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  1. Chapter 7 1966 – 1969 / Transitions

    Vlad and Aiden In January of 1967 Aiden moved in with Vlad and began his PhD studies at Western Reserve University. The highly sexed excitement of living together the previous summer soon turned into a tender committed loving relationship. Vlad was surprised with his feelings as he discovered he was happy being monogamist with just this young man from Georgia. He no longer had urges sleep around. He thought of his previous committed relationships: Franz his teacher in Moscow, Valery the Soviet General, Alan the American major in Berlin and Reg his mentor and lover in Washington DC. Then he chuckled to himself as he thought of his many short term and casual relationships in the Soviet Union and since arriving in the USA. One day during an especially boring faculty meeting he began making a list of all the men he had had a sexual relationship with. He was amazed as the list grew. He thought must really be a man slut as with some of the men he could remember details of the dick but not the face. That night as he and Aiden cuddled while naked under the covers he gently stroked the young man’s back as their hard dicks pressed against each other. For the first time in his life, at the age of forty-seven, he uttered the words, “I love you”. The young man in his arms, twenty-five year old Aiden, wrapped his arms tighter around Vlad as he replied with the same words, ”I love you”. They held each other while deep kissing. Vlad reached down and placed his hand around their two dicks that were pressed against their crotches. He stroked them together as they continued kissing. When Aiden released his juices against their two bodies Vlad used the cum to lubricate himself as he gently stroked himself to completion. With their bodies still pressed tightly together he maneuvered his cum covered hand up to their lips. They sealed their love as they tasted their Soviet-American nectar. With cum in their crotches, cum on their lips and cum in their throats they fell asleep in each other’s arms. When Vlad opened his eyes the next morning he saw Aiden’s wide open eyes staring at him. Aiden smiled as he said, “How did the man I love sleep?” Vlad replied, “I slept the most wonderful night of my life, in the arms of my ‘Love’.” As they embraced Vlad moved his hand down and again stroked the dicks pressed between them. The loving sequence of the previous night was repeated and they soon shared their international juices. Their love deepened as did their commitment to each other. Neither had a desire to have a sexual encounter with someone else. About once a month they would visit the baths together. They enjoyed looking at other men especially those who played together for all to watch. Sweating in the sauna and sunning naked on the sun deck provided sights that sometimes encouraged them to have encounters as others watched but were not permitted to touch. By 1968 Aiden was completing his PhD program. With the unofficial status of ABD (‘All But Dissertation’ meaning class work completed and final research project / dissertation in progress) he obtained a full-time teaching position as ‘Instructor in Finance’ at the recently opened Cleveland State University. Boys of the 1950s and Their Families In the fall of 1966 Peter had an inspiration that he discussed Tom. After making tentative arrangements with their parents in Pleasant Valley they presented the plan to the wives as the two families shared dinner. Tom spoke: “Dear wives, Peter made a suggestion. Next month will be the eleventh anniversary of our meeting. Usually events are celebrated on an anniversary such as the tenth but since when have we done things in a normal way. Peter proposes that we go away for the weekend. We have made tentative plans and if you agree we will finalize them. We have already called our parents. Peter’s and my parents will take the children over Saturday night and each of our families will have dinner with Louise’s or Ann’s parents on Sunday. If you agree in two weeks we plan to drive to Pleasant Valley Saturday morning, drop off the children and take off for an overnight adventure. How about it ladies?” The wives agreed and two weeks later they dropped off the children at the homes of Peter and Tom. They told the wives nothing more about the adventure except that they would stay at a hotel and have an enjoyable lunch and dinner. They also told them that lunch would be at an upscale restaurant and dinner at a casual place where the guys would wear Levis and sweaters. After dropping off the children at their grandparents they continued in two cars to downtown Cleveland. After parking in a lot near Public Square they walked to the Terminal Tower complex that included both Hotel Cleveland and Higbee’s Department Store (see End Note). Leaving their overnight bags with the bell captain at the hotel they then met Roland Johns at the Silver Grille Restaurant on the top floor of Higbee’s. Peter had met Roland eleven years earlier when as a high school senior he visited Cleveland’s largest bookstore, Burrough’s, to buy a copy of Lolita for Louise and himself. Peter could not find the book on the shelves and was embarrassed to ask any of the female employees for help. Then he noticed an impeccably dressed man about fifty years of age sitting at a desk near the back of the store. The man was wearing a black suit with a vest, lavender shirt and a lavender and green paisley tie. Slightly bald and wearing wire rimmed glasses he was busily looking through a stack of books on his desk. Peter went up to him and said: “Excuse me sir, I need some help.” The man appeared annoyed that he was being bothered but as he looked up and noticed Peter’s angelic face he grinned and said. “How may I help you? It’s always a pleasure to be of service to a handsome young man.” Peter replied, “Could you help me find a copy of Lolita?” The man had graciously helped Peter and given him his business card stating that he would help him if he had any special requests. Peter later called Roland, requesting books with gay themes for both himself and Louise. Roland was the first gay adult friend Peter and Louise had. Roland had invited the two to visit the bookstore and he then took them to lunch at the Silver Grille. They had been invited to Roland’s home and treated to a delicious dinner prepared by Roland’s partner of many years, Alex. While Peter and Tom had visited Roland and his partner, Alex, numerous times since then this was Ann’s first meeting and Louise had not seen him since the first visit eleven years earlier. Following lunch the four checked into the hotel where each couple had a room. While the hotel assumed the couples were man and wife they switched with the boys sharing one room and the girls down the hall in their room. They asked their wives to be ready to depart for dinner at 6:00. That afternoon the girls shopped at Higbee’s and the upscale Halle’s. Following a brief encounter of the best kind Peter and Tom first visited Newman-Stern Sporting Goods store. (This store in downtown Cleveland was originally owned by the family of Paul Newman. He had worked in the store in the 1950s.) They then visited the Hobby Store on Prospect Avenue where Peter considered buying a model train for his son. He knew that at age two PT was too young for a quality train set. Actually he just wanted to look at the trains himself. At six they called the girls’ room and then were soon driving to the ‘special’ restaurant. Since they had been told the boys would dress casually the girls did not expect a fancy place but were somewhat surprised when the boys drove them to Pleasant Valley and pulled into the parking lot of the Pleasant Valley Lanes – Bowling Alley. The table in the back of the eating area where the four had their first conversation eleven years earlier was available. As they sat eating their hamburgers and fries while drinking cokes they reminisced about their first meeting. During their senior year of high school Tom and Peter heard a rumor that the head cheerleader, Ann, and a quiet girl in the band, Louise, might not be into boys. Peter had without their knowing seen the girls kissing in the instrument closet of the band room. The boys then invited the girls for a coke at the bowling alley. They laughed about their first discussion in 1955 where Tom was the spokesperson. Following is reprinted from Boys of the 1950s – Chapter 3. Tom began “Ann and Louise we appreciate your coming. What we have to discuss with you is very personal and I want you to agree not to discuss what we say with anyone. This is a very personal issue between Peter and me. We would not want it broadcast around the school and as soon as I explain what’s going on I am sure you will agree. Peter and I have become good friends. While we appear very different on the outside, inside we have very deep feelings for each other. As the quarterback on a champion football team many people assume I am a macho guy who attracts girls and have some really hot, attractive ones falling all over me. The problem is that while I might attract girls I have no interest in dating. Since meeting Peter about a month ago I have come to realize that I would rather spend time with him than any girl. I know Peter feels the same way about me.” Peter nodded his head and said “Sure do. Never thought I would feel about a guy like I do Tom” Tom continued “We have noticed the two of you spend a lot of time together. I have seen Louise come to cheerleader practice and only watch Ann. Peter has seen Ann come to be with Louise after band practice. Knowing how we feel about each other we saw the signs of a special friendship between you two. Now let me finish my speech and then you can ask all the questions you want or tell us to go to HELL and walk out. If you choose the later I hope you never discuss what I have told you with anyone. Anyway, we had our suspicion about the depth of your friendship. Ann, last Friday you came to the band room to see Louise. Peter was helping Mr. Preston sort music. He saw you talking and then slip into the storage alcove at the back of the band room. Peter took a break from helping Mr. Preston and quietly went to the corner of the storage area. He saw you doing exactly the same thing we do when we have a chance. You were kissing. Peter and I would kiss right now except that would set us up for ridicule so instead we are just sitting here holding hands. Peter is holding my hand in a very erotic way. He is doing things with his fingers to mine that really feels good.” Peter just smiled and nodded say “Oh yea!” “Let me continue more and then it is discussion time. Peter feels bad that he spied on you for a few seconds, and believe me it was only a very short moment. He had no interest in seeing what girls do. So, if the two of you feel about each other as Peter and I do we have a scheme. Let’s go out together.” While looking at Ann, Tom continues. “You and I are what everyone would consider the perfect match – the cheerleader and the quarterback. Louise and Peter are the perfect match – the really smart couple with top grades, both in the band and both considered quiet. Next Friday evening there is a sock hop at school. The four of us will go together. I will walk into the dance holding your hand and Peter will walk in holding Louise’s hand. We will do some dancing with you and since you are girls you can dance together as some girls do. No one will suspect your relationship as you will be with dates. Unfortunately Peter and I cannot dance together as guys, but don’t worry we make up for it in other ways in private. I have done a lot of dating because it is expected of me. I have never enjoyed a date. It seems the girls expect me to do things I have no interest in doing. Sometimes they get really pissed because I don’t make out the way they want. Some of them end up thinking I am a good Catholic boy that wants to grow up to be a saint. Actually I am a good Catholic boy that wants to grow up with another man. Can we try dating this one time? To the school the boys will be with the girls but in our hearts the boys will be with each other and the girls with each other.” There was a period of silence and finally Ann said “Holy smoke, that is a lot to consider. Why don’t you guys go watch some of your friends bowl while Louise and I discuss this.” Tom and Peter got up and decided to play some pinball machines. Neither really cared what score they got but realized they needed to put on a good show so played with a lot of animation, yelling and hooping as if their lives depended on it. It seemed like an eternity but was actually less than five minutes when Louise came over and said “OK you crazy guys, let’s talk.” Ann assumed the role of spokesperson. She started “You guys are insane, what you are proposing is the most outlandish plan we have ever heard. You want us to pretend to be hot for you when you are really hot for each other. No one in their right mind would agree to what you suggest.” Both Tom and Peter got a sick feeling. What if Ann and Louise gossiped about what they had told them about their feelings for each other. They had opened their hearts to these girls and now they are being called insane and out of their minds. Peter grabbed Tom’s hand and he could feel him shaking. To them the plan seemed logical. Peter just wanted to get up and run out of the place. Ann continued. “Nevertheless Louise and I are also insane and probably out of our minds. And as you observed sneaky Peter, we are hot for each other. So let’s go to the sock hop and rock and roll. Come on boys, let’s get out of this dump.” That was the beginning – now eleven years later: each couple married with two children and beginning professional careers still cared for each other (girl/girl and boy/boy) as they had back in 1955. After finishing their hamburgers, fries and cokes Louise said: “Tom and Peter, Thanks for planning a perfect day and evening. You picked the perfect place for our anniversary dinner. You guys are really sweet.” Ann continued with, “Thanks, Now since we have freedom from kids for one night let’s go back to the hotel and do what boys do and what girls do.” As they rode the elevator up to their rooms an older couple smiled at them. Tom told the couple, “We’re each celebrating eleven years together. Now married with four children between us it’s great to get away for some ‘quality time’. As they got off the elevator the older woman laughed as she said, “Now you two couples behave and don’t do anything we wouldn’t have done twenty years ago.” The husband smiled as he said, “Oh, to be in our twenties again.” After the elevator doors closed the two couples split with the boys going to their room and the girls to theirs. Closing the room door with one hand Tom shoved Peter on the bed with his other. He flipped Peter onto his stomach. Holding his back down with one hand he pulled Peter’s pants down with the other. He then unbuttoned his Levis, greased his uncut dick with Crisco from the can conveniently on the night stand and shoved in hard. Peter gave no resistance to the attack. In less than a minute Tom was filling his lover. He then flipped Peter over and attacked his cut dick with his experienced mouth swallowing the juice of his love almost immediately. The frenzied activity left the two temporarily exhausted. For about thirty minutes they laid side by side fully clothed with pants down to their knees. They then helped each other get naked and showered together. While the first encounter had lasted less than two minutes total for both the next coupling was slow and sensuous. They touched, hugged, stroked and passionately kissed for over an hour frequently getting close to an end and then by mutual agreement backing off. Their dicks had never been harder or had such pain as they held back. Finally Peter told Tom he could resist no longer. With Tom on his back Peter laid on his stomach and adjusted their dicks so they touched as the two gently gyrated against each other. Their cummings were simultaneous and intense. Following a cooling off cuddling they showered and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. Twice during the night first Tom and later Peter initiated a slow, sleepy loving session. They had driven two cars to the hotel so Tom and Peter could go to church with their parents and children, Tom to the Catholic Church and Peter to the Methodist Church. When Peter arrived at his parents’ home the children were dressed and ready to go to church. On the way to church his mother told about her experience with little PT. He had brought his favorite book, Farmer Brown’s Adventures, to be read at bedtime. When she read the part where the farmer’s young son, Billy, helped milk the cows PT had said, “His name is not Billy, it is David. He is my friend on the farm.” So she read with the name changed as the usually cooperative PT had insisted. Peter then told his mother how the two little boys had bonded. At the Catholic Church Tom took communion from his friend, Father Sean McFadden. After the service while shaking his friends hand Tom told Sean that he would like to visit him but that it would be impossible that day. Sean replied, as they still held hands, “I know we will have time for a meaningful conversation sometime in the near future.” At the phrase ‘meaningful conversation’ Tom felt a twinge in his crotch as he fully understood what they would do during their discussion. A smiling Tom told Sean he would arrange a visit by himself and Peter to the farm in Seville soon when Sean would have free time for conversation. Finally they let go of each other’s hands and Tom departed with his parent’s. When Tom was a teenager as a good Catholic boy he had confessed to Father McFadden on a regular basis. The good priest had heard his confessions about abusing himself and a few years later his attraction to men. The understanding and guidance of the priest had put Tom’s conflicted mind at ease. After Tom’s eighteenth birthday the priest had invited Tom and Peter to visit the farm he had inherited. Their Sean shared both his mind and bed with the two young men. After Church each father took his children to his in-law’s home for dinner. The girls had slept in late arriving at their parents’ homes after the church services. Following dinner and time with the maternal grandparents they drove home to Columbus. 1966 – 1968 Life for the Smiths and Kowalskis was hectic but fulfilling. Peter and Tom both enjoyed their jobs and each other. Louise and Ann both return to school. Louise started her PhD program at Ohio State full time while Ann began her masters of education with part time studies as an evening student at Ohio State. During the day Ann was a ‘stay at home mom’ with the four children. In the evenings the boys or Louise did the dishes, read bed time stories and put the children to bed. The American Dream – New Homes The Kowalskis and Smiths moved into new adjacent homes in the summer of 1968. Tom’s mentor, Keith Kleman, and Peter’s Uncle Will had discussed the financing of the homes with each other and jointly made a proposal. Keith would give Tom $10,000 and Uncle Will the same amount to Peter. With these substantial down payments they would easily obtain mortgages with good terms to purchase the homes which would cost about $40,000 each. Owning real estate and making on time mortgage payments would assist each couple’s developing an excellent credit rating. Until the four children arrived the double, two family home, the Smiths and Kowalskis shared was comfortable. It became apparent that they needed more living space and a bigger yard for the children. They visited the model homes in a new development, Green Briar Estates, in Worthington. The location of this suburb north of Columbus was ideal for commuting to Ohio State University and downtown Columbus. Its schools had a good reputation and the area was children friendly. After looking at various model homes the two couples selected two adjacent lots where each would have a ‘raised ranch’ custom built. The identical homes each had a living room, large dining room, kitchen and four bedrooms on the upper level. A two car garage and finished basement area was on the lower level. Each child would have her or his own room and there was a guest room. There were three bathrooms located adjacent to the master bedroom, in the hall to the other bedrooms and in the basement. The Smith’s basement would have a large office, storage area and laundry room. The Kowalski’s basement would have a large recreation room, workout room, storage area, and laundry room. The office in the Smith home would have two desks with professional chairs, a lounge chair and a futon that could fold down to a double bed. The entrance to the basement bathroom was from the office. Since the land sloped down from the front of the house there was an outside entrance door in the basement at the end of the house nearest the Kowalski’s. The office had windows overlooking the back yard. While Peter and Louise had the greatest need for a home office it would be shared with Ann and Tom. The office also served as a place where the male couple and female couple could share each other. With a door that locked, a futon that folded down to a bed and a bathroom with a shower the opportunity for quality time together was available. A high quality stereo system was installed so music could cover love sounds coming from the office. The Kowalski home was identical except a recreation room replaced the office and the design was reversed so the basement door to the outside was near the Smith’s. The homes were built on their lots as close together as zoning permitted. The paved path between homes was short. Going back and forth to visit or use either the office by the parents or recreation room by the children was easy. The recreation room was designed primarily for the use of the children. It contained a high quality stereo system, the largest television screen available in 1968, a sink and small refrigerator and bathroom. Adjacent to the recreation room there was an exercise room with weight lifting equipment. The athletic Tom convinced Peter to workout most days. Actually each enjoyed watching the other during workout sessions. Afterwards they would use the shower in the Smith’s office for cleaning and screwing. The shower had been specially designed to easily hold two bodies. There was frequent soap dropping during showering resulting with an opportunity to get on ones knees to suck a dick or in Peter’s case bend over and invite a fuck. Both couples assumed they would share some meals. Eventually the schedule consisted of breakfast and lunch eaten by each family in their own home. Evening and Sunday dinners were usually shared by all eight in the dining room of the Kowalskis. Ann did most the meal planning while all four, Ann, Tom, Louise and Peter, shared in the preparation and cleanup. On moving day the professional movers moved all the furniture and boxes. While the adults unpacked the children explored their new home. That evening Peter tucked four year old PT into his new bed in his own bedroom and again read his favorite story, Farmer Brown’s Adventures. For two years PT had requested this simple story about the life of a farmer and his family be read to him at bedtime. The first time Peter read it to him when he got to the part about the farmer’s son, Billy, PT insisted that the name of the son be changed to David, his friend in Seville. Since PT’s favorite storybook was short his father began adding additional adventures to the story. Recently he had been asking PT to suggest activities on the farm. One made up story that PT especially enjoyed was when, in the story line, David’s friend PT visited the farm and they played, did farm work and napped together. After the story Peter went to his new office on the lower level. He and Tom had planned to meet there. Tom was in the office reading his mail and paying bills. Peter entered the office and leaned over to kiss his lover. As he did this, Tom opened a drawer containing a can of Crisco. Peter whispered in his ear, “Does my friend plan to do some baking this evening?” To which Tom replied, “I could bake a cake or just shove my Polish kielbasa sausage into a hot bun.” “Hot Polish sausage and warm buns are one of my favorite treats,” Peter replied. He then stood, locked the door and put Simon & Garfunkel’s new Mrs. Robinson album on the stereo turntable. While they expected no interruptions they could not take a chance that their intimate privacy might be interrupted or loving sounds heard. Neither needed encouragement to help the other undress. Naked, Tom suggested they shower since the sweat from the work of moving had dried on their skin. Peter said “No”. “I want to savor all of your juices, not just your cum.” Peter shoved Tom onto the opened futon that had a large towel covering it to protect it from any love stains. Peter pushed Tom onto his back and forced his hands over his head. He then began exploring his lover’s body with his tongue. The strong odor emitted from Tom resulting from the sweaty hard work of moving so tantalized Peter as he sniffed and then chewed that his own dick jumped up and oozed precum. He squeezed the juice from his dick onto his finger and then rubbed it on his friend’s lips and tongue. Peter then moved down to Tom’s hard nipples giving gentle caresses and painful, but appreciated, bites. Then he moved to the stomach and then balls. After savoring each of the inviting balls he pulled back Tom’s foreskin revealing a shining most dick head. Rarely did he see evidence of smegma (dick cheese) as his lover regularly cleaned his head and skin with water but not using soap since they had read as teenagers in The Encyclopedia of Sex using soap could cause drying out resulting in discomfort during sex. Since at Peter’s request Tom had not showered after the day of sweaty labor during the move to a new home, Peter could now enjoy the natural nectars of his friend. The taste of the elixir of Tom’s arm pits had almost sent Peter over the edge without touching himself. Now the minute pieces of aged dick cheese resulted in a disgusting odor that turned into a unique perfume as Peter savored his lover’s special treat. As he licked the dickhead clean Tom pushed him away. “Enough my friend. My dick has other plans.” Tom then stood and shoved Peter face down, bubble ass up onto the futon. Tom then reached for the can of Crisco and lubed both his dick and his lover’s ass. Kneeling between Peter’s spread legs he leaned in and forcibly rammed in. Peter cried out in pain since his willing hole had not been prepared by the usual foreplay. The pain was both intense and extremely pleasurable. Tom knew exactly what his lover wanted this evening and gave it to him. The pent up desires of both men resulted in almost immediate and massive cummings: Tom into his lover, Peter onto the towel with his dick hard pressed against the futon. Following showers where Peter carefully cleaned away the dick cheese with water the ‘Boys of the 1950s’ returned to the futon which now had a fresh towel protecting it for a night of tender, soft love. Naked they had drifted off to sleep when the alarm went off at 5:00. Both put on pajamas and a robe and quickly went to their bedrooms and wives. As Tom slipped into bed Ann woke and asked him, “So, Did you have a productive night in our new office?” To which Tom replied, “We certainly did. I am positive you and Louise will have a memorable experience tomorrow night. My only regret is that we did not buy a better quality futon, not sure that one will hold up with too much activity.” They both laughed, snuggled and fell asleep. At 6:30 PT came into his parents’ room. “Mommy, Daddy. I woke up and did not know where I was.” Peter pulled the little guy into the bed between himself and Louise. “Don’t worry. You will soon be familiar with your new bedroom where for the first time in your life no one else is sleeping in the room with you.” He thought to himself, ‘sure glad I returned to bed after the night in the office or my son would have had questions about my absence’. The following morning at 5:00 both Tom’s and Peter’s wives returned from the office and crawled into bed. So a new chapter began in the relationship of the four. The ‘office’ became a very popular place for the four, for work and most important – play. The next day Peter told Tom the dick cheese was just a one time thing. While he enjoyed playing with the skin he preferred a clean dick head. Six months later one night at 3:00 while on the futon in the office Peter moved his ass into Tom’s sleeping dick. The dick woke up and found the willing hole. Both were now wide awake with Tom pumping hard. Suddenly the cheap futon broke sending both to the floor, dick still implanted. They both laughed hard as Tom continued to pump. He reached for his lover’s dick and jacked him while he continued to pump while on the floor. They soon both came. The next day they visited a furniture store and purchased a sturdy day bed (sturdy single bed with cushions that can be used as a sofa or bed). 1969 Within a year Louise completed her PhD program and becomes, Dr. Louise Smith. She accepted a full time position as Assistant Professor of Physics at Ohio Wesleyan University less than a thirty minute drive from their new home. Ann was hired by the local school system to teach second grade. In April, 1969 Tom told Peter that he and Keith were attending an Insurance Underwriters Conference in New York City in June. He hoped that since the semester would have ended at Ohio State Peter would be able to travel with them. They would have time for fun and relaxation while at the conference. Keith mentioned some activities of interest including a visit to a large bathhouse, the St. Marks Baths and a bar in the Village that was very popular with men who like men, The Stonewall Inn.
  2. Summer 1966 After their travels in the South including adventures in Key West, Reg and Will returned to Washington where Will stayed a week with Reg, Jake and Rob. Reg enjoyed taking his friend sightseeing. They visited all of the Smithsonian Museums, George Washington’s Mount Vernon and other places of interest. Rob and Jake provided both eye candy and playful sex action. When Will returned home to Ohio Vlad met him at the train station. Will then stayed with Vlad for three days resting from the fun in Washington and viewing a special Monet exhibition at the nearby Cleveland Museum of Art. Actually his visit was not really restful as Vlad was always ready for cuddling or more in the evenings and nights. He told Vlad about the graduate student, Aiden, he had met in Georgia. He explained that Aiden was pursuing his MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) at The University of Georgia while working as a grad assistant. He further related that Aiden hoped to enter a PhD program in a business school in the North. Vlad was interested in hearing about the sexual encounters with the handsome young man and his lover, Martin. Vlad expressed an interest in meeting Aiden. Will was not sure if Vlad had an academic or sexual interest in Aiden. He assumed both with the emphasis on the sex. Will wrote a letter to Aiden thanking him for the interesting times he had shared with him and Martin during his short visit. He also told him that he had discussed his interest in pursuing a PhD in the North with his friend Vlad. Vlad also wrote a short letter to Aiden inviting him to Cleveland to discuss academics and experience the charms of Ohio (alluding that he was one of the ‘charms’). For the next three months the two exchanged letters frequently. They arranged a June visit by Aiden to Cleveland. Vlad mentioned in one of his letters that Will had told him all about his friendship with Martin and that he was also invited to Cleveland. Aiden replied to the invitation of his friend in a letter that included the following: ‘My friend Martin has received tremendous pressure from his family to meet the ‘right’ girl and get married. During a visit to his parents in Atlanta, a student, Pauline, at Atlanta University (now Clark-Atlanta University) and her parents were invited to dinner. She is an education major at this historically ‘black’ university. They went on a couple of dates. One weekend when her parents were out of town she invited Martin to her home for dinner. Her plans were more than dinner. Martin who told me he had no interest in a sexual relationship with a girl soon found himself sitting on the couch with her when she snuggled up to him. She soon had her hand on his leg and then began caressing his crotch. Naturally rubbing of his dick brought on a hardon. She then had his pants open and exclaimed with surprise about the size of his hard dick. Obviously she had seen other hard dicks. The next thing Martin knew she was on her knees deep throating his massive piece. He told me she seemed to be an experienced cock sucker and had no problem swallowing his load. That night they slept in her bed and she opened her cunt to his dick. He does not know if she realizes he was a virgin to sex with a woman. Pauline is now pregnant and all of their parents are thrilled that these two have found each other and will soon give them a grandchild. They are not as thrilled that the child is arriving so soon. In two weeks they will have a quiet wedding. I do not want to interfere in Martin’s straight life and we have by unspoken agreement stopped seeing each other outside of class.’ Will who encouraged the handsome Aiden’s visit north sent him a plane ticket for an arrival in Cleveland in June with an open return date. Vlad met Aiden at Cleveland Hopkins Airport and the two immediately bonded. They stopped for dinner at a local restaurant on their way from the airport to Vlad’s apartment. Their conversation was easy as if they had been friends for years. Both had many questions about the others background. Aiden was especially interested in Vlad’s life in Russia. Upon arrival at the apartment neither needed any encouragement to embrace as an appetizer for more. They were soon sharing the shower playfully washing and caressing each other. Aiden enjoyed playing with the skin partially covering the head of Vlad’s steel hard dick. Vlad warned Aiden that his rising juices could not stand too much play without erupting. This only encourage the southern gentleman who kneeled and continued to play with his eyes just inches from the Soviet dick. When Vlad began to thrust Aiden swallowed the Stalin (the Russian word for steel) dick and was rewarded with his first of many tastes of Soviet cum. Following drying each other and a quick recovery Vlad soon was enjoying the southern hospitality of his guest. At one point Vlad swallowed together both Aiden’s smallish dick and balls. This was soon followed by Vlad’s first taste of pure Southern juice. The night continued with periods of cuddling sleep and tender sex. Will had told Vlad that Aiden was not into anal sex as either a top or bottom. Vlad, who had no problem introducing new concepts in the classroom planned to introduce the joys of the ass to Aiden in the future, not this first night. Over a long breakfast the two continued their discussion of academic issues that had begun by mail three months earlier and continued over dinner the previous evening. They had discussed and each received information by mail about programs available in northern Ohio. Vlad had also spoken to the Dean of Western Reserve’s School of Business (FYI: in 1980 the school was renamed The Whitehead School of Management). Since the regular school year had ended the Dean and many of the School of Business faculty were not available. Vlad, as a respected professor, was able to arrange a meeting by Aiden with the Associate Dean of Business and a lunch with three faculty members. Based on these meetings and a number of other factors Aiden decided Western Reserve University would be a perfect fit for his plans. The other factors included the fine facilities of the university, its library and research opportunities, its location in the cultural center of Cleveland and last but possibly the most important his, new friendship with Vlad. Aiden planned to complete his MBA at The University of Georgia in the fall semester and would be able to begin PhD studies in Cleveland in January. He began the application for admission to the PhD program process. Both he and Vlad had research projects to complete that summer. With Vlad’s assistance and recommendation Aiden was able to obtain full access to the Western Reserve Library. With this opportunity Aiden accepted Vlad’s offer to stay in Cleveland for the summer. He would stay in Vlad’s apartment and the two planned to explore interesting places in the area (as well as explore each other). Their first trip outside the city was to visit Will’s farmhouse near the small rural town of Seville. Since Will had been responsible for Aiden’s meeting Vlad the Southerner wanted to personally thank him for the introduction. Will was thrilled to see his young friend again. Of course the three shared Will’s large king-size bed and while Will at the age of seventy-one was not as active as the other two he did share some activities with the two and enjoyed being in bed with them as they got frisky. They met Paul Winkler, the handsome farmer friend of Will and his circle of friends including Peter Smith and Tom Kowalski. The ‘straight’ Paul was never aware of the gayness of his many friends. While Will owned the farmhouse Paul’s father owned the barn and farm fields surrounding the house. Paul and his father jointly operated the farm. The first afternoon of the visit Aiden met ‘straight’ Paul when he came to do the afternoon milking. It was a hot, muggy Ohio summer day. Paul invited Vlad and Aiden to join him and his sons at the swimming hole on the other side of the pasture that evening. Not wanting to reveal their sexuality Aiden and Vlad put on conservative bathing suits and walked across the pasture to the swimming area. Paul and his two sons: Paul Jr. age five and David age two were splashing around in the water. As they approached Paul stepped out of the water to greet them. The two were shocked and pleased that Paul was naked. Aiden felt a rush as he eyed the handsome, muscular hard from farm work body. His black curly hair matched the thick thatch crowning one of the biggest soft dicks he had ever seen. As Paul’s penetrating brown eyes seemed to bore into Aiden’s soul the Southerner’s dick started to respond. Aiden stepped out of the bathing suit and immediately jumped into the cool water. He was somewhat embarrassed by the size of his less than impressive dick compared to Paul’s. But he convinced himself that if the farmer were ‘straight’ he would have as much interest in his dick as he, himself, had in checking out girl’s tits (which was zero). They splashed, floated, and played with the children. As much as Aiden would have enjoyed brushing against Paul’s masterpiece he purposely avoided any contact with the farmer. As they walked back to the farmhouse Vlad told Aiden the tales his friends Peter and Tom had told him about Paul. When in high school the three had jerked off together a couple of times which revealed that the large soft dick was even more impressive as a hard shooting dick. He also told how Peter and Tom had provided a place and cover for Paul to fuck his girlfriend, Rachel, who was now his wife. He laughed as he related the story of Jacob, Paul’s father, seeing them fucking against the kitchen table when he almost entered the farmhouse to check on it since it was then only used a few times a year by the owner, Sean, a priest who had inherited it. Jacob had immediately driven to town and made a purchase at a drug store where he normally did not shop. That evening he confronted his son about his activities with the girlfriend. Jacob then told his son that he realized there was no stopping him once he discovered the joy of sex. He further stated that the only way to stop it would be to cut off Paul’s dick or lock him up. Since this would be painful and he needed his son on the farm he presented him with a bag full of rubbers with strict instructions to hide them from his mother. Vlad then filled in Aiden on the original owner of the farm. Sean, a priest in Pleasant Valley – a suburb south of Cleveland, had inherited the farm from his Uncle Bob. Back in the 1930s Bob and Jacob Winkler (Paul’s father) had been young man lovers. Bob had died during World War II on ‘D Day’ and Sean inherited the farm. Bob knew Sean was gay. Jacob Winkler eventually married and was the father of Paul, grandfather of Paul Jr. and David. Uncle Bob’s will had stated that if Sean did not farm the farm it should be given to Jacob. Sean happily transferred the farm to Jacob who had been renting the fields and barns for a nominal amount. Jacob then sold the farmhouse to Will who had made additions and improvements to it. Sean was given use of the farmhouse. He and his boyfriend, Frank – a priest in the Akron area, met there sometimes midweek for ‘religious experiences’ (Vlad laughed at this final expression). Aiden expressed an interest in meeting Peter Smith, Will’s nephew. Peter with a PhD in engineering and a professorship at Ohio State in Columbus was pursuing the career Aiden hoped to follow. Will called Peter and a meeting at the farmhouse the following week was arranged. That evening at dinner in their home in Columbus Peter discussed his planned meeting with Aiden with his wife Louise. As soon as two year old Peter Thomas, ‘PT’, heard his father mention visiting the farm he said: “Daddy going to farm. Please Daddy – I go. I see the cows. I see David. I go. Please.” Neither his mother nor father was surprised at his request. Months earlier his first word had been ‘Mommy’ then within a week ‘Daddy’. The next two words were ‘cow’ and ‘David’. Whenever they visited the farm he wanted to see the cows. He wanted to get up before sunrise and watch the cows being milked. He wanted to help but at two years of age it would be dangerous for a little boy to be too close to a cow. He also wanted to visit David Winkler who was also two years old. The boys played together and napped together. During visits to the farm if they were not with the cows or David little PT would ask when he could see either. Daddy agreed to take PT with him. The boy jumped out of his chair and ran to his father and gave him a big hug. Meanwhile, his twin sister, Louise, showed no interest in going to the farm. She was happy to stay home with Mommy. Upon arrival at the farm Vlad and Aiden met Peter and his son as they got out of the car. After brief introductions they immediately visited the pasture as PT wanted to see and talk to the cows. While holding his son in his arms Peter let PT talk to and pet the cows. They then drove to the nearby farm of Paul and Rachel Winkler where little David was anxiously waiting for the visit by his friend, PT. Rachel happily welcomed the guest knowing how much her son enjoyed playing with PT. They agreed that PT would have dinner with the Winkles and that all the men and boys would meet at the swimming hole that hot evening. Back at the farmhouse the four, Will a retired college art professor, Vlad and Peter both university professors and Aiden an aspiring professor enjoyed discussing academic issues, graduate study and the challenges and grief of academic politics. Since Will had lived most of his life in Daisyville in southern Georgia and knew Aiden was from a small Georgia town he asked Aiden about his hometown. Aiden replied, “I was born in and grew up in Cou Rouge (French for ‘red neck’), a very small town with a population of less than five hundred on the western border near Alabama.” At the mention of Cou Rouge Will became agitated. “Did you say ‘Cou Rouge?” “Yes, have you ever been there?” Will replied, “No, but the ‘Love of My Life’ was from there. I don’t want to say anything bad about your home but that town was not nice to my JB Huntington.” Aiden seemed as surprised as Will, “My mother was a Huntington. She must have been related to your ‘Love’. In fact I remember a scandal a few years ago. My mother’s cousins had been boasting how their long lost brother was going to make them rich. They then learned that their rich brother had left very small amounts to them, had given bequests to the Cou Rouge library and the University of Georgia. Most of the inheritance was given to some ‘Perverted hustler from the North’ who had bewitched their brother and stolen their inheritance. In a small town everyone knows everyone’s business.” Peter then stood and walked over to Aiden. Extending his hand he said, “Shake my hand friend. You are now shaking hands with the ‘Perverted hustler from the North’ who stole your relatives’ inheritance.” Will then told Aiden the story of his Lover, JB. “Jerry Bob, JB, had grown up in Cor Rouge. When it became apparent he was different from the other boys his life became hell. His mother, father, brothers and sisters all made fun of him. Upon graduation from high school he left home and with his high grades and perseverance enrolled in a university. He graduated with a degree in economics, a field of study that he both excelled in and enjoyed. He obtained a position at Daisyville College where we met. Our friendship turned into a loving relationship of thirty-five years. A few years after we met and became lovers he left Daisyville and entered a PhD program at the University of Georgia and eventually became a faculty member there. After he left Daisyville we maintained our devoted friendship and saw each other frequently since the University of Georgia in Athens is about a five hour drive on country roads from Daisyville. One of us would travel to the other or we would meet halfway for a weekend of ‘friendship’ (said with a smile). We spent every summer together traveling throughout the USA and as our incomes increased throughout Europe. During this time his family totally shunned him. He never felt welcome when he visited home, even by his parents. He never even suggested I visit his home. Eventually he stopped trying to have a relationship with his family. With his economics background and natural abilities he was a genius when it came to investing. While others lost money during the ‘Depression’ JB turned his small savings into substantial wealth. Eventually he owned real estate in Athens, Georgia, where he lived. He helped me make wise investment decisions and eventually both of us were financially comfortable. We hid our wealth from families and coworkers. When we retired the two of us moved to Ohio, my home state, and bought the farm house here in Seville. A few years later JB passed away following a cancer related illness. We discussed the distribution of his wealth. JB wanted me to inherit all his estate except for a few gifts to charities and the University of Georgia. I suggested that since I was financially comfortable and planned on leaving my wealth to my nephew, Peter Smith, that JB give the bulk of his estate to Peter. You might ask, ‘Why do I plan to leave my wealth to Peter?’ I grew up on a farm not far from here. While my family was not as wicked as JB’s I never felt I was part of it. I moved to the south to get away from the hostility and innuendos I suffered as I grew up. When I would visit my brother, Peter’s grandfather, he tolerated me but never showed any affection. Neither did his wife, Peter’s grandmother. Peter’s mother was the only person in the family who showed affection and an interest in my life. Eventually when I visited Ohio I would stay with them. After Peter graduated from high school I invited him to spend the summer in Daisyville with me. I needed someone to help me with various projects and Peter seemed a likeable boy. I never assumed he was gay. We eventually discovered our mutual interests. Peter had a relationship with my handsome Negro yard worker, nephew of my housekeeper. Henry was not only handsome, he was extremely bright and motivated. Henry then met, Seth, an acquaintance of Peter’s. To make a long story short, Seth, a cute red headed white young man, and Negro Henry eventually moved north where Henry is a teacher in Cleveland and Seth works for a landscaping firm. “ “There was a very funny incident concerning the reading of the will. JB’s family who had shunned him for years attended the reading of the will. They of course were shocked to learn they had been left almost nothing. They made a scene in the lawyer’s office calling Peter all kinds of nasty names. They did not realize that the young man getting them coffee and donuts and sitting next to the lawyer was Peter who wanted to see just what kind of people JB’s relatives were. One cruel thing they had done to JB was not tell him when either of his parents had died. So my friend, that is my history with your hometown.” Aiden laughed as he related how his grandmother on his father’s side had reacted to JB’s death. “When she heard that JB had died she told about the crush she and all her girlfriends in high school had on him. She told me that he was the most handsome and elegant dresser in their class. More than one girl pursued him. However, none succeeded in getting his attention and to the sorrow of many of her friends he left town immediately after his high school graduation.” After a light supper Peter suggested a circle jerk to reduce the pressure of swimming naked with the handsome straight farmer. Having seen Paul’s impressive piece Aiden agreed to the need to cool his dick prior to the swim. Placing a newspaper on the floor the three dropped their pants revealing their ready to beat dicks. Will was happy to keep his pants on and enjoy watching the action. Actually the newspaper was not needed to keep the floor cum free as Aiden kneeled and swallowed both Vlad’s and Peter’s juices. The seated Will asked Aiden to stand in front of him as he soon savored the Georgian juice. Upon arrival at the swimming hole, even with their recent cummings, all three felt twinges in their crotches as Paul dropped his pants and then scratched his balls while he innocently displayed his masterpiece. That night Peter and Will happily cuddled in Will’s bed downstairs. They wore sleep shorts as PT slept on a cot in their room. They wanted to give Vlad and Aiden privacy. From the sounds emitted from upstairs the two were having an enjoyable night. At the crack of dawn all except Will met Paul and his father, Jacob, and little David in the barn to milk the cows. Peter supervised the two year old boys as Vlad helped milk and Aiden was given a ‘how to milk’ lesson. With the completion of the milking Paul returned home taking David and PT. Grandfather / father, Jacob, remained for coffee and to share the sticky buns he had brought that his wife had baked. Actually Jacob wanted more than coffee and both Vlad and Peter were willing to give the fifty-three year old farmer what he wanted. Jacob was soon naked on his back on the bed. Aiden assisted by helping Vlad and then Peter lube their dicks. Both plowed into the willing ass and planted their cum. Will who had thought he would not be up to pleasing his friend was inspired by the two younger men and was next in line to take care of the farmer. Aiden who thought he had no interest in fucking became aroused by the sight of his friends’ activity and dropped his pants displaying a small but eager hard dick. When Will pulled out Aiden moved in and fell into the ass lubricated with both Crisco and the cum of his three friends. The once naive boy from the south soon discovered the joy of being a top. Jacob then took a quick shower while his ass dripped cum deposited by his four friends. He returned to his work at his farm while the others continued their academic discussions. PT spent the day with his friend, David, while the four friends drove to Amish country, about an hour drive south in the heart of Holmes County. This was Aiden’s first sighting of the Amish. He was amazed at the horse drawn buggies traveling the country roads. He thought his friends were joking when they pointed out that there were no electric or telephone lines going to the homes. As his friends explained the lifestyle of the Amish he enjoyed seeing the strong men working in the fields using horses to power their farm vehicles. At lunch in the Village of Berlin he was surprised to see Amish families eating their noonday meals. He enjoyed the home style meal and had his first taste of elderberry pie made from bitter berries that when sweetened with a lot of sugar results in a real mid-western treat. That evening they again met at the swimming hole. Naked and glorious Paul was already there with his son David and PT. Jacob soon joined them. While his dick was impressive it did not compare to his son’s in size or perfect construction. After the swim Jacob accompanied the visitors including PT and Will back to the farmhouse while Paul returned to his home with David. Aiden had mentioned during the day how surprised he was that he so enjoyed topping Jacob. The other three discussed Aiden’s new found pleasure and decided to orchestrate their next encounter so that Aiden went first. Having been the fourth fucker that morning Jacob’s hole had been well opened, especially after Peter with his mushroom head and above average dick. They decided, without letting Aiden know their plan, that Aiden with the smallest dick should go first. Jacob would be the tightest at the beginning and Aiden would most likely feel the joy of the fuck more than that morning. While Peter gave PT a bath and got him ready for bed in Will’s downstairs bedroom the others went upstairs to give Jacob a happy time. Aiden was told to go first not knowing this had carefully been planned to give him the optimum feeling of a tight hole. He fucked and shot. Will and then Vlad did their duty. After Will finished he went downstairs to tuck PT in and read him a bedtime story while his father who had the longest and thickest dick went upstairs to pleasure himself and Jacob. The following morning after milking the cows, a hearty country breakfast and visit by Jacob for a farewell fuck from all Peter and his son departed for home in Columbus and Aiden and Vlad departed for Cleveland. On the way to Cleveland their discussion included Aiden’s newly found pleasure, topping a man. He told Vlad how the second and third fucks felt much better than the first. He further stated he assumed it got better with experience. Vlad did not tell him that it probably felt better since Jacob’s ass was tighter the second and third time since the others with bigger, thicker dicks had not loosened him prior to Aiden’s fucking. For the following four weeks both Vlad and Aiden worked at home and in the university library on their research projects. Of course nights included loving sessions. While Vlad preferred topping to being a bottom he had enjoyed pleasing a number of men in both Russia and the USA. One night as Aiden was deep throating him while Vlad stroked his friend’s dick Vlad rolled over onto his stomach and lifted his ass. He then reached for the night stand, opened the drawer and took out the can of Crisco. Aiden needed no instructions. He lubed both his dick and Vlad’s ass as he had seen it done with Jacob. He leaned forward and easily shoved in his smallish dick. After pumping awhile Vlad said, “That’s great. But I want to look into your eyes as we make love. Let me roll over.” Aiden pulled out as Vlad rolled onto his back. He reached for a pillow to position the ass and smiled at his friend. Aiden placed Vlad’s legs on his shoulders as they had done with Jacob and returned to the waiting hole. In less than a minute Aiden was pumping into his friend as Vlad jerked himself off. The pulsating of Aiden’s dick inside him so tantalized Vlad that he soon shot streams of cum that landed on his belly, chest and lips. Aiden went to the bathroom to retrieve washcloths to clean himself and Vlad. They snuggled and within an hour the young Southerner again had the Russian’s legs on his shoulders as he grinned and fucked. The following afternoon Vlad took his friend to Club Cleveland. He gave Aiden no hints as to what might happen. The young man was amazed as they walked the halls and visited the steam room and sauna. In the steam room where only shadows could be seen he was groped by at least five men. Vlad stayed next to his friend making sure no one got too aggressive. In the large open ‘orgy’ room a man of about fifty was laying on his stomach on the platform in the middle of the room. Vlad told Aiden that the man obviously wanted to be fucked. Vlad had warned Aiden about fucking strange men and told him he must use a rubber. Vlad told his friend to restrain himself for two minutes while he got some rubbers. As soon as Vlad returned Aiden rolled the rubber onto his ever ready dick and moved in. The man showed little emotion as he was fucked. After pumping awhile Aiden pulled out and removed his dry rubber. As they walked back to their room he explained that he got little pleasure from someone who showed no feeling. He believed jerking off was better than fucking a lifeless hole. Vlad told him that he had the same feeling. Originally he had planned to fuck the guy next but the lack of emotion left his dick limp. As they sat on the bed in the small room talking with the door open ‘Fill me up – Phil’, the club’s unofficial welcomer, walked by. Phil immediately turned around and stood at their door and stared at Aiden. “Well, I do see a new face and dick. I would like to officially welcome you to Club Cleveland. Your friend who I have already had the pleasure of having pleasure with is welcome to watch as I pleasure you.” Phil got on his knees in front of the sitting Aiden stroking his dick which needed no encouragement. Phil then rolled a rubber onto Aiden. He then stood and leaned against the bed. With his ass fully exposed he accepted Aiden. Within a minute Aiden was filling the rubber. When he pulled out Phil turned around, slid the rubber off and pulled it over his dick. Then as he had done for Vlad and many others stroked himself while wearing the cum filled rubber. After shooting a second load into the rubber he smiled saying, “Welcome to Club Cleveland!” Then still wearing the rubber he departed the room with a swing of his ass. Vlad then told Aiden how Phil made it his personal responsibility to welcome newcomers or should it be newcummers to the bath house. By the end of the summer Aiden had met other interesting friends of Vlad. They had been invited to dinner at the home of Roland and Alex, the couple now in their fifties who had met over thirty years earlier when Roland was a university student and Alex a poor Russian immigrant worked as a laborer for a landscaper. Alex now owned his own successful landscaping firm and Roland was the assistant manager of Cleveland’s largest bookstore. Alex’s bottom was always available to all as a final course to the dinner served. While the gourmet meal he prepared for his guests was outstanding as usual the after dinner fuck was what Aiden remembered most about the evening. Vlad invited his former lover, Adam and his lover – Noah to dinner. Vlad had met Adam in a cruising men’s room at the university. The two had been lovers but Adam reluctantly broke it off as he did not believe that he as a Negro and Vlad could have a successful relationship when so many were prejudice against blacks. Adam, a talented artist, upon meeting Aiden suggested a portrait be done of the handsome young man. Aiden had seen Adams work on the walls of Vlad’s bedroom where there were nude drawings of Vlad, Noah, Peter and Tom. Aiden agreed to model after dinner. The completion of the drawing was delayed as all four, Aiden, Vlad, Adam and Noah, were soon entangled in an evening of enjoyable black and white sex. Once when returning from a visit to Will at the farmhouse in Seville Aiden and Vlad saw a young man with his thumb out as they turned off the farm road onto Route 3, the main road to Cleveland. When asked where he was headed the hitchhiker replied Lakewood (a suburb west of Cleveland). Riding in the back seat he introduced himself as Joe. He was hitchhiking from his home in Wooster to his girlfriend’s home in Lakewood. They were both students at The College of Wooster. When he discovered that Vlad was a Russian, Joe had many questions. By the time they approached the southern suburbs of Cleveland they easily talked as if they were longtime friends. Joe then explained that he was really excited and also nervous about his immediate plans. Joe then told Vlad and Aiden that he and his girlfriend had dated for two years. They had kissed a lot but until recently Joe had never done more than play with her tits. A few months earlier he had pulled down her panties and rubbed her pussy. He then had opened his fly and pulled out his hard dick. He held his hand over her hand as she stroked him and brought him to a climax. They had done this a few times. Finally she had agreed to go all the way. She had been keeping track of her periods and had determined this weekend would be a safe time to do it. Joe obviously was very excited and wanted to share the news with someone. However, he did not want to talk to his buddies about this until the act was successfully completed so he was thrilled to be able to discuss it with his new friends who he would never see again. Vlad then said, “Did I hear correctly that you planned to fuck with no protection?” Joe replied, “We have no worries. She has researched women cycles and determined this weekend is OK.” To which Vlad replied, “What you are using is the ‘rhythm method’. Do you know what men who fuck using the ‘rhythm method’ are called?” “No” replied Joe. “They are called ‘Fathers’. There is only one way to totally prevent pregnancy. Don’t fuck.” At that moment Vlad who was driving stopped and pulled into the parking lot of a Rexall Drug Store. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Vlad returned from the drug store carrying a bag. He handed it to Joe. “I assume you know how to use these.” Joe looked into the bag and pulled out a box of rubbers. Vlad continued. “Have you ever put one on and jerked off?” Joe replied, “I have jerked off a lot, but never with a rubber on.” Vlad: “Please wear one. I suggest you practice before you try to use one when you are ready to fuck. If you thought you were going to do it this evening better practice now so later you can concentrate on pleasing your girl and not have to worry about the complications of using a rubber. Opening the package and then rolling it on is a little tricky. Like many things it is difficult the first time. If your girlfriend is helping you get it on and it does not roll on easily you might spend so much time working on your dick that you shoot your load just getting it in place. You better practice. You will have total privacy if you just do it in the back seat. We won’t look. When you finish tie a knot in it and throw it away. Do not flush it down the toilet. It could mess up the plumbing and worse it might only go part way down and float back up after you thought it was flushed. I assume you do not want her parents to find a cum filled rubber floating in the toilet.” Joe replied, “You are the greatest friend a guy could have. Her parents are going out this evening so we hoped to do it soon after I arrived. I will do as you suggested.” Aiden and Vlad were amused as they heard the sounds of pants moving down and a pack of rubbers being opened. Joe was soon moaning as he was apparently stroking himself. He obviously shot a healthy load as his cry of joy indicated. Without looking Aiden handed him a handkerchief to clean himself. Joe then announced, “Thank you both! Stop at the next drive-in restaurant and I will throw away my evidence.” Although Lakewood was out of their way since it was west of Cleveland and Vlad lived east of downtown they offered to drive Joe to his girlfriend’s door. They wanted to meet this lucky young women. After meeting Joe’s Mary, Vlad handed him a business card and asked him to write them about his visit to Lakewood. Joe smiled as he put the card in his pocket. When Vlad put his hand out to shake Joe’s with a goodbye jester, Joe wrapped his arms around Vlad and whispered into his ear, “You are the greatest.” Joe then hugged Aiden in a not so manly way. A week later Vlad received a letter from Joe: “Dear Vlad and Aiden. Thank you for the ride to Lakewood. Your suggestions were excellent. After we did it the first time I told Mary about your advice. She laughed and said she was happy I was not picked up by a preacher while hitchhiking as he would not have been so helpful. After I mail this letter I must go to the drug store and buy another box, the twelve in the original box are all gone. …… the letter continued with comments about school and his classes in the fall …. Thanks again, Joe.” At the end of the summer Aiden returned to his studies in Georgia. The following January he happily moved into Vlad’s apartment and began his PhD program at Western Reserve University.
  3. Key West Florida, February 1966 With an early start the next morning they planned to be in southern Florida by the late afternoon. Since sections of I-95, the north-south interstate highway that would travel along the east coast from Maine to Florida were not completed their trip would include a combination of country roads when leaving Daisyville to sometimes congested long distance highways and then sections of high speeds on I-95. By dinner time they were in Fort Lauderdale where they stayed at one of the new ‘Holiday Inns’. With the exception of congestion around Miami the drive to Key West would hopefully be an easy drive. The final part of their travels that day was on the ‘Overseas Highway, a 113 mile (182 km) journey along US Route 1. This scenic road goes through some very ecological sensitive areas while passing through interesting villages. The highway jumps from key (a small low island) to key. The impressive Seven Mile Bridge (11 km) seemed like an endless roadway skimming the ocean between Knight’s key in Marathon to Little Duck Key. They were told the best beach near Key West was on Bahia Honda Key. They stopped at the Bahia Honda State park for a break from driving and most important seeing the ‘boys’ on the beach providing memorable ‘eye candy’. Finally by mid-afternoon they arrived at the Rainbow Guest House located on a narrow street just off Duval Street, Key West’s main street lined with bars, restaurants, galleries and tourist traps. The guest house had been recommended by a friend of a friend of Reg as a place where men with men could enjoy a relaxing vacation. The property was surrounded by a fence six feet (1.8m) high and thick tall shrubs that gave total privacy to the property. The flowering bougainvillea and hibiscus included in the shrubs gave color that truly represented the name, Rainbow Guest House. The property consisted of a house with six guest rooms on the second floor and an L shaped one story building containing eight guest rooms. The rooms in the L had sliding glass doors opening to the pool area. The property was beautifully landscaped. There were chaise lounges with thick comfortable pads as well as wrought iron tables and chairs around the pool. . A deck on the second floor of the house could be entered from the house or by a stairs near the pool. A wall about four feet (1.2m) high surrounded the upper deck giving it privacy yet plenty of sun. The upper deck had seven chaise lounges. The street entrance to the guest house, pool and pool area rooms was through the guest house. The door to the street was always locked. To enter a person had to push a door bell or use the key given to each guest. Arriving at the guest house Reg pushed the bell. A voice from a speaker at the door answered. Reg gave the voice his name stating he had a reservation. With the sound of the lock being released Will pushed the door open and the two entered the reception area. A man of about forty greeted them. “Hi, I’m Jason, welcome to Rainbow Guest House.” Tall, thin Jason was barefoot wearing only a pair of torn cut off tight Levis. The treasure trail leading to the bulge in his shorts was the only hair on his torso. He smiled as he discussed the atmosphere at the guest house. When Reg had called to make the reservation he was told the guest house only accommodated men and that nude sun bathing was accepted. He had been asked if he would be offended or uncomfortable if he saw someone nude lounging around or swimming in the pool. Reg assured Jason that neither he nor his friend would object and they would enjoy seeing men au natural. He further stated that they would probably also sun bathe nude. Jason repeated the possibility of nude sun bathing and swimming. He also stated that while officially guests were to be discrete sometimes they displayed their happiness. Assured that these new guests would enjoy the ambiance of the guest house Jason completed their check in and took them on a tour of the facility. They were first shown to their room overlooking the pool. They entered through the double sliding door. The room was not luxurious. It contained a queen size bed, small table with two chairs, a low dresser with a TV, bathroom with a shower and rack for hanging clothes. Just outside the door there was a platform with two padded chairs. There was one step down to the pool deck. They noted three men were lounging around the pool either sleeping or reading. All wore brief, Speedo type, bathing suits. Jason led them up the stairs to the upper deck. Two men, both naked, were on chaise lounges. One was lying on his stomach with an incredible ass enjoying the sun. The other, about fifty with a pot belly, was lying on his back reading a muscle magazine (Popular in the 1960s, contained pictures of handsome, not necessarily muscular, men wearing g strings or naked standing in a position so their dicks were hidden). His unimpressive cut dick was hard. He looked over the top of the magazine when they entered the deck and said, “Welcome to the Rainbow,” as he scratched his balls. They then were escorted back to the main house where Jason guided them to the living room with sofas, lounge chairs, a TV and a bookcase with books that they were welcome to borrow during their visit. They noted muscle magazines on the table. Jason also pointed out a small kitchen area where hot water for instant coffee and tea was available as well as cookies. He told them a continental breakfast buffet would be set up at the end of the pool or in the living room on rainy days. He also pointed out a bulletin board and brochure display case where information about Key West entertainment and restaurants was posted. Jason then told them that massages were available. Juan, a young man who had escaped Cuba, was the Rainbow’s maintenance man. Juan also had magic fingers and was available to give massages. Jason gave them a card with the prices and explained not all types of massages were listed. The basic massage was thirty or sixty minutes with a price listed on the card. However, Juan would give a special massage for double the price. Jason then said with a smile and wink, “Juan knows how to make all of your body feel good!” As they walked back to their room Reg and Will saw Juan watering plants around the pool. The handsome dark skinned Cuban, about 5’ 6” (1.67m) wore only a pair of gym shorts and sandals. The black curly shoulder length hair matched the thick thatch on his chest. As they passed him he smiled while saying in broken English, “Welcome gentlemen, I hope you enjoy your visit here.“ Both Reg and Will had erotic feelings as they returned the greeting observing his macho, rough face, deep seated almost black eyes, full lips, defined chest, six pack, muscular arms and legs. The large hands on this small but mighty man seemed out of place. Both men assumed a huge uncut dick that matched the large hands was creating the bulge in the shorts. Entering their room Reg said, “If getting the special massage gives me a close up and hopefully hands on his dick it will be worth the price. I think it would be nice to have relaxing massages before dinner. My body needs loosening after our drive.” To which Will replied, “That Cuban is a total package of male sex. Did you see the size of his hands? I want them on me. But, do you really want a relaxing massage designed to sooth your body? While the ‘Special’ might not be relaxing or soothing I want all I can get. Let’s go talk to Jason and set up a time for massages.” Jason told them that Juan was available that afternoon. They booked two thirty minute ‘Specials’ with the understanding that the one not getting a massage would stay in the room and watch. Reg and Will returned to their room to unpack and wait for Juan’s arrival. They each took a quick shower and put on the robes provided by the guest house. Juan knocked on their sliding door. After entering he closed the curtain and then set up the folded massage table he carried in. Being sweaty from having worked in the garden under the hot Florida afternoon sun he asked, “May I take a shower to clean my body?” The men agreed. Juan, standing in the middle of the room dropped the shorts he was wearing exposing the part of the body Reg and Will had not had an opportunity to ogle. Juan then stretched raising his arms. He then scratched his balls and adjusted the skin covering his uncut dick. Soft the dick was not impressive. On the way to the bathroom he stopped and leaned over to remove his sandals exposing his perfectly formed round ass cheeks. Both men gasped at the beautiful sight. Juan then turned around and said, “Do you want to watch me shower?” Juan left the glass door open to the small one man shower. He took a wash cloth and generously soaped it. After washing his face he raised his arms and scrubbed each black thatch filled pit. He then moved to his fur covered chest taking time to scrub each nipple. Then turning around he handed Reg the wash cloth and asked him to wash his back. As Reg scrubbed the lower back Juan leaned forward to indicate the ass should be washed. Reg washed the round cheeks and into the crack. As he rubbed the cloth in the crack Juan moaned, “That feels great.” Putting the washcloth into his left hand Reg began to explore the crack with his right. Finding the anus opening he massaged the rosebud with his finger. “Maravilloso” moaned the Cuban. He shoved his ass back toward Reg which was interpreted that he wanted more than just a massage on the surface. Reg easily inserted his soap filled finger into the opening. “Maravilloso, muchas gracias,” Juan was now grinding his ass against Reg’s hand. Reg finger fucked a few strokes being sure to touch that special spot. Hearing the pleas of pleasure he pulled his one finger out and inserted two. The Cuban continued to respond with pleasure. Reg then inserted three. “Senior, you must stop. I am here for your pleasure. I will be creaming on the shower wall if you continue.” Juan turned around and wrapped one arm around Reg’s neck pulling him down to his shorter level. They deep kissed. Juan then turned to Will and pulled him in for a kiss. As they kissed Will reached down for the uncut dick that had not been impressive when soft. It was VERY impressive when hard, more than six inches (15 cm), thick and with skin covering the head when hard. As both Reg and Will dried off the short Cuban he looked up to them smiling. “How can I give you super pleasure?” Reg who really enjoyed topping led him to the bed and asked him to lie on his back. He then kneeled between the spread legs. Leaning forward he moved the Cuban’s arms over his head. Reg then leaned in kissing each finger on the right hand. He then kissed the hand moving down kissing until he reached the right nipple. Then he moved forward doing the left fingers to the left nipple. Still kneeling he continued to kiss the hard abs, the dick thatch, each ball, the inner left leg then on to each toe on the left foot, then from the right ball to the right toes. While Reg kissed the lower body Will moved in and after deep kissing and tongue probing kissed each nipple, he then lightly nipped each nipple, then bit each nipple. Juan squirmed with pleasure. Still kneeling between the legs Reg placed Juan’s legs on his shoulders. He pulled a pillow from the head of the bed and placed it under the ass. The ass was high with the rosebud fully exposed. Will moved in and using oils from a bottle Juan had brought greased Reg’s hard shaft, around the rosebud and then fingered oil into the waiting hole. There was no resistance as Reg slowly pushed in. With a smile on his face Juan uttered, “Fuck me Gringo.” And Reg did. Will, who was not into topping as ardently as Reg stood next to the two. Reg pulled out, “I need a break.” Having greased his dick Will moved in and mounted the happy Cuban. He could not restrain himself and soon shot into the eager ass. Reg remounted and finished. With Reg upright on his knees still inside Juan, Will leaned in and took the handsome uncut dick in his mouth. He was soon having his first taste of Cuban cream. While Reg snuggled next to Juan, Will went to the bathroom and moistened three wash cloths. Returning, he cleaned Reg’s dick, Juan’s ass and then his own dick. Will then crawled onto the bed where Juan was now happily sandwiched between the two tourists. After about fifteen minutes Juan said, “Now I give you each a massage.” Reg lay on the special table. Normally a masseur placed a towel over the lower body (ass area) when giving a massage to provide the receiver privacy. Obviously no towel was necessary to protect the modesty of Reg. After ten minutes of pleasuring every inch of Reg’s back side from forehead to toes including some asshole probing Juan helped him roll over on the narrow table. To no surprise the mature man spouted a raging hard on despite having cum earlier. Juan professionally massaged all body parts and unprofessionally stroked the eager dick. Reg reached for and then stroked the masseur’s hard and dripping dick. Reg announced, “At my age I’m a once a day cummer, but that sure feels good. Juan then gave Will the same pleasures. At the conclusion of Will’s massage Reg kneeled in front of Juan who thrust into his mouth while holding Reg’s head forcing himself deep into the experienced throat. “Suck it Gringo, Suck it, Suck it, Suck it.” Will stood behind Juan and played with his nipples as Reg sucked. Soon Reg was getting his first, but not last, taste of Cuban cream. When Juan left they noted he had been there over an hour and a half for their one hour ‘Special.’ The very contented men lay on the bed in each other’s arms and napped for an hour. After dinner in a nearby restaurant they strolled along Duval Street, Key West’s main tourist street. Stopping at Sloppy Joe’s Bar they lingered over a beer at a corner table admiring the good looking patrons. As a result of the nearby Navy Base and Key West Navy Air Station there were always single young military men enjoying life off base. Also Key West was developing a reputation as a gay friendly vacation destination. In fact many businesses, especially art galleries, listed summer locations in Provincetown, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, another gay friendly beach destination. They visualized Earnest Hemingway who had passed away a few years earlier sitting at the bar also enjoying the ambiance of men. Reg had read that Hemingway had suggested the name for the bar in the 1930s and was a patron for thirty years. After the intensity of the loving session with Juan that night the two men had a cuddling but sexless sleep. The following morning they began their exploration that continued for six days of the many art galleries, tourist shops, interesting back streets, small beach, museums and piers. Evenings usually included visiting a bar with entertainment. Drag shows with foul mouthed comedians and queens of various beauties were always entertaining and sometimes produced beautiful male eye candy. Most afternoon they lounged around the pool. As they returned to the guest house after lunch their second day they saw Juan leaving a guest room carrying the massage table. They knew this was the room of Arnie, the older unattractive man who was playing with his little dick when they visited the sun deck during their introductory tour of the place. As they lounged next to the pool wearing the Speedo bathing suits they had just purchased Reg stated while watching Juan carry the massage table to a storage room, “I sure did enjoy our interlude with the hot Cuban yesterday. Would you consider me a ‘dirty old man’ if we had another session today?” Will replied, “As one ‘dirty old man’ to another I would say let’s go for it. I’m not sure I have the stamina to do all we did yesterday but I would sure enjoy felling those hands rubbing me all the right ways.” They talked to Jason and booked Juan for a ‘Special’ one hour massage later that afternoon. Juan again arrived hot a sweaty. This time Reg did not probe the willing Cuban with his finger. Instead he lubed his dick with soap and to the delight of the younger man shoved him against the shower wall and mercilessly rammed in his dick. While this was not Reg’s usual style, he was positive it was what Juan wanted. He was correct as he heard Juan calling out in Spanish with words that indicated pleasure. Following nearly two hours of sex, rest and massages Juan folded his board and prepared to leave. Will commented, “I admire your vitality. We saw you coming out of Arnie’s room right after lunch. Then you soon arrived at our door for an energetic and vigorous session. Your ability to keep it up, even at your young age, is amazing.” Juan got serious, “That bastard. He has booked me for a thirty minute special every day, today being the fourth. When I enter the room that ugly man is naked. He just wants that little prick sucked. The first day and every day as soon as I enter he pushes me to my knees and shoves his little piece in my face. As he shoves it in his mouth he says, ‘Suck me Pedro.’ As I take the stinking thing in my mouth, he does not shower before I arrive, he says stupid and insulting things like, ‘You love it, don’t you, you little dago.’ I give him the best sucking I can. Not because I want to or he deserves it. I do it to make him cum fast. He is fast to shot his load. I spit it out. Since the sucking takes only a few minutes he is finished in less than five minutes from when I arrive. I then offer to give him a massage although I really do not want to touch his sweaty stinking body. Do you know what that total ass hole says? ‘You can leave. You have had the pleasure of my dick and cum’. So for five minutes of nasty work I am well paid. When I leave I clean my mouth with mouthwash and take a long hot shower. I always take a shower before I visit him. No way do I want him to watch and help me shower.” “When I saw you two the day you arrived I said to myself, ‘You are two hot men.’ That first time I purposely came to our room dirty and sweaty as I hoped you would help me shower. Never did I expect to receive the pleasure you two gave me in the shower.” With that Juan pulled Reg and Will into a three way kiss and then departed. Both Reg and Will, who had only met for a few days in Ohio and didn’t know each other well, had each been a little concerned about traveling a long distance over a couple of weeks with a new friend. By the end of their week in Key West they had developed a tender and loving friendship. They booked Juan for an hour every afternoon which Juan always extended to almost two hours. During an interlude in their third session Will asked Juan about his background and life in Cuba. Juan seemed eager to share his tale. “Prior to the revolution I worked in a fancy tourist hotel starting at the age of fifteen. First I was a janitor’s helper where I did the dirtiest cleaning. I studied English and was soon promoted to be a bellhop which consisted mostly of taking luggage to rooms. On occasion the customer would ask me where a woman could be found. Usually a nice tip in dollars was given when the question was asked. My ‘unofficial’ instructions were to refer such questions to the head bellman who discretely made arrangements. One time a handsome traveler of about forty asked if I knew how to arrange time with a boy for fun. I offered myself. The man gave me a quick blow job and asked me to return when I got off work. This was strictly against the rules, but I was not going to miss such an opportunity. I went to the room that evening and spent the night having wonderful sex. It was my first sex with an American. The man was there on business for three days. I was with him every night. He gave me tips that equaled more than a month’s pay. About two or three times a year I had the pleasure of earning a little extra. One of the other bellhops discovered my transgression and threatened to report me if I did not give him blowjobs on demand. He was straight and claimed he got it from his girlfriend but that he never had enough. This went on during the time of the revolution. Americans who were very generous in tipping stopped coming to the hotel. Our customers now were from countries such as the Soviet Union where tipping was not done. Everyone became very unhappy. I shared a room in the basement with other workers including the guy who demanded blowjobs. One night he had been drinking and came for the usual. I refused. He was a strong man and threw me on the bed on my stomach. He pulled down my pants, pulled out his dick and shoved it in my ass. This was the first time I had ever had a dick in my ass. Two other drunk workers were in the room and watched. They got excited and joined in. For over an hour they held me down each having pleasure more than once. When they finished they all fell asleep. I realized I was now going to be raped frequently by these co-workers. Since I had no way to defend myself I decided to escape. While they slept I searched their lockers and found where two hid their money. The amount of money, mostly in American dollars, hidden in the back of the locker of the man who demanded blow jobs was more than he could have saved from tips. He must have been involved in some black market business. I also took what money they had in their pants. I had carefully hidden any extra money I had earned. With their money and mine I left the hotel. I took nothing with me except a plastic bag with necessary possessions. The bag was the type someone would take to a store since you needed to have a bag of your own if you bought anything. Walking down the street carrying a small bag was very natural. It did not look like I was planning a long trip. I had heard of places where you could find boaters to take you to the USA. I searched for three days and finally found a fisherman who would take a group to Key West. The distance from Cuba is less than 100 miles (160 km).” “When I arrived in Florida I was taken by military police to a place where I was kept for a month. Finally I was released. Eventually I met Jason who hired me to work here at the Rainbow Guest House. He told me that if I worked for him I was required to sleep with him when he wanted me to. Actually, Jason is a good person and someone I enjoy having sex with. He is very gentle and loving. He wanted to fuck me and I felt I should do it to keep my job. When I lied and told him I had never been fucked he told me he would go easy. That first time with him started very painful and ended with me having marvelous feelings I had never had. I soon looked forward to our time in bed. He told me I could make extra money if I gave visitors massages. He bought a book on massage and I practiced on him and some very willing inn guests. When one of the guests I was practicing on asked for more than just a massage, Jason who was watching my massage skills stated that if I was willing there would be a fee for a ’Special’ massage. Every time I give a ‘Regular’ or ‘Special’ massage Jason gives me my share of the fee at the end of the day. Here most of the massages are ‘Special’. “Most of the men I service are kind and just want to receive or give a fuck or suck. Sometimes it is just by hand. Sometimes I have a wonderful experience as I have had with you two. Sometimes it is a bad experience like the smelly Arnie with the little dick. I feel safe having sex here. Twice the guests have gotten rough with me. Once I ran out of the room naked and went to Jason. He visited the guest and threatened to call the police. The other time I could not escape so I screamed. One of the other guests ran to Jason and reported the screaming. That time Jason forced the person to checkout. He made the guy pay for the two days remaining on his stay. Some people would say I am nothing but a whore and Jason is my pimp. Maybe it is true?” Both Will and Reg placed their arms around Juan. “You are not a whore. You are a young man in a difficult situation. While Jason is probably taking advantage of you, he is also providing you with a safe place to live and work. We are positive that as you get more Americanized you will be able to support yourself in a more traditional way.” Three days later after their session on the last full day Juan asked, “Friends, may I sleep in your bed tonight. Usually I sleep with Jason. Tonight he has a friend from Miami visiting. I would much prefer to sleep with the two handsome Americans rather than alone. Reg and Will not only invited him to spend the night they invited him to go out to dinner and to a drag show. Juan had never visited an expensive restaurant or gone to a drag show in Key West. His reaction to the food, drinks and events of the evening were extremely pleasurable. Not having the endurance of the younger man Reg and Will were soft during the evening and all night. However, the ever ready Juan enjoyed a two man blow job from his friends prior to snuggling together for a good night’s sleep. By morning both Reg and Will had rejuvenated and gave Juan a hearty farewell with the deepest and longest fuck of the week. They felt a great affection for this young man who had escaped Castro’s Cuba. They did not know how much of the fee they paid for the daily ‘Specials’ Juan received. They assumed most of the fee was kept by the inn. They wanted to help Juan improve his life in America. They handed him an envelope with $100 (close to $1,000 in 2017 money). Juan cried when he realized what he had been given. Receiving money when none was expected or required made him feel like a friend, not just a Cuban whore as some treated him. Their four day drive back to Washington included stops in Savannah, Georgia and Charlestown, South Carolina. While both of these cities had excellent restaurants, hotels and sights to see there was no comparison to the memories, beauty and ambiance of Key West.
  4. Georgia, February 1966 “Dinner is served” Daniel called out. Each found his place at the table as indicated on the name cards placed by Daniel. Reg found himself seated between Aiden, the graduate student, and Martin, the Negro twin – football player. The dinner‘s gourmet taste was second only to the delightful conversation. Alfred pointed out that the dinner consisting of Smithfield ham and all the trimmings had been catered by Athens’ leading restaurant. He noted that while Daniel was an excellent cook and could have prepared a equally sumptuous meal their goal for the evening was conversation and fun. Having the meal catered eliminated 99% of the work leaving the hosts and three college helpers free for more enjoyable activities. Reg found both of his seat mates interesting conversationalists. He asked Aiden how he had met Daniel and Alfred. Aiden laughed as he said, “I am sure nothing in this story will surprise you.” “About a year ago on a weekday afternoon I was taking a short cut through Riverside Park on the way to the barber. As I approached an incredibly handsome mature man sitting on a park bench wearing a conservative business suit our eyes locked. I smiled, he smiled back. I continued walking but there was something about him. I had gone about 100 feet (30 m) when for reasons I do not know I turned around. He was looking my way. I thought to myself, this guy looks interesting. I turned around and approached him. I said ‘Beautiful day.’ He replied ‘Sure is.’ Then he asked me if I was a student. I sat and told him about my MBA studies. He told me he was an investment advisor. For about ten minutes we discussed my classes and his work. He explained that there was a lot of pressure in his office. His advice and that of his associates could have significant impact on people, some wealthy and some not so wealthy trying to save for the future. Today had been a very tense day in the office. He needed to clear his head and get some fresh air. He then said that watching students frolicking on the lawn calmed him. The only students ‘frolicking’ was a group of shirtless guys tossing Frisbees. Then he said, ‘Actually I enjoy looking at these half naked young men.’ This seemed a strange thing to say, ‘that you enjoy looking at half naked men.’ It had been over a year since I had had any kind of sexual encounter and then it was with a fellow student who was more concerned with getting it off fast than tender touching. I thought to myself, ‘If this guy is into men he must be experienced.’ As I sat there I was really getting horny. I decided to test him. If nothing happened all I would have lost was an opportunity to get a haircut. I gently placed my knee against his. I applied no pressure. He did not move. I applied a slight amount of pressure and he pressed back hard. We turned our heads, faced each other and stared into the other’s eyes. With a twinkle he said, ‘This is not a good place to have an intimate conversation. Unfortunately I must get back to my office. I would very much like to invite you to my home for dinner this evening.’ The thought of what might happen brought my dick to full attention. I really wanted an encounter. Of course I said, ‘It would be my pleasure.’ He then said, ‘I share my home with my best friend. I am sure he would like to meet you.’ I replied that if his friend was as handsome and interesting as him I would enjoy meeting him. He then replied, ‘My friend is a Negro. We have lived together for many years.’ I was shocked that someone would have a Negro lover. I’m from a small Georgia town. I never had a Negro friend. But, first I was intrigued and second and most important I was horny. I told him that I had never had a Negro friend but was up to new experiences. Daniel gave me his business card and suggested I stop by his office at 5pm. He got up and departed while I remained on the bench. Actually I was forced to remain seated until my dick calmed down. Christ, just talking to him made me almost cum.” “I met him at his office and we walked to his home. We were greeted at the door by Alfred who exclaimed, ‘So this is the handsome hunk you invited for dinner. If his personality is as beautiful as his body this will be an enjoyable evening. May I hug you? I ask your permission as no one in this house does anything they do not want to do.’ Before he could hug me I wrapped my arms around the first Negro I had ever touched. He looked into my eyes and returned the hug. I could feel myself getting hard against his crotch. At that point Daniel said, ‘What’s going on? All I got was a touchy feely with the knees.’ Alfred opened his arms and soon we were all three embracing. Alfred then announced, ‘Dinner is ready. But, it could be put on hold and we could go directly to dessert.’ As he said this he reached down and caressed my hard dick. ‘I think this boy is ready for dessert. Shall we go upstairs for an appetizer and dessert?’ All I could say was ‘Yes’.” “As soon as we arrived in the bedroom Daniel made a statement. Basically he said that concerning sex anything goes with two exceptions: first no one is forced to do anything they do not wish to do and second nothing should be done that causes physical or mental damage. Other than that – go for it. Alfred asked if he could undress me. I replied ‘sure’. He took off my shirt and stepped back stating, ‘beautiful, sure a good start’. He moved in and forced my hands over my head. Then he caressed my chest and tickled my pits. Next he kneeled and removed my shoes and socks and then pulled down my pants. I stood almost naked wearing just my white Fruit of the Loom briefs. While I stood there with my dick pushing out and a wet spot getting bigger Alfred kneeled with his nose inches from my dick and Daniel sat on a chair very close. If Alfred had touched me I would have exploded. He then led me to the bed and told me to lie on my back. Alfred then slowly stripped. When he lowered his purple silk boxer shorts an impressive half hard uncircumcised dick emerged. I had never seen a dick with so much skin covering the head. I had never seen a black dick up close. Any I had seen in the past were in a locker room where one did not ogle. When I saw the size of his, even not fully hard I was embarrassed as I knew mine was nothing to compare.” At this point, Alfred who had been listening broke in. “Maybe it is true that Aiden does not have a piece of meat as big as mine. But he has a beautiful piece hanging or usually when I see it standing up over a pair of perfect balls. I once saw a bumper sticker that said ‘To a fisherman the size of the worm is not as important as how it is wiggled’.” Looking at Reg he said, “I am sure by the end of the evening you will know just how expertly he wiggles that worm.” Aiden continued, “The next thing I knew Daniel was also naked and the two men were in bed with me, one on each side. With my underware still on they caressed, licked and bit my entire body except for what was under the briefs. Finally, Daniel pulled my briefs off. He licked my balls while Alfred played with my nipples. Daniel rubbed something on his finger. He reached between my legs and began massaging the area around my ass. Then to my shock he gently moved his finger into my ass. This was the first time anyone had been there. I felt discomfort and pain and wanted to say ‘No’ while at the same time was intrigued. He then tenderly began fucking me with the finger. The feeling was amazing. With a finger on the other hand that had lubricant on it he began to rub it over the piece of skin just under the head, the frenulum, an extremely sensitive area. In less than a minute with Daniel just touching that one spot under my dick I had the most intense release I had ever had. Jism poured out spurting onto my stomach, chest and face. The two men just lay next to me as I calmed down. Then Alfred got up and returned with towels to clean me off. We put on silk like robes and went to the kitchen and had a snack. A dinner as promised was the last thing on my mind. We returned to the bedroom for a night of bliss interrupted by periods of sleep. By morning I had sucked my first black dick and first uncircumcised dick. For me swallowing was not yet on the menu although both Daniel and Alfred tasted me.” Reg told Aiden how interesting his story had been and hoped he had an opportunity to see just how he wiggled his worm. Reg then turned to Martin on his left and asked the young man how he had gotten involved with the group. “I was taking a finance course last semester. While the professor did the lecturing Aiden, his grad assistant, helped him primarily by taking attendance and grading quizzes. After class one day I asked Mr. Hudson, that’s Aiden, if I could meet him after class to discuss a paper we were assigned. I told him I was having trouble focusing on the material.” Aiden interrupted, “I should have known he was giving me a line of crap. Martin was the top student in this undergraduate class of forty-five students. I was naive thinking he wanted academic assistance when I later learned he only had carnal thoughts.” Laughing, Martin continued, “I went to his office that he shared with about ten other grad assistants. We discussed my paper. A week later I asked him after class if we could meet again. I suggested we go to the student union where we would have more privacy. As we drank coffee we discussed my paper and then life in general. I discovered that he had no interest in dating girls and I let him know I had the same feelings. We seemed to really enjoy our time together. By the third week I decided I would admit my feelings. I was almost positive he would not be shocked. It took some courage but I finally said, ‘Aiden’, no more Mr. Hudson, ‘I really find you attractive. If you do not agree with what I am about to say we will forget I ever said it. I would like to get to know you better’.” “Aiden looked me in the eyes and said, ‘So would I, but we have a problem, actually a couple of problems. First I am a grad assistant who has influence on your grade in the class. A relationship is forbidden by the university. Also the black / white issue is something that cannot be ignored. Officially we just don’t mix. I am not saying No, I am telling your that we must be extremely careful. I cannot go to your dorm room and you cannot visit my room. Let me think about it.’ We then arranged to meet the next day for ‘coffee.’ “That evening Aiden visited Daniel and Alfred and asked for their help. We met for coffee the following morning and that afternoon we visited Alfred. He ushered us to the guest bedroom and showed us the supplies in the drawer of the night stand. The drawer contained a small can of Crisco, rubbers, and other things that we had no idea how to use. The room had its own private bathroom. Let’s just say we had a nice afternoon. Alfred invited us to stay for dinner. He and Daniel were excellent hosts and wanted to know all about us without intruding. We visited almost every other day. About two weeks later Alfred and Daniel joined us occasionally. We soon learned how to use all the implements in the drawer.” The delightful conversation by all continued throughout the dinner. When the main course was finished the three university boys cleared the table and brought out coffee and dessert, pecan pie. When dessert was finished Daniel announced, “Knowing you all as I do, I suggest we go upstairs to do what good men do.” No one objected and all, except Aiden and the black / white twins, Martin and Branch headed for the stairs. Reg looked at the three and said, “Aren’t you joining us?” Aiden replied they would as soon as the table was cleared and the dishwasher filled. Looking at Will, Reg said, “Five will get the work done faster than three. We’ll help you.” By now the others were gone. In less than ten minutes the kitchen was organized and they went upstairs. The other five were in the master bedroom either naked or wearing soft silk like robes except for Victoria who was wearing just the garter belt, black stockings and pink spike heeled shoes. Victoria and Ollie, the very willing bottoms in the group, were lying on their backs on the large bed next to each other. Alfred was kneeling between Ollie’s legs with Ollie’s feet on his shoulders. He was pumping his black dick all the way in the white ass and then pulling out to expose his head in a position that gave a full view to all. Bradford, with less flair, was doing the same with his not so impressive white dick to Victoria. As soon as Branch saw the activity he stripped and kneeled next to Bradford ready to take over. His perfectly formed big (8 inches hard, 20 cm) cut dick with a large head hanging over low swinging balls was hard and ready. Bradford pulled out stating, “Too close, need a break.” Branch, to the delight of Victoria, rammed in his eight inches. Branch, on his knees, Victoria’s feet on his shoulders, braced himself with one arm and placed his strong athletic arm around Victoria’s dainty shoulder. He pulled her head up as he fucked hard. Their mouths met and as they swallowed each other’s tongues Branch gave out a cry of passion as he pumped his first load of the evening. He rolled over and Bradford moved back into place. Meanwhile, Alfred who had self-control continued to pump into Ollie. Martin then told Reg and Will, “Branch and I might be considered black and white twins. But there is one way we are different. I have no desire to fuck or be fucked. He tried it on me once. To his frustration never got even the big head in. Just don’t want it that way.” Reg whispered into Will’s ear and Will nodded with a smile. Reg then told Aiden and Martin that while the activities on the bed were interesting he and Will would prefer a more intimate, private encounter with them. The boys agreed and the four went to the guest room. Not wanting to appear unsocial they left the door to the bedroom open. In the room Reg announced, “When I was your age I could cum and be recharged within ten minutes. Now, the recharging takes much longer. So, if you two hunks do not mind, let’s get naked, then Will and I will put on robes and you two will do what you two do best. We would appreciate the sight of two incredibly handsome, sexy men getting it on. Then we will join you for round two.” Seeing the naked bodies of these beauties had both Will and Reg immediately hard. Now they saw the bold chest with the ‘come bite me nipples’, narrow waist and sculptured ass of Martin. They had not anticipated the beauty of his large cut dick which they could closely inspect. It was identical in shape and length to his white twin. It was perfectly formed and big (8 inches hard, 20 cm) with a large head hanging over low swinging balls. The fair haired taller Aiden while less muscular had a well defined chest, small waist and cute ass. His cut dick while average or less (about 5 inches hard, 13 cm) was an enjoyable sight hanging over small balls. After Aiden and Martin got naked they stood in front of the seated older men. They encouraged touchy, feely and tasty. Neither Reg nor Will could swallow Martin’s massive missile to its base. The boys then went to the bed and for the next half hour made love in ways only two people truly in love could do. While fucking was not on their menu, touching, kissing, stroking and sucking were done in a very tender way. Will and Reg were amazed when Martin lay on his back with his eight inches pointing to the ceiling and Aiden leaned in swallowing it to the base. While Martin moaned with pleasure Aiden brought his lips up and after exposing the large head plunged to the base again and again until Martin warned him to stop for now. For the ending Martin laid on his back and Aiden kneeling between his legs stroked him until he shot a generous outpouring with most of it landing on his chest. Aiden scooped up some of the love juice and used it to lubricate himself as he shot a load into Martin’s open and inviting mouth. Aiden then lay on top of his lover. Holding each other they rolled onto their sides while kissing with Aiden tasting his own juices while his tongue probed Martin’s. Will and Reg were in a total state of awe and excitement. Neither had permitted himself to touch his own dick which was hard and dripping from the sight of the two young lovers. After a short rest Aiden and Martin took quick showers. They returned to the room and taking Reg’s and Will’s hands led them to the bed. They were not surprised to see the young men were already refreshed and rock hard. The foursome of loving was soon over as both Reg and Will were in too much of a state of hornieness to prolong it. While Will was unable to deep throat Martin to the base he did get most of the way down and swallowed the young man’s second cumming of the evening. Reg likewise swallowed the juice of Aiden. Martin pleaded with the two to deposit their loads down his throat and he was soon satisfied. While the four were naked in bed Aiden and Martin initiated a discussion about their futures. Both were finance majors: Martin undergraduate and Aiden graduate studies. When Aiden discovered they had a friend, Vlad, who was a professor he asked many questions about that life. Will suggested Aiden visit Cleveland as he was sure Vlad would be pleased to discuss PhD studies and the life of a professor with him. After about thirty minutes of serious talk Aiden and Martin began to get frisky. All rose to the occasion for a longer session since their cumming had slowed down Reg and Will. This time Reg swallowed Martin’s and Will got a mouthful from Aiden. As before Martin opened his mouth to the second cummings of Will and Reg. Both of the older men were privately proud that they had done it twice in a short period of time. They were ever prouder when the following morning they repeated their successes. During the night the four soundly slept. On one side of the king size bed Martin and Aiden cuddled while Reg and Will embraced on the other half of the bed. Lucky Reg had the pleasure of touching ass to ass with Martin since they were each in the middle of the crowded bed. The next day Reg tagged along as Will met with Ollie to discuss legal matters and the handsome Victor to discuss investment strategies. That evening they took Aiden and Martin to a restaurant where blacks and whites were welcome and discussed their studies and career opportunities. Following dinner the four returned to Daniel’s and Alfred’s home. Following drinks and conversation with their hosts the four went to the guest bedroom for another night of bliss. ……………………………………… The half day drive from Athens to Daisyville was very familiar to Will. He had traveled those roads frequently when his lover JB was a professor at University of Georgia in Athens and Will taught at Daisyville College in south Georgia. While the area appeared to generally be poor Will was impressed that the extreme poverty he saw thirty – forty years earlier was less evident. The Daisy Chain Motel on the outskirts Daisyville appeared to be a pleasant place to stay. The motel was a long one story building with twelve rooms facing the parking area and an office at the end. Will requested a room with two beds. They would have preferred one bed but advertising their desire to be close was not a safe option, especially in red neck rural south Georgia. Their room, decorated in a daisy motif, was clean, small and simply furnished. All the furniture was painted white, yellow or green. On the small table under the front window there was a bouquet of plastic daisies in a cheap glass container. The bathroom towels were small and thin but smelled clean. The ambiance of the room was of little importance to the two men. They would spend little time in the room during their short stay. While Reg used the bathroom there was a knock on the door. Opening it Will was greeted by a man of about forty who would be considered handsome if he had been more concerned about his appearance: both personal hygiene and clothes. As he talked his tobacco stained teeth emphasized his slovenly appearance. “Howdy, I’m Clem. Welcome to Daisyville. I’m staying in the next room with my two young friends.” As Reg emerged from the bathroom he continued. “You and your friend appear to be fun loving men who might want some company.” The same thoughts went through the minds of Will and Reg: ‘While I would enjoy an adventure with a handsome man of your age there is no way I would let someone with your grubby appearance touch me. They both visualized him naked with a big, stinking dick.’ Being the gentlemen they were neither Will nor Reg let the man know how much he repulsed them. Reg was intrigued by the comment ‘men who might want company’. Although he had absolutely no intention of following through he did want to hear what this man had to say. He asked Clem, “What exactly did you mean by ‘men who might want company’?” “You know a man has needs. I am sure that older mature men such as you two would appreciate some young fun.” Reg replied, “Yes, I agree men have their needs. Even an old man like me has thoughts that would but a preacher to shame. What do you mean by ‘young fun’?” “What better way to have a good time then to have it with someone who is sweet, young and innocent. I am traveling with two friends. They enjoy making men happy.” I will introduce you to them.” Clem who was still standing in the doorway stepped over to his open door and called out, “Kitten and Rock, get your asses over here!” Two children entered the room. Clem closed the door and said, “This here is Kitten, I call her that because he twelve year old pussy is young like a kitten’s. And this handsome man is her brother, Rock. I call him that because his skill is that at the age of fourteen his dick can get ‘rock hard’ from just his head thinking about it.” Clem continued, “Now my friends, I can offer you a good time with these two. You can fuck either, get sucked off or just ask Rock and he will fuck his sister for your entertainment. They usually ask $20.00 for a thirty minute session. Since there are two of you, you can have them for an hour for $20.00 each.” Will and Reg just stood there in shock. They were totally disgusted with the thoughts of what these two children were being forced to do. They immediately wanted to rescue these children from this life a debauchery. Reg formulated a plan and very calmly said. “You said that for a total of $40.00 we could have an hour of pleasure with these two?” “Yep” replied Clem with a gleam in his eyes and thoughts of the money. Reg continued, “That sounds like fun. But our problem is that we are old men. It is not easy for us to get it up. I would not want to pay for something that I cannot totally enjoy. I know a place where we can buy pills that will make our old dicks think they are twenty years old. After we take the pill it takes an hour for it to work. Could we meet you back here in about an hour with our dicks ready for some man fun?” “Sure, pay half now so I know you will come back. Kitten and Rock will be waiting. Where do you get these pills? I sure would like a supply to sell to some of my customers.” Reg handed Clem half the fee, $20. Then he told Clem that the supplier of the pills would not want to be revealed but that he would tell the pill pusher where he could find Clem. Will and Reg went to their car. Both were shaking with rage. Will then said, “I know where the sheriff’s office is. I suggest we go there and make arrangements for Clem’s arrest and the rescuing of the children.” They explained the situation to the sheriff who was as enraged as they were. His young deputy was ready to go out and beat up that pervert. He had two children, a boy and a girl aged eight and eleven. He could not imagine anyone selling a child for sex. Their plan was simple. Will and Reg would return to their room. They would let the deputy into their room through the bathroom window that faced the rear of the building. They called the Baptist minister and asked if he and his wife would help the children after they were rescued. The sheriff, deputy, minister and his wife drove to the motel in the minister’s car. They did not want the sheriff’s car to be seen. They would park at the end of the building beyond the office. Will and Reg would drive back to the motel and let the deputy in through the bathroom window. After all were in place Will knocked on Clem’s door. “Hi, the pills are working their magic. Both of us are as ready as a twenty year old horny guy would be. Bring them over.” Will returned to his room leaving the door open. Clem entered with the children. “Now you two just do what the men want. Kitten, they think you are very pretty. Rock, you show them what your amazing dick can do.” As Clem pocketed the additional $20 the deputy stepped out of the bathroom. “You fucking pervert. You are under arrest.” Clem turned around screaming, “I will get you old farts for this!” As he opened the door the sheriff stood there with his weapon drawn. After Clem was handcuffed the pastor and his wife entered the room. They introduced themselves and told the youngsters that they were free of the bad man. The following day Will and Reg visited the sheriff’s office to give and sign dispositions. Sheriff Conway thanked them again for their quick thinking that led to the apprehension of Clem. The Sheriff then gave Reg and Will background on the children. They were from a small town in Alabama. The father had been abusing Sue Ann, Kitten’s real name, for at least two years. If Sue Ann hid from her drunken abusing father he would sodomize his son Billy, Rock’s real name. Once when Billy tried to protect his sister and pull the father away the bastard cursed his son saying, “If I cannot have your sister I will have you. He then grabbed the boy and threw him face down on the bed and finished what he had started while Sue Ann witnessed the abuse her father gave her brother. The mother was no better. When she discovered her husband raping the daughter she went to her son’s bedroom and forced him to give her the pleasure her husband would not. The children had run away from home. Clem met them at a bus station where they were asking for money from strangers so they could take a bus to their grandmother’s funeral. Actually there was no grandmother. The story sounded good and the children had collected more money than they needed. The children told the sheriff they were concerned about what would happen to Clem. Actually they felt safe with him. He convinced them that the sexual activity was normal. Evidently to both Sue Ann and Billy his sexual molestation of them was an act of love. He never beat the children as both parents had. Also he fed them on a regular basis which was a treat to the children who frequently went hungry because there was no food in the house or the parents didn’t bother to cook what was available. They were currently safe at the home of the preacher and his wife while the authorities sorted out what to do. The remainder of the visit to Daisyville was mild compared to their first few hours in the quiet town. Will visited the home of Belle Forest his former Negro housekeeper of many years. Will had encouraged her children to attend college providing both moral and financial support. Her nephew, Henry Bailey had done yard work for Will. Will also supplied the support he needed to graduate from Albany (Georgia) State College with a degree in Education. Through Will, Henry had met Seth Cudley, a talented young artist. The two lovers had moved to Cleveland where Henry was a middle school English teacher and Seth worked for the landscaping firm owned by Will’s friend, Alex. Seth and Henry fled Georgia because they realized the acceptance of two men living together would not be safe in their 1950s small town. With one being black and the other a red head white guy their lives were in double jeopardy. To Will the delicious meal prepared by Mrs. Forest of fried chicken, potato salad, southern style green beans, homemade rolls and a red velvet cake brought back memories of the tasty meals she had prepared for him years earlier.
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  6. Cleveland - Washington - Georgia, August 1965 – February 1966 Vlad’s friend / lover / mentor, Reg, arrived from Washington for a month long visit. Reg was interested in meeting Vlad’s new friends described in his letters. He was also intrigued by the possibility of visiting the Baths in Cleveland. The evening of Reg’s arrival he and Vlad visited the Baths. The evening began with the official welcome by ‘Fill me Up Phil’ in Reg’s tiny room. Vlad witnessed the activity as Reg fucked the Twink and following his cumming in a rubber Phil slipped the rubber on his small dick and deposited a second load. Reg and Vlad enjoyed the rest of the evening being groped and groping others in the sauna, steam room and orgy room. Except for hands they had no sexual contact with any of the other men. However they did have quality time together in Reg’s room on the uncomfortable narrow bed. They could have had a much more comfortable encounter at Vlad’s home but it lacked the ambiance of sleaze and noises of man sex taking place in nearby rooms. Saturday morning Vlad and Reg drove to the farm in Seville. Will had invited them for the weekend. The two older men, Reg 68 years old and Will 70 years old immediately bonded. Reg was interested in Will’s art and photography work while Will enjoyed hearing about Reg’s travels. Following dinner Vlad announced that he had student papers to grade that should be returned at class on Monday. He told them that since he needed a quiet space to work he would complete his grading upstairs and sleep up there. Reg and Will did not object as they hoped to continue their conversation in bed. The next morning at breakfast the two new friends announced that they had discussed trips they hoped to take. They planned a road trip to Key West, Florida with a stop in Daisyville, Georgia where Will had been an art professor at a small college. The other adventure they had planned would be a European tour going to Europe leisurely by ship either the RMS Queen Mary or RMS Queen Elizabeth and returning on a PanAm jet. Vlad felt a deep satisfaction that he had brought these two men together. He suggested that Reg remain in Seville a few days and then return to Cleveland with Will where they could sample the many cultural activities in the city including the world renown concert hall, Severance Hall, and Cleveland Museum of Art both within walking distance of Vlad’s apartment near Cleveland’s University Circle. ………………………………………… The Road Trip to Key West Begins February 1966 Six months later: Clickidi-clack, clickidi-clack, clickidi-clack – the sounds from the rails soothed Will as he sat in the train coach. Early that morning his new friend, Vlad had dropped him off at the train station for his trip from Ohio to Washington. He enjoyed traveling by train. However, he realized the era of long distance travel dominated by trains was ending. The new interstate highway system continued to grow and air travel was becoming more popular. He could have driven from Ohio to Washington in less time than the train would take and while air travel would have been less comfortable he would have made the trip in a fraction of the time. Arriving at Union Station in Washington about 6:00pm he exited to the platform expecting to see his new friend Reg as he had told him by phone the previous day the number of his train coach. As the platform emptied of passengers he searched for Reg. A handsome young man approached him. “Will Lang?” “Yes” replied Will. Holding out his hand the young man said, “I’m Reg’s friend, Rob. It is a pleasure to meet you. Unfortunately Reg had a dental emergency this afternoon. He is home now. I just talked to him by phone. The infected tooth in the back of his mouth was pulled. He has taken both antibiotics and pain medication and will probably be asleep when we see him. He wanted to assure you that within a day he should be feeling fine and the two of you will be able to depart on your adventure as planned. He will not be a good host for the next twenty-four hours but assured me he will make up for any lost time. As soon as we pick up your luggage we will go home. You will meet Jake and the three of us will go out to dinner together.” Rob then moved into Will and placed his arms around him. He whispered into Will’s ear, “I wanted to hold the man that Reg speaks so highly of. We’ll just do a quick ‘man hug’, don’t want the District of Columbia morals squad to get upset.” “I’m sorry to hear about Reg. Hopefully it is just a temporary setback. I do look forward to meeting Jake. Reg has told me wonderful things about the two of you.” Will was stunned when he met the smiling Jake. The gorgeous young man was beyond handsome. Will felt a stirring inside as he reached to shake the large strong hand of the tall muscular man with a beautiful face. Jake withdrew his hand and instead placed his arms around Will pulling him tight against his body. “Welcome to Washington and our home.” As Jake said this Will felt his seventy year old dick begin to harden. “I just checked, Reg is asleep. I am sure that by morning he should be his wonderful self.” While walking to a nearby Italian restaurant Will was impressed with the poise and self assurance of these two young men: one an Amish farmer and the other a mountain boy. While there speech and diction was polished they each had a slight accent that was refined yet indicated their roots. Will later learned that Reg had hired a speech therapist to work with each of them so that they would maintain their country accents in a sophisticated way. At the restaurant Will was impressed with the discussion of the menu by the two and wine suggestions of Jake. He certainly had not learned about wine in his conservative Amish home. The conversation easily flowed throughout the evening. Jake told of his impressions of the meeting of Vlad who was the first ‘Englishman’ (what the Amish call non-Amish) he had ever had a real conversation. The only others had been store keepers in the village and the mailman. He recounted how these two outsiders suddenly appeared in the farm field while he and his father repaired a fence. “Their car had broken down and they had gone to his home for help. His mother had sent them to talk to his father. Since they had no telephone the strangers would have to stay overnight and be taken to the village in the buggy by his father the next morning. Vlad had immediately volunteered to help with the fence work. Reg and the father returned to the farm house while Jake and Vlad worked together. Mending the fence sometimes required close body contact. When their bodies or hands accidentally touched he had feelings he had not had before. He soon realized that they were touching more than necessary as they worked close replacing fence railings. Jake laughed as he told how when he told Vlad he needed to take a piss Vlad joined him. “Normally two men pissing would face in opposite directions. Instead they with no thought we stood so that each was facing the front side of the other. I remembered Vlad pulling his skin back and forth after finishing. I began to mimic the Englishman but started to get hard so stuffed it in my pants. After supper we returned to the field and repaired more fence. This time after pissing Vlad began to stroke himself. I did the same and soon the us two men who had just met that afternoon were shooting Russian and Amish cream on the ground.” Laughing as he continued the story Jake said, “Vlad then said ‘Thanks for sharing.’ as we each put our hard dicks back into our pants. It was getting dark and I suggested we clean off in the stream. You can imagine what happened there. When we returned to the house my father told my two brothers and I who shared two beds in one bedroom to give our beds to the Englishmen for the night and that we should sleep in the barn. Vlad asked my father if I could also sleep in the room with them as he would feel uncomfortable sleeping in a strange room with the privy (outhouse toilet) outside. While I had slept with my brothers that was the first time I cuddled next to my bed mate. We did more than cuddle.” “When I told Vlad and Reg that I wanted to leave home they told me to wait six months. I wanted their support. They wanted to be sure I truly wanted to leave and that it was not just a fast decision based on one night of passion. Six months later I pretended to be sick and did not go to Sunday meeting with my family. Vlad picked me up as prearranged and the rest is history. With their help I got my high school certificate and then graduated from Georg Washington University. Today I have a challenging and interesting position at the Department of Agriculture with a future.” “The other event that I can thank Vlad and Reg for is bringing Rob into my life.” Jake reached over and took Rob’s hand while smiling into his eyes. Man to man hand holding was something never done in public so after a moment of touching they both returned to their professional posture. Rob told his story with equal enthusiasm. “The day Reg and Vlad picked me up as I was attempting to hitchhike from my home in Frog Creek, Tennessee to San Francisco I was tired, hungry and dirty. I slept most of that day in the back seat as they drove. We stopped that first night at a motel. I will never forget the feeling I had when Reg offered me a pair of his silk boxer shorts to wear as I had no clean clothes. I went into the bathroom, took a shower and after fingering the softness put them on. The feeling of the soft silk against my clean skin felt awesome. I immediately got hard and quickly jerked off. Then I very carefully cleaned my dick and squeezed any remaining drops out not wanting to stain the luxurious underware. When I came out of the bathroom to the motel room we were sharing Vlad and Reg made no notice of me in my sexy underware. I learned later that they did notice the bulge that remained from the jerk off. They shared a bed and quietly stroked each other off as I slept alone in a bed across the room. A few days later we stayed in a motel where I had my own room connected to their room by a door. I had talked a lot about my lonely life in Frog Creek. I told how I felt different from the others, had no real friends and felt constant pressure to date girls that I had no interest in. Vlad and Reg understood me better than I did. The door between our rooms was open and Vlad entered. He sat on the bed and asked me if I had ever hugged anyone other than my mother or close relatives. I said no. He offered to hug me. We embraced. Being held by a man I suddenly had feelings that I had never experienced. I cannot describe why my whole body responded to Vlad’s touch with a feeling of need and satisfaction. That night Vlad slept in my bed. For the remainder of the trip the three of us shared one bed.” “They were the kindest men I have ever met. They were on a road trip for a month visiting many interesting places including National Parks. They gave me a choice: they would pay for my bus fare to San Francisco so I would not have to hitch hike or I could travel with them and return to Cleveland to live with Vlad. With no hesitation I chose Cleveland. With Vlad’s encouragement I began attending classes at Western Reserve University. I visited Reg in Washington and met Jake and the rest is history. With Vlad’s and Reg’s support I moved to Washington and transferred to George Washington University. Jake and I have been together since, six years. We both have good jobs and could easily afford to have our own place. But, Reg is such an important part of our lives that we have no desire to move away. Some might think it strange but we sleep with him most nights. After Jake, Reg, Vlad and my parents my greatest love is books. As manager of a bookstore that is part of Washington’s largest chain of bookstores I have my dream job. Life is wonderful” “Their conversation continued as they walked home. Will now understood why both Vlad and Reg had spoken so highly of these young men. Jake went to Reg’s room as soon as they returned from dinner to see if he was awake and wanted any food. Reg was still in pain and woozy from the pain medication. He told Jake to send Will to the room. Reg then asked Will to sleep with him. “I feel like shit but it would be wonderful just to have you in the bed with me. Don’t expect any fun and games, maybe just a snuggle.” Will gladly accepted the offer and he was soon in bed snuggled next to his friend. Jake and Rob slept in their bedroom where they kept their clothes but rarely slept. The next morning Reg felt much better although not 100%. Will left his friend home to rest while he visited The National Gallery of Art. That evening the four went out to dinner together. While walking home Reg complained that his king size bed was not being fully used and suggested that Jake and Rob join them. The two young men readily accepted. Reg and Will enjoyed showering together. They put on robes and got into bed. Rob and Jake entered the room naked having undressed in their bedroom which was used more for clothes storage than sleeping since most nights they slept with Reg. They stopped and briefly chatted totally uninhibited by they nakedness on their way to the bathroom shower. Will naturally examined each body. Twenty-five year old Rob was handsome with an average body in height and overall build. His most outstanding feature was his innocent face. His soft cut dick hanging over small round balls crowned by a thatch of light hair was in perfect proportion to the rest of his body. The nipples on his smooth hairless chest seemed to be saying ‘pinch me’. Jake’s thirty-three year old body was gorgeous. His, tall, muscular body without an ounce of fat, hosted a large uncut totally encased soft dick hanging over low swinging balls. It appeared to be both a handful and a mouthful. After a quick shower they returned to the bedroom now sprouting rock hard and apparently ready dicks. The head of Jake’s was now half exposed peeping out of the thick skin. Jake kneeled on the bed next to Will as Rob kneeled next to Reg. Will reached for the offered manhood. He gently stroked it pulling the skin fully forward and then all the way back exposing the moist head. He then leaned in and savored the combination of raw man odor and soap. As he brought it to his lips Jake gave no resistance as he leaned forward forcing his impressive piece down the throat of the older and experienced man. As Jake slowly pumped in and out Will reached down and opened his robe. He began to jack his own dick as he swallowed his friend’s. Jake reached down and pushed Will’s hand away from the dick it was fisting. “Let me take care of it.” Jake pulled out of Will’s mouth and soon swallowed the seventy year old dick. When Will felt his juices starting to rise he pushed Jake away and guided the young man’s impressive piece back to his mouth. After a few strokes Jake warned Will that he was close. Will gave a ‘thumbs up’ and continued with his eager mouth. Jake cried out as he unloaded a volcano of cum into Will’s thirsty mouth. As Jake leaned in to once again swallow Will’s, the older man thought to himself, ‘I could never cum and then immediately reciprocate, well maybe at his age I could.’ As Will shot he heard Reg moaning with pleasure as Rob also swallowed mature cum. The two couples sleep in each other’s arms. In the morning the young men had no difficulty getting their mature friends to start the day with an encore. This time Rob entertained Will. Being a Saturday morning they had time for a relaxing breakfast. Wearing robes Will and Reg went down to the kitchen and cooked while the young men lingered upstairs. Reg told Will that Rob was probably on his back receiving a loving fuck from his lover. He explained that Rob was a bottom that usually reserved himself only for Jake. The two came downstairs naked and smiling. Breakfast was as much of a visual treat as a culinary experience. Knowing that Will was a professional photographer the boys requested photos of themselves. Rob wanted a photo of him in a suit with a tie to send to his parents. His last formal photo had been his high school graduation photo seven years earlier. At this request Jake felt hollowness since he could not send a photo of himself to his parents and many siblings for two reasons. First, to his family he was officially dead, having left the Amish community. But secondly, even if he had been on good terms with his family they would not accept a photo as the Amish believe that photographs in which they can be recognized violate the Biblical commandment, ‘Thou shalt not make unto thyself a graven image.’ Since the Amish believe humility is an important value they hold personal photos calling attention on one’s self sinful. Photos are prohibited from their homes. First photos with the filled bookcase as a background were taken of each individually and the two together. Then photos in less formal poses were taken. Then to the great pleasure of Will, Jake asked if photos of them naked could be taken. For the next hour photos in various positions were taken. They included: in bed with sheets covering their privates, posing like Greek statues with soft dicks and smiles, jacking each other and finishing with both full scene and close ups of Jake fucking his lover. Both Reg and Will had a glorious time posing the young men. The photographer was paid for his services ‘in kind’ with a very sensuous suck off by Jake and Rob. They would have to wait at least a month to see the results of the session as Will’s sophisticated developing equipment was at the farm. The remainder of the weekend included sightseeing, conversation, enjoyable meals at home and in restaurants and of course fun for all in the giant bed. Monday morning Will and Reg departed Washington for their ‘Road Trip’ with major destinations being Athens, Georgia and Daisyville, Georgia ending in Key West, Florida. In Athens where Will’s lover, JB, had lived, they would meet with Will’s attorney and financial advisor. Daisyville was the town just three hours south of Athens where Will had met JB while both taught at Daisyville College. Although JB had moved to Athens where he became a distinguished professor of Economics he and Will maintained they loving relationship with frequent visits during the school term and long travels in the summer. After both had retired they had moved to Ohio and lived together until JB’s death. They could have driven from Washington to Athens, Georgia in one long drive but decided to do it in a two day easy trip with a night in Greensboro, North Carolina. There was no special reason to visit Greensboro except that it was about half way to Athens. Following dinner and a movie, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf, in Greensboro they returned to their motel for a relaxing evening in each other’s arms. On the road the following morning they discussed the movie they had seen the previous evening. George (Richard Burton) and Martha (Elizabeth Taylor), a middle aged married couple used alcohol and their verbal battles to mask their emotional dependence on each other. The young couple visiting their home that evening: Nick (George Segal) and Honey (Sandy Dennis) plied with alcohol get caught up in melodrama. After the discussion Reg took Will’s hand, “If that represents married life with a woman I am sure glad I’m in a man to man relationship.” “Amen,” Said Will as he squeezed Reg’s hand. Will then described his friends they would be meeting and what to expect in Athens, Georgia. They would be staying at the home of Daniel Hewes and Alfred Noir. Daniel, had been Will’s and his lover’s, JB, stockbroker and investment advisor for many years. Their routine financial affairs were handled by the very able Victor Hermoso in Daniel’s office. Daniel’s lover and partner of many years was Alfred Noir. To outsiders Alfred was Daniels ever faithful butler, houseman and chauffeur. To Daniel’s circle of friends and inside his house Alfred was his lover and partner. They had a chance meeting on the street twenty years earlier. Actually each had ‘eye fucked’ as they passed and each had turned around a block later. Daniel walked back to the handsome tall Negro and after a brief conversation suggested he come to his office in an hour. Of course in those days a Negro approached by a white man on the street would be very humble. Alfred had laughed as the story was originally told, ’When he invited me to his office I thought – he wants a blow job.’ Alfred was surprised when Daniel was very cordial and ordered lunch be brought in. Alfred again joked later, ‘Actually I was disappointed there was no blow job, that day. He sure was a handsome, hot and a nice man for a white guy.’ Within a week Daniel had a live in butler, yardman. Or at least that is what the neighbors thought. Alfred was in his bed and in his heart. Daniel saw potential in this man who enjoyed reading. He encouraged and supported Alfred’s college studies. Alfred had worked as a waiter at the white men’s country club and also served at private parties in homes. The white folks saw him as no more important than a piece of furniture and told friends intimate stories within his hearing. Alfred wrote a trashy novel about a wealthy woman’s obsession with a black yard man. She spied on him when he hosed himself off at the end of the day. He soon discovered she was watching and gave her a show. This of course greatly increased his daily pay. She invited her friends to watch him and his compensation increased. The husband became suspicious and the story continued with a happy ending. Daniel had found the novel, read it and showed it to his mother. She, who enjoyed conversations with Alfred, gave it to a lady friend to read. The friend’s husband had connections in publishing. This resulted in Alfred being a prolific author of trashy paperback novels. He used various pen names and no one suspects that these intimate racy books are written by a black gay man. Today, Alfred has substantial income from his book royalties. He has written serious novels which I have read. Unfortunately none have generated the income or interest equal to the trash he easily pushes out.” “The young man in Daniel’s office handling my account is Victor Hermoso. He is an extremely talented man in many ways. I know you will enjoy meeting him.” “You will also meet my attorney, Bradford Miller and his younger associate Oliver ‘Ollie’ Kingston. Thanks to Bradford and Ollie all the legal issues both JB and I had concerning investments and JB’s estate have been expertly handled.” “Ollie was a law student at the top of his class when he met Bradford. They two were sitting next to each other at a dinner honoring law students. Their knees touched which led to a very satisfying personal and professional relationship. Bradford invited Ollie to intern at his firm where he is now a respected associate and occasional bed partner.” Their knock was answered by the handsome, tall, milk chocolate colored Alfred. As soon as the door to the street was closed Alfred pulled Will into a tight hug and they deep kiss. “It is so good to see and taste you, Professor Lang. And who is this handsome man?” As Will introduced Reg, Alfred pulled him into an embrace. While they did not kiss Alfred stared into the eyes of the astonished and very pleased man. “Will is an interesting and sensual man. I assume the person he chooses to travel with has similar attributes. Welcome to our home.” Still holding Reg and with his face inches away he continued, “If there is anything I can do to make you visit pleasant it would be my pleasure to do so.” Will told Alfred that they would like to rest since they wanted to be revitalized for the dinner party that evening. They knew a party hosted by Alfred and David would include interesting and fun guests. Alfred replied that a very delightful evening was planned. He suggested the men rest and with a smile advised they keep their pants zipped as he would not want them to do anything that would diminish their ability to fully enjoy the evening. He showed them the guest room. They noted there was a book case filled with paperback books. When questioned Alfred admitted they were all his trashy but to him very financially rewarding novels. Each took a book assuming the story lines would help put them to sleep. The novels were easy to read. They later were told the books were written at a fourth grade reading level to accommodate and sell to all readers. The story lines were predictable. The book Will read was about a single woman who had just been jilted by her wealthy fiancée, Humphrey. He was wealthy from inheritance not brains. He had forced himself on her in their junior year in college while expressing total love for her. She gave in to his rough treatment as he appeared as sincere as his wealth. He had forced her to pleasure him in various ways including tasting his smelly manhood in the barn after they had gone horseback riding. Shaken by the rejection she was driving to an aunt’s home in Maine when she became stranded in a snow storm at a motel that catered to truckers. She shared a table in the small restaurant next to the motel with a tall, handsome but apparently not very educated trucker. He offered to walk her back to her room as the wind and snow was fierce. The story continued with him soon in her bed. She had initiated the love making as he was too much of a gentleman to force himself on her. This trucker was tender treating her like a porcelain doll. Although his manhood was twice the size of her Humphrey’s she felt only ecstasy in the trucker’s arm, not the agony of encounters of the ex-fiancée. Tasting his manhood was appetizing, the penetration heavenly. So the story continued. Reg’s story was as simple except it was about an unhappy wife who found joy with the immigrant uncircumcised Czech janitor working at her husband’s business. The first uncircumcised manhood she had ever seen, tasted or felt the euphoria when entered. Alfred knocked and entered the room finding both men asleep. Gently waking them he announced Daniel had arrived home and the first guest would arrive soon. The remainder would be there within an hour. The two quickly showered and dressed for the evening. Downstairs Will introduced Reg to David (Attorney Bradford), tall handsome, about 6’ 2” (1.9 m), penetrating blue eyes and big hands which Reg later learned matched his equipment. They noted two young men who they later learned were University of Georgia students and football players were setting the table. They had identical physiques. Both were about 5’ 10” (1.8m), wore U of Georgia Bull Dog T shirts that were tight enough to emphasize their bold chests and inviting nipples. Their tight Levis emphasized their narrow waists and sculptured round asses. With identical smiles and sparkling eyes they might be considered twins except one was white with sapphire blue eyes and the other Negro with dark brown eyes. As Daniel introduced Will and Reg to Branch and Martin a gorgeously handsome tall blond came out of the kitchen carrying a tray of glasses for the table. They were introduced to Aiden, a graduate student at U of Georgia pursuing his MBA (Master’s in Business Administration). While his upper body was not as muscular as the football players his narrow waist and sculptured ass were as inviting as the black and white twins. Daniel told them they would get to know the young men later. To Reg’s shock a stunning Negro woman entered the room. Her skin color was almost ebony, one of the blackest Negros he had ever seen. Her deep brown, almost black, eyes were a contrast to her long blond hair. Her black dress with a low neckline was designed to accentuate her ample bosom. The length of her shapely muscular legs was emphasized by the short length of her dress. The hot pink spike heel shoes were the foundation for the sexiest looking female Reg had ever been close to. Daniel introduced Victoria, an associate in his office. Since both Will and Reg had expressed an interest in investment possibilities Daniel had asked Victoria to come early and give the men background on some of the current activities in his office. Reg was surprised when Will and Victoria who appeared to be old friends warmly greeted each other with hugs and kisses on the cheeks. Daniel suggested they go to his home office down the hall. Victoria led them to blueprints on the desk and began explaining the feasibility of an office building project in Atlanta their firm was helping to finance. Reg, who was familiar with such investments, was impressed with Victoria’s knowledge and professional commentary. Reg was also impressed with her answers to his questions. After about ten minutes Victoria stated, “Gentlemen, maybe there is another opportunity you would like to explore.” As she said this her dress fell to the floor. Victoria stood in front of Reg wearing a black bra and very frilly very brief lacey black panties. A black garter belt held up the black stockings. “Do you like what you see?” Reg was embarrassed in front of his friend, Will, being both annoyed and astonishingly horny. He did not understand his feelings as never before had the presence of a woman tantalized his dick. The presence of a woman had never made him horny before. What was different about this blond, ebony black Negro. When she smiled with her crimson red lips he felt the beginning of a stirring in his crotch. Then he felt his hard dick pressing against his tight briefs encased in his pants. She stepped forward and rubbed against Reg’s bulging crotch. Since she was shorter they were not crotch to crotch. “You better stop or I will lose it before the party begins” Reg whispered. Victoria stepped back and sexily rubbed her hands over her tits and bra. She put her fingers down into her frilly black panties and then moved her now moist fingers to Reg’s nose and lips. The smell of her moist hand caused his own dick to drip out some juice. She then took Reg’s hands and guided them over her bra and then panties. She took his hand and placed it under the elastic at the top of the panties. As she slowly pushed his hand down she said, “There are some things that are more fun to erect than a building.” Reg had a very strange feeling. He suddenly realized he was pressing against a folded hard moist dick. “Victoria has a surprise for the white boy,” she said. Reg lowered the panties and out popped a smaller than average cut dick. He examined the dick and the hairless crotch area. He had rarely seen a shaved dick. Kneeling he examined it fondling the smooth balls and rubbing his fingers over the smooth like a baby area where a patch of hair would normally crown the dick. He leaned forward and licked it, then easily swallowed to the base. She/he placed her hands on the sides of Reg’s head and pumped. Soon Reg was rewarded with a torrent of cum that he happily swallowed. Will then said, “Thanks for the show. I have known Victor/Victoria for years. He is a multitalented person. Thanks to him my investments have been as well taken care of in addition to giving me and JB and now you special pleasures. I am sure you will enjoy Victoria more this evening and Victor tomorrow when we visit his office. As Will and Reg returned to the living room Will told Reg that the episode in the office had been jointly planned by himself, Daniel their host and Victoria. He hoped Reg enjoyed his introduction to ‘Southern Hospitality’. Reg stopped Will in the hall, turned to him and pressed his lips to his friend’s. He gently forced his tongue into Will’s accepting mouth. Kissing Will he said, “I enjoyed the interlude. I hope some of the spunk was still on my tongue for you to taste.” As they entered the living room they were introduced to the other guests who had just arrived: Attorney Bradford Miller and his associate Attorney Oliver ‘Ollie’ Kingston. As they were introduced both Will and Reg thought about the college students helping in the kitchen realizing this could be an interesting evening. AND IT WOULD BE!
  7. Chapter 2 Meanwhile, Back On The Farm

    May 1965 In the final chapters of Boys of the 1950s and Russia My Home Peter, Tom, Uncle Will and Keith were enthralled by the story of his life told by Vlad as they sat at the kitchen table in Will’s Seville, Ohio farm house. Following Vlad’s story Peter, Tom and Vlad went to the barn to milk the cows. Vlad received a lesson on milking. Then the three returned to the house for showers. They were soon naked in the large shower upstairs. After twenty minutes of washing each other, biting, caressing, kissing, sucking all had swallowed the juice of one of the others. As they dried each other Vlad thought to himself, ‘I sure would like to get to know these guys better.’ AND HE DID. Returning to the bedroom where they had dropped their clothes Tom, still horney although he had just cum, made a suggestion. “Peter, lie on the bed. I think Vlad wants to get to know you better.” Peter, horney as usual, did as suggested. Tom then took four short pieces of rope from the nightstand drawer. Handing two to Vlad he started tying Peter’s hands to the bed’s headboard. “What the fuck are you doing to me,” Peter cried out as the two began tying him down. As he started to twist and resist Tom leaned in. “Trust me my friend. Would I do anything to hurt the body that has been giving me so much pleasure for ten years. Just relax. Have no fear, your lover is near.” Tom leaned in and kissed Peter hard and deep as he continued to tie the hands. Vlad needed no instructions as he also tied the feet. With Peter tied spread eagle on the bed the other two stood on each side. Starting with his ears Tom massaged, tickled and/or licked every part of Peter’s right side as Vlad did the left. Knowing that Peter, who had no armpit hair, was especially sensitive in the pit area Tom lingered there with caresses, licks and bites. Vlad followed on the other side. They moved down the body with both deep throating Peter’s hard dripping cut dick. Ending at the toes they first kissed each one and then tickled the bottom of the feet. Sensitive Peter moaned and laughed begging the two to stop the foot torture. He pleaded for cock relief as his swollen dick began to ache from the stress of the playing. His requests were ignored. Then Tom stood at Peter’s side and began rubbing his hard dick against an arm pit. Vlad did the same on the other side and the two were squeezing their precum onto the pits. Both began to stroke and soon each shot their loads onto the pits. Tom then said, “Well that was fun, let’s go downstairs and have more coffee.” as he put on his clothes. He and Vlad then returned to the kitchen leaving Peter in a state of agony and ecstasy tied spread eagle on the bed with his aching hard dick pointing to the ceiling. The warm cum shooting onto his pits had brought him almost to the brink, instead it just left him totally but happily frustrated. Downstairs Tom told Will and Keith they had left Peter tied to the bed. He suggested the two older men go up and help their friend get it off. The two went up and when they saw the frustrated and very hard Peter on the bed they each rose to the occasion and pulled out their dicks. Kneeling over Peter both men stroked and then shot aiming their loads on Peter’s dick and balls. Using their cum as a lubricant Will fisted Peter who shot an intense load after a few strokes. They then left the young man covered with his own cum from stomach to face and others’ juices in his pits and on his dick and balls. Tom and Peter had never played this way before. But Tom was positive his lover would enjoy a new adventure. The four sat at the table drinking coffee and reading the Sunday Cleveland Plain Dealer when Jacob Winkler, the farmer who now owned the barn and land around the farm house entered. Jacob had been the lover of Bob, the original owner of the farm in the 1930s and 1940s. Bob had died on D-Day. His nephew, Sean – now Roman Catholic Priest Father McFadden, had inherited the farm with the instruction that it should go to Jacob if Sean did not farm it. Sean had given the farm to Jacob. Will then purchased the farmhouse from Jacob. Jacob was married and had children and grandchildren. Jacob brought a fresh baked apple pie his wife, who was oblivious to her husband’s activities with men, had suggested he take to Will. Tom told Jacob about the fun with Peter who was still tied to the bed upstairs. Jacob, a very willing bottom, who at age 52 needed no encouragement ran upstairs. He found Peter covered in cum sleeping. His soft dick looked very inviting. Jacob took it in his fist and even before Peter was fully awake the dick was. Peter looked at Jacob and with a twinkle in his eye said, “mount me.” The farmer removed his boots and pants. Opening the drawer of the nightstand where he knew there was a can of Crisco he took out the can and lubed both his ass and Peter’s dick that was covered with drying cum. Jacob got on the bed and facing Peter lowered himself onto the shaft of steel. Meanwhile downstairs the group was surprised when the kitchen door opened again. In walked Paul Winkler and his four year old son, Paul Jr. “Hi, Junior and I were driving by and saw all the cars. Thought we would stop in and say – ‘Hi’.” Tom stood and shook his friend’s hand (the straight farmer, his age, son of Jacob). Tom introduced Paul to Vlad. “Daddy, I have to peepee,” said Junior as he started to walk to the stairs leading to the upstairs bathroom and bedroom where his grandfather was getting fucked by Peter. Will quickly jumped up, “You can use the bathroom in my bedroom. Peter is upstairs taking a shower.” Will then led the little boy to his bedroom with its entrance from the living room. Paul then commented, “I saw my Dad’s truck in the driveway. Thought he might be in here. I see he must have brought one of Mom’s pies.” Tom replied, “He was here, he said he was going to the barn”. Little Paul Junior returned from the bathroom and hearing that his grandpa was there said, “I wonder what grandpa is doing. Let’s go find him”. At this Tom chuckled as he thought, ‘Oh, little boy, if you only knew what your grandpa was doing.” Paul looked at Tom quizzically, “What’s so funny?” With a straight face Tom replied, “Just thought of a grandpa joke. I cannot repeat it in front of little ears.” Paul was totally oblivious to Tom’s life style although along with Peter they had jerked off together as teenagers and had some grab ass fun at the swimming hole on the other side of the pasture. Both Tom and Peter had obsessed over Paul’s magnum cock, the largest either had ever seen with the possible exception of Roland John’s the short slender book store manager. Tom went upstairs as Paul and Junior finished a piece of pie prior to heading for the barn. He found Peter still tied to the bed. Jacob was riding Peter and jerking himself off. “Sorry to interrupt you busy people. But Paul and your grandson, Junior, just stopped by. They saw the pie and asked if you were here. I told them you probably were in the barn.” Just as Tom entered the room Jacob felt his juices rising. As Tom talked the farmer shot across Peter’s stomach, to his lips. This sight brought Peter off who pumped his third load of the afternoon into the happy farmer as he licked his friend’s cum off his face. Jacob panting, “I will clean myself up and get dressed. Let me know when they go out the kitchen door. I’ll sneak out the front door and meet them at the barn.” Jacob cleaned himself, put on his clothes and waited at the top of the stairs. Peter was left tied to the bed with six loads of cum covering his body from his five friends as well as himself. Jacob escaped out the front door and found his son and grandson in the barn who were never aware that dad / grandpa had been upstairs getting fucked. Tom went upstairs and entered the bedroom. As he entered Peter said, “Are you going to abuse me more, you fucking pervert?” After Tom untied his lover Peter stood. “What the fuck kind of friend are you. You and the Russian abuse me. You send the old men upstairs to have their way with me. At least they had the courtesy of getting me off. Then you send the farmer up to rape me. What the fuck kind of friend are you, you god-damned sadistic deviant. Peter then leaned into his friend and whispered into his ear, “The best kind of sadistic deviant. That was awesome. BUT be aware, I will someday, when you least expect it, get you back.” Peter then wrapped his arms around his lover and held him tight while grinding his crotch into Tom’s. When he stepped back Tom’s clothes were covered with the sticky cum of Tom, Vlad, Keith, Will, Jacob and the massive load Peter had shot onto himself. Tom looked down at the mess on his clothes and laughed, “The joke’s on you my friend. This week is your week to do the laundry.” Both boys laughed. Within an hour they were driving home to Columbus. As Peter, Tom and Keith drove they discussed Vlad’s story. The two young men described in detail the Russian’s handsome dick attributes to Keith. As they talked about Vlad’s dick Peter reached over and placed his hand on Tom’s, (the driver) crotch. “What are you doing you lecherous boy?” Tom exclaimed. “The thought of Vlad’s uncut dick made me think of yours.” Peter replied as he caressed the crotch. “You taught me to enjoy the feel and taste of an intact man. If your dick is going to tempt me, so be it.” From the back seat Keith laughed as he said, “Do you two ever think of anything but dick?” Peter replied, “Dick is not the only thing that I enjoy about my friend. I also appreciate his balls, his chest and nipples and the taste of his sweaty arm pits. Sometimes I even appreciate him for his mind.” He then unzipped Tom and with some difficulty pulled out the now rock hard dick. Peter leaned over and as Tom drove swallowed him. Having just cum about an hour earlier Tom lasted longer than usual. Soon Peter was drinking in his love’s cream. Holding his mouth shut he sat up and took out his own dick. Then he spit Tom’s cum onto his hand and used it to lube his dick as he stroked soon shooting into the ever ready glad rag kept under the seat. “Four times in one day. Haven’t done that since my high school days. Not bad for a twenty-seven year old guy.” Bragged Peter. Keith spoke up from the back seat, “Hand me the glad rag. You two naughty boys got me all excited.” Keith then wrapped the cum infested rag around his dick and happily took care of himself. Arriving home they found their wives watching the end of the Ed Sullivan show. The Beetles had their final of five performances on the show that evening singing five songs including ‘Yesterday’. While the ‘boys’ were sorry they missed the performance they did not regret anything about the weekend. They gave their wives a somewhat edited review of their activities including both the Club and their new friend Vlad. Ann’s comment was, “I wonder if there are such clubs for women? Maybe someday.” Two weeks later Ann and Louise traveled to Dayton for the weekend visiting a friend from college, Mary Lou, and her friend / roommate / lover for a fun time of girl stuff. Peter and Tom, the good fathers, stayed home taking care of the four children: one three year old and three one year olds including the twins. Two weeks later the boys were on the road early Friday afternoon. They stopped in Pleasant Valley and picked up their friend, Sean (Father McFadden), for his introductory visit to the baths. Some say that a man hits his sexual peak in his forties. At 47 Sean was at a level equal to the boys at their age of 27 each. During the forty minute drive to their erotic destination the boys gave Sean a complete description of the joys and opportunities at this establishment. On the phone when Tom had called his former priest and confessor he had given general information with the guarantee that Sean would have an ‘excellent’ time. Following checking in and changing to nothing but towels they took Sean on a quick tour. They met ‘Fill Me Up-Phil’, the Twink that considered himself the official welcomer of the Baths. He offered his ass to all new guests. Usually the guest was just offered the ass once but after Tom and Peter double penetrated his legendary ass he welcomed them again and again. Tom told Phil that they would meet him in the ‘orgy room’ later where they would give a double dick penetration performance for any and all to observe followed by Sean’s initiation. The three then headed toward the sauna to relax prior to their Phil adventure. As they walked down the hall they encountered Vlad. Tom had called Vlad the day before and suggested they meet at the baths. Vlad and Sean immediately recognized each other remembering their meeting seven years earlier in 1958 at the home of their mutual friends: Roland and Alex. Sean had been at the home for his afternoon rendezvous with his friend and lover Keith, a priest from Akron. He had stayed for dinner and met Vlad and his then lover, Adam. The four had an enjoyable after dinner treat with Alex on his back fucked by all. The two immediately renewed their friendship. When Vlad was told that Fill me up Phil was waiting to get a double fuck from Peter and Tom followed by Sean’s initiation Vlad suggested they do it now to ‘get it out of the way’. The scene in the orgy room was as expected. Tom and Peter double fucked but had decided not to cum. Vlad then had his way with the young Twink. Following the fuck Phil as usual removed the cum filled rubber from Vlad, pulled it over his small dick and finished himself off depositing a second load into the rubber. Following the exhibition in the orgy room the four decided to pair off and just enjoy each other. Following showers Vlad and Sean spent the rest of the evening in Vlad’s small room while Peter and Tom enjoyed each other in Tom’s small room. The two boys had fallen asleep in each other’s arms when there was a knock on their door. It was Sean announcing that he would go home with Vlad and hoped to see Tom at Sunday morning mass. Tom and Peter returned to the farm in Seville. Saturday morning after milking the cows Peter graded student assignments and Tom helped Uncle Will with projects around the house. While Peter continued with school work Tom and Will drove to Wooster to grocery shop. That afternoon Tom and Peter drove to Pleasant Valley where each visited his parents having dinner and then sleeping alone in each of their childhood beds. They each enjoyed jerking off in their beds as they had started doing over fifteen years earlier. After breakfasts with their separate parents each went to church: Peter to the Methodist Church with his parents and Tom to the Catholic Church with his parents. At communion Father McFadden (Sean) paused as he gave the bread to Tom. Following the service Tom departed the church with his parents shaking Sean’s hand at the door very formally but tight. Then a few minutes later as the crowd thinned Sean told Tom how much he had enjoyed reconnecting with Vlad. Since their Russian friend would be free Wednesday afternoon he and his friend, Keith, would visit him for their weekly romp. As Tom walked away his mother encountered Sean. After a short conversation between Sean and his mother she proudly announced that Father McFadden would be joining them for Sunday dinner. Tom laughed to himself thinking about eating with Father McFadden Friday evening although no real food just a Twinkie had been on the menu. During dinner Father McFadden (Sean) impressed Tom’s mother with his interest in Tom’s family. They discussed the children as well as Tom’s and Anne’s jobs and studies. Father McFadden already knew everything that was discussed but did not want Tom’s parents to know how close he was to their son. As he departed he asked Tom to stop by the rectory before departing for home as he had Bible related books for the children. Later that afternoon Tom first picked up Peter at his parents’ home and then stopped at Sean’s home where the three had an intimate goodbye session. Sean also gave his friends a full account of his overnight visit with Vlad. There were no surprises as he described his love making with the Russian. Vlad had given Sean a key to his apartment so he could meet with his lover, the priest Frank from Akron, the following Wednesday. Vlad would be at the university and would return in time for dinner and what else might be on the evening’s menu.
  8. Life Goes On

    Book THREE of the Boy’s Trilogy. Peter and Tom of Boy’s of the 1950s are now friends of Vlad, the Moscow boy of Russia My Home. They have numerous adventures with their circle of acquaintances. Adventures include Peter and Tom seeing Bette and Barry at the Continental Baths and getting involved in the Stonewall riots. Peter’s son develops strong feelings for a farm boy. The story continues from 1965 to the present day.
  9. Chapter 1 Cast of Characters

    Life Goes On is the sequel to Boys of the 1950s and Russia My Home. In 1965 the main characters of the two stories met. Peter Smith and Tom Kowalski, high school graduates of 1956 and Russian Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Melnikov became friends following a night at the Baths. Their stories continue as they and their many acquaintances (family, friends, lovers, etc.) have adventures from 1965 to the present day. Chapter 2, published the same day as Chapter 1 begins their adventures. In this first chapter a list with brief biographies of the main characters of the previous books is provided. First the three main characters are presented. The other significant characters are then listed alphabetically by first names. It is suggested that you refer to this listing as you read future chapters. The list will be updated as new characters are introduced. Each name is identified as <Boys>, <Russia>, or <Life> indicting where they were first introduced in Boys of the 1950s, Russia My Home or Life Goes On. ……………………………………….. The main men: Peter Smith, Tom Kowalski and Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Melnikov: Peter Smith <Boys > - born 1938, Pleasant Valley, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio - Quiet, scholar – a chance meeting with Tom Kowalski during their senior year in high school in Fall 1955 results in the two becoming lovers. Graduated high school 1956. Married Louise Schultz (Lover of Ann – Tom’s wife), Father of twins born 1964: Peter Thomas and Louise Ann. Kent State University, Mechanical Engineering; Ohio State PhD Mechanical engineering, Faculty Ohio State. At 6 foot, thin, dark wavy hair, dark brown eyes he would be considered handsome if he tried, he didn’t care. Cut, bottom to his Lover- definitely above average dick. Obsessed with arm pits since his are hairless. Tom / Tomas Kowalski <Boys > born 1938, Pleasant Valley, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio - Top jock of high school – a chance meeting with Peter Smith during their senior year in high school in Fall 1955 results in the two becoming lovers. Graduated high school 1956. Married Ann Gates (Lover of Louise – Peter’s wife), Father of Ann Margaret 1962 and Sean Peter 1964. Graduate Kent State University, Executive Training Program at Olentangy Insurance, Columbus, Ohio, Tall, blond, blue eyes, thin; uncut, dick length was almost exactly the same as Peter’s, maybe a little shorter but definitely in the above average macho size. His girth was just exactly at average. Top Vlad, Vladimir, Vladek Melnikov <Russia> – born 1920, Moscow – Extremely intelligent, attended special school to learn German language; first love Herr Franz Eberhardt, his German teacher; meets Soviet General Valery Karasyovl, becomes his aide and lover during war; end of war assigned to Berlin; meets American Major Alan Walters, they become lovers; escapes to USA; works for Pentagon; meets and moves in with Reginald ‘Reg’ Bagley; Completes undergraduate degree at George Washington University; moves to Cleveland, Completes PhD at Western Reserve University, Professor at WRU; Has varies friends and lovers; Meets ‘Boys of the 1950s’ (Tom Kowalski and Peter Smith) in 1965. A small amount of hair on his chest, under his arms and around his uncut dick, strong arms. His dick is not the biggest and his balls did not hang the lowest but they were perfectly formed ……………………………………………………………… Other significant characters alphabetically by first name: Adam Thompson <Russia> born 1929, Negro, artist, met Vlad while cruising men’s room at university, became Vlad’s lover; broke up because they believed a white / negro relationship would not be accepted. Remained good friend. New lover, Noah, He has uncut, long, thick dick. Alan Foyle <Boys > born 1935– Love child of Alex Petrov and June Foyle tall, blond, blue eyes. Straight Alan - Major Alan Walters <Russia> born 1903, Pennsylvania – Vlad met him in Berlin immediately after war when Vlad was assigned by Soviets to work with and spy on Americans in administration of Berlin. Vlad actually spied for Americans as he became disgusted with Soviet activities in Berlin. Alan helped Vlad escape to USA. married, two children, lives near Johnstown PA, farmer - a son (born 1927) served in the US Navy in the Pacific and a daughter – Nancy (born 1929 ) wife Mildred, Millie. His cut dick, a really want it bottom. Alex Petrov.– <Boys > & <Russia> Born around 1911, St Petersburg, Russia – Life time partner of Roland Johns, tall, just under six feet, and muscular. He had the bluest eyes Peter had ever seen and dirty blond hair. Large uncircumcised dick. A very willing bottom. Alfred Noir – <Boys > To outsiders in Athens Georgia butler of Daniel Hewes, but actually Daniel’s lover and partner, Writer – independently wealthy from royalties from trashy women’s novels. Handsome tall Negro, milk chocolate, large dick, uncut with long overhang Anatoli - <Russia> Tram operator a tall thin man. Vlad’s description - I don’t remember his age or face but I can describe in detail his beautiful khuy (dick). The man Vlad watched shower at age six. Ann Gates – <Boys > born 1938, wife of Tom Kowalski, Lover of Louise Schultz Smith Belle, Mrs. Forest <Boys > – attractive Negro about 60, housekeeper of Uncle Will, Aunt to Henry Bailey Beth Kowalski - <Boys> Tom’s older sister, a student at Marywood College in Scranton Bible Billy, <Russia> Acquaintance of Reg (not a close friend) - Senator from a southern state, trademark – always carries a Bible, To his constituents a segregationist - against Negro rights, Elisha – his Negro butler is his lover and also his brains, he advises Bible Billy on all legislative matters and runs his office. Billy enjoys handsome men and savors receiving golden showers (pissed on). Bob - Uncle Bob <Boys > – Born 1913, Sean’s uncle, Jacob Winkler’s lover, died D-Day, owned farm in Seville, Ohio, left it to Sean. Bradford, Attorney Miller <Boys > About the same age as Uncle Will and JB (born in 1890s). Personal attorney to Will and JB. Office in Athens Georgia, Tall, trim, totally bald with cobalt blue eyes Peter thought he was an extremely attractive man. Gay Charlie <Boys> (1957) Breslau Pennsylvania, – abandoned by mother – Ralph Woods and Tim Snodgress became his guardian, Brother of Eddie. (See Ralph and Tim) Daniel Hewes <Boys > – Will’s and JB’s Stockbroker and investment advisor in Athens, Georgia – tall handsome – 6’2” 190 lb (1.88 m 86 kg), penetrating blue eyes, big hands, Lover is Alfred Noir, cut above average dick. David Windsor <Russia> born 1894 He was a patron of the arts, philanthropist and obviously very wealthy. His toy boy is Giovanni Eddie <Boys> (1956) Breslau Pennsylvania, – abandoned by mother – Ralph Woods and Tim Snodgress became his guardians. Brother of Charlie. (See Ralph and Tim) Elisha <Russia> To outsiders Negro servant of Senator Bible Billy, actually lover and political advisor to the Senator. tall about six feet (1.83m), wide shoulders, flat stomach, dark brown eyes that gleamed, a welcoming smile on a handsome face and dark almost black skin. He is truly a man of beauty. Eric <Russia> born 1916, Berlin – Student of Herr Franz Eberhardt; at age 16 caught receiving a blow job from his teacher. Son of a Nazi official. After the war in 1961 Vlad visits Berlin, meets Eric. The perfect Aryan specimen: tall, blond, blue eyes and muscular and of course – uncut. Frank <Boys > Priest in Akron, Ohio area, lover of Sean, Born 1918 A short, stocky, good looking man, Bottom, Franz, <Russia> Herr Franz Eberhardt - born 1905, Berlin – Vlad’s German teacher and lover. He escaped to Moscow from Berlin when he was caught in a comprising position (giving a blow job) with Eric, the sixteen year old son of a Nazi official. Vlad’s teacher and lover in Moscow. Sent to Siberia day Germany began invasion of Soviet Union. Survived the war and settled in Irkutsk, a city in Siberia. Average height -brown hair. – Versatile – usually top, smooth almost hairless chest and just tufts of hair under the arms and over the beautiful cock. Not a big or small cock, just an average yet perfect shape with the head slightly peeping out through the skin. Giovanni <Russia> – toy boy of David Windsor, born 1938 in USA – Italian parents Henry Bailey <Boys > – Born 1937, Did yard work for Will in Daisyville, nephew of Belle Forest, With financial support from Will graduated from Albany (Georgia) State College with English / education major, moved north with Seth, tall handsome, penetrating brown eyes. Uncut, big dick, Short kinky black hair - Jacob Winkler <Boys > – Born 1913, Farm boy lover of Uncle Bob who died on D-Day, married with children, Owns farm next to Sean’s, dick cut and smaller than the others. An appreciative bottom. Jacob (Jake) Yoder, <Russia> born 1932, Amish – When 18 met Vlad and Reg when their car broke down. Jake leaves Amish family, moves in with Reg and Vlad, completes high school, graduates from George Washington University, Works for US Agricultural Department, becomes lover of Rob, uncut, tall, muscular body without an ounce of fat. Jan – <Boys > Born 1916, Custodian at Franklin Elementary School, Peter worked for him one summer, sex play – Czech background – fought in US Navy, uncut average, very long pliable foreskin JB, Jerry Bob Huntington <Boys > born 1892, met Will 1928, they were life partners, Economics Professor, died 1963. June Foyle –<Boys > born 1906, Wife of wealthy Cleveland executive, seduced Alex when he did yard work at her home, gets pregnant, reluctantly dismisses Alex, has son, Alan, that unromantic husband believes is his. She reconnects with Alex twenty years later after husband dies and Alex’s firm is contracted to do landscaping at her home. Eventually Alex meets his son. Keith Klemen <Boys > Born 1905, Insurance executive who Tom met in Columbus while delivering furniture as college summer employment, becomes Tom’s mentor and occasional sex partner (with Peter), Meets Will, they become friends, cut / long thin dick / about 6 ft (1.83m), well built and very handsome. Penetrating eyes. A bottom. Louise Schultz –<Boys > born 1938, wife of Peter Smith, Lover of Ann Gates Kowalski Mildred, Miss Talbert – Aunt Millie <Russia> born 1886, Friend of Reg, Retired School teacher, tutored Jake, Her partner of 40 years had passed away. Misha Mayakovski <Russia> Soviet Embassy in Berlin- Pre War, Secretary to Ambassador – Friend of Herr Franz Eberhardt, they met while cruising in Berlin’s Tiergarten. Arranges Franz’s escape to Russia and teaching position in Russia. Miss Talbert – See Mildred Noah <Russia> born 1930, Negro, music teacher Adam met at summer workshop for teachers. They became friends and lover, cut, long and thick, mushroom head, low hanging balls. “Ollie”, Attorney Orville Kingston <Boys > born 1927, associate to Attorney Bradford Miller, handled Will’s JB’s and Peter’s legal issues from office in Athens, Georgia, average height, dick, cut, bottom – wonderful to touch Papa, <Russia> born late 1800s, Vlad’s father, was a handsome man. He always had a smile. Everyone liked papa. When papa showered Vlad was spellbound by his fine-looking body. Papa was tall, almost six feet (1.8 m) tall. He had just a small amount of hair on his chest, under his arms and around his khuy (dick). He had strong arms, legs and chest and a small waist. Like his son, his dick was not the biggest and his balls did not hang the lowest but they were perfectly formed Patrick Donovan <Russia> – American working in Moscow prior to war. Vlad met him in a bar and asked to help him with his English. General Valery Karasyovl arranged for him to return to USA by way of Vladivostak (Soviet east coast on Pacific) – probably saved his life as traveling west through Nazi Germany and other controlled areas would have been impossible. Vlad’s first American, first red head, first cut dick. Patrick, a very willing bottom, now resides in Brooklyn Heights (New York City) Paul Winkler – <Boys > boys born 1940 – Straight farmer, married Rachel, cut - the biggest dick Tom & Peter had ever seen (with the possible exception of Roland Johns); tall, handsome, muscular with black curly hair and penetrating brown eyes. Paul Winkler Jr. <Life> born 1961, son of Paul and Rachel Winkler Pavel <Russia> – Herr Franz Eberhardt met him at concert in Moscow before war, handsome, separated from wife, straight. Rachel Winkler –<Boys > born 1940, Paul Winkler’s wife Ralph Woods–<Boys > – born 1941, Met Tom Kowalski in basic training at Ft Knox, from a small town, Breslau, Pennsylvania, After Army returned home and met his lover, Tim Snodgrass. They became guardians to two abandoned boys: Eddie age 7 (1956) Charlie age 6 (1957) sons of Mary and Hank the bully. Ralph is 5’8 (1.7 m), thin average cut dick, virgin when he met Tom Reginald ‘Reg’ Bagley<Russia> – born 1897, met Vlad when the Russian attended a Methodist Church soon after arriving in USA, Vlad moved in, Works for State Department, wealthy from inheritance, tall, thin, slightly balding, sky blue eyes, small mustache, incredible smile that matched his personality. Cut Top, long slender shaft estimated to be 7 inches (18 cm) Rob, Robert Johnson, <Russia> born 1941, from Frog Creek Tennessee, met Reg and Vlad when he was hitchhiking to San Francisco to escape Frog Creek after high school graduation, moved in with Reg, graduated George Washington University, met and became lover of Jake Yoder, manager of bookstore, thin with light brown hair, average height, average dick, cut Roland Johns –<Boys> & <Russia> Born around 1911 . Bookstore manager, befriended Peter when he helped Peter while in high school obtain books with gay themes, lifetime partner of Alex. Small (about 5,6” – 1.65m, thin) man with the large cut dick, at least 7 inches, 18 cm. In appearance the opposite of lover, Alex Ronnie Smith <Boys > – Peters brother, 5 years younger – born 1943, Straight, Peter taught him jerking off, lost his virginity with bridesmaid night of Peter’s wedding (with Peter’s help in arranging place for it to happen), when it was discovered Peter had a low sperm count, asked to fuck Peter’s wife – Peter’s twins could be his – one or both. Sean, Father McFadden <Boys > Born 1918, Priest / confessor and good friend to Tom Kowalski. After boys 18th birthday (he would never do anything with a child) invites them to his farm in Seville. Sexual encounters, Lover is Frank- priest in Akron, Large Uncut – A top. Sebastian <Russia> and Morris – Gallery owners where Adam had art exhibit Seth Cuddley – <Boys > Born 1928, artist, pure white skin, red hair, participant in art class where Peter modeled nude in Daisyville, met Henry, they became lovers, moved to Cleveland, works for Alex’s landscaping business, cut dick average size, the sight of a bush of bright red hair was exquisite. Stan – <Russia> Polish, Emigrated to USA following war, became Tom’s (uncle of Major Alan Walters) farm hand near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, then bedmate. Tim Snodgrass – <Boys> born 1936 – son of owner of Plumbing Business in Breslau, Pennsylvania – Became Lover of Ralph Woods – co-guardian to Eddie and Charlie (see Ralph for details) tall and handsome with dark hair and big brown eyes, average thin cut dick Tom - Uncle Tom <Russia> born Pennsylvania 1892, Seduced (a very willing) teenage nephew Alan when they were forced to share a bed when Tom helped on his sister’s (Alan’s mother) farm. Tom now owns nearby farm where he lives with Stan, his Polish farm hand / bedmate. Valery, General Valery Karasyovl <Russia> born 1891- Vlad became his aide and lover during the war. General very respected, one of few men who openly disagreed with Stalin who needed him during but not after war, at end of war he disappeared using name of deceased soviet soldier who had no family to avoid arrest by Stalin. Victoria / Victor Hermoso <Boys > Investment counselor / manager. In office of David Hewes – Athens, Georgia. Extremely intelligent and competent (and well paid) but as a Negro limited as to interaction with clients. Cross dresser - As a girl - knock out beautiful, as a boy professional handsome. Dick - small cut – shaved crotch and pits, short about 5’ 6’’140 lb (1.65 m, 63.5kg) small hands – Will, Uncle William Lang <Boys > – Youngest brother of Peter’s Grandfather (mother’s side) born 1895 – art instructor small Baptist college in Daisyville, Georgia – Peter visited and met Henry Bailey and Seth Cudley, Lover of JB, Moved to Ohio with JB, Lives on farm, bought the farm house.
  10. 1961 - 1965 After returning from Berlin Vlad was soon back in his professoral routine. Adam and Noah invited him to attend a special gallery show featuring six artists. Adam was one of the artists displaying work and Noah, dressed as a cowboy, would provide guitar background music at this exhibit of ‘Rural America’ art. Walking through the exhibit drinking a POC (Pride of Cleveland) beer which was apparently the preferred drink of ‘rural Ohio’ Vlad was drawn to a farm scene painting with a house, barn and fields. What interested him was the Amish buggy parked next to the house. This scene reminded him of the home of his friend, Jacob, where he and Reg had stayed when their car broke down near Intercourse, Pennsylvania. He asked Sebastian, one of the gallery owners, if the artist was there. He was directed to an older man who introduced himself as William (Will) Lang. Vlad told Will about his Amish friend and Will told Vlad that he lived in an old farmhouse in Seville, near Media, about twenty-five miles south of Cleveland. He told Vlad that his specialty was rural scenes and that he frequently visited Holmes County, which has one of the largest Amish settlements in the USA. Vlad purchased the painting with the Amish buggy and told Will he would visit him someday in Seville. They exchanged addresses and phone numbers. As with many good intentions Vlad never followed up on the visit. …………………………………………. A few years later one Tuesday evening in 1965 Vlad visited Roland and Alex as he did about every two weeks. Vlad enjoyed the food, conversation and frequently the amazing sex with his friends. Over dinner Roland was telling about a new club that had opened in Cleveland. Club Cleveland Baths in downtown Cleveland was a place where men could meet other men, use the sauna or steam room, relax in private rooms where anything could happen behind closed doors or visit a large room where solo, duet or group sex with any willing participant in front of interested spectators happened. This room was called the ‘Orgy Room’. Vlad of course was extremely interested and wrote down the address which was just a couple of blocks from Public Square (Cleveland’s city center). The following Saturday noon as he walked up the stairs to the entrance of Club Cleveland he had no idea what to expect. At the top of the steps there was a small room with a counter attended by a handsome man in his late 20s. He told the attendant that he had heard this was a men’s club and that he was interested in relaxing and using the sauna and steam room. The young man asked how he had heard about the club and he told him a friend had visited a couple of weeks ago and had told him how much he had enjoyed meeting new friends and relaxing there. It was apparent the attendant wanted to make sure the customers realized this was a gay club where men could be with men. However the attendant had to be careful about what he said but appeared satisfied that this man knew what he was getting into. Vlad paid for the membership and admission and was given a towel and key to a room. The attendant then gave a brief description of the services available in the club. Each guest either had a private room with a bed where they could relax or use of a locker. The rooms all had key locks and could also be locked from the inside. There was a steam room, sauna and small whirlpool for rest and relaxation. He also explained that there were some open areas with places to lay down where he could relax. There was also a snack area with vending machines with soda and candy. Coffee was also available in this area. Vlad unlocked the door to his room and was surprised at the smallness of the room. It contained a narrow built in bed to the right with a thin mattress covered with a sheet. The room was the depth of the bed. To the left of the bed was a narrow walkway less than two feet wide. At the far end of the walkway there was a small shelf even with the bed. He undressed, hung his clothes on hooks at the foot of the bed next to the door and wrapped the towel around his waists. He then left the small room and locked the door placing the key holder on his wrist. The first room with an open door he passed had a very large man of indeterminate age on his stomach with his head at the far wall. His legs were spread and his ass was fully exposed advertising its availability considering the can of Crisco lying on the bed next to his ass. The door of the next room was closed. However, moans of pleasure and the crack of slaps emanated through the door. In the next open room a man at least 60 years with a slight pot belly was standing stroking his average cut dick. Vlad smiled and continued down the hall. As he walked down the hall a young man, actually a stereotype ‘TWINK’, stopped him. “Oh my, a dapper new face. It would be my pleasure to give you a special welcome to the Baths.” As the Twink said this he reached under Vlad’s towel and fondled his dick rolling the skin. “Oh my god, not only a handsome face and body but an intact cock. I am sure this nice piece was made for my ass. Unfortunately, you will have to wait awhile as my ass just welcomed a new guest. See you soon.” With that the Twink sashayed down the hall, patted his ass and then turned around and smiled. While Twinks were not at the top of Vlad’s list this one did have a unique appeal. There were more rooms down a hall to the left and a door that obviously led to the steam room since when a naked man emerged from the room steam bellowed out behind him. He noted the man had hung his towel on a rack outside the room so it would not become damp. Vlad hung his towel and entered the room naked. The steam was dense and he could only see shapes. He stood in a corner watching. Soon someone was standing next to him. This man rubbed Vlad’s chest and played with his nipples. Vlad just stood still not sure what he wanted. The stranger’s hand then moved to his stomach and was soon wrapped around his rising cock. He then kneeled and took Vlad’s now hard dick deep into his throat. After a couple of mouth strokes Vlad gently pushed him away saying, “Thanks but I don’t want to finish yet.” As his eyes became accustomed to the darkness of the room he saw this stranger move away from him and approach a seated man. The stranger kneeled again and was soon sucking the seated man who soon cried out as he apparently filled the sucker’s throat. Vlad left of the steam room and took a quick shower. Two other men were in the showers, both with had hard dicks. Vlad continued his exploration and found a large dimly lite room with some men sitting or lying on a platform in the middle of the room and others standing around observing or waiting or playing with themselves. As his eyes became accustomed to the darkness he saw three men entangled on the platform. One laid on his back on the platform and the second was placing his ass over the first’s rock hard dick and slowly slid down finally sitting on him with his back to him. Vlad realized it was the Twink that was impaled on the dick of the man on his back. As the Twink leaned back a third man moved in. Gently he slid his rubber (condom) covered dick in next to the dick on the lower man. Both above average in length and girth dicks were impaling the young but very experienced ass. The third man began pumping. As awkward as the position was he appeared to be delighted in the feeling of the Twink’s ass but even greater pleasure from the feeling of his dick rubbing the first man’s. He appeared to cum close then stopped. He pulled completely out and then gently pressed back in. He pulled out again but this time pushed in hard. A third time he pulled out and then rammed in as fast and hard as he could. The Twink with two dicks impaling him screamed in pleasure. Five more times he pulled completely out and rammed in rubbing against the first man’s dick while penetrating as far as possible. On the last thrust he must have exploded. He appeared to almost pass out from the sensation. He pulled out and slid off the rubber then pulled it over the Twink’s hard dick. With only one dick in him the Twink was able to move up and down. He rode the man under him with deep thrusts and then almost completely pulling out as he jacked himself. The fucker shot his load and the Twink kept on riding and pumping. Finally the Twink unloaded into the rubber he was wearing that had come, cum filled, from the man who had already shot into the rubber. The Twink then got off the first and laid on his back in total exhaustion. “Shit, that was the BEST FUCK EVER,” the little guy shouted. One of the spectators pulled off the Twink’s double filled rubber and licked him clean. After witnessing that event Vlad needed a break. He found the refreshment area and sat and rested while having a coffee. He returned to his room, closed the door and collected his thoughts while playing with his hard dick. He thought of the Twink getting a double fuck wondering what it would feel like to have his cock pumping in a willing ass next to another cock. He continued his exploring. Walking past a room he saw an older man sitting on his bed with a towel wrapped around his waist. Their eyes connected when they both exclaimed. “You, my friend from the gallery.” Vlad went into the room and sat next to Will, the gentleman who had done the rural painting of the Amish farm that he had purchased. Vlad continued “What a pleasure to see you again. I apologize for not contacting you after our meeting at the gallery. I really did want to see you again and visit your farmhouse. But, as you know, the world is full of good intentions. Every time I see your painting hanging in my living room I think of you, thinking to myself, ‘tomorrow I will contact Will’. Fate has brought us together.” Their conversation continued. Will asked Vlad if he had been a spectator at the double fuck in the dimly lite orgy room. Vlad replied that he had and imagined the feeling of his dick entwined with another dick in an ass. Will surprised Vlad when he said, “The man on his back fucking the ‘Twink’ was my nephew, Peter. The man fucking from the upper position was his lover of many years, Tom. They brought me here.” Will then told how these two men had met in their senior year of high school. Peter, his nephew, was quiet and scholarly. Tom was the popular jock. They were so different and so in love. They had been together nine years. Soon after they had met they discovered two girls in their class, one quiet and scholarly and the other outgoing and popular, were also a pair. The two couples dated as girl / boy couples while they were covering their secrets. They all four attended Kent State and got married. Both Peter and Tom were fathers. Just then the door which was half open was pushed opened further. “Hi boys. I would like to introduce my friend, Vlad. No need to introduce yourselves as I have told him all about you both. That’s Peter in front and Tom behind. Vladimir, he told me his friends call him Vlad, is a Russian with an extremely interesting background.” With his hand on Will’s knee and a look of passion in his eyes Vlad replied “Everybody’s life is interesting especially your Uncle’s.” “Are you boys having a good time?” Will asked. “So many men, so little time,” Peter replied. “We will see you later.” Will and Vlad continued their conversation with the door open. The Twink, Phil, walked by and stopped. “Hello handsome newcomer. I have been looking for you. My ass wants to give you a special welcome to the Baths. Will said, “Come in and close the door. If my friend is willing I would very much like to be a spectator of another Phil fuck.” Vlad smiled, “So many men, so little time. Please come in.” Phil walked into the room, closed the door and kneeled in front of Vlad. He played with the skin. As Phil played, Vlad rose to the occasion. “Please stop. I want to save it for your ass.” Phil took a rubber from a small bag he carried and rolled it down the hard, seeping dick. Then Phil kneeled on the edge of the bed with his ass pointed out. “Ram me hard Big Boy.” Vlad placed his hard dick against the moist prefucked ass that needed no lube. He leaned forward and grabbed the Twink’s shoulders. With his dick in position he tightened his hold on the Twink and rammed in as hard as he could. The Twink cried with pain and pleasure. Vlad thrust hard and deep. He stopped and pulled out. Then flipping the Twink onto his back Vlad grabbed his legs and held them high exposing the begging hole. He rammed in again and again and again. The Twink shrieked as Vlad pumped finally thrusting in deep and holding the position as he filled the rubber. After gently pulling out he smiled at the Twink who reached for Vlad’s dick and removed the rubber without spilling a drop. He then easily pulled the stretched rubber over his hard but smallish dick. Phil, the Twink, then pumped his dick soon mixing his cum with Vlad’s. He then stood holding the rubber over his now softening dick. “Well that was fun. Welcome to the Baths.” He walked out of the room, towel in one hand and rubber covered dick in the other. Will laughed, “Oh, what an enjoyable sight. Thanks for sharing your welcoming.” Then Will told Vlad how he had been welcomed by Phil earlier except that he used a lube filled rubber and faked a cumming since at his age he would not rejuvenate soon and did not want to use his possible one cum of the afternoon on a Twink. He was holding out for a more intimate encounter. At that Vlad took Will’s hand saying, “Give me some time and I will be ready for that encounter if you will have me.” “My pleasure and fantasy,” Will said as he kissed Vlad on the cheek. Vlad took Will’s face in his hands and moved it to his face as they deep kissed. “I would like to rest and hold you.” Vlad pulled Will down next to him on the narrow bed. Vlad was soon napping with Will holding him and savoring every quiet moment. About fifteen minutes later Vlad woke and snuggled against Will. They were soon caressing each other. There was a knock at the door. Will answered it wearing a towel. Vlad was on his back, naked with his almost hard dick as inviting as before. Peter said “Hi” to Vlad and asked Uncle Will how soon he wanted to return to the farm. Will told him he and Vlad were going out for dinner and that Vlad would drive him to the farm later. “Thank you for bringing me here.” With those words Will closed the door. Will returned to the bed and the two began serious groping, caressing, pinching nipples, cock play and of course deep kissing. Vlad sucked Will until he was close and then Will returned the favor. After more than fifteen minutes when Will protested Vlad’s deep throating since his cumming would end the pleasure Vlad ignored him and swallowed as deep as possible. Vlad soon had a mouth full. He spit the cum into his hand using it to lubricate himself for an extremely intense explosion. They held each other for awhile with Vlad’s cum spread over both their bodies. Finally Will said, “I need a shower. If you are ready I suggest we go to dinner.” As Vlad showered he thought about his two experiences that afternoon. His first fucking the Twink and then the long sensuous session with Will Lang who at the age of seventy was an extremely sexy man and passionate sex encounter. He chuckled as he imagined the question: ‘If you could only have one sexual experience this month which would you choose the Twink for a fun fuck or the old man for a loving experience?’ Vlad knew the answer was: the mature one. Vlad parked in the restaurant lot overlooking the Cuyahoga River a short drive from the Baths. Jim’s Steak House was famous for its food, view of the river and the notable Clevelanders including politicians, entertainers, business leaders and professional sports men who dined there. Sitting at a table overlooking the river for the next two hours they shared drinks, food and most important conversation. Vlad gave more details from his childhood to German studies, Soviet Army including aide to a passionate General, meetings with Stalin, escape to Berlin, spying for US Army, escape to USA, work at Pentagon, meeting and loving Reg, university, the Amish young man, the Tennessee boy, Professorship and return to Berlin. He held back no details about sexual experiences. Will told Vlad that he was the youngest son of an Ohio farm family. When it became apparent he was ‘different’ his life became very uncomfortable. The only relative who treated him with respect was his niece, the mother of Peter who Vlad had met at the baths. He escaped to the south and with his talent as an artist supported himself while attending college and eventually got a teaching position at a small Baptist college in Daisyville, Georgia. There he met JB, Jerry Bob, an Economics professor. They became friends and lovers for life. JB had passed away a few years ago. His grandnephew, Peter, visited him in Georgia and helped him organize his life prior to moving north with JB three years prior to JB’s death. The farm where he lived was owned by a Catholic priest. At this point Vlad interrupted Will, “Is the priest’s name Sean?’ When Will replied ‘yes’ Vlad told about meeting him at the home of Roland and Alex. Sean had inherited the farm from his Uncle Bob who died on D Day in World War II. Will continued, “Uncle Bob and a young neighbor farmer, Jacob Winkler, had been lovers prior to the war. A provision of the inheritance was that if Sean did not farm the farm he was to give it to Jacob. Jacob who owned the adjacent farm accepted Sean’s gift. He kept the land and farm buildings and sold the house to Will. Jacob is an interesting man in his early fifties. Married, he has children and grandchildren. He is also a passionate bottom who I am sure would enjoy an encounter with you.” Following dinner they drove to Vlad’s home. Will called the farm and told Peter he would spend the night with Vlad who would drive him to the farm Sunday. Will was impressed with the spacious, well furnished apartment. He was more impressed with the art work by Adam, Vlad’s former lover and now friend, throughout. He commented on the eroticism of the nudes on the bedroom wall. These drawings of Vlad, Noah and Rob reflected not only the beauty of the subjects but the lust of the artist. Will was pleased that his Amish farm painting was prominently displayed on the living room wall. Following more conversation they had intense and enjoyable encounters in Vlad’s large bed. The following morning Vlad brought a tray of food to the bedroom for breakfast and more loving in bed. Upon arrival at the farm Will opened the door, “Good morning my friends. What a beautiful day it is. Now, let me introduce with his clothes on Dr. Vladimir Melnikov or Vlad. Dr. Melnikov is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Russian studies at Western Reserve University. He has many talents and an interesting life story.” “It is a pleasure to meet all of you. Will has told me interesting stories about each of you. Your Uncle is an extraordinary sexy man. Not a sexy man for his age but a sexy man of all ages. While I would not throw any of the three of you out of bed and I am sure would enjoy an encounter with such handsome men for a long loving session I also appreciate a mature man just like Will.” Peter continued, “Welcome to the farm. I trust my uncle’s instincts. You must be an incredibly interesting man to have so enchanted him. Let me introduce Tom, my lover of nine years and Keith out friend. Please sit down, have some coffee and donuts while telling us about yourself.” Vlad then related a two hour version of his life from student in Moscow, to Soviet Army, Spying for Americans in Berlin, coming to USA, meeting Reg, attending university and completing his education in Cleveland where he now was a professor. All, especially Keith, interrupted to ask questions. After two hours Keith said. “You should write a book. Someday I hope to hear a lot more of the details.” Then Tom broke in, “It’s time to milk the cows.” Vlad gave Tom a strange look. “You milk the cows? (This is the same milking story related in the last chapter of Boys of the 1950s. If you remember this adventure skim it or skip to the break ………………………) Tom laughed, “When Peter and I first came to stay at the farm we asked if we could help out. The farmer and his handsome son taught us the fine points of milking. Now when we visit we offer to do the milking to give the farmers a break and keep up our milking talent. Also, the cows seem very contented to have our skilled hands pull on their tits. Come along. I am sure the cows would enjoy meeting a Russian.” The three went to the barn and Tom offered to give Vlad a milking lesson. After a demonstration Vlad without success attempted to milk. Tom placed his hand over Vlad’s which was holding the cow tit. He squeezed Vlad’s hand and soon the milk was coming out. Tom continued to hold his hand over Vlad’s as the milking continued. When that cow was finished Vlad who now had the rhythm attempted to milk a second cow. He purposely did not hold his hand in the correct position and Tom again held his hand over Vlad’s. As they milked together Vlad moved his shoulder back into Tom’s crotch. Rather than move away Tom pressed in. Soon Vlad was milking his third cow with Tom’s assistance and Tom’s now hard dick riding Vlad’s shoulder. Peter was aware of the movements of the two. Peter said, “This sure is dirty work. As soon as we finish we should all take showers.” “Excellent idea.” Replied Vlad as he wiggled his shoulder against Tom’s crotch and Tom tightened his hand over Vlad’s. As they walked into the house Peter announced, “Milking is dirty work. We need showers. Either of you want to join us.” Both Will and Keith declined sensing that it was important that these three younger men get to know each other better. The three were soon naked in the large shower upstairs. After twenty minutes of washing each other, biting, caressing, kissing, sucking all had swallowed the juice of one of the others. As they dried each other Vlad thought to himself, ‘I sure would like to get to know these guys better.’ ……………………………………………… More happened that afternoon upstairs in the farm house. Those activities are related in the next book in this series, Life Goes On. As Tom, Peter and Keith pulled out of the driveway Peter said, “I sure would like to get to know Vlad better.” “Agreed,” was said by Tom as he reached for Peter’s hand. ***************** And they did get to know each other better. Adventures will continue in the third book in this series, Life Goes On. Chapters 1 & 2 of Life Goes On are being published the same day as this final chapter of Russia My Home and the final chapter of the first book in this series, Boys of the 1950s.
  11. For two hours Vladek held his new friends spellbound as he related his life story. As noted at end of the previous chapter Vlad’s story was told in the novel Russia My Home (49 chapters). If you have not read Russia My Home his story will be summarized in the following one paragraph. If you have read Russia My Home skim or skip the summary. The story continues at the break………………………. . Vladek (the Russian familiar name for Vladimir Melnikov) born in Moscow realized at the age of six that he had feelings that were not generally accepted. He enjoyed watching men showering at the tram (streetcar) depot that his father worked out of. The most handsome man (other than his father) with the biggest khuy (dick) said to him when he caught Vladek sneaking a peek as he showered, “I hope someday your khuy gives you as much pleasure as mine.” Little Vladek did not understand what he meant. BUT through the years he certainly did discover how much pleasure his khuy could give him. Showing a proficiency in language study he attended a special school where he became fluent in German. His teacher, Franz Eberhardt, became his mentor and lover. Franz had escaped from Berlin, Germany to Russia in 1932 when he was caught in a comprising situation (giving the student a blow job) with the son of a Nazi official. Vladek entered the military and was assigned to interpret German conversations and documents for General Valery Karasyovl. They became lovers. At the conclusion of the war Vladek was assigned to the Soviet Sector of Berlin. There he met (and had wonderful sex with) an American Army Major and being totally disgusted with the Soviet actions in Berlin spied for the Americans. His activities were almost discovered and he escaped to the USA. Vlad (his American name) worked for USA Intelligence, befriended lived with and loved Reginald Bagley (Reg), and attended George Washington University. After graduation he moved to Cleveland and completed graduate degrees at Western Reserve University. With a PhD he became a respected member of the Western Reserve faculty. He had numerous adventures with new friends: Jacob the young Amish man, Rob the eighteen year old running away from Frog Creek, Tennessee and Adam, an artist and school teacher, who he loved but because of the color barrier - Adam was Negro, felt restrained in publically expressing their friendship they ceased being lovers but continued their friendship. ……………………………………….. (The following cow adventure was also included in the final chapter of Russia My Home.) All, especially Keith, interrupted to ask questions. After two hours Keith said. “You should write a book. Someday I hope to hear a lot more of the details.” Then Tom broke in, “It’s time to milk the cows.” Vlad gave Tom a strange look. “You milk the cows?” Tom laughed, “When Peter and I first came to stay at the farm we asked if we could help out. The farmer and his handsome son taught us the fine points of milking. Now when we visit we offer to do the milking to give the farmers a break and keep up our milking talent. Also, the cows seem very contented to have our skilled hands pull on their tits. Come along. I am sure the cows would enjoy meeting a Russian.” The three went to the barn and Tom offered to give Vlad a lesson. After a demonstration Vlad without success attempted to milk. Tom placed his hand over Vlad’s which was holding the cow tit. He squeezed Vlad’s hand and soon the milk squirted out. Tom continued to hold his hand over Vlad’s as the milking continued. When that cow was finished Vlad who now had the rhythm attempted to milk a second cow. He purposely did not hold his hand in the correct position and Tom again held his hand over Vlad’s. As they milked together Vlad moved his shoulder back into Tom’s crotch. Rather than move away, Tom pressed in. Soon Vlad was milking his third cow with Tom’s assistance and Tom’s now hard dick riding Vlad’s shoulder. Peter was aware of the movements of the two. Peter said, “This sure is dirty work. As soon as we finish we should all take showers.” “Excellent idea.” Replied Vlad as he wiggled his shoulder against Tom’s crotch and Tom tightened his hand over Vlad’s. As they walked into the house Peter announced, “Milking is dirty work. We need showers. Either of you want to join us.” Both Will and Keith declined sensing that it was important that these three younger men get to know each other better. The three were soon naked in the large shower upstairs. After twenty minutes of washing each other, biting, caressing, kissing and sucking all had swallowed the juice of one of the others. As they dried each other Vlad thought to himself, ‘I sure would like to get to know these guys better.’ More happened that afternoon upstairs in the farm house. Those activities are related in the next book in this series, Life Goes On. As Tom, Peter and Keith pulled out of the driveway Peter said, “I sure would like to get to know Vlad better.” “Agreed.” Tom said as he reached for Peter’s hand. ………………………………………. Tom and Peter were totally satisfied with their lives. They had family and friends that fully supported them. But most important they had each other. Vladimir Melnikov, Vlad, Russia My Home, was living a life beyond the dreams of a little boy from Moscow who was now a respected professor in the USA. These men with their circle of friends would move forward with more adventures in the next book in this series, Life Goes On. The first chapter of Life Goes On is being published the same day as this last chapter of Boys of the 1950s is published.
  12. Chapter 48 The Berlin Adventure

    Note: Vlad’s adventures with Adam and Noah as well as Jake and Rob from 1959 to 1965 were covered in the two previous chapters. This and the final chapter to be published soon will discuss additional adventures of Vlad from 1959 to 1965. While the final chapter of this book will be published soon the adventures of Vlad and his friends will continue in the third book of the series. 1959 to 1961 Vlad was sitting between Adam and Mrs. Stetson in a small concert hall in Cuyahoga Falls, a suburb of Akron. Noah was one of the violinist performing in a string quartet. Vlad and Adam had driven from Cleveland to the Friday evening concert having first picked up Mrs. Stetson who asked to be escorted since her husband had no interest in classical music. As they listened to Dvorak’s American Quartet half hour long piece Vlad’s mind wondered and he began thinking about the many turns in his life. His professional life was extremely rewarding. He was both a respected professor popular with his students as well as a noted researcher. His papers related to Soviet / American relations were recognized with admiration by his peers. Frequently he was contacted by newspapers or TV reporters to give his perspective on the fragile relationship between the Soviet Union and the USA. He had had a number of articles accepted in prestigious publications and had presented papers at professional meetings. He had easily been promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor in less time than normal and he was on the path to being qualified to apply for the rank of Associate Professor. He had friends and colleagues in both Washington and Cleveland that supported him. As the music continued his mind moved to his personal life. He had had many relationships. First there was Franz, his teacher in Moscow. That abruptly ended as the Germans marched across Poland toward the Soviet Union. He became an aide to General Valery Karasyovl. This respected officer was a brilliant military leader. To some he was harsh and ruthless. To Vlad he was a tender lover. That relationship abruptly ended with the conclusion of the war and the general’s knowledge that he must escape since he had earned the wrath of Stalin who needed him in war time but not after the war. The American, Major Alan Walters, was another army officer tender lover. He continued to see the married major periodically as he traveled between Washington and Cleveland. The next man whose bed he happily entered was Reg in Washington. Reg was his USA mentor. He truly loved Reg although they would probably never live together as a couple. They were together about six months each year. His relationship with Adam, the man he now sat next to, was the closest he had every had that resembled two men living and loving together. However, this relationship was doomed by the color barrier. The white Vlad and Negro Adam would never be accepted (or at least that was the thought in the 1950s and 1960s) as a couple. Adam had moved on to a relationship with a handsome Negro, Noah. Vlad fully supported this relationship of his former lover. Adam used a room in Vlad’s apartment as a studio frequently. Adam and Noah stayed in the apartment studio most weekends, sleeping in a room across the hall from Vlad. Until a week ago Vlad’s relationship with the lovers had been completely platonic. To Vlad’s surprise Noah had suggested a sexual encounter. Vlad would not encourage such encounters in the future but would not refuse the offer. As he thought about this he pressed his knee against Adam’s. Adam pressed back. Vlad wiggled his leg. Adam wiggled with him. He was sure that if the room was dark and he reached for Adam’s hand it would be accepted. Adam and Noah were in a couples’ relationship. Jake and Rob, the two young men he and Reg had mentored as they moved from families and communities in rural areas that would not accept their relationship to a city where such relationships could easily been hidden were a happy couple now living in Washington. He admired his friends Roland and Alex with their living and loving together of over twenty-five years. These couples and Reg were his family. He knew they loved him as family and would support him. There was a small reception after the concert. Adam introduced Vlad and Mrs. Stetson to Noah’s parents, brother and one of his sisters. They seemed to accept Adam as part of their family and knew Mrs. Stetson by reputation since both Noah and the cousin of Noah’s mother who cleaned her home spoke highly of her. . Noah would be spending the weekend in Cleveland staying with Adam in his studio across the hall from Vlad. After dropping off Mrs. Stetson Vlad told the two to remain in the back seat as he drove home. He knew they would be willing to express their love for each other without any concern that Adam could observe their loving actions in the rear view mirror. Vlad was aware that each had exploded into the mouth of the other in the cramped back seat. When they arrived home Noah asked Vlad if he and Adam could sleep in the big bed that night. Vlad, horny from witnessing the loving in the back seat, gladly invited them to his bed. August 1961 Vlad was sitting in his office reading the latest available issue of the New York Times about the news of the Soviets having just closed the crossings in Berlin between the eastern and western sectors. This ‘Wall’ as it was called had suddenly divided the city separating families and friends. While its erection was not a total surprise the swiftness was. As he sat reading the paper his phone rang. “Hello, Professor Melnikov speaking.” Vlad soon realized he was speaking to the USA ‘Under-Secretary of State’. He was being asked to go to Washington as soon as possible to discuss the happenings in Berlin. The Under-Secretary pointed out that Vlad would be a perfect candidate to help interpret the Soviet Union actions in Berlin. As a member of Soviet Intelligence during the war, as someone who spoke both Russian and German fluently, as a former advisor in the Pentagon after arriving in the USA and as a respected researcher of Soviet affairs Vlad would be of major assistance to the USA in Berlin. The next morning Vlad flew to Washington. This was his first flight on a commercial airplane. His only other flights had been on Soviet airplanes during the war and the USA troop transport that had brought him to the USA. That afternoon he met with the Under-Secretary who asked him to go to Berlin. His refusal to go would have been unpatriotic and ruined relationships he needed to conduct his American / Soviet Union research. Refusing was not a concern as Vlad was excited by the prospect of returning to Berlin. The State Department had already contacted officials at the university and Vlad had been given a leave of absence without requesting one. After an intense week in Washington both in briefings at the State Department and sharing the bed of Reg, Rob and Jake he returned to Cleveland for two days to organize his affairs since he could be in Berlin for six months or more. The university, with the permission of the State Department, arranged a TV interview hosted by Dorothy Fuldheim, the first woman in the United States to have her own television news analysis program. Being interviewed by Fuldheim, based in Cleveland, was an honor as she traveled the world as the ‘First Lady of Television News’. Prior to World War II she had interviewed Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. In addition to Vlad her post war interviews included the Duke of Windsor, Helen Keller, Barbara Walters and Martin Luther King Jr. While the university was losing a respected professor temporarily they were receiving substantial publicity. The morning after the interview Vlad flew to Washington and then on to Berlin on a military transport. He was met at the Berlin airport by Army Corporal Bruce Coleman. This handsome young man would be his driver the first week in Berlin. He was taken by jeep directly to his home in Berlin, a small apartment on Uhlandstrasse just off the famous Kurfustendamm in the city center. The tiny two room apartment was perfect for Vlad since he wanted privacy more than luxury. The main room had minimal furniture. They was a small kitchen alcove with a sink, hot plate and small refrigerator. The tiny bedroom had a single bed and wardrobe for clothes storage. The extremely small bathroom contained a toilet and half size bathtub. The windows from the main room and bedroom overlooked a courtyard behind the building. Vlad was extremely satisfied. It was small but comfortable and most important, private. Corporal Coleman had two envelopes for Vlad. The first contained deutschmarks for everyday living expenses. In addition to a salary in dollars that he would probably not need to spend he was given expense money in deutschmarks. The corporal explained as he handed Vlad the second envelope that every American male that was to be stationed in Germany received the information upon arrival in the envelope. With a smile he said that while it was not required that the contents be used it was required that they be available. Inside the envelope Vlad found six rubbers (condoms) and a brochure detailing the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. Vlad returned the smile. “You may thank the US government for having given me these supplies and information. I assume I am not required to write a report on the use of the contents.” They both laughed. Vlad requested that he and the corporal use first names when in private. Bruce asked him if he needed assistance in finding food or any other supplies he might need. Vlad assured Bruce that since he spoke German fluently he would have no problems. Bruce departed after telling Vlad he would pick him up at 8:00 the following morning. Vlad took a walk in his new neighborhood. At a small restaurant he had curry wurst (Berlin’s famous grilled sausage with curry powder) and beer. He found a small store where he was able to purchase dark bread, jam, cheese and tea for breakfast. The store did not have coffee which was scarce in Berlin. Precisely at 8:00 the following morning Bruce knocked on his door. Upon arrival at Army Headquarters he met with various officials and was given a tour of the building followed by settling in his private office where he began reviewing documents. The following day he participated in interviews which was more like interrogations of Soviet Army officers and enlisted men who had escaped to the American Sector of Berlin as the wall was constructed. These men who claimed that they preferred life in the west to the Soviet Union could have valuable information or they could be spies planted by the Soviets. His work routine included numerous meetings where his input concerning Soviet intentions was well received. He reviewed numerous Soviet documents preparing translations and his opinions on their contents. He always was invited to attend meetings that included Soviet officials. He was liked by his colleagues. They invited him to participate in after work activities. Vlad soon became an expert on Berlin bars. He also enjoyed solitary long walks in the city. During these walks he became aware that both ladies and men were available for encounters. The city was still rebuilding from the destruction of the war and many people were desperate for any source of income. Vlad resisted all temptations which were not easy as attractive young men approached him with offers he did not want to refuse but did. So far his fist had been his best and only sex mate in Berlin. He often thought of his driver, the handsome corporal, but was convinced the young man was totally straight. He also thought of his former teacher and first love, Herr (Mr.) Franz Eberhardt who had taught high school in Berlin when he was forced to escape Germany following an incident with a student, the son of a Nazi official. Franz had told him the details of his encounters with Eric, the perfect Arian specimen: tall, blond, blue eyes and muscular. He vividly remembered Franz’s description of Eric’s dick as being long and thick. At sixteen it was impressive, bigger than most adult men’s with a blond bush crowning the masterpiece. Vlad began to fantasize about this ‘Eric’. Every time he saw a handsome blond, blue eyed German in his forties (the age Eric would be) he wondered if that was the man who had been the lust of and downfall of Franz. Vlad decided to attempt to find Eric. He had an identity card that permitted him to examine all war related documents and he frequently visited the Nazi archives. However, he did not know Eric’s last name. Vlad knew the name of the school where Franz had taught and Eric attended. If school records had not been destroyed in the war the every efficient Germans would have them. He visited the head master of the school one afternoon with a plausible story. He told the head master that during the war a fellow soldier, Eric, had saved his life. (The head master would naturally assume Vlad had been a German soldier, he spoke German with no foreign accent). He told the head master they were under Soviet gun fire near Posen in Eastern Germany (today Poznan, Poland) and he had been wounded. Eric dragged him into a wooded area where they hid for two days until the Soviets retreated and the German retook the area. Eric tended to his wounds and saved his life. During those two days they talked about everything and Eric told him about his school in Berlin. After the war he was in hospitals for a year and eventually went to the USA where an uncle lived. He did not remember Eric’s last name. The head master was sympathetic to this wounded German war hero and took him to the cellar of the school where they found records from the 1930s. Vlad thanked the head master who returned to his office. After much searching Vlad found Teacher Franz Eberhardt class records. The last records available for Franz’s classes listed an Eric Mohr. Two days later Vlad was researching Nazi army archives on official business. He took the opportunity to review files on soldiers named Eric Mohr. He found three with the approximate age of Franz’s Eric. Of these three only one was born in or near Berlin. With additional research he located an address in Berlin’s Charlottenburg section, a thirty minute walk from Vlad’s apartment. The tall, blond, blue eyed middle aged man who answered Vlad’s knock was the image of Franz’s Eric that he had imagined. Vlad using his prepared speech stated, “Eric Mohr?” Eric replied yes with a ‘who the fuck are you expression on his face’. “I believe we have a mutual friend from high school. Herr Franz Eberhardt was my teacher after he departed Berlin after an incident.” At this point Eric smiled and invited him into his apartment. An attractive man about his age was sitting at the table. “This is my friend, Gustav. Please sit down. Yes, Herr Eberhardt was my teacher.” Vlad continued, “Maybe we should go out for a beer to discuss Herr Eberhardt. I do not want to bore Gustav with old school stories.” Eric laughing, “If you are going to discuss what happened the day Herr Eberhardt left the school do not worry. I have told Gustav about all of my adventures. But what I am most concerned with is what happened after he hastily departed. I must admit I had a school boy crush on Herr Eberhardt.” Vlad then told how Herr Eberhardt had escaped down the back stairs of the school, gone to the Russian Embassy and hid for a week, traveled to Breslau then Gdansk, taken a Russian freighter to Leningrad (St Petersburg today) and on to Moscow where he taught German. Eric interrupted when he told about the Soviet Embassy because he did not understand how a Berlin school teacher could be friends with a top official in the Embassy. When Vlad explained that Franz had met Misha of the Soviet Embassy while both were strolling in the Tiergarten Eric laughed as he fully understood the source of their friendship. Vlad continued about how he was infatuated with his teacher. Eric interrupted to say he had felt the same way. Vlad then told how Franz suggested he move into his room since he was traveling an hour or more in cold trams both to and from school. He explained how he slept on the floor until the extremely bitter cold night when Franz invited him into his bed so both could keep the other warm. Vlad continued with details of what happens when two like minded men end up in bed. He concluded his story with the day the German Army began marching toward the Soviet Union and all Germans working in Moscow were transported to unknown places. He told how his friend the General had contacted authorities on Franz’s behalf and hopefully he was not sent to a death camp. The story had taken over an hour and both Eric and Vlad were in tears at the conclusion. Gustav walked over to Vlad’s chair and put his hand on the Russian’s shoulders. He began massaging Vlad. This was the first time a man had touched him in over a month. As Gustav massaged Vlad relaxed. He was almost in a trance from the emotions brought on by telling the story and the warmth of the hands on him. Vlad reached up and put a hand over Gustav’s. Gustav continued then moved his hands to Vlad’s chest. Soon his hands were under Vlad’s shirt rubbing his chest and lightly pinching the hardening nipples. Vlad was then lifted out of the chair and led to the bedroom. Both Eric and Gustav gently pushed him onto the bed. First his shoes and socks were removed. Then while Eric pulled down his pants Gustav removed his shirt. Vlad now lay naked except for his under briefs. Both men were caressing and kissing every part of his body. Vlad then said: “Eric, Franz described your perfect body to me in detail. I must see your long thick impressive dick that at sixteen was bigger than most men with a blond bush crowning the masterpiece to confirm you are the correct Eric.” Gustav laughed, “A perfect description. Show it my love.” When Eric dropped his pants Vlad said: “May I continue what Franz had started that was rudely interrupted by the entering of the head master.” Eric moved closer and Vlad soon had the entire masterpiece deep in his throat. The love making of the three continued intermittently all night. The following evening the three visited a bar where men who enjoyed men met. Eric and Gustav introduced Vlad to their friends as the American Professor. They had suggested that Vlad not reveal that he was Russian by birth and had served in the Soviet Army. If someone questioned his ‘Russian name’ he could truthfully say that his parents had been born in Moscow. The assumption would be that his parents had immigrated to the USA. A smiling young man walked up to Vlad and speaking in English said, “I understand you are an American working in Berlin. I am a student studying linguistics with a major in English. It would be a great pleasure for me to have a conversation with a very handsome American Professor, learn about American and practice speaking English.” Naturally Vlad studied the student’s body as he spoke. He was short, stocky (appeared to be somewhat fat) whose Slavic face had a charming smile and dark piercing eyes. Vlad was seated and invited him to sit at the already crowded table. The student took an empty chair and squeezed it in next to Vlad. Their bodies were crushed against each other as they spoke which caused erotic sensations to flow through Vlad’s body. Vlad could not be positive that the student who introduced himself as Hartmut who he had just met in a ‘men’s bar’ was gay. Were their bodies pressed against each other because of the crowded condition at the table or was it intentional? When Hartmut got up to fetch beers for them he thought Vlad detected a bulge in his crotch. After forty-five minutes of discussion and English lessons Hartmut leaned in while putting his hand on Vlad’s leg and said, “Is there someplace quieter we can go to continue our discussion?” As he said this Vlad placed his hand on Hartmut’s thigh and moved it up to the young man’s hard dick. “We could go to my apartment. It is about a twenty minute walk from here.” Hartmut leaned in and kissed Vlad on the cheek, “You are a very interesting person.” As he said that Hartmut moved his hand to Vlad’s hard dick. Vlad pushed his hand away, “I do not want to lose it before you use it. Let’s go!” As soon as the door to the apartment closed they were in each other’s arms, kissing as they removed the other’s clothes. Vlad pushed his new friend away, “I want to savor your body. Please just stand still.” Vlad was pleased to discover that this short, stocky young man appeared to not have an ounce (gram) of fat on his stocky body. It was all muscle: muscular arms, legs and chest with a very small waist, the body of a model in the muscle magazines available at some newsstands in the USA.. While Vlad had assumed all muscle resulted in a little dick he was wrong. A masterpiece of at least seven inches (18 cm) pointed almost straight up. The head of this beautiful man piece was totally covered by stretched skin. Perfectly formed balls hung low. All was surrounded by a forest of black bush. “Please turn around.” The two round masses of ass muscles were extremely inviting. Vlad then kneeled in front of his friend and pushed two fingers into the skin covering the hard dick. He stretched his fingers and began massaging the covered head. Hartmut moaned with pleasure. Vlad leaned in and inserted his tongue into the skin opening. He tasted the sweet nectar that began oozing from the hidden dick hole. Vlad then pushed the skin back exposing the small head. He again swallowed, placed his hands around the tight ass and pumped the dick in and out. He noted that Hartmut was pinching his own nipples as he thrust. The young man reached down, grabbed the back of Vlad’s head and thrust as hard as he could into the receptive mouth while shooting spurt after spurt after spurt deep into Vlad’ throat. Vlad stood and Hartmut pulled him into a kiss. Vlad suddenly realized his cum filled mouth was being sucked dry as Hartmut swallowed his own juices. “Sorry, I did not want to finish so fast. I wanted to play with you before the end.” Vlad laughed, “I am positive that the virile young man that you are will soon be ready for more play. I’ll make tea as your body rest for our next adventure.” Ten minutes later and frequently throughout the night Vlad enjoyed the hard muscular body. While eating breakfast Hartmut asked if he could return the following evening. Vlad of course replied ‘yes!!!!!!’. Hartmut then leaned in and whispered in Vlad’s ear while caressing his chest, “I would like to bring a friend. He is also a student of English and enjoys the same pleasures as I.” Vlad of course replied ‘yes!!!!!!’. When Vlad heard the knock on the door the following evening he expected to meet two muscular ‘body builders’. He was shocked by the appearance of Hartmut’s friend. The two had total opposite body styles. The friend, Rolf, was very tall (6’ 5” / 1.96 m), thin, blue eyed with thin blond hair. He appeared very shy and while Hartmut was very outgoing with penetrating eyes, Rolf barely spoke and did not make eye contact. “My friend is very quiet. We appear to be totally opposites. Maybe that is what makes our friendship so special. We have roomed together for three years sharing the same bed and each other. Don’t assume he has no interest in you because of his quiet demure. Rolf was very anxious to meet you. We will get naked for you and you will see the contrasts.” Hartmut undressed himself and his friend who complied passively. Standing in front of Vlad were two totally opposite specimens. Muscular Hartmut with his hard dick pointing to the ceiling. Skinny tall Rolf with thin arms and legs with a Greek statue dick: soft, small, skin covered head and small rounded balls. This nearly hairless blond had a small tuft over his dick and a few hairs in his armpits. A contrast to the forest Hartmut had around his dick and in his pits. Hartmut motioned for Vlad to kneel with him in front of Rolf. The two played with the small dick and balls alternating sucking. Soon the small dick had risen to be a small hard dick. Vlad easily put the dick and both balls in his mouth. Hartmut reached around and began playing with Rolf’s ass. He took Vlad’s hand and led it to the ass opening. Hartmut then spit on his finger and moistened Rolf’s hole. Hartmut pushed Vlad’s finger into the hole. “This is what he really wants.” Hartmut then led Rolf to the bed where he laid on his stomach. “He wants the American dick.” Vlad was still dressed. He quickly stripped and was on his knees between Rolf’s legs examining his hole. Vlad lowered himself onto the quiet man and easily pushed in. He gently fucked. Rolf became animated and called out, “HARDER PLEASE.” Vlad continued until close and pulled out. Hartmut took position and rammed in his massive piece resulting in a moan of pleasure. He fucked until he came. Vlad remounted and soon finished. Hartmut then rolled his friend over asking Vlad to finish him. Rolf and Hartmut passionately kissed while Vlad first jerked off and then took the small dick in his mouth and was soon swallowing one of the largest cummings he had ever enjoyed. Obviously a small dick did not mean a small load. While sitting at the table drinking tea Rolf became very animated. Apparently he needed a good fuck to open him up to conversation. Vlad enjoyed a second night of bliss with Hartmut with the added pleasure of this interesting, sexy thin young man. Rolf was actually a very passionate lover. Vlad remained in Berlin six months. His dick rarely made friends with his fist. When Vlad did take care of himself he fantasized not about the magnum dick of Hartmut or the handsome dicks of Eric and Gustav but of the nearly hairless dick and little balls of Rolf. However, solo jerking off was a rare event as almost every night he enjoyed the company of one of his friends: Eric and Gustav at their apartment or sometimes just Gustav when Eric traveled for his company, or at his place with both or just one of Hartmut and Rolf who was no longer shy and quiet. Most weekends he visited interesting places: parks, museums, concerts, etc with his new friends. Vlad had an extremely satisfying professional visit to Berlin. His dick returned to the USA tired, used and very happy.
  13. 1959 - 1963 Rob was in a state of euphoria as soon as he entered the apartment. In just a few weeks his life had totally changed. He now had friends. He had a future. He had learned that sex with another person was a glorious, wonderful event, not just equal to jerking off. As soon as they were in bed Rob did what he now enjoyed giving and Vlad and Reg enjoyed receiving. He expertly sucked off each of his friends. While sucking he thought of the cowboy who had encouraged the ‘joy of blow jobs’. Lying between his friends in the spacious, comfortable bed he missed the cramped, narrow and frequently lumpy beds on the road. Then he was always pressed against one or both of his friends. In the middle of the night Rob woke and thought he was alone in bed for the first time in weeks. He could hear the soft snoring of his friends but was not touching either. He moved toward Vlad and then cuddled against him. Vlad was sleeping on his back. Rob pressed into him as his dick rose. He gently caressed Vlad’s naked chest. Moving down to the stomach and lower he soon was holding a hard dick in his hand. He was not sure if Vlad was awake. Gently Rob moved down under the covers and for the second time in a few hours took the uncut dick in his mouth. He played with the skin with his tongue. Suddenly he felt Vlad’s strong hands on his head pushing him harder down on the dick. Within minutes Rob swallowed Russian cream. Vlad said, “Thanks my friend” as he reached over and handed a few Kleenexes to Rob. “Sorry, I am in no condition to return the favor now. I will later. Please finish yourself and cuddle against me.” By the time Rob had filled the Kleenex Vlad was softly snoring. The day after they arrived in Cleveland Vlad scheduled an appointment for Rob with the admission’s officer at his university. Vlad and Rob had discussed university at length and both agreed Rob should take no more than two courses in the fall. They were not sure Frog Creek High School would have prepared even its top student with the background required for a prestigious university such as Western Reserve. Rob was accepted as a part time student and enrolled in Freshman English Composition and Freshman Literature courses. He was an avid reader and had completed all the books Vlad had brought on the trip. He was thrilled when Vlad took him to the nearest Cleveland Public Library branch and he received a card for borrowing books. Later he was overwhelmed by the selection of books and size of both the main public library downtown and the university library. Back in Frog Creek the library had been his window to the world. Never did he imagine a library’s collection could be so extensive. The following day Vlad and Rob visited downtown Cleveland. They walked to the nearby University Circle station of the Rapid and rode a train that in minutes took them to Terminal Tower on Cleveland’s Public Square. They then walked the few blocks to Burrough’s Book Store. Rob was in awe as he entered the largest bookstore he had ever seen. As soon as they entered the store the assistant manager, Roland Johns, recognized Vlad. He smiled as he shook Rob’s hand while pleasantly greeting him. Roland escorted them to his private office and as soon as the door was closed wrapped his arms around Vlad. To Rob’s amazement and amusement they deep kissed as they hugged. Roland then hugged Rob holding him cheek to cheek without the deep kiss. Vlad had written to Roland about Rob while on the road. Although Roland was aware of the situation he wanted all the details. He suggested they go for lunch at the Silver Grill in Higbee’s Department Store (see note below). Before they departed for lunch Roland handed Rob a book, “I understand your library and the Kansas City bookstore consider this obscene. We in Cleveland are a lot more liberal. I hope this book by Allen Ginsberg does not corrupt your mind. However, since you have traveled with Vlad I am positive it has already been thoroughly and happily corrupted.” Rob held the book as if it were a priceless jewel. He thanked Roland and then pulled him into a hug. “You are correct, Vlad has happily corrupted me.” Rob then pulled Roland into him as they deep kissed. By the time lunch was over Roland knew all the details of Rob’s background from his experiences with Pastor / Principal Jenkins, coming out with Vlad, fucking cowboys and playing with the Minnesota twins. When they returned to the bookstore Roland asked Rob if he would be interested working there. (Vlad had written that Rob very much wanted to work in a bookstore.) Rob got a big smile on his face and in lieu of an answer again hugged his new friend. Roland explained his duties: he would alternate between working in the warehouse and the store where he would stock books for display, prepare books for shipment that customers had ordered and do general cleaning. Since summer was the slow season for a bookstore he was not needed until September and could start at about the same time his classes began. Rob wanted to scream with joy. He would actually be paid to handle books, his best friends after Vlad, Reg and now Roland. The following evening the three were invited to dinner at Roland’s and Alex’s home. Rob felt like he was walking on a movie set as he entered the stately home with stylish furniture and perfectly manicured landscaping which resulted from Alex owning a successful landscape firm. As always Alex prepared a sumptuous dinner. The conversation centered on Rob’s past and future plans. Following dinner, as Reg and Vlad had told Rob to expect, there was a tour of the second floor followed by showers and the adventure in the bedroom with Alex available to all. Rob proved that while he did not have the largest dick in the group, at the age of eighteen, his youthful fuck was especially energetic and included an innocent enthusiasm that gave Alex a very special feeling as Rob pumped into him. Then Reg and Vlad and finally his magnum sized lover, Roland, had their way with Alex. Two days later Reg and Rob departed on the nine hour drive to Reg’s home in Washington DC. Reg had to look after his affairs after being away almost two months during the Cleveland visit and road trip. Since Vlad would be very much involved at school in various university projects until the beginning of the semester beginning in six weeks he needed quiet time to himself. He was in the middle of a major research project when they had departed on the road trip and also needed extensive time to prepare to teach a new to him course. Rob willingly left Cleveland as he both wanted to visit the national capitol as well as meet Jake. He had been told Jake’s story and in some ways it paralleled his: a young man trapped in a small town where his family and society in general put great pressure on him to live a different lifestyle than the heart dictated. As sections of the interstate highway system had opened the hours of driving between Cleveland and Washington was shorter. By sharing driving and making only brief and necessary stops they were home in time for dinner. Jake met them at the door giving both Reg and Rob who he was just meeting for the first time tight hugs. As Rob felt this stranger’s arms around him he had feelings he had never had before. He just wanted this man to hold him forever. The first time Vlad had hugged him which was the first time anyone except for his mother and other lady relatives he had a wonderful, calming feeling. The hug from Jake gave him even stronger feelings. Within a couple of minutes dinner was ready and they ate and talked with ease. Immediately after dinner Reg excused himself to begin going through his mail which would be followed by an early bedtime resulting from the long drive. Although Rob was also tired from the long drive the excitement of meeting the handsome Jake kept him going. The two washed dishes together and then talked until after midnight. Jake finally announced that they should go to bed as he needed to get up early and go to work. They went upstairs and with no hesitation went to Jake’s bedroom and stripped for a shower. They walked into the bathroom, pissed together and then both stepped into the shower. They each had a washcloth that was used to wash the other. Using soap bubbles as a lubricant Jake stroked both dicks with one hand, the taller Jake’s on top of Rob’s. Rob played with Jake’s nipple with one hand and one of his own nipples with the other as Jake stroked. Rob looked down when Jake became tense and watched Jake’s cum shoot onto his pubic hair over his dick as his own dick, under Jake’s, shot into his friend’s balls. They smiled at each other as they washed the cum off each other and then dried their friend. They then walked to the master bedroom and crawled into the giant bed with Reg who was sound asleep. Each soon fell asleep in the arms of the other. When the alarm went off Jake quickly turned it off so as not to wake Reg. When he reached over Rob to turn off the alarm he felt the young man’s early morning hard dick. Jake got out of bed, pulled the covers off the still sleeping Rob and leaned in to swallow his dick. The exhausted Rob was half awake when he ejaculated into his new friend’s mouth. Jake went to his room and dressed for work and Rob fell back to sleep. While Jake had his own bedroom he only used it to store his clothes and personal belongings. He always slept in Reg’s bed, even when Reg was away. Within twenty-four hours of the arrival the eighteen year old Rob and twenty-six year old Jacob were totally infatuated with each other. Rob had read about the feelings of love in the many novels he consumed and seen actors on television and in movies talk about love. Boys back in Frog Creek sometimes mentioned they loved a certain girl while discussing the hopefulness of fucking her. But, until he met Jacob Yoder, his Jake, he never understood the concept of ‘love’. Now he did. The day after their arrival Reg took Rob on a tour of the city by streetcar and bus. He wanted this country boy to become familiar with public transportation so he would have the freedom of solo movement around the city. Within a few days Rob easily traveled on his own. During his five week visit Rob explored many of Washington’s tourist attractions and some areas that were not so touristy. He made a list of bookstores using the Yellow Page and visited many of them. After his new friends in Cleveland and Washington and especially Jake, his next best friend was a book. He would often take walks always carrying a book to read as he visited parks or coffee shops. By the end of his visit he had read every book on the reading list for his Freshman English Literature course. While reading the books in advance was not required he wanted to get a head start on his school work. At least twice a week he met Jake for lunch. Two weekends the two drove to Rehoboth Beach on the Atlantic Ocean in Delaware. This was the first time Rob had seen an ocean. They stayed at the gay friendly Pleasant Inn where two men could book a room with just one double bed without fear of nasty looks or comments. They thought some of other guests at the inn were also gay. However, Rob and Jake were too much involved in their relationship to ‘look for action’. While they were free to sleep in as late as they wanted on weekends in Washington there was something special about being away with ones lover. Once they sat at the Pink Pony Bar sipping beers among the obviously gay men, some of whom were very outlandish (queenie). The country boys thought such behavior was strange. Rob and Jake felt comfortable sleeping in the same bed with Reg even as their passion for each other grew. Reg with his friend Vlad was the man who had brought both of them out of what each felt were ‘lives with no future’. While they both loved their families on the farm and in the mountains they had felt trapped and were grateful for the liberation these men had given them. Also, both Reg and Vlad were both very sensual bed partners. Almost every night there was some sort of threesome. Reg was well aware of the boy’s feelings. He felt a special satisfaction that he had helped bring these two together. He cherished, not resented, their bonding and did not feel rejected when they cuddled together in the large bed. The night before Rob would return to Cleveland by train Reg announced at supper, “I’m going to the Men’s Club meeting at church this evening. When I return I plan to read in my study and then sleep in the spare bedroom. I am fully aware of your feelings for each other and want to give you two your final night, a night of love together”. Rob and Jake both stood and walked over to Reg’s chair. Jake said, “Thank you friend.” “If you two want to be excused now I will take care of the dishes. Rob and Jake hugged and kissed Reg again holding hands as they ran up the stairs. Reg thought to himself with a smile ‘it’s only 6:30. I hope Rob isn’t too tired to make it to the train station tomorrow morning’. The next morning Jake and Rob went to the Washington Union Station together. Ever vigilant of drawing attention to their man to man friendship when in the men’s room they pissed with one urinal separating them and staring at the wall in front of them, not peaking at the dick next to them as they usually did. Walking down the platform to the train they walked an appropriate straight guy distance apart. As Jake boarded his train car they shook hands, firm but with no lingering. They did not need a final hug to express their love as that had been taken care of time and time and time again the previous night. Rob sat in a seat at a window opposite to where Jacob stood on the platform and they tearfully waved goodbye as the train pulled out of the station. The day after his arrival home in Cleveland Rob reported for work at the Burrough’s Bookstore warehouse. The following Monday his classes started at WRU. While both classes were challenging, especially the composition / writing course, he was able to hold his own. He soon realized that Frog Creek High School had given a much lower level of preparation for college than the other students in his class had received. Vlad helped him with study habits and mentored him as he struggled with papers in the writing class and literary critiques in the literature class. He was thankful that he had taken a typing class in Frog Creek. He was the only male in the class as men of Frog Creek did not need such a skill but girls who wanted an office job, the best job available in the mountains for a girl without a college degree, did. He wrote and received letters to / from Jake almost every other day. He got goose bumps when he returned from school or work and saw a letter from Jake on the table in the front hall. Near the end of September Jake suggested in his letter that Rob consider moving to Washington and enrolling in George Washington University. He had discussed the possibility with Reg who while not endorsing the idea stated that he would help Rob financially no matter where he attended college. Rob discussed the possibility with Vlad that evening. Vlad told him that he would sincerely miss him if he moved to Washington but did not consider switching schools a bad choice. A week later Jake wrote that he could take the Wednesday before and Monday after Thanksgiving off as vacation days. He realized that for a retail store this was the beginning of the busiest time of the year and that Rob would probably be working extra hours that weekend. Jake arrived Wednesday afternoon. They had Wednesday night, all day Thursday, Thanksgiving, Friday and Saturday nights and all day Sunday together. Vlad told his friends to use the master bedroom and he slept on the narrow bed in Adam’s studio across the hall. Roland and Alex invited them to their home for Thanksgiving dinner. Vlad stayed after dinner for quality time with his friends while Rob and Jake rushed home for their own quality time. December 24, 1959, Christmas Eve, was Rob’s last day at Burrough’s. While he was exhausted from juggling the sixty hour work weeks the two weeks before Christmas with school he was on a high in anticipation of Jake’s arrival that evening. Luckily the university semester did not end until the middle of January (the usual university semester schedule in the 1950s) so Rob would have time after Christmas to complete school projects and study for his final exams. Jake was able to leave work at noon on Christmas Eve and arrived in Cleveland just before midnight having been delayed by snow in the Pennsylvania mountains. When exhausted Rob had arrived home from work he immediately went to bed to rest prior to his lover’s arrival. Vlad told Rob to sleep in the master bedroom big bed. He would sleep in Adam’s studio across the hall. Vlad attended the 7 pm Christmas Eve service at the Epworth Methodist Church about a thirty minute walk from his home. At the service he felt the presence of his friend Reg who was attending Apple Hill Methodist Church in Washington, the church where he had met his friend, mentor and lover in 1947, twelve years earlier. Arriving home he read while waiting to welcome Jake. When Jake arrived they hugged. Vlad felt Jake’s hard dick pressing into him. He reached down and patted Jake’s crotch saying, “I feel that Mr. Jake is very happy to see me or is it that country boy? He’s in the big bed resting after an exhausting work and school schedule. I am sure he will be extremely happy when Mr. Jake slides in under the covers. I’ll be sleeping in Adam’s studio.” Jake leaned in and gave Vlad a hard kiss on the mouth. “Thank you my friend. We will see you in the morning or most likely the afternoon.” As Jake ran up the stairs Vlad called out, “If you are still missing at dinner time I will send a search party. Sweet dreams and Merry Christmas.” “And a Merry Christmas to you!” Vlad did see the young lovers mid morning when they came down stairs for breakfast. Although it was Christmas morning they did not share gifts as that tradition would wait until the following week when they would all be in Washington with Reg. Both exhausted, Rob from his heavy work schedule, Jake from his difficult drive through snowy Pennsylvania mountains and both from a sleepless, but not sexless, night they returned to bed after breakfast. The three had been invited to the home of Roland and Alex for Christmas dinner. However, Rob had told Alex and Roland that he and Jake would not be able to attend as Jake would be exhausted from his long drive the previous day. Also attending the dinner would be Alex’s son Alan and the mother of his son June. Note - This family situation is discussed in the companion story – Boys of the 1950s – Chapter 11. When skinny, hungry Russian immigrant, Alex, moved in with Roland years earlier he continued to work for a landscaper. His pay was so low that he would have been forced to live on bread and tea if he was not living with and supported by Roland. He was seduced by a wife on one of his landscaping assignments. The wife, Mrs. June Foyle, then hired him to work one day a week at a pay that was almost equal to his weekly salary. Mrs. Foyle’s husband was a successful businessman but not a romantic husband. For about a year Alex worked for her every Wednesday. He also fucked her every week, the only woman he had ever been with. When she discovered she was pregnant she reluctantly terminated Alex’s services. Her husband assumed Alan was his and was a good father. She had made a point of seducing her husband a few times as soon as she discovered she was pregnant. About a year after her husband’s death she asked her brother to suggest a landscaper for her home. With Alex’s excellent reputation he was recommended. June and Alex reconnected and became good platonic friends. About a year later Alan was told about his real father and accepted the handsome Alex. Alex’s son, Alan, had graduated from Wooster College and was working as a staff auditor in the New York office of Price Waterhouse & Co (one of the then ‘Big Eight’ accounting firms). Alan also attended New York University Graduate School of Business in the evening pursuing an MBA. The handsome lad of twenty-three shook Vlad’s hand saying “это хорошо к до встречи (it is good to see you again).” Vlad replied in Russian. Alan was studying his father’s native language and wanted to use it when possible. He often spoke Russian with his father and they wrote letters to each other in the language. Following dinner and more conversation June and Alan departed. Roland, Alex and Vlad went upstairs to the shower and master bedroom for their special celebration with Alex on his back and both Roland and Vlad delivering a very merry holiday fuck. Later Alex prepared plates of ham, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole as well as pie for Vlad to take home to the lovers. Arriving home Vlad called to the boys. Hearing nothing he went upstairs and knocked on their door. When there was no response he opened the door and to no surprise saw them sound asleep cuddled next to each other. Since they were scheduled to leave early the following morning to drive to Frog Creek, Tennessee he woke them so they could have a proper dinner. By the time Vlad had warmed the dinner they appeared in the kitchen each wearing one of his bathrobes. The three talked and laughed until 10 pm. The boys went back to bed and promised to sleep. Vlad was worried that since they were getting up at five in the early morning if they did not have proper rest they would not be able to make the long drive to Frog Creek. This would be Rob’s first visit home since he had left with no warning six months earlier. He had written his parents frequently. Their replies were full of bewilderment as to how a sensible boy could leave a place where he had a good job working as a plumber available and excellent marriage prospects to work in all places a book store and attend university. They departed as scheduled the following morning within fifteen minutes of getting up and having a quick cup of coffee. The long drive could take as long as fifteen hours. With stops their arrival time would hopefully be before midnight. Luckily Christmas was on a Friday in 1959 so traffic would be light as they traveled on Saturday, the middle of the Christmas holiday weekend. Rob wanted to be home in time to attend church on Sunday so he could show off his lover to Pastor Jenkins. After the service he would refuse to shake the pastor’s hand while introducing Jake as the man who provided him with everything that he needed. After the service when he had introduced Jake to Pastor Jenkins Jake had whispered into the pastor’s ear “You will be happy to know Rob has learned to appreciate a real dick, not the little stub on a pedophile pastor and principal. Hell has a special place for people like you taking advantage of innocent boys.” Rob had requested that his parents borrow an army cot to be set up in his room so the guest would not have to sleep on the living room sofa. Of course the cot was for show and was never slept in. His parents finally accepted the fact that their only child would probably never live in Frog Creek. His father had lectured his mother to hold her opinions about his life in Washington and Cleveland or Rob might never return home to visit Frog Creek again. After three days in Frog Creek Rob was happy to return to Washington. Back in Washington the afternoon of New Year’s Eve they celebrated the Christmas exchange of gifts. Rob was thrilled when he opened the gift from Vlad, a Parker 51 Pen. He knew his fellow students and instructors would know he was serious about his studies when he used a ‘Parker 51’ to take notes. The most memorable gift was from Reg. When Rob opened the very light package he found silk boxer underware in five colors: red, black, violet, sky blue and dark blue. Reg chuckled as he commented about what Rob had said when he borrowed Reg’s silk underware since he had no extra clothes the day they picked him up along the road. He had said they made him feel very so sexy. “We noticed that the first time you returned from the bathroom after showering wearing silk boxers you had a bulge. Now we can ask. Was that bulge from wearing silk for the first time or had you just jerked off?” Rob laughed as he replied, “Both.” With no concern for modesty he removed his pants and cotton underware, adjusted his dick, scratched his balls and put on the violet boxers. He then walked over to Reg and gave him a deep kiss. Everybody laughed as Jake said, “Hope that bulge doesn’t mean you will make a mess in those fancy soft boxers.” Rob wore just the boxers and A-shirt the rest of the day until they dressed to attend the New Year’s party at the Brennan’s. Attending the New Year’s party of the Brennan’s, church members, had been a tradition for Reg and Vlad for years, this being their thirteenth party. This so-called non-alcoholic Methodist party was livened by the supply of spirits Mr. Brennan hid in the pantry and made available to anyone interested in some libation. As they walked home soon after midnight they discussed the events of the year. Of course the main event of 1959 had been the rescuing of Rob from an uncertain fate as he attempted to escape from Frog Creek and as a naive mountain boy travel to San Francisco. This thoughtful discussion was interrupted when Rob started a snow ball fight. This led to the two rolling in the snow. The stronger Jake soon had Rob pinned to the ground as he shoved snow in his face and appeared to be humping him. Reg admonished them with a chuckle, “If you boys do not behave I am going to whip you asses and send you to your room when we get home.” Both looked up at Reg and simultaneously said, “Please do.” As soon as they arrived home the two couples went to their own rooms, Reg and Vlad to the master bedroom while Rob and Jake ran up the stairs to Jake’s small study room with the bed that he rarely used as normally he would sleep in the big bed. Reg and Vlad were soon naked and in each other’s arms. While Vlad rarely bottomed (Adam had fucked him on a regular basis) he had the urge to receive his first fuck years earlier on January 1, 1948, their first year together. Reg with his long thin dick had been gentle with the fuck of the American virgin and Vlad’s pain had soon turned into ecstasy. Years earlier Vlad had happily serviced the General in the Soviet Union. As much as he enjoyed the feeling of his lover in him he had no desire for it on a regular basis. They continued the tradition the following year and every year thereafter on January 1. A week later Vlad and Rob returned to Cleveland by train. This time there were no tears at Washington Union Station as Rob would soon be returning to live with Jake permanently following his final weeks of classes and exams. Rob returned by train with all his possessions three weeks later just a couple of days before his two classes at George Washington University began. A week later he applied for and was hired to work full time in a book store near Washington’s DuPont Circle, a twenty minute walk from their home. The years flew by as the love between the Amish country boy and the Tennessee mountain boy flourished. In June 1963 Vlad visited Washington to attend Jake’s graduation from GWU. Reg, now sixty-six years old stood proudly for photographs with his three boys, all of whom had life changing experiences thanks to his mentoring. Upon graduation Rob was hired in a managerial position at Washington’s largest bookstore chain. He and Jake never considered moving out of Reg’s home in Georgetown. In bed the older Reg was as sensuous and loving as he had been when each had first met him. When Reg was in town the three always slept together in the big bed Reg who now considered both Washington and Cleveland as his home when not traveling. Every year he and Vlad did a two week holiday to a new place for both. Their travels included the Canadian Rockies, Alaska, the San Francisco area, the Swiss Alps, and Sicily with the beautiful village of Taormina as their base. With friends from church Reg took cruises and organized tours. Of course he was always welcome at the farm near Johnstown, Pennsylvania and at Vlad’s friends’ brownstone in Brooklyn Heights, New York City. .
  14. Chapter 46 Adam and Noah’s Story

    1959 - 1965 Vlad was surprised when they returned from their ‘road trip’ and found the apartment dark. He had assumed Adam would be there since they had written him frequently during the trip and had given their return date. He found a note from Adam on the kitchen table: ‘Welcome home. There is fresh milk, eggs, cold cuts, lettuce, tomatoes and some other supplies in the refrigerator as well as a loaf of bread in the cabinet. You will find your favorite ice creams from Howard Johnson’s in the freezer- burgundy cherry for Vlad and butterscotch for Reg. I will stop by tomorrow. XXX, Adam’. Reg and Vlad took the awe struck Rob on a tour of their apartment. Rob had only seen such elegant surroundings in the movies and in the house of the most prominent family in Frog Creek. The large bed in the master bedroom and fixtures in the master bathroom were out of the world sights for this boy from the mountains. The second bedroom had been converted to be an artist studio and the third bedroom had a desk, futon (a piece of furniture that may be used as either a bed or sofa) and to his amazement a wall of filled bookcases. Vlad told Rob that this was their study. He would add another desk and Rob could use it as his study / bedroom. Rob was disappointed as he preferred the big bed of the master bedroom. He was greatly relieved when Vlad said: “This room is where you may keep your clothes and study. While you may use that small bed we hope you will sleep with us in the big bed.” That night Rob was in the middle as Reg and Vlad introduced him to the joys of being (sleeping, ETC) in a big bed. The next morning Adam stopped by and was introduced to Rob. He was fully aware of Rob’s situation from the letters Vlad had written during the travels. With a smile Adam said: “I think the bedroom wall needs another drawing. A mountain boy would be a fine addition.” Adam suggested he and Vlad go to the Kroger grocery store. He had privately told Rob that he had something to discuss and wanted to be with him alone. As they drove to the store Adam told Vlad about the Fine Arts Seminar and his meeting Noah. He explained how he and Noah had bonded and enjoyed being together. When he started the difficult conversation of telling Vlad he no longer would be a sex mate Adam interrupted him. By now they were sitting in the car in Kroger’s parking lot. Vlad took his friend’s hand saying, “I am very happy that you have found a soul mate. You are my best friend and we will continue to be friends forever, I know. But, as we have discussed our relationship cannot be complete as long as society does not accept color different friendships. Adam, I want you in my life as a friend. To be a friend you do not need to be in my bed or (as he chuckled) jerk off with me in a university basement men’s room. You are welcome to, in fact I hope you will, keep your studio at the apartment. You said that Noah lives in Akron and that he visits you whenever possible. It would be difficult to have Noah stay in your apartment with your straight roommates. You and he are welcome in my apartment anytime. My gift to you two will be to have a bed placed in your studio. You can choose the bed but I assume you would prefer a narrow one so as not to crowd your work space but crowd the two of you close together.” Adam had tears in his eyes as he turned his head to face Vlad. “Thank you Vlad. You are and will be my friend. I know when you meet Noah you will understand why I am so be smitten. I would give you a big hug and kiss now but I don’t want you to be banned from shopping at Kroger. Noah is coming to Cleveland next week and is looking forward to meeting the man who has had such a positive impact on my life.” “Noah is welcome to stay at my pace. You two will have all the privacy you desire. I will not in any way impose on the two of you.” That afternoon Rob posed for a drawing by Adam. When Adam posed him in The Dying Slave pose he did not touch the young man as he had groped Noah during his first attempt to draw his friend. Looking at Rob as he worked Adam had strong erotic feelings. He could imagine the taste of the young mountain boy’s cock. Adam had purposely worn loose pants and tight underware. He assumed he would be aroused and did not want to advertise his desire. Adam was struggling to be faithful to his Noah. He would not let a romp with a cute eighteen year old spoil their relationship. As Adam drew he felt his restrained dick growing and seeping. Naturally the ever horny Rob was rock hard soon into the posing session. Adam had told him that it could happen and not to worry. He carefully examined with his eyes not fingers Rob’s soft dick at the beginning of the session. He was experienced with drawing soft dicks which had become hard. Rob and Vlad were thrilled with the results of the drawing and it was immediately placed on the master bedroom wall next to his drawing. The following week when Noah arrived at the apartment Vlad immediately understood why his friend had found this young man so enticing. He was an easy and interesting person to talk to, someone who you enjoyed being in their presence and while very attractive but not handsome he transmitted a sexual presence without trying that immediately titillated Vlad’s dick. However, Vlad loved Adam too much to do anything that would mess up their friendship or Adam’s passionate friendship with Noah so he kept his romantic distance from the two while having a total platonic friendship. For the next three years during the summers Noah visited Adam frequently for stays of a week or more. During the school term he took the Greyhound bus most Friday afternoons to Cleveland and Adam drove him home to Akron on Sunday or on rare occasions very early Monday morning. Noah got gigs playing piano in upscale restaurants in Cleveland’s east suburbs. He continued giving piano lessons in Akron and with Mrs. Stetson more than just lessons. Noah’s Church had a fund raiser to support the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. When he told Mrs. Stetson about the event she suggested her accompanying him as he played the violin. Noah countered with the suggestion that the two do a piano duet. Unlike her wealthy friends, Mrs. Stetson had liberal views concerning Negros and segregation. Actually, being somewhat of a rebel she was pleased with the thought of publically supporting Negro causes. Her husband was not as liberal but did encourage his wife to be independent. Little did he know how liberal she was servicing a black dick weekly (but not weakly). Adam and Noah were frequent guests at the home of Roland and Alex. If Vlad also attended Adam drove his own car as while he and Noah enjoyed the dinner and conversation they did not participate in the shower / bedroom activities after dinner. The gallery in Shaker Heights always had some works of Adam on display. While he had no more gallery shows he attended most shows presented for other artists. If available, Noah volunteered to provide background piano or violin music for the exhibit openings. One exhibit featured rural and western art. Adam notice Vlad talking to a mature man. Vlad introduced Will Lang to Adam, the elder artist who had a painted a scene featuring an Amish farm. (More about this meeting of Will Lang and Vlad in Chapter 49) Noah had been hired to play the guitar dressed as a cowboy at this rural themed gallery show. As a result of these performances he developed a name for himself and was hired to provide entertainment in private homes. Often he would receive offers that included performance with his dick but he remained true to Adam and Mrs. Stetson. One night when they were in bed holding and caressing Noah began discussing a topic Adam never expected. “I know you and Vlad were lovers for years. I also know that you have been with other men. I have only been with one, you. I have wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone else. You told me and I totally believe you that since we have met you and Vlad have never had an encounter even though you work and sleep in his home often. Right now we are in his home in this bed in your studio across the hall from the room where Vlad is sleeping alone. Vlad is really a nice guy and I like him. I have no desire to have a loving and emotional relationship with him as I do you. But, I do wonder what it would be like to have an encounter with him. Is it terrible for me to have such thoughts?” “No. Naturally I think of Vlad often in a sexual way. However, you totally satisfy both my sexual and emotional needs. Are you suggesting an encounter with Vlad? I know that he would do anything to please us. That is why he has let us in his home while making absolutely no demands on our bodies. If we were to suggest an encounter I am sure he would say yes.” Noah replied, “My dick says yes I do. My brain says that is stupid, I have you.” This discussion was giving Adam thoughts of the wonderful sexual encounters he and Vlad had had. These were thoughts he had suppressed. Now his lover was bringing these to light. The more Adam thought, the hornier he got. To take care of these thoughts he slowly moved down his lover’s body with his tongue starting with the nipples, over to the pits, then down to the stomach, avoiding the dick on to the thighs, then calves, each foot and finally sucked each toe. By now Noah was hard and begging for relief since each time he reached for himself Adam pushed his hand away. Adam then kneeled between Noah’s legs and began jerking himself. With little effort his black dick was soon pouring white cum over Noah’s. Then using his cum as lubricant he slowly jacked his lover. When Noah was close he stopped. Waiting a few minutes while smiling into his lover’s eyes he continued the jacking. He stopped again, waited and continued. Noah began pleading for a finale. Adam stroked slowly. Suddenly Noah cried out as he shot stream after stream after stream onto his chest with some spurts landing on his face and mouth. Adam leaned forward and wrapped his arms around his lover. They soon fell asleep in each other’s arms with their comingled cum gluing them together from crotch to chin. A month later Noah again brought up the subject of sex with Vlad. Adam had thought about a three-some frequently since their previous discussion. “Do you want me to discuss it with him now? He is in his study working.” Noah nodded yes. Adam walked through the open door into Vlad’s study. Sitting at his desk, he turned and smiled at his friend as he walked in. “Hi. What’s up?” “Funny you should say ‘what’s up’. Noah’s dick is what is up. He has never been with a man except me. He has never seen a white dick up close. To make a complicated story short, he wants to have an encounter with the three of us. I am willing, actually very willing, if you are.” Vlad was shocked, but his dick was very pleased at the suggestion. He stood, kissed Adam on the lips, their first kiss since Adam had met Noah and then reached down and rubbed Adam’s crotch. “What do you think my answer will be? Now?” “Noah is ready,” Adam replied. Vlad stood and said, “You are both invited to my bed.” Adam returned to Noah as Vlad went to his bedroom. When Adam and Noah walked in Vlad said, “Noah, I understand you want to check out a white dick. For the next ten minutes more or less my body is yours. I suggest you start by undressing me. Adam, you may watch but no touching yet. My body is only for Noah’s pleasure for now.” Noah walked over and removed Vlad’s shirt exposing his chest and hardening nipples. He ran his hands over the chest and nipples but did not linger as he wanted to see, touch, smell and taste his first white cock. He kneeled and lowered the pants rubbing his hands over the bulge in the white briefs. He pulled down the briefs and out popped the hard white dick. “Oh wow. Skin and all!” He reached for the dick and played with the skin pulling it forward and then pushing it back exposing the head that was leaking juice from its hole. He was pleased that the first white dick he ever touched would be uncut like his lover’s. Since he was cut he enjoyed playing with Adam’s skin. After looking and touching he leaned in and placed the moist head under his nose. The wonderful man smell that he savored on Vlad’s dick was different from his and Adam’s. Then he held the head to his lips, slid back the skin and swallowed it to the base. Vlad pulled out. “The encore is over. Everybody gets naked. It is time to play.” The three bodies were soon entwined on the bed. At one point Noah was deep throating Vlad who was doing the same to Adam who had Noah’s dick pumping down his throat. They played for about an hour ending with Noah on his back jerking himself while both Adam and Vlad pumped loads into Noah’s open and eager mouth. Noah and Adam went to the bathroom in the hall and showered while Vlad showed alone in the master bath. About once a month they would have a three-some. Vlad never initiated them but also never refused his friends. The sessions included raw sex with no emotions involved, at least they convinced themselves it was sex, not love. Noah eventually obtained employment as a music teacher in a Cleveland school. With two incomes Adam and Noah could afford an apartment in an upscale Negro neighborhood. Of course the apartment had a room with large windows facing south for Adam’s studio. Luckily the building had a freight elevator large enough to hold a Steinway upright piano that was placed in their third floor living room. Noah would have preferred a grand piano but that would have been impossible to move in and would have crowded the living room. He was satisfied to play Roland and Alex’s as well as Mrs. Stetson’s grand. His school had a grand piano on the auditorium stage that he played frequently. After moving to their own apartment most weeks Adam and Noah or just Adam if Noah was working would visit Vlad and cooked him dinner followed by conversation where they shared their thoughts, hopes and dreams and sometimes their dicks. Vlad was also a frequent visitor to their home for dinner, conversation and sometimes bed play. When Noah was working Adam would usually top Vlad’s willing bottom. Vlad who was rarely topped saved his ass for just Adam and Reg. Adam and Noah had never discussed anal sex as Adam had the feeling it would turn off his lover. In 1965 Vlad visited the recently opened Club Baths in Cleveland, the first of a chain of 42 gay bath houses across the USA and Canada. (See end note). He enjoyed his experiences there as discussed in the next chapter. Vlad told Adam about his adventures there and suggested he and Noah might enjoy a visit as spectators where the orgy room was there for both play and watching. After Adam told Noah about the bath experience he agreed to go as a spectator. Visiting the Baths all three were aroused as they had been there for about an hour as spectators only. The ambiance of the baths was a whole new world to Adam and Noah as it had been to Vlad earlier during his first visit. Upon arrival, at Vlad’s suggestion, Adam had paid for a room (small cubical) and Noah a cheaper locker that would not be used. Adam and Noah went to their room, undressed and wrapped towels around their waists. Vlad had done the same in his room. They then took a brief tour that included walking past rooms with open doors. Each contained a man who apparently was available for sex with the right person. Some sat or lay on their narrow bed playing with their dicks. Others laid on their stomach’s advertising the availability of their ass. The three went into the steam room and stood in the hot mist filled room with dim lighting. Only the outlines of others in the room could be observed. Noah felt a hand on his dick and assumed it was Adam getting frisky. He then realized a stranger was playing with his now hard member. Noah did not know what to do. This was the first time anyone other than Adam or Vlad had touched him. Then he heard Adam whisper into the stranger’s ear, ‘sorry, he’s mine’ as the hand was gently moved away. Adam then whispered in his hear, “If you want others to touch you or you want to check out other guys that’s OK by me as long as it is just touching with hands. I would be upset if there were lips below the hips. I will stay next to you and you may do as you please. If you do not want someone touching you just gently push their hand away. If you get too aroused just say while gently pushing their hand away, ‘I’m getting too close, I need a break’.” For the next fifteen minutes Noah stood in the steam room with Adam at his side being felt up by numerous men. He also had the opportunity to play with a series of dicks: big, small, hard, soft, cut, natural. His chest and nipples were explored much to his delight. On man massaged his ass cheeks. Then this person was rubbing his hole and to the shock of Noah attempted to insert a finger. Noah pushed the hand away. He told Adam who was standing next to him about the finger probe. Adam’s reply was to remind him that he was in control and should gently push away any hand that goes where he did not want it. If the hand still lingered to use force to get it away. Finally Noah told Adam he had to get out of the steam room as the hot steam was making him light headed. Also, the play had brought him close to a climax and he did not want to cum with a stranger. Also, the heat was becoming uncomfortable. They showered and continued the exploring. At the end of a dimly lit hall Vlad, Adam and Noah entered a room with a platform in the middle. Five men were on the platform touching, kissing and sucking. Suddenly to naive Noah’s amazement one of the men rolled over onto his knees. Another man pumped his already hard dick even harder. He then pressed into the ass of the kneeler. He appeared to then rub something on his dick and place it on the hole. He then pushed in and the kneeler cried out in pain. The man on top just shoved in more as the kneeler moaned. He then pulled all the way out exposing his large hard dick. Thrusting in again caused the man he was in to scream with pain. Noah thought he should rescue the screamer. Adam pulled him back explaining that the screamer was now screaming with joy. After more thrusts the man on top cried out with pleasure as he was apparently cumming in the ass. He stopped thrusting, panted and then pulled out his now half hard dick. As soon as her pulled out another man moved in and shoved in. They watched a total of four men fuck the screaming bottom. After the fourth finished the kneeler rolled over onto his back and one of the fuckers jerked him off until he shot a massive load. Adam told Noah they should return to their room. The three discussed what had been witnessed in the orgy room. Noah was totally bewildered. He did not understand how someone could enjoy being abused. While talking he was stroking his now hard dick. Then Vlad spoke up, “The first time I saw someone being fucked I had the same reaction. But then one day I was fucked by a very gently person and soon discovered the pain turned into pleasure. I am willing to be fucked by the right person. I would never do it in a room getting rammed by strangers.” Adam then broke in, “I have fucked Vlad. I never told you because I did not know how you would react. It gives a very special feeling to both.” Vlad continued, “I did not consider being fucked this evening. But now I am in the mood. Please, will one of you take care of me?” Vlad then kneeled on the bed. Adam needed no additional encouragement. He told Vlad he would return with some lube. He went to the orgy room where there was a can of Crisco. Adam lubed his dick and took some on his finger back to the room to lube Adam’s hole and Noah if he decided to fuck. He then pushed into the kneeling Vlad and had a very sensuous fuck as the amazed Noah watched. He soon shot his load into his friend. Pulling out he asked Noah if he wanted to try. The exceptionally horny man shoved in and soon completed his first fuck with a powerful and intense cumming. After they returned home Noah discussed the fucking with his lover, Adam. For the next few days thoughts of being dominated by Adam were constantly on his mind. One night he asked Adam to fuck him. Adam explained that it would be painful at first. Noah persisted and following intense pain he felt a pleasure that he could not have imagined or described. He became a convert to the pleasures of being a ‘bottom’. A month later when Vlad came over for dinner Noah offered himself as dessert. Bending over the kitchen table he served both Vlad and Adam. Their friendship continued through the years.
  15. Chapter 45 Adam's New Friend

    Summer 1959 – Adam’s Seminar While Reg and Vlad were on their road trip Adam stayed in Ohio and had a very educational and life changing experience. His alma mater, the historically Negro Wilberforce College, had received a grant to offer a summer seminar to graduates teaching fine arts (art, music and theatre) public school classes. As a teacher of art he applied and was accepted in the one week program. Sunday afternoon the thirty participants met for an orientation session. As Adam listened to the program director describe the week's schedule he scanned the room. There were about ten women and twenty men. He noted an attractive man about his age across the room. He was not the most handsome man in the room but for reasons he did understand his eyes focused on him. Just then the stranger turned his head and looked in the direction of Adam. Being embarrassed that he was caught starring Adam moved his eyes to the speaker. A few minutes his eyes wondered again and this time as a looked in the direction of the stranger their eyes met. This time Adam did not look away, he smiled and the smile was returned. Adam’s only sex partner since Vlad and Reg's departure a week earlier on their ' See the USA' road trip had been his fist. As the stranger returned his smile his dick told him, 'I think we might get lucky’. As the group walked to the dining hall the two gravitated next to each other. "Looks like we are going to have a busy and intense week." the stranger said. Adam replied, “I agree. Hopefully, productive also. " By the end of their dinner Adam learned his new friend, Noah, was from, Akron (about 50 miles / 80 km from Cleveland), taught music at a junior high school, played the piano, violin and guitar, sang baritone in his church choir, was twenty-right years old and lived with his parents. Adam told Noah about his teaching and gallery exhibits but did not tell about his friendships with white men. Following dinner there was a mixer (social event for strangers to meet). Adam and Noah continued their conversation ignoring the others. However, it was known that Noah played the piano as each participant had introduced themself at the orientation session and he was dragged to a piano by buxom participant. As Noah sat on the narrow bench she sat next to him. For the next hour Noah played requests while the others sang. Adam soon realized he was jealous of the woman who had forced herself into his new friend's life. As the party wound down Noah got up from the piano and walked toward Adam. His lady friend attached herself to his side and smiled as they approached Adam, "Well, aren't you two the most handsome and virile men in the group. You must meet my friend, Betty." Almost instantly Betty was stranding next to Adam as the other who introduced herself as Joline was still attached to Noah. Following five minutes of small talk Adam announced, "It has been nice meeting you. It was a long drive to here. I am exhausted and need my sleep. See you tomorrow." "I need to hit the hay also. Goodnight." Noah said as he followed Adam walking in the direction of the men's dormitory leaving two unhappy horny women behind. As they walked away Noah said, "That Joline is something else. As soon as she shoved in next to me on the piano bench her hand was on my leg. It was no accident as she massaged it to the beat of the music. Then it crept up my leg as she moved into my dick. It got scared and got as soft as it has ever been. If you hadn't ended our conversation I am positive they would have dragged us back to their rooms and had their way with us. THANKS for saving me. I owe you big." Both returned to their rooms in the men's dormitory. Adam stripped off his clothes, wrapped a towel around his waist and walked to the shower. He was pleased to see Noah already there soaping himself. However, he was also concerned that his dick would not behave. Turing on the water of the shower head next to Noah he began washing himself. They were facing each other. He raised his arms and rubbed soap on each pit. Then he moved to his chest and washed each nipple. Both were staring in the eyes of the other. Adam, to no surprise felt his manhood begin to rise. He glanced down at Noah’s now half hard dick. He had purposely avoided checking it out when he entered the shower. Noah said as he glanced down, "Your Mr. Adam must be thinking of Betty. Adam smiked, "And little, ops I mean big Mr. Noah appears to have thoughts of Joline. If Mr. Adam was thinking of Betty it would have shriveled to nothing." After this playful exchange both Mr. Adam and. Mr. Noah were rock hard with the heads just inches apart. As Noah started to reply they heard the door to the shower room open. Both men turned to their corners with backs to the door. The thought of two men with hard dicks being caught in the shower caused both dicks to deflate to less than normal soft. As the third man turned on the shower behind Adam he quickly rinsed himself, stepped out of the shower, wrapped the towel around his waist and returned to his room. As he dried himself in his room his dick quickly responded to thoughts of Noah’s handsome piece: cut, long and thick, with low hanging balls and a mushroom head. Adam began stroking and was soon shooting onto a newspaper he had placed on the floor. He put a pair of socks under the pillow, turned out the lights and crawled under the covers. He was positive that by morning he would have thoughts of Noah and need someplace to conveniently unload. Within ten minutes his thoughts of Mr. Noah required a reach under the pillow for a sock for the first of multiple loads under the covers that night. Noah also quickly finished his shower and returned to his room. His fist was soon doing what comes (then cums) naturally as he thought of his new friend's smile, then pits, then chest and hard nipples, then stomach and last but not least the uncut dick that hopefully was saying, ‘I'm yours'. Like his friend down the hall he more than once had thoughts that required relief. Noah’s glad rag was an old torn T shirt that he had packed in hopeful anticipation of having pleasant thoughts in a middle of the night. The next morning as Adam filled his breakfast tray he saw Noah sitting alone. As he started to walk toward Noah’s table Joline and Betty were ahead of him aiming for Noah. Adam did not want to get involved with these aggressive women so he sat at the nearest table and introduced himself to the two occupants. Since Adam attended art seminars and Noah music seminars they did not see each other until lunch. As they walked through the lunch lines together Adam asked, “Did you enjoy breakfast with the girls?" Noah replied playfully, "You bastard, I saw you ignoring us." "Sorry, I considered joining you, but did not want to let them think we were a foursome." As they walked to an empty table they noted with great relief that Joline and Betty were sitting with two men. Adam noted that Joline was rubbing her leg against one of the guys. He appeared to enjoy the attention by the smile on his face as he chatted with her. The extent of his enjoyment was obvious as he stood to get a coffee refill sprouting a hearty bulge in his pants. Adam and Noah continued to enjoy each other’s company at dinner that evening. They sat together during the evening program, a filming of the recently released Porgy and Bess starring Sidney Poitier, Sammy Davis Jr., Pearl Baily and Diahann Carroll. A brief lecture followed. They walked together back to the dorm and then each went to their separate room. They laughed as they noted Joline and Betty as well as their two male lunch mates had missed the evening program. Adam was disappointed that he did not see Noah when he took a shower after returning to his room. As much as he was disappointed he was also relieved as he was not sure what their relationship was. Was it just friends for the week with Noah being straight and possibly repelled by the thought of a man to man encounter? Were the hardons and jokes in the shower just normal straight guy talk? Would they soon become fuck buddies? As he pondered their relationship during the night he filled a sock more than once. They were still damp from the previous night so he kept them in the floor next to his bed, not under the pillow­. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday they sat together at breakfast lunch dinner and the evening program. During the day they attended separate seminars in their fields of art and music. Tuesday and Wednesday evening after walking back to the dorm together they went to their own rooms and never met in the shower. While Adam was almost positive Noah preferred men to women there was still doubt in his mind. He didn't seem to care if his hard dick was displayed in the shower Sunday evening. What would have happened if they had not been interrupted? Adam assumed they were both afraid to make the first move that could result a sexual encounter. Adam really wanted to have an encounter with Noah so he developed a plan. It would either result in a glorious man to man encounter or Noah being so turned off that their friendship of five days would end. Thursday Adam had free time between his last seminar and dinner. He had told one of the participants in his seminar that he wanted to buy a bottle of liquor for a friend's birthday and asked what he recommended. Hennessey cognac was the suggestion. Adam made a quick trip to the liquor store. When he discovered how expensive a bottle of Hennessey would cost he decided on a cheap brand as he realized the quality of the liquor would have no bearing on what might happen. He also bought some Coca-Cola, 7 Up, ginger ale and potato chips. That evening as he and Noah walked back to the dorm after dinner and the evening program he invited Noah to his room for a nightcap. Noah enthusiastically agreed. As they had glasses of cognac and coke and munched on the chips Adam said, “I would like to give you a very special gift. Something that is very personal as well as uniquely from me. I want to do a drawing of you. When it is completed I will give it to you. The drawing will be of you nude. ". "Do you mean you want me to get naked?" "Yes. It will only take about half an hour. When it is completed I will give it to you. You may show it to anyone or nobody, your choice. Remember when I told you I did a drawing of the rich man's friend. I will do a similar one of you, for you." "If I agree this stays just between us. Right? " "As I said, you get the completed drawing. That is unless you want me to give it to Joline." "If you do that I'll whip you ass". Noah said with a chuckle. Adam told Noah he wanted to pose him in the same position as had the rich man's friend, Michelangelo's The Dying Slave, a very erotic pose. "OK, you pervert. But only on the condition that I get the drawing immediately”. "You will. I promise." Noah stripped. Adam posed his left arm over his head and lingered on the pit. He then moved his hand over the chest to adjust the pose lingering on the nipples. Moving his hand down he rubbed Noah’s stomach pretending to adjust the pose. Adam then kneeled in front of his naked friend and moved his hands to the thighs. After caressing them he adjusted the position. While kneeling he pretended to ignore Noah’s now rock hard dick that was just inches from his face. Standing he stood very close to his friend and said, “We have a problem. The dying slave had a nice soft dick. I cannot draw you if you are not going to have your manhood to be in the correct pose. What do you suggest? I have an idea. Maybe if it was stroked a few times it might relieve itself.” While staring into Noah’s eyes Adam reached down and took the fine piece of black meat in his hand. Noah stepped back. “That is not fair. You may not touch me unless I have permission to touch you.” “Permission granted.” Adam quickly removed his clothes. They faced each other naked just as they had four days earlier in the shower, hard dick almost touching hard dick. This time there was no concern that someone might walk in on them. Each took the other’s dick in hand and began stroking. Adam leaned forward and their noses touched. Noah moved his face a little to the left so their noses were no longer touching but their lips were almost touching. Adam parted his lips and pushed toward Noah. His friend responded by also parting his lips. They were now mouth to mouth. Adam reached up with the hand he was not using to jack his friend and placed it behind Noah’s head. He pulled him forward and their mouths were forced tightly against each other. Adam moved his tongue forward between Noah’s open lips. He used his tongue to massage his friend’s. Noah responded with a moan and pushed his tongue forward. Adam felt his friend’s body tense up as he felt the dick in his hand spasm. He felt his friend’s dick spewing cum on his dick and balls. Noah rubbed his hand over his own cum and used it to lube Adam as he stroked him to completion. They then wrapped their arms around each other standing with cheek to cheek, nipples to nipples and messy dick against messy dick. After a while Adam said, “I think we need to shower. But I do not believe we should venture into the shower room together as much as I would like to. Here’s a towel. Hold it loosely in front of you to hide the man juice while not saturating the towel with it.” When Noah returned Adam went to the shower room. Naked, they sat on the edge of the bed. Noah started talking, “I have a confession to make. I have never been with a man in a sexual way before. I have never touched another man’s dick before. When we got hard in the shower a few days ago I did not know how to respond. When we were interrupted I went back to my room and after beating off thought about what had happened between us. I was embarrassed. So I have purposely been avoiding you in the evenings. I did not know how a man should respond to a man. I thought you might be disgusted if you discovered I had carnal thoughts about you. I do not know what two men do when they are naked together. I have been with a few women. Each time the woman came on to me. I was naive and permitted them to maybe you would say ‘take advantage of me’. To me fucking a woman was a way to get off but not as good as doing it myself. It was just fuck, cum, good bye. With you it was very different. I had feelings I have never had before. When a woman touched me nothing special happened. When you touched me it was like fireworks going off. When you moved your hand over my body while posing it was all I could do to hold back moans and screams of pleasure.” Adam replied, “I lusted for you from the moment I first set eyes on you at the first meeting last Sunday. After our shower experience I was almost positive that you would be amenable to a man to man encounter. But, I was not absolutely positive and was afraid to pursue anything without your encouragement. I sensed that you were avoiding me in the evenings. I finally decided to take a chance and make a move on you. If you were shocked and told me I was a fucking pervert and that you never wanted to see me again all I would lose would be a friend of a couple of days who I would never have to see again. If you reacted as you did, and I was 99.9% sure you would, we could have a wonderful friendship into the future. You said you are a man virgin and do not know what to do. I will confess, I am not a man virgin although I am a woman virgin so you are ahead of me there. As a friend told me in any sexual situation there are two rules: first, both must be willing to do what the other suggests and secondly, nothing should be done that would cause physical or emotional injury to either or all if it’s a group. I want to please you. If I start to do something that you do not want to do just ask me to stop. No problem. Now I see that Mr. Noah has recovered from his earlier adventure and appears to be ready for action.” Adam took his friend dick in hand and stroked it a few times. He then got off the bed and kneeled in front of Noah. He closely inspected the hard black dick. He licked it with his tongue, first on the head and then on the shaft. The only reaction from Noah was a moan. Adam then opened his mouth and deep throated his friend’s virgin dick to the base. “What the fuck are you doing?” Adam pulled out and said, “If you want me to stop just say, ‘Please stop’.” Adam rubbed his finger on the moist head and again swallowed it to the base. Noah’s only reply was a moan. He continued to suck going up and down from the head to the base. “I’m going to shoot!” With his free hand Adam gave a ‘thumbs up’ and continued to mouth his friend. When he felt the first spasms he went all the way down feeling the juices shoot deep into his throat. Adam then maneuvered Noah onto his narrow bed. He laid on his back and finished himself shooting into the ever available sock. The rest of the night they snuggled, slept, and more than once made love with Noah shooting into Adam’s happy mouth followed by another of Adam’s load in the sock. The next two nights Noah shared Adam’s narrow bed. Noah had taken the Greyhound bus from Akron to the Seminar. Adam offered to drive him home. They had not had an opportunity to have lengthy discussions as they were either attending events, sleeping or having sex. During the five hour drive to Akron they finally had the opportunity to share their lives and plans for the future. Adam told his friend about his family and teaching. Then he explained that he had a white friend who was a university professor. When Noah asked how he met Vlad Noah replied that that was a long complicated story that he would share later. Adam told about his work and family. He was the oldest of five children and lived with his parents. He shared a bedroom with one his two brothers. The other brother was married and had two children. One sister had moved out and the other attended Baldwin Wallace College in the suburb of Berea. His younger brother would be a high school junior. Noah was encouraging him to attend college although his brother seemed more interested in sports than studies. Although both his parents worked his contribution to the family finances was appreciated especially in helping his sister in college financially. Adam then said, “You told me while you were a virgin with men you had had lady encounters. Since I have no such experience I would be interested in hearing about your adventures”. Noah then told his tale: “In college I dated as everyone was expected to do. I never really asked a girl for a date but on more than one occasion a girl would suggest we go to a movie or study together. Two different girls were aggressive. I had no interest in them sexually so I am sure I did nothing to encourage them. One evening at the movies my date put her hand on my leg in the dark theater. I did not know how to react so did nothing, just sat there. She moved her hand up the leg and eventually had unzipped my pants and was holding my dick. I Just sat there. It got hard and she began stroking it. I whispered to her that she should stop or there would be a mess. She whispered to me that the movie was crap and suggested we go to her room. She had a private room. I followed her and soon we were in her bedroom. She got on her knees, undid my pants and played with my dick. She must have been very experienced. Next she took me in her mouth and I got hard again. She pulled up her dress and laid on her back on her bed. I don’t think she was wearing panties. She directed me as I fucked her. She invited me to her room a couple of nights later and we fucked again. This became a weekly or more event for about three months. She was very bossy and told me exactly what to do. I soon learned where to put my fingers to get her going. After a couple of months she must have found someone else as she stopped inviting me to her room and I did nothing to pursue her. Fucking her was better than jerking off but nothing like the feeling I have with you. A year later I got into a similar situation and fucked another girl a few times. Again I did nothing to encourage it and since most guys were very aggressive in finding a fuck I soon lost her and it was back to my fist.” Adam interrupted, “I can understand why the girls found you so attractive. The moment I saw you during our orientation session my dick immediately responded. I do not know why my dick chose you. You certainly do draw people to you in a very innocent way.” “My next sex partner was a very different experience. I give piano lessons. Most of my students are poor and I either do it for just the gratification of working with them or receive a dollar or two per lesson. One of my students is Brenda, my mother’s cousin. She is very talented and a joy to work with. My only pay is an occasional batch of cookies and the pleasure of working with her. Once a week she is employed as a cleaning lady for a wealthy white woman. When she worked her employer insisted she take time off for an afternoon tea break. They, the rich white woman and the poor Negro cleaning woman, were equals at tea time and discussed topics that ladies discuss. The employer had a grand piano and when she learned that Brenda played insisted she perform for her. The employer, Mrs. Stetson, was impressed with Brenda’s talent. When Mrs. Stetson asked Brenda about her musical training she told her about the lessons I gave her. Mrs. Stetson played the piano but was not as accomplished as Brenda. I eventually became Mrs. Stetson’s piano teacher going to her home once a week. She paid me $5.00 for each lesson. I soon noticed that Mrs. Stetson, who is about forty years of age, was encouraging me to touch her. She wanted me to place my hands over her hands as she played. “One afternoon following the lesson she placed a $20 bill on the piano and said, ‘Noah, I am going to ask you a favor. If you say no there will be no hard feelings and we will continue the lessons. You are under no pressure to do what I ask. If you do the $20 is yours. If you say ‘no’ we will forget I ever asked and we will have our lesson next week as usual. Noah, you are an incredibly handsome young man. If you are willing and only if you are willing I would like to see you naked.’ Well Adam, what would you do? As a teacher my salary averages to about $60 a week. There staring at me was almost two day’s pay. All I had to do was get naked. The $20 bill won. I stood and removed my clothes. I stood naked in front of her as she sat on the piano bench smiling at me. She stood and ran her hands over my chest telling me how handsome I was. My dick started to rise. She looked down and told me I was not only handsome but very manly. I thought she was going to start playing with my dick but she didn’t. She walked around me and rubbed her hand on my back. Finally she said, ‘Thank you Noah. You have made me a very happy woman. You and my husband are the only men I have had the opportunity to inspect their bodies. This will be our secret. Don’t think of me as a wicked woman, just one with fantasies. I am sure you have fantasies that you would never share with others’. She then handed me the $20 and another $5, the regular lesson fee.” “The following week we had our lesson as usual with no discussion of the previous week’s activity. Her playing appeared to have improved immensely since the previous lesson. When I mentioned this she simply replied that I was a great inspiration for her. At the end of the lesson when she opened her purse to pay me she took out a stack of two dollar bills and a rubber (what condoms were called in the 1950s). ‘Noah, I am going to make another request. Again you can say ‘no’ and we will forget the request was ever made. I want you to make love to me. I have thought about this and have decided I really want to feel you in me. Of course no one will know about this but you and me. So if you are willing I would be very pleased. If not I will see you next week for our regular lesson. Two dollar bills are said to be lucky and these ten equal $20.’ I looked at the twenty dollars on the ivory and black piano keys. Thomas Jefferson, the face on the bills, was smiling at me and appeared to be saying, ‘I, a white guy, fucked a Negro woman – so you a Negro man should go for it, fuck the white woman!’ I did as Jefferson suggested. With the instruction I had received in college from the first girl who had seduced me I knew what to do with my fingers and hands. Mrs. Stetson was a very appreciative partner. That was two years ago. The piano lessons and fucks continued every week since. If her cunt was not in a mood for sex she would play with me and enjoy seeing me shoot onto the hardwood floor. I decided to save the weekly $20 for some special event. I opened a savings account just for the fuck money and now have about $2,000 in the bank. Considering my teaching salary is just over $3,000 a year I have accumulated a substantial nest egg. So that is the story of my lady sex.” “Wow.” Adam replied. I would probably have done the same if I could get it up for a female. Good for you! Having had experience with a selection of man pieces I can tell you that Mrs. Stetson is very lucky to have yours. You are obviously manly enough to make us both happy.” By the time they arrived at Noah’s home they had made arrangements to meet again. Since they were both on summer school vacation Noah visited Adam the following week. During the seven days of this visit they stayed at Vlad’s apartment where they had privacy. Noah finally modeled for a drawing since the original attempt had been interrupted by their first encounter.

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