Lee’s hand. Owen moved his hand over expecting Lee to shift away in his seat. Instead Lee held firm and soon their hands were touching. Their fingers became entwined and they held hands the remainder of the film. Following the movie they returned to the same diner. This time over cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes their conversation turned to an intimate discussion of their experiences. Owen gave Lee a summary of his sexual coming of age and activities omitting flashing his dick at Aiden in the men’s room, the pissing on a stranger and the cheesy foul smelling uncut dick. The travels through sexual identity and activity recounted by Lee contained no surprises. Until he entered college he was confused about his feelings and just ignored them. In college a boy in his math class came onto him as they studied together. He did not know what was happening and let the study mate grope him. While totally conflicted he did enjoy the feeling. To his amazement the boy sucked him off. They became steady sex partners. The following semester they shared a dorm room. His new roommate introduced him to other gays. One evening during a drinking session in one of their acquaintance’s room one guy laid on the bed and asked to be fucked. While Lee was shocked he enjoyed watching and after two guys had fucked he dropped his pants and went where he had never gone before. He admitted that he enjoyed the companionship of the group fuck more than the actual act. While he had enjoyed being with his friends he never felt a strong attraction to any of them. It was one of them who had told him about the gay bar. Lee then looked into Owen’s eyes and said, “For reasons I do not understand you are the first person I have ever felt close to. I looked forward to our meeting again and admit at night I have thoughts about you when I play with Mr. Lee.” Owen replied that he felt the same way. He told Lee he had begun a quest for Mr. Right and that over the past few months had talked to many men, some of whom he had also had sex with. While he almost always enjoyed the sex and usually the conversations there was always something missing. Lee then told Owen that he really wanted to have an encounter with him but he wanted their first time to be special, not just in the car or a quick one in the men’s room. For the next two weeks they saw each other two or three times each week. One Saturday evening they attended Blossom Music Center where the Cleveland Orchestra presents summer outdoor concerts. While seating is available most of the audience sits on the sprawling lawn. Owen and Lee took a blanket, sandwiches and a bottle of wine. They chose a less crowded area and spread their blanket. During the first half of the concert they sat on the blanket. After the intermission the sun had set and they could only see shapes on nearby blankets. They laid next to each other and held hands. Lee pointed to the couple a few feet away. They had wrapped their blanket around themselves and by their quiet movement it appeared they were enjoying more than just the music. Quiet moans during vigorous movement was followed by silence and no movement. Lee whispered, “Makes me jealous that a man / woman couple can do it while we could get arrested for doing the same thing.” With that he reached for Owen’s hard dick. “I feel that you and I have the same thoughts. Hopefully someday soon we can really get to know each other.” He leaned in and placed his lips against Owen’s who opened his lips accepting the Asian tongue. Just as Owen was tempted to do more than kiss the sky lite up. As the orchestra played Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture fireworks brightened the sky and grounds. Lee laughed as he said, “Would you believe that gay Tchaikovsky interrupted our first kiss?” The following Monday Owen discussed his adventures with Aiden who asked him if he thought Lee was ‘the one to steal his heart’? Owen replied that he was positive while lamenting that they had not done more than hold hands and kiss. He knew Lee was as ready as he to finally ‘do it’. Then Aiden had a suggestion, “Why don’t you and Lee come to our home for dinner. After dinner Vlad and I will go out and you two may use our spare room to do as you please.” Owen was ecstatic with joy over the thought of being with his friend. “I would jump up and give you a big kiss here in the cafeteria but will hold back and just give you a giant smile and thank you.” Within an hour Aiden had called Vlad and Owen then called Lee and they agreed to meet for dinner the following evening. Lee picked up Owen at his dorm and they drove to the apartment. Vlad and Aiden graciously greeted Lee and then announced there was a change in plans. With a twinkle in his eye he announced they were going out in ten minutes and the boys would be on their own. In the refrigerator they would find cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise for making sandwiches. There was also potato salad, beer and soda and for dessert a Jane Parker lemon cake from the A & P supermarket. They then gave their guests a tour of the apartment. The boys were welcome to use the large shower off the master bedroom. They were shown the guest bedroom where they could have meaningful conversation. The availability of rubbers and lube in the nightstand as well as robes on a chair next to the bed were pointed out. The boys were welcome to stay as long as they pleased, until morning if that was their desire. Vlad and Aiden then departed stating they were going out to dinner and a movie and would be home after 10:00 (22:00). As the door closed Owen and Lee realized that for the first time they were alone together in a private place. Lee said, “I am starved and the food in the refrigerator looked delicious. But I am more starved for you. Let’s delay dinner.” Owen needed no encouragement as he took his friend’s hand and led him to the shower. They ripped off their clothes as fast as possible and stood naked facing each other, each with a rock had dick. Owen finally saw the masterpiece he had imagined for weeks. He had never considered it would be uncut. They each sprouted an average sized dick. Standing in the large shower before turning on the water Owen kneeled and took Lee’s piece in his hand. He pushed the skin back and pulled it forward. Lee had showered prior to their visit and his dick had the special odor of a clean uncut man. Owen was memorized by the experience of playing with the skin and savored the musk of a man. He held his finger against the skin’s piss opening and pulled it over his finger. With the foreskin covering his finger he massaged the hidden dickhead. Lee stood still looking down and smiling at his friend. As Owen stroked he felt the shaft quiver. He knew what to expect and white cream shot out. It landed on Owen’s hand, bare chest and some dripped onto his own hard dick. Still kneeling he stroked his dick using Lee’s cum as a lube and almost immediately unloaded onto the floor. He stood and the boys embraced with Owen’s cum covered chest against Lee’s. After showering with each washing every inch of the other from head to toes they put on the robes and went to the kitchen for sandwiches and drinks. Still enthralled by the discovery of an uncut dick Owen kneeled in front of Lee as he finished his sandwich. This time he played with the skin with his tongue as he held the now hard dick in his mouth. Lee soon pushed him away and taking his hand led Owen to their bed in the guest bedroom. This session was as tender as the first had been fast and furious. After thirty minutes of kissing and caressing Lee swallowed his friend’s dick and refused to release it until the juices streamed down his throat. He then cuddled next to Owen who tenderly finished him with cum squirting from Lee’s stomach to his chest to his lips. They rested in each other’s arms. Owen then went to the bathroom returning with a towel and a warm wet washcloth to clean off his lover. He was intrigued not only by the uncut dick but also the thick black wiry hair that crowned his Asian’s friend’s dick. Lee’s entire body was smooth and hairless except for the thick crotch thatch and tufts of hair in the armpits. They returned to the kitchen and had a piece of the lemon cake. Not yet in the mood for another session they went to the living room and turned on the TV. As interesting as Marshall Dillon was on Gunsmoke they soon found the body of the other more appealing. Their third session of the evening began on the floor of the living room and finished in their bedroom. When Vlad and Aiden returned from their night out they were not surprised to find the lovers in the guest room. Through the door which had been left open they saw the two sleeping with their naked bodies entwined. The following morning wearing robes Lee and Owen joined their friends at the breakfast table. They profusely gave their thanks. When Aiden apologized, in jest, for having invited them to dinner and then only serving sandwiches Lee replied that those sandwiches were part of the most delicious and memorable dinner he had ever had. Following a fast suck off session in their room the boys dressed. Lee departed for work while Owen and Aiden walked to the Euclid Avenue bus stop to catch a bus headed downtown toward the university. While riding the bus Owen again and again thanked Aiden without sharing details with their fellow passengers. At lunch in a nearly deserted student union on summer schedule Owen happily gave Aiden more details then the professor expected to hear including the joy of the man taste of an uncut dick. Aiden then told Lee they were welcome to come and cum (with a laugh) again. He told his friend that he would give him a key so they could easily arrange a rendezvous. At least twice a week Lee and Owen arranged time to be together at the apartment. When not meeting at the apartment they frequently had dates: movies, dinners, Cleveland Indians Baseball (Lee was an enthusiastic fan) or just exploring the city. One day in August Lee told Owen that he was considering getting an apartment of his own. His plan was to have an apartment with at least two bedrooms and rent a room to Owen. By renting to Owen they would be able to tell their parents they were living together as landlord and tenant, not as lovers. He would find an apartment on the east side near John Carroll University where Owen would start his business graduate degree in September. Lee told Owen that he did not need the rental income but would charge Owen the same amount as a dorm would cost so his parents would see this as nothing more than a quiet place to live and study. They would save the rent money for some fun activities. When Owen mentioned Lee’s plan to Aiden he was surprised when his friend suggested they consider renting an apartment in their building. Aiden told Owen that he would contact the management company to find out if any units would soon be available. What he did not tell Owen was that the owner of the building was Vlad. Vlad’s friend, mentor and lover, Reg, in Washington had arranged financing so Vlad could buy the building as an investment. Vlad did not want the tenants to know he was the owner. He did not want a knock on his door when there was a problem with the plumbing, the sidewalks did not get shoveled after a snow storm or any of the maladies that could happen to the building. Vlad told Aiden who relayed the information to Owen that a two bedroom apartment on the second floor would be available October 1. Since Owen would need housing when he began his graduate studies September 1 they agreed to offer him the use of the guest bedroom for a month. Vlad put Lee in contact with the management company. The present tenant permitted Owen and Lee to take a tour. Lee determined the apartment would be perfect. It consisted of a large living room with a dining area, small kitchen, a large master bedroom and a tiny second bedroom. The bathroom had a walk in shower that would accommodate two friendly people. He was surprised when told all walls would be painted in colors of his choice, the hardwood floors would be refinished and new appliances, refrigerator and stove, would be installed. He did not know that normally new tenants did not choose paint colors or received new appliances. Those arrangements were a secret gift of the owner, Vlad. Lee’s parents thought he should have moved into a more luxurious apartment that he had purchased not just rented. Lee replied that he wanted to just rent and adjust to living alone for now. The parents were also confused when Lee told them he had sublet a room. They naively accepted his statement that he was not totally ready to live alone yet. Owen’s parents were surprised that their son did not move into a graduate student dorm near the campus. He convinced them it would provide a better study environment if he was not in a dorm. His parents were pleased when they were told the nice professor who they had met at the graduation ceremonies lived in the same building. The first week of October the apartment was painted, floors refinished and furniture that Lee and Owen had selected was delivered. Owen moved his clothes and books into the small bedroom which he would use as a study room. The bed was for show so that any straight visitor would assume it was where Owen slept. The large bed in the master bedroom was for both play and sleep. Their first night they christened their king size bed in the master bedroom during a night that was mostly activity and very little sleep. A week later a new small upright piano was delivered. A month later Owen’s father visited the apartment while in Cleveland on business. Owen had pulled the covers back of his bed leaving it within an unmade recently slept in appearance. Lee was not home during the visit so the fact that he was living with a foreigner was not revealed. Lee, an accomplished pianist, frequently serenaded Owen while he studied. While he had never had an appreciation for classical music Owen began to look forward to the Bach, Beethoven and other piano concertos as he imagined the fingers that were stroking the keyboard would soon be stroking his body. Owen’s first visit home the first semester at John Carroll University was for the Thanksgiving holiday. He told his parents he planned to invite his landlord and friend, Lee, to accompany him when he returned home for Christmas. When his mother asked why Lee did not visit his own parents for this family holiday Owen replied that his family did not celebrate Christmas as they were Chinese and not followers of Christ. There was a period of silence when his sister Sally said, “Won’t it be neat to introduce someone to our holiday customs.” Mother made no comment. Over the pumpkin pie dessert his mother commented, “Our son has certainly become worldly. First he moves away from his family to the big city, then as a good Methodist attends a Roman Catholic college and also makes friends and lives with a heathen Chinaman.” Owen chose not to reply as his sister rolled her eyes. When Owen suggested that he buy a present for Lee for his parents to give at Christmas his mother agreed as she considered herself the perfect hostess and although she did not approve of her son’s friend who she had never met she wanted to hide her true feelings about a foreigner invading their Christmas celebration. She also thought to herself, ‘that poor Chinaman that has to rent out rooms in order to survive, he certainly deserves some happiness at Christmas time’. A week later Owen visited Halle’s, Cleveland’s upscale department store, and purchased a light blue cashmere sweater, button down blue shirt and paisley tie as a gift from his parents to Lee. While he would not tell Lee what he was receiving from the parents he did suggest that he give them presents. He offered to help Lee select gifts but his friend said he would find something nice on his own. Two days before Christmas Owen’s father was surprised as he looked out the window when he heard a car pulling into the driveway and saw his son and the Asian man get out of the Porsche. His wife had convinced him that they would be hosting a down and out Chinaman. He went out to the driveway and welcomed his son and guest. Wiping her hands on her apron mother welcomed Lee with a false sense of politeness. They carried their bags up stairs where Owen would sleep in his childhood bedroom and Lee in the now married older brother’s former bedroom. When they returned downstairs mother stated that she had forgotten to buy butter and needed a pound. Lee immediately announced, “Since my car is blocking the driveway why don’t we take it to the supermarket. Mr. Ramsay, if you do not mind, you can take my car. I’ll ride along and show you its unique features.” Owen had told Lee his father was a car buff and would be impressed with the Porsche. Owen did not expect Lee would hand his father the keys but was not surprised when he did. As the two went out the front door Owen knew his lover would charm father. Stuck home with his mother, Owen was forced to listen to her endless gossip. One comment did interest him. Ida Mae Higgenlooper, the church organist, had broken her wrist and would not be able to play at the Christmas Eve service. Mother was saddened that the only music would be from the out of tune piano played by the ‘not very talented’ wife of the minister. Owen had an idea that he would discuss with Lee as soon as he returned. Mother then became concerned. Father and Lee had been gone more than a half hour to just simply pick up a pound of butter at the small corner grocery store. Owen tried to placate his mother explaining that father had probably convinced Lee to go on a longer excursion. He would not be surprised if they were racing down the recently opened I-75 interstate highway. When they retuned almost forty minutes after going out for butter father was exhilarated as he had driven the Porsche on a section of I-75 as Owen had predicted. Owen took Lee aside and told him about the problem concerning the organ at the Christmas Eve service the following evening. After Easter, this was the highest attended service at the Methodist Church. Owen asked Lee if he thought he would be able to step in and play the organ. Lee was both hesitant and intrigued. While he was an accomplished pianist his only organ experience had been in a class he had taken at Oberlin College five years earlier. He also had never attended a Christian service so would have no idea what to do. Owen assured him that he would sit next to him acting as a page turner and guide through the service. Knowing his mother’s attitude about the ‘Chinaman’ Owen decided to call and discuss the possibility of Lee playing with Reverend Ames prior to getting his mother’s opinion. Owen called and explained Lee’s background in music but did not mention he was a Chinese Buddhist who had never attended a Christian church service. Reverend Ames was very receptive to the possibility and suggested they meet at the church in thirty minutes. Lee would be introduced to the organ and given the music for the following day’s service. Owen told his parents they had arranged a meeting with the Reverend to discuss the possibility of Lee playing at the Christmas Eve service. Mother was speechless, which was rare, as they left the house. Revered Ames showed no surprise about Lee’s ethnicity. Lee explained that while he played the piano daily he had not touched an organ since his class five years earlier. The Reverend laughed saying, “Hopefully it is like learning to ride a bike. Once you learn you never forget.” Lee sat at the organ and was soon playing scales while familiarizing himself with the two keyboards, stops and foot pedals. Within ten minutes it was obvious he would be able to play the melodies of the Christmas Carols. The Reverend had no clue that Lee had never sung a carol and that his only familiarity with them was hearing them on the radio and his participation on the piano in two Christmas concerts while a student. The Reverend was happy that Lee would be able to perform. He told the boys he needed to leave to meet with a parishioner and gave Owen keys to the church and music room telling them to stay as long as they pleased. Lee was enthralled playing this new instrument. For an hour he played every carol, the anthem and other music of the service. The next morning, Christmas Eve, they returned to the church and met with the choir director. She was impressed with the musical skills of this young man. While not saying it directly she implied that his skill was superior to that of the regular organist. On Christmas Eve as the congregation entered the nave they noticed the haunting beauty of the music. Lee’s performance was flawless. Following the service he was surrounded by well wishers, especially members of the choir. Ida Mae Higgenlooper, the regular organist, congratulated Lee on a superb performance. She told him she wished he was available to give her lessons after her hand healed. Mother was delighted as her friends praised the talent of her house guest. When most had departed Owen told Reverend Ames, “We have a confession to make. Lee is a Buddhist, this was the first Christian service he has ever attended and some of the carols we sang he had never heard before.” The Reverend laughed, “Obviously Lee is a very talented young man. The Lord brought him here when we needed him. Well, the Lord sure works in strange ways. The Church thanks both of you for your contribution.” Christmas morning Lee and the family (Father, Mother, Sally, Owen) gathered around the tree and opened presents. Upon their arrival two days earlier when Owen had handed Lee’s gift to his mother she was unhappy, but held her tongue, when she saw the price tag on the expensive gift her son had selected for the Chinaman that she was wrapping and giving. By Christmas morning that thought was forgiven: first by Lee’s performance Christmas Eve and then by the luxurious silk scarf imported from Taiwan she received as a gift from the Chinaman. (A month later while on a shopping trip with lady friends to Toledo Ohio’s most exclusive clothing store she saw the exact same scarf with a price tag that flabbergasted her). Never had she owned such an exquisite accessory. Sally was thrilled when she opened her present from Lee, a similar but smaller scarf. She jumped up and bounded over to the guest thanking him while planting a kiss on his cheek. An embarrassed Lee just said, “You are welcome. My family’s business imported your gifts. My father personally knows the owner of the workshop in Taiwan where the scarfs and ties were made.” Father was impressed with the two imported silk ties from Lee. When Lee opened his gift, the cashmere sweater, shirt and tie, he sincerely thanked the parents for the gift that he knew Owen had selected. Later that morning Sally announced she was going to visit her boyfriend and show off her gifts. Lee offered to drive her and as they went out the door he was heard asking her if she wanted to drive the Porsche. While she drove she told Lee how happy she was that her brother had found a real friend. She thought they seemed like kindred souls that belonged together. She told him that her parents were oblivious to what she perceived as a close friendship. She was sure they would not understand or share in the happiness. Lee was surprised that she would make such a comment about their friendship. He thanked her for understanding. He then told her he knew she and Owen had a close relationship and that he was happy the big brother had been so willing to mentor her on ‘life’ and make sure she was prepared. She laughed as she said, “I assume he told you he kept me supplied in rubbers just in case. Well, I certainly don’t see my mother or father being so liberal or willing to discuss life.” When the Porsche pulled into the driveway of the boyfriend’s parents he was stunned as he saw his sweetheart exit the driver’s seat. All Lee could think about as he was introduced to this tall, lanky guy was his rolling a rubber onto a tall, lanky dick. Meanwhile back home Owen was sitting in the living room while Father helped Mother complete preparations for Christmas dinner. He heard Father telling her what an impressive man Lee was and how fortunate it was that Owen had him as a friend. He told her that on their earlier drive Lee had told his background. “His parents had immigrated to the USA twenty-two years ago when he was three. They were poor but were able to come to our country with the help of his father’s brother who lived in Cleveland. Everyone, including the brother and his family, was poor. The two families lived in a crowded tenement on Cleveland’s east side. His father and uncle worked long hours in a warehouse. They started a small business importing trinkets from Taiwan and selling them first at events such as parades and later to stores. The business grew until today they employ twenty-five people and have one of the largest import businesses in the area. They no longer live in a tenement but in a Pepper Pike which is one of Cleveland’s most affluent suburbs. Lee, who is fluent in Chinese, oversees the packaging of goods to be shipped to customers. Soon he will have a position that requires travel both to customers in the USA and suppliers in Taiwan. He told me he was thrilled to have found a roommate who he could trust to manage his home when he traveled. And best of all he is a diehard Indians (Cleveland baseball team) fan. He was quoting statistics that I did not remember. His company has box seats and he told me I was welcome to use them. Hopefully he will encourage Owen to follow the team.” Owen’s older brother’s family arrived for gift exchange and Christmas dinner. With a houseful of family including two rambunctious grandsons Mother was no longer preoccupied with Owen and Lee. They departed for their home in Cleveland soon after dessert was served. Arriving at their apartment they found an envelope slid under the door. It contained an invitation to a New Year’s Eve party at the home of Roland and Alex. They were confused since neither knew a Roland or Alex. Attached to the invitation was a note: ‘When I told Roland and Alex about our new friends they wanted to invite you to their New Year’s Eve party. This man only party is both elegant and fun’. Signed / Vlad & Aiden.
  5. Tallguyct

    Searching for Mr. Right

    As Aiden and Vlad ate supper at home they discussed Aiden’s student, Owen. They both agreed that Owen appeared to be a typical confused gay boy. His coming of age story, while not uncommon, intrigued them. Aiden asked his partner if he would like to meet the young man. Vlad replied that it might be interesting. They discussed how to arrange such a meeting and agreed it would be best if they took him out to dinner. They did not want to invite him to their home as that might indicate something more than a meal was planned and they had no interest in any kind of sexual activity with him. They decided to take him to Manner’s Big Boy, a moderate priced family restaurant, as they wanted to downplay the significance of the invitation. The menu at Manner’s included the famous ‘Big Boy’ (a double decker two patty hamburger with cheese and a special sauce), full meals, thick milk shakes and both Vlad’s and Aiden’s favorite, strawberry pie with large berries in a sweet glaze. Following their next class Aiden spoke to Owen privately and suggested a dinner. The student readily accepted and they arranged to pick him up the following evening. At the restaurant they selected a booth that would give them privacy. After small talk and ordering dinner Vlad told Owen that he enjoyed hearing his ‘story’. He also told him that his story was very interesting and titillating. Owen asked Vlad to share some of his adventures. He was surprised that someone who had grown up in the Soviet Union was a professor of political science at a respected university. Vlad gave an edited version of his ‘coming of age’. He started how at the age of six he enjoyed watching the men at the tram (streetcar) depot where his father worked shower after their long shifts. He chuckled as he told how he was caught watching the most handsome man, other than his father, shower and the man had laughed and said in a voice no one else would hear, ‘So you think I have a nice khuy (dick). I hope that someday yours is as handsome as mine and that it gives you the enjoyment mine does.’ Of course at the age of six I had no idea what he meant by my dick giving pleasure. Rest assured, I certainly have learned what a delight it can be.” Vlad continued with learning to jerk off at the age of twelve, sneaking a peak at his parents fucking in the one room the family of six (parents, grandparents and two sons) shared in the Moscow communal apartment and his experiences attending a special high school for students proficient in foreign languages. His favorite teacher and mentor had escaped from Germany, as he learned later, after getting caught sucking the dick of the son of a Nazi official. This teacher, Franz, invited him into his bed and his heart. The last day he had seen Franz was the day the German army began its eastern movement across Poland toward the Soviet Union. All Germans in Moscow had been rounded up and then disappeared. As they ate their dessert, Manner’s Big Boy’s famous glazed strawberry pie, Vlad suggested (as he and Aiden had previously agreed) that they continue their discussion at the gay bar. Seated at a table in the back of the bar the server, Mike, enthusiastically took their order. Owen asked Vlad detailed questions about his coming out with his teacher, Franz. He stated that someday he hoped to be snuggled in bed with the man he cherished. The comments and questions about Vlad’s military experience in the Soviet Army were interrupted when Owen excused himself to visit the men’s room. A man followed Owen into the bathroom and stood next to him at the urinal. Since the two urinals were close together the two stood with shoulders almost touching. The urinal mate stood back so Owen could easily see him pissing. Owen was mesmerized by his first view of a man pissing through the opening in the skin that totally covering the head of an uncut dick. Owen‘s only experiences with uncut dicks had been covertly glancing at them in the high school showers and dressing room at the town swimming pool. There were few boys and men in his Midwestern home town with natural dicks. He had observed dicks that were fully covered and some where the skin only came part way over the head. While he had only seen soft uncut dicks, he had used the thought of their hardness as an inspiration for some of his frequent teenage jackoff sessions. He had wondered how it would feel to have that skin covering his dick head. He also considered the possibility of piss and cum accumulating under the skin next to the head. Seeing an uncut dick close up brought back all those teenage memories. His own dick immediately responded to the recollections. He suddenly realized that the guy next to him was staring at his hard dick. The guy leaned into him. Owen froze. The guy stroked his own dick. It grew to an impressive size. The skin still completely covered the head. He moved a step back so Owen could get a better look. He then stepped back into a stall leaving the door open. Owen turned and continued to eye the hard rod. The man motioned for Owen to join him in the stall. A captivated Owen stepped into the stall as the man unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. He then took Owen’s hand and guided it to the shaft as he reached and began stroking Owen’s that was protruding from the fly of his pants. Owen was in a trance. Both the girth and length of this hard dick were larger than any he had ever seen in his limited experience with dicks. The man then placed his hands on Owen’s shoulders and pushed him to his knees. Owen immediately detected a foul smell. He then pulled the skin back exposing the dick head. The freeing of the head intensified the bad odor. Owen noticed little pieces of yellow that looked like small chunks of cheese in the space between the dick head and shaft. The man placed his hand behind Owen’s head and pushed it toward the cheesy shaft. The putrid smell was overwhelming. Owen jerked back and with difficulty stood and opened the door of the small cubical. He stuffed his now limp dick into his pants and made a hasty retreat from the bathroom. Since he was obviously distraught when he returned to the table Aiden asked him, “What happened?” Owen then explained the encounter. He stated that it was the first skin covered dick he had seen up close. Describing the stinking cheese around the covered head he said he almost puked from the foul stench. He hoped he would never see a covered dick again. Aiden attempted to calm him. “What you experienced was not the usual uncut dick. I have had experience with a few and I can tell you that a clean natural dick is a real treat. While it does have a special aroma, that scent of a man, on the right person is pleasing and vey delicious. Any dick, even a cut one, will smell bad if not cared for. Do not let one experience spoil the joy you will get from the taste of a MAN. Who was this filthy guy?” Owen looked around the room, “I do not know. To be honest I only looked at his dick. Other than that he wore Levis, as do most the men here, I can tell you nothing about him. I do not know if he was old / young, fat /thin or hairy / bald. All I remember about him is his large stinking dick which I am unable to erase from my mind.” Vlad broke in, “Trust me, uncut dicks can be a delight. I have savored many. So just put that experience out of your mind. Outside of the USA, most Muslim countries and Israel circumcision rates are low so if you exclude natural men as partners you are eliminating the majority of potential hookups of the world.” Owen replied, “Since you were not born in the USA may I assume your dick is as you call it ‘uncut’.” Vlad replied, “You are correct in assuming a Russian dick is uncut. I only saw a few cut dicks prior to coming to the USA and those were either Jews or Americans like the one I met in Moscow and others while stationed with the Soviet Army in Berlin.” Aiden interjected, “And I can tastefully affirm that a natural, uncut dick can be a real treat!” They then turned their conversation to Owen meeting Mr. Right. Vlad and Aiden lectured their young friend on the pleasures and dangers of going with strangers. Vlad started, “While having sex with a stranger can be exciting it could be dangerous. Most crimes against gay men are never reported because of shame and the fact that some police will have no sympathy for the victim. You must always be on the alert. Just assume any stranger you go with is planning to rob you. Be vigilant. While luckily I have never had a bad experience with a stranger I have heard stories that are frightening. I told you about my first love, my teacher of German in Moscow. Franz told me about an experience he had soon after arriving in Moscow. While living in Germany his sex life had been active and pleasant. Upon arrival in Moscow he hit a dry spell. One day he met a man in a park who invited him back to his room. He willingly kneeled in front of the man and opened the stranger’s pants. The dick that he pulled out was in the same cheesy, smelly condition as the one you just encountered in the men’s rom. Franz, who had vast experience with natural dicks, did not want to put this one to his lips. He began jacking it. They man wanted more. He was stronger than Franz and forced the dick into his mouth. Franz had no choice but to suck the rancid thing. When it was apparent the stranger was close Franz pulled out and finished him with his hand. Before the man recovered from his cumming Franz ran out of the room. He stopped at the first street stall selling vodka. Using the vodka as mouthwash he stood in any alley and gargled trying to get rid of the foul taste. Luckily this experience was just unpleasant, not dangerous. If the man had wanted he could have done much more such as tying up Franz and violating him.” Aiden continued, “While many gay men have horror stories to tell about casual encounters there are also exceptional stories with happy endings. I’ve already told you about ‘how I met Vlad’. If I had not taken the opportunity to talk to the handsome stranger in the park that day as I walked toward the barber shop while a student at University of Georgia I would not have been invited to dinner by Daniel. As a stockbroker he was not only a great sex partner but also later a valuable mentor to me, an MBA student. I did take a risk going to his home that first evening. He and his partner, Alfred, could have easily overpowered me and had their way with me, forcing me to do things that I did not want to do and causing me injury and disease. But I took a chance and the results were not only a glorious sexual event but also a friendship that eventually led me to Vlad and Cleveland. However, in the case of Daniel the stockbroker I was not taking as much as a gamble as with most anonymous encounters as I did know Daniel was who he claimed to be as I had visited his office prior to his bed.” “When out for a good time carry the smallest amount of cash necessary and do not carry important documents such as your driver’s license or credit cards. Keep your keys in a deep pocket. Some guys carry a fake wallet with a small amount of cash and hide the big bills and driver’s license, etc. wrapped in a hanky just stuffed in their pocket. For an older man the possibility of robbery is greater as they are more likely to have money, may not be as strong and may be so thrilled that a young, strong hunk is attracted to them that they lose their inhibitions. A younger man, such as a handsome guy like yourself, is more likely to be a victim assault or rape.” Owen broke in, “What do you mean by rape? Only a woman can be raped.” Vlad continued, “No my friend. A man can be raped. I assume you have never been fucked or fucked anyone?” “What do you mean? Fucking a man? I never heard of such a happening.” Aiden explained, “Fucking can be very pleasurable to both the ‘top’ and the ‘bottom’.” A top is the man who shoves his hard dick into the ass of the bottom. See the bartender with a blue hanky in his right rear pocket. He is using the hanky code that indicates he is a bottom, willing to accept the right man.” “That sounds dirty and painful. I just do not understand how it could give pleasure.” “Well my friend, we are all different. To many people sucking or being sucked is dirty and unsanitary. You told us you enjoy sucking, getting sucked and swallowing. Before you were introduced to the pleasures of fellatio also known as sucking you probably assumed the concept did not exist and/or was dirty. Do not assume that something you do not understand is wrong. Some gay men enjoy, really enjoy, being a top or bottom or both. Some do not. For the bottom being fucked can be painful if he is not experienced and prepared. The first time it will most likely hurt but then often the pain turns into pleasure. The bottom should be clean and well lubed. If you ever try it I strongly suggest the top use a rubber both for cleanliness and safety. A lot of lube should be used with a rubber. If and only if you want to bottom hopefully your first will be tender, slow and have a small dick.” Owen seemed shocked by the concept. “Do you guys fuck?” Vlad replied, “Sex lives are very private. Let’s just say we enjoy each other without giving any details. There is a common concept about discussing sex: telling the truth is often either exaggerated or none existent. So even if I said we do or do not do something you cannot assume our answer is truthful.” Mike approached their able, “Are you guys ready for another round of beers?” As he ogled Owen, “What a sweet innocent boy who I could teach so much.” Then looking at Vlad, “What a handsome mature man who I am sure could teach me divine pleasures. This is a table of many possibilities.” They thanked Mike for the words of wisdom and offer of beer but declined stating they were departing soon. While they found his comments somewhat insulting they also found them titillating. Also they did not want to piss off their waiter so Vlad left a generous tip. As they departed the bar Owen thanked them for the dinner, bar invitation and mostly the interesting conversation. They shook hands and agreed to meet again. The discussion with the cute student had totally turned on Vlad and Aiden. Neither needed any encouragement as they raced to the bedroom. Each helped the other get naked. Vlad then pushed Aiden face down onto the bed. The talk of rape had both repelled him and turned him on. “Spread your legs pretty boy. Your ass is mine.” Never had Vlad spoken to Aiden like this. Suddenly the thought of his lover forcing himself on him excited the younger man. Vlad lubed his dick and placed the head against the frightened and excited rosebud. He shoved in with no mercy. Aiden cried out with pain. While Vlad’s heart wanted to sooth his lover his dick thought otherwise. Usually their love making would be tender and slow with breaks to delay the finale. This night there was only raw lust as Vlad rammed. Aiden had never felt so much pain. His own hard dick was crushed against his stomach and forced against the bed sheet. As Vlad pumped harder Aiden felt his juices rising. Finally Vlad released himself deed into his lover. The pulsating of his love’s dick against his hole brought Aiden over the top as he shot the most intense load of his life onto the clean bed sheets. Vlad immediately felt remorse. He knew his lust had caused great pain to the man he loved. He wrapped his arms around Aiden and with tears apologized. The conflicted younger man did not know if he should hit or embrace his attacker. Wordlessly he accepted Vlad’s arms. Within minutes both were calm. Each felt the other’s newly risen dick pressing against their entwined bodies. Their passions rose and the second love making session was long and tender, the opposite of the first that had been short and violent. Waking the next morning in each other’s arms another tender but short session started the new day. They never spoke of the violent attack. However, both thought about it frequently and hoped someday they would again feel the pain, pleasure and remorse. As the semester ended and graduation for Owen approached the need for the student to meet his professor concerning classwork ended. However, both found the company of the other enjoyable and they often met for coffee and conversation. Since Owen had been accepted in the graduate program at John Carroll University in a Cleveland suburb they knew their contact would continue. Thanks to the mentoring of his professor Owen now had the courage to be aggressive in his pursuit of sex. He shared his encounters with Aiden. His first encounter while out on his own had been in the men’s room of the bar. An older man had bought him a beer and their discussion turned to Owen’s sexual activity. While the conversation was somewhat interesting the man did not turn on Owen sexually. The man kept asking him about his ‘experiences.’ Owen replied with a complete fabrication. First he told the man he worked in a family owned hardware store and lived with his parents. Then he lied about his past experiences indicating he had never been with a man and his only experience had been messing with other boys in junior high school when he was eleven. The man claimed to be visiting Cleveland from Pittsburg on business and that he was single. Owen realized the man was lying as the untanned ring space on his finger indicated he was married. The man offered to give Owen a lesson. He told Owen to go to the men’s room and he would follow. The stranger than gave Owen a blow job in the stall. The man’s technique was not equal to that of his year’s earlier summer lover, Walt. The pleasure ended as soon as Owen shot down the stranger’s throat. As he returned home he marked this one as a beginning that could only be improved on. Owen’s next experience was with a man he had noticed in the bar a number of times. He decided that since this guy was a regular it was safe to go home with him when the offer was made. Upon entering the stranger’s apartment he said to Owen, “I have a special request. Will you please piss on me?” Owen was surprised but not shocked as he had learned there were many ways to get satisfied. Out of curiosity he agreed. The man stripped naked and led Owen to the bathroom. He then sat in the tub and motioned for Own to stand next to him. He reached up, opened Owen’s fly and pulled out the soft dick. It was soft as there were no sexual feelings. Owen then did as requested. As the stream began the stranger reached up took the dick in hand aiming it to his face. Opening his mouth he swallowed most of the yellow piss. As Owen discharged the recent beers he saw the man’s dick rise. As he shook the last drips onto the waiting lips the man then asked Owen to cum on his face. They both jacked themselves. The sight of the stranger doing himself was more of a turn on than pissing on his face. Owen soon shot aiming at the open mouth while his friend also unloaded. Owen zipped up and departed. As he walked down the stairs to the street Owen thought to himself, ‘Interesting, not something I would want done to myself. Then he reconsidered. Who knows, maybe someday I will want a warm stream of piss sent down my throat. I wonder what Aiden’s thoughts on this are?’ A few days later when Aiden and Owen met for coffee the professor laughed with his friend. “Now my student has something to teach me. I had never heard of the thrills of being pissed on. But as we realize, just because we haven’t done it does not mean it is not possible. Maybe someday – but I highly doubt it.” That evening Aiden shared the pissing conversation with Vlad. “I have witnessed pissing, but not in the way you told me. While in the Soviet army my assignments included prisons where Germans were held. Since I was proficient in the German language I participated in the interrogation of prisoners. The guards at these camps were brutal. They were especially harsh on these prisoners as they had heard of the atrocities committed on Soviet prisoners in German prison camp where they were starved, abused, sexually violated and beat. Out of a combination of being without women and their hatred toward the Germans they satisfied themselves with various forms of sexual torture. They would go into the prison barracks and find an effeminate looking man. Then taking him back to the basement of the guardhouse they would perform various acts on him. One was to place him on a table on his back with his ass at the edge. Then after tying down his upper body they would put his legs up, spread them and tie them to a rafter in the ceiling. Then up to ten guards would fuck him. After finishing they would leave him there with cum dripping out of his ass. Later they or other guards would return and fuck more. One was kept in that position for three days. I don’t know what happened to him, he was near death as he had not been given food or water. Another time I saw a prisoner tied to a pole in a sitting position. The guards used his mouth instead of the toilet for pissing. If he didn’t hold his mouth open a gun was held to his head. I never witnessed a pissing were the receiver enjoyed it.” Then Aiden and Vlad discussed the possibility of pissing on someone. There were both intrigued. The next time the professor and student had coffee Aiden told Owen of their curiosity. They agreed to visit the bar and hopefully encounter the man who enjoyed ‘golden showers’ as they later learned the activity was called. That evening the three entered the bar and the man was there. Owen introduced him to his two friends. He told the man that he had shared his experience and that his friends were willing to do him. The man, Al, got a big smile on his face as he inspected the bodies of the two handsome men with Owen. Al then ordered beers for all suggesting that they drink as much as possible. While none of the three told their new friend true information about their backgrounds he was willing to relate his story. He was a truck driver working for a plumbing wholesale company. He was the only one of his large family that included two sisters and three brothers that was not married and had children. Luckily since his parents had so many grandchildren there was not a lot of pressure on his getting married. His sisters had finally given up arranging dates for him. They shared another beer. When Al ordered a third round the three switched to ginger ale. They wanted to be fully alert as they pleased their new friend. Finally Vlad announced, “If I do not empty my bladder soon I’ll piss in my pants. It will either be here or at your place.” The three followed Al in Vlad’s car as they dove to his apartment. By the time they entered the apartment all three were uncomfortable and ready to GO. They followed their new friend to the bathroom where he stripped naked. The handsome muscular man of about forty with a generous cut dick stepped into the bathtub. All three opened their pants and pulled out dicks which were aching from the need to piss the large quantity of liquids consumed. Their host asked them to do it one at a time. First Vlad let his stream go. Owen was in ecstasy. This was the first time he had seen his friends’ dicks. As Vlad directed the yellow stream coming from the piss hole of his covered uncut dick Owen’s jumped to full hardness. As Vlad shook the last drops from his piss hole Aiden began his stream. When it was Owen’s turn he was so hard that he was afraid he would not be able to piss. With difficulty he aimed his hard piece down and the yellow liquid began to pour into the eager mouth. When Owen finished the three pumped their now hard dicks. Soon three loads of white cream dripped from Al’s lips and face. He jacked himself to completion and being fully satisfied leaned back into the bathtub. The three friends zipped up and departed. That night spurred by the new experience and seeing the student pleasure himself Vlad and Aiden had a tender session that lasted over an hour as each stopped when close to the edge.
  6. Tallguyct

    An Almost Virgin Student

    May 1972 – Cleveland, Ohio The loving relationship of Vlad (age 52) and Aiden (age 30) since meeting five years earlier had flourished. Their academic careers, Vlad a professor of political science at Western Reserve University and Aiden, an assistant professor of finance at Cleveland State University were almost as rewarding as their love for each other. While Vlad’s sexual allure and appetite had resulted in numerous satisfying relationships including with his teacher in Moscow, a respected general in the Soviet Army, an American Major who assisted in his escape to the United States and then the older Reg, his mentor in Washington, Vlad was now happily in a monogamous relationship with Aiden. Aiden who had had limited sexual experiences prior to meeting Vlad, loved this man twenty years his senior. On rare occasions they shared sexual experiences with another man. Their two best ‘gay friends’ were the couple of Henry Bailey (age 35) and Seth Cuddley (age 44). Henry and Seth had met seventeen years earlier (Boys of the 1950s). Peter Smith had visited his Uncle Will one summer in Daisyville, Georgia. He met Henry, a Negro college student who did yard work for Uncle Will. Seeing potential in this young man, Uncle Will had provided financial support so Henry could attend college. Within hours of Peter meeting Henry they realized and consummated their natural attraction for each other. Uncle Will, an art professor at a small college, asked Peter to pose nude for an art class for adults he taught. Seth was the student in the class that showed the most promise. Peter asked Seth if he would be willing to visit him at Uncle Will’s home to finish the painting he had started in the class. The next evening Seth arrived with his unfinished painting. Peter asked Henry to also pose for Seth. By the time Seth got his two naked subjects posed for painting, the painting project was replaced with passionate love making. Tall, handsome, muscular Henry with penetrating brown eyes a large uncut glorious piece of manhood was an intriguing contrast to tall, lanky white Peter with an above average cut dick. Seeing this black and white duo replaced Seth’s interest in painting with total lust. The shorter, older red head, joined his naked friends displaying his dick of average size exquisitely crowed by a bush of flaming crimson hair. The redhead and the Negro were soon lovers. When Seth completed his education degree at Albany (Georgia) State College the pair moved north hoping a black/white relationship would find greater acceptance than in Georgia. They found an apartment in an integrated neighbor on Cleveland’s eastside. Henry taught junior high and Seth worked for a landscaping firm. The two couples, Vlad / Aiden and Seth / Henry, had dinner together weekly. Their couples dates were at each other’s homes, restaurants and occasionally at the home of Roland and Alex. This older couple (both in their 60s) had been meaningful in the lives of three of the younger men. Roland had been instrumental in helping Henry navigate the Cleveland School Board hiring process that resulted in the Negro from the poor south obtaining a junior high school teaching position. When the boys moved north Alex hired Seth to work for his landscaping firm. Seth had demonstrated both his management and mechanical skills. He was now second in command of this profitable business. His duties included the responsibility of managing maintenance of the numerous trucks and pieces of equipment of the firm. Alex thought of Seth as a son and hoped to pass the business on to him. While the two Russians of the group, Alex and Vlad, had very different roots they enjoyed talking to each other in their native language. Alex had immigrated with his parents in the 1920s. They were typical poor Russians living in a communal apartment with four other family groups. A total of twenty-one people consisting of grandparents, men women, children and babies lived in the five rooms plus shared kitchen and bathroom. His mother had a brother in Cleveland and they were able to leave Russia which was then part of the Soviet Union. Alex never fully understood how the family was able to escape the Soviet Union soon after the Russian Revolution. Vlad’s family in Moscow also lived in a communal apartment with his parents, brother and grandparents sharing one room. He had escaped in 1946 while working for Soviet intelligence in Berlin following World War II (his story – Russia My Home – second book of the trilogy) Alex, a gourmet cook, prepared delicious dinners. There were always two desserts, a traditional cake or pie and then Alex himself. The two younger couples were true to each other with one exception, Alex. Knowing their older friend REALLY enjoyed being fucked the four gang banged him following their dinners. First all six would shower together in the large shower in the master bedroom. With a wall of mirrors on the wall opposite the shower they could wash, play and watch during their prefuck cleanup. Following showers Alex would lay on his back on the king-size bed. The ritual followed with the four younger men drawing cards from the deck kept in the nightstand. This evening the draw from lowest to highest, the order of fucking, was Aiden first, then Vlad, Seth and the final – Henry. Aiden needed no assistance in getting hard. The sight of his five friends, including Alex’s partner Roland brought him to full attention. Vlad then rolled a rubber followed by a generous coating of lube onto his lover. Aiden kneeled between the older and extremely athletic and very fit friend and shoved in. His intense cumming was followed by Vlad’s, Seth’s and Henry’s. After each fuck the rubber was placed in a paper bag for later disposal. There was a pile of hot moist wash cloths and towels available for cleanup. Following the four fucks by the younger men Alex’s lover, Roland, moved in. Of the six men, sixty-one year old Roland was the shortest (about 5’, 6” – 1.65m) and slimmest. The assumption that a small body would result in a small dick was shattered by the impressive piece of manhood dangling. At 7 inches (18 cm), his cut dick was the winner. The four visitors were always amazed as they saw his piece rise to the occasion. As he mounted his lover Alex cried out in joy. The four quietly left the two older lovers as they knew this session would be tender, intense and long lasting. A week later Vlad and Aiden were the dinner guests of Seth and Henry. To honor their Georgia heritage as well as that of Aiden they always planned a menu of Southern Comfort food. Following a dinner of fried chicken, hush puppies, barbequed baked beans, fried green tomatoes and a peach cobbler for dessert Henry made a suggestion. “My science teacher friend at school told me about a bar in Cleveland Heights. While it is not openly gay, it is gay friendly and has developed a popularity within the community. Let’s check it out.” Upon walking into the bar it was not apparent they were in a ‘gay’ establishment. They found a table and soon a swishy young waiter appeared. “Hi, I’m Mike and I am here to serve you.” He said this with a twinkle in his eyes. He was definitely advertising his sexuality. On inspection they noted he wore eye makeup, the snug fitting shirt emphasized hard nipples, the size of the bulge in the tight pants may have been enhanced with a sock and the ass globes were highly inviting. He took their beer orders. Seth joked, “Do you think he is gay?” As they studied the cliental of the place it became obvious that this place catered to gays. The muscular bar tender wore the 1970s stereotype gay uniform: plaid half unbuttoned shirt and tight Levi’s. His right rear pocket displayed a dark blue handkerchief. Aiden commented, “I know hankies protruding from a rear pocket have a meaning. Does anyone know the significance of the dark blue one in the bartender’s rear pocket?” Vlad replied, “I don’t have the code memorized. Let’s ask cute Mike.” As Mike sashayed past them with a drink order Vlad caught his eye. After delivering the drinks to a nearby table Mike returned. “And what can I do for you rugged men?” Vlad asked: ”We know handkerchiefs of various colors hanging out of a rear pocket have special meanings. The hunky bartender has a blue one hanging out of his right pocket. Is that advertising something? “You better believe it does. That gorgeous man has a bottom that is begging to be used and abused. On more than one occasion I have had to take over bartending while he has someone help him check inventory from the back room. Or should I say visit his back door.” Vlad got bold as he said, “Thank you for the information. But I have a question for you. You seem to be a very friendly person but do not have a handkerchief. Do you not have one because you are pure?” Mike laughed, “Honey, if I wore a handkerchief for everything I was into you would not be able to see my adorable ass. Would you like to help me retrieve some inventory from the back room. I don’t know what you are into but I am sure it is compatible with any of my desires.” Vlad thanked Mike for his offer but told him he was a one-man, man as he took Aiden’s hand. As Vlad took his lover’s hand Aiden suddenly turned white with apprehension. As he turned his head while repositioning his chair he told his friends, “I just saw one of my students. He is one of seven students in my senior seminar. Let’s get out of here. I don’t want my orientation know by my students.” Keeping his back to the student Aiden departed with Vlad. When Mike passed the table he commented, “I hope your friends left for a good reason, ‘a fucking good reason’.” Seth replied with a laugh, “When those two get the urge they GO. It’s a wonder they did not just run to the bathroom for a quickie.” The following Thursday afternoon Aiden met with the senior seminar group. To Professor Aiden Hudson’s relief the student he saw at the bar, Owen, did not act different than usual. Hopefully he had not been observed in the ‘gay’ bar. Much to Aiden’s dismay, following class one of the young women in the class asked him numerous questions about an assignment until it was necessary to vacate the room as students for the next class arrived. Aiden was exasperated because he really need to piss. His bladder was loaded with the two large cups of coffee he had drunk just prior to class. Finally he was free and quickly walked to the nearest men’s room. Normally he would use the facility in the faculty lounge but his need was too great to walk the extra distance. He stood at the first of four urinals and with great relief let loose with a hearty stream. The door to the hall opened and suddenly someone was standing at the urinal next to him. Since there were four places there was no reason for this closeness. His piss mate pulled out his dick and standing back slightly fully exposed himself. Aiden by habit secretly glanced at the exposed piece. At first he thought it was a large cut dick. He then realized it was a half hard and growing normal size one. Then to his horror he realized the dick belonged to his student, Owen. Aiden was trapped as his bladder continued to unload. Finally it was empty. Normally Aiden would pull on it and shake it before putting it away. This time with a few drops still on the head he quickly shoved it into his pants, zipped up and walked out of the men’s room without washing his hands. The following day Aiden was in his office preparing a lecture. The door to the hall was open. He heard someone enter and close the door. Looking up he realized it was Owen. As Aiden looked up Owen without being invited sat in the chair at the side of the desk. As soon as he started to speak Aiden got up and opened the door. He did not want to be with this student behind a closed door. Owen began, “I want to apologize about yesterday. I assumed you noticed who was standing next to you. I don’t know why I did it. That is not me. I was awake most of last night thinking about what an ass I was. It was stupid and I will never do anything like that again.” Aiden suddenly felt sorry for this young man. “Professor Welman, who I share this office with, will return soon and usually has students visiting at this time. If you want to have a private conversation we should go someplace else. We could go to the student union where it would not be unusual for a professor and student to have a discussion while sharing coffee. It is noisy enough so no one will hear our conversation.” Aiden got up and Owen followed. They sat at a corner table with their coffee. Owen continued his dialogue. “When I saw you and your friends at the bar last week I was surprised. I assume you saw me as you abruptly left after looking in my direction. Seeing you enjoying life with male friends made me envious. I assumed by observing the body language of you and the man you departed with that you two share a special bond.” Aiden thought to himself, ‘If you only knew how special, really special it is.’ Owen continued, “I have never had a special friend. I have longed to have some kind of relationship with another man but do not know how to achieve one. When I saw you enter the men’s room I just wanted to be close to another man. How stupid of me. That was the first time I had ever approached another man. As you might have noticed I got excited by the brief encounter. As soon as you departed I went to a stall and finished what my brain had started. Shit, I don’t know why I am saying this. I am so confused. Maybe you are not like me and only just happened to be at the bar with friends who were men. For all I know you were talking about the Indians (Cleveland’s baseball team) or your latest hookups with women.” “I was there with friends. And I can assure you we were not talking about baseball or hot women. While I am not going to discuss my private life the man I departed with is a professor and we share more than a professional relationship having lived together for a number of years. I assume I can trust you to be discrete about what I have told you. Since we are here for your benefit tell me about yourself.” Owen replied, “I grew up in the small town of Findlay, Ohio. My father owns an insurance agency and my mother teaches second grade. I have an older brother, John, and a younger sister, Sally. Luckily my brother happily went to work for my father after he graduated from Findlay College two years ago. I have no interest in the insurance agency or living in Findlay. My father would have been devastated if one of his sons had not been willing to work at the agency and someday take it over. John is married and has a year old son. Sally is a freshman at Findlay College. She is a very outgoing person. We have a close relationship and I know she is sexually active. Not only have we discussed the ways of men, I purchase rubbers for her to keep for special events. She knows I have no interest in girls and unlike my parents and close relatives puts no pressure on me to date women. While both John and Sally attended college close to home I selected a school, against my parents’ advice that is a three hour drive from home. I avoid going home except for major holidays as there are too many questions about my social life or lack of it.” Aiden broke in, “I am sorry but I have a departmental curriculum meeting to attend in ten minutes. I enjoy our conversation and hope to share coffee again soon. Stop by my office anytime” That evening Aiden told Vlad about his meeting with Owen. “He is a very likable young man intellectually, personality wise and sexual. But there is something about him. He talked about how much he envied me when he saw me enjoying an evening male friends and his lack of social life. I know the feelings of rejection I had until I acquired a group of likeminded friends. I felt lonely even when surrounded by family and friends since they had no inkling of my desires for men. Owen is a hardworking, high achieving student with a nice personality. Hopefully he will meet Mr. Right and have the happiness he deserves.” The following week after class while students were still in the room Owen asked Professor Aiden Hastings if they could meet to discuss the day’s lecture. Aiden replied in a very professional tone that he would be free at 2:00 (14:00). He suggested they meet in the student union and share coffee. Aiden found Owen at the same table in the corner. Over coffee they continued their earlier discussion. Aiden asked Owen what he meant about a lack of social life. He replied, “I attend dorm parties and go out with groups of guys and girls to movies, bowling and other events. But I always feel like an outsider. I have no interest in the girls and the guys usually talk about girls or sports. I started reading all the articles in the sport pages of the Press and Plain Dealer (newspapers) about the Indians (baseball), Browns (football) and the new basketball team, The Cleveland Cavaliers. For six months in my sophomore year I studied Cleveland’s teams more than my university courses. But nothing clicked and I finally gave up. When I go home my dad and brother talk about the teams. They do not understand why I do not attend games since I live close to the stadium and arena here in Cleveland. About every two months they drive to Cleveland to attend a baseball, football or basketball game. I go with them and try not to make a fool of myself with my sports ignorance.” Aiden was intrigued by the sex life of this personable and handsome young man. He was reluctant to come right out and ask, ‘Are you getting any?’ That seemed too crude but he finally asked, “If you don’t mind my prying, ‘Have you had any male relationships?’ Only answer if you are comfortable discussing them. You can be assured that what you say will not be repeated.” Actually, Aiden knew he was lying as he would share any interesting comments with Vlad. Owen seemed happy to share his experiences. “I assume like most boys I leaned to jerkoff when I was introduced to the pleasure by guys my age or a little older. While I enjoyed playing with my dick for as long as I remember my first real jerkoff experience was at church camp when I was twelve. One night after lights out one of the boys took out a flashlight and said he was going to beat his meat and asked if anyone wanted to join him. I had no idea what he was talking about. I joined the group out of curiosity. I don’t know how many of the eight of us knew what was happening. We were told to kneel in a circle. The flashlight was placed on the floor so all were dimly visible. The leader pulled out his dick and began stroking it. He then said, ‘Either do as I do or go back to bed.’ None of us wanted to admit we were novices so we joined him. I remember two things about that evening: how good it felt and how much I enjoyed looking at the other boys. To my surprise the leader and two other boys shot white stuff from their dickheads. The leader told us that the guys who shot were men and could make babies and that the rest of us would start shooting our loads someday. I did not understand what he was talking about but did not admit my ignorance. Until I was about sixteen I joined in sessions with boys in the neighborhood, at camp, with my cousins and others. Their talk was always about girls or how much and how far they shot. All I cared about was watching the others jerkoff. Without being told I realized I should not show interest in other guys’ dicks although it was perfectly OK to show interest in girls’ pussys and tits. Around the time I turned sixteen the group sessions stopped. There was talk about ‘queers’ and ‘homos’ doing each other with the impression that to do it with another guy was not right. It wasn’t until my the summer after I graduated from high school that I had a one on one experience with a guy who enjoyed doing it man to man.” “I had a summer job working for a construction company. The company had an out of town rush job. The job site was a two hour drive from company headquarters in Findlay and we were expected to work ten to twelve hour days. A crew of six of us was sent to the job site. The owner of the building we were repairing that had been damaged by a local tornado paid for us to stay in a motel since it would be impossible to work twelve hour days and also do a four hour round trip commute. During our first day on the job one of the guys, Walt, asked if I would be willing to share a room with him. Of course I checked out the five I worked with. Besides Walt the other four were nice but not attractive. Walt was the image of sex. While the other workers treated me like a dumbass teenager Walt was friendly. He was about forty years old, with an average height, about 5’ 10” ( 1.77 m ) and muscular build. There was a small tuft of chest hair sprouting from the work shirt he only buttoned up half way. His hands were large and strong. Once when we had to hold a piece of scaffolding together he placed his hand over mine. It was electrifying.” “As were entered the motel room the first evening he suggested I shower first. After my shower I laid on my bed just wearing a T shirt and white under briefs. Walt had turned on the TV and was watching The Partridge Family. He stood and stripped naked. God what a beautiful body. He looked like the naked men I had seen posing in the muscle magazines who wore only a jock strap. A striking hairy chest stood over a small waist, hard stomach, a thin trail of hair leading down to a perfectly formed dick. The muscles in his construction work arms and legs flexed as he stretched his arms behind his head. I figured that if he got naked in front of me he had no problem with me checking him out. He caught me eyeing him and smiled while he nonchalantly scratched his balls. He walked into the bathroom and leaving the door open pissed and then showered. When he stepped out of the shower he dried himself with the door still open. The bathroom was in full view from my bed. He smiled when he caught me watching him. He wrapped the towel around his waist and entered the room. He asked me how I felt after the long hard working day. I replied that I was tired and ached all over. He told me a massage would be the best way to relax my sore muscles and offered to give me a rub down. I replied ‘If it will help, please do.’ He told me to roll over onto my stomach. He began with my shoulders, then back and finally each leg. As a result of his touch I was as hard as steel and felt juice seeping out of my dick. When he finished my back he told me to roll over face up. I thanked him for the massage and told him I had enough. Actually I was embarrassed that he would see the bulge and wet spot on my under briefs. He replied, ‘I know what sometimes happens to a man when he has a rub down, if it happened to you don’t be embarrassed.’ I did not resist when he reached down and rolled me over. I was no longer embarrassed when I saw the bulge and wet spot at his towel. He let his towel drop to the floor exposing his beautiful hard dick. He leaned in to me and began massaging my chest. He lightly pinched each nipple giving me a wonderful sensation I had never felt before. His hand moved down and he started to remove my under briefs. I raised my ass giving him a signal that he should continue. Just his hands lightly touching my dick ass he pulled down the briefs almost made me cum. He then said, ‘We better slow down. It looks like you are ready to pop. It is too soon for that.’ He laid on the bed and wrapped his arms around me. He then said, ‘I have had feelings for you since we first met two weeks ago. I asked the boss to include you on this project. Now let’s make the most of it.’ As he said that he tightened his grip on me. As I started to fall asleep in his arms he released me and got my full attention as he started to lick my nipples. He then moved down kissing my stomach and then my dick head. I was shocked when he suddenly swallowed my hard dick to its base. Never had I imagined this could happen. He moved his lips up and down the shaft. When I warned him I was going to shoot he intensified his movements. I shot down his throat. He moved up next to me and while holding me with one arm jacked himself off with the other hand finishing in a tissue. We fell asleep together in the narrow twin bed. In the middle of the night I felt a warmness on my dick. He was sucking me off. After I shot we snuggled and slept the rest of the night. The alarm clock seemed to go off too early. We went into the bathroom and pissed together following by a fast jerk off shooting into the toilet. As we dressed he told me we should show no signs of closeness during the day. The other guys might be hostile if they suspected anything was going on between us. At breakfast at a diner on the way to work we did not sit together. During the day we avoided working together and avoided each other at lunch. But as soon as we were back in the motel room that second evening our lust continued. That evening I tasted my first dick. It was painful for him until I learned to keep my teeth back. The following night I let him cum in my mouth. I wasn’t ready to swallow so spit it out. The fourth night I swallowed his juices. We worked six days that week returning home late Saturday evening. The following week we had another six day work week and nights of hot sex. Since he was married and had two small children I had little opportunity to see him after work once we returned to local jobs for the rest of the summer. We did have a couple of quick sessions but nothing compared to the out of town nights. That fall I started my studies here at Cleveland State. When I went home for Thanksgiving holiday I learned he and his family had moved to California. That was my first and last and only satisfying encounter with a man.” “Now that I look back I realize that while the sex with Walt was fantastic I really did not love him. I miss that beautiful body and dick. When I take care of myself his body is always the inspiration. While I miss the sex I would be just as happy with someone else who could satisfy in the way he did.” Aiden replied, “Except for the Walt part your coming of age was not much different from mine. Actually you are ahead of me in your journey searching for a man. It wasn’t until I was a year older than you that I had my first meaningful encounter with a man. I was a MBA graduate student at the University of Georgia when one day while walking through a park near the campus I had a conversation with as handsome older man. This lead to encounters with him and his lover. Also while a graduate student I worked with a group of finance undergraduates. One of the students came on to me and you don’t need much imagination to know what happened. Both of these encounters were totally unexpected. As a result of meeting the older man I was given the name of Vlad in Cleveland who became my friend and roommate and more. I had stated I wanted to leave Georgia and pursue a PhD program up north. I was told about Vlad at Western Reserve University and we corresponded about PhD programs. When I flew to Cleveland to visit Western Reserve Vlad met me at the airport. That was our first face to face meeting. The mutual attraction was immediate and we have been together since. Someday when you least expect it you will meet Mr. Right.” “While I told you everything we discuss would remain confidential I admit that I told Vlad about our previous meeting and plan to tell him more about you. I am sure Vlad would be interested in meeting you.”
  7. February 1970 Professor Peter Smith who was always interested in improving student experience in introductory courses implemented curriculum changes in his course for first year students. His research in curriculum development resulted in his publishing a paper, Designing the Introductory Physics Course for Engineering Majors, which was accepted for presentation at the 1970 Winter Meeting of APPT – American Association of Physics Teachers. The conference was to be hosted by The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art located in New York City on Cooper Square. When Peter received the announcement for the meeting at one of the nation’s most prestigious engineering schools he was pleasantly surprised at its location. After studying a map of Manhattan he realized the main building of Cooper Union was less than a five minute walk from St. Mark’s Bath on St Mark’s Place (East Eight Street). He laughingly told himself that this was a clear sign that he should get his rocks off while being a respected professor. As it turned out he was too busy during his visit with professional activities and ‘getting his rocks off’ elsewhere to visit the St Mark’s. Peter asked Tom if there was a possibility he could accompany him to New York. Tom discussed the timing of the trip to New York City with Keith, his mentor, sometimes sex partner as well as a Vice President of Olentangy Insurance. Keith arranged meetings between Tom and financial service suppliers in the Wall Street area the same days as Peter’s conference. Months earlier when Peter had submitted his paper for consideration he had written to his friend Tim (who he had met on a crowded subway when the young man’s hand accidentally (????) pressed into Peter’s crotch). He was aware that Tim’s roommate-lover, Luis, had a brother who was top student at a New York City high school specializing in the sciences. Peter had corresponded with the brother, Juan, as the young man who was in his senior year in high school applied to various university engineering programs. When Peter received the advanced notification about the conference he saw that one session would include a panel discussion of high school science majors. Peter contacted the moderator of the panel and suggested that Juan be included. Everything was coming together perfectly for his second visit to New York City: he would present a paper to his peers, he would travel with his lover – Tom, he would visit their friend Tim and meet his partner, Luis, and he would mentor an outstanding high school senior. Peter and Tom flew from Columbus to LaGuardia airport on a Wednesday in February. The main sessions of the conference were to be on Thursday and Friday with a wrap-up program Saturday morning that was usually sparsely attended. Tom’s meetings with financial service executives were scheduled for a few hours each on Thursday and Friday. There would be time for sightseeing and fun prior to their Sunday evening departure. The timing of the conference was wonderful since Peter and his lover, Tom, would be together on Saturday, February 14, Valentine’s Day of 1970. Keith had strongly recommended they visit the Continental Baths on the Upper West Side. A friend of his had visited it and raved about the facility. In addition to its size being able to accommodate almost 1,000 men, 24 hours a day, it contained a disco dance floor, a cabaret lounge, sauna rooms, a narrow Olympic length swimming pool, small private rooms and open areas with platforms for play. Various amenities were available such as K-Y Lube in the candy machine. What made The Continental unique compared to other gay baths was its shows. Keith suggested they visit on Saturday night for both fun and entertainment. They arrived at their hotel at noon on Wednesday. Since the room was not yet available they had a quick lunch and did some touristy sightseeing including a visit to the United Nations Building. Since they had slept together the previous night and would have numerous opportunities for coupling during their visit they were willing to forego sex the first afternoon. Three or four nights a week Peter and Tom slept together in the basement office of the home of Peter’s family (next door to Tom’s family) returning to their bedrooms to be in bed with their wives when the children woke up. The wives shared the office other nights being back in bed with their husbands by dawn. Tim and Luis had invited them to meet at their apartment their first evening of the visit and then go out to dinner. Luis met them at door. One look at Luis and they immediately knew why Tim had found this young man so loveable. The scintillating eyes, provocative smile, young sensuous body and the tingling they felt when shaking his hand were just some of the attributes that made him a charming man to be with. Luis told them Tim was delayed at work and hopefully would be there in half an hour. As they shared beers the conversation easily flowed. Luis started by thanking Peter for contacting his brother, Juan. The young man would be part of a panel at the conference Thursday afternoon. Juan and Peter had written each other frequently as Juan explored university engineering programs to apply to. Juan had shared his letters with his brother. Luis did not share the letters that Peter had written to him and Tim with his brother. These letters contained many references to sex adventures in Ohio and comments about Tim and Luis’ travels through sexual awareness. The conversation was easy and interesting. Tim arrived and after hugs, tight man to man hugs, they walked to a nearby restaurant. Tim suggested they skip dessert and return to the apartment where they could have cake baked by Luis’ mother. When she heard Peter, the Professor who had been so helpful to her son, was visiting she insisted on baking him a cake. Both Tom and Peter smiled at each other as Tim suggested dessert at the apartment. They both had the same thought, ‘Would dessert be more than cake’? Back at the apartment Tim put on the coffee pot as Luis cut the cake. The four sat at the kitchen table sharing cake and conversation that naturally included details of erotic adventures of all. Then Tim said, “Since meeting, Luis and I have been exclusive. Neither of us seems to need to be with anyone else. However, we discussed your visit at length and we both agreed some quality ‘men to men’ time with you two would be appealing and delightful. Ever since you molested me on the subway (as Tim looked at Peter with a smirk on his face) my life has changed. I would not have met Luis if you two with Keith had not helped me out of my shell of innocence and purity.” Peter broke in, “You, Innocence? Innocent naive me from the mid-west had been in this sin filled city less than twenty-four hours taking my first subway ride when suddenly a hand grabbed my virtuous dick (said with a smile). Just what kind of ‘men to men time’ did you two have in mind?” Peter reached for and began caressing Luis’ hand. Luis responded, “Whatever makes you feel good.” Tom got up and stood behind Tim’s chair. He put his hands on Tim’s shoulders and then moved them under his shirt and to the chest, lightly pinching the hardening nipples. Tim moaned with pleasure. All four suddenly were standing facing each other, hands exploring while deeply kissing each other. Tim and Luis kneeled and kissed the crotches of the two Ohioans. They then unbuckled and pulled down their pants with Luis at Tom and Tim at Peter caressing and swallowing the now rock hard dicks. The tall muscular Tom picked up the smaller Luis while Peter carried Tim. Each pair went to one of the two beds in the bedroom. Tom placed Luis on the bed. He gently removed Luis’ clothes and then his own shirt, all that he was wearing as his pants were on the living room floor. From their letters Tom knew Luis desired to have a man make love to him and Luis knew Tom was a passionate top. Following extended foreplay Tom pushed Luis onto his back. Tom leaned over him kissing and caressing every inch of his body from forehead and fingertips to toes. Tom then lubed both his dick and Luis’ hole with the conveniently available tube of K-Y. He then placed a folded pillow under Luis’ ass and pulled his feet to his shoulders. Knowing that his dick was longer and thicker than Tim’s, Tom loosened him by tenderly finger probing Luis prior to placing his dickhead against the hole. He then asked Luis if he was ready. “Please. Yes!” was the reply. Tom, whose body overpowered the young mans, was so gentle that Luis felt nothing but pleasure as he was impaled. Tom then began thrusting. “Harder and harder”, Luis responded with cries of joy. While Tom wanted to pull out so as to prolong the pleasurable episode his dick overruled his brain and he continued to pump until he exploded into the hungry young man. With Tom still in him Luis quickly jerked himself to completion. Tom fell onto him in exhaustion and the two men rolled onto their sides while embracing. Meanwhile in the bed across the room Peter and Tim passionately embraced and kissed. Soon Tim was fucking his friend with the same level of lust as was happening on the other bed. Following helping each other shower they sat naked at the kitchen table having more cake and drinking beers. Tim then walked over to Tom. He then said, “No one knows better than Luis how much I enjoy playing with the skin on a natural dick. If I could I would grow my own skin. But, alas, I must find others to play with.” He kneeled, pushed Tom’s legs apart and took the soft uncut dick in his hand. He pushed the skin back and then pulled it forward as far as possible. Then using two fingers pulled the foreskin apart and then leaned in and tried without much success to push his own dick head down the tunnel. Of course the dicks soon turned as hard as steel and Tom’s foreskin moved back. While the docking (pulling another’s skin over your head) was not successful it certainly was fun trying. Tim then squeezed the uncovered head and drops of juice bubbled out. He smeared the juice over the head and pulled the skin up covering it. He then shoved a finger down the tunnel and rubbed the juice over the hidden head. After another long probing kiss of Tom’s masterpiece Tim returned to his seat at the table with precum on his lips and a smile on his face displaying his own now hard piece. The four returned to the beds with their own partners: Tom with Peter and Luis with Tim. Twice during the night Luis and Tim coupled while the two older men weary from traveling only had one session. At 7:00 the next morning Tom and Peter got up, dressed and returned to their hotel room to prepare for the day’s activities. After conference registration Peter attended the opening session followed by breakout concurrent presentations, one of which was his own. The large number attending his session indicated he had chosen a topic of substantial interest, Designing the Introductory Physics Course for Engineering Majors. There were many comments and questions. All of the participants appeared to be high school teachers or college professors except for one young man who asked, “Do you have any suggestions for a high school student who plans enroll in a university engineering program and take your physics course?” Peter happily responded. He had a suspicion this young man may be Juan, Luis’s brother, who he had corresponded with but never met. After the session the high school student introduced himself as Juan. Peter invited Juan to lunch. The young man was as handsome and charismatic as his brother. Peter enjoyed their conversation. Later that afternoon Peter attended the panel of high school students that included Juan discussing high school physics curriculums. The panel also included a young woman who was as articulate as beautiful. After the session Peter congratulated Juan on his meaningful contribution. Juan introduced Mary Beth from a Brooklyn high school, the attractive panel member. Although they had just met that afternoon Juan appeared to be smitten with the girl. Juan told Peter they were going out for coffee. The body language of both indicated the discussion would cover more interesting topics than physics. A month later in a letter from Tim, Peter learned Juan and his girlfriend at least weekly visited the apartment for dinner, conversation and private time in the guest bedroom. The letter explained that Luis had gaven his brother the ‘rubber’ lecture and they made sure the bedside night stand was well supplied with rubbers and K-Y. The conference continued into the evening with more sessions, a cocktail hour, dinner and a speaker. It was important for Peter to network with colleagues and explore developments in physics education. Tom knew his friend would be late so had entertained himself that evening. After being taken out to dinner with a representative from a bank wanting to increase its business with Olentangy Insurance Tom, at the suggestion of Peter, visited the Exquisite Theater on Eighth Avenue near Times Square. Peter had visited this male x-rated cinema with live nude dancers during their first visit to New York while Tom attended an insurance seminar. Like Peter, Tom found the movies boring. They consisted of naked men posing in semi erotic positions always with soft dicks. If two or more men were in a scene they wore jock straps or G-strings while talking, playing volley ball or just lounging. It would be at least a year until the first gay pornographic feature film, Boys in the Sand starring Casey Donovan, would open in New York playing to packed theaters with record-breaking box office revenue. Following the movie a series of dancers came onto the stage. After an erotic a strip tease each moved into the audience flopping his dick near the faces of audience members who were willing to stuff dollar bills in his socks. The dancers were all good looking, buff young men, white and black, whose ability to swing their impressive dicks outshined their dancing skills. They played with themselves getting semi erections while pinching nipples, showing their asses and attempting to look erotic while appearing bored. As Peter had told Tom the most interesting activity in the theater would be in the audience. An incredibly handsome man of about forty slid into the seat next to Tom. His hands were first on Tom’s knees. Tom did not protest and the hands moved to the chest, his shirt was unbuttoned and Tom’s nipples enjoyed the attention of the stranger. Eventually hands were in the crotch, pants were lowered and his new friend leaned over to swallow Tom’s rock hard, precum seeping dick. Tom pushed the head away while placing the new friend’s hand on his dick. They jerked each other to conclusion while a naked guy on the screen played with a sword. Back at the hotel room Tom had showered off the sleaze of the Exquisite Theater and was watching TV in anticipation of his lovers return. As soon as Peter arrived Tom, who was wearing only a towel, took his man to the shower. After washing him from head to toe Tom pushed him against the shower wall and lubed both his dick and Peter’s hole. A fast and furious fuck was soon followed by tender loving and a slow fuck in bed. Late Saturday morning Tom and Peter were invited to have brunch at Tim and Luis’ apartment. Arriving they found the two young men lounging in loose bathrobes. Breakfast was forgotten as the four soon played without taking time for foreplay. Following breakfast and more quality fuck time the four departed for the theater. Tom and Peter had obtained tickets as a gift to their friends to a Saturday matinee performance of 1776. The story of this popular and long running show is based on the events leading to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Following the show they had an early dinner at Mama Leone’s. They did not want to arrive at their final destination of the evening until after later so they went to a filming of M*A*S*H, a comedy with serious overtones about a medical team during the Korean War. The cinema on the Upper West side was a fifteen minute walk from their final and most anticipated destination of the day, The Continental Baths. At the entry window each couple rented a room and a locker. While the lockers would not be used, each had to pay for a room or less expensive locker to gain admission. At first glance the Continental appeared no different than other both houses they had visited. Being a Saturday evening the place was crowded. As typical in gay bath houses men of all descriptions roamed the halls wearing a towel or less, doors to many of the tiny cubical rooms were open with the occupant usually naked displaying his attributes, the sauna and steam room were full of men sweating and groping and in play areas men were fucking, sucking, jacking (solo or in pairs) or just watching. They encountered an intriguing mixture of ages, shapes and nationalities. One notable difference from other baths was its size. With up to a thousand men playing throughout the place it was an unbelievable sight. The other difference was the lounge area and disco open to women and straight men. The entertainment on weekends was legendary. Clad in their towels the four found a table surrounded by gays and straights, men and women. Soon after their beer arrived the room darkened and a young woman walked onto the stage. Her pianist accompanist, a cute twink wearing a towel, began a melodic introduction. In a loud large voice the woman called out, “Thank you, thank you all for coming tonight. Give a hand to our pianist, arranger and songwriter as well as good friend and fellow Brooklynite, Barry Manilow.” The adorable towel clad Barry stood and bowed. For the next hour they were enthralled by this spunky woman with her bawdy humor and big voice. Luis commented, “I am sure some day Bette Midler will be famous far beyond the Continental. We are privileged to hear the Divine Miss M in such an intimate setting. After the entertainment in the lounge the four returned to the labyrinth of gay sexuality. They visited the steam room where they were pleasantly and sometimes not so enjoyable groped. When a tall muscular guy leaned in to suck Peter’s nipples, Peter raised one arm and directed the intruder to his hairless pit. As the man began licking and then gently chewing on Peter’s most sensitive spot other than his dick, Peter’s semi hard dick rose to full hardness. When someone moved into the other pit his throbbing dick began to spew out precum. Through the haze of the steam Tom saw what was happening to his man. He kneeled in front of Peter and squeezed some of the precum on his finger. Then he gently rubbed the tip of the shaft just below the head. With his mouth wide open and Peter’s dick head just inches away he continued to rub this sensitive spot on the shaft expecting a reward. In less than a minute Peter screamed out as he shot squirt after squirt toward his lovers waiting mouth. His body went limp and he would have fallen to the steam room floor if the two attacking his pits had not embraced him. Tom led the still shaking Peter to the showers. They then rested and cuddled on the narrow platform bed in their cubical. Meanwhile Luis and Tim were each being groped by a variety of men. While neither permitted sucking by strangers, Luis enjoyed a two finger fuck from a tall thin man with exceptionally long and talented fingers. He was soon spewing out cum that Tm caught in his hand and used to lube himself for his own massive unloading. After showers the four returned to each of their rooms for rest and more. Finally at 7:00 in the morning they shared a taxi. Tom and Peter got out at their hotel saying goodbye and thanking their friends for an enjoyable visit. The exhausted men fell asleep in each other’s arms. Luckily they had requested an afternoon wake-up call or they would have missed their afternoon flight back to Ohio. …………………………………………………………. Bette Midler & Barry Manilow at the Continental – Videos of their performances at the Continental are available on YouTube – do a search: continental midler History and demise of The Continental Baths. Peter and Tom had visited the Continental at its peak of gay activity. It had opened in the basement of the Ansonia Hotel in 1968 and was advertised as reminiscent of "the glory of ancient Rome". From Wikipedia : The features of this bathhouse included a disco dance floor, a cabaret lounge, sauna rooms, a narrow "Olympia blue" swimming pool, bunk beds in public areas, and tiny rooms as one would find in any gay bathhouse. The facility had the capacity to serve nearly 1,000 men, 24 hours a day.] One gay guide from the 1970s described the Continental Baths as a place that "revolutionized the bath scene in New York City. Some features of the Continental Bathhouse included a warning system that tipped off patrons when police arrived. There was also an STD clinic, a supply of A200 (a lice-killing shampoo) in the showers, a mouthwash dispenser, and K-Y Jelly in the candy vending machine. Due to her performances at the baths, Bette Midler earned the nickname Bathhouse Betty. It was at the Continental, accompanied by pianist Barry Manilow (who, like the bathhouse patrons, sometimes wore only a white towel) that she created her stage persona the Divine Miss M. The Continental Baths lost much of its gay clientele by 1974. The reason for the decline in patronage was, as one gay New Yorker was quoted, "We finally got fed up with those silly-assed, campy shows. All those straight people in our bathhouse made us feel like we were part of the décor and that we were there for their amusement." The Continental rebranded itself as a couple’s sex club, Plato’s Retreat. A few years later it closed.
  8. Tallguyct

    Chapter 14 Not Your Ordinary Haircut

    Columbus, September 1969 Back in Columbus Peter Smith relaxed in the waiting area chair as Dominik (Dom) Fryzjer cut the hair of a customer. Dom’s Barber Shop was a one man shop just off High Street near the university (Ohio State) where Peter was a professor of physics. His mind wandered between focusing on the cute bubble ass of Dom, the letter he, Tom and Keith had just received from Tim in New York City and the events in his life that had brought him to Columbus. The previous June Peter had traveled to New York City with Keith and Tom. His friends were attending an insurance conference during the day and playing in the evening. Peter had traveled with them to sightsee and play. His first day in the city he took a morning rush hour subway downtown. He was pressed against a young man who accidentally (???) pressed his hand in Peter’s crotch. This action was the seed that grew into a friendship. Tim, his new friend, lived and worked in the city. The three, Keith, Tom & Peter, had opened the eyes of closeted Tim to the joy of gay sex. Since returning to Ohio they enjoyed the letters from Tim as he ‘came out’ of his shell. They all had laughed as they read an earlier letter describing Tim getting caught with his pants down and ass up while fucking a student he had met in a bar followed by his removing a cum filled rubber from his loose shorts in the middle of crowded Washington Square Park. The most recent letter described the moving in of Luis. Tim was ecstatic that he and his lover could be together without sneaking into quiet places in city parks that were never totally safe or going to the Everard or Saint Mark’s Baths. Peter then focused on the barber’s fuckable ass while he thought about the events since his senior year in high school. Fifteen years earlier, 1955, Peter had a chance (or was it carefully orchestrated) encounter with Tom Kowalski during their senior year of high school. They soon became lovers. Peter’s thoughts were interrupted when Don moved to the other side of the chair and now his short sleeve black nylon shirt emphasized both his muscular arms and athletic upper body. The shirt was cut in a way that accentuated his nipples. The top three buttons of the shirt were undone exposing a tuft of black chest hair. Normally Peter considered hairy men more of a turn off than an erotic pleasure. For some reason, unknown to Peter this handsome man was an exception to his ideas about furry men. He totally enjoyed looking at the handsome barber’s chest thatch while considering the landscape around the nipples. As his dick began to swell he realized he had to change the focus of his thoughts. Peter’s reflections returned to his life. Soon after meeting and loving Tom the two had met a pair of girls with desires that matched theirs. The two boy/girl couples began dating publically while privately they had their boy/boy and girl/girl romances. The four continued relationships through college and marriage. They now lived in adjacent homes. Tom, his lover, had an executive position with Olentangy Insurance. Louise, his wife, was in a PhD program at Ohio State and Tom’s wife was pursuing her master’s in education degree. Dom had completed the customer’s haircut and was massaging his scalp as he did at the conclusion of all haircuts. Peter began to rise again as he thought of Dom’s hands rubbing and stroking his scalp as he had done at the end of previous haircuts. Peter was thankful that he usually wore baggy corduroy pants as his thoughts of Dom’s hands on his scalp had been transmitted to his hardening dick. To calm himself he returned to thoughts of family. He and Louise had only fucked since marriage to make babies. Upon discovery that Peter’s low sperm count might result in no children Peter’s brother Ronnie agreed to help create a little Smith. Since both Peter and Ronnie were fucking Louise during her fertile period during conception of the twins, a boy and a girl, it was unknown if Peter was the father of either, neither or both. The twins, Peter Thomas and Louise Ann were five years old. His lover Tom and Louise’s lover Ann had two children, Ann Margaret, seven years old and Sean Peter five years of age. Peter was brought out of his family thoughts as he heard Dom say, “Next.” The thoughts by Peter of his family had interrupted his erotic thoughts of Dom and resulting hard-on. He walked to the chair without having to bend over to hide his reaction to the sweet Dom. As Dom massaged his scalp at the conclusion of the hair cut Peter exclaimed. “God, that feels wonderful. Your hands are talented.” “It is my pleasure to satisfy my customers.” Dom said as he continued to massage the scalp and then moved down and massaged Peter’s shoulders. Three months earlier Peter discovered Dom’s Barber Shop. Not being big on personal appearance he had usually patronized whatever shop was convenient. But, since the touch of Dom electrified Peter, he returned there for his next cut. Dom was average height, about forty years of age with piercing dark brown eyes. Peter had noticed that at the beginning of each hair cut he received Dom’s nipples were not noticeable but by the time Dom began massaging his scalp the nipples had hardened. During his second haircut as Peter was sitting in the chair with the barber’s sheet covering him he had placed his arms on the arms of the barber chair. As Dom stood next to Peter while cutting the front he leaned into the chair. Peter felt the barber’s manhood against his arm. Peter pushed his arm out and he thought Dom pushed back in. Peter looked into the mirror and as Dom finished cutting the front of his head he also looked into the mirror and with piercing eyes gave Peter a smile and wink as Peter imagined the barber was pressing back harder against his arm. Dom then moved behind Peter and began the head massage while both stared into the eyes of the other. This was Peter’s third visit. Once again Peter had placed his arms on the chair arms and felt Dom’s dick press into him. As Dom finished the front trim he again moved behind Peter and began the head massage. Then Dom said, “Your eyebrows need trimming.” As he moved next to Peter’s right, Peter who was covered by the barber’s sheet, moved his left hand and placed it over his right arm to the place where Dom had pressed in. This time as Dom pressed in Peter gently rubbed his hand against the pressing dick. Dom pressed in harder and Peter opened his hand and rubbed it over the hardening dick. Dom pressed in more and Peter began jacking the handsome barber through the sheet and his pants. Dom stepped back and said, “It’s almost closing time”. He walked to the door, placed the ‘CLOSED’ sign on it, locked it, pulled the shade over the door down and closed the curtains at the front window. He returned to Peter’s side and continued the eyebrow trimming. Peter once again began rubbing and jacking the barber’s now rock hard dick that was trapped in his tight pants. Dom then said, “Your eyebrows are perfect now. I want to show you something”. As Dom pulled the sheet off Peter he looked at his bulging crotch. “We both seem to have the same problem.” Dom took Peter’s hand and led him to the back of the barber shop. As Dom leaned against the wall Peter placed his hands on the hard nipples that were protruding from the barber’s tight shirt. As Peter caressed and then lightly pinched them Dom moaned with pleasure. Peter unbuttoned Dom’s shirt and continued to play with the nipples. He leaned in and first kissed and then gently nibbled on one. “Harder please,” was the barber’s reaction. Peter bite harder. Dom moaned. Peter bite even harder. Dom moaned. As Peter moved his mouth to the other nipple both men began unbuckling and unzipping the pants of the other. Peter kneeled and lowered his friend’s red bikini nylon briefs. Out popped a perfectly formed hard and moist uncut dick. The hairless balls were a perfect match to the average sized dick. “I see you trim and shave more than just heads and faces.” Dom replied with a chuckle, “Anytime you want styling below the belt my trimmer and razor are ready”. After rolling the skin back and forth Peter leaned in and swallowed the seeping dick to its base. Dom grabbed Peter’s head and began pumping. He released Peter’s head and pulled him to a standing position. Their noses touched. Dom leaned in and kissed Peter who responded with open mouth and a probing tongue. Don kneeled and lowered Peter’s white joy juice stained jockey briefs. He admired the large cut dick before swallowing it. Peter’s dick needed little encouragement and he soon felt the juices begin to rise. When he pushed Dom away the barber wrapped his arms around Peter’s ass and was soon swallowing a massive quantity of man juices. The cumming was so intense that Peter might have fallen to the floor if the strong barber had not tightened his grip around Peter. Needing just a few moments for recovery Peter kneeled and returned the favor. As he rode the High Street bus north toward home Peter mentally replayed his afternoon event. After the first haircut he had told his lover, Tom, about the handsome barber. While Tom was interested in the description he did not plan to change barbers as he was very fastidious about his appearance and had found a barber that cut his hair to perfection. After his second haircut Peter again told Tom about the experience this time adding the touchy feelie with his arm and Dom’s dick. Toms reply was that he hoped after the next visit Peter got the full service. After getting off the bus Peter ran home so he could share his adventure with his lover. Both Tom and Peter were aware that the other was eternally horney and were not upset if one occasionally had a side encounter. They enjoyed sharing their experiences. The immediate needs of the children were more important than sharing sexual conquests so Peter played with the three younger ones while seven year old, Louise Ann, set the table. Following a quick dinner the two couples and four children ate together the wives departed to study at the library and Tom and Peter gave the children baths, got them ready for bed and read to them. It wasn’t until the children were sleeping that Peter described his erotic haircut to the very interested Tom as they did the dishes. As they cuddled in the basement home office Tom expressed an interest in possibly changing barbers. Two weeks later Peter escorted Tom into Dom’s Barber Shop. “I told my friend about your talents and he would like you to perform your magic on him.” Dom replied with a smile, “As you can see I have two men waiting. Why don’t you return a little before five and I will be glad to service your friend. If the door is locked and shade down just knock. See you soon I hope.” Dom winked at Tom and appeared to push his chest out which forced his nipples to be on full display. They had about a half hour to kill and decided to visit the bar where years earlier (Boys of the 1950s, chapter 16) they had had adventures in the men’s room when visiting Columbus during their university days. Tom ordered a beer and Peter a coke. They discussed Tom’s impressions of the barber he had just met for the first time. Tom agreed that Dom was definitely someone he would like to know and/or blow. While years earlier they had had an interesting experience in the men’s room, this time they had uneventful separate visits to the men’s room. Arriving back at the barber shop they were greeted with a ‘CLOSED’ sign as well as shades and curtains hiding the interior. Dom immediately answered their knock and locked the door as they entered. “So your friend wants a haircut. As you know I am here to please my customer. Please sit.” Tom then gave detailed instructions as to how he wanted his hair cut. As Dom got out the clippers he said, “There will be no leaning in or hanky pank while I work. I want to get this job done so we can move on to more interesting activities.” As Dom worked he told his life story. “I was born in Poland and came to the USA with my parents when I was seven years old. My father was a barber and I enjoyed helping out in the shop sweeping the floor and doing odd jobs. For some reason that I did not understand I got erotic feelings, even when only ten years old, when I observed my father massaging the head of a handsome man. Also at about the age of ten on a Saturday afternoon while watching TV with about five other boys, one of the older boys, Hal, (thirteen years old) challenged us to a jerk off contest. I had no idea what the boy was talking about. However, when the challenger pulled his pants down and took his dick in hand I became very interested and did the same. The other boys were reluctant to join in but did so they would not appear ‘chicken’. Hal stroked and I mimicked him. What a wonderful feeling. Eventually Hal shot a stream of white creamy stuff onto the floor. None of the rest of us shot anything. But I did soon have a really good feeling. Hal told us that when we started shooting jizm we had become men and could then make babies. I did not want to admit that I did not understand what he was saying. However, I did not forget the good feeling and ‘jerked off’ again that evening in the bathroom. After the jerk off challenge when I saw my father massaging the head of an especially handsome man I would go to the bathroom and take care of myself. Within a year or so I was shooting the white cream.” “About every six months I have a customer who responds when I lean in with my dick against the arm of the chair. I only have the urge to lean in on about one in twenty customers. Peter, you certainly qualified to be given the chair arm / dick test. Tom you would also qualify but I assume I do not need to cruise you to get a reaction after the haircut.” When Dom finished the haircut he massaged Tom’s head. Tom moaned with pleasure as Dom moved his massage from the head to the shoulders and then leaned in to the chest and nipples. As Dom played with Tom Peter moved in behind him and with his dick planted against the cute ass pulled the barbers shirt out and reached up for the nipples. Dom sighed with joy as Peter pinched them with his sharp fingernails. As Peter pinched he felt Dom rotating his ass against his dick. Dom moaned, “Fuck Me!” Peter replied, “If that is what you want, that is what you will get. But first let’s play and do some show and tell. Tom has not seen your luscious naked body.” They quickly undressed. Peter and Tom were soon on their knees inspecting the barber’s perfectly formed uncut dick and balls. They fingered the smooth shaved nuts and admired the sculptured thatch crowing the dick. They asked Dom how often he shaved and trimmed. Dom replied that he ‘manscaped’ at least weekly. The boys couldn’t believe that someone would hold a razor to their balls. (Note – ordinary face shaving in the 1960s frequently resulted in cuts. Stopping the bleeding was just part of shaving.) Dom replied that he was EXTREMELY careful when shaving his balls and shaft. He offered to shave and trim his new friends. They both said, “No thank you!” After the inspection of the barber the boys stood and Dom kneeled for a hands and lips on inspection of his new friends. He then said, “Would one or both of you fuck me?” He stood and walked over to a supply drawer. He took out rubbers and lube. He then leaned over the barber chair with his waist on one arm rest and ass fully exposed. Both Tom and Peter each took a rubber and rolled it on their hard dicks. Peter took the tube of lube and squeezed some on his fingers. He gently massaged some on Dom’s ass while probing the hole with his finger deeply inserted. Dom cried out in pleasure as Peter touched and retouched that spot that gives a man a feeling of ecstasy. Peter removed his finger and then inserted two. After a thorough exploration he pulled out the two and inserted three. Since Peter’s fingers matched his size 13 (European 46) extra wide feet his probing was intense. Dom cried out, possibly in pain, but never said “No.” Peter then generously lubed Tom’s rock hard dick. Tom thrust in. He pulled completely out and rammed in again. Dom kept repeating, “Thank you, harder, thank you, harder, thank you.” Eventually Tom cried out as he exploded into the willing ass. As soon as he pulled out Peter shoved in showing no mercy. He fucked hard and fast while Dam continued to cry out. Peter detonated a massive load into his rubber covered dick that was planted deep into Dom. Tom held Peter as he shot knowing that his lover might lose his balance as he shot. As Peter pulled out Dom laid lifeless across the arms of the chair. There was a pool of cum on the chair seat that Dom had expelled without the touching of his dick, just ramming of his ass. Dom stood and the three embraced. He then handed each a very hot towel from a container warning them to be careful and not burn their balls. The towels soon cooled slightly. Peter and Tom enjoyed the warmth of the cleansing towels on their balls and abused but happy dicks. They both thought to themselves ‘If our dicks are so soar Dom’s ass must be raw and tender yet very happy from the assault we gave it’. In the future Tom and Peter were well groomed considering the frequency of their haircuts. They did eventually permit Dom to trim their crotch hair but they never permitted shaving of their balls or shafts with a razor.
  9. Tallguyct

    Chapter 13 Tim and Luis Play Cupid

    December 1969 Seeing the extra setting at the dinner table reminded Tim of his high school friend, Emily. He hoped inviting her was his mother’s idea and not Emily’s. While she had been considered his ‘girlfriend’ their high school senior year, he had never felt romantic urges. In high school he had been conflicted about his sexual urges. While the other boys either boasted about sexual conquests or talked about what they would like to do with a girl Tim did not understand their feelings. He and Emily had gone to movies, church events and the senior dance together. But after graduation they never saw each other again. Through the years Tim’s mother constantly informed him about Emily’s activities in college and then her position as a third grade teacher at the Hudson Rock Elementary School. While it would be nice to talk to her, far better than an evening with his parents, he had no interest other than to find out how her life had turned out. She had been raised in the same religious environment with a domineering father and complacent, gossipy mother. At promptly 4:30 the doorbell rang and the Hastings were ushered into the living room. Tim’s mother gushed over how lovely Emily looked. She pushed them together on the sofa leaving Luis to find a chair for himself. At dinner Tim was seated next to Emily and Luis at the far end of the table. After an hour of meaningless dinner conversation the two fathers took Luis to the basement to examine some wood working project, the mothers cleaned the table and kitchen while Tim and Emily were sent to the living room. As soon as they were alone Emily said, “I am so sorry. I did not know what my parents had planned.” Tim replied, “I know exactly how you feel. Let’s get out of here and have a normal conversation. You, Luis and I can go someplace out of their eyesight, hearing and controlling.” Tim called Luis upstairs and announced we’re going to the movies to see Hello Dolly at the cinema in Cedarville. We’ll take Emily home after the movie. We will probably have a snack after the movie so might be late. The three had their coats on and were out of the house before the parents could comment or object. Tim told Emily that the movie was just a ruse to get them out of the house. He asked where they could go for a quiet talk. Since Emily had no recommendations Tim suggested Jack’s Saloon in Cedarville, the next town. He explained that neither he nor Luis drank much and that they would probably just have a beer each. Emily could have a coke or something stronger. Luckily, being just a couple days before Christmas the bar was not crowded and they found a quiet table in the back. The noise was in the side room where a group of boisterous guys played pool while their girls sat looking bored. Tim had remembered Emily from high school as being one of the pretties girls in the class. The two of them usually had the highest grades. Tim started, “I am going to ask the obvious stupid question. Why is the prettiest and smartest girl in our class not married and is still living with your parents?” She replied, “After graduation from State College I accepted a position in Hudson Rock to teach third grade. Living at home seemed the natural thing to do. But I hate living under my father’s control. My mother just like your mother accepts his narrow minded dominance. I’ve been unhappy with the living situation since moving back after college three years ago. Soon, but not soon enough I will find someplace else to live. But as long as I remain in Hudson Rock I know they will try to control my life. As far as marriage, any guy that I would consider husband material has escaped this place. The remaining ones are either lazy beer lovers or what I call ‘Jesus Freaks’. No way am I going to get involved with someone from our church. Tell me about yourself.” Tim told her about the joys of living in New York City. He told her he met Luis at the Presbyterian Young Adults Church Group (a lie, but better for now than a ‘gay bar’). He told her about their explorations of the city (leaving out the baths and adventures in the woods). Emily was memorized by his description of Angela Lansbury in Dear World on Broadway. He asked Luis to tell Emily about his family. “Oh, I am so jealous. Someone from Hudson Rock is seeing so much while I am stuck here where my big adventure of the week is choir practice. The most exciting thing that happens is when old Mr. Beltcher pats me on the rear end after choir practice. He has a wonderful bass voice and his wife sounds like a sick raccoon when she sings so she is not in the choir. I try to avoid the old coot. I would slap his face but I know that would bring more shame to me than him. After a couple more beers for the men and cokes for Emily she excused herself to go to the ‘ladies room’. While she was gone Tim asked Luis if he would mind if he invited her to visit them in the City. Luis had no objections. When she returned Tim made the suggestion. He was amazed at how quickly she accepted. It was decided she would take the bus from Scranton the following Friday, the day after Christmas. Saturday the three would go to Connecticut for the wedding, Sunday – She would meet people her age at Brunch with the Church Group, Wednesday evening they would attend a friend’s New Year’s Eve Party and she would be free to roam the city the other days while Tim and Luis were at work. She would stay in the spare room in their apartment but they would tell her parents she was staying with Luis’ girlfriend. Tim chuckled as he told her she would be safe in his apartment. He explained that neither he nor Luis had an interest in pursuing girls while they did enjoy a close relationship with each other. He told Emily that if she had a problem with two guys loving each other than she would not be comfortable at their place. Emily was aware that sometimes two men or two women shared a romantic relationship but she had never known such a couple. Then she stated that if such couples existed in Hudson Rock they kept their relationship secret. Suddenly her eyes widen as she commented, “There are two men in their forties in the choir at Church who have lived together forever. They are farmers and possibly share the same feelings you two do. Also the first and sixth grade teachers share a house. Maybe they are romantically involved. I know Preacher Dawson seems to enjoy condemning such relationships. No I do not have a problem with how you love and live.” “As far as escaping, my mother’s sister, Aunt Sally who is the ‘black sheep’ of the family, will support me. She married outside the church and is the constant subject of my mother’s comments about inappropriate lives. I am sure she will drive me to the Greyhound Bus station in Scranton. My parents will make my life hell for going off to New York, or as they will call it Sodom and Gomorrah.” Tim, his parents and Luis attended the Bible Church the following morning. Tim told Luis he could stay at the house but he insisted saying this could be funnier than a Broadway comedy. After Church they took Emily to dinner at a nice restaurant in Scranton to discuss her coming to New York Friday morning. They timed their return from dinner to be just thirty minutes prior to their departure for New York. When Emily told her parents she was leaving for a ten day visit to New York City they were speechless for a few moments. She endured three days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday / Christmas Eve) of lectures and badgering that were so nasty that by Thursday / Christmas Day she planned an early escape. Christmas Day afternoon she left a note on her bed stating she was meeting her ride to New York earlier than expected. She then drove her car to Aunt Sally’s where she stayed the night. Early Friday morning Aunt Sally drove her to the bus station in Scranton and she was met by Luis at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan Friday afternoon. Upon arrival at the apartment she called her parents and simply told them she had arrived safely and was staying with Luis’ girlfriend. She was polite but gave no additional information to her mother. Ten minutes after Emily’s call the phone rang. Luis answered the call from Tim’s mother who demanded to speak to her son. Luis told her he was not home (a lie, he was there). She then screamed and demanded to know what happened to Emily. Luis in the sweetest voice possible said, “She is fine and staying with a friend. Thank you for the concern. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Have a happy New Year. Goodbye.” Emily and Tim congratulated Luis and then they all had a long laugh over his handling of the irate mother. When Tim called his former roommate’s fiancée, Patty, to ask if he could bring a date to the wedding she said, “After all the loving time you gave Mike and me we owe you, of course bring her.” Saturday was a full day starting with the train ride from Grand Central Terminal to Connecticut, then wedding and reception and finally after returning to the city strolling along Fifth Avenue seeing the Christmas decorated store windows and the magnificent Christmas tree and skating rink at Rockefeller Center. Sunday morning Luis visited his parents while Tim and Emily attended the service at the nearby Presbyterian Church. Following the service they went to brunch with the group of ‘young adults.’ One of the young men, who Tim had considered very quiet and shy, sat next to Emily. She seemed to enjoy his company and at the end of the meal he offered to take her sightseeing. At 6:00 she called the apartment to tell Tim that they were going out to dinner and that she might be back late. At 10:00 (22:00) the door buzzer rang. She escorted Jack into the apartment and for the next hour the four: Tim, Luis, Emily and Jack had an enjoyable conversation. Jack was not the introvert Tim thought he was. After Jack went home Emily talked for another half hour about the wonderful man she had met. He was taking her out the next evening, Monday, after work. They went out again Tuesday evening. The four attended a New Year’s Eve party Wednesday evening at the apartment of one of the members of the Church group. Since they did not arrive home after the party until 3:00 in the morning Tim suggested Jack sleep on the sofa in the living room. He gladly accepted although his apartment was only a fifteen minute walk. When Tim got up an hour later to piss he saw Jack and Emily making out on the couch. The next morning Jack was asleep on the couch and the door to Emily’s room was closed. After a New Year’s Day breakfast Emily and Jack departed for a day of sightseeing. Jack would not see Emily on Friday until late in the evening. As a senior auditor with the accounting firm, Price Waterhouse and Company (now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC) he would be overseeing the counting of the inventory of a manufacturing firm in Brooklyn. He would call and hopefully stop by later that evening. As they ate supper in the apartment both Luis and Tim noted Emily seemed upset. They assumed there was a problem with her quick romance with Jack. Finally, almost in tears, she said, “I want to discuss something with you two but I don’t know how to approach the subject.” Tim replied, “Emily, we are friends. Just spit it out.” “OK, here goes. I am twenty-five years old. I have never been with a man. In fact I have never seen a naked man except as pieces of art – paintings and sculptures. When babysitting I have seen little boys but never a man. I think Jack might make an advance. He has touched me places that makes my whole body tingle with pleasure. But he has only touched me over my clothes. When we get close I see and have touched the hardness in his pants. I know I shouldn’t but if he used even a small amount of force I would probably let him have what he wants and to be truthful what I want. I feel so stupid not knowing about life. My mother gave me a lecture once about ‘men’. She warned me to never let a man touch me except my husband. To do so was a sin. She also said that I must submit to my husband even if I do not want to. That it is the duty of a wife. No mention of love or preparation for sex. What do I do? Last night in bed all I could think about was his lanky six foot four (193 cm) naked body pressed against me. If he had walked into my room I would have begged him to take me. But I don’t know what a man does, how he functions, and most important I am terrified that I could get pregnant.” Both Tim and Luis assured that her feelings were normal, very normal. They also told her that pregnancy was easily preventable. She thanked them for their comments and concern but told them talking did not answer her two worries: just what is a man and most important how does one not get pregnant? “Emily, If you want, I and Luis if he is willing will show you what a man looks like and how he responds. Shall I show you?” “No! Yes! No! I don’t know!” “Emily, I will let you inspect me. I will stop at any time if you request.” Tim then stood and stripped to his under briefs. After a short pause he took them off. At first Emily turned her face away and then starred at the soft dick. Luis stood and said, “I am not going to let him get all the attention.” Soon naked Luis was standing with his friend. Tim then explained, “When a man gets aroused his penis, we usually call it a dick or cock gets hard. So at some point, that will happen during this lesson. You probably notice a difference between our dicks.” He then briefly explained circumcision, Biblical references to it, Jewish customs and the fact that most Americans were circumcised while in Europe most were not. Luis pulled his skin back and then over the head to demonstrate. Tim then stepped closer to her and told Emily to touch it. She refused. He told her that he touched it every day so why couldn’t she. He reached for her hand and led it to the dick. She let him guide her. “Wrap your hand around it and gently stroke it.” She complied. Luis stroked his own and soon both had full hard-ons. Tim then said, now it is time for lesson two. He went to the bedroom and returned with a rubber and lube. He then had Emily open the package, showed her how to hold it and had her roll it on his hard dick. He then handed Luis a paper napkin and told Emily they would finish the demonstration. She continued to stroke his rubber covered dick while Luis did his uncovered. Suddenly Tim felt the juices rise and told Emily to carefully watch his dick. He was soon shooting into the rubber. Then Luis shot his load catching it in the napkin. Then Tim gave instructions on rubber removal. The boys then wiped their dicks and got dressed. “The hands on lesson is over. What just happened is a secret between the three of us never to be told to anyone. Let’s discuss it and answer any questions you have.” She didn’t have any questions so they told her how GREAT it felt to stroke the dick. They told her about jacking off and she admitted to rubbing herself. When boyfriend Jack arrived about 10:00 (22:00) they shared pie and small talk about the events (but not the sex lecture) of the day. Tim took Jack into his bedroom for a private conversation. “Emily is a sweet person and I feel for her like a brother, a very protective brother. I don’t know what might happen between you two but I do have one request.” At this point he handed Jack three rubbers and some lube. “No glove – No love, OK. Enough said.” Jack was speechless as he shoved them into his pocket. Tim also stated, “There are more in the bottom drawer of the nightstand in Emily’s bedroom.” Tim then announced that he and Luis were going to the midnight showing of Easy Rider at the cinema on 34th Street. They departed and decided to visit the Everard instead. When they returned home hours later at 3:00 Jack’s overcoat was still hanging on the coat rack and the door to Emily’s room was closed. Tim woke up at 8:00 and after a long piss sat at the kitchen table reading the latest issue of Time magazine. The door of Emily’s bedroom opened and out walked Jack, bare naked. Tim was both surprised and extremely pleased by the sight. Six foot, four (193 cm), skinny, small amount of hair on chest and crotch with a dick to match his large hands and feet. Tim could not help but stare at the long, cut masterpiece hanging over low hanging balls. Tim walked into the bathroom and pissed leaving the door open. Tim admired his ass and thought about the perfect cock as he saw the stream of piss from the back between the slightly spread legs. As Jack returned to the kitchen area Tim asked him if he would like a cup of coffee. “Sure, Thanks.” As naked Jack sat at the table in the seat opposite, Tim who was wearing sweat pants and a T shirt got up and poured his friend a cup. Luckily his loose pants hid his half hard dick. Tim was speechless and finally said, “Did you sleep well?” Jack replied, “No. But I am not complaining. I owe you and Luis heartfelt thanks. You two guys are certainly a pair of successful cupids. Your handful of little gifts and warning ‘no glove, no love’ shocked and then pleased me, REALLY PLEASED ME! While my dick was telling me to go for it my brain was telling me to be a gentleman. You comment and action relieved some of my anxieties. But my major concern was Emily and her feelings. Well, soon after you departed for the movie lasts night we were making out. She gave no resistance no matter where I put my hands. Finally I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Everything that happened was mutual. Later during one of the lulls she told me what had happened earlier that evening before I arrived. She told me she had confided in you that she was attracted to me but the thought of pregnancy was overwhelming and that she had to force herself to resist temptation. She told me that you explained the use of rubbers and had her practice rolling one on.” At this point Tim became extremely embarrassed and pissed at Emily since she had revealed their private activity. Jack continued with a hearty laugh. “It must have been a sight to see her learning to roll a rubber on a banana.” Tim sighed a great relief. “Your assurance that pregnancy should not be a concern gave her the freedom to do as her body wanted. We both thank you and the banana.” He continued, “I am sorry, I should not be roaming around your home naked. For me it is very natural. When I was ten years old my mother left our family and moved in with another man and then moved out of state. My dad was left to raise his three sons, I am the middle one. We lived in a rural area of upstate New York near the Canadian border. Our house was a small two bedroom cottage on a mountain lake. There were no neighbors. In the summer we three brothers swam naked every day. We slept naked and had no problem walking around naked. My dad swan naked with us and also slept naked. There was nothing sexy about it. It’s just the way it was. So I feel very comfortable being naked around other men.” Tim then told Jack, “I have a confession to make. I told you Emily was my cousin. I did that to protect her reputation. It sounded better to announce we had a relative visiting than a single girl. Actually, in high school Emily and I dated. It was never romantically serious, at least from my viewpoint. I never saw her again until two weeks ago when our mothers’ conspired to get us together. I really like Emily. But, as you have probably concluded I am happier with a man. Luis and I are a couple. I hope that is not a problem for you?” Jack replied, “I do not understand such relationships. I know what the Bible says about two men together.” Tim was devastated. He wanted to punch Jack in the face but realized the bigger man could beat the shit out of him. Jack continued, “I also know what the Church teaches about a man lying with a woman outside of marriage. I don’t know if what you and Luis do is a sin or just natural. Also what Emily and I do might be a sin or just natural. However, I do not believe that something that feels so good could be a sin. You probably feel the same way about your life with Luis. So, I drink to our lives doing what we do.” Jack with a big smile on his face raised his coffee cup to toast his friend. Tim raised his cup and they touched cups and drank to their happiness. “Well, I need more sleep, see you later, Friend.” Jack stood and innocently scratched his balls as he returned to his bed and Emily. Tim returned to bed and fell asleep snuggled next to Luis. When Tim woke up a few hours later he was pressed against Luis. His dick requested and Luis’ ass replied with a wiggle and a ‘yes please do.’ Following a very quiet fuck so as not to disturb the guests Tim pulled on the sweat pants and went to piss. The door to Emily’s room was open and both their winter coats were gone. There was a note on the kitchen table, ‘Jack and I are going out for the day. Don’t wait up for me tonight, I might stay overnight at his place.’ Sunday morning a very happy Emily called. She told them she and Jack were going to Church and then after brunch with the gang he was driving her home to Hudson Rock. Tim told her he would also go to Church and they could pick up her clothes after brunch. Luis wanted to see the happy faces of the two ‘no more virgins’ so he also attended the service. The two started a whirlwind romance despite the distance and objections of Emily’s parents. He dropped her off at Aunt Sally’s when they returned to Hudson Rock. After a brief visit with Aunt Sally’s family Jack returned to New York City. Aunt Sally had never seen her niece so happy and the two discussed her adventure with Emily omitting the sex. Then Emily reluctantly drove home and answered her parents’ questions with short, evasive answers. The following weekend Jack visited again arriving at Aunt Sally’s mid Saturday morning. Emily told her parents she and Aunt Sally were going shopping in Scranton and if it was too late she would stay over at her Aunt’s. Her Aunt knowing their real plans covered for them as they departed for the motel room Jack had rented. Aunt Sally did not see Emily again until late Sunday afternoon. Emily decided it was time for her parents to meet Jack. The following weekend he came directly to her home and she introduced him to her parents. They were cordial but not friendly. She told her parents Jack wanted to see Amish country in Lancaster County. Since it was a five hour round trip drive and with sightseeing added they would not be home until evening. Actually the only sightseeing was the inside of Jack’s motel room. He took her back home late that evening and returned Sunday morning to attend Church. After enduring a somewhat hostile Sunday dinner Jack departed for the city. His visits to Hudson Rock were frequent and she visited him at his apartment during spring school vacation. Emily applied for a teaching position in New York and was hired to begin the following September. When they announced plans for a June wedding in New York City her parents began a verbal tirade with rants about her marrying outside the Church and moving to the morally corrupt metropolis. Her parents would not attend the wedding because as her father stated, “If you marry that man in a Presbyterian Church the Lord will not recognize the marriage. You will be living in sin and if you have children they will be bastards in the eyes of our Heavenly Father”. Emily was relieved that her parents would not be there to destroy her special day. Aunt Sally, her husband and two teenage sons came to New York and stayed with Tim and Luis. The apartment was crowded with the boys sleeping on the floor but the excitement of visiting the city and attending the wedding made up for any inconvenience. Jack’s brothers and father came for the wedding. Sally was Emily’s ‘matron of honor’, Tim walked her down the aisle and gave her away and Jack’s older brother was best man. Ten months later Jack Junior was born and a year later beautiful little Sally arrived. When a two bedroom apartment in Tim and Luis’ building became available, the expanding family moved in just down the hall from Uncle Tim and Uncle Luis who happily and frequently cared for the little ones.
  10. Sunday, August 3, 1969 - When Tim arrived early at the meeting place in the Columbus Circle Subway station Luis was already waiting. They shook hands while their eyes again told each other they wanted to do more than just a handshake. Tim asked Luis what he had in the canvas bag he was carrying. “Oh, just a blanket in case we want to lie on the grass. We wouldn’t want to get grass stains on our clothes.” While riding uptown Luis told Tim about the places they would visit that morning. The Cloisters is a museum in Fort Tryon Park at the northern tip of Manhattan. It is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art specializing in European medieval architecture, sculpture and decorative arts. The buildings themselves appear medieval. In addition to being the location of the Cloisters, Fort Tyron Park is a historic site where the Battle of Fort Washington was fought in 1776. The sixty-seven acre (270,000 square meters) park also contains walking trails and wooded areas where it would be easy to get lost and have privacy. The views of the Hudson River looking west to New Jersey’s Palisades Park are spectacular. While they explored the museum Tim was impressed by his friend’s knowledge of the collection. After visiting the medieval buildings Tim told Luis he really needed to find a men’s room. This time as they entered the public restroom there were no other occupants. Tim stepped up to a urinal and Luis took the one next to him. Since both had revealed their sexual histories to each other Tim had no qualms about checking out his friend’s dick. Both stood back as they pissed. Tim was delighted with what he saw. Luis held his above average, thick, and gloriously uncut dick while pissing. He had pulled the skin back just far enough to uncover the piss hole. While Tim pissed and starred he started to get hard. Luis was also checking out Tim. “Well, it looks like Mr. Tim there is rising to the occasion.” As he said this, his own started to grow. Luis continued, “That was a nice preview. But, we better behave – for now.” They zipped up and found the café where they had snacks and soft drinks. Luis suggested they explore the wooded area. The Henry Hudson Parkway, a busy divided highway ran between the park and the river. There were various paths leading down toward the river. As they walked along one isolated path near the busy parkway Luis suggested they explore off the path. They found a private area surrounded by bushes almost adjacent to but hidden from the parkway. Luis took the blanket out of his bag and spread it on the ground. “I think we need to rest.” He sat on the blanket and Tim sat next to him. They looked into each other’s eyes and both leaned in to the other. As their lips touched they wrapped their arms around each other. Tim reached under Luis’ T shirt and rubbed his chest. As Luis raised his arms Tim removed the shirt. As he leaned in and kissed one of Luis’ nipples his own shirt was being removed. They kissed lips, nipples, stomachs. Both were wearing loose shorts. Tim reached up the leg of Luis’ shorts and reached for the hard dick that to his delight was available since Luis wore boxer shorts. Luis unbuttoned and unzipped Tim’s shorts and pushed them down along with his white underwear briefs. Tim did the same to Luis and the two young men were naked except for shorts around their knees and shoes and socks. Both held the other’s hard dick. Tim was in ecstasy playing with the skin that totally covered the mushroom head and then when pulled back exposed the now moist head. Luis warned him to take it easy. Tim replied that he had waited three days for this and wanted it. He leaned in swallowing the thick impressive Puerto Rican dick. Luis muffled his cries of passion as he immediately unloaded down his friend’s throat. Luis then stroked his friend until he shot his load with spurts that hit his stomach, chest and mouth. Luis took a tissue out of his bag and gently cleaned his friend. They kept their shorts around their knees just in case they needed to pull them up if someone were to wander by as they lay next to each other. They held hands and talked for about ten minutes. Then Luis began caressing Tim and soon was playing with his dick and balls. He leaned in a swallowed the dick of the young man brought up as a Conservative Christian who soon rewarded him with a sweet cream mouthful. After two hours and four cummings each they pulled up their pants and returned to the main part of the park. They then walked over to Broadway and shared a late lunch at a sandwich shop. Tim asked Luis what was next on the schedule. He replied that he had no special plans except to spend more time together. Tim then suggested, “Let’s have more quality time together. Although I have cum four times my dick still wants more of you. We could go to the baths. You told me you have never visited one. Although it will be full of hungry men we can have total privacy. At the Everard we could share a room and each other. What time do you need to be home?” Luis laughed as he replied, “I need to be home in time to dress for work tomorrow morning. I cannot imagine a better way to complete the day than being in a tiny room with you. Let’s go!” By the time they arrived at the entrance to the Everard it had been almost two hours since they had pulled up their shorts in the Fort Tryon Park woods. Tim paid for a room and told Luis to get a locker which he would not use as they would go directly to Tim’s room. They went to the tiny room and quickly got naked. The anticipation of what would follow resulted in each having instant hard-ons. Tim suggested they shower, return to the room for some quality time and then take a tour and see the sights. Luis agreed. Each wrapped the towel they had been given at the entrance desk around their waists and they walked to the shower area with bulges of anticipation. There were six shower heads of which two were being used. They hung the towels on hooks and turned on adjacent showers. Tim pumped soap from the dispenser onto his hand and began to rub Luis’ back. Luis soaped his hand and turning around meticulously cleaned Tim’s chest, nipples, armpits, stomach, cock, balls and ass surface but not probing into the hole. Tim also made sure his friend was squeaky clean. They had no concern that some of the other men were watching them. One guy stepped in and started to rub Luis’ back. Luis just smiled at him saying, “Thanks, but my body is reserved for my friend.” Back in the room they furiously hugged, kissed, caressed and stroked. Soon they were in the 69 position with each deep throating the other to simultaneous climaxes. After a brief rest Tim took his friend on a tour. In the steam room both were groped. Tim whispered to Luis, “If the guy has a nice touch I let him play as long as it’s hands only, no lips from strangers.” They watched two guys jerk each other off in the sauna and a couple fucking in the big open dimly lite orgy room. Tim decided not to comment on the fucking. They splashed in the small pool and enjoyed checking out the men in the rooms with open doors. After one more cumming back in their tiny room they reduced their private time to cuddling. When they left the baths five hours later Tim pointed out a coffee shop near the corner of 28th Street and Fifth Avenue. He commented that it would be a good place to meet prior to their next Everard visit. Luis replied, “How about Tuesday after work.” Tim happily accepted the offer and they agreed on a time. Tim then walked his friend to the nearby subway stop and then the short distance to his apartment. That evening Tim wrote his friends in Ohio a long letter detailing the joys of the day. Tuesday they met as planned and enjoyed four hours of quality time at the Everard. Both were now having the most satisfying times of their lives. On weekends they would explore the city and if they could not find a private place to explore each other visit the Everard. Once a week they would have an evening together at the baths. Three weeks after their first encounter they had one of their after work meetings at the baths. Following an intense and quick encounter in their tiny cubical they relaxed in the sauna, showered, and observed the activity taking place in rooms with open doors and in the large dimly lite orgy room. Returning to their cubical Luis laid on his side facing the wall on the narrow platform bed. Tim spooned against him. He wrapped his arms around Luis with his chest tight against Luis’ back and dick planted against the other’s ass. His dick needed no encouragement to harden as it pressed against the ass crack. Tim began to slowly thrust against his friend. He was pleased as Luis push back and then dismayed when he pulled away. “Hold on buddy. Let’s do this right.” As Luis said this he spit on his hand and used it to lubricate his ass. Spitting again he lubed Tim’s dick. He then guided Tim’s dick to his hole and pushed back. Tim accepted the invitation and with some difficulty since the spit was not an appropriate lube entered his man. Laying on his side as he pumped his love he reached over and began stroking Luis’ hard dick. Although both had cum about a half hour earlier the feeling for each was so pleasing that with a few thrusts into the ass and strokes on the dick as Tim emptied himself into Luis the other showered the wall with his cream. Tim tightened his grip and remained inside his fiend. Luis spoke, “That was marvelous. The first time I saw your dick I knew it would be perfect fit. But I was afraid you would think I was demented if I requested a fuck.” “I had the same feeling the first time I spied your cute ass cheeks. For three weeks we have not had the ultimate pleasure. I have lusted for your ass since that first meeting but was afraid you might be put off if I made a fucking suggestion. I am sure we will make up for lost time.” Following cuddling, rest and showers Tim went to the front counter and purchased a tube of K-Y lube conveniently on sale. Thirty minutes later Luis was on his back, legs on Tim’s shoulders as the two coupled for an extended session of kissing, fucking, withdrawing and re-entering. Neither wanted this to end. Whenever Tim felt he was near the edge he pulled out. Finally after thirty minutes of play Tim could hold back no longer and intensely blasted into his lover. He held Luis’ arms tightly down. Smiling at his friend he gently pulled out and then moved his lips to the rock hard, dripping uncut dick. All he needed to do was swallow it. As the dick hit the back of his throat it exploded. Tim swallowed most of the juices. The remainder stayed on his lips. He leaned forward and the two men deep kissed sharing the nectar of Luis. ………………………………………………. A week later Tim’s roommate, Al, announced he was moving out. His employer was transferring him to the sales office on Long Island and he planned to find a place nearby. Three of them shared the two bedroom apartment with Tim and Mike having beds in the larger bedroom and Al alone in the other bedroom. Tim immediately said, “Last Sunday, while having brunch with the church group, one of the guys asked if anyone knew of available apartments. He had just received notice of a substantial rent increase. If Luis moved in, Mike could have the single room. If you want I’ll invite him to meet you.” Tim knew Mike would be very happy to get a private room as his girlfriend visited often and he was sure she would stay over if Mike had his own room. Tim immediately called Luis about the room. They had discussed living together. Tim quietly told Luis that he had told Mike they had met at Church, not a gay bar. Luis laughed replying that it would be much easier to pretend to be a Presbyterian than a straight guy. The next evening Luis visited the apartment, met Mike and Al and all agreed he would move in at the end of the month when Al moved out. Tim was afraid that Mike would object to living with a Puerto Rican. Any objections he had were overcome by his happiness at having a private room for him and his girlfriend, Patty. Both Mike and Al had plans for the evening and left Tim and Luis home alone. Obviously the two quickly christened their soon to be bedroom. On the Saturday of the first weekend of September Tim went uptown to help Luis move and also meet his parents. Having been brought up in a home where the father was the outspoken dictator and the subservient mother cowered to his control, Tim had learned to obey and not question his father or mother when the father was not around. His mother’s friends were women from her church in similar situations. Tim found the relationship Luis had with his parents and his parents’ relationship with each other refreshing. They seemed truly interested in Tim and asked questions about his background without being intrusive. He told Juan, the youngest brother, about his friend, Peter, who was a Professor of Physics at Ohio State. He told Juan that a few months earlier he had a very enjoyable visit with Peter omitting references about what made the visit so interesting, man sex. Luis borrowed his father’s car which was only used for out of town trips since travel within the city was convenient by subway and bus. He retrieved the car from a nearby parking garage. Juan helped with the move and drove the car back uptown. The move in was on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Monday was a holiday. Mike and his girlfriend, Patty, had gone to her parents’ home in Milford, Connecticut by train and would not return until Monday evening. Tim and Luis were home alone for two nights in their room with twin beds against opposite walls. There would be no sightseeing adventures that weekend and no visits to the Everard or any bars. Within a minute of Juan walking out the front door Tim and Luis were undressed and in each other’s arms. For the next twenty-four hours they were naked and enjoyed each other in every way possible. Finally on Sunday afternoon they went out of the apartment and continued their celebration at a local restaurant with dinner and Champaign. Following another night of bliss they visited Luis’ family uptown where his relatives were having a Labor Day picnic in a nearby park. Tim met the brother Tony and enjoyed playing with his children. Since they were not sure when Mike would return from Connecticut they closed the door to their bed room and kept playtime quiet. While they slept together in one single bed they kept both beds messy and unmade so it would appear both were used. They did not see Mike until Tuesday morning when they briefly shared coffee prior to going off to work. On Wednesday and Friday of that first week Patty came to the apartment after work and cooked supper for her and Mike. She always made extra dessert for the four to share. They would disappear into his bedroom and then later he would escort her by subway to the apartment she shared with three other girls in Woodside Queens. On Saturday morning as Mike, Luis and Tim shared coffee Tim told Mike that he and Luis would have no problem if Patty stayed over. It seemed a waste for Mike to spend almost two hours escorting her home and returning. Mike thanked them and said he would discuss it with Patty. A few days later Patty stayed all night and soon was staying three or four nights a week. Since the headboard of the bed in Mike’s room was against the wall on the side of Tim and Luis’ room, frequently they heard the banging of the bed against the wall as whatever happened. Tim and Luis slept in the bed against the opposite wall and carefully kept activity quiet no matter how intense. The four soon got into a morning routine sharing the one bathroom with no complications. A month later Mike announced he and Patty would be getting married in December two days after Christmas. They had found an apartment on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights that would be available December first. Tim and Luis congratulated them and told them they would take over the apartment themselves. Tim was invited to Luis’ family Thanksgiving dinner. His mother and two aunts prepared a dinner that featured traditional American Thanksgiving dishes with some Puerto Rican influences such as: pavochon (turkey seasoned like a roast pork), mofongo stuffing (fried-and-mashed fusion of plantains, pork rinds, garlic and pepper), arroz con gandules (rice with peas), tostones (fried plantains), tembleque (coconut pudding), dulce de leche (a thick creamy caramel sauce). Tim was amazed at the festive atmosphere of the meal. Thanksgiving with his family in Pennsylvania always had stressful undercurrents as the elder males (his grandfathers, father, and uncles) dominated the conversation with sometimes hateful comments about various members of the community. He was sure that if there were any Puerto Ricans in their small town those bigoted men would enjoy down grading them. The women bantered about the food and engaged in meaningless gossip. Children were expected to be quiet. Although there was plenty of food he remembered being admonished about the sin gluttony for wanting a second dessert one year. There was always something for the men to criticize about the women and children. It was their way of proving superiority. The letters Tim received from home frequently commented on the evils of the ‘city’. Tim enjoyed sharing these letters with Luis. He was tempted to state in a reply to his parents about his firsthand knowledge of the evils including Stonewall, The St Mark’s and Everard, removing a cum filled rubber from his shorts after getting caught with his pants down and the joys of sex with various men and most important his lover. Being the good son that he was Tim wrote home about the weather and other mundane events. When he had written his parents about using chop sticks in a Chinese restaurant they replied with horrible tales of unsanitary Chinese food including the fact that the meat served was either dog or cat. They also wrote about criminal acts of typical Asians. His mother assuming he was coming home for the holiday wrote, “We are planning a very special Christmas celebration for you. After the midnight service which of course starts at 7:00 pm (19.00) since only hooligans and perverts stay up past 10:00 (22:00) we will return home, say prayers thanking for the arrival of the Baby Jesus, drink hot chocolate and be in bed at a decent hour. I just hope that the sheep that Farmer Johnson brings to church on Christmas Eve to complete the reenactment of the manger scene do not mess on the floor like last year. We had to have a special dinner to raise money to replace the carpet soiled by those nasty beasts. The dinner was a financial success since Farmer Johnson donated the meat for the lamb stew. When Tim shared this letter with Luis, his friend patted him on the head saying, “Oh, I am so sorry I have corrupted your mother’s little angel. Make sure you tell your parents you prefer Puerto Rican cum to white boy cum and that uncut dicks are a lot more tasty than bland cut ones.” After consulting with Luis, Tim replied to his mother’s invitation: “Dear Father and Mother, I will not be able to come home for Christmas. My former roommate (he wanted to say roommates who fucked nightly) is getting married the day after Christmas and I am part of the wedding party. (This was a lie: first the wedding was a day later, plenty of time to return from his hometown, Hudson Rock, and he was not in the wedding party, just attending). However, I do want to see you this Christmas season (also another lie) so I will visit the weekend before Christmas. My roommate, Luis, will come with me” (and also cum with me). He did not ask, he felt emboldened and stated when he would come. His mother replied with a long letter lamenting that her son, her flesh and blood would not be with her on the day of the birth of Jesus, after Easter the most important day of the year. She also asked, “What kind of name is Luis? It sounds foreign to me.” Tim replied matter of factly that his friend (did not call him roommate this time) was Puerto Rican. He also wrote that they would arrive Saturday morning and depart Sunday evening. The mother replied that there was no room for a guest since she had converted his bedroom into a sewing room and the guest room only had one bed (which was a double bed). Tim replied that he would either have to share the bed with Luis or sleep on the floor using his Boy Scout sleeping bag that was stored in the basement. If there were not two beds available the guest must have the comfortable bed. He reminded her that there was no room for Mary and Joseph at the inn so they made do. If that was not possible they would either return to New York Saturday evening or get a room in a motel. They had borrowed Luis’ father’s car and with an early morning, 5:00, departure they were in Hudson Rock, Pennsylvania soon after 10:00. Upon arrival Tim’s mother gushed over him, commented on his loss of weight (he had actually gained a couple of pounds) and that it was a shame New York City did not have experienced barbers, etc. After Tim’s third visit to Luis’ parents his mother would hug him and his father would shake his hand with a smile. Tim’s parents did not even offer to shake Luis’ hand even though he had held it out to shake the father’s. They ignored the existence of Luis. Tim’s mother began a long discussion of gossip about the neighbors, relatives and church members. Periodically Tim would ask, “Do I know the person you are talking about?” Luis had been warned about the probable behavior of the parents and just smiled. Although the parents showed no interest in Luis, Tim told them about Luis’ family: the father that was a technician in a hospital lab, mother managing an office, the middle brother and his two adorable children (without mentioning the first child was born just months after the marriage as a result of the brother’s obsession with fucking) and the younger brother who probably had the highest grade point average in a class of 800 at his high school that specialized in science. The mother’s only reply was, “I think it is a shame that some women are forced to abandon their families and work outside the home. I have always been here to take care of my husband and child.” After a lunch of fried baloney sandwiches, milk and store bought cookies Tim told his parents he would take Luis on a tour of the town. The mother asked to accompany them so she could buy a loaf of bread. Tim just replied, “We will pick it up,” as he grabbed Luis’ hand and they ran out the door. As soon as they got in the car Luis asked, “How did such an uptight, fucked up family have a wonderful, sexy caring son?” Tim just laughed, “Welcome to my home!” First they stopped at the A & P and bought a loaf of squishy, tasteless Wonder Bread, his mother’s favorite. “There is nothing in this town that would be of interest to you and it is too cold to hike or sit outside so let’s go to the Cozy Bar and share a beer.” Tim saw a few acquaintances (not really friends) and introduced Luis. Sitting at a table in the back of the bar they each had a bottle of Yuengling Lager, a beer brewed in Pennsylvania since 1829. Since both were exhausted from the early morning drive and dealing with Tim’s parents they were happy to just sit and pretend to watch a college football game on the bar’s TV. After an hour they reluctantly return home. Arriving home Tim was surprised to see the dinner table was set for seven. Mother pouted, “Oh, you are finally back. I was worrying about you. Did you get lost in our big city? We invited the Hastings over for supper. I told them to arrive by 4:30 so we can eat promptly at 5:00. With this winter weather I wouldn’t want them to have to be out too late. We will have ginger ale and potato chips before dinner. I got some of those new bar-b-q flavored chips. I hope they are not too spicy.” Having seen that there were seven places at the table Tim immediately saw through his mother’s scheme. The Hastings would bring their daughter, Emily, who had been in Tim’s high school class. He realized that his mother hoped that as soon as he saw available Emily he would want to return to Hudson Rock. No way! He excused himself and took Luis upstairs to freshen up for dinner. The mother’s plan was that Tim would sleep in the comfortable double bed in the guest room and Luis on a hard, narrow, uncomfortable borrowed army cot set up in the sewing room. While Tim preferred to share the bed with Luis he told his friend to sleep in the comfortable bed which would make his mother unhappy that her sweet son had to sleep on the hard narrow cot. When his mother learned that Luis would sleep in the comfortable bed she pulled Tim aside to tell him, “I prepared the guestroom bed just for you. I washed the sheets in Lux laundry soap and hung them out in the fresh air. I then ironed them. I wanted my boy to be comfortable. Tim then with a sharp comeback, “I saw the cot in the sewing room you prepared for my friend, my best friend. The sheets are old and patched. The blanket smells of mothballs. The pillow is lumpy. Obviously you have no respect for my friend.” Mother whined back, “But he is just a foreigner. That cot is probably better than what he usually sleeps on.” (Tim was tempted to tell his mother that he knew exactly what kind of bed Luis slept in as they shared it – but he held back). Tim shot back, “Luis was an American citizen at birth. You dear mother are a bigot. To think that you would turn someone away as you did in your letter telling me there was no room for Luis the same week we celebrate the birth of Jesus whose parents were turned away at the inn. I will sleep on the hard cot with crappy sheets, smelly blanket and lumpy pillow and be reminded all night how you treat guests, my guest. If you change the sheets, blanket or pillow Luis and I will leave and get a room at the Shady Rest Motel. If there are no rooms available we will find a barn to sleep in just as Jesus did his first night on earth. If there are no barns available we will return to our home in New York City.” He was ashamed that his parents did not care that their son’s friend was offered second class arrangements. They went into the guest room and closed the door. Luis said, “My man needs some stress relief,” as he kneeled in front of Tim who soon relieved a load of stress down his lover’s throat.
  11. Tallguyct

    Chapter 11 Letters from Tim

    Sunday Evening, June 29, 1969 Dear Peter, Keith and Tom: It has only been a few hours since we said good bye. I have so many things to thank you three for. Most important is enabling to see myself as a normal guy. You three are the first role models I have ever had. To see the loving life you – Peter and Tom live is an inspiration to me. Meeting Keith, a successful and happy executive with a circle of friends makes me now believe that I to can live a fulfilled life. Until I met the three of you I was very unsure of myself, not realizing I could have a happy, meaningful life. Of course opening my eyes to the joys of man sex was amazing. Never did I believe there were so many like me. As I told you my only previous contact with a man had been ten years ago when I was fifteen. While I enjoyed the encounters with Ash, I felt very isolated from others my age. My parents and church’s comments about the evils of ‘homosexuality’ tore me apart. I attempted to research my feelings at the library. I found nothing that indicated I was normal. While I had many friends at college, both men and women, I never felt close to any of them. Now that I realize a man who seeks other men is not a pervert or a criminal I plan to explore my options. Keith, Thank you for the list of gay places in New York: bars, theaters and bathhouses. Don’t worry. I will be careful. I plan to look and talk but not touch until I am better aware of the gay community. I look forward to seeing you all again. With Love and Affection, Tim ……………………………………………. Tuesday, July 8, 1969 Dear Peter, Keith and Tom: I visited the Everard Bathhouse last Sunday afternoon. I assume being young made me an object of desire. I got up enough nerve to sit in my room with the door open. A steady stream of men – all ages, shapes and colors stopped by. All I would permit was mutual jerking off. A few got aggressive and tried to push my face onto their dicks. I held my ground. Most of them attempted to suck me, again I politely said no. I also participated in groping sessions in both the steam room and sauna. The activities in the big room were also interesting. I did talk to a few men but found no one I really wanted to spend more time with. I did enjoy myself and plan to return. I had seen an announcement on the bulletin board of my nearby grocery store about a young adult group at the Presbyterian Church just a few blocks from my apartment. Sunday morning I attended the service and then went with a group of ten single men and women in their 20s and 30s to a neighborhood restaurant for Sunday brunch. It was interesting and I had an enjoyable time. I don’t know why I did not do this earlier. They all seemed interested in my life, unfortunately especially some of the girls. I was attracted to two of the guys. Actually after coming home from the baths Sunday I fantasized about one of them, a tall, thin man with amazing brown eyes and a killer smile while jerking off. Do not worry. I will only fantasize, not approach any of them. …. The letter continued about issues at work… With Affection & Love, Your Friend – Tim ……………………………………. Sunday Evening, July 20, 1969 Dear Peter, Keith and Tom: I am limiting myself to one visit to Everard a week. I went Thursday evening. I had the usual touchies / feelies in the steam room and sauna. In the sauna I talked to a young man who I later learned was twenty-two, a graduate student at NYU (New York University), majoring in sociology taking summer courses. He lives in a dorm sharing a room with an art major also taking summer classes. Ralph is from the Philadelphia area and has an undergraduate degree from Temple University. As we talked in the sauna he began playing with his dick. His uncut dick which is smaller than my unimpressive dick was soon hard. Naturally I also got hard. He suggested we go to my room since he only had a locker. I’ll describe his body: 5’ 10” (178 cm), stocky and muscular with no fat, ample hair on chest, arm pits and around dick. I later learned he had played college football. When he stood and walked out of the sauna I noticed the most fetching part of his body: the perfect ass with two hard bubbles. Arriving at my room I shut the door and we sat on the bed. He saw the rubbers Keith had given me and asked if I was a top or bottom. When I replied top he got a big smile on his face. He told me that getting fucked by a handsome young guy was his ultimate desire. I had had many offers to top. This time I was ready. He laid on his back and pleaded for a fuck. Thanks to Keith’s instruction and real live lessons I expertly opened the package and rolled on the rubber. I lubed my dick and squirted lube on his held out hand. He greased his hole and raised his legs as I moved in-between them. I pumped like a seasoned pro as he stroked himself. As I filled the rubber he shouted a cry of pleasure that must have been heard throughout the place. After showers we returned to my room for more conversation and soon another fuck that lasted much longer. He invited me to visit his dorm room Saturday morning. His roommate was taking an art course that included visits to a different museum each Saturday so we would have total privacy . We met Saturday at a café near his dorm and then went to the room for another fuck. Life is good. Saturday evening I went to one of the bars on the list of places you gave me Keith. It was interesting. I did talk to a few guys but felt no special connections. The guys with handkerchiefs displayed all had dark blue (fuck) or light blue (suck). Thank God I did not encounter any yellow, brown or red (piss, shit, fist). This afternoon I went to the theater on Eighth Avenue near Times Square that Peter told me about. After see the activity in the baths the action in the movies was tame and boring. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness the action in the theater was more interesting than on the screen. The two guys in the row in front of me were giving each other blow jobs. An older man sat next to me and immediately grabbed my crotch. Not something I wanted. I was repulsed by the forced action not the age. Keith certainly proved to me that maturity does not hinder great sex, really GREAT sex. The dancers were entertaining and I did stuff a few dollar bills in the socks of guys swinging their dicks in my face. But, as I said before, after visiting the baths I was not impressed. An overall enjoyable visit but will probably not return soon, if ever. With Affection & Love, Your Friend – Tim ………………………………………………….. Sunday, July 27, 1969 Dear Peter, Keith and Tom: I assume one of every man’s fears, gay or straight, is getting caught with his pants down. It happened to me and I am a survivor. Saturday morning I met Ralph at his dorm. His roommate had departed for class. This week the class was visiting the Whitney Museum of American in the Upper East Side of Manhattan (the museum moved to the West Village in 2015). As soon as we entered the room we undressed each other. Being a hot day I was wearing shorts. Ralph hopped onto the bed on his back and placed a pillow under his inviting ass. Without hesitation I opened and rolled on a rubber and lubed both of us. I teased him by placing my dick at but not into his hole. He begged me to enter. Finally after some playful banter I rammed in as I had seen Peter thrust with force into Keith the night we returned from the baths. Ralph had the same reaction as Keith, a cry out that was a combination of pain and pleasure, mostly pleasure. Just as I began cumming into the rubber the door opened. For some reason Ralph’s roommate who we assumed was on his way uptown with his class had returned to the room. “What the fuck is going on!” he screamed. He then turned around and slammed the door as he retreated. I immediately jumped up and put on my T shirt, shorts and shoes. I shoved my socks into my pockets and ran out of the room. As soon as I left the dorm I quickly walked to nearby Washington Square Park. As usual on a nice summer day the park was crowded: children playing in the fountain, men playing chess on the park chess tables, people of all ages sitting on benches or strolling. Suddenly I realized I was walking wearing shorts with a cum filled rubber probably sliding off my now soft dick. Then to my horror I remembered that in my haste I had not put on my Fruit of the Loom white underwear briefs. The rubber was certainly going to fall off and slide down my leg probably leaving a trail of cum. I saw an empty space at one of the crowded park benches and sat while anguishing over what I should do. The person next to me got up and left part of the New York Times on the seat. I took the paper and held it in my lap pretending to read. I had a dark blue handkerchief (the fucking color) in my pocket. I had not had the nerve to display it yet. I took the hanky out and holding the newspaper in my lap reached up the leg of my shorts and found the rubber. With the newspaper hiding my lap I started to pull out the rubber. Just as you think things cannot get worse, they often do. As I started to wrap the cum filled rubber in the handkerchief hidden by the newspaper something hit my foot. A ball had rolled up against my shoe. A boy of about four years of age ran up to me to retrieve his ball. As he got close to me he tripped and fell into my lap. His father ran over to rescue him and apologize. In the confusion I quickly wrapped the rubber with one hand while picking up the ball with the other. Then I dropped the handkerchief and contents. The little boy leaned over as he said, “You dropped this.” As he started to pick up my rubber filled hanky, I grabbed it before he did, patted him on the head and told the father, “No problem, cute little kid.” By now the hanky was damp from leaking cum. I was tempted to throw it in a trash can but I did not want to lose the dark blue fuckers hanky so I kept it in the folded newspaper and went home. Ralph called me at my apartment that afternoon. When his roommate had arrived at his class there was a note on the board that the professor was unable to meet with them and that they should visit the museum on their own sometime before the next Saturday. About ten minutes after I ran out the roommate had returned. Ralph had no idea what to do or say. As soon as his roommate entered the room he said, “If you want to be fucked, I’ll fuck you. Last night I came home with a worse case of blue balls (pain from excessive making out with no actual dick action) than ever. She teased me for two hours. I got her bra off but when I started with her panties she said ‘no’. I didn’t even get my finger down there. When I pushed her hand against my hard dick hidden in my pants she laughed and told me to cool off.” His roommate then dropped his pants and told Ralph to kneel at the edge of the bed. He fucked him from behind in what you called the ‘doggie style’. Ralph told me he assumed his roommate did not want to see his face so he could fantasize about his girlfriend. Ralph admitted that he was glad he could not see his roommate as it made it easier to fantasize about me. Ralph called me again this morning (Sunday). His roommate had gone out with the same girl Saturday evening. Ralph was sound asleep when he felt someone get in his bed. His roommate had returned after midnight having had a few beers and mumbled, “That bitch got me all horny again. If I cannot have her I’ll have someone who appreciates me.” Ralph told me he did not resist and complied by rolling onto his stomach and offering his ass. The letter continued with less interesting events of the week. With Affection & Love, Your Friend – Tim ………………………………………………….. Saturday Evening, August 2, 1969 Dear Peter, Keith and Tom: This has been my second wonderful weekend in New York, the first being the time with you. This weekend began with a visit Friday evening to Julius on West 10th Street. This bar, just around the corner from The Stonewall Inn, was on the list of places Keith gave me. I really do not like going to bars alone. I always order a beer because I do not especially like beer and one bottle will last a long time. I was wearing the standard outfit, Levis and a flannel shirt. I have not yet displayed the dark blue handkerchief that I always carry. A couple of guys talked to me but there was no chemistry and we drifted apart. I did notice a young man about my age that for some reason interested me. He was definitely not a WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant). He was on the other side of the room. I looked at him and he returned the look. Then we both looked away. This happened twice. The third time he smiled. I smiled back. He raised the beer he was holding and I raised mine to him. I walked the ten feet (3+ meters) across the room to him. I felt like I was trudging miles as I approached him with both anticipation and anxiety. He smiled as he said, “Hi, I’m Luis.” As we shook hands and as I introduced myself I felt all tingly. He asked me if it was my first visit to Julius. I replied that it was and that I really did not enjoy going to bars but did not know another way to meet people. He replied, “Since you are here at Julius I assume that by people you mean men. I know exactly how you feel. I really do not want to be here, but I want to be here. I don’t want to talk to strangers, but here I am talking to you and enjoying it. How can I not want something that I want? I forced myself to come here and would have been totally pissed with myself if I had stayed home and just watched TV.” I replied, “We certainly have the same feelings.” We were not only talking but also checking each other out. He was truly a beautiful man: maybe a little older than me, my height, dark hair, sparkling brown eyes, skin darker than mine and there was definitely something stuffed in his crotch and I didn’t think it was a sock as I heard some guys did to create a fetching bulge. As I checked him out I had the feeling he was doing the same to me. Then he suggested, “Let’s get out of here and go someplace quiet where we can talk.” I just looked at him and said, “Sure, great idea.” He suggested a coffee house on Macdougal Street. During the ten minute walk to Caffé Reggio and then also inside the café we shared our stories. He was born in Puerto Rico and came to New York with his parents when he was five. He has two younger brothers, one is married with two children and the other will be a senior in high school this year. His father works in a hospital lab and his mother is the office manager of a small construction company. He received a scholarship to and graduated from Parsons School of Design and works as a graphic designer. He is twenty- seven. While neither of us went into detail about our sexual experiences we did talk about our friendships. We suddenly realized we had talked for two hours. He was surprised that I had been in New York for a year and had not visited some places and areas of the city he considered most interesting. He told me he would like to be my tour guide for a day and asked if I would be interested in a tour of upper Manhattan starting at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. I gave an enthusiastic ‘yes’. Actually visiting a garden did not sound interesting but I would have said yes to any destination just so I could be with him. We walked to the Lexington Avenue subway and rode together to my stop and he continued on home uptown. We had agreed to meet the following morning at 10:00 at the entrance to the garden on Fifth Avenue near 105th Street. I arrived at the garden fifteen minutes early. Luis was already waiting on a bench near the magnificent gate which I later learned had come from a Vanderbilt Fifth Avenue mansion. Luis jumped up as I approached and we shook hands while starring deeply into each other’s eyes. Our eyes were saying I would very much like to do more than just shake hands but not here in a garden full of people. As we walked through the six acres (24,000 square meters) garden developed in 1937 he told me its history. I was amazed at his knowledge of the trees, shrubs and flowers. It was really a place of beauty with its fountains and landscaping. As we strolled past a public toilet at the back of the garden I told him I needed to piss. While I was disappointed that he did not join me, I was also very relieved that he did not. After our garden tour he told me he was going to show me one of the most amazing and least known places in Manhattan. As we walked to our next destination we began discussing our travels through the complications of sexual awareness. Our discussion continued throughout the day as we visited interesting places in upper Manhattan. From the garden we walked west about a half mile (.8 km) along winding paths to an area of Central Park known as the ‘North Woods’. Suddenly we were in a forest. I could not believe such a tranquil place existed in Manhattan about a five minute walk from two different subway stations. This wooded area reminded me of the forests where I had played as a child near my home in rural central Pennsylvania. As we walked our hands touched and I was surprised that with no effort we were holding hands. Luis told me he wanted to show me something off the path. We stepped behind a tree and he said, “I want to put my arms around you.” I replied by reaching for him and we were soon embracing. Next our lips touched and then we were deep kissing. He stepped back saying, “Now we have established how we feel about each other. This is not a safe place, even hidden behind a tree, to show our affection. Hopefully we will find a place where we can get to know each other better.” After the forest we walked up to 110th Street at the north end of the park and then continued west. Luis suggested we stop at a bakery where he purchased Puerto Rican pastries and two containers of café con leche (sweetened strong coffee with milk prepared in a special way). We sat on a bench outside the bakery enjoying our snack but most important our time together. We continued our discussion which I will summarize at the end of this letter. Luis suggested our final destination be a Chinese restaurant after visiting a few more places. After the pastry and marvelous coffee we continued our walk soon arriving at The Cathedral Church of St John the Devine. I learned that this Episcopal (Anglican) cathedral is the 5th largest Christian church in the world. At 230 feet (70 m) it has the longest Gothic nave in the United States. While one could spend hours touring the building we did a quick run through in fifteen minutes. Our next place of interest was the campus of Columbia University. Thanks to the café con leche both of us needed to relieve ourselves. We used a bathroom in the library which Luis had visited before. There was a student standing at the furthest of four urinals. Luis stepped up to the second and I took my place next to him. There was one open urinal between Luis and the student. The student leaned back and Luis glanced at him. Then Luis turned to me and whispered, he is stroking a hard-on. Since neither Luis nor I wanted to get involved with a stranger we both stood close in to our urinals. It was a major disappointment to me since I would not be able to check out my new friend. He leaned toward me and I leaned back as we pissed together, shoulder to shoulder. Following the Columbia University tour we walked down Broadway to the restaurant near 113th Street. (In the 1960s your author shared an apartment on 113th Street near Broadway and ate at this restaurant.) My Puerto Rican friend guided me through the Chinese menu and forced me to eat only with chop sticks. Never before had I even held a chop stick. Our conversation about our travels through sexual awareness that had started in Central Park continued. I told Luis about my first sexual experience when I was fifteen while attending the Christian Bible Camp giving all the details of the joys of being sucked and learning to suck off Ash. Then I told him that after ten years of nothing sexual I accidently shoved my hand against a man in a crowded subway. I continued telling everything that happened during your visit except for the fucking. Luis was amazed about the subway incident. He said, “I have ridden the subway almost every day for the past twenty years and nothing has ever happened of interest. Your friend Peter gets lucky on his first ride. That is not fair”. I concluded my story stating that, “Someday I hoped to be in a relationship like that of Peter and Tom, two young men that have everything especially each other.” Luis’ history was interesting. At the age of twelve he learned to jerkoff while ‘messing around’ with a group of boys his age and older. One of the boys had pictures of naked women as well as guys fucking women or getting sucked off that they kept hidden for their sessions. One day while four of them were in the basement of their building the janitor caught them. He told them they could use the boiler room if they let him watch. He never touched them or pleasured himself. They would give him money and he would buy them beer and cigarettes. When he was sixteen one of his neighbors, a handsome man of about thirty, invited him to his place. The neighbor offered him rum and coke. The second visit to his neighbor he was shown photos of couples fucking and women sucking guys. While looking at the photos Luis naturally got hard. The neighbor placed his hand on Luis’ crotch and soon they were jerking off together. Within a week they were sucking each other off. The neighbor was married to a pretty woman with big tits. One day she asked him to come into her apartment to help her move some furniture. Short version of a long story, she got him in a corner and rubbed his dick while guiding his hand to her cunt. She was wearing a short dress and no underwear and easily seduced the sixteen year old. For the next month he was fucking the wife when the husband was away and with the husband blowing and getting blown when she was away. One day he was doing her on the bed when the husband returned home from work early. When he walked into the bedroom his comment was, “Are you having fun? Let me watch.” While Luis finished the fuck the husband stripped naked. As soon as Luis shot his load the husband stepped in and told Luis to watch the fun. Later Luis assumed the walking in by the husband had been planned. Until the couple moved away two years later Luis had frequent encounters with her, with him and most often threesomes where the wife would suck one of them off while being fucked by the other. She sometimes asked for a double fuck with the husband on his back fucking her up the ass while she sat on him and Luis fucking her cunt. He had been in a relationship with someone he met while in college. But after two years it was just sex and no real friendship. He told me the sex was good for the moment but after he had no special feelings. Also while in college he discovered a men’s room where it was possible to get a quick blow job in a stall, again nothing but sex. For the first five years after college he had a sexual dry spell. He started going to gay bars in the hopes of finding something meaningful. A couple of times he had gone home with guys. Once he went home with someone who got rough and wanted to fuck him. Luckily he was strong enough to resist and get out undamaged. Another young guy who took him home was tall, thin and almost hairless with a small cut dick. He asked him to piss on him. While this did interest Luis he decided to make the guy happy. The guy got naked and sat in the bathtub. When Luis started to piss the guy reached up and aimed his dick to his open mouth. The guy drank the piss while jacking himself. At the conclusion Luis jerked off and came into the eager mouth while the other shot his load into the bathtub. It was interesting that we were both very willing to share our experiences. I don’t think he did anything I wouldn’t do if given the opportunity except for the lady fucking. But doing that as part of a threesome does intrigue me. Luis continued with some family history. He has two younger brothers, Juan and Tony. Juan, a math and science genius will be a senior in high school this fall and plans to study engineering at university. I told Luis that hopefully someday Juan would meet Peter, my subway groping friend, who is a Professor of Engineering at Ohio State. Tony the middle brother is totally opposite to Juan in personality. He was never a good student and only had one thing on his mind, girls. The three shared a bedroom with Tony and Juan in bunk beds, Tony on top. Luis had a single bed across the small room. Starting when Tony was about thirteen he would come home from a date or just hanging out and immediately jackoff. He didn’t care if his brothers were awake and the lights were still on. Usually it was almost dark in the room with the streetlight giving enough light to see shadows. He would come home, strip to his underwear briefs and get up on his bed, pull out his dick and start jacking. Obviously his brothers knew what he was doing since either the lights were on or the bed would vibrate in the dark. As he jacked he would mumble about the girl that got him all hot and then cum in a Kleenex and throw it in the wastebasket next to the bed. When he stopped jerking a few years later Luis assumed he was getting what he wanted. At the age of seventeen his girlfriend got pregnant. Within a month of the pregnancy announcement they got married and moved in with the girl’s parents. Both parents supported them so they could finish high school. Tony was reluctant to continue school but agreed to since his parents did not hassle him about knocking up his girlfriend. She attended a special program for pregnant girls. The birth of Tony Junior was followed by a little sister ten months later. Then both the mothers sat down with Anita, Tony’s wife and discussed ‘the pill’. She was reluctant to use it because she thought she would be sinning since the Church did not approve of birth control. The parents paid for the pills. Tony now works for the construction company where Luis’ mother is office manager. Actually he is a hard worker and good father and husband. The fortune cookies served at the end of the meal were very relevant: His - Enjoy the good luck a companion brings you. Mine – If you have something good in your life, don’t let it go. Luis had told me that he had to be home for a birthday dinner for his grandmother. As he told me he really wanted to get to know me better, under the table he ran his foot up my leg and pressed into my crotch. I grabbed his foot and with a smile said while grinding it into my dick, “And what do you mean by knowing me better.” We both laughed. He asked me if I had ever visited the Cloisters. I admitted that I had never heard of it. He suggested we meet tomorrow morning at 9:00 in the Columbus Circle subway station on the A train uptown platform. Good night my friends. I will write you again tomorrow evening following our next adventure. With Affection & Love, Your Friend – Tim
  12. As they walked back to the hotel after the Broadway show to change clothes for their next adventure Tim, Tom and Peter all raved about the show. Dear World was the first Broadway theater performance they had attended. From the overture played by a professional orchestra to the curtain calls at the end by Angela Lansbury they had been mesmerize. Keith had insisted the three boys sit in the fourth row, center seats he had purchased prior to arriving in New York while he sat in the mezzanine in the best available last minute seat available purchased for Tim. Back in the hotel they changed from their suits and ties worn to the theater into Levis and flannel shirts for their downtown late night outing. As they walked to the subway Keith told the boys what he had heard about this bar in the West Village from a friend. Very few establishments welcomed openly gay people in the 1950s and 1960s. Those that did were often bars, although bar owners and managers were rarely gay. At the time, the Stonewall Inn was owned by the Mafia. It catered to an assortment of patrons and was known to be popular among the poorest and most marginalized people in the gay community: drag queens, transgender people, effeminate young men, butch lesbians, male prostitutes, and homeless youth. (Wikipedia) They took the Seventh Avenue subway from Times Square to the Christopher Street station in the West Village. The Stonewall was a short walk from the subway. They were greeted at the entrance by a bouncer who inspected them through a peephole in the door. They paid the entrance fee of $3.00 each and received two drink tickets. They were required to sign their names in a book to enter this ‘private club’. Since no IDs were checked each as Keith had told them previously used a fictitious name. The four (Lou Lyon, Al Head, John Hand and Billie Butski) entered the club. There were two dance floors that were very dark with black walls and ceilings lighted by pulsating gel lights. They noted that almost all of the patrons were in their 20s or 30s. Keith realized that at his age he may not have been admitted if he had not accompanied three handsome young men. Keith had been told that if regular lights went on it was a warning that police had been spotted and that everyone should stop touching and dancing. They found a table in a corner and drank beer while enjoying the sights. Tim pointed at two elegantly dressed ladies standing near them. Both wore tight extravagant form fitting dresses: one shiny red and the other dark blue sequined. From head to foot they were a sight with large hairdos, excessive make up (colored eye liner, rosy cheeks and bright red lips) plump tits, slim waists, shapely legs and spiked heeled shoes (one red the other glittery silver). Tim whispered, “I didn’t think they permitted ladies in here.” The one in the blue dress had noticed the young man’s stare and smiled at him while moving her hands from her tis, down her body with one hand gently massaging her crotch. Embarrassed Tim looked away. Keith laughed as he told Tim, “You have just been cruised by a beautiful lady. But if you look at her closely you will notice the large hands and feet and most important the Adam’s apple. It’s called an Adam’s apple not an Eve’s apple for a reason. While common with men women rarely have a visible one. Your lady friend is most likely rubbing a dick tightly held so as not to intrude on her svelte body. I am sure the lady would gladly dance with you, probably close, cheek to cheek and dick to dick”. “Wow” Tim replied. “What else are you guys going to expose me to. I thought I had seen it all last night at the baths. Why do some of the men have hankerchiefs hanging from their rear pockets?” Keith explained the ‘gay advertising code’. “The different colors represent the man’s preference. Depending on which rear pocket it’s in tells if he is a giver or taker. While there are many colors and hanky designs the common ones are: Dark blue / fuck (left - top, right -bottom), Light blue / Cock sucking (sucker, wants to be sucked), White / Jack off, Yellow / piss (pisser, pissee), Brown - if yellow is piss don’t ask what brown means, Green / Hustler (for rent, willing to pay), Mustard / Hung (+ 8 inches, 20 cm. – wants a big one).” To the relief of all there were no brown hankies visible. Tim looked around the room and noted a guy with a red hanky hanging from his right rear pocket. “You didn’t tell me what red indicated.” Keith replied, “I was hoping we would not get into that yet. But since you asked I’ll tell you. Red means fist fucking. That is when a guy gently shoves a well lubed fist up the ass. Red in the right pocket indicates he wants a fist up his ass.” “That’s impossible. No way could that happen.” “My young friend, everything is possible. If you return to the baths you might see it happen. As we explored St Mark’s yesterday I saw a man lying face down on his bed. His legs were slightly spread. Between the legs was a can of Crisco and a pair of rubber gloves. I assume he was advertising his desire for a fist. I thought that was something you would better understand after more exposure to man sex.” As Keith explained fist fucking Tim noticed a man walk up to the red hanky in right pocket man. He made a fist and gently rubbed it on red hanky’s nipple. Then he lowered his fist and stroked the ass. Red hanky smiled. Soon the two men walked toward the exit with a hand firmly pressed against the ass of red hanky. Tim quietly announced that he needed to use the men’s room but that he was afraid to go there alone. After witnessing the fisting encounter and having been ogled by numerous men including the ladies in their red and blue dresses he was afraid to venture on his own. Tom offered to go with him. The pissing was done into a trough. At the far end was a well built man of about thirty with a light blue (cock sucker) hanky in his rear pocket. He was standing back from the trough holding and exposing his long cut dick as a steady stream of never ending piss spurted out. To the relief of Tim, Tom stood next to the pisser. When Tom pulled out his sizeable uncut dick the pisser turned his head and without shame checked it out. “Oh my gosh, a big, beautiful natural one. My very experienced throat would appreciate being massaged by your uncut piece. Let’s step into a stall.” Tom replied as he unloaded the evening beers, “Thanks for the offer but it has already been spoken for.” The pisser laughed, “If you change your mind I would be willing to take sloppy seconds from such a masterpiece.” Tim was so flustered by the encounter that he was unable to piss, a first for him. Tom whispered into his ear. “If you need to cool off why don’t you step into a stall and finish.” Tim went to a stall and as soon as he had his dick ready to piss he heard a knock on the wall. Then a note was passed through a hole in the stall wall. ‘Stick it through the hole. I want to drink your piss.’ Tim was now more flustered than when standing at the trough. He turned so his back was to the hole and finally relieved himself. When he exited the stall, he saw Tom peeking through the crack by the door of the stall opposite the one with the hole. Tom motioned for him to look. Through the crack next to the door Tim could see a man leaning against the wall of the stall with his hands holding the top of the stall side wall. His pants were down to his knees. In the narrow line of sight he could see a dick fucking the man planted against the wall. As they returned to the table Tim thanked Tom for escorting him. He stated he hoped he would eventually feel comfortable in this new world and venture out on his own. Before they sat down Tom suggested dancing. Peter said ‘no thanks’ so Tom dragged Tim onto the dance floor. As they danced the pisser with the light blue hanky was dancing nearby. He eventually moved closer and then whispered into Tim’s ear, “This is your lucky night to have such a beautiful natural cock waiting for you.” Tim just smiled back. He laughed as he told Tom that the pisser had mistaken him as Tom’s partner. Tom replied that he was sure Peter would not mind if they returned to the bathroom for a quickie in the stall. Tim stated he would happily do a light blue hanky (cock suck) in the privacy of the hotel. They returned to the table and told Peter and Keith their bathroom and dance floor experiences. Neither was surprised or shocked by the tales. Soon after they began drinking another round of beers the bright lights went on. Keith immediately said, “Let’s get the fuck out of here”. Luckily they were on the first floor (street level) near an emergency exit. Leaving their beers on the table they stepped out of the door into an alley. As they quickly walked around a corner into another alley they saw policemen approaching the exit they had just used. The four squeezed into a dark doorway as the policemen walked near them. The police stationed themselves at the door they had used to escape. Had they not run out as soon as the lights went on they would have been rounded up with the other patrons. They continued through the alley to Tenth Street, the street behind the Stonewall. They then walked over to Seventh Avenue and continued uptown back toward Christopher Street. As they approached Christopher Street they saw flashing red lights. Rounding the corner and just a half a block from the Stonewall they witnessed an unbelievable sight. **************************** The following description of the police raid was taken from the Wikipedia website: At 1:20 a.m. on Saturday, June 28, 1969, four plainclothes policemen in dark suits and two patrol officers in uniform arrived at the Stonewall Inn's double doors and announced "Police! We're taking the place!" Stonewall employees do not recall being tipped off that a raid was to occur that night, as was the custom. There was a rumor that one might happen, but since it was much later than raids generally took place, Stonewall management thought the tip was inaccurate. Days after the raid, one of the bar owners complained that the tipoff had never come, and that the raid was ordered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, who objected that there were no tax stamps on the liquor bottles, indicating the alcohol was bootlegged. There is information indicating that the Mafia owners of the Stonewall and the manager were blackmailing wealthier customers, particularly those who worked in the Financial District. They appeared to be making more money from extortion than they were from liquor sales in the bar. Some believe that when the police were unable to receive kickbacks from blackmail and the theft of negotiable bonds (facilitated by pressuring gay Wall Street customers), they decided to close the Stonewall Inn permanently. Two undercover policewomen and two undercover policemen had entered the bar earlier that evening to gather visual evidence, as the Public Morals Squad waited outside for the signal. Once inside, they called for backup from the Sixth Precinct using the bar's pay telephone. The music was turned off and the main lights were turned on. Approximately 205 people were in the bar that night. Patrons who had never experienced a police raid were confused. A few who realized what was happening began to run for doors and windows in the bathrooms, but police barred the doors. The raid did not go as planned. Standard procedure was to line up the patrons, check their identification, and have female police officers take customers dressed as women to the bathroom to verify their sex, upon which any men dressed as women would be arrested. Those dressed as women that night refused to go with the officers. Men in line began to refuse to produce their identification. The police decided to take everyone present to the police station after separating those cross-dressing in a room in the back of the bar. One patron, then known as male to her family, recalled, "My biggest fear was that I would get arrested. My second biggest fear was that my picture would be in a newspaper or on a television report in my mother's dress!" Both patrons and police recalled that a sense of discomfort spread very quickly, spurred by police who began to assault some of the lesbians by "feeling some of them up inappropriately" while frisking them. The police were to transport the bar's alcohol in patrol wagons. Twenty-eight cases of beer and nineteen bottles of hard liquor were seized, but the patrol wagons had not yet arrived, so patrons were required to wait in line for about 15 minutes. Those who were not arrested were released from the front door, but they did not leave quickly as usual. Instead, they stopped outside and a crowd began to grow and watch. Within minutes, between 100 and 150 people had congregated outside, some after they were released from inside the Stonewall, and some after noticing the police cars and the crowd. Although the police forcefully pushed or kicked some patrons out of the bar, some customers released by the police performed for the crowd by posing and saluting the police in an exaggerated fashion. The crowd's applause encouraged them further: "Wrists were limp, hair was primped, and reactions to the applause were classic." When the first patrol wagon arrived, the crowd—most of whom were homosexual—had grown to at least ten times the number of people who were arrested, and they all became very quiet. Confusion over radio communication delayed the arrival of a second wagon. The police began escorting Mafia members into the first wagon, to the cheers of the bystanders. Next, regular employees were loaded into the wagon. A bystander shouted, "Gay power!”. Someone began singing "We Shall Overcome", and the crowd reacted with amusement and general good humor mixed with "growing and intensive hostility". An officer shoved a transvestite, who responded by hitting him on the head with her purse as the crowd began to boo. Author Edmund White, who had been passing by, recalled, "Everyone's restless, angry, and high-spirited. Pennies, then beer bottles, were thrown at the wagon as a rumor spread through the crowd that patrons still inside the bar were being beaten.” A scuffle broke out when a woman in handcuffs was escorted from the door of the bar to the waiting police wagon several times. She escaped repeatedly and fought with four of the police, swearing and shouting, for about ten minutes. Described as "a typical New York butch" and "a dyke–stone butch", she had been hit on the head by an officer with a baton for, as one witness claimed, complaining that her handcuffs were too tight. Bystanders recalled that the woman, whose identity remains unknown sparked the crowd to fight when she looked at bystanders and shouted, "Why don't you guys do something?" After an officer picked her up and heaved her into the back of the wagon, the crowd became a mob and went "berserk": "It was at that moment that the scene became explosive." Violence breaks out: The police tried to restrain some of the crowd, and knocked a few people down, which incited bystanders even more. Some of those handcuffed in the wagon escaped when police left them unattended (deliberately, according to some witnesses). As the crowd tried to overturn the police wagon, two police cars and the wagon—with a few slashed tires—left immediately, with an Inspector urging them to return as soon as possible. The commotion attracted more people who learned what was happening. Someone in the crowd declared that the bar had been raided because "they didn't pay off the cops", to which someone else yelled "Let's pay them off!" Coins sailed through the air towards the police as the crowd shouted "Pigs!" and "Faggot cops!" Beer cans were thrown and the police lashed out, dispersing some of the crowd who found a construction site nearby with stacks of bricks. The police, outnumbered by between 500 and 600 people, grabbed several people, including folk singer Dave Van Ronk—who had been attracted to the revolt from a bar two doors away from the Stonewall. Though Van Ronk was not gay, he had experienced police violence when he participated in antiwar demonstrations: "As far as I was concerned, anybody who'd stand against the cops was all right with me, and that's why I stayed in. Every time you turned around the cops were pulling some outrage or another." Ten police officers—including two policewomen—barricaded themselves, with Van Ronk, Howard Smith (a writer for The Village Voice), and several handcuffed detainees inside the Stonewall Inn for their own safety. Multiple accounts of the riot assert that there was no pre-existing organization or apparent cause for the demonstration; what ensued was spontaneous. By 4:00 in the morning the streets had nearly been cleared. Many people sat on stoops or gathered nearby in Christopher Park throughout the morning, dazed in disbelief at what had transpired. Many witnesses remembered the surreal and eerie quiet that descended upon Christopher Street, though there continued to be "electricity in the air." During the siege of the Stonewall, calls were made to The New York Times, the New York Post, and the Daily News to inform them what was happening. All three papers covered the riots; the Daily News placed coverage on the front page. News of the riot spread quickly throughout Greenwich Village, fueled by rumors that it had been organized by the Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Panthers, or triggered by "a homosexual police officer whose roommate went dancing at the Stonewall against the officer's wishes". All day Saturday, June 28, people came to stare at the burned and blackened Stonewall Inn. Graffiti appeared on the walls of the bar, declaring "Drag power", "They invaded our rights", "Support gay power", and "Legalize gay bars", along with accusations of police looting, and—regarding the status of the bar—"We are open." History was made that night and the following days as the riots continued. Some consider this to be the turning point that inspired the ‘Gay Rights’ movement. The riots spawned from a bar raid became a literal example of gays and lesbians fighting back, and a symbolic call to arms for many people. Historian David Carter remarks in his book about the Stonewall riots that the bar itself was a complex business that represented a community center, an opportunity for the Mafia to blackmail its own customers, a home, and a place of "exploitation and degradation". The true legacy of the Stonewall riots, Carter insists, is the "ongoing struggle for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality". Historian Nicholas Edsall writes, Stonewall has been compared to any number of acts of radical protest and defiance in American history from the Boston Tea Party on. But the best and certainly a more nearly contemporary analogy is with Rosa Parks' refusal to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama, in December 1955, which sparked the modern civil rights movement. Within months after Stonewall radical gay liberation groups and newsletters sprang up in cities and on college campuses across America and then across all of northern Europe as well. In 1999 the site of the Stonewall uprising—the Stonewall Inn, Christopher Park, and the surrounding neighborhood streets—were placed on the New York State Register of Historic Places and added to the National Register. ********************************* After watching the police activity from a safe distance the four hailed a cab on Seventh Avenue arriving at the hotel after 3:00 Saturday morning. Keith took Tim to his room. After quick showers the naked men crawled under the covers. Keith then told Tim, “I am totally exhausted. If you want to take care of yourself or suck me off go for it. However I will not be able to reciprocate now. But after a good night’s sleep I look forward to quality time with you.” The ever horny young man accepted the invitation and moved further under the covers. Swallowing the soft, long, thin dick of his friend he easily brought it to full hardness. As exhausted as Keith was he enjoyed the attention and soon rewarded his young friend. After swallowing Keith’s cum Tim moved in cuddling next to Keith. Keith was already asleep and Tim who had considered jerking off soon joined his friend in slumber land. Feeling the need to piss Keith got up. Returning from the bathroom he was amazed when he saw the time on the clock, 11:15. Never had he slept this late. But then he reminded himself that he had never before stayed up until beyond 3:00 after watching gay riots. Looking at the Angelic face of his sleeping bed partner Keith’s body responded to the thoughts of what soon would happen. At 64 years of age, almost 40 years older than Tim, his dick still responded with the appropriate stimulation and Tim was certainly someone to stimulate him. Suddenly he realized that he was not only hungry for the young man but as his stomach growled also for food. He telephoned the room of Tom and Peter across the hall waking his friends. Peter answered and was also surprised at how late it was in the morning. Keith suggested that they have breakfast together in his room and offered to call room service. After ordering a breakfast large enough to feed four hungry men he brushed his teeth and stood next to the bed. Gently pulling the covers back he exposed the naked body of the young man sprouting a ‘morning woodie’. Keith kneeled and examined the perfectly formed young piece. He leaned in, opened his lips and swallowed. After a few ups and downs Tim stirred. “That feels so good.” Soon Keith was rewarded with Tim’s first of many cums of the day. He then told Tim the plans for breakfast for the four and suggested he put on pants and a T shirt. They turned on the TV and watched news about the Stonewall Riots. Just before the food arrived Tom and Peter knocked at the door. They entered, both were barefoot wearing Levis and T shirts. The waiter rolled in the card loaded with breakfast foods. As he departed the room with a smile prompted by the generous tip, Keith leered at the cute ass on the young man, “I would have offered him more tip than just cash if I wasn’t in a room full of hot males overflowing with testosterone. During my last visit to New York I ordered room service breakfast. The smiling young waiter asked if there was anything else he could do for me as he rolled in the food cart. From the look in his eyes and as he starred at my crotch I asked him what else was available. He replied that he was open to suggestions. There was a small bowl of ball of butter on the breakfast tray. He picked one up and smiled at me. As you can imagine in less than ten minutes when he departed the room my ass was very satisfied from being fucked by a butter lubed dick. And both the happy tip of his cock and cash tip in his hand brightened the waiters day. The three young men were hungry for something other than sex. They all enjoyed the hearty breakfast, watching the news of the previous riots on TV awhile planning the day’s sightseeing. Since every good meal is followed by dessert, after cleaning their plates the four without any special prompting were soon all hard and ready for dessert of man. Tim kneeled in front of Tom massaging the uncut dick bulge in the Levis while Peter led Keith to the bed. Tim unbuttoned the Levis and freed the hard moist dick. Pushing the pants down, he moved close in. Tom had showered prior to going to bed and his skin covered head had accumulated the overnight musk of an uncut man. Tim leaned in, pushed the skin back and savored the man aroma – both sweet and pungent. He gently squeezed the head causing a dribble of precum. He rubbed the juice on his finger and then licked the essence of man. As he moved in with his mouth wide open Tom pushed him away. “Slow down buddy.” Tom then pushed Tim back onto the floor. He then kneeled and pulled off the young man’s Levis. He leaned in and licked the young friend’s dick seeping with juices. Both were now near the point of no return. Tom reversed his position and in the 69 position both almost immediately gulped down the juice of the other. Meanwhile, Keith was on his back on the bed with his legs on kneeling Peter’s shoulders. Knowing exactly what his friend wanted Peter lubed his dick with the ever available Crisco and without mercy rammed in his large headed, thick dick. Keith’s moan represented 1% pain and 99% pleasure. Peter pumped hard and steady. As he reached his climax he pulled out spilling himself onto Keith’s hard dick. Using his hand and jism as lube he quickly brought his friend to a quick conclusion. Following his cumming, Tim from the floor watched the activity on the bed. He was fascinated by the pleasure the older man apparently received from the brutal treatment by Peter. Although he had just exploded down Tom’s throat he felt himself aroused as he watched the fucking. He reached down and began jerking himself. Tom who was next to him on the floor was amazed at the endurance of Tim. Tom replaced Tim’s fist with his own and brought the young man to his second cumming just minutes after he had swallowed the first. Tim’s cumming coincided with Keith’s eruption. Peter and Tom returned to their room to take quick showers and dress for the day’s sightseeing. Tim and Keith did the same and they were all soon on the subway. Since none of them had ever visited the Statue of Liberty they agreed to start the day with an excursion to Liberty Island. Seated on the subway Peter leaned in to Tim as they traveled the same tracks as two days earlier saying, “Would you like to repeat the actions of our first meeting?” Tim laughed as he replied, “Yes, BUT – since this car is nearly empty two guys feeling each other up might result in police activity. I had enough of that last night at Stonewall.” As they exited the subway it was hard to believe that this nearly abandoned area of the city on a Saturday midday stroll was the busy hub of the world’s financial markets on a work day. Following their visit to Lady Liberty they continued their sightseeing. Their itinerary included Trinity Church, the Anglican (Episcopal) Church on Broadway at the intersection of Wall Street. This historic Church sat on land deeded to the Church in the late 1600s. George Washington had worshiped in the original building destroyed during the Revolutionary War Great Fire of 1776. The present building was constructed in the 1790s. Their next stop was the construction site of the World Trade Center where the twin towers were rising. From there they walked east then through the Fulton Fish Market, then most important East Coasts Fish Market in the USA. A few blocks north at the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge Peter suggested they walk to the middle of the bridge. This time with the accompaniment of his friends he was less terrified as the group marveled at the views of lower Manhattan and the New York harbor. Continuing they traveled north through China Town stopping at a Buddhist Temple on Mott Street. Stopping at one of the many tourist shops Peter and Tom bought imported Chinese souvenirs for their children. A few blocks north in ’Little Italy’ they stopped at the famous Ferrara Cafe offering its famed cannoli & other Italian desserts, plus espresso, since 1892. Although they had been walking almost two hours Keith pointed out that they could have covered the distance from Wall Street to Little Italy in 30 minutes of nonstop walking. Keith cautioned them to limit their pastries as they had reservations for dinner at Mamma Leone’s Restaurant in the Times Square district. He told the boys the restaurant was famous for its Italian meals of generous portions. “No one ever left Mamma Leone’s hungry”. Keith suggested a visit to MacDougal Street in the Village, an area full of interesting shops and galleries, prior to dinner. A short taxi ride took them to the heart of the Village. After exploring shops and two art galleries they taxied on to Momma Leone’s. Following two hours of eating, drinking and conversation the boys could not believe how stuffed they felt. Keith suggested they walk to their next destination, The Everard Baths on 28th Street. The thirty minute walk would rejuvenate their stuffed bodies. During their walk Keith stopped at a pharmacy. The others noted with surprise as he purchased a dozen rubbers (condoms). As they continued he told his friends, “If any of you fuckers want to top you better protect your most precious body part. Anyone making himself available to strangers at the baths has probably entertained hundreds of cocks over the years. Who knows what diseases are waiting?” He continued with a history and description of the Everard. “It opened in 1988 as a Turkish bath intended for general health and fitness in a former Church with a Victorian Romanesque Revival architectural style. By the 1920s it had become exclusively gay. There were various police raids starting in 1919 but none in recent years. It became referred to as the EverHard. The facilities include both wet and dry steam rooms, a pool and private rooms. You will find the cliental, activity and ambiance similar to the St Mark’s”. (Note: The Everard closed in 1986.) At the entrance Tim stated he was amazed that such a place existed only a few blocks from his apartment (a 12 minute walk, .6 miles or 1 km). Being a Saturday night the place was crowded. There was a waiting list for rooms so Keith suggested the boys get available lockers and he would wait until a room was available for all to use. In the locker room Tim no longer felt inhibitions and stripped, wrapped the towel around his waist and went to the showers with Tom and Peter. He was relieved that he did not sprout a woodie while showering with his friends and two others. Tom suggested a tour and they walked the halls noting many doors open with men lying or sitting on their narrow beds. Tim was intrigued by the ones lying on their stomachs, feet toward the door with uncovered asses exposed and apparently ready to be topped. One muscular body of indeterminate age since the ass, not the face, was exposed had a can of Crisco between his spread legs leaving no question as to what he wanted. Walking into the sauna Peter directed Tim to a seat next to a handsome black man of about forty. All were naked since towels had been hung on a rack at the sauna entrance. When Tim sat next to the man of color he immediately noticed the contrast between his white and the other’s black legs. The man had smiled at the three as they entered. Tim’s seatmate spread his legs slightly exposing his semi soft black dick. The spreading of the legs forced the black leg against Tim’s. As soon as he felt the pressure against him Tim was conflicted as to what he should do. Then remembering what happened when he had not moved away from Peter on the crowded subway two days earlier he kept his leg firmly in place. He then pressed back. The black man now put his hand on his own leg. The large hand was innocently (or not) also touching the side of Tim’s leg. The emboldened Tim placed his hand on his own leg. The two hands were touching. Peter who was sitting on the other side of Tim observed the activity. He then whispered into Tim’s ear, “Go for the black dick. Just gently reach over. If he pushes your hand away – so be it. But I am sure he will not resist your touch.” Tim visualized first the feel of the dick and then the possible embarrassment when he was rejected. But he was no longer the innocent boy of a few days earlier. As he gently reached for the black dick his new friend spread his legs further apart. As Tim took hold of the shaft it grew. Then to Tim’s pleasure he realized it was uncut. It continued to grow as Tim found himself holding the largest dick he had ever seen. Suddenly Tim realized the black hand was holding and stroking his own white piece. Tim knew that if he did not push the hand away he would soon erupt. He felt powerless as the pleasure was so great he could not stop it. He finally got the nerve to whisper into the handsome man’s ear. “You are going to make me cum.” Having said this encouraged his friend who tightened his grip on Tim. Tim cried out as the juices rose and his eruptions began. Then to his surprise the hand released the grip as the stranger leaned over and swallowed the pulsating white dick. After Tim had drained himself down the throat he was licked clean. The stranger then sat up, pulled Tim into him and whispered, “You are one hot man,” as he kissed and probed Tim’s mouth with his cum covered tongue. The stranger then stood and left the sauna while shamelessly displaying his hard, precum dripping, uncut black dick. As he closed the door he smiled at Tim and said, “Hope to catch you again later.” While what had happened did not surprise Tom or Peter, Tim was in a near state of shock as he grasped what had happened with the stranger. Just then Keith entered the sauna. Tom gave Keith a quick summary of Tim’s experience. A smiling Keith suggested they continue their tour and that he was sure the young man would quickly revive. When they again passed the room where the muscular man with the Crisco conveniently placed between his spread legs they saw that the door was open just a crack. Intrigued Tim peered through the crack and pushed the door further. While the man was in the same position on his stomach there now was a second man on top of him savagely pumping. The bottom moaned with pleasure as the top roughly shoved in. Tim moved into the room and stood in the narrow space between the bed and wall. The top would pull all the way out and then ram in. Tim then got on his knees so he could see the action close up. Neither the top nor bottom seemed concerned that a cute young thing was closely observing their pleasurable action. After a few more assaults the top rammed in hard and held steady as he was apparently filling the willing ass. He pulled his dripping dick out, wiped it with a towel and said, “Thanks man. “ Then smiling at Tim he said, “You next?” The other three had watched from the hall. They were more interested in Tim’s reaction than watching the fuck, something all had watched many times. Tim backed out of the room as the bottom lifted his head and turned to Tim. With a smile on his face he reached back and patted his ass while saying, “It wants you!” Although it had been less than ten minutes since Tim’s adventure in the sauna the tent on his towel indicated he was rejuvenated. Watching the fucking had inspired Keith. He told Tom, “Let’s go to the room. I need what that guy just got. It appears our friend has an interest in fucking and would enjoy another eyeful. The four crowded into the small room. Keith kneeled on the edge of the bed. Tom took the tube of lube and before greasing his dick turned to Tim, “You want to go first?” They all assumed shy Tim would say ‘no’. To the amazement of all Tim let his towel drop to the floor, took the tube and squirted lube on his hard and ready dick. Tom took the tube back and lubed Keith’s willing hole. Tim moved in, took his dick in hand, aimed it and shoved in his virgin to fucking dick. Keith, accustomed to the bigger pieces of Tom and Peter easily accepted Tim. If Tim had not cum recently in the sauna he probably would have shot as soon as he entered since the feeling was like nothing he had ever felt. He only lasted a couple of pumps until unloading. When he pulled out Tom moved in followed by Peter. Even after two recent cummings Tim still was fully aroused. When Peter deposited the third load into Keith, Tim moved in and sucked the older man to a happy conclusion. For the next two hours they enjoyed the sauna, steam room, dips in the small pool and lounging while watching the activities. Then returning to the small room Keith gleefully received another triple fuck. Returning to the hotel they again paired off: Tom and Peter in one room and Tim again with Keith. Tim was now totally hooked on the joys of topping. Before Keith offered his ass to Tim he handed him one of the rubbers he had purchased earlier. “You should never top a stranger and especially a guy who pedals his ass at the baths without protection. You should be an experienced rubber user. Practice on me.” Tim had a little difficulty opening his first one. Keith then gave Tim instructions on rolling it on and how to remove and dispose it. Keith never touched Tim’s dick as he wanted the student of fucking to do it himself, ‘hands on instruction’ as one would say. Rolling the rubber over his hard and ready dick almost brought Tim off. Luckily for Keith, Tim’s multiple cummings at the baths reduced his urges and he was able to provide both a vigorous and long lasting fuck. The following morning Tim requested another lesson. Sunday morning Tom and Peter attended mass at the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Tom chose the most macho looking priest for receiving communion as he thought about his mentor and friend, Father McFadden back in Pleasant Valley, Ohio. Father Sean McFadden had been Tom’s confessor. When Tom was twelve years old he confessed that he was touching himself. Father McFadden had relieved the boy by telling him he was not going to go to hell but was just doing something that was a natural part of growing up. A few years later when Tom confessed that he was attracted to ‘boys’ Father McFadden (Sean) again gave him guidance and relief. After Tom’s eighteenth birthday Father McFadden had invited Tom and his new friend Peter to the farmhouse he had inherited. As discussed in the first book of this trilogy, Boys of the 1950s, a very special and intimate friendship started that continued. Keith and Tim met the other two outside St Patrick’s after the service. They strolled the eight blocks north to the Plaza where they enjoyed a leisurely brunch. Brunch was followed by a stroll in Central Park where they enjoyed the scenery, both botanical and manly. After returning to the hotel Tim had another opportunity to perfect his fucking with protection skills. As Keith packed his suitcase he handed Tim the bag of remaining rubbers. “You are now an accomplished safe sex fucker. If anyone insists you bareback them just say with a smile, “Sorry – No glove, No love.” Wanting as much time as possible with his new friends, Tim accompanied the three to LaGuardia Airport. Following appropriate man-to-man hugs at the gate the three Ohioans boarded their flight to Columbus and Tim returned to his Manhattan apartment.
  13. Tallguyct

    Chapter 9 The Famous St Mark’s Baths

    The dinner conversation between Tom, Peter, Keith and their new friend, Tim, continued following Tim’s enthusiastic acceptance to go to the St Mark’s Baths that evening. “I would never have the nerve to go to such a place by myself. Based on your description I think I would enjoy such an adventure.” They discussed their life stories concerning sex. Tim was awed by the experiences of the three. His own travels through sexual awareness were mild compared to the others. His story: ‘I was from a very religious conservative Evangelic Christian family. As an only child my parents had time to monitor my activities closely. My only knowledge about sex was from a brief ‘sex education’ course taught by the gym teacher my first year in high school. Both my parents had been on the ‘Committee for Education Values’ that attempted to stop such education. I realizes now the modified course offered little more than how a baby was created and a stern warning about any sexual contact outside of marriage. There was a lot of information about sexual diseases but nothing about avoiding pregnancy such as rubbers or pills. I did not understand why all of the other boys in the class made jokes about how ridiculous the education was. I listened to their exploits with girls. More than one girl in my small town class did not finish high school from what I realize now was sexual activity – not what was taught in school. Maybe if our ‘sex education had been more relevant some of the pregnancies may have been avoided. Some girls moved away and returned months later, others quickly married their boyfriends.” “I attended a Christian Bible camp summers. One day at camp, when I was fifteen, while helping clean overgrown bushes I fell into a mud puddle and then asked permission to take a shower and put on clean clothes. The shower area was outside in an enclosure. There were six shower heads, three each along opposite walls. I removed my clothes and hung them on a hook at the entrance. As soon as I entered one of the counselors, a boy eighteen years old also entered. After hanging his clothes he turned on the shower opposite mine. I turned and faced the wall. ‘Hi, I’m Ash. Were you the fellow who fell into the puddle while on the work crew?’ I turned around to answer. While giving a short answer I noticed the body of this older boy. This was the first time in my life I had been alone with another naked person. I had showered with groups at school and at camp but never with just one other person. In fact this was the first naked older boy or man I had ever seen. I had not even ever seen my up righteous father naked. I began staring at the handsome young man so close to me. Suddenly I caught myself leering at the dick. Quickly I averted my eyes and turned to reach for the soap. But, I could not resist another peek and turned again and examined the body close to me. Ash was facing me while he soaped himself. I was memorized and could not help looking at this body that was so conveniently presenting itself to me. He slowly washed his chest and then moved down to his crotch.” “Ash then laughed as he said, ‘You must be enjoying the scenery.’ I suddenly realized Ash was looking at my dick which to my bewilderment was rock hard. Ash then placed his fist around his soft dick which immediately was as hard as mine. Ash moved his hand up and down over the shaft. Ash said, ‘No fun to do this alone, join me.’ I mimicked Ash’s action. I had a wonderful feeling that I had never had before. My dick was alive with pleasure. Then my entire body responded as my dick feeling intensified and suddenly to my amazement white cream began spewing from my piss hole. My entire body went limp and I thought I was going to fall over. Then Ash exclaimed, ‘Wow, you must have been saving that for days.’ Actually I had been saving it for fifteen years. Ash continued to pump and his entire body shook as white juices squirted out of his dick, the same type of juice that spewed out of mine. Ash laughed as he said, ‘That was fun. Now we have our little secret to keep private.’ We finished our showers and went our separate ways.” “For the rest of the day and into the night I could think of nothing except about the encounter with Ash. I had never had an experience like that before. Many mornings I woke with a hard dick which deflated soon after my morning piss. While it felt good to touch myself when it was hard I thought it was evil to do it so never continued and always felt ashamed. Sometimes I would wake in the middle of the night after a strange dream and discover white sticky stuff in my pajama pants. I decided that what I and Ash had done was bad because Ash had called it our little secret. But, as bad as it was I could not resist and reached down for my dick as I laid under the covers. Suddenly it got hard. I was afraid to stroke it as I had done in the shower since there were twelve boys sharing this cabin and I was in the upper bunk. Movement could be detected. I quietly got down out of bed and went into the bathroom. Closing the door I pulled my hard dick out and stroked it while standing at the toilet. Soon I felt my entire body responded as white stuff squirted out. I suddenly felt remorse and returned to bed.” “The following morning Ash approached me. ‘Tim, I’m going into town to pick up supplies for the camp. One of the younger campers always accompanies me to help carry the stuff. Would you please be my helper today?’ I wanted to say ‘NO’ as I felt guilty about what had happened but also became excited as I thought about what had happened with Ash in the shower the previous day. We had traveled about ten minutes when Ash pulled the camp van off the highway and stopped on the side of the road. ‘I want to show you something interesting in this forest.’ We walked just far enough to be out of sight of the road. Ash opened his pants and pulled out his dick. ‘I really need to take a piss. Why don’t you join me?’ As a golden stream poured out of Ike’s dick hole I pulled out my dick which immediately got hard. ‘You seem to be ready for action.’ After Ash shook the last drops off the end of his dick he opened his pants and lowered them to his knees exposing his impressive soft dick and balls. He took the dick in hand and easily pumped it up. I began pumping my own. Ash moved in front of me and pushed my hand away. ‘There is a better way to do this.’ Ash then kneeled in front of me. He unbuckled my belt and lowered my pants. Then Ash began an examination of my hard dick. To my amazement Ash leaned forward and put his lips close to the dick and then opened his mouth and swallowed it, all of it. I did not know what to do. The feeling was amazing. I wanted to say ‘get away from me’ but was paralyzed with pleasure. I grabbed Ash’s shoulders as I felt my juices begin to pump into his willing mouth. Ash then stood and taking his own dick in his hand quickly finished himself.” “An hour later as we drove back from town Ash stopped at the same spot. He got out of the van stating he needed to piss. ‘Would you like to join me?’ Without hesitation I followed him into the woods for and gave Ash another mouth full.” “After unloading the supplies I went canoeing with a group of campers. That evening after supper Ash approached me. ‘I talked to the camp director. We could use another junior counselor for the remainder of the summer and I recommended you. You will not receive a salary but you will have meals provided and a free place to stay. You and I will share a private room. If you want to and your parents approve you may begin today.’ I willingly agreed and called my parents from the phone in the camp office. The director of the camp who was also a member of my church spoke with my father. My parents were thrilled that their boy would have an opportunity to work in a Christian environment for the next six weeks.” “That evening and every night for the rest of the summer Ash sucked me off. Ash offered his dick to my virgin mouth. After some painful encounters for Ash’s dick I mastered the art of blow jobs. Ash also told me everything a teenager would want to know about sex. He had pictures of men and women fucking. I had never seen a naked woman except in a few paintings and sculptures in museums and art books as well as photos in National Geographic. At the end of the summer I returned home educated in the ways of men. Unfortunately I never had an opportunity to share any of his learning with any one, just my own hand. Ash returned to Kansas at the end of the summer. I never saw him again. In college I never had any encounters. I did realize my roommate’s bed vibrated at night as he took care of himself. I was quiet and discrete. At night I jerked off quietly with a sock over my dick to catch the cum as Ash had recommended. After college I accepted a job in New York City. I currently room with two others one of whom was an acquaintance from college. While I had seen numerous dicks in college as well as my roommates I have never touched another’s dick except Ash’s and Peter’s hard, hidden in clothes dick on the subway this morning.” Keith laughed as dessert was served saying, “Young man. I guarantee that by midnight you will have an opportunity to touch, examine and if you wish swallow an assortment of men. Also, since it has been about ten years since you last real dick experience I am sure we all would be willing to offer ourselves to assist you in renewing your cock sucking expertise.” Then Keith gave a short history of the palace of man sex they would soon visit. “The Saint Mark’s Baths opened in 1913. Through the 1950s it operated as a Turkish bath catering to immigrants on New York's Lower East Side. In the 1950s it began to have a homosexual clientele at night. In the 1960s it became exclusively gay.” (Note – The St Mark’s closed sixteen years later in 1985 due to New York City Sanitation Department’s action responding to the AIDS crisis) (Wikipedia) After a short ten minute cab ride to the Baths on St. Mark’s Place (East 8th Street) they walked up the stairway to the main entrance. Keith insisted on paying the admission for all; private rooms for Tom, Tim and himself and a locker for Peter. Peter did not need a private room since he and Tom would share the same tiny cubical. After receiving keys and a towel for each the attendant buzzed them in. As they escorted Tim to his room the typical bathhouse sights were seen: men of various ages, ethnicities, colors and shapes strolled in the halls or sat on beds in their rooms with open doors. While most wore towels some were naked or wearing minimal clothes such as brief underware or G strings. Tim being one of the youngest men there received special attention. A muscular, hairy man of about forty wearing just a jock strap winked at young Tim. Almost everyone he passed either leered or smiled. A handsome Adonis about his age whispered something in his ear. Tim later told them he had invited him to his room, number 421. An older, chubby less attractive man stuck out his tongue in a sexual way and a tall, ebony black thirty something rubbed the bulge under his towel as he intently eye fucked Tim. As they stood at the door of Tim’s room the young friend said, “Please do not leave me here alone. I feel overwhelmed. Never did I imagine such a place.” Keith reassured him. “Stay in your room, shut the door, and get undressed. We will return in a few minutes. Our signal will be two knocks – a pause – and two knocks. We wouldn’t want you to open the door to the wrong person.” After undressing in their own rooms the three with towels wrapped around their waists soon met at Tim’s door. Tim answered their knock wearing a towel. Keith suggested they do a grand tour of the place starting with showers. The shower area had six shower heads. Two men were using the two at the end. Naked Keith and Tim selected two opposite in the middle while Tom and Peter (next to Tim) were at the other end. Tim had quickly moved into the shower area after hanging his towel on a hook. While the other three checked him out none got a good glimpse of his dick as he stood facing the wall turned toward the strangers at the far end. They did admire his tall, almost six foot body, nearly hairless legs and cute, rounded ass cheeks. Tom, the ‘top man’ of the three immediately sprung to full mast as his uncut dick responded to the sight of the virgin ass. Finally Peter moved closer to Tim and whispered into his ear, “Want to finish what you started on the subway.” Tim reluctantly turned to Peter displaying his rock hard young dick that was pointing almost straight up. While his average sized cut piece was not as big as any of the other three it was perfectly formed standing over inviting balls. Peter took Tim’s hand and guided it to his crotch. The touch of Tim brought Peter’s half hard dick to full erection. Tim gingerly held onto the shaft not sure how to respond. Peter then said, “You hand feels great, too great. Two jerks and I will lose my load. Better hands off for now. I would grab yours but it appears you might not last long so we will wait. Let’s back off for now and just use our eyes.” As Tom and Keith checked out Tim the young man intently observed the long, thin cut dick of the 6 foot (1.83m), well built and very handsome Keith. Just the sight of Tom’s hard uncut dick with the head peeping out of the skin almost brought Tim to conclusion without being touched. The tall blond, Polish heritage hunk, with blue eyes smiled at Tim as he gently pulled his skin back and then forward. “You can play with it all you want later. It will be my pleasure to introduce you to the taste of a natural man piece.” Tim who had lost all inhibitions smiled back and stroked his own. The four continued their exploration wearing towels over hard dicks. Their next stop was the steam room. Hanging their towels on hooks near the entrance they entered the dimly lighted room. Between the lack of lighting and heavy steam only shadows were seen. Tim suddenly felt a hand caressing then pinching his nipple. The hand of another was rubbing his ass. To his amazement and disgust the hand moved to his hole and pressed in. He cried out in pain. Tom realized what had happened and slapped the hand away. “Sorry, are you OK?” Tim was visibly shaken. Tom led him to a bench in the steamy room. “What just happened could be a very pleasurable experience. However, I realize it could also be shocking. Remember the two rules we discussed earlier: Only do what gives you and the other pleasure and never do anything that causes unwanted pain or injury to yourself or others. I am sure by the end of the evening you will observe ass play, both with a finger and fucking with a hard dick. For some it gives great pleasure to give or receive. However, you are not obligated to participate.” Tim then asked Tom if he had ever penetrated someone or himself been penetrated. Tom replied that with the right person he very enjoyed being a ‘Top’ meaning someone who fucks another guy. However, he did not enjoy being a ‘Bottom’. Their next stop was the sauna where they sat naked with three others. While two chatted about the Yankees (baseball team) the third just sat and sweated. Following quick showers to remove the sweat of the steam room and sauna they continued their adventure. While Tim was totally overwhelmed with the bathhouse environment none of the other three were surprised having visited both the Cleveland and recently opened Columbus, Ohio baths. The difference between the St Mark’s and the other baths was the size of the facility and mixture of nationalities and ethnicities. The customers in Cleveland and Columbus were almost entirely circumcised whites. In Ohio there were a few uncuts, a few blacks and rarely any Asians. The cliental of the St Mark’s represented men from all over the world. They were pleased with the number of blacks, men of the Middle East and Asians who were of every size: both body and dick. Continuing their tour they entered a large room with a platform in the middle. On the platform sat two men facing each other. Both had their left leg over the right leg of the other. They were as close as two could be with their dicks pressed against each other. Both leaned back on his elbows. A third man kneeled next to them. He stroked their hard entwined dicks with one hand. The kneeler then reached for a tube of some kind of lube. He generously greased the dicks. Then he stood over the two, rubbed lube on his ass and slowly squatted down impaling himself with the two dicks. Rising and lowering himself he easily received a double fuck. Soon the two men under him simultaneously cried out as each appeared to be pumping their jism into the third man. After a few moments he rose up releasing the now limp dicks. He then moved to the edge of the platform and leaned over with his feet on the floor, stomach on the platform and cum dripping ass inviting any and apparently all. One of the spectators moved in behind him. After jacking himself hard he shoved into the ready hole. He pumped, cried out in ecstasy and pulled out. A second man moved in. After his conclusion number three continued. Peter looked down at Tom’s fully tented towel. Knowing his lovers lust for topping he whispered into his ear. “Don’t even think about it my friend. If your dick touches that used and abused hole it won’t touch me until it receives a certificate of cleanliness from a medical professional.” Tom laughed back as he caressed Peter’s rear end, “You know my thoughts perfectly. I can fantasize, but no way is my dick going to explore that probably diseased hole when I know a sweet, clean, Ohio ass is willing and waiting.” Keith put his arm around Tim knowing the young man was bewildered, repelled and fascinated by the action on the platform. “It might not be to your taste, but as long as all enjoy it and no one is getting injured who are we to condemn? Who knows, maybe someday you will be willing. For now let’s just look at others and then we will play safely among ourselves.” Others performed various activities. There was a black / white 69 pair in one corner while a small Asian with a small dick sucked a long thick Middle Eastern dick. All eagerly agreed when Keith suggested the four go to his small cubical. As soon as they entered the room Keith asked Tim what he wanted to do. Tim replied that since he had never before seen a natural dick up close or hard he wanted to exam Tom’s masterpiece. Tom stood on the bed and Tim leaned in. With his eyes inches from it he examined it as he pulled the skin forward over the head of the rock hard dick. He then gently pushed the skin back admiring the head shiny from natural dick lubricant and precum. After about five strokes of pulling the skin up and then pushing it back Tom told him to stop or he would shoot his load. To the surprise of all Tim leaned in and took the dick head in his mouth. Tom grabbed Tim’s ears to brace himself as he shot deep into Tim’s throat. Tim swallowed and smiled. “Who is next?” After taking Keith’s load the older man joked, “Cock sucking must be like bike riding. Although it’s been ten years since you last sucked you maintained your expertise.” Next Peter stood on the bed and offered himself. Tim eagerly swallowed the third load of the evening. Keith then announced, “Now it’s our turn to take care of you. Let’s give him a long lasting period of pleasure. Pushing Tim onto the bed Peter forced his arms over his head while Tom held down his feet. Keith began his slow erotic torture of the near virgin. He began by licking the young man’s hard nipples. He gently bit each. When there was no cry of pain he bit harder. This time Tim cried out. Keith said he was sorry and continued again licking the nipples. Next Keith moved to each exposed arm pit and again first licked and then bit the nearly hairless pits. Tim’s only reaction was a sigh of pleasure. Moving down he licked the stomach, naval, and inner thighs ignoring the cock and balls. He continued down the legs and nibbled on each toe. Tim’s cut dick was rock hard oozing precum. Keith squeezed the dick head forcing out a stream of juice. He offered the juice to both Tom and Peter who licked the finger clean. Keith continued caressing every part of Tim’s body except the cock and balls. Tim pleaded for release. Keith laughed and stepped away while Tom and Peter continued to hold him down. Finally after more pleas from Tim Keith licked his own finger and gently with one finger caressed the frenulum (the small fold of tissue under the penis head – one of the most sensitive body parts). With only the light touch of one finger on this very sensitive area Tim’s body convulsed as loads of cream erupted covering his stomach, chest, chin and as far as his lips. His body went limp as it reacted to the most intense cumming of his life. Finally he explained, “WOW, you guys are the BEST.” After a brief rest they showered, returned to the room with the platform to observe the activity and then returned to Keith’s room. Tim asked Tom if he could examine his natural dick again. Tom agreed with a condition, Tim was required to let Tom suck him off to completion. Of course Tim agreed. Tim and Tom lay on the narrow bed in the 69 position. Keith suggested he and Peter go to the other room. While Keith had enjoyed playing with their new friend he was more in the mood to be fucked. He wanted privacy away from Tim as he was not sure how their new friend would respond to fucking, YET. Peter understood his friend’s proclivities and gladly gave him what he wanted. As they rode back to the hotel in the taxi after leaving the St Mark’s Keith asked Tim if he would be willing to join them the following evening for more sightseeing. He told him they planned to visit an interesting bar, The Stonewall, in the Village. Tim enthusiastically agreed. Keith suggested Tim come to their hotel room about 6:00 in the evening. Since it would be Friday he also suggested that Tim bring a suitcase with extra clothes so they could play until they departed on Sunday. He could tell his roommates he was going away for the weekend. Keith had purchased tickets for the three (himself, Tom and Peter) to see the recently opened Broadway play Dear World starring Angela Lansbury. He was sure he could obtain a ticket for Tim. After the play they would return to the hotel and change into clothes appropriate for visiting a gay bar. After dropping him off at his apartment on East 32nd Street the three returned to the hotel. Totally exhausted Peter and Tom feel asleep in each other’s arms. A few hours later Tom’s need to piss was followed by his sucking off his lover and then jerking himself for another cumming.
  14. Tom and Peter marveled at the sites of the city as the rode in the cab with Keith from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to mid-town Manhattan. This was the boys’ first visit to the Big Apple. Keith, a frequent visitor, pointed out places of interest as they approached the New York Biltmore Hotel which opened in 1913 as one of three palatial hotels built as part of the Grand Central Terminal development. For three days Tom and Keith would be attending meetings at the Insurance Underwriters Conference based in the hotel. Peter would be free to explore the city during the day and all three would have fun evenings away from the eyes of fellow insurance executives. Olentangy Insurance was paying for the expenses of the travel and conference of Tom and Keith. Peter paid his own airfare and stayed in Tom’s room. Keith’s room was across the hall. They arrived on a Wednesday afternoon. Since Tom and Keith were obligated to attend a reception that evening Peter was free to ‘see the sights.’ Keith proposed he visit a male theater on Eighth Avenue across town. He described the place to Peter and suggested he walk west on 42nd Street the five blocks to Eighth and then turn right going two blocks to the theater. While Keith knew Peter was fully aware of the joys of man sex in numerous forms he still felt it would be helpful to give Peter a reminder of safe and fun behavior. Following a brief lecture on safe sex about keeping his dick to himself Keith suggested Peter not take his wallet, just cash in his pocket including some one dollar bills. When Peter asked why he would need one dollar bills Keith laughed and said, “You sill soon find out.” Peter walked across town on 42nd Street from the Biltmore Hotel through Times Square and up Eighth Avenue and found the entrance to the theater. While walking along 42nd Street between Times Square and Eighth Avenue he saw sights on the street that he could never have imagined. 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenue was described by The New York Times as "the 'worst' [block] in town.” Times Square was depicted in Midnight Cowboy (released in 1969 just a month prior to Peter’s visit – a movie Tom, Peter and Keith had seen in Columbus) as gritty, dark and desperate, and it got worse in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s New York City initiated a ‘clean up’ of the area. Today this block has lost all its sleazy charm and is a safe, clean tourist destination hosting family entertainment. While not shocked Peter was entertained by the activity along the sidewalk. He received offers from scantily dressed prostitutes for various services. One muscular young man of about twenty wearing the shortest shorts possible that barely covered the dick bulge suggested that Peter accompany him into a theater advertising the movie, Hot and Willing Chicks of the Bayous. He told Peter they could get to know each other better while sitting in the balcony. The most beautiful ‘woman’ he encountered was blond wearing a blue sequined tight short dress and high heeled spiked silver shoes. Her (his) Adam’s apple, large hands and feet were an obvious give away that what was in her crotch would interest Peter more than any of the other ‘women of the night’ (or morning, or afternoon, or anytime). Peter just smiled at the beauty as he continued across 42nd Street with a firmer dick than when he had begun his adventure. At the corner of Eighth Avenue he turned right and walked uptown two blocks. Using Keith’s description he found the entrance to the Exquisite Theater which was just a doorway between a deli and a souvenir store with a sign advertising the ‘hottest boys in New York’. Going up a flight of dirty stairs he encountered a man at a counter. Peter paid the $5.00 admission and entered a dark room with couches. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he noticed a few men were sitting and either smoking or starring at each other. He saw a doorway covered by a heavy drape. One man came out through the doorway and another entered. Peter walked through the doorway and found himself in a small movie theater. He noted about ten rows of seats with an aisle on both sides against the wall. He took a seat in the middle of the last row and observed both the action on the screen and activities of the dozen patrons. At least two were sleeping. Half of the remainder were intently watching the movie while the others seemed to be more interested in scanning the room than seeing the movie. While the action on the screen was interesting Peter had hoped to see more than two handsome men in their twenties talking at a poolside wearing extremely brief bathing suits. One stood and walked to the side of the pool. He removed the suit exposing a well formed bubble ass. After swimming a few laps he then exited the pool displaying his well formed body: hard nipples, six pack stomach, and well endowed cut soft dick almost hidden by a forest of fur. While standing he talked to another man who was in a lounge chair. This other man stood and stepped out of his brief swim suit. His well endowed cut soft dick also almost hidden by a forest of fur was both longer and thicker than the swimmers. He stood and the two walked to an outdoor shower. Both soaped their bodies lingering on their nipples. Peter thought it was amazing that they were both able to maintain their softness. The action continued as an older man wearing a brief swimming suit walked into the pool area. He appeared angry that his boy was with another. As the two argued their tempers cooled as the older man took off his briefs and joined the other two in the shower. Note: Had Peter visited the theater two years later the action on the screen would have been much more interesting. Boys in the Sand, a landmark American gay pornographic film, was released at the very beginnings of the Golden Age of Porn. This 1971 film was directed by Wakefield Poole and stared Casey Donovan. Boys in the Sand was the first gay porn film to include credits, to achieve crossover success, to be reviewed by Variety, and one of the earliest porn films, after 1969's Blue Movie by Andy Warhol, to gain mainstream credibility, preceding 1972's Deep Throat by nearly a year. - From Wikipedia. Out of the corner of his eye Peter noticed someone had sat in his row in the second seat from the aisle leaving an empty seat between them. Peter kept his face pointed toward the movie screen while his eyes checked out the visitor. The man began rubbing his crotch. He stroked himself over his pants. He then unzipped his fly and pulled out a large, long hard dick. While stroking himself with one hand he reached up under his shirt and played with his nipples with the other. Peter turned his head and looked into the stranger’s eyes who had turned his face toward Peter. The man smiled. Peter was obviously intrigued and soon realized his dick was rock hard. While the action of the screen had not excited his dick, this real person had. The man slid into the seat next to Peter as they ‘eye fucked’. Being closer Peter noted the man was about forty, average height and had a square, handsome face. The man reached over and touched Peter’s hand. When Peter did not resist his new friend moved the hand to his dick. To Peter’s pleasure the dick was not only large and long it was uncut. He played with the skin in the same way he delighted in playing with his Tom’s skin. As Peter stroked the stranger placed his hand on Peter’s crotch and began massaging Peter’s clothes covered dick. Peter then realized his fly was being unzipped and the hand reached in and rubbed his now dripping dick head. Peter’s dick was painfully maneuvered out as it was necessary to bend the hard dick to release it from the constraints of underware and pants. The man began stroking the now free dick. After a few strokes Peter realized he would soon shoot his load. He gently pushed the man’s hand away and whispered in his ear, “I am close, not yet, please.” The man leaned over and his mouth was just inches from Peter’s dripping dick when Peter pushed him away. As much as he would have loved to pump his juices down the stranger’s throat he suddenly came to his senses remembering Keith’s lecture and he gently pushed the lips away from his anxious dick. After a brief cooling off period the man began stroking Peter again as Peter had continued to stroke the other. Suddenly the screen went blank and disco music began to blare. Lights flashed on the small stage and out walked a young man in his early twenties wearing a cowboy outfit complete with ten gallon hat. With a bored smile on his face he danced to the blaring music. Turning around he leaned over as he removed his cowboy boots while slowly wiggling his ass. In stocking feet he faced the audience and continued dancing. Then he slowly unbuttoned his flannel shirt revealing a white a-shirt (tank top). Gyrating more he then unbuttoned his 502 Levi’s jeans. He attempted to tantalize the small audience exposing the crotch of his underware. Then removing his Levi’s and shirt he tossed them off stage and continued to dance in his a-shirt and boxer shorts. After playing with his crotch area he slowly removed the boxers revealing red silk like briefs. Still wearing the cowboy hat he danced in the briefs and a-shirt. He then removed the shirt but kept the hat on. Turning around he slowly removed the briefs exposing his bubble ass. There was a string around his waist and another going down through his ass crack. Turning and facing the audience he continued dancing wearing a sparkling gold colored G string, socks and hat. After a prolonged period of attempting to dance erotically he again turned his back and ass to the audience. Stepping out of the g string he continued dancing wiggling his bubble ass to the spectators while it appeared his right hand was playing with his dick. Removing his hat he turned and faced the audience holding his hat in front of his dick while moving his other hand under the hat apparently fluffing up himself. Finally he removed the hat exposing his soft but fluffed up long thin dick swinging over a pair of low hanging balls. He now moved very slowly while exposing himself. His short blond hair was obviously died as it did not match the thick dark brown forest surrounding his impressive long dick. The naked dancer, except for his ten gallon hat, then walked to the front of the stage and stood in front of one of the spectators swinging his equipment. After a brief swing he moved to the next man in the front row. This time a dollar bill was stuffed in his stocking. The dancer moved in closer and squatted in front of the man with the dollar while playing with his dick. Another dollar was placed in the sock and the close encounter continued. After the third dollar was placed the spectator reached to caress the dick. The dancer smiled and gently deflected the hand. The dancer moved around the room stopping for a look but don’t touch session with those who placed money in his sock. He stood on the two armrests of the seat in front of Peter. When Peter placed a dollar bill in the sock he gyrated. Then Peter inserted a second dollar. The dancer leaned forward placing his hands on Peter’s seat back. He was now leaning over with his dick just inches from Peter’s face. Peter put more money in his sock as the dancer swung his dick within smelling distance of Peter’s nose. All the time Peter continued to stroke his seatmate’s dick who was fondling Peter’s. There were three other dancers wearing various outfits. Each had an impressive but not overwhelming dick. Peter had an opportunity to see each up close as they did their eyes only dances between the seats. The final dancer was black, tall and extremely thin. His dancing was the most graceful of all. He was the only one that actually appeared to enjoy what he was doing. After removing various layers of clothing he revealed the most spectacular uncut dick Peter had ever seen. Long, thick with skin covering the entire head it hung over a pair of large low hanging balls. The small patch of kinky hair crowing the dick appeared to be trimmed. Turning around he danced with his well defined, muscular ass enchanting Peter. Again facing the audience his skin had been pulled back exposing a light pink mushroom head. During his dance among the seats Peter was mesmerized as this Black Adonis stood over him with feet on the armrests of the row in front of him and hands on the back of Peter’s seat. To Peter’s delight not only was the dick hanging inches from his face his armpits were fully exposed. The kinky pit hair also appeared to be trimmed. While stuffing dollar bills in the dancer’s sock his seatmate continued to pump Peter’s aching dick. With the beautiful black dick near his eyes Peter gave out a cry of pleasure as he discharged multiple streams of cum onto the seatback in front of him. The dancer watched the white steams shoot out. He then leaned down and whispered in Peter’s ear, “You are one hot man”. A very satisfied and exhausted Peter cleaned his dick with his ever ready glad rag and kissed his seatmate on the cheek after the dancer returned to the stage for his final bows. Peter walked back to the hotel at a quick pace eager to share his adventure with Tom and Keith. As he walked along 42nd street between Eighth Avenue and Times Square he encountered more activity and offers of brief friendships from ladies, boys and indistinguishable of various sizes and ages; a true smorgasbord of dick happiness (and probably disease). Tom had not returned from his reception. Peter felt the need to take a long cleansing shower to remove the sleaze of the theater although the mutual jerking off with his handsome seatmate had been the only touching activity. The hot water from the shower head hitting his nipples, running on down his chest, across his hard stomach (hardened from the daily exercise in the workout room with Tom back home) tickled his dick that soon rose to full mast. While he vowed he would save himself for his lover his soaped up hands had other thoughts. His fist easily slid up and down the hard shaft lubed with the hotel supplied scented, soft Lux brand soap. Bringing himself close to the edge he abruptly stopped and moved to the second most sensitive area of his body, the arm pits. Holding first his left and then right arms up he gently soaped each pit as the hot water massaged it. Since the sensation from the pits was sending a message to his dick he had to stop as he once again found himself on the edge. Close to the point of no return he twisted the shower faucet turning the hot stream of water to ice cold water. His body reacted to the shock of the change with an immediate deflation of the dick. As the cold water sprayed on his crotch his generous sized dick shriveled while his balls shrunk resembling two little acorns. While the cold water cleansed his body from the thoughts of the dancers he could not resist tantalizing himself again and turned the faucet back to hot. The little dick soon returned to full hardness and balls once again swung low. Taking the bar of Lux soap he again began stroking his dick. Suddenly the shower curtain was pulled back and Tom impeccably dressed in his business suit with a glitter in his eyes and smile on his face said, “Caught you, you dirty boy. Don’t move.” Within seconds Tom’s clothes were on the bathroom floor and he was embracing his man. Tom pushed Peter’s hands away from to dick and forced them over his head. Knowing Peter’s pleasures Tom licked and then bit each arm pit. Peter told him to stop as did not want to lose it yet. Tom spun Peter around shoving him against the shower wall. Using the Lux soap to lube his now hard dick and Peter’s willing hole he then thrusted in with no mercy. Peter cried with pain and pleasure and almost immediately spewed love juice against the wall. Tom continued to pump and within a few strokes was filling his lover. The two naked men slipped under the covers and Peter related the sights along 42nd Street and his observations and encounter in the theater. After hearing Peter’s story Tom got out of bed and placed a chair next to it. He told Peter to sit in the chair. Tom then stood on the bed and leaned over placing his hands on the back of the chair. Tom was now in the same position as the black Adonis had been in the theater. There were two differences. The dancer had maintained a professionally correct soft dick, Tom’s was definitely not soft. In the theater Peter had observed the black, uncut dick that was just inches from his face. He did more than observe the Polish, uncut dick that was now inches from his face. Opening his mouth he accepted the pumping of his lover followed by Polish cream streaming down his throat. The next morning Keith was fascinated by Peter’s telling of his adventures the previous evening. Since Keith had visited the same theater a few months earlier while on a business trip to New York City he relived his experiences as his young friend related the details of the activities with the seatmate and dancers. Keith suggested that Peter keep his dick in his pants while sightseeing that day on his own while he and Tom would be attending insurance seminars. He reminded Peter that he should ‘save himself’ for an evening at the famous St. Mark’s Bath the three would visit that evening. Keith suggested museums, historic places, the Empire State Building observation deck (then New York’s tallest building – the World Trade Center under construction would not accept its first tenants for a year) and interesting walks. One walk that intrigued Peter was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot and then visiting the Promenade in nearby Brooklyn Heights. After breakfast Peter said goodbye to his friends and following Keith’s suggestion took the subway from the nearby Grand Central Station to Brooklyn Bridge Station. Standing in the crowded train as it traveled under Manhattan he felt a pressure against his crotch. He realized the hand of the man he was crushed against in the packed subway car was accidentally or purposely pressed against his dick. He studied the face of a handsome young man about his age. Peer considered what he should do. He had three options: move away, do nothing and let the hand rub him but not acknowledge that he was aware of what was happening or he could move in. Peter chose the third option and pressed back while slightly gyrating. The hand held steady. As Peter’s dick hardened the magic fingers of his new friend stroked him over the pants. As the local train car emptied at 14th Street as most passengers transferred to an express train across the platform he and his new friend were no longer pressed against each other. Peter was now able to observe him as they gazed into each other’s eyes. The professionally dressed man wearing a dark suit, white shirt, conservative tie, overcoat and fedora black hat with a twinkle in his eye said, “That was a nice way to start the day.” Peter laughed as he responded, “It would also be a nice way to end a day.” By the time they reached The Brooklyn Bridge Station Peter learned his friend, Tim, was in a management training program at a Wall Street area bank . Peter told him he was visiting New York with his ‘friend’ who was attending an insurance conference. As they exited the train at its final stop, Brooklyn Bridge, Tim took out a business card and wrote something on the back. Handing the card to Peter, “It would be nice to meet your friend. My business number is printed on this card and my home phone is on the back. Give me a call if you are interested.” He then directed Peter to the exit to the Brooklyn Bridge and crossed the platform to take an express train to Wall Street. Peter easily found the stairs that led to the beginning of the walkway across the bridge. As the sidewalk approached the bride it turned from concrete to Wood planks. As Peter walked along the pedestrian – bike walkway he noted it was in the middle of the bridge between the Brooklyn bound and Manhattan bound vehicle lanes. The walkway was soon elevated above the roadway giving unobstructed views. It was then that Peter to his dismay and shock discovered there were small spaces between the wood planks of the walkway and he could see the water of the East River directly below him. Since he had always been uncomfortable in high areas he suddenly felt light headed and grabbed the side rail. Not wanting to make a spectacle of himself he pretended to be admiring the scenery while holding onto the rail. Realizing the bridge had been completed almost ninety years earlier he wondered if any of the boards of the walkway were from the original construction. Although he wanted to turn around and return to Manhattan he forced himself to continue toward Brooklyn. He was surprised at how many people were crossing the bridge. These walkers and bike riders were a combination of tourists with cameras who strolled as they took photographs and pointed out sights to partner travelers and others, some wearing Wall Street professional attire seriously walked as they commuted to work. Everyone seemed oblivious to the possibility of crashing through the walkway and falling into the East River. Peter scolded himself for being such a wimpy coward and continued on his walk. However he stayed next to the rail with the unconscious thought that he could grab it when one of the planks broke. Periodically he would pass individuals or couples standing against rail viewing the panorama of lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and activity in the river. This would force Peter to walk away from the rail. By the time Peter reached the first of the two towers holding the bridge spans his stomach was in knots. Standing on the concrete walkway of the tower he was relieved. For the first time while on the bridge he was able to enjoy the view. The buildings of Lower Manhattan were in full view. Looking back toward his starting point he could see the twin towers of the World Trade Center under construction. He was surprised at the activity on the river as various vessels passed under the bridge including barges and tug boats. The view toward Brooklyn was very different. At the edge of the river were what appeared to be derelict unused docks. Beyond the docks was a two level highway crowded with slow moving traffic of cars and trucks moving in one direction above the vehicles moving in the opposite direction. Above this two level highway he saw trees and low level buildings. He wondered if that was the area where Keith had told him he would have spectacular views of the New York harbor. Peter realized he was no longer shaking and continued his walk. As he looked east toward the second tower his stomach began to churn again as he realized he would have a long walk on these stupid boards (1,595 feet, 486 meters) between the two towers of the bridge. With sweaty hands and wobbly legs Peter continued his walk. The walkway rose up toward the center of the span. Reaching the center he stopped having become somewhat accustomed to his surroundings and almost enjoyed the view of the city, river and harbor. Suddenly he realized he was not doomed to immediate death and actually enjoyed the second half of his walk. Using a tourist map he easily found the Brooklyn Heights Promenade a half mile (.8 km), ten minute walk from the Brooklyn end of the bridge which as he had suspected was built over the two level highway. The view from the Promenade was awesome. As he leaned against the railing marveling the view of lower Manhattan skyscrapers and the activity in the harbor he heard a voice. A man was standing next to him. Peter looked to his right and standing next to him was an older man, probably around seventy, impeccably dressed wearing a dark suit, pink shirt and paisley ascot. The man asked Peter if he was new to the area as he had not seen him before. Peter replied with a brief explanation stating this was his first visit to New York City and that he was from Columbus, Ohio visiting the city with his friend who was attending an insurance conference. The man introduced himself, Charles Pritchard. He then pointed out various sights including the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street and the steeple of Trinity Church at the head of Wall Street, various buildings, the orange Staten Island Ferry gliding into the dock at the tip of Manhattan and to Peter’s delight in the distance the Statue of Liberty. Charles suggested they sit on one of the many park benches along the Promenade. He then told Peter, “When I saw you standing there I had a feeling of déjà vu, suddenly I saw my friend, Arnold, standing. It is uncanny how much you resemble him, or at least the Arnold who I first met fifty years ago.” Peter replied, “He must have been a very special person to you.” “We met briefly my first day at Yale when we stood in line during registration for classes. I thought about him every day after that. Then a week later when I walked into my first class he was there. I sat in the seat next to him. He told me later that he had purposely registered for the same class I registered for. After class we discussed the day’s lecture and shared coffee. We seemed to be drawn to each other and became constant companions. We were together until last year when Arnold passed. After this Promenade was built when the highway was constructed in the early 1950’s we purchased one of the houses overlooking it with the magnificent panorama. In fact, one of the buildings behind where we are sitting is my home.” Peter turned around and noted the line of three and four story attached houses (‘Brownstones’ built using stone from quarries in Connecticut). They each had small gardens between the Promenade and house and windows overlooking the amazing view. Charles pointed out his home, the one with a telescope behind a large picture window. Charles told Peter the view from his home using the telescope was even more spectacular than from where they were. He asked Peter if he would like to see the view from his home and share a morning coffee. Peter gladly accepted being anxious to see the view, the elegant home, continue the conversation with this interesting man and most importantly the realization that suddenly he needed to piss, really needed to piss. Walking the short distance to the front of his home Peter was impressed with the beauty and tranquility of the tree lined street. If it were not for the parked cars lining both sides of the narrow street he could visualize horse drown carriages traveling along this street of the 1800’s and earlier. As they walked Peter told Charles his story. He related how he had met his ‘friend’ fourteen years earlier in his last year of high school, the acquaintance of the two girls, the four attending college together, marriage, two children each and homes next to each other. Charles appeared interested in his story. He made coffee while, Peter to his great relief, pissed in the stately bathroom with fixtures from the turn of the century. Charles wanted to show Peter a photo album. The photos spanned fifty years beginning in 1918, the year of his meeting Arnold. He noted that not only were the two men extremely handsome but the way they innocently posed indicated a deep love for each other. After coffee and conversation Peter was again on the subway thinking about where he and Tom would be after fifty years. There were no erotic experiences during the ride to his next destination, The American Museum of Natural History. He met Keith and Tom back at the hotel and shared his adventures of the day over beers in the hotel bar. Both were intrigued with his experience with the Wall Street stockbroker on the subway. Keith, always interested in exploring new male bodies, suggested that Peter call Tim and invite him to have dinner with them. As Tim entered the restaurant Keith was impressed with Peter’s find in the subway. Over dinner Tim told his story. He explained that as he stood in the crowded subway he suddenly realized his hand was against someone. He started to pull his hand away when he looked at the body attached to the crotch and noted the handsome face. He was both mortified and intrigued. He had been in New York over a year and had never had such an experience. In fact he laughed as he explained that for the past year the only thrill his hand had was with himself. He was conflicted as what to do. The angel in him said ‘move away’ while the devil said ‘go for it’. He convinced himself that this was just the result of a crowded subway and that this handsome young man would pull back if he were annoyed. Instead he suddenly realized the crotch was pressing back against his hand. He didn’t know if that was caused by the swaying of the subway car or intentional. He just innocently stood still. As this crotch pressed into his hand he imagined a hardness. He pressed back against the crotch which began to gyrate. He then turned his hand so he could finger the hardness and the face of the body attached to the crotch smiled at him as they stared into each other eyes. At that point the crowd thinned at 14th street and they no longer had an excuse to press against each other. As their conversation continued Keith told Tim that they were planning to visit the Saint Mark’s Bathhouse that evening. The naïve young man had no idea what a bathhouse was. He was intrigued and was easily convinced to join them.
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    Chapter 7 1966 – 1969 / Transitions

    Vlad and Aiden In January of 1967 Aiden moved in with Vlad and began his PhD studies at Western Reserve University. The highly sexed excitement of living together the previous summer soon turned into a tender committed loving relationship. Vlad was surprised with his feelings as he discovered he was happy being monogamist with just this young man from Georgia. He no longer had urges sleep around. He thought of his previous committed relationships: Franz his teacher in Moscow, Valery the Soviet General, Alan the American major in Berlin and Reg his mentor and lover in Washington DC. Then he chuckled to himself as he thought of his many short term and casual relationships in the Soviet Union and since arriving in the USA. One day during an especially boring faculty meeting he began making a list of all the men he had had a sexual relationship with. He was amazed as the list grew. He thought must really be a man slut as with some of the men he could remember details of the dick but not the face. That night as he and Aiden cuddled while naked under the covers he gently stroked the young man’s back as their hard dicks pressed against each other. For the first time in his life, at the age of forty-seven, he uttered the words, “I love you”. The young man in his arms, twenty-five year old Aiden, wrapped his arms tighter around Vlad as he replied with the same words, ”I love you”. They held each other while deep kissing. Vlad reached down and placed his hand around their two dicks that were pressed against their crotches. He stroked them together as they continued kissing. When Aiden released his juices against their two bodies Vlad used the cum to lubricate himself as he gently stroked himself to completion. With their bodies still pressed tightly together he maneuvered his cum covered hand up to their lips. They sealed their love as they tasted their Soviet-American nectar. With cum in their crotches, cum on their lips and cum in their throats they fell asleep in each other’s arms. When Vlad opened his eyes the next morning he saw Aiden’s wide open eyes staring at him. Aiden smiled as he said, “How did the man I love sleep?” Vlad replied, “I slept the most wonderful night of my life, in the arms of my ‘Love’.” As they embraced Vlad moved his hand down and again stroked the dicks pressed between them. The loving sequence of the previous night was repeated and they soon shared their international juices. Their love deepened as did their commitment to each other. Neither had a desire to have a sexual encounter with someone else. About once a month they would visit the baths together. They enjoyed looking at other men especially those who played together for all to watch. Sweating in the sauna and sunning naked on the sun deck provided sights that sometimes encouraged them to have encounters as others watched but were not permitted to touch. By 1968 Aiden was completing his PhD program. With the unofficial status of ABD (‘All But Dissertation’ meaning class work completed and final research project / dissertation in progress) he obtained a full-time teaching position as ‘Instructor in Finance’ at the recently opened Cleveland State University. Boys of the 1950s and Their Families In the fall of 1966 Peter had an inspiration that he discussed Tom. After making tentative arrangements with their parents in Pleasant Valley they presented the plan to the wives as the two families shared dinner. Tom spoke: “Dear wives, Peter made a suggestion. Next month will be the eleventh anniversary of our meeting. Usually events are celebrated on an anniversary such as the tenth but since when have we done things in a normal way. Peter proposes that we go away for the weekend. We have made tentative plans and if you agree we will finalize them. We have already called our parents. Peter’s and my parents will take the children over Saturday night and each of our families will have dinner with Louise’s or Ann’s parents on Sunday. If you agree in two weeks we plan to drive to Pleasant Valley Saturday morning, drop off the children and take off for an overnight adventure. How about it ladies?” The wives agreed and two weeks later they dropped off the children at the homes of Peter and Tom. They told the wives nothing more about the adventure except that they would stay at a hotel and have an enjoyable lunch and dinner. They also told them that lunch would be at an upscale restaurant and dinner at a casual place where the guys would wear Levis and sweaters. After dropping off the children at their grandparents they continued in two cars to downtown Cleveland. After parking in a lot near Public Square they walked to the Terminal Tower complex that included both Hotel Cleveland and Higbee’s Department Store (see End Note). Leaving their overnight bags with the bell captain at the hotel they then met Roland Johns at the Silver Grille Restaurant on the top floor of Higbee’s. Peter had met Roland eleven years earlier when as a high school senior he visited Cleveland’s largest bookstore, Burrough’s, to buy a copy of Lolita for Louise and himself. Peter could not find the book on the shelves and was embarrassed to ask any of the female employees for help. Then he noticed an impeccably dressed man about fifty years of age sitting at a desk near the back of the store. The man was wearing a black suit with a vest, lavender shirt and a lavender and green paisley tie. Slightly bald and wearing wire rimmed glasses he was busily looking through a stack of books on his desk. Peter went up to him and said: “Excuse me sir, I need some help.” The man appeared annoyed that he was being bothered but as he looked up and noticed Peter’s angelic face he grinned and said. “How may I help you? It’s always a pleasure to be of service to a handsome young man.” Peter replied, “Could you help me find a copy of Lolita?” The man had graciously helped Peter and given him his business card stating that he would help him if he had any special requests. Peter later called Roland, requesting books with gay themes for both himself and Louise. Roland was the first gay adult friend Peter and Louise had. Roland had invited the two to visit the bookstore and he then took them to lunch at the Silver Grille. They had been invited to Roland’s home and treated to a delicious dinner prepared by Roland’s partner of many years, Alex. While Peter and Tom had visited Roland and his partner, Alex, numerous times since then this was Ann’s first meeting and Louise had not seen him since the first visit eleven years earlier. Following lunch the four checked into the hotel where each couple had a room. While the hotel assumed the couples were man and wife they switched with the boys sharing one room and the girls down the hall in their room. They asked their wives to be ready to depart for dinner at 6:00. That afternoon the girls shopped at Higbee’s and the upscale Halle’s. Following a brief encounter of the best kind Peter and Tom first visited Newman-Stern Sporting Goods store. (This store in downtown Cleveland was originally owned by the family of Paul Newman. He had worked in the store in the 1950s.) They then visited the Hobby Store on Prospect Avenue where Peter considered buying a model train for his son. He knew that at age two PT was too young for a quality train set. Actually he just wanted to look at the trains himself. At six they called the girls’ room and then were soon driving to the ‘special’ restaurant. Since they had been told the boys would dress casually the girls did not expect a fancy place but were somewhat surprised when the boys drove them to Pleasant Valley and pulled into the parking lot of the Pleasant Valley Lanes – Bowling Alley. The table in the back of the eating area where the four had their first conversation eleven years earlier was available. As they sat eating their hamburgers and fries while drinking cokes they reminisced about their first meeting. During their senior year of high school Tom and Peter heard a rumor that the head cheerleader, Ann, and a quiet girl in the band, Louise, might not be into boys. Peter had without their knowing seen the girls kissing in the instrument closet of the band room. The boys then invited the girls for a coke at the bowling alley. They laughed about their first discussion in 1955 where Tom was the spokesperson. Following is reprinted from Boys of the 1950s – Chapter 3. Tom began “Ann and Louise we appreciate your coming. What we have to discuss with you is very personal and I want you to agree not to discuss what we say with anyone. This is a very personal issue between Peter and me. We would not want it broadcast around the school and as soon as I explain what’s going on I am sure you will agree. Peter and I have become good friends. While we appear very different on the outside, inside we have very deep feelings for each other. As the quarterback on a champion football team many people assume I am a macho guy who attracts girls and have some really hot, attractive ones falling all over me. The problem is that while I might attract girls I have no interest in dating. Since meeting Peter about a month ago I have come to realize that I would rather spend time with him than any girl. I know Peter feels the same way about me.” Peter nodded his head and said “Sure do. Never thought I would feel about a guy like I do Tom” Tom continued “We have noticed the two of you spend a lot of time together. I have seen Louise come to cheerleader practice and only watch Ann. Peter has seen Ann come to be with Louise after band practice. Knowing how we feel about each other we saw the signs of a special friendship between you two. Now let me finish my speech and then you can ask all the questions you want or tell us to go to HELL and walk out. If you choose the later I hope you never discuss what I have told you with anyone. Anyway, we had our suspicion about the depth of your friendship. Ann, last Friday you came to the band room to see Louise. Peter was helping Mr. Preston sort music. He saw you talking and then slip into the storage alcove at the back of the band room. Peter took a break from helping Mr. Preston and quietly went to the corner of the storage area. He saw you doing exactly the same thing we do when we have a chance. You were kissing. Peter and I would kiss right now except that would set us up for ridicule so instead we are just sitting here holding hands. Peter is holding my hand in a very erotic way. He is doing things with his fingers to mine that really feels good.” Peter just smiled and nodded say “Oh yea!” “Let me continue more and then it is discussion time. Peter feels bad that he spied on you for a few seconds, and believe me it was only a very short moment. He had no interest in seeing what girls do. So, if the two of you feel about each other as Peter and I do we have a scheme. Let’s go out together.” While looking at Ann, Tom continues. “You and I are what everyone would consider the perfect match – the cheerleader and the quarterback. Louise and Peter are the perfect match – the really smart couple with top grades, both in the band and both considered quiet. Next Friday evening there is a sock hop at school. The four of us will go together. I will walk into the dance holding your hand and Peter will walk in holding Louise’s hand. We will do some dancing with you and since you are girls you can dance together as some girls do. No one will suspect your relationship as you will be with dates. Unfortunately Peter and I cannot dance together as guys, but don’t worry we make up for it in other ways in private. I have done a lot of dating because it is expected of me. I have never enjoyed a date. It seems the girls expect me to do things I have no interest in doing. Sometimes they get really pissed because I don’t make out the way they want. Some of them end up thinking I am a good Catholic boy that wants to grow up to be a saint. Actually I am a good Catholic boy that wants to grow up with another man. Can we try dating this one time? To the school the boys will be with the girls but in our hearts the boys will be with each other and the girls with each other.” There was a period of silence and finally Ann said “Holy smoke, that is a lot to consider. Why don’t you guys go watch some of your friends bowl while Louise and I discuss this.” Tom and Peter got up and decided to play some pinball machines. Neither really cared what score they got but realized they needed to put on a good show so played with a lot of animation, yelling and hooping as if their lives depended on it. It seemed like an eternity but was actually less than five minutes when Louise came over and said “OK you crazy guys, let’s talk.” Ann assumed the role of spokesperson. She started “You guys are insane, what you are proposing is the most outlandish plan we have ever heard. You want us to pretend to be hot for you when you are really hot for each other. No one in their right mind would agree to what you suggest.” Both Tom and Peter got a sick feeling. What if Ann and Louise gossiped about what they had told them about their feelings for each other. They had opened their hearts to these girls and now they are being called insane and out of their minds. Peter grabbed Tom’s hand and he could feel him shaking. To them the plan seemed logical. Peter just wanted to get up and run out of the place. Ann continued. “Nevertheless Louise and I are also insane and probably out of our minds. And as you observed sneaky Peter, we are hot for each other. So let’s go to the sock hop and rock and roll. Come on boys, let’s get out of this dump.” That was the beginning – now eleven years later: each couple married with two children and beginning professional careers still cared for each other (girl/girl and boy/boy) as they had back in 1955. After finishing their hamburgers, fries and cokes Louise said: “Tom and Peter, Thanks for planning a perfect day and evening. You picked the perfect place for our anniversary dinner. You guys are really sweet.” Ann continued with, “Thanks, Now since we have freedom from kids for one night let’s go back to the hotel and do what boys do and what girls do.” As they rode the elevator up to their rooms an older couple smiled at them. Tom told the couple, “We’re each celebrating eleven years together. Now married with four children between us it’s great to get away for some ‘quality time’. As they got off the elevator the older woman laughed as she said, “Now you two couples behave and don’t do anything we wouldn’t have done twenty years ago.” The husband smiled as he said, “Oh, to be in our twenties again.” After the elevator doors closed the two couples split with the boys going to their room and the girls to theirs. Closing the room door with one hand Tom shoved Peter on the bed with his other. He flipped Peter onto his stomach. Holding his back down with one hand he pulled Peter’s pants down with the other. He then unbuttoned his Levis, greased his uncut dick with Crisco from the can conveniently on the night stand and shoved in hard. Peter gave no resistance to the attack. In less than a minute Tom was filling his lover. He then flipped Peter over and attacked his cut dick with his experienced mouth swallowing the juice of his love almost immediately. The frenzied activity left the two temporarily exhausted. For about thirty minutes they laid side by side fully clothed with pants down to their knees. They then helped each other get naked and showered together. While the first encounter had lasted less than two minutes total for both the next coupling was slow and sensuous. They touched, hugged, stroked and passionately kissed for over an hour frequently getting close to an end and then by mutual agreement backing off. Their dicks had never been harder or had such pain as they held back. Finally Peter told Tom he could resist no longer. With Tom on his back Peter laid on his stomach and adjusted their dicks so they touched as the two gently gyrated against each other. Their cummings were simultaneous and intense. Following a cooling off cuddling they showered and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. Twice during the night first Tom and later Peter initiated a slow, sleepy loving session. They had driven two cars to the hotel so Tom and Peter could go to church with their parents and children, Tom to the Catholic Church and Peter to the Methodist Church. When Peter arrived at his parents’ home the children were dressed and ready to go to church. On the way to church his mother told about her experience with little PT. He had brought his favorite book, Farmer Brown’s Adventures, to be read at bedtime. When she read the part where the farmer’s young son, Billy, helped milk the cows PT had said, “His name is not Billy, it is David. He is my friend on the farm.” So she read with the name changed as the usually cooperative PT had insisted. Peter then told his mother how the two little boys had bonded. At the Catholic Church Tom took communion from his friend, Father Sean McFadden. After the service while shaking his friends hand Tom told Sean that he would like to visit him but that it would be impossible that day. Sean replied, as they still held hands, “I know we will have time for a meaningful conversation sometime in the near future.” At the phrase ‘meaningful conversation’ Tom felt a twinge in his crotch as he fully understood what they would do during their discussion. A smiling Tom told Sean he would arrange a visit by himself and Peter to the farm in Seville soon when Sean would have free time for conversation. Finally they let go of each other’s hands and Tom departed with his parent’s. When Tom was a teenager as a good Catholic boy he had confessed to Father McFadden on a regular basis. The good priest had heard his confessions about abusing himself and a few years later his attraction to men. The understanding and guidance of the priest had put Tom’s conflicted mind at ease. After Tom’s eighteenth birthday the priest had invited Tom and Peter to visit the farm he had inherited. Their Sean shared both his mind and bed with the two young men. After Church each father took his children to his in-law’s home for dinner. The girls had slept in late arriving at their parents’ homes after the church services. Following dinner and time with the maternal grandparents they drove home to Columbus. 1966 – 1968 Life for the Smiths and Kowalskis was hectic but fulfilling. Peter and Tom both enjoyed their jobs and each other. Louise and Ann both return to school. Louise started her PhD program at Ohio State full time while Ann began her masters of education with part time studies as an evening student at Ohio State. During the day Ann was a ‘stay at home mom’ with the four children. In the evenings the boys or Louise did the dishes, read bed time stories and put the children to bed. The American Dream – New Homes The Kowalskis and Smiths moved into new adjacent homes in the summer of 1968. Tom’s mentor, Keith Kleman, and Peter’s Uncle Will had discussed the financing of the homes with each other and jointly made a proposal. Keith would give Tom $10,000 and Uncle Will the same amount to Peter. With these substantial down payments they would easily obtain mortgages with good terms to purchase the homes which would cost about $40,000 each. Owning real estate and making on time mortgage payments would assist each couple’s developing an excellent credit rating. Until the four children arrived the double, two family home, the Smiths and Kowalskis shared was comfortable. It became apparent that they needed more living space and a bigger yard for the children. They visited the model homes in a new development, Green Briar Estates, in Worthington. The location of this suburb north of Columbus was ideal for commuting to Ohio State University and downtown Columbus. Its schools had a good reputation and the area was children friendly. After looking at various model homes the two couples selected two adjacent lots where each would have a ‘raised ranch’ custom built. The identical homes each had a living room, large dining room, kitchen and four bedrooms on the upper level. A two car garage and finished basement area was on the lower level. Each child would have her or his own room and there was a guest room. There were three bathrooms located adjacent to the master bedroom, in the hall to the other bedrooms and in the basement. The Smith’s basement would have a large office, storage area and laundry room. The Kowalski’s basement would have a large recreation room, workout room, storage area, and laundry room. The office in the Smith home would have two desks with professional chairs, a lounge chair and a futon that could fold down to a double bed. The entrance to the basement bathroom was from the office. Since the land sloped down from the front of the house there was an outside entrance door in the basement at the end of the house nearest the Kowalski’s. The office had windows overlooking the back yard. While Peter and Louise had the greatest need for a home office it would be shared with Ann and Tom. The office also served as a place where the male couple and female couple could share each other. With a door that locked, a futon that folded down to a bed and a bathroom with a shower the opportunity for quality time together was available. A high quality stereo system was installed so music could cover love sounds coming from the office. The Kowalski home was identical except a recreation room replaced the office and the design was reversed so the basement door to the outside was near the Smith’s. The homes were built on their lots as close together as zoning permitted. The paved path between homes was short. Going back and forth to visit or use either the office by the parents or recreation room by the children was easy. The recreation room was designed primarily for the use of the children. It contained a high quality stereo system, the largest television screen available in 1968, a sink and small refrigerator and bathroom. Adjacent to the recreation room there was an exercise room with weight lifting equipment. The athletic Tom convinced Peter to workout most days. Actually each enjoyed watching the other during workout sessions. Afterwards they would use the shower in the Smith’s office for cleaning and screwing. The shower had been specially designed to easily hold two bodies. There was frequent soap dropping during showering resulting with an opportunity to get on ones knees to suck a dick or in Peter’s case bend over and invite a fuck. Both couples assumed they would share some meals. Eventually the schedule consisted of breakfast and lunch eaten by each family in their own home. Evening and Sunday dinners were usually shared by all eight in the dining room of the Kowalskis. Ann did most the meal planning while all four, Ann, Tom, Louise and Peter, shared in the preparation and cleanup. On moving day the professional movers moved all the furniture and boxes. While the adults unpacked the children explored their new home. That evening Peter tucked four year old PT into his new bed in his own bedroom and again read his favorite story, Farmer Brown’s Adventures. For two years PT had requested this simple story about the life of a farmer and his family be read to him at bedtime. The first time Peter read it to him when he got to the part about the farmer’s son, Billy, PT insisted that the name of the son be changed to David, his friend in Seville. Since PT’s favorite storybook was short his father began adding additional adventures to the story. Recently he had been asking PT to suggest activities on the farm. One made up story that PT especially enjoyed was when, in the story line, David’s friend PT visited the farm and they played, did farm work and napped together. After the story Peter went to his new office on the lower level. He and Tom had planned to meet there. Tom was in the office reading his mail and paying bills. Peter entered the office and leaned over to kiss his lover. As he did this, Tom opened a drawer containing a can of Crisco. Peter whispered in his ear, “Does my friend plan to do some baking this evening?” To which Tom replied, “I could bake a cake or just shove my Polish kielbasa sausage into a hot bun.” “Hot Polish sausage and warm buns are one of my favorite treats,” Peter replied. He then stood, locked the door and put Simon & Garfunkel’s new Mrs. Robinson album on the stereo turntable. While they expected no interruptions they could not take a chance that their intimate privacy might be interrupted or loving sounds heard. Neither needed encouragement to help the other undress. Naked, Tom suggested they shower since the sweat from the work of moving had dried on their skin. Peter said “No”. “I want to savor all of your juices, not just your cum.” Peter shoved Tom onto the opened futon that had a large towel covering it to protect it from any love stains. Peter pushed Tom onto his back and forced his hands over his head. He then began exploring his lover’s body with his tongue. The strong odor emitted from Tom resulting from the sweaty hard work of moving so tantalized Peter as he sniffed and then chewed that his own dick jumped up and oozed precum. He squeezed the juice from his dick onto his finger and then rubbed it on his friend’s lips and tongue. Peter then moved down to Tom’s hard nipples giving gentle caresses and painful, but appreciated, bites. Then he moved to the stomach and then balls. After savoring each of the inviting balls he pulled back Tom’s foreskin revealing a shining most dick head. Rarely did he see evidence of smegma (dick cheese) as his lover regularly cleaned his head and skin with water but not using soap since they had read as teenagers in The Encyclopedia of Sex using soap could cause drying out resulting in discomfort during sex. Since at Peter’s request Tom had not showered after the day of sweaty labor during the move to a new home, Peter could now enjoy the natural nectars of his friend. The taste of the elixir of Tom’s arm pits had almost sent Peter over the edge without touching himself. Now the minute pieces of aged dick cheese resulted in a disgusting odor that turned into a unique perfume as Peter savored his lover’s special treat. As he licked the dickhead clean Tom pushed him away. “Enough my friend. My dick has other plans.” Tom then stood and shoved Peter face down, bubble ass up onto the futon. Tom then reached for the can of Crisco and lubed both his dick and his lover’s ass. Kneeling between Peter’s spread legs he leaned in and forcibly rammed in. Peter cried out in pain since his willing hole had not been prepared by the usual foreplay. The pain was both intense and extremely pleasurable. Tom knew exactly what his lover wanted this evening and gave it to him. The pent up desires of both men resulted in almost immediate and massive cummings: Tom into his lover, Peter onto the towel with his dick hard pressed against the futon. Following showers where Peter carefully cleaned away the dick cheese with water the ‘Boys of the 1950s’ returned to the futon which now had a fresh towel protecting it for a night of tender, soft love. Naked they had drifted off to sleep when the alarm went off at 5:00. Both put on pajamas and a robe and quickly went to their bedrooms and wives. As Tom slipped into bed Ann woke and asked him, “So, Did you have a productive night in our new office?” To which Tom replied, “We certainly did. I am positive you and Louise will have a memorable experience tomorrow night. My only regret is that we did not buy a better quality futon, not sure that one will hold up with too much activity.” They both laughed, snuggled and fell asleep. At 6:30 PT came into his parents’ room. “Mommy, Daddy. I woke up and did not know where I was.” Peter pulled the little guy into the bed between himself and Louise. “Don’t worry. You will soon be familiar with your new bedroom where for the first time in your life no one else is sleeping in the room with you.” He thought to himself, ‘sure glad I returned to bed after the night in the office or my son would have had questions about my absence’. The following morning at 5:00 both Tom’s and Peter’s wives returned from the office and crawled into bed. So a new chapter began in the relationship of the four. The ‘office’ became a very popular place for the four, for work and most important – play. The next day Peter told Tom the dick cheese was just a one time thing. While he enjoyed playing with the skin he preferred a clean dick head. Six months later one night at 3:00 while on the futon in the office Peter moved his ass into Tom’s sleeping dick. The dick woke up and found the willing hole. Both were now wide awake with Tom pumping hard. Suddenly the cheap futon broke sending both to the floor, dick still implanted. They both laughed hard as Tom continued to pump. He reached for his lover’s dick and jacked him while he continued to pump while on the floor. They soon both came. The next day they visited a furniture store and purchased a sturdy day bed (sturdy single bed with cushions that can be used as a sofa or bed). 1969 Within a year Louise completed her PhD program and becomes, Dr. Louise Smith. She accepted a full time position as Assistant Professor of Physics at Ohio Wesleyan University less than a thirty minute drive from their new home. Ann was hired by the local school system to teach second grade. In April, 1969 Tom told Peter that he and Keith were attending an Insurance Underwriters Conference in New York City in June. He hoped that since the semester would have ended at Ohio State Peter would be able to travel with them. They would have time for fun and relaxation while at the conference. Keith mentioned some activities of interest including a visit to a large bathhouse, the St. Marks Baths and a bar in the Village that was very popular with men who like men, The Stonewall Inn.

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