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  1. Tallguyct

    Country Air Is Good for the Soul

    These boys have been buddies since they were toddlers Can you see where this is going? My first rubber - my brother had a microscope set in his desk drawer with small envelopes holding lenses. One day I was checking it out and found a rubber in one of the envelopes. Do't remember why I knew what a rubber was (as we called condoms back in the 1940s + 50s) but do remember trying it on. They I rolled it back to put away. Of course it was not a tight roll anymore. Don't know if my brother ever discovered what I had done. We did not discuss such stuff. Also remember the rubber machine in the men's room of the local bowling alley. Of course I I bought some. Don't remember but assume I jerked off into them. The summer after my senior year in high school I worked as a janitor's assistant at an elementary school. His coming on to be was exactly the same as with Peter in Boys of the 1950s when he worked as a janitor's assistant after his senior year. He wanted to suck me off. I insisted that I wear a rubber. He brought some to work and I had by first blow job with a cumming. Did it almost daily til end of summer. I visited him at work while on college break. Then he quit or was reassigned to a different school. Also remember he was uncut. It was a real treat for a cut guy to play with his natural piece.
  2. Tallguyct

    Country Air Is Good for the Soul

    It seemed like they had just crawled into bed when the alarm clock went off. All of the three boys had extremely sound sleeps after their cumming activities the evening before. PT reluctantly got out of bed as the alarm continued to blare. As he pushed down on the alarm button Juan opened his eyes and looking at PT said, “You seem to be happy this morning,” as he stared at the woodie causing a bulge in PT’s white briefs. “I slept well and woke happy except for the early hour. As for this, there is no time to take care of it. The cows are waiting.” As he said this he rubbed his crotch and reached for his pants. When Juan threw off his covers his wood stood straight out having slipped out the bottom of his white briefs. As PT admired the hard dick with its head just peeping out of the skin he tossed Juan’s pants to him. Tending to the cows was very different from the morning activities PT’s and David’s fathers had described from their teen years. Then the cows were manually milked. Now machines did the pumping. The job was just as time consuming as the number of cows had tripled from the 1950s. An addition had been built onto the barn to house the increased herd. Juan quickly caught on to the routine of hooking up the machines to each cow. By the time they had finished the milking and guided the cows to the pasture the boys were so hungry that any thought of sex or a quick jerk off in the barn was overruled by the growling of their empty stomachs. As they walked back to the farm house they discussed their plans for the day. PT was going with his father to visit his grandparents and would not return until after dinner. David and Juan had the day free until evening milking. PT was jealous as David said he and Juan would check out the closet of the bedroom he shared with his brother, Paul Junior, and look at other magazines hidden under a loose floor board. As they entered the farmhouse the smell of bacon cooking was inviting. Uncle Will and Peter were preparing a hearty country breakfast of bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, toast, coffee, hot chocolate and cranberry juice. Florida orange juice had been banned from the menu at the farmhouse as well as both the Smith and Kowalski families in Columbus to protest the support of the gay hating Anita Bryant by the Florida orange juice industry. This woman, a neo-nazi as Uncle Will called her, was the paid spokesperson for the Florida orange juice industry while she led the fight against gays in Florida. One of her main crusades was to out and fire gay school teachers. As the boys hungrily sat down at the table Peter went upstairs to tell Alex and Tyler that breakfast was ready. Knocking on their door he announced, “Good morning my friends, breakfast is ready.” Tyler responded with a ‘come in’. As Peter entered the room naked Tyler stood and reached for a bathrobe. He made no attempt to hide his almost hard dick. Peter took this as an invitation to ogle and said, “Hope I was not interrupting anything.” Tyler laughed as he chuckled, “Nothing that cannot easily be restarted.” With the robe still open he kissed Peter on the cheek as he departed for a quick piss. As Peter told Alex the breakfast menu Tyler returned. Peter then told them he and PT would soon be leaving for his parents’ home and would not return until after dinner. He also told them that David and Juan seemed to have a full day of activities planned. “Maybe you two would prefer to sleep in? I could bring you coffee and some food.” Grabbing his dick, Tyler replied, “You sure know how to treat a friend. Tell the others we are sleeping in late while enjoying the country air.” By the time Tyler was back in bed his dick was at full mast. Alex got up for his morning piss. His lover’s comments and activities had woken his dick which was also fully erect. He loosely wrapped the robe around himself somewhat hiding the bulge as he departed the room headed for the bathroom hoping not to encounter any of the boys while in a hard state. Ten minutes later Peter returned with a tray holding two food filled plates as well as cups of coffee. As he set the tray on the nightstand Tyler said, “Too bad you don’t have time to join us for coffee.” Peter with a laugh said, “My mom is waiting for me. Must go. While no one will be home but Uncle Will who rarely comes upstairs and as you know fully understands you I suggest you lock the door so your sleep (said with a smile) will not be interrupted.” As Peter walked down the stairs back to the kitchen he wondered, ‘Did Tyler invite me to share his bed with Alex or did he mean just coffee?’ While David and Juan helped Uncle Will clean the kitchen after breakfast PT and his father drove off for their day at his grandparents. In a little over a half hour they had arrived. PT received a big hug and kiss on the cheek by grandma and then a hearty handshake with grandpa. A few years earlier grandpa had taught him how a man shakes hands with a man. Their bold lingering handshake was their special greeting. Following a snack of homemade coffee cake and coffee for the adults with hot chocolate for PT grandpa and his son sat at the kitchen table where a pile of papers had been assembled. Grandpa had wanted his son’s advice on various financial and tax matters. PT accompanied his grandmother to the Kroger supermarket where she would not only do the week’s shopping but ask his advice on snacks for the visit. Following lunch Peter and his parents were going to sort through ‘stuff’ in the basement, garage and elsewhere in the house to determine if there was anything Peter wanted, items that could be donated to the church rummage sale or things that should be thrown away. The grandparents were planning to move to a high rise apartment building near the Pleasant Valley Mall. Peter suggested that PT might find this activity boring and told him he could borrow his old bike and explore the neighborhood if he wanted to, or do homework. PT opted for the exploration. His father told him they would set aside anything that he might want. PT’s father had given him a couple of dollars and suggested he ride to the drug store and buy the latest Mad Magazine. PT checked out the magazine rack at the drug store and easily found Mad Magazine. He noted the top rack had magazines wrapped in plastic. Looking at the titles he realized why these were displayed but not able to be read until paid for. He could see the titles and the top half of the magazines. There was Playboy which he was familiar with as well and Hustler and Penthouse. All of these magazines had photos, of which he could only see the top half of sexy women. What really drew his attention was a magazine called Playgirl. It featured a photo of a bare chested man on the cover. If Playboy had photos of naked women inside then he assumed Playgirl had photos of naked men. As he stood there holding Mad Magazine he started to get hard thinking of what he might see in Playgirl. Not wanting to draw attention to himself he reluctantly walked over to the cashier and paid for the Mad Magazine and a Payday candy bar. Continuing his bike ride he decided to visit the bowling alley. Once when they drove past this place his father had told them he came there often when he was in high school, not to bowl but to hang out with friends while talking and snacking. His first date with his mother had been here. The parking lot was full indicating a crowd on a Saturday afternoon. PT bought a coke at the refreshment stand and watched the bowling activity. Needing to piss he went to the men’s room. After washing his hands as he was about to leave he noted a small vending machine on the wall. The sign on it said ‘Prophylactics’ and a message, ‘Prevents disease’. He assumed Prophylactic was a fancy word for ‘Rubbers’. The cost of one package was a quarter. He checked his pocket and found one. He inserted the quarter into the coin slot and turned the handle. A small package dropped into the open space at the bottom of the machine. Since he was not positive he had just bought a rubber although the package was the same size as that opened by Paul Junior before he fucked his girlfriend while David and PT spied on them he wanted to check it out. He stepped into one of the bathroom stalls, closed the door and sat on the toilet seat. The package did contain one rubber. PT rolled it down his finger. The thought of holding a rubber was getting him hard. He opened his pants, lowered his underwear and released his now hard dick. The feel of rolling the rubber down his dick and the sight of the rubber covered dick was awesome. He began stroking it. Soon he felt the juices rise and enjoyed watching the tip of the rubber fill with his cream. He rubbed the end of the rubber over his dick head. When his dick deflated slightly he pulled it off, held it up and examined his cum. At that point he heard the door to the bathroom open. He dropped the rubber into the toilet, squeezed the last drop of cum out of his dick and pulled up his underwear and pants. He then stood and flushed the toilet watching the cum filled rubber swirl around the toilet bowl and then disappear down the drain. He walked out to the main part of the bowling alley and took his coke off the window sill. Pretending to watch the bowlers while sipping his coke he thought about the cum filled rubber that had been on his dick. He decided he wanted to buy more to share with David and Juan and started to get hard again thinking of watching them roll one on and then fill it. He walked over to the cashier and asked for change to play the pinball machines. He did not want to draw attention to the fact that he had gotten change for the pinball machine and not used it for that purpose so he walked over to one of the machines, inserted money and began playing. The machine he picked totally at random had a game called ‘Circus’. He had no interest at the moment of playing just wanted to not look suspicious after getting change to play. Without trying he kept winning more and more points as the ball bounced from one circus act to another. He got so many points he won extra games. The machine was dinging constantly with the wins. Suddenly he realized a group was standing around him watching his play. Finally what seem to take forever he used up all his free balls and the game ended. He then headed for the bathroom again. Upon entering there was a boy of about eighteen standing at the sink combing and admiring his long golden hair. PT wanted privacy for his purchase so he stepped into a stall. He sat there waiting for the room to clear when he noted graffiti on the back of the door. What he first noted was a drawing of a hard dick and balls. Out of the dick was squirting big drops of cum. He then read, ‘Call Betty for a deep throat blow job’. The phone number written below had been scribbled out. Another message read ‘Meet me here Wednesday at 4 PM for a circle jerk’. Someone had written above it with an arrow pointed to the message – ‘Fucking pervert fagots should have their dicks cut off’. He almost laughed out loud at as he read: There was a Young Man from Kent Whose Rod was so long it was bent So to save himself trouble He bent it in double And instead of coming – he went. Just when he thought the room was empty he heard the door open and saw the feet of someone walking up to a urinal. Then he discovered that the stall he was in was next to the urinals and he could see the dick of the guy pissing through the crack between the edge of the door and door frame. He watched a guy pull out his dick and piss. After shaking the last drop off of his cut piece he stroked it. He continued to move his hand up and down until it was hard. This was the first hard adult dick he had ever seen although he had seen Paul Junior’s sixteen year old dick as he fucked his girlfriend. He felt proud of his own thirteen year old dick when he determined that the dick he was watching was the same size as his. The guy shot an impressive load, squeezed out the last drops and put it away. PT had noted he was wearing a red long sleeved shirt and Levis. His bowling shoes were blue with black shoe laces. That was all PT could see. As soon as this man left the room PT went to the machine and bought six rubbers with his supply of quarters. He then returned to the bowling alleys to see if he could find the man who had jerked off. There was a group of men in red bowling shirts with the name of their team, ‘Alley Cats’, printed on the backs. Three of the men were wearing Levis and only one of those wore blue bowling shoes with black shoe laces. PT was sure he had found his man and sat in one of the spectator chairs behind the team’s lane to observe him. This guy was probably the most average looking man at the alleys. Neither tall or short, fat or slim, handsome or ugly with short hair, horned rim glasses he appeared to be about fifty years of age. When he bowled a strike he raised his arms in joy as his friends yelled their support. There was nothing to indicate that this very ordinary person had just shot a load in the men’s room. As they drove back to the farm after dinner with his grandparents his father said, “It must have been a boring day for you. I appreciated your coming (as PT held in a laugh as he thought of his cumming). Your grandparents really enjoyed seeing you and commented more than once how tall, handsome, well behave and interesting you are. PT replied that he enjoyed visiting his grandparents and eating all the special food grandma had prepared. He also told his father that he had fun riding around town. He told him that he had stopped at the bowling alley for a coke and described in detail his game on the pinball machine. Thinking to himself he pondered, ‘it was not boring at all. I discovered that magazines like Playboy but probably with pictures of naked men exist, had my first jerk off into a rubber, saw my first man boner and cumming and was able to buy rubbers to share with my friends. No, it was not boring at all.’ Meanwhile Back at the Farm After PT and his father left for the grandparents David took Juan on a full tour of the barn. He showed him where he hid when watching his brother fuck. They then walked to David’s home. When they arrived David’s mother was just departed for the grocery. She told them there were fresh baked cookies in the cookie jar, that his father and Junior were mending fences in the far pasture and that she would return in about an hour. As soon as her car pulled out of the driveway David took Juan to the bedroom he shared with his brother. Opening the closet, he moved shoes on the floor and pulled up a loose floor board. Under it were more magazines. The boys continued their sex education course that had begun the previous evening. Following a perusal of photos of men and women of all colors in various positions either alone, in couples or groups they jerked off to photos. David noted that Juan had chosen one of a women with big tits and her legs spread. David selected a couple that featured a man holding his hard cut dick just inches from a lady’s face. They shot their loads, closed the magazines and carefully put them back under the floor boards. They would have been surprised to know that about a month earlier David’s father had found the stash or magazines. The shoes worn by farmers were almost always work boots. They wore them working in the field, to Church, to town when doing errands and to most social events. Occasionally they need dress shoes and Junior had borrowed a pair of his father’s black wing tips to wear to a school dance. Paul Senior needed them for a party he and his wife were attending. Two days before the party on a rainy school day while his wife visited a friend Paul Senior decided to get the shoes and polish them. When he leaned over to pick them up off his son’s closet floor he noted a floor board was loose. When he discovered the magazines he was not shocked, just surprised. Suddenly his feelings at the age of sixteen came back to him. While he had never seen photos like these he knew that he would have been extremely happy to see them at that age. He then thought about his growing up and remembering that he and his girlfriend, now Rachel his wife, were kissing and letting their hands roam all over each other’s bodies at that age. He remember the first time he touched her tit, this first hand and fingers exploration in her underwear and the time he pulled his hard dick out for her to see and touch. That night he had held his hand over her hand as she jerk him off resulting in a messy massive cumming. As he reminisced he realized he had a major boner. Lowering his farm overalls and underwear he was soon stroking himself while looking at the same photos his son probably looked at while doing the same. Paul Senior rarely jerked off anymore as his wife from their first coupling at age seventeen to today wanted it as much as he did. If it was that time of the month she was not shy about jerking him off or giving a deep blow job ending with her swallowing her husband’s offering. The following weekend while the boys were at an overnight church youth retreat he shared the magazines with Rachel. They enjoyed matching most of the positions pictured. The only one they did not attempt was fucking up the ass. Following their magazine review Juan and David had a fun day doing what thirteen and fourteen year old boys do: riding bikes, hiking in the woods, sitting along the stream where on a hot day they would have been swimming. Standing in the woods they had a final jerk off prior to the afternoon milking while discussing the magazines. As they pulled up their pants after shooting into the stream Juan had an unsettling incident. ………………………………………………….. Meanwhile, back at the farm house Alex and Tyler slept in late, or at least stayed in bed while not necessarily sleeping. When they finally arrived downstairs Uncle Will greeted them with a wishful smile. Peter had told them about Will’s photography skills and told them he would most likely be very willing to take professional style photos. These could include photographs of Juan and his dad to give to the grandparents as well as Juan with his two dads. Peter told them Will would be willing to take photos that would be very private and intimate where they could pose anyway they wanted. They discussed a photo session over coffee and donuts. Will went to his room and brought back a folder that he kept in a locked fireproof file cabinet. He told them he would never show intimate photos without the subjects’ permission unless he knew the subject would not mind or was totally unknown to the viewer and would never cross paths with them. First he showed some photos from Daisyville. He told Tyler and Alex that they were his insurance photos, meaning having these photos guaranteed that anyone from the city, state or church would not give him problems. The first series of photos included an unattractive man about 50 with a beer belly and small dick. In one photo he was on his knees being fucked by a handsome Negro man in his 20s. The Negro’s face, chest, abs, ass and entire body was gorgeous. His well endowed dick seen in another photo matched his perfect body. In the nexdt photo the older man was on his knees sucking the perfect black cock. The next series of photos was of a handsome man about 50 with a lovely young lady with long blond hair. The photos include the two kissing, he eating her pussy in a close up, and fucking missionary and doggie style. The third series of photos was of a middle aged couple. They were very average looking. Her tits sagged and his semi hard cock was cut and well above average in length and girth. He was bald with a comb over (let the hair grow long on the side and then comb it over the bald spot). She had a beehive hairdo. Uncle Will then explained, “I took all of these photos. Considering how unattractive and homely some of these people are, I think I did an impressive job from an artistic viewpoint. The older man with the attractive Negro man is the county sheriff. When he first came to me he brought a boy about 16 years old. I told him I would not do erotic photos of anyone under 18. The distinguished man with the blonde is a state legislator. He has been in office about twenty years and is one of the most respected politicians in the state. The ordinary couple is the minister and his wife of the church I attend. She is the state chairwomen of ‘Women for Christ’. All these people trusted me to take these photos. I know their secrets. They know I am totally trustworthy. As long as I had prints of these photos hidden in this fire and heat proof cabinet I was protected from the police, politicians / law and church. “ Will then showed them photos of Peter and Tom when they were just out of high school. There were also photos of Vlad and some of his friends. They were posed in various erotic positions. He knew none of these men would object to photos of themselves being shown to friends with similar feelings. For the next hour Will photographed Alex and Tyler in various stages of dress and undress, playful sex and serious sex. When they finished Will told them their payment would be a performance for the old man. As Alex and Tyler eagerly jerked and sucked each other Will observed while taking care of himself. That afternoon while Will developed and printed the photos Alex and Tyler took a hike around the farm and nearby woods. As they walked in the woods they heard voices and realized it was Juan and David. Just as they walked around a bend in the path and were about to call out they spotted the boys. They were standing near the edge of the stream with their pants down to their knees. Each was stroking himself. Alex and Tyler quietly stepped back and observed their son and his friend jacking and shooting. Just as Juan was shaking the last drops off his dick he looked up and saw his dad. Alex turned and walked back to the farm house. Over an hour later Juan and David returned to the farm house. Juan just gave a brief ‘hi’ with no eye contact. Alex looked at Juan and said, “Let’s take a walk.” As soon as they were alone outside Alex began. “There was absolutely nothing wrong with what you were doing today. To be honest when I was your age I was doing exactly the same thing. Usually I did it alone but sometimes with a friend or friends. What you were doing every male teenager has been doing since the beginning of time. It is just part of growing up. Your body was designed to feel pleasure in doing it. When I was your age we called it beating off or jacking off. I assume you know how babies are created. When you can shoot the white stuff we called jizz, spunk or cum you are ready to make babies physically. But emotionally and financially you are not ready. So there is this period of time when the best way for relief is with your hand. Now you should have no bad feelings jacking off by yourself or with a friend. But under no circumstances are you ready to get involved with a girl. We will talk about that later, soon but not today. You are just a normal boy doing what boys do. And by the way, for a fourteen year old I saw that you have an impressive dick that seems to shoot and work fine. And I also want you to know we did not intentionally spy on you. Tyler and I were taking a walk in the woods and by accident came upon you two. I would never intentionally invade your privacy. That is why there is a lock on both your bedroom door and bathroom door. I love you Juan, you are the greatest.” He then stopped and hugged his son who tightly hugged him back. …………………………………….. PT could hardly wait to tell his friends about his experiences that day. He and his father arrived back at the farm around 9:00 (21:00). Since the boys would be getting up early to tend to the cows no one questioned their going to bed early as soon as PT arrived. In the privacy of the bedroom he told his friends about buying a rubber and testing it in the bowling alley men’s room stall and seeing the man jerk off and cum while he hid in the stall waiting to buy more rubbers. Then he pulled out the rubbers he had purchased. Soon each was opening a package and rolling it on. The boys admired each other’s rubber covered dicks. As they pumped each watched his own dick as his cum oozed out and floated around the creamy covered head. After removing the rubbers they held them by the base with the cum floating in the bottom. They compared amounts of juice and decided Juan, the oldest, had loaded the most. After wrapping them in tissues it was decided they would hide them in the opening in the barn wall where Paul Junior hid his after fucking his girlfriend. Juan then told about his encounter with David in the woods and being caught by his father. PT was very concerned as to what the punishment would be and was relieved when Juan summarized his father’s lecture. Juan then said, “I would not be surprised if my dad told Uncle Will and your dad. They probably assuming we are up here jerking off.” Without going into detail PT replied that Uncle Will was very supportive of our having the privacy of this second floor bedroom. They were soon asleep, David snuggled against PT in the dark room and Juan in the bed across the room. Meanwhile downstairs Tyler said to Peter, we invited you to share coffee with us this morning but sadly you preferred to visit your mother. Peter replied that he would not want to have coffee now as it would keep him awake. As Tyler gave a false pout Peter continued. “However, drinking a beer before bedtime never kept me awake.” With that he walked to the refrigerator and took out beers for all. Will with a smirk on his face told them it was time for him to turn in for the night. Peter followed Tyler and Alex upstairs. The two entered their room leaving the door open. Peter followed them in. As Peter stood in the middle of the room Alex closed the door and Tyler walked up to him. Placing his hands on Peter’s chest he began playing with the shirt covered nipples. Alex stood behind Peter grinding his now hard dick against him. All were still fully clothed. Peter just stood there as Tyler unbuttoned his shirt and Alex from behind unbuckled his belt. Soon Peter was naked with his pants around his ankles. Tyler kneeled and examined the pulsating hard dick. He noted that Peter’s length and girth was impressive. Meanwhile Alex had removed his own clothes and was now grinding his hard dick against Peter’s unprotected ass. Tyler, still on his knees, leaned in and swallowed Peter’s masterpiece. Things were moving too fast so Peter pushed Tyler away. “Slow down friend, don’t want to finish before we have some fun.” Tyler stood while removing his own clothes. Soon six hands were exploring all parts of the three bodies with minimal attention to dicks as each wanted this to last. Peter raised his arms over his head and whispered, “Do my pits.” As each of his friends bit and sucked Peter’s hairless pits he felt his juices rise as the pits were the most sensitive spot on his body after his dick. He pushed the two away and stepped back. “Almost lost it. Just from the pit action.” Tyler walked to his overnight bag and pulled out rubbers and lube. Tyler said, “I do not know if you are a top or bottom. Alex really enjoys topping the right man. I can personally attest he is an expert on top. If you are willing he is ready.” Peter replied, “My ass is reserved for Tom and rarely to selected friends. This seems to be the time to make new friends.” As he said this he noted both their hard dicks were smaller than Tom’s. Walking to the bed he laid on his back with his feet on the floor. Alex moved in. He opened a rubber package and rolled it on his hard natural piece while Tyler rubbed lube on both his lover’s dick and Peter’s waiting hole. Alex placed Peter’s legs on his shoulders and gently slid in. He was already near the point of no return and shot his load after just a few strokes. Peter looked at Tyler, “It is ready if you are.” Tyler, normally a top, who was usually the object of Alex’s desires was fully aroused. He unwrapped a rubber, rolled it on and shoved in. No additional lube was necessary. Alex lasted longer than his lover. Although the feeling to Peter was less than when fucked by Tom it was still intense. He stroked himself until close and stopped. When Tyler began to show signs of erupting Peter grabbed himself cumming simultaneously with his friend. Peter stood and grabbed his clothes. While it had been enjoyable he was not in the mood for an all nighter. “Thanks my friends. That was fun. I need my rest. See you guys in the morning.” He opened the door a crack and noted the hall was empty. He quickly went to his own room, put on a robe and went to the bathroom to shower. Sunday morning after tending the cows David rode a bike home to attend church with his family. Will took out his photography equipment and took professional quality photographs of Juan, Juan and Alex his biological father and Juan with both his Dads. Will then gave Juan a lesson in photography developing and printing in the dark room on the second floor of the farm house. Following an afternoon of hiking, tending to the cows and a final teenage circle jerk the two boys and three dads departed for home. The following afternoon Peter had no pressing issues at the university so he went home to have a private conversation with his son, PT. Taking PT to his home office he told him that Alex and Tyler had accidentally seen Juan and David doing what all teenage boys do. Peter gave a heart warming talk that was basically the same as Alex’s to Juan. He told PT that he had done it as a teenager and that it was a normal part of growing up. He also emphasized that while PT was now able to make babies he was not ready to be a father and should have zero sexual contact with girls. Peter ended the one way dialog with a warning, “Hide your girlie magazines better. Your mother found a Playboy in your drawer while putting away clothes. She knows teenagers, both girls and boys have a natural curiosity about the body and sex. Her only concern is that you will get a distorted view of what a girl or woman should look like. Most girls and women do not have bodies like those in the magazine of perfectly posed models used to entice men to buy the magazine. Most every teenage boy has a stash or magazines hidden someplace. I did. You are a good boy. If you ever have any questions about life ask me. Remember, I have been there and very likely done that.” That evening Peter suggested he and Tom have quality time in the office after all had gone to bed. He told Tom about his romp with Alex and Tyler that was just slightly better than beating off. As he kissed and fondled his love he asked to be fucked. As they coupled that night the boys of the 1950s renewed their reason for being together for twenty years.
  3. Again, thanks for your comments. My inspiration for Uncle Will is my grandfather's (who was born in the 1876) brother - grew up on an Ohio farm - eventually moved south where he was a music professor at a small college in Mississippi. My cousin who knew this great-uncle better than I once speculated that he was gay. If so that may have been the reason for getting as far from his family as possible as my fictional Uncle Will did (he was born in 1895). The three boys, especially PT, have more adventures in the next chapter, written in rough form - will be published in about 10 days.
  4. Columbus 1976 Reading the morning paper, The Columbus Dispatch, an article sent a feeling of elation through Peter. He called Louise and showed it to her. She kissed her husband, “Wow, God thinks we are normal, at least some peoples’ God.” She immediately picked up the phone and called Ann. Tom answered and she told him to read the article. Peter reread the article: The General Convention of the Episcopal Church passed the following resolutions: Resolved, that it is the sense of this General Convention that homosexual persons are children of God and have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love, acceptance, and pastoral concern and care of the Church. Resolved, that this General Convention expresses its conviction that homosexual persons are entitled to equal protection of the laws with all other citizens, and calls upon our society to see that such protection is provided in actuality. Peter told the other three that the following Sunday he would attend an Episcopal Service and that following the service he would make an appointment to meet with the priest. As the service progressed Peter felt like he was in a Catholic church. The format of the service was similar to the Catholics. While Peter had grown up in the Methodist Church he had attended Catholic services with Tom. He met with the priest the following Tuesday afternoon telling him the same made up story that he had told the Methodist minister years earlier soon after they had moved to their new suburban home. He told the Episcopal priest, Father David, that his brother had moved to San Francisco and lived with another man. He had visited his brother and was shocked to discover they shared a bed. How should he react? Father David replied, “I was brought up to believe that such relationships were an abomination and should be condemned. Now after years of study the Episcopal Church of the United States has determined these ‘Children of God’ like all ‘Children of God’ should have our love and acceptance. You are the first person to confront me on this. While I knew the study had been going on for years I had never really thought about it. As I read the dialog from the Church I am becoming more accepting. Jesus never condemned such relationships. Elsewhere in the Bible where they are condemned I’m becoming to realize it was more of a concern for the survival of the Church. To me it was a sin because couples that were not man / woman could not produce children and keep the flock growing. Today the problem is the opposite, it isn’t not enough people on earth but an increasing amount that maybe someday the earth cannot support. So, while I do not understand how a man can love another man more than a woman these are Children of God, created this way. I would accept both your brother and his partner in San Francisco as part of your family as you would a brother and his wife.” Peter thanked the priest for his honesty telling him he would pray on it and then call his brother and ask him how he and his Joshua were. The following Sunday the Smith family and the Kowalski family attended the Episcopal Church. Tom, a lifelong Roman Catholic, was amazed at the similarity between this service and the Roman service. Within a month they had joined an adult Bible study group while their four children attended Sunday school prior to the service. Increasingly the church became part of their social life. Their four children, ages 12 to 14, participated in activities of the YPF (Young Peoples’ Fellowship) activities. Peter and Tom discussed the temptations offered in this congregation with its many young couples, mature handsome married men and a variety of single men. They agreed that they would resist any temptation to get ‘involved’ with anyone associated with the church. This vow of celebrity was highlighted when Tom agreed to coach the teen basketball team. He made an effort to never be in the locker room while the boys showered and dressed. If at some future time his true nature were become known, no one would be able to say he ogled the boys when they were naked. Peter and Louise joined the church choir. While both had been active in musical pursuits in high school and somewhat in college their instruments were now in the back of a closet not having been played in years. Neither of their children showed any interest in music. Both had received lessons for a year: PT on the trumpet like his mother and Louise Ann had saxophone lessons. But after a year it was obvious they did not have the desire to continue so the parents agreed to the ends of their musical pursuits. Louise and Peter had met in 1956 where both played in the high school band: he clarinet and she trumpet. Peter, a baritone, sang next in the last row of the choir next to Tyler. He knew little about this handsome man about his age and did not understand the relationship between Tyler and the teenage Hispanic, Juan, who occasionally came to church with him and played on Tom’s basketball team. When there was a shortage of music, Tyler and Peter shared the same sheet of music, each holding one side of it. While Peter tried to hold back his feelings the closeness to this man was titillating. ……………………………………………. About once a month Peter met Tom after work and they visited Club Columbus Baths. While they rarely got involved with any others at the bath house, they enjoyed the atmosphere, eye candy and watching the activity in the orgy room. After time in the steam bath where each was usually groped, usually with enjoyment but not permitting any strange lips below the hips, they would go to their room and enjoy each other. Making love on the narrow platform bed in their tiny cubical hearing the sounds of men nearby having tryst in their identical cubicals resulted in an erotic atmosphere. One Thursday evening as they roamed the halls with towels wrapped around their waists Peter passed a room with its door open and two men sitting on the small bed wearing towels around their waists. Checking the guys out he saw Tyler, his choir mate, was one of the men. Realizing he had been seen it would be ridiculous to ignore him. Standing in the doorway Peter said, “What is a nice boy like you doing in a sleazy place like this?” Tyler laughed, “The same as you. Meet my friend Alex.” A hot, handsome, Hispanic man leaned forward and shook both Peter’s and Tom’s hands as they introduced themselves. “Alex is my special friend. Are you two casual hookups or in a relationship?” For the next hour the four sat on the narrow bed platform discussing their lives. Wanting to dispel any illusion that they were cheating on their wives they explained meeting in high school in 1956 and coupling with a pair of girls with similar desires. Tyler and Alex summarized their togetherness. They had met eight years earlier at a bar and have lived together for seven years. Alex had been married and had a son, Juan. When his wife discovered his proclivity for men she left him and moved back to Puerto Rico leaving their son, Juan, with him. While Alex had no interest in church involvement he encouraged his son to participate in the youth activities. Alex, the son of parents from Puerto Rico, had been born in the USA. When he was young his parents who attended Catholic mass every Sunday encouraged their son to be an altar boy. They were thrilled that the priest took a special interest in him. When Alex was thirteen the pious priest introduced him to man sex, first just playing with the young man’s dick and masturbating him. This led to blow jobs. He encouraged the boy to return the favors. By the time Alex was sixteen the family’s spiritual guide was bending over and having the teenager fuck him. Alex explained that he was very conflicted by the situation. He enjoyed the attention and sex from this handsome priest who was probably about thirty at the time. He knew it was wrong but had become addicted to it. He then somberly said, “If I hadn’t had the desire for men the relationship probably would have damaged me for life. There was no love involved, just sex. Tyler was the first man I met who I felt something for other than desires of the moment. He is a good man and wonderful second father to Juan.” Following their conversation the four visited the orgy room and observed a gang fuck. In the dark room they noted a guy with a somewhat fat ass kneeling on the platform in the middle of the room. He was being fucked doggie style by an older man. As the guy grunted and pulled out a thin guy about forty with a pumped up small dick, no more than 4 inches (10 cm) hard moved in. It appeared he could not deeply implant his little dick and appeared to be fucking the ass cheeks that he held tight. Following his quick completion a trim, grey haired handsome guy probably in his fifties or maybe older stepped up. With his trimmed beard, grey hair on a mostly bald head, no other body hair except a distinguished grey mat on his chest and crown of hair over his masterpiece, sparkling tight blue eyes, sweet smile, six pack abs without an ounce of old man fat, muscular arms and legs, and the bubble ass of a young man he was a senior citizen Adonis. He rolled a rubber onto his massive piece, the first man to use protection. His magnum weapon appeared to be at least 8 inches (20 cm) of thick cut meat. This older gentleman moved in behind the kneeler. Placing his magnum instrument against the cum dripping hole he gently shoved in. The guy on his knees screamed, “You’re ripping me open.” The old man held tight and after waiting a few moments for the willing ass to adjust to this magnificent piece he gently pulled back and slowly plunged in again. Suddenly the fuckee screamed again, but his time it was a very different message, “FUCK ME, DEEPER, HARDER.” His fucker responded with a deep thrust followed by completely pulling out and then violently shoving back in. The assault continued as the fuckee cried in pleasure as he was attacked. Suddenly the fuckee cried out I’M CUMMING. Although his dick had not been touched his body trembled as he unloaded onto the carpeted platform. The gentleman pulled out. Holding his rubber covered hard dick he asked, “Anymore takers?” Tom whispered into Peter’s ear, “That would certainly be a treat.” Peter replied, “No way. That would tear me open and make my hole unavailable to your normal large piece during an extended period of ass convalescence.” An average sized guy that appeared to be no older than eighteen, the youngest age allowed in the baths, stepped up to the platform and laid on his back. “Fuck me, grandpa.” The mature man, probably three times the age of the twink moved in, placed the teenager’s legs on his shoulders, reached for some lube and greased both his piece and the young hole. Again he gently shoved in. The teen’s only response was, “Harder Grandpa.” Following a long vigorous fuck grandpa pulled out, ripped the rubber off his dick and jacked a load onto the teen’s semi-hard dick. Then using his hand he finished the boy off who shot a massive load onto his smooth hairless chest. Later they saw the teen and grandpa exchanging phone numbers. Following the erotic show the four showered together checking out each other. Both Alex and Tyler had impressive soft cocks: Tyler’s was cut and Alex’s natural. Each couple returned to the privacy of their cubical. Peter and Tom had an intense session with Peter shooting his load onto his own chest as Tom fucked him and filled him. As the group assembled at the next choir practice Tyler quietly told Peter, “It was nice meeting the real you.” Peter replied with a ‘likewise’. With both maintaining their straight persona no one would suspect these two men had shared their deepest secrets a few days earlier. Three weeks later after choir practice Tyler mentioned that he was going out of town on business leaving Sunday evening. He hoped thirteen year old Juan would be OK as his father would be working nights that week. Peter told Louise about Tyler’s concern as they drove home after the practice. She suggested they invite Juan to stay with them. She was sure PT would not mind sharing his room for two nights. (Little did they realize how much PT would enjoy sharing his room with any boy). In PT’s room they set up a folding bed borrowed from Tom and Ann who had purchased it years earlier for an overnight guest. They invited Alex and Juan to dinner Sunday evening prior to Alex’s night shift on the Columbus Police Force. After dinner PT, his twin sister Ann, Sean (son of Ann and Tom, same age as PT) and Juan watched TV. After watching Hawaii Five-0, they reluctantly all went upstairs to their bedrooms. Actually PT was not at all reluctant. At age thirteen Juan was a year older. PT had seen Juan’s dick when they showered after church basketball practice and was looking forward to having a closer inspection. Other than PT and Sean, Juan was the only boy on the team with a natural dick like his. Much to his disappointment Juan slept in his underwear never exposing himself. The next evening the boys did homework in PT’s bedroom. Juan sat at the desk while PT laid on his bed reading an assigned book. Juan turned around and in a very serious voice said, “Want to see something special? But first you have to promise you won’t tell your parents or my dads about what I showed you.” Of course a twelve year old boy wanted to see something secret and agreed with no hesitation. “My friend Albert brought this to school today. His father has a pile of them hidden in the back of his closet. He told me I could keep it a couple of days.” Juan took the January 1976 issue of Playboy out of his book bag. He then opened it to the centerfold, Diana House – playmate of the month. While PT was fascinated by the photos, Juan appeared awe-struck. Her milky white skin, perfectly formed boobs and triangle of thatch hair was a twelve and thirteen year old boys’ wet dream, if you were into that kind of stuff as it was assumed all boys were. While they examined the photos PT noticed a bulge growing in Juan’s pants. The thought of a hard Juan, not a playmate’s pussy, caused a bulge in PT’s pants. Juan laughed as he pointed to PT’s condition, “Looks like we both have the same thoughts.” PT thought to himself, ‘Little do you know what the cause of my bulge is’. Juan shocked PT when he said, “Let’s jerk off to this beauty.” Naturally PT said, “Yea, let’s do it.” He then walked over to the door and locked it. Juan suggested they turn on the radio to hide any ‘strange noises’. PT grabbed a box of Kleenex handing a tissue to Juan. They sat on the bed with the magazine between them. Juan lowered his pants and underwear displaying a hard natural dick. PT was thrilled that although his dick was a year younger it was of equal size. Juan quietly warned him to be careful and not get any sticky stuff on the magazine as he wanted his friend to share others with him. Pretending to stare at the magazine, PT eyed Juan’s piece. He lowered his head so the focus of his eyes could not be detected. He wasn’t too worried that he might be caught checking out Juan as he assumed his friend was more concerned with the pussy in the photo than PT’s sightlines. Soon Juan was pumping hard and then spewing a hefty load of white cum into the Kleenex. The sight of the pulsating dick unloading brought PT over the hill and he proudly filled his tissue. After wiping their dicks with additional tissues PT announced he would hide the cum laden tissues at the bottom of the kitchen trash can. As they zipped up PT announced, “That was mind blowing. Give your friend a big thanks. Let me see any more that he shares”. After they had gone to bed an excited PT laid there thinking of the stuff pouring out of his friend’s dick. He soon was holding his hard cock under the covers in the dark room. Hearing what he thought were the silent snores of Juan he felt it was safe to relive the experience. He always kept the shoes and socks he had worn that day at his bedside for such occasions. He reached for a sock and placed it over his hard boy dick. As he stroked he did not think of the playmate of the month but of Juan’s uncut dick. Little did he realize that the sounds of Juan were not snores but heavy breathing from the thought of the centerfold. Juan heard PT’s movements and knew exactly what he was doing. The tissue box was on the desk next to his bed and he quietly took a few sheets and silently pumped along with PT. Following their clandestine jerking the boys had a peaceful sleep with similar in some ways and very different in another way dreams. About once a month Alex had evening police shifts. When he had a late shift on a Thursday Louise invited Tyler and Juan to their house for a quick supper prior to choir practice. Juan and PT would stay at the house to do homework or more likely watch TV while not being under the watchful eyes of their parents, or even more likely enjoying the scenery in an issue of Playboy that Juan concealed in his book bag. PT told Juan about his farm visits. While working on a farm did not interest Juan when PT told him about spying on Junior and his girlfriend while they fucked in the hayloft Juan fantasized hiding in the store room just a few feet (three feet equals about one m.) from the action. A few months later Peter announced he would be driving to Pleasant Valley to visit his parents the following weekend. Louise would not be going as she had been asked to speak to a group of high school science students interested in studying at Ohio Wesleyan. PT asked his father if he could go with him. Of course Peter invited his son. Then PT asked if they could leave Friday afternoon and stay at the farm. When he father agreed PT had another suggestion. Could they take Juan with them since he had never visited a farm. Peter called Juan’s father, Alex, and made the request. Alex replied that he would talk to Juan and call him back. Ten minutes later Alex called and had a further suggestion. He asked if in addition to Juan, he and Tyler could also visit the farm. Peter had no objections and they made plans to depart as soon as the boys got out of school Friday afternoon. The five: Peter, Tyler, Alex, PT and Juan departed Columbus in the Smith family station wagon. Taking the recently completed Interstate Highway 71 the drive took less than two hours. Rachel (David’s mother) had insisted they all have dinner at their home. The adults including Rachel and Paul Senior, Uncle Will, Paul Junior and his girlfriend, Mary (also his fuck partner), who had helped prepare the meal, sat at the dining room table while PT, Juan and David happily sat at the kitchen table. During previous visits to the farm PT had kept Dave up to date on the details of his looking at Playboy magazines with Juan. David was interested in meeting and seeing this boy who was a year older than he and PT. At the dinner table in the kitchen David told PT and Juan he had some really good stuff to show them. He had found his brother’s hidden stash of magazines. He explained that the pictures were not just of naked women but of men and women doing it in many different ways. In one a guy was even fucking a woman while another guy was standing over him with his dick in the mouth of the guy fucking. My brother discovered I had found his magazines. “He told me I could look at them but that if our parents ever found out I should tell them I found them in a trash can behind the church. You know what else he told me? He saw me peaking through the spaces in the boards of the storeroom next to the hayloft last month. He said he didn’t care if I watched just as long as Mary never found out. If she did he would cut my pecker off. You can be sure I am really careful when I spy on them. He is really proud of his fucking. He even moved closer to the storeroom last time so I could see better. Now before he fucks he gets on his knees with Mary on her back and leans in between her legs. I think he is licking her pussy. She tells him how good it feels. Then he pulls her up and he lies on his back while she sticks his dick in her mouth. Then he opens the little package and takes out what he told me is called a ‘rubber’ and she rolls it on him and then he fucks her. You can imagine what I am doing with my hand while he does it.” The fathers had not considered having David sleeping in the farmhouse as he could sleep in his own room at his house. When PT asked if David could sleep over since they would get up early to milk the cows Uncle Will immediately suggested, “That would be no problem. I have some extra blankets that he can use as a pad to sleep on the floor of PT and Juan’s room.” As he said this PT smiled at the old man who winked back at his teenage friend. PT thought, my old Uncle sure knows what I want. They remained at Paul and Rachel’s home for another hour. While Rachel and Mary, Paul Junior’s girlfriend, straightened up the kitchen the three boys offered to wash and dry dishes. PT was very conscious that he should make a good impression with David’s mother so she would encourage his visits (and playtimes with David). The father’s assembled in the living room discussing the presidency of Jimmy Carter. While liberal thinking Peter, Tyler and Alex all supported Carter’s agenda during the first months of his presidency Paul, a conservative farmer lamented, “He might be a peanut farmer from a conservative state but I don’t see his policies helping us or our children’s future”. Not wanting to get into a political argument with a friend Peter changed the subject to another topic, The Cleveland Indians (baseball team), and their prospects for the upcoming season. While Peter did not follow professional sport teams he knew a mention of the Indians would get Paul’s mind off politics as he was a serious Indians supporter. By the time they got to the farm house it was after nine pm (21.00). David brought a bag full of magazines. He told the fathers, “I thought I would share these comic books, Mad Magazines (a popular satire magazine) and Boy’s Life (Boy Scout magazine) with my friends”. He held the bag in a way that the magazines could easily be seen. However, hidden in the bag were the pornographic magazines borrowed from David's older brother. With David carrying the magazines PT and Juan carried the blankets Uncle Will gave them to be used as a sleep mat for David. While the fathers and Uncle Will settled in the living room for beer and conversation the boys went up to their room. The sleeping arrangements had Alex and Tyler in a room on the second floor of the farmhouse with a double bed. Peter would sleep alone in another room and PT, Juan and David would share the room with twin beds that PT normally shared with David. As soon as they entered their room David distributed comic books and the other magazines for the boys to hold. He then pulled out the ‘adult magazines.’ PT and Juan were both shocked and astounded by what they saw. Never had the now thirteen year old PT and fourteen year old Juan imagined such activities could happen. These were not the carefully posed models of Playboy showing perfectly formed tits and fur covered pussies. These were real people. The detailed close ups of lady parts were of great interest. All the men had supersize dicks making the boys feel somewhat inadequate. Some were cut and some natural. There where photos of guys fucking the girls in various positions, guys getting blow jobs, fingers in pussies, and an amazing photo of a guy on his back fucking a girl up the ass while another guy fucked her. Probably the most interesting was a series of photos starting with a girl on her knees giving a standing guy a blow job, in the next photo he was jerking off aiming toward her mouth, then another of him shooting cum into her smiling lips and finally a photo of her face covered with his juice. At this point PT said, “I got to take care of myself before I mess my pants.” All three dropped their pants and underwear and kneeled facing each. They kept the magazine with the girl with the cum covered face on the floor between them. David warned them to be careful and not get any stuff on it or his brother would have a fit and forbid him to ever touch one of his magazines again. While Juan concentrated his eyes on the girl both David and PT clandestinely eyed their straight one year older friend jacking and cumming. Being teenage horney boys their cummings did not sedate their interest in the photos. In less than ten minutes they were again as some say ‘pulling the pud’. Just as Juan began spurting another load on the floor there was a knock on the door. PT’s father called out: “We’re about to have ice cream and brownies David’s mother made, care to join us.” “”We are coming Dad” PT replied. Actually PT would not be cumming as the knock on the door caused his dick to immediately deflate as did David’s. Remembering his own teenage years Peter wisely did not just open the door. While he did not suspect anything was happening other than boy talk and perusing comic books he was not going to invade their privacy. Juan cleaned his cum off the floor. This load was of lesser quantity and not shot halfway across the floor as the first loads of all three had. None of the boys had jacked in the past twenty-four hours so the pent up load and inspiration from the revelations in the magazine photos had resulted in near record amounts and distances for all. PT took a Mad Magazine downstairs to show his father. To make sure his father thought they were just reading regular magazines in the bedroom he asked his father if he had read Mad Magazine when he was a kid. Peter laughed, I saved my nickels and eagerly bought each issue the day it arrived at the drug store magazine rack when I was your age. My mother did not approve of it so I kept it hidden. When my father found out I was buying it he would borrow them. Sometime when mom was not home we would discuss articles together. In college on the first day of class in one of my history courses the professor asked each student to write their name on a sheet of paper he passed out. He then read the names and each student said ‘here’ when called. In the middle was the name ‘Alfred E. Neuman’. Three times he called out the name with no answer. Everyone in the class was holding in laughter as the clueless professor stated the name of Mad Magazine’s iconic Alfred E. Neuman. It was too bad that the professor did not realize how impressionable this magazine was on young people on their views of national and world events. As he said this Peter thumbed through the magazine. Finding a satirical comic strip about Anita Bryant’s anti-gay remarks resulting in 200,000 protesters marching in San Francisco he hoped the boys had seen it. Not wanting to get into gay talk over brownies and ice cream he turned the page planning to borrow the magazine later. Back in the privacy of their room PT immediately announced as he opened to the photo of the guy coming on the face, “I must finish what I started.” David joined him while Juan who had already had two cummings that evening and no apparent interest in watching guys jerk off studied one of the other magazines. David announced that they should get some sleep as he and PT were getting up early to milk the cows and send them to the pasture. He asked Juan if he wanted to join them. Juan gave an eager reply of ‘Yes’ while David set the alarm clock. As David started to roll out the blankets Uncle Will had given them to make his bed mat PT said: “That will really be uncomfortable. If you promise to not snore, kick me, or make a cum mess in the bed you can sleep with me.” As soon as the lights were turned out Juan announced, “I will not be able to sleep until I make one more tribute to the magazines.” He could be heard reaching for a tissue. David got out of bed, grabbed a handful of tissues and while Juan’s bed rocked the other two jerked each other off in the dark room.
  5. Just reread some of the comments about my story, Life Goes On.    Hope you are still enjoying the adventures of Peter, Tom and their many friends.

  6. When I started writing this chapter the child sex stuff had never entered my mind, just sort of happened after they checked in.
  7. Tallguyct

    Chapter 2 Meanwhile, Back On The Farm

    While parts of this story are autobiographic, the sex parts are mostly fantasy (or wishful thinking) - never been tied down or tied someone down - enjoyed writing about it - do not know how I would feel with the real thing.
  8. Tallguyct

    Happy New Year – 1973  

    When ever possible I put Russian related incidents in my stories. Sine 1997 my travels have taken me to Russia 11 times with an average visit of a month each. I have a good friend in St Petersburg that I met at the 'Gay' Beach on the Bay of Finland north of the city. My friend in Moscow i met when he was visiting the USA on a business trip. He was traveling with son-in-law of his boss. All the son-in-law wanted to do was visit strips clubs and hopefully get laid. My friend and I were in a strip club near my home - while the son-in-law was having a lap dance in a back room we sat in the back of the club watching the girls on the stage. Finally my friend said 'Is there anyplace we can go to see boys?' I was somewhat shocked - he told me I had made comemnts that made him comfortable asking. I see him on a professional basis in Moscow and he keeps me up on the interesting things to do.
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    Everybody Loved Seth

    Thanks for your comments. Like most chapter I started with a general idea and just let stuff happen. Originally I planned to have a big fight over the will with Henry and Betty trying to get all they could from the estate. But when she arrived at the airport i changed my story line and they became one big happy family.
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    Henry Becomes Part of Two Families

    At this point I do not know what will happen in Henry's love life. This story just sort of falls our of my head without detailed planning. I do have a very general story line to follow but as I write it changes.
  11. Tallguyct

    Sad Return to Home

    Thanks for the comment - I wanted to make it clear that mama accepted Henry both as her son's lover and as a man of a different race. Back in the 1960s I visited the home of a fraternity brother who was planning to marry a Chinese girl. When my friend left the room and his mother (a good Methodist) exclaimed, "What are we going to do about this?" I remember being dumbfounded with her attitude, don't remember my reply.
  12. Tallguyct

    On the Farm – Cumming of Age  

    1973 - 1976 PT (Peter Thomas) nine year old son of Peter and Louise Smith (Boys of the 1950s) continued to show interest in farm life. He begged his parents to visit the farm in Seville whenever possible. Peter discussed his request for a longer visit with his friends, Rachel and Paul Winkler, parents of nine year old David, PT’s best friend. Their farm house was nearby and they owned the barn and fields surrounding the farm house where all visited and Uncle Will now lived. Thanks to Peter and Tom when all were in high school in the 1950s Rachel and Paul were able to use the farm house for their teenage love sessions. When Peter asked his friends if his son could stay with them for a week they readily accepted knowing how much their son, David, enjoyed his visits. It was understood that PT would be required to do farm chores. PT and David were inseparable that week. They shared a bedroom with David’s brother, Paul Junior, three years older. David and Junior slept in bunk beds with Junior on top. PT slept on a mat on the floor. The first night PT and David were sitting on the bed reading comic books when Junior returned from doing his chores and undressed. PT had had frequent opportunity to check out Junior, as well as David’s father when they swam at the swimming hole on hot evenings. This raining night there had been no swimming. PT was aware that Paul Senior, the father, had the largest pecker of all including his father and Uncle Tom (not really an uncle – friend of his father). Twelve year old Junior’s had matured at a rate faster than most boys his age. He enjoyed showing off and when he took off his pants and underwear stood naked in front of his younger brother and PT. He then announced, “I think it is time for you two to learn how to use this,” as he played with himself. He then started running his hand up and down the shaft. Both PT and David had played with themselves for years and knew that when they rubbed it there would be a wonderful feeling that suddenly sent shivers through their bodies following by a strange feeling of calm. PT and David often touched each other. This was the first time they saw an older person do it. Junior continued to stroke his cut dick. Suddenly he increased the tempo and to the surprise of the nine year olds white stuff squirted out onto the floor. Junior’s body shook. He then said, “When you cum, that is when white juice squirts out, you are a man. Cumming is the most wonderful feeling a man can have. I heard that it even feels better if you do it inside a girl instead of just using your hands. Let me see you try.” PT and David dropped their pajamas bottoms and each began stroking their little dicks. After a while each got that special feeling and stopped. From then on every night the three jerked off together with Junior shooting his load and the younger boys feeling good while wishing they would squirt like a man. PT’s father, Peter, had discussed growing up with him. He had explained why some men had skin on their dicks and others did not which were called cut or circumcised and uncut or natural. Both fathers, Peter and Paul Sr. as well as the sons, Paul Jr. and David were cut while PT was not. Also Uncle Tom, his dad’s best friend like him, was uncut. His father had explained that baby boys have no say in the matter if they are cut. It is just something the parents have done, sometimes for religious reasons while in the father’s case on the recommendation of a doctor. His father had told him that he could make the decision as to whether he was cut or left natural. He would not be allowed to make the decision to have himself cut until he was eighteen and understood life and dicks (his father had said with a chuckle) better. Actually David was infatuated with PT’s natural dick and PT was with David’s cut one. When alone they both enjoyed inspecting the other’s, kissing it and sometimes putting it in their mouths. When Peter visited the farm the following weekend to bring his son home both PT and David begged for another week. Paul Sr. and Rachel encouraged a longer visit as PT was a good companion for David and worked as much as a nine year old could be expected to. PT stayed another week and visited for a week later in the summer. While it would be almost three years until either PT or David squirted like a man they enjoyed trying usually daily or more frequent both solo and with each other. ……………………………………………….. Spring 1974 – Tom’s friend / mentor / sometimes sex partner, Keith Kleman – age 69, collapsed at his desk in his vice-president’s office at Olentangy Insurance headquarters. Word spread through the building and Tom was in Keith’s office before the paramedics arrived. He never left Keith’s side during the next two days. Keith, who appeared the picture of health had had a stroke. One side of his body was paralyzed and he had difficulty speaking although his mind was alert. He laughed as best as he could when Tom asked him if he wanted a massage. They discussed their chance meeting in the summer of 1956 soon after Tom’s high school graduation (Boys of the 1950s). They had met at a restaurant in Columbus when Tom had driven his uncle’s furniture store truck from Cleveland to Columbus to pick up merchandise. The merchandise was not ready and Tom was forced to stay overnight. Keith had asked if he could share Tom’s table in the nearly empty restaurant. When he had told Tom he had leg cramps from a ten hour drive from Peoria as well as back pain that could only be relieved by a massage Tom offered to give him a massage. Actually, within five minutes of meeting this handsome fifty year old man in the restaurant, Tom was totally infatuated. The massage started a friendship that had lasted eighteen years. Keith mentored Tom while he was in college and encouraged him to apply for an internship and then full time employment at Olentangy Insurance. Tom held Keith’s hand as he fell into a deep sleep from which he never woke. (Actually Keith years later told Tom he had no pains or cramps that required a massage. He just wanted this young man that he assumed was straight to massage him.) Tom made all the funeral arrangements and discovered he was both executor to Keith’s will and the major beneficiary. Except for a few distant relatives and charities Tom inherited the bulk of the estate including Keith’s home, 1972 Corvette, Stocks, Bonds and an incredible male porn collection that included pictures, books and 8 mm movies. One of the movies was Jack Wrangler’s first porn film, Eyes of a Stranger. Tom felt a large void in his live with the loss of Keith. His lover, Peter, grieved with him. ……………………………………………. 1975 – The two families of the Boys (and girls) of the 1950s were to all appearances just typical suburban families. The fact that the two married couples shared their beds to project to their children a normal, maybe humdrum, life the husband/husband couple and wife/wife couple continued active sex lives. The home office in the basement of one of their adjacent homes, Uncle Wills mostly vacant apartment as he usually lived on the farm in Seville and for the ‘boys’ an occasional visit to Club Columbus Baths provided them with more loving sexual encounters than most couples aged 37. With their numerous community activities: Scout Den mothers, and assistant Scout masters, Little league coaching, active in civic organizations, host to neighborhood picnics, and participant in various elementary and middle school activities they were well respected in the community. The area of social activities in which they did not participate was any form of religious services. Tom had tested his local Catholic priest by making up a confession that one of his male coworkers had come onto him while on an overnight business trip reception and with too much to drink he had not resisted. The level of chastisement by the priest was outrageous. While he would have accepted a mild lecture and forgiveness if he repented the harsh comments by the priest made Tom sad. The fact that the comments were interspersed with Biblical reference including specific chapter and verse indicated this priest was obsessed with the concept of man/man relationships. Never was there any mention of Jesus’s preaching of LOVE. That was the last time Tom attended Catholic mass in his suburban hometown. When he visited his parents he always attended mass and confessed to Father Sean, his teenage religious mentor. Peter had a similar experience at the Methodist Church. He told his wife Louise he would first attend the service alone and then make an appointment with the minister. He told the minister a made up story: his brother had moved to San Francisco and lived with another man. He had visited his brother and was shocked to discover they shared a bed. How should he react? Unfortunately the reply, while not as harsh as that of the Catholic priest nor filled with Biblical references, condemned the act as unnatural. Tom, Peter and their wives discussed the reactions of the Catholic and Protestant churches and decided they would not expose their children to such intolerance. Three of four children, the Smith’s twins (PT – Peter Thomas and Louise Ann) as well as Tom and Ann Kowalski’s Sean Peter were top students in their fifth grade classes. The rebellious Ann Margaret Kowalski was just getting by in her seventh grade middle school class. Her sometimes defiant behavior had resulted in numerous parent / teacher conferences starting in the first grade. Her mother, Ann, being a teacher herself in a different school district both understood that some students were different while also being totally frustrated with the daughter’s behavior. The careers of all four Children of the 1950s flourished as they successfully combined professional lives with family responsibilities: The Smiths – Peter an Associate Professor at Ohio State and Louise an Assistant Professor of Physics at Ohio Wesleyan University; Tom Kowalski in his management position at Olentangy Insurance and Ann who having completed her master’s in education administration had been appointed principal of an elementary school. The four had truly obtained ‘The American Dream’ while maintaining their very satisfying sex lives. ……………………………………………… Summer of 1976 – PT, now twelve years of age, continued with his interest in farming. He surprised his parents by discussing farm issues from crop rotation to the concerns of changes in government policy related to milk subsidies. During the previous two summers he had impressed the parents of his best friend, David, with his eager and helpful work on the farm during visits. With the consent of both his parents and David’s parents he was allowed to live on the farm the entire summer of 1976. After a week of sleeping on a mat in David’s room the two boys suggested that they sleep in one of the spare rooms in Uncle Will’s farmhouse. Since this farmhouse was adjacent to the barn where the dairy cattle were kept it would be convenient for the boys to do the early morning milking and tending to the animals. Uncle Will, at age 81, gladly accepted the company of these two handsome young men and enjoyed having these twelve year old boys in his house. Most mornings he cooked a hearty breakfast that they shared together after the cows were milked and sent to pasture. He also prepared lunches for them to have at home or in the field while working and most dinners. He did this because he enjoyed their company. They could have eaten dinners with David’s family and prepared their own breakfast and lunches. The boys enjoyed being with this old man who was older than their grandparents. Evenings they either watched TV together or played board games such as Monopoly or Parcheesi. As the summer progressed Uncle Will added some enjoyment to their games teaching the boys to play poker. They did not play for money, just poker chips. The boy with the most chips at the end of the game received a Hersey chocolate bar, not a great prize as the boys had pocket money and could have bought their own. The winning of the candy bar was symbolic of the boy’s success. Will had his own large bedroom and bath on the first floor while the boys had the privacy of the second floor except most weekends when various friends of Uncle Will and relatives visited. However, PT would miss sleeping in the same room with David’s brother Paul. While Paul who had taught the boys the pleasure of jacking off three years earlier no longer did in in front of them he was not shy about being naked and displaying his man sized large dick. It was obvious his would match that of his father, the biggest pecker PT had seen at the swimming hole or anywhere. At twelve years of age David was also growing at a pace faster than PT. One hot day in August the boys were given the task of picking corn. Following tending the cows and a big country breakfast prepared by Will they walked to the corn field carrying twenty burlap bags. Paul Sr., David’s father, thought this would be enough bags for the section of the field they were assigned. As they filled each bag it was carried to the edge of the field where older brother Paul Jr. later would load it onto a trailer pulled by a tractor. After filling fifteen bags they realized there were more ears of corn than anticipated and they would need more. They rested sitting side by side leaning against a bag full of corn ears. David: “We deserve a long rest. Dad thought we would only fill twenty bags, I think we will fill thirty.” Chuckling he continued, “My back, arms and legs are tired. But my pecker needs some exercise. Mine feels special today. Sitting here in the middle of the corn field no one will see us except the crows flying overhead. Let’s give them something to look at.” As he said this he unsnapped his bib overall jeans lowering them and his underwear to his knees. PT watched him with some envy as his friends pecker was growing into a man size while his was still boy size. However, as jealous as he was he still enjoy doing it with his friend. He also undid the top of his bib overall jeans and sat naked to the knees with his friend. They both were hard by the time their jeans were lowered. Being young men their dicks stood pointed toward their stomach, almost straight up when standing. (As most men age the angle of the erect penis usual lowers, first standing almost straight up and later pointing straight our horizontal or lower). The boys frequently played with each other’s dicks. PT enjoyed the now larger size of David’s while David had fun with the skin over PT’s dickhead. PT reached over and began stroking his friend’s. David just laid back savoring the feeling as PT took care of both of their dicks. The sensation that David felt was different than ever before. Suddenly he felt a rush through his body as his pecker spasmed and some white juice dribbled out onto his belly. Never had he had such an intense finish. His whole body went limp. Upon realizing what had happened he shouted out, “I’m a man.” While neither the intensity nor volume of the squirt had been equal to what his older brother had demonstrated he was ecstatic. David had mixed feelings. He enjoyed holding his friend’s pecker and was proud that he was stroking it when it proved David had become as man. He also felt regret that he was still just a little boy with a little boy dick. While he rubbed his hand over the creamy stuff his own dick deflated. They both fingered the cream and lifted their fingers to their noses to smell it. They were disappointed at the lack of any odor. Using leaves pulled off a corn stalk David cleaned himself. David exclaimed, “You cannot believe the feeling. When we did it in the past I got a good feeling. This time it was like a fireworks went off. I thought I was going to pass out. Wow! What a feeling. You cannot understand this until your time comes. The more we practice the sooner it will happen for you.” PT could only reply, “I hope so, soon.” Note – It would be another year before PT shoots. When it finally happened he had had a growth spurt and he was privately proud that he was now taller and had a slightly bigger dick than his friend. They filled the remaining bags and after eating the sandwiches prepared by Uncle Will headed to the barn to get more bags. As they approached the barn they saw the farm pick-up truck parked. Paul Jr. had been driving for a couple of years as many farm boys usually start driving around the farm before the legal driving age. Now he was driving on regular roads as he had recently turned sixteen and received his driver’s license. As they entered the barn David started to call out to his brother when they heard a girl laughing. Then they heard Paul Jr. telling the girl to ‘be quiet, or someone will find us’. The sound was coming from the hayloft. The twelve year old boys looked at each other and David held his finger to his lips signaling to be quiet and pointed to a ladder in the corner. The two climbed the ladder into a small storage room walled off from the hayloft. The wall was made of planks of wood with spaces between them. Since the room had no windows and the sun was shining in through the open door of the hayloft they could easily see what Paul Jr. and his girlfriend, Mary, were doing. She was on her back naked. Junior kneeled over her with his overalls lowered. He was stroking his big dick while she smiled at him. He then took a small package out of his overall pocket and opened it. He inspected a white round object that was in the package. He handed it to Mary. She took it and placed it against his dickhead. She then rolled it down over his dick. Junior then spit on his hand and rubbed it on his covered dick. He then laid on top of Mary. When she started to cry out he put his hand over her mouth. “Be quiet, do you want to announce our fucking to the world.” He then pushed in. The boys knew what was happening as they had seen bulls on cows and dogs doing it. But this was the first time they had seen people doing it. They could see Junior’s ass moving up and down. He removed his hand from Mary’s mouth. She reached up and pulled his face down for a kiss. She started to moan softly. Junior kept pushing up and down. Finally he gave a hard push in as his ass cheeks tightened. David knew exactly the feeling he was having. Then Junior got back on his knees and pulled the white think off his dick. He held it up for Mary to see the white cum inside it and then dropped it into an opening in the wall. While they got dressed PT and David quietly snuck down the ladder and went into the farmhouse. The house was empty as Uncle Will had gone to town. They sat at the table and nonchalantly drank glasses of milk and ate molasses cookies dropped off by David’s mother the previous evening. They were relieved to hear the truck start up and saw Junior and Mary drive off. They immediately went to the barn to find the white thing Junior thrown away. They found the opening in the wall but could not fit a hand into it to retrieve whatever it was. PT had an idea and they got the fishing pole kept in the lower store room. Lowering the fishing line and hook down the opening they were able to snag it and pulled it out. The rubber tube was still wet on the outside. David held it up to the light and they saw a pool of white cream at the bottom. They knew what it was and were impressed with the quantity. He then held it so the cream could pour out onto the floor. They leaned in and smelled it. Just like David’s there was no special odor. David decided to try it on. He lowered his pants and his not yet full man size dick stood at attention. Between the smaller size of his dick and the slipper stuff remaining inside it he had no difficulty pulling it down over himself. PT stroked it and once again David got that wonderful feeling. Since some of his brother’s stuff was still in it he could not tell if he squirted any. David hid it where it could not be seen but would be easy to get at. Taking more burlap bags they returned to the corn field; older, wiser, happy and somewhat confused. As the summer progressed they watched for signs for the return of Paul Jr. and Mary to the hayloft. Two more times they had the pleasure of witnessing fucking. At supper Will noticed they boys were bubbling with exhilaration. When he asked why they were so happy David told him they had a great day because while David’s father had expected them to pick twenty bags of corn they had picked almost forty. As a reward on Saturday they would be dropped off in Medina (the nearest town of any size) and given money to go to the movies and buy popcorn and pop. They would see King Kong. While Will accepted that seeing this film would be exciting he had a feeling their exuberance indicated the boys had had a more interesting day than they were sharing. Having never told his parents about his exploits at that age he did not press the issue. He thought to himself, ‘If those boys were a little older I might assume they just got laid. Oh to be young again and have boyhood experiences’. Will’s consideration about the boy’s relationship had been questioned a few weeks earlier. One hot afternoon while the boys were helping David’s father in the farthest corn field a sudden unexpected violent rainstorm hit the area. After closing the downstairs windows Will went upstairs to make sure none were open. He had not been on the upper level of the house since the boys had moved in. After closing the windows in their room he noted something out of place. There were two beds in the room but only one appeared to have been slept in. One was made and neat and the other was unmade. What especially peeked his interest was that the neat made bed had no pillow and the unmade one had two pillows. He also noted that there were two pairs of clean pajamas on the neat bed. It would appear that the boys were sharing a bed and probably sleeping naked. While Will could not remember what he was doing at age twelve he was sure that had he had the opportunity to sleep naked with the right boy he would have seized the opportunity. Unfortunately all he could remember about growing up was that he felt different and never knew why. It was upsetting when his father and brother, Peter’s grandfather (PT’s great-grandfather), made fun of him because he was more interested in drawing than playing rough games. He did not know what he wanted but knew he would not be happy living with his own family. In 1910 there were no known communities where he felt he could just be himself, whatever himself was. There was absolutely no information on gays, in fact he did not know what a gay person was so did not identify as a man who loved men. He was just confused. The only place he heard about man being with men was in sermons where the preacher talked about a man lying with a man was considered an abomination. The preacher would rant about ‘sodomites’ when preaching about men lying with men. He had no idea what a sodomite was and the dictionary definition was no help. Sodomite: a person who practices sodomy. Definition of sodomy: intercourse that involves oral or anal copulation. More definitions and more confusion. To a teenager in 1910 this was bewildering. One day he had asked his Sunday school teacher after class about sodomites. The answer was a harsh rebuke that he should not have such sinful thoughts. In his junior year in high school he had suggested to a friend that they jerk off together. His ‘friend’ told him he was disgusting and told others about this pervert. The last two years of high school were the most miserable years of his life. It seemed that he was being shunned by the entire class. At one point he considered suicide but luckily had fallen into his own special world, the world of art. He fantasized about living somewhere else but did not know where. Following high school he left home and moved to the nearest city, Cleveland, where he worked for a commercial artist drawing advertisements. He enlisted in the army during World War I serving on battlefields in Europe. After his experience in high school he kept his desires hidden while in the army. After the army he attended university without support from his parents and eventually found a job in the South far from his family. This led to part time then full time teaching art at Daisyville College. He met a kindred soul and eventually learned the joys of sodomy. His relationship with JB continued to JB’s death a few years ago. After he was established in Daisyville he would occasionally visit family in Ohio. When he visited his brother, Peter’s grandfather / PT’s great grandfather, his brother kept him limited in contact with other family members. The only close relative that showed kindness was Mary, Peter’s mother /PT’s grandmother who invited him to stay at their home. At age eighteen Peter (PT’s father) visited his great-uncle in Georgia. Peter was already in a relationship with Tom and while helping his uncle, both an artist and professional photographer, develop film discovered their mutual interest in man sex. During this visit Peter met Henry, the yard boy, who graduated from college thanks to Uncle Will’s mentoring and financial help. Peter while posing nude for a private art class his uncle taught met an artist, Seth. He introduced Seth to Henry and they became lovers eventually escaping the small town mentality by moving to a city, Cleveland, Ohio. Also, in a city they hoped a mixed race couple could live together without the constant scrutiny of small town gossips. After reminiscing about his coming of age he decided he must talk to the boys about their life style. While there was a possibility that these two twelve olds were just two straight buddies he believed their relationship was much deeper. That evening after supper Will spoke to them, “I have something to discuss with you. Before I start I want to be perfectly clear that I see nothing wrong with your friendship. I am not scolding you, I am just informing you. This afternoon when that sudden heavy rainfall hit I went upstairs to close the windows. After closing the windows I noticed one bed in your room had been slept in and the other apparently had not been slept in. I also saw no pillow on the neat made bed and two pillows on the unmade bed. It would appear you are both sleeping in the same bed. I also noted two pairs of clean, folded pajamas laying on the neat made bed. From this I concluded that you two are sharing the same bed sleeping naked together. Maybe I am wrong but that is my conclusion.” Will waited for a reply and the silence indicated his assumptions were true. “I personally have no problem with you sleeping together naked. What you do behind closed doors is no one’s business. But, unfortunately most people might find it strange and even abnormal for two boys or men to sleep together, especially if they are naked. If one of your parents had been visiting during that rainstorm they might have gone upstairs to check the windows and discovered how you sleep. It is possible that they would have been concerned and forbidden you to sleep in the same room or possibly even continue your friendship. I do not agree with such thoughts but unfortunately that is how most people think. So, I have some suggestions. Sleep in the other bed for at least one night. In the morning leave both beds unmade and make sure each bed has its own pillow. Also wear your pajama bottoms for at least an hour to make them appear to be used. Then hang them on a hook on the wall. Keep the pajama bottoms close by in case of an emergency, like a fire, so you don’t have to run outside naked. This conversation is just between us. I am not telling you how to sleep or not sleep. I am telling you to keep your activities private. Now I have some good news. David’s mother dropped off an elderberry pie, my favorite. It is in the oven warming. Would one of you get ice cream out of the freezer so we can share the world’s tastiest dessert. …………………………………….. A year later – PT was looking forward to another summer on the farm. In early May he and his father visited Uncle Will at the farm. Arriving Friday evening David came to the farm and stayed overnight Friday and Saturday so it would be easy to tend to the cows in the morning. Of course the real reason for David’s overnight was so they could have quality time naked together in bed. Since his father was sleeping in the room across the hall they were careful to not bring attention to their sleeping (and playing) arrangement. Both boys had developed over the year. With a spurt of growth PT’s dick was now longer, both soft and hard, than David’s. However, David who had had his first cumming ten months earlier was now shooting impressive quantities and distances while PT was feeling good while jacking with no squirting yet. A month later PT was home in his bedroom doing what he did almost every day, sometimes twice and on rare occasions more often. As he lay on his bed on his back jacking he thought of the loads his buddy David pumped out. Suddenly PT had a more intense feeling than ever. Out dribbled a couple squirts of white stuff. He almost screamed with excitement from both the realization that it had finally happened and the fantastic feeling that tore through his body, a feeling both in intensity and pleasure he had never had before. Elated, he was now a man! Although only a few drops had spewed out he was happy as it was about the same as David had shot his first time. Every time he and David jacked together David’s quantity and intensity increased. PT knew the same would happen to him and he vowed to practice frequently to develop his cummings. A month later when he returned to the farm for the summer he proudly demonstrated his movement into manhood. By the end of the summer he had made up for lost time and was shooting equal to David, both in quantity and distance.
  13. Tallguyct

    Henry Becomes Part of Two Families

    August 1973 Henry and Aiden were totally at ease by the time the shoofly pie Rebecca had prepared was served for dessert. Obviously this very pregnant woman had put in a special effort to prepare the delicious meal while tending to her to adorable and very active sons. The friendship extruded by their hosts (Rob, Jacob, Rebecca and Andrzej) was genuine. At the conclusion of the meal Henry raised a toast to his new friends with special thanks to Rebecca. He then announced that she would be banned from the kitchen the rest of the evening while he and Aiden washed dishes as a ‘thank you’. Andrzej told them he would take Rebecca home and help put the boys to bed and then return. For over a week Henry and Aiden had been visiting their and Seth’s families in Georgia. While they loved them all and the love was reciprocated they were constantly aware that they were in a straight world. With Rob and Jacob they could just be themselves and to their relief it was obvious that Rebecca and Andrzej totally accepted the man love relationships. Jacob and Rob joined their guests in cleaning the kitchen and the four enjoyed friendly banter. When Andrzej returned from helping Rebecca put the boys to bed an hour later they felt no need to go from gay mode to straight mode. Until after midnight they shared life stories. Henry and Aiden were enthralled by Andrzej’s tales of living in Soviet controlled Poland and the Pole was equally interested in Rob’s growing up in small town white Georgia and Henry’s small town life in Negro Georgia. While none of the five usually drank more than an occasional glass of wine or beer this seemed to be a perfect setting for beer and stories. By the end of the evening all were slightly drunk and very contented. Jacob and Rob insisted on walking Andrzej home since they were concerned about his ability to negotiate the two blocks to his home and they also needed some fresh air themselves. Since their day had begun before 5.00 in Daisyville, Georgia, the two guests stumbled upstairs and held each other up while they had a long beer draining pissing session together. After stripping naked they fell into their queen sized bed in the guest room without taking time for showers or even brushing their teeth. Both were asleep within minutes of their heads hitting the pillows. When Rob woke up at 9.00 the next morning he noted Henry was still sound sleeping. After another long beer piss he put on a robe and went downstairs. There was a note on the kitchen table from Rob stating he and Jacob would be home between 5.00 and 6.00 (17.00 – 18.00). It included both of their work phone numbers should they have questions. While cleaning the kitchen together the previous evening Jacob had pointed out breakfast possibilities. There was also Washington tourist information on the table as well as a set of house keys. Rob made a pot of coffee and took cups upstairs for himself and Henry if he was awake. As Rob showered Henry entered the bathroom and following a long piss joined him. After friendly playtime including jerking each other off they planned their day over breakfast. They agreed they needed exercise and determined it would take less than an hour to walk from Georgetown to the Washington Monument. From there it would be an easy walk to the numerous Smithsonian museums around the National Mall they hoped to visit. Returning from their day of sightseeing the encountered Rob in the kitchen preparing supper. Andrzej had telephoned stating he would visit after he put the boys to bed. He also stated that Rebecca appeared tired and would go to bed soon. Later the five squeezed into the sauna. Jacob brought in two small wooden stools that he and Rob sat on at the feet of the others. Sitting on the low stools they were just above eye level of the dicks of their friends. Seeing all of Aiden and Henry for the first time they were impressed with Henry’s large uncut dick crowned by a thatch of short black kinky hair. Andrzej stated that Rebecca appeared especially tired recently. When Henry replied she should not have gone to all the trouble of preparing the scrumptious dinner the previous evening Andrzej lamented that she insisted on preparing a special meal for their guests and could not be talked out of it. He also stated that he would be taking the morning off from work the next day to take her to the doctor. Henry immediately told his Polish friend that he or Rob would take her to the doctor while the other stayed home with the boys. Andrzej gladly accepted the offer as he wanted to save allowable days off for after the birth. The following morning Henry sat in the doctor’s waiting room while Rebecca was being examined. He heard a voice saying, “Mr. Borowski ….. Mr. Borowski ….. Mr. Borowski.” He look up and saw the nurse searching the room. He suddenly realized she was looking for Andrzej. Henry stood and told her he was a friend of the Borowskis and had brought Mrs. Borowski to the appointment. The nurse told him the doctor wanted to speak to Mr. Borowski. She turned around and returned to the inner office. A few minutes later she returned. “While the doctor wants to discuss Mrs. Borowski’s condition with her husband, she has given him permission to talk to you.” Upon walking into the examination room he saw Rebecca on the examination table. The doctor was standing next to her and spoke, “We have some good news and also some concerns. If my advice is followed healthy twins should arrive in about six weeks. I wanted to share this information with you as it must be communicated to her husband. While I am sure Rebecca is capable of informing her husband I just want to be doubly sure that he understands the gravity of the situation.” A dumbfounded Henry asked, “Did you say twins?” “Yes. I detected two healthy heartbeats during today’s examination. This could explain why she is so tired, carrying and nourishing two babies. Other than her weakness everything appears fine. However, I am insisting she rest and have a light schedule until the delivery. I know she has two healthy boys aged two and five. She is not to lift them or run after them. She should have light exercise such as walking and could safely do some light, very light, house work. She and Mr. Borowski must find a way to provide her with the rest she must have. I believe that she will have a normal delivery with proper rest. She has already given birth twice with no complications and see none this time, WITH PROPER REST! Please communicate this urgent message to her husband.” As they walked back to the car Rebecca laughed, “Twins, that was sure a shock. Andrzej and I both want a daughter. This will give us two chances. Now I know why I felt so much fatigue, more than with the first two. But right now I am starving. Could we stop someplace for a lunch?” In the crowded restaurant Henry helped Rebecca to her seat and they studied the menus. After the waitress took their orders Henry noticed an older couple at a nearby table giving them looks of disapproval. He could hear pieces of their conversation and was sure he heard the women mention the pregnancy and then use the ‘n’ word to describe Henry. He was not going to let this old bigot ruin their happy day. He told Rebecca about the disapproving couple and suggested they ignore them. He was surprised when Rebecca reached for his hand and caressed it while smiling. With the look on her face of a woman totally in love she leaned into Henry quietly saying, “This display of affection should drive the old bat crazy.” She then reached up and caressed Henry’s face. Henry glanced at the bigot out of the corner of his eye and noted she was now ranting as she starred at them. While they continued their love act Henry leaned over and said to the woman, “I apologize for the display of affection. We just learned that my Ellie Mae is going to have twins. Both of us are so happy. Oh, did you think we were married. Oh no. We are not married. It would be a violation of the laws of nature, the laws of Washington DC and an abomination in our church if we were married. The twins she carries are not mine. Since we are brother and sister we cannot have children together. Think of it. The little tykes would only have one set of grandparents since her parents and my parents are the same people.” With that final statement the lady turned white and headed to the ladies bathroom. The husband sternly looked at Henry and Rebecca, “You have upset my wife and ruined our lunch.” Henry in a very serious voice said, “I apologize if we caused any distress. I heard your wife discussing us and just wanted to kindly inform her about our situation.” Although their meals had just been served the husband stood up, placed money on the table and waited for his wife near the ladies room. He then escorted his grief stricken wife out of the restaurant with both of them keeping their eyes planted on the floor. While Henry seethed inside that such people existed he saw the funny side of it and they both had a good laugh. Henry took her back to her home where Rob was playing with the boys. Henry nicely ordered Rebecca to rest while he and Rob took the boys to the park and then Jacob’s home until Andrzej returned from work. Andrzej and Rebecca had a light supper together while the boys dined with the four men. He was thrilled to receive the news about the twins and concerned about the rest requirement. Later that evening after Andrzej put the boys to bed and was satisfied that Rebecca was resting while watching TV he returned to Jacob’s for a sauna and discussion session. In the sauna Andrzej was a combination of ecstasy over the twins announcement and bewilderment as to how he could arrange for Rebecca to rest while taking care of the boys. Jacob spoke up, “I think I might have a solution. Rebecca’s youngest sister is sixteen years old. If her parents would permit it she could stay with you. The Amish have a tradition of helping family and friends. For the Amish a sixteen year old is considered a woman. She would have finished school and be experienced in all phases of country homemaking and child care. I could call a friend in Lancaster tomorrow morning and ask her to discuss the situation with Susan, Rebecca’s mother. While such an action should be approved by the Bishop (head of the local Amish congregation) I wouldn’t be surprised if Susan just sends her without permission. If you think it is a good idea go home and discuss it with Rebecca and I will call Mrs. Shoemaker in the morning.” Andrzej thought it was a wonderful idea and immediately, sweat and all, ran home to discuss it with Rachel. He call Jacob twenty minutes later and asked him to make the call. Saturday morning Jacob, Andrzej, Jacob Junior and little Maciek drove to Lancaster County arriving at the home of Rebecca’s parents at noon. Junior was excited that he would be visiting a farm with horses and cows but was confused about meeting grandparents. He knew all of his friends had grandparents and wondered why he only had one, Reg (who really was not a grandfather). As they got out of the car Susan ran out of the house into the arms of Jacob, the brother she had not seen in over twenty years. She then cried as she kneeled and hugged her two little grandsons. Holding Maciek on her waist she stood and smiled, “You must be Andrzej.” She hugged him as best as she could while holding Maciek. It was then total confusion as everyone introduced themselves. They met Rebecca’s six brothers and sisters and her father, Ephraim, who smiled and roughly shook their hands. An hour after they arrived a buggy came up the lane. Jacob saw his mother and father for the first time in over twenty years. While custom required that any Amish person including Jacob’s family not acknowledge his existence since he had left the community his family was willing to break the rule and suffer the consequence. They knew that as long the contact was not prolonged they would just receive a stern warning from the bishop. A more involved visit with their wayward son could result, in extreme cases, their banishment from the community. More and more of Jacob’s family arrived. All of his brothers and sisters had married and had large families some of which were married and had children. By dinner time almost fifty had arrived, all decedents of Jacob’s parents. Food was not an issue as every woman brought some to share. As dusk settled in and all the relatives had returned home to do evening farm chores Ephraim suggested they and the boys go to the swimming hole for their Saturday night baths. As they walked along the path he had a quiet conversation with Andrzej. Ephraim told his son-in-law that his wife had never told him the real reason for Rebecca’s hasty departure until yesterday after we learned you were visiting. “Jerimiah appeared to be a perfect husband and I never understood why Rebecca rejected him. I know that the reason I was never told was because I might have committed a terrible sin against him. But when there was an incident two months after Rebecca departed I suspected he had not acted as a gentleman. The event occurred while the families in his part of the county gathered for dinner after religious services held at one of the homes. Someone heard screams which were more than the usual noise children make while playing. A man who was returning from a visit to the privy (outside toilet) followed the screams and found Jerimiah kneeling over a girl, just a fourteen year old girl, with his hard piece in his hand and her dress pushed up exposing her private parts. He was leaning in ready to push it in when discovered. Jerimiah got up and ran while the man who found them went to the girl. Jerimiah was never seen again and hopefully is gone forever. The man who found them told other men that it was the largest piece he had ever seen. I thank God that Rebecca never married that animal.” When they arrived at the bathing area and got naked Ephraim took a serious look at Andrzej with eyes focused on his dick, “I see that my Rebecca found a normal husband, not one that would rip her apart.” Andrzej checked out his father-in-law and was happy that when soft his Polish one was a little larger. That night the visitors shared two beds in the room of some of the boys who slept elsewhere, probably in the hay loft. Andrzej and little Maciek shared one bed while Jacob and Junior slept in the other. While Jacob had fantasized about sharing a bed with Andrzej he was relieved it did not happen as it would have resulted in a frustrating night. Sunday morning immediately after breakfast the men, grandsons and Rebecca’s sister, Miriam, departed. She sat in the back seat between the two boys who would be her charges for the next few months. While initially appearing shy she soon opened up with constant questions about the new world she was visiting during the three hour drive home to Washington. Arriving home the sisters began a never ceasing conversation. After three hours of constant girl talk Andrzej escaped to the tranquility of the sauna getting naked with Rob and Jacob. Henry and Aiden were out on their last day of sightseeing prior to their departure the following morning. Monday morning Jacob and Rob said goodbye to their visiting friends with hearty hugs and promises to visit Cleveland. Henry and Aiden packed the car and drove over to say goodbye to Rebecca. She had insisted they have their final breakfast with her, the boys and her sister. Miriam was learning to use the modern kitchen appliances under the guidance of Rebecca who relaxed at the table. They delayed their departure so they could take the boys for one final ride on the swings and slide at the nearby playground. Miriam accompanied as she began her orientation to her new citified neighborhood. They pulled out of the driveway midmorning after tearful goodbyes and promises of a return visit. With full stomachs and a box of ginger cookies baked by Miriam early that morning in the new to her electric oven they began their seven hour drive home to Cleveland. Arriving home Vlad greeting them with dinner ready to be served. However, the meal would wait two hours as the three had hunger for more than just food. They embraced and kissed. Vlad who had never had a sexual encounter with Henry had anticipated the possibilities after reading letters from Aiden describing their travels. Henry found the Russian equally enticing and they all helped each other remove clothes as they headed for the bedroom. Kneeling, Vlad inspected Henry’s perfectly formed black piece. He then deep throated Aiden who begged him to stop as his pent up desires for Vlad were about to explode. Returning to Henry he pushed the skin back and savored the moist head. Since Henry had not taken a shower since the previous evening the strong musk of a man fragrance seduced Vlad. He pulled the skin forward that strained to cover the dick head at the end of the rock hard shaft. Henry cried out in delight as Vlad pulled open the piss hole in the skin and inserted his tongue in the opening and licked the skin covered head. Suddenly Vlad felt the urge to be fucked. While he did not bottom often when in the right mood he wanted it, really wanted it. He took lube out of the nightstand drawer, handed it to Aiden and laid on his back at the edge of the bed. Aiden needed no instruction as he generously lubed his dick. Standing at the side of the bed he placed his lover’s legs on his shoulder and gently implanted his eager dick of modest size. Within two thrusts he felt his juices rise as he leaned forward and kissed while shooting a fountain of love into his man. As Aiden pulled out Henry stepped up. He aimed his already lubricated dick head. Mindful that Vlad would need time to adjust to his substantial piece he played with the opening first with one finger, then two and then three. Vlad smiled saying, “I am ready.” Henry gently and slowly moved in deeper and deeper. He could tell by the expression on Vlad’s face he was causing pain. Deeply implanted he paused and just smiled as Vlad’s expression turned from that of pain to pleasure. Vlad nodded and Henry began, first pulling out all but the head and then gently going back deeply. Vlad wiggled his ass indicating the want of more vigorous activity. Henry plunged in and out with Vlad crying out each time it was fully implanted. Meanwhile Aiden with a lubed hand was jacking Vlad. When Henry’s cum began to shoot the pulsating of his dick in the willing ass brought Vlad over the top as he blasted his load onto his chest with a few spurts landing on his lips. Henry pulled out and fell to Vlad’s side. Vlad pulled Aiden down and the three embraced resulting with all being covered in Vlad’s cum. Following showering together they put on robes and ate dinner. The table was not cleared nor dishes washed that evening as they returned to the bedroom for a night of happily interrupted sleep. The following morning Vlad and Aiden had a private conversation and then suggested to Henry that he stay with them a few nights rather than return to his empty apartment. The few nights turned into a few weeks, then months and longer. Chapter Epilog: About six weeks later Vlad answered the phone to a call from the exuberant Andrzej. Susan and Sofia had arrived that afternoon. The healthy babies were named after their grandmothers on the Amish farm in Pennsylvania and far away Poland. A month later Rebecca called to give an update on the twins. Henry was home alone that evening and they had a long chat. Rebecca told him: “Remember our lunch where you told the bigoted lady at the next table that you and I were brother and sister. I have shared that story with many friends resulting in good natured laughs. But seriously, I do think very fondly of you. The way you interacted with the boys and the concern you showed for me was very touching. Actually I think of you as a brother and I hope you will remain in the lives of our family.” Henry had tears in his eyes as the phone conversation continued.
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    Meet the Sweet Polish Guy  

    Jacob Yoder and Rob Johnson were thrilled when Vlad had written asking if two of his friends could stay with them while visiting Washington. Both of these men were indebted to Vlad and Reg for their liberating them from lives in rural areas that were not conducive to man love. Jacob’s story – (Russia My Home – 1950 - Chapters 30 – 31) Years earlier while driving through Pennsylvania on the way to visit an Army acquaintance of Vlad’s, Reg had suggested they take back roads in scenic Lancaster County, home to a large Amish population. As they drove down a picturesque rural dirt road car troubles resulted in their asking to use the phone at a nearby farmhouse to call a garage for repair assistance. Since the Amish home had neither electricity nor a telephone, the friendly farmer offered to take them to town by buggy the next day. Vlad offered to help the son, Jacob, work in the field repairing fences. They sweat together, pissed together and cooled off together in a secluded swimming place. There was no shyness between the men who enjoyed each other’s company and bodies. Jacob asked Reg and Vlad to help him move away from the stifling conservative community. He eventually moved to Washington, lived with Reg and Vlad, and completed high school and university with Reg’s assistance. His love of farming led him to a position with the US Department of Agriculture where he does research related to corn and grain crops. Rob’s story (Russia My Home –- 1959 - Chapters 43 – 44) Nine years later Vlad was now living in Cleveland. He and Reg planned another road trip. Reg visited Ohio frequently from his home in Washington. Their itinerary included visiting interesting places in the Midwest as well as Yellowstone National Park. On the morning of their fourth day on the road about an hour after departing Nashville they were still discussing the performance of the thirteen year old girl from eastern Tennessee. Dolly Parton’s first Grand Ole Opry performance had received three encores. After stopping for gas along the road to Kansas City they offered a ride to a hitchhiker. Rob had left his home town Frog Creek, Tennessee and was on his way to San Francisco where he hoped to find a more exciting and accepting life. He had just graduated from high school and his parents discouraged his attending university since he had an opportunity to work with his father as a plumber. Rob wanted more than life in Frog Creek offered with the expectation of marriage. Having saved the fifty cent pieces (1955 fifty cents equals almost $5.00 adjusted for inflation 1955 – 2018) and sometimes dollars he had been given by his lecherous pastor / high school principal he started his journey to San Francisco where he assumed from his reading of Time magazine and out of town newspapers at the library he would find a welcoming culture. (The preacher and also middle/high school principal had singled out the quiet fourteen year old Rob for encounters. He started giving Rob blow jobs while jerking himself off when teenage Rob volunteered to clean the church. He gave Rob fifty cents after each encounter. When Rob turned sixteen the pastor / school principal paid to be fucked by Rob.) Rob accepted the ride offered by Reg and Vlad assuming he would travel with them as far west as their adventure took them. By their third night of traveling together Rob came out to his traveling companions and accepted their offer to continue with them. Upon return to Ohio he moved in with Vlad and began university studies. When he Visited Reg in Washington he met Jacob. Immediately they both had the same feeling –‘this is my life long soul mate’. At the end of the semester Rob left Ohio and moved in with Jacob and Reg. He completed his university studies in Washington and obtained his dream job, working with books. His escape from the stifling life in Frog Creek had been in the local library, now he was a bookstore manager. …………………………………… With an early morning start Henry and Aiden arrived at the home of Reg (who was in New York City with a friend) and his young protégés late that afternoon. They were greeted at the door by a handsome man, who introduced himself as Jacob. He could barely introduce himself as two boisterous young boys who were introduced as Jacob Junior age five and Maciek age two bounded into the entry hall. Junior held out his little hand so he could shake hands with the two guests. Maciek imitated him. Henry and Aiden shook their hands and introduced themselves to the little tykes. Then a very pregnant young women appeared wiping her hands on her apron. She introduced herself as Rebecca. Jacob laughed as he looked at the bewildered expressions on the faces of the guests. He explained, “Our family life is a little complicated. Rebecca is my niece. Her husband, Andrzej, will arrive here after work in about an hour. They live two blocks from here. When Rebecca heard friends of Reg were visiting she insisted on preparing a welcoming dinner. My better half, Rob, will also be home in about an hour. Meanwhile, why don’t you two settle in? We will show you your bedroom and after you freshen up we’ll share a beer and root beer for the little ones.” ………………………………………….. During their visit Henry and Aiden learned the stories of Rebecca, Andrzej and their sons as follows: Rebecca’s story: When Jacob left his Amish family in 1950 he knew he could never return since Amish customs required him to be shunned. However, through a mutual friend who was Mennonite, not Amish he contacted his sister, Susan, by letter. Most Saturdays she visited the nearby town of Lancaster to shop and drop off the bake goods she, her mother and sisters baked to sell to tourist. She would stop at the hardware store where her brother’s friend worked and pick-up and drop-off letters from and to her brother. She secretly shared these letters with her mother who was relieved that her son was living a good life. A year after Jacob left home Susan married and as a good Amish women became the mother of many children: four sons and three daughters. When daughter, Rebecca, reached the age of twenty she was expected to enter courtship with an eligible male. Since most Amish women married in their early twenties anyone unmarried by the age of twenty-five was considered an ‘old maid’. To the delight of Rebecca’s mother and envy of the other eligible girls Jeremiah Weaver took an interest in her. Being from a good family, likely to inherit his grandparents’ farm and being strong and handsome with an enchanting smile he appeared to be the perfect spouse. Since he lived on the other side of the county and usually attended Sunday meetings with a different group Rebecca did not know him well. He began attending the same Sunday meetings as Rebecca’s family. About a month after he began attending the meetings he asked her to go for a buggy ride after Sunday service and communal dinner. These buggy rides were the first step of serious courtship. At her mother’s urging Rebecca accepted. As they rode along the dirt roads he boasted about himself. After the second Sunday Rebecca realized his first love was himself and his next love his horse. He showed little interest in her life and only talked about his accomplishments. On the third Sunday as they rode down a picturesque country lane he pulled into a narrow path that led to a secluded area. He suggested they sit under a tree and talk. He helped her out of the buggy. He then spread a blanket on the ground. They sat and he spoke about their life together although Rebecca had little interest in this self-important man. She was trying to think of something to say that would move the conversation away from marriage as he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She was surprised and backed away. He said, “Rebecca, if we are to marry we must get to know each other better. He then forced her on her back and placed a hand on her leg. He moved his hand up under her dress and was touching her very private place. When she protested he held her tighter and had his hand inside her undergarment. When she started to cry he just said, “If you are to be my wife you must submit to me.” She wanted to scream that she never wanted to be his wife but was unable to utter a word. Suddenly she realized he had lowered his pants. He then kneeled over her with his knees tightly against her sides. Moving his hand up and down his manhood he said, “You are lucky. When I go to the swimming hole with the other men on hot evenings to cool off and bathe my friends comment on my big piece. It will give you more pleasure than anyone else can.” She had never seen a man’s piece before soft or hard. She had taken care of her little brothers and other young boys but had never seen what a man had. Being a farm girl she had witnessed couplings of horses, cows and bulls, sheep and other animals so she was aware of the sex process. Suddenly her long dress had been pushed up. He ripped off her underpants and touched her where no one had ever touched before. He forced a finger into her. He then spit on his hard piece and placed the head against her virgin opening. When she cried out he said, “This might hurt the first time, but after a few times you will enjoy it and want it.” He rammed in and she cried out. As he pushed in and pulled out again and again she felt weak from the pain. Suddenly he cried out as he pushed in harder. He stopped, pulled out and cleaned his piece on her ripped underwear. He then told her to get in the buggy. He drove her home and dropped her off at the road end of the lane to her house. Then with a smile he said, “Next week you will enjoy it more and soon you will beg for it.” She hurried home, did her chores and went to bed. She realized blood had seeped onto the front of her dress and she changed into a similar dress after putting on new underwear tucking in some of the material used monthly to soak up any blood. She cried herself to sleep. By morning the pain from the attack had gone away but not the pain in her head. The following Sunday she refused to go for a buggy ride, much to the dismay of her mother. About a month later she began having the symptoms of someone who was carrying a child. Her sickness in the morning and not having the monthly cycle made her realize she was with child. In her small community she was aware that sometimes a child was born soon after a marriage. If it was known that she was pregnant she would be forced to take her attacker as her husband. While she had never met her uncle who lived in Washington her mother had shared his letters with her. The following Saturday she mailed a letter to Uncle Jacob asking for his help. She told him she could not stay as she would be forced to wed this man she hated. The following Thursday Mrs. Shoemaker, wife of the Englishman (what the Amish call anyone not Amish) who owned the hardware store drove her automobile up their lane. She asked to talk to Rebecca. After a short conversation she told Susan, Rebecca’s mother, her mother had fallen and needed someone to stay with her for a few days. Susan told her daughter she should help their friend and told her to pack some clothes for a short visit. Carrying a small suitcase Rebecca got into Mrs. Shoemaker’s auto and they drove off down the lane and turned into the main road. Five minutes later they stopped at a gas station where Jacob was waiting. Rebecca met her uncle for the first time. He wrapped his arms around her and she cried as she felt his love. He handed a letter that he had written explaining Rebecca’s situation that Mrs. Shoemaker would give to Rebecca’s mother the following Saturday. Within thirty minutes Rebecca had traveled farther from home than ever. Her conversation with her uncle was easy. He set her mind at ease as he told her he had contacted the minister and some of the ladies at Apple Hill Methodist Church concerning her situation. They had made recommendations and he had made an appointment for her to see a doctor. Seven months later with Jacob and Rob in the hospital father’s waiting room Jacob Junior introduced himself to the world. Rebecca was surprised at all the attention she had received from her new circle of friends. Uncle Rob and Uncle Jacob provided Rebecca and Jacob Junior with a happy home where on the third floor she had a bedroom to herself, the first time in her life she had not slept in a room full of sisters. Reg and Uncle Jacob insisted that Rebecca attend evening classes so she could receive a high school diploma. Her education at the Amish school house had ended with the eighth grade. In the American History class she met an interesting man from Poland. Andrzej Borowski’s Story: When Andrzej’s father returned home after fighting with the Polish resistance during World War II he and his wife had a private celebration that resulted in his birth nine months later. He later graduated from the Polytechnic University in Wroclaw (known today as Wroclaw University of Science and Technology) with a PhD in engineering. Upon graduation he was immediately drafted into the Polish Army and because of his expertise and high academic achievements was assigned to a special technical unit. From the end of the World War II to the fall of the wall in Berlin while the country was under Soviet control all Poles were required to study Russian language in school. Andrzej was fluent in the language. Truthful information about the west (Western Europe and USA) was nonexistent in Soviet controlled Poland. However, since western technology was important to the Soviet Union, Andrzej, as part of this military assignment learned about advances in technology and other facts about the USA. He increasingly became disillusioned with the communist mentality and plotted his escape to the USA. He realized that if he escaped his parents would be severely punished possibly sent to prison. Using to his advantage the chaotic system of Polish and Soviet military record keeping he broke into a military office and issued orders for his transfer to a nonexistent Soviet Army organization. He also issued orders for his attendance at an international meeting. He informed his parents of his plans and they had a tearful goodbye. When he attended the conference in Sweden he walked away. The Polish military did not miss him as he had been attached to a Soviet unit and the Soviets did not miss him as the unit he was attached to did not exist. While in the Polish army he had access to American material including language books and had self-taught himself basic English. After walking into the American embassy in Stockholm he was interrogated then sent to an USA army base in Germany where he was again interrogated. He was assigned to an office first in Germany and then sent to the USA to translate low level Soviet technical information. He had no access to classified material and was watched closely as it would not have been unusual for the Soviets to plant him there as a spy. His English skills rapidly improved and he was soon fluent. After over a year in Washington his security level was raised and he soon became valuable in the ‘Cold War’ battle against the Soviet Union. Andrzej’s quest for knowledge led him to the same American History night school class that Rebecca attended. He immediately noticed the quiet young woman and his body from his heart to his dick responded in a way it had never done before with the many girls he had dated and fucked in Poland and here in Washington. When students introduced themselves he noted she had an accent that sounded German but different from the accent of other Germans he had met speaking English. After class he introduced himself and stated that he knew many Germans but had never heard an accent similar to her’s. Her smile and laugh sent tingles through Andrzej’s body as she told him she was Amish and that at her home on a farm in Pennsylvania they spoke ‘Amish’ among themselves and English to outsiders. She further explained that the Amish and their language originated in German speaking areas of Europe. As they walked to the parking lot she told Andrzej her Uncle was meeting her. She introduced him to Uncle Jacob and the two drove off. Andrzej was totally smitten with this girl. He went to the library and researched the Amish culture. He was shocked to discover that in America today people lived without automobiles, electricity, telephones or any other modern conveniences and traveled by horse drawn buggies. They were renowned for their farming skills although only horses, not tractors, were used. Their strict upbringing required no signs of frivolity such as fancy clothes or curtains in windows. This way of living was not because they were poor but resulted from strict conservative religious beliefs with those not following the dictates of the Church being required to leave the community. Rebecca and her uncle must have refused to follow the rules and had escaped just as he had escaped from communism. The following week he sat next to Rebecca. After class they talked for about fifteen minutes and then met Jacob in the parking lot. Andrzej offered to take Rebecca home the following week. He handed Jacob one of his business cards to give assurance that he was who he said he was. Jacob asked his friend / roommate / mentor / sometimes lover, Reg, who had worked at the State Department and had many friends there to check out Andrzej. After Reg’s report, Jacob’s told Rebecca it was OK to accept a ride home the following week. Jacob spied on the young couple from the house as they sat in Andrzej’s car talking for about an hour. She told him about her life on the farm and he told of his growing up in Soviet controlled Poland. She had a good feeling about this man from faraway and realized she must be honest with him. She told him about Jacob Junior and her first and only encounter with a man who had forced himself on her. She explained how her mother had encouraged her courtship with a man who appeared to be an excellent choice for a future husband. However, even before he forced himself on her she had realized this was not the man she wanted to live with the rest of her life. While she did not go into the details of the brutal rape she told about leaving home when she became aware she was with child and had contacted her mother’s brother, Uncle Jacob, who had left the Amish community years earlier. Andrzej took her hand, “I am so sorry you had that experience. You were a brave and loving person to leave home so you could have the freedom to raise the child as you felt best and not attach yourself to a monster. There are similar stories about women where I come from. The girls have no choice except marriage, sometimes with a brute, or to give the child away or to have the baby taken out of their body. I know girls who have died as a result of this operation.” While caressing her hand he continued, “You did the best thing possible, by having the child, not marrying the man you did not love and finding a way to raise him. Your Uncle Jacob is a wonderful man to have encouraged you and given you and Junior a home.” Rebecca felt a sense of contentment she had never experienced. He continued, “I would like to meet Junior.” Rebecca surprised herself when she spontaneously replied, “If you are not busy visit us on Saturday and we can take him to the playground in the park.” They set a time and as she got out of the car he took her hand and kissed it. She felt a rush through her body as she went up the walk to the front door. She found Uncle Jacob in the kitchen nonchalantly eating a piece of elderberry pie. She cut herself a piece, not because she was hungry but because she wanted an excuse to sit and talk. For the next hour she babbled on about this wonderful man. Within a month Andrzej was spending all weekends and many evenings with Rebecca and Junior. When Andrzej discovered there was a small sauna on the second floor next to the master bedroom he asked Jacob and Rob if he could join them sometime. The first time the three used it together Jacob and Rob who always used it naked entered with towels wrapped around their waists. Andrzej, who had undressed in the guest bedroom, entered carrying his towel making no attempt to hide his manhood. He placed the towel on the hot bench and sat with his slightly smaller than average uncut dick exposed. Rob and Jacob removed their towels. Andrzej appeared to have no interest in Jacob’s handsome above average size impressive uncut dick or Rob’s small cute cut one. The conversation was easy as the three chatted in the small sauna, bodies touching each other with Jacob in the middle. Their conversation centered on their growing up: on an Amish farm, in eastern Tennessee and in Poland. The third time they shared the sauna the conversation turned to the life styles of Rob and Jacob. Andrzej stated, “While I knew men in Poland who were more interested in relationships with other men than women I never understood the concept. We were told such relationships were not natural and should be condemned. But now that I have met you two I see that such a relationship can be very natural. Rebecca told me you sleep in the same bed as Reg when he is in town. She told me the thought of two men sharing a bed when it was not necessary seemed strange. On Amish farms brothers often shared beds as did sisters. This was done because there were not enough beds for all in the large families. But as she got to know you all better she accepted your way of life. She now realizes you two love each other as much as a man and woman can love each other. I have had men approach me. When at the university in Wroclaw I frequently went to the city sports hall with its three large swimming pools and also a public bath open only to men most days of the week. This place had three small pools that held five to ten men each, a steam room, a sauna, and a relaxing room. While most men used the inexpensive lockers for changing a small private room with a cot for resting could be rented. Once when I entered the steam room two men who had been sitting close moved apart. They tried to hide their hard dicks. I assumed they had been touching each other. A few times men sat next to me and gently placed their knee against mine. I eventually realized what these men wanted and I just moved away and ignored them. Men would sit on the opposite side of the haze filled room staring at me while touching their dicks. I just ignored them. A few times when I needed a break from classes I rented one of the small rooms to rest in between visits to the steam room, small pools and sauna. One time I noticed the man who had rented the room next to mine was sitting on the top row of the steam room opposite me. His legs were spread and he gently scratched his balls. I then realized the man sitting about a meter (three feet) from me was mimicking him as they eyed each other. The first man who was half hard got up, smiled at the man next to me and left the room. The second man, holding a towel over his hard dick, soon left. Five minutes later I went to my small room and as suspected could see the outlines of the two men in the room next to me. The walls of the rooms facing the hall were wire mesh so one could see inside if a close look was taken. If a light was not on in the room you could only see shadows. I went into my room and listened at the wall. I then discovered the wall paneling between the two rooms had a few small spaces where the seams of the wood met. I spied on the two as one stood and the other kneeled with the other’s dick in his mouth. To tell you the truth this got me excited and I took hold of my own dick. I finished myself at the same time the kneeling man appeared to be swallowing the juice of the other. Actually I was glad I saw it because a week later I told the girl I was dating what I had seen. She got on her knees and did the same to me. Although I dated many girls while at the university and in the army, I never met a girl that made me feel like I do about Rebecca.” (See end note, the sports complex described exists today. While the place is considered straight, the action described occasionally takes place – as I saw on my last visit two years ago.) After more light conversation Andrzej laughed as he said, “While I accept the two of you being in a relationship, I do not fully understand it. As a scientist I should research concepts that I do not understand. In this situation I will skip the research and accept you two as good friends who love each other.” As he said this while sitting between the two he put a hand on each knee and squeezed it. Rob spoke, “You keep rubbing our knees and you will see two hard dicks and find out how two men in love relate to each other.” Andrzej laughed again as he got up while saying, “Good night friends, have an enjoyable sleep.” A few evenings later just Jacob and Andrzej were together in the sauna. Jacob had practiced a message and he began, “You and Rebecca have been seeing each other for almost three months. I have been watching your interaction and assume you have not been intimate.” Andrzej, “That is true. Although I am sure you realize it is constantly on my mind. As her father substitute you look at her in a way different than me. That is normal. I love her, but she is so pure I am totally confused concerning intimate relations. With other girls it was easy. But I never loved any of those girls as I do Rebecca. Actually I am considering asking her to marry me. But since we have known each other for such a short period of time maybe it is too soon.” Jacob continued, “I would be thrilled to have you be part of our family. I also share your concern about the length of time you have known each other. I can see that you love Junior and he idolizes you. But before you go any farther in your relationship there is something you should know. Rebecca is ashamed to tell you the full story about Junior’s father. He was two years older than her and her mother considered him an excellent husband prospect. But he had a dark side. The third time he took Rebecca buggy riding, the way Amish courted, he drove her to a secluded spot and brutally raped her. He must have caused great pain as I learned later from my friend who knows many Amish that among his men friends he was called ‘horse’ because as the men discovered when they swam together on hot summer evenings he had the biggest dick of all, like that of a horse. He attacked Rebecca, drove her home and his last words when he dropped her off were ‘Next week you will enjoy it more and soon you will beg for it’. Rebecca never told anyone about the rape as she would have been spoiled in the eyes of the others and forced to marry the brute. She refused to accept buggy rides with him in the future. When she discovered she was pregnant she contacted me and left her family. Her mother and I have secretly exchanged letters since I left twenty years ago. She now knows what happened and has thanked me for caring for her daughter. When you do become intimate with Rebecca you must be especially considerate as I know you would be. Give her time. But should the opportunity arise, in the drawer of the nightstand of the room where you change your clothes when using the sauna there is a supply of rubbers and lotions. I assume you know what they are for.” With a laugh he continued. “If needed, I would gladly show you how to use them.” Andrzej got very quiet, “Oh, poor Rebecca. I will be as tender as a man can be. I do not know when it will happen but I am thankful for both the information and support.” He then looked down at his dick, “Well, at least no one will ever call me ‘horse’.” The next day Jacob had a serious discussion with Rebecca. He told her that he thought Andrzej would be a wonderful husband and father. With a smile she totally agreed. They discussed the short period they had known each other. Jacob told her that Andrzej had approached him for advice and that he supported the marriage. Jacob then dropped the bomb. I know you have only been with a man once and that he was brutal and attacked you causing you great pain both physical and in your head. Andrzej is not a brute. He is a tender loving man. I hope you can submit to him without fear. Let him love you without anxiety. If you were to become intimate before marriage I would not condemn you. Andrzej knows how to love you without getting you pregnant so do not have that fear. Do what your heart tells you to do.” A week later Jacob was happy when he saw Andrzej’s car still in the driveway in the morning. Usually he stayed until around midnight and then returned to his rented room. When Jacob entered the kitchen Rebecca was preparing breakfast. With a smile on her face she wrapped her arms around him, “Oh, Uncle Jacob, it is such a beautiful morning.” Then to his surprise she kissed him on his cheek. Andrzej entered, dressed for work. Rebecca bounded into his arms kissing him on the lips. When she went upstairs to check on Junior Andrzej with a grin said, “The Little Polish kielbasa (sausage) did what a giant Amish horse could not do. I will stop at the pharmacy after work. I do not think there are enough supplies in the bedside table to keep your niece happy,” Jacob replied, “Thank you. I have been worried about her ability to relate to a man after her first experience. By the way, I have inspected many men, your kielbasa as you call it, based on my observations, is a perfect size.” The following Saturday morning Jacob announced, “I think it would be great day for Rob and me to take Junior to the zoo. We would not be home before five (17.00) o’clock. Is that Ok with you and Andrzej?” A blushing Rebecca replied, ”I am sure Junior would have a wonderful time with his uncles, don’t you Andrzej?” A smiling Andrzej replied, “I totally agree.” A month later the two were married at a quiet service at Apple Hill church with Jacob giving away the bride. Andrzej moved into Rebecca’s room on the third floor. A year later, with Reg’s encouragement and loan, they bought a small townhouse two blocks away. After moving Rebecca insisted on preparing meals and help keep the house clean for Reg, Rob and Uncle Jacob. The uncles were frequent baby sitters for Junior. Nine months after the wedding, baby Maciek arrived (named after Andrzej’s father). At least once a week Andrzej enjoyed conversation with Rob, Jacob and sometimes Reg while sweating in the sauna. While it was a tight fit for all four to be together in the small home sauna, Andrzej did not appear to be bother by the closeness. The others enjoyed the intimacy. ************************************ As this chapter started: After Henry’s and Aiden’s all day drive from Georgia they were greeted at the door by a handsome man, who introduced himself as Jacob. He could barely introduce himself as two boisterous young boys, Jacob Junior age five and Maciek age two, came bounding into the entrance hall. A very pregnant Rebecca introduced herself and within an hour Rob and Andrzej came home from work. While Henry and Aiden had been told the stories of Rob and Jacob by Vlad and Reg during his visits to Ohio they were not aware of the existence of Andrzej, Rebecca and sons until their arrival that day. During their week-long visit to the Nation’s capital they enjoyed hearing the life adventures of their new friends. The sauna sessions of Henry, Aiden and Andrzej were both informative and tantalizing.
  15. Tallguyct

    Sad Return to Home

    July - August 1973 As Henry, Roland and Alex drove home after seeing Betty / Mama off at the airport Alex lamented, “We will all miss Seth and none more than you, Henry. You lost a lover, I lost a friend who I think of as a son as well as a business associate. The business associate can be replaced, the son cannot. You know I have relied on Seth more and more each year. We now run the business as a team. I hoped someday he would take over. The delight in running the business is gone without Seth. Roland and I have discussed the next chapter in our lives. I plan to sell the business and retire. We are both in our 60s and financially secure. Roland plans to retire when I do. The big house with the beautifully landscaped grounds was fun twenty-five years ago but not having the landscaping business to maintain it the home will turn a pleasure into a burden. We will probably move into a smaller low maintenance place. Living at our present home has been maintenance easy since my firm took care of the landscaping, yard maintenance, snow plowing and small repairs. While I could hire someone or a firm to do all that, there would be the constant worry about the place, especially if we traveled as we plan to do. There is a new homeownership concept that has long been used in Europe. With this new concept, called ‘condominium’, you own the interior of your home with all outside maintenance, such landscaping, yard, and repairs to the outside of the building including driveways etc. being the responsibility of the owners association that hires a management company to overlook repairs and maintenance. While most condominiums look like apartment buildings there is one in the planning stages that consists of connected homes called town houses surrounded by beautiful landscaping.” Henry commented. “You both deserve all the happiness possible. If moving to a smaller home with less worries will give you freedom to do what you want I say ‘go for it’. I have worked for you every summer since Seth and I moved north thirteen years ago. It has been wonderful, working with Seth, working with you, being a laborer outside using my body after nine months in the classroom. After a school year of teaching English to junior high kids the summers were a real refreshment of sun and fun and sweat. I will be at work tomorrow. Don’t tell me to take it easy after all the emotion of Seth’s death. I need to keep active and not just mope around the house.” “If you want to work, I can certainly use you.” As they approached home Roland suggested Henry stay for supper. After supper they watched TV together. Henry had stayed at their home the past week while Seth’s mother was there. This night and for the next two weeks he continued to sleep there. No sex was involved except for Henry’s hand giving nightly tributes to Seth. During the day he worked at the landscaping firm and evenings after supper watched TV with Alex and Roland or as all good English teachers do caught up on his reading. Dinners with friends and an occasional movie kept all minds occupied as each silently mourned the loss of Seth. Aiden and Henry planned their trip to Georgia. The three (Henry, Aiden and Seth in his urn) would drive to Georgia in Aiden’s car. With most of Interstate highways I-71 through Ohio and I-75 in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia completed their trip to Aiden’s home town, Cou Rouge, in Northwest Georgia would hopefully take less than twelve hours. With an ice chest packed with sandwiches, fruit and pop (what soda or soft drink is called in Ohio) they departed at 5:00 in the morning. With both sharing driving and stopping only for gas and pissing they were at Aiden’s parents before 5:00 (17:00) in the afternoon. Aiden had written to his parents explaining that he and his friend, a Negro, would stay just one night and then drive on to Muddy Creek for the Memorial Service. After the service Aiden would return to Cou Rouge for a week and his friend would visit his family in Daisyville. He was apprehensive concerning his parent’s acceptance of Henry. As far as he knew his parents had no Negro friends and a Negro had never been in their home as a guest. He suggested an army cot be set up in his bedroom for Henry. Actually Aiden would insist that Henry have the comfortable bed once they were behind closed doors. The night before they departed Vlad and Aiden had a tender session together. As they cuddled naked together Vlad told Aiden, “You and Henry will be traveling together and sometimes sleeping in the same room. As I am sure you have noticed he is handsome and very lovable appearing. We have seen him in action at our dessert parties with Alex. I sincerely hope that if you are both in the mood you have some quality time together. To be honest, if I were naked and alone with Henry I know what I would want to do. Have no regrets. I love you. I trust you. And, I want you to enjoy life.” With that Vlad pulled his lover in for a kiss and their bodies and minds responded. Their second session of the evening was long and tender as each fantasized about Henry and his magnificent uncut dick. When they arrived Aiden’s parents were polite. His mother had a big pot of stew on the stove and a pecan pie fresh from the oven, Aiden’s favorite, ready for dessert. The conversation around the supper table was stilted. They discussed bland topics such as the weather, road conditions between Cleveland and Georgia, and The Waltons, a popular TV show about a family living in the mountains of Virginia during the 1930s and 40s. Henry notice a copy of the best seller, All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot on an end table in the living room. Henry had assigned the book as required reading in his advanced class English class. He asked Mrs. Hudson if she had read it. She replied that she had just finished it and would be discussing it at her monthly book club meeting in two weeks which she would be hosting. She and Henry began a discussion of the book. She told him that as the month’s host she would lead the discussion and prepare a list of questions and discussion points. She admitted to Henry that while she enjoyed reading she was terrified of leading discussion groups. He laughed, “You sound like one of my students.” Since Henry had analyzed the book at length with his students, he suggested they prepare discussion points and questions together. For the next hour, interrupted only by her offering Henry more pie, she took notes as Henry provided insight that she had missed in her reading of the book. Meanwhile Aiden and his father sat in the living room watching an episode of M*A*S*H. Aiden was thrilled that his mother was charmed by Henry. Knowing that his parents had never had a social relationship with any Negros he had been apprehensive about their acceptance of Henry. When Henry and his mother finally emerged from the kitchen she announced, “You certainly have an interesting friend. I wish he could be here for our meeting. I am sure the ladies of the Cou Rouge Literary Society would be delighted to hear his comments about the book. He sure is one smart guy.” Aiden then yawned and suggested they ‘hit the hay’ as he was exhausted after their long drive having left Cleveland at 5:00 that morning. They went up to Aiden’s childhood bedroom that contained a single bed and the borrowed army style cot for the guest. Henry showered first. When Aiden returned from his shower with a towel wrapped around his waist Henry was lying on the cot reading an old Boy’s Life magazine from Aiden’s Boy Scout time. Aiden was memorized by the sight of Henry wearing baby blue silk pajamas. “I never pictured you as a guy who would wear silk pajamas.” Henry replied, “Actually, this is the first time I have worn pajamas, except when I visited my family, since I met Seth. When Alex helped me pack for this trip he noted I did not have any and insisted I borrow a pair of his to wear while visiting friends and family here in Georgia. This is the first time I have worn them. The feel of the silk against my skin is very sensual.” Aiden continued, “If they feel as sexy as they look your body must be ecstatic.” Henry smiled, “Not as ecstatic as yours” as he pointed to the growing tent at the front of Aiden’s towel. By accident or on purpose Aiden’s towel fell to the floor. As he leered at the young man’s arousal Henry continued, “We shouldn’t do anything. You have Vlad and it just would not be right.” Aiden walked over to Henry and kneeled on the floor. “Vlad and I had a talk about such possible happenings. In fact he initiated the discussion. He told me, and these are his exact words, ‘You and Henry will be traveling together and sometimes sleeping in the same room. As I am sure you have noticed he is handsome and very lovable appearing. We have seen him in action at our dessert parties with Alex. I sincerely hope that if you are both in the mood you have some quality time together. To be honest, if I were naked and alone with Henry I know what I would want to do. Have no regrets. I love you. I trust you. And, I want you to enjoy life’.” Aiden placed his hand on Henry’s chest and gently massaged giving special attention to one nipple and then the other. He unbuttoned the pajama top and leaned in gently sucking each hard nipple. Henry did not resist. As Aiden continued to touch the upper body Henry’s dick responded. “I would not want to be responsible for you messing up Alex’s pajamas.” Henry did not resist as Aiden pulled the pants off. Naked Aiden then stood. He took his desk chair and shoved it under the door handle so no one would accidently walk in. He then turned on the radio to a station playing music to cover loving sounds. Then taking Henry’s hand, “I’m afraid that if I got on that narrow rickety cot with you we would soon crash to the floor.” Henry let himself be led to the regular bed. Aiden directed his friend onto his back. He then kneeled over Henry, facing him. Leaning forward Aiden took Henry’s arms and held them straight back. He then leaned in and kissed each finger on Henry’s right hand. Then moving down he kissed the lower arm, inside of the elbow, upper arm and then nibbled on the exposed arm pit. Leaning forward he did the same to the left hand, arm and pit. He then tongued each nipple. Moving down he kissed various spots dwelling on the tummy button. He then brushed his cheeks against the crotch hair. Continuing down he kissed and licked each ball while ignoring the hard dick. He continued down both legs finally sucking each toe. When he looked up at Henry’s contented face he was suddenly grabbed by the stronger man who pulled his face to his. Henry’s strong hands forced their heads together as each tongue probed the other’s. Henry then pushed Aiden away while moving his mouth toward Aiden’s rock hard dripping cut dick. Upon swallowing it Aiden pushed the aggressor away. Whispering he said, “Please, not yet.” Henry backed off and Aiden moved in swallowing the large black uncut dick to its base. Aiden was experienced in pleasuring big dicks as Vlad’s which he tasted almost daily, sometimes more often was almost equal to Henry’s. By now Henry had reached the point of no return and gave Aiden what he relished. Henry then leaned in and returned the favor. Aiden pulled the sheet up over their bodies and the two exhausted men slept side by side. The need to piss woke Aiden at about 7:00 after almost nine hours of sleep. As he put on underwear he willed his morning woodie down. Removing the chair blocking the door he went to the bathroom and had a long healthy pissed. Returning to his room he met his father in the hall who was dressed and ready to leave for work. After a brief good morning Aiden returned to the bedroom and crawled onto the cot. While his parents appeared to have accepted their first Negro guest he was positive they would not welcome a man, black or white, who shared a bed with their son. Soon after Henry stirred. Getting out of bed naked his morning woodie was impressive. It remained at full mast after he put the pajamas back on. Aiden said, “Good morning. I suggest you carry a towel to cover your glorious bulge.” Henry laughed, picked up a towel and departed for his piss. While his dick begged for another encounter with Henry, Aiden resisted and dressed. As Henry returned to the room Aiden said, “See you downstairs for breakfast.” His mother looked up, “Good morning sunshine. I have prepared the kind of breakfast you probably do not get up north.” As she said this she put a tray of ready to bake biscuits in the oven. “Enjoy your coffee and orange juice while I cook the eggs and warm up the ham. Do you think Henry will be down soon? I do not want to serve him cold eggs.” As she said this Henry walked into the kitchen. “Good morning Henry, I hope you had a good sleep. I’m sorry all we had for you was that hard cot.” She said this as she pour him a cup of coffee. “Would you like some cheese grits while the rest of the breakfast cooks? The biscuits will be coming out of the oven in a couple of minutes. How do you like your eggs? I know Aiden wants them over with the yellow cooked hard. I can to that, sunny side up or scrambled. You two are lucky. My sister, Aiden’s Aunt Susie, gave me some freshly canned peach preserves.” Henry replied, “I’ll have my eggs the same as Aiden, over hard. Concerning my sleep, I had a very restful and enjoyable night.” As he said this he looked at Aiden, smiled and winked. Mother missed the smile and wink as she was busy at the stove. “Since Aiden insisted I not use the cot, I had a comfortable bed (he did not add that Aiden shared the comfortable bed).” As she finished warming the ham and frying the eggs the oven timer went off indicating the biscuits were done. She sat with them having coffee and a biscuit while the boys devoured the ham, eggs, grits, biscuits and homemade peach preserves. “Henry, I reviewed the notes we took on the book club selection. Thanks to your suggestions we will probably have the most interesting book discussion ever. I must admit that sometimes our gossip about the happenings in Cou Rouge take more of our time than the book review. Thank you so much. If it isn’t requesting too much I have a favor to ask.” With his mouth full Henry nodded and smiled. “This is the time of the year when we select books to read for the next twelve months. Would it be possible for you to recommend some interesting books?” Taking a sip of coffee to clear his throat Henry replied, “It would be my pleasure. First I would like a list of the books your group has read in the past year so I get an understanding of your interests.” She got up, went to the living room book shelf and took out the 1972-1973 list. As Henry reviewed the list, “Let me think about it. I will send my thoughts by mail by the end of the week. Actually, I have a better plan. In addition to my list I will contact Aiden’s and my friend, Roland Johns, a manager at Cleveland’s largest bookstore chain. I am sure he will gladly send you suggestions.” Within an hour Aiden’s mother waved goodbye as they pulled out of the driveway. With a cooler containing pop and sandwiches as well as a shoe box full of molasses cookies, Aiden’s favorite, and Seth in his urn in the back seat the two friends started their four hour drive on west Georgia back roads to Seth’s final resting place, Muddy Creek. “I’m jealous.” Aiden said with a chuckle. “My mother has never given me a sendoff like she gave you: a big breakfast and special cookies. Never when I said goodbye had she treated me so well. Must be my handsome friend that impressed her. Not sure if it was your fetching black body, charming personality or intellect.” ”I think she was surprised that she could have a conversation with me about books. As you drive I’m going to think about books and write her a letter.” When Mrs. Hudson had requested book selections Henry had asked her for stationery so he could write as they drove. He proceeded to write a letter first thanking her for the hospitality and then making a few book recommendations. He also wrote a letter to Roland Johns telling him about their adventures since leaving Cleveland (omitting the bedroom romp) and asking him to send her book recommendations. They arrived at Seth’s home in Muddy Creek early afternoon. Mrs. Cudley, Mama, enthusiastically greeted them giving both hugs with Henry’s embrace being longer and tighter. Henry had the feeling she did this on purpose as neighbors in small towns often noted unusual activities like a car with out of state license plates arriving. She was sending a message not only to Henry but also the town gossips that this man was special. She took them to Seth’s former bedroom that was now a combination guest room and sewing room. It had two single beds. “After you unpack come downstairs. We can sit on the front porch and have sweet tea. We have an appointment with Pastor Jackson at Gospel Voice Holiness Church this evening so we will have an early supper. Do you need a short rest after your long drive? Aiden looked at Henry who smiled back. “Maybe just a short cat nap.” Aiden replied. As Mama shut the door both intently stared at the other. Both set of eyes seemed to be saying, ‘Let’s do it.’ Finally Aiden asked, “Which bed do you want?” Henry replied, “The one you are in.” Aiden removed his shirt. Henry did the same. Aiden took one step forward. Henry did the same. The men were now close eyes to eyes. Aiden raised his hand. Henry pulled it to his chest. Aiden massaged the chest. Henry reached up and pulled Aiden face against his. With Aiden’s hand on Henry’s chest and Henry’s hand holding Aiden’s head against his they deep kissed. Each felt the manhood of the other straining in the confinement of pants. Aiden kneeled and lowered Henry’s pants and underwear. A gentle squeezing of the dick head forced a stream of precum out. He swallowed the shaft to its base. Henry pulled him up and kissed his own juices on the lips of Aiden. Henry then kneeled and released the other dick. Aiden pushed him away whispering, “If you touch it, I will blast on your face.” Henry led Aiden to the bed as each stepped out of their shoes and pants. As they took the 69 position each savored the other. Both immediately shot their loads down willing throats. Henry reversed his position and they held each other. After a brief snuggle Henry suggested they go downstairs for sweet tea. Concerning meals, Aiden’s and Seth’s mothers had the same goal, give these boys transplanted to the north food that would remind them of their good homes in Georgia. While they ate the bountiful meal Seth’s father, Jim, was quiet but polite. They were not sure if he was naturally quiet, shy or just could not get a word in edgewise as Mama chattered constantly, mostly about her wonderful hosts in Ohio. After dinner Seth’s sister, Rachel, arrived. Married and mother of two teenage boys she lived nearby. Mama had asked her to accompany them as they discussed Seth’s Memorial Service with Pastor Jackson. Pastor Jackson appeared surprised as he was introduced to Seth’s best friend, a Negro. He shook Aiden’s hand with a smile on his face. When Henry put his hand out the Pastor hesitated and then with a blank expression extended his and gave one weak shake. After discussing the hymns and Bible readings Mama casually stated that as Seth’s best friend, Henry would sit with the family. With a forced smile Pastor Jackson said, “I am sure the ‘boy’ would be much more comfortable sitting in the back row.” With a smile on her face Mama said, “Well this is a Christian Church, do you think that is what Jesus would want?” The fake smiling Pastor with authority in his voice replied, “In my heart I believe Jesus would want everyone to be comfortable in God’s house and I am sure the back row is where the ‘boy’ would be most at ease. Mama replied, “Well, we do want everyone to feel comfortable in their place. I would not want to displease Jesus.” Henry was dumbfounded. He could not believe Seth’s mother. The racist Pastor he understood but Seth’s mother? He came very close to walking out of the church. Aiden took his hand. Then Mama spoke, “I just have one small request.” “Of course.” The Pastor replied. “Since Mr. Henry Bailey is Seth’s best friend, I want them to be close during the service. We will place the urn on this small table here in the back of the church. Also, as his Mother, I will sit back here with Seth and Mr. Bailey.” Rachel spoke up, “I want to be near my brother and I am sure my boys feel the same way about their uncle so we will sit in the back here with Seth, Mama and Mr. Bailey.” A period of silence was followed by Pastor Jackson saying in a very pained mumbling voice, “Why don’t you all sit anywhere you want, front or back.” As they departed the church Mama walked with Henry who had his arm around her. Pastor Jackson barely said goodbye and hurried on. The small church was packed with family and friends. The placement of the only Negro at the service next to Seth’s mother in the front row resulted in a number of stares and whispered questions. There were also whispered comments by many of the ladies about the subtle but elegant outfit (dress, shoes and hat) worn by Mrs. Cudley. Those in the know were aware that such elegance was only available in big cities like Atlanta. Following the service refreshments were served in the church hall in the basement. Seth’s parents, lover and sister with her family stood in line to greet guests and receive condolences. The order of the receiving line was: Seth’s father, mother, Henry, Rachel, husband and sons. Mama enjoyed introducing Henry to the citizens of Muddy Creek as ‘Seth’s Best Friend’. When Mama started to introduce a handsome man about Henry’s age he interrupted her, “Wade Goodwin, what a pleasure it is to meet you.” Wade was stunned that this out of town stranger knew him. As the owner of Goodwin’s Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Dealership he met many people from all walks of life but knew he would remember someone as stunning as this man. “Have we met?” Henry smiled as he replied making sure no one was listening, “No, but I have heard a lot about you. I have a message and a gift from Seth. Let’s talk later.” When ladies commented on her outfit Mrs. Cudley proudly replied, “It was a gift from Seth’s employer and friend in Cleveland”. Then she would rave about all of Seth’s good friends and how special she was treated. She told them Seth’s friends had paid for her air fare and insisted she call home long distance everyday. The owner of the Muddy Creek Jewelry Emporium commented on her lovely, stylish pearl necklace. She replied that it was a gift from Seth’s employer and friend. She stated that he considered Seth like a son who he had hoped would take over the business someday. The pearls had belonged to his mother and being unmarried he wanted them to go to someone special. She changed the story a little since she did not want to go into why the employer’s friend, Roland, of many years had given them to her. When most had left the reception Wade approached Henry. “Your comments intrigued me. Let’s go for a walk.” Henry agreed and told Aiden and Mama he and Wade were taking a stroll. As they began their walk Henry spoke. “Seth and I have been friends, good friends, for over ten years. We met in Daisyville when he took a private art class from a Professor at Daisyville College for whom I did yard work. The professor’s twenty year old nephew was visiting from Ohio and had posed nude for the class. The nephew invited Seth to the house to finish the painting and suggested I met this cute red head. I met Seth with the nephew in the basement den of the Professor’s house. The nephew suggested we both pose nude for Seth. Although we posed for the painting it was never finished as our urges that evening started a lasting friendship. We have been together since. The professor had encouraged my attendance at Albany (Georgia) State College and helped me financially. Upon graduation Seth and I moved to Cleveland where I teach junior high English and Seth was a manager at a large landscaping firm. Seth told me all about your friendship from fishing in Muddy Creek and having your twelve year old body learning sessions to your intense relationship. By his senior year in high school he was totally infatuated with you and knew you felt the same way. But as you know, all his life Seth wanted to move on to a big city. Someday he hoped to live in Atlanta or maybe Washington or in his wildest dreams New York City. He knew that you were rooted in Muddy Creek and that someday you would take over the Chevrolet and Oldsmobile dealership from your father. Seth’s third passion after you and cities was anything mechanical. Working in the service department of your father’s business was, after you, his greatest pleasure in high school. Seth’s own words were, ‘I loved him so much but knew I would never be happy staying in Muddy Creek while dreaming of city life. I knew he could not be happy leaving Muddy Creek so I made a clean break.’ Seth told me that when the job in Daisyville was available he made a clean break from you. He did not know how to tell you that it would be impossible for you to be happy together with one of you wanting city life and the other Muddy Creek. Seth told me he cried himself to sleep for six months after leaving you and Muddy Creek. All his time in Daisyville he planned his next move. He never saw you again because he wanted you to move on. When he visited home he asked about you and was pleased that you were attending college and years later found a ‘friend’. You are probably wondering how I knew you. Seth is a passionate artist. He did a portrait of you, actually two. The first is your upper body. You are wearing a blue shirt and grey v neck sweater. The second is of all of you, nude Wade. God you are one handsome dude. Most people look better with clothes on than naked, you definitely look better naked. I was hoping to meet you to explain what happened to Seth and your relationship. He definitely left you out of love. I also have the portraits. As much as I would like to keep the one with all of you I will return it. Actually Seth has done a number of portraits of nude men. As far as I know you are the only one he did from memory without the subject posing. “Yes, I was devastated when Seth left. He started working for my father when he was sixteen and by the time he left two years later he was one of the most capable and skillful mechanics in the service department. My father was impressed that this young man, still a teenager was so talented. He told me that in a few years he believed Seth would run the service department. Seth disappeared in the fall of 1946. Those were turbulent times. Both the Japanese and Germans had surrendered a year earlier ending World War II. While in high school we both assumed we would be drafted into the army when we turned eighteen. That fall I went off to Emory University in Atlanta and Seth disappeared. Through a chance encounter in a men’s room I met a fellow student who introduced me to the joy of casual sex and the location of a park when men could meet men. Loosing Seth, my first love, was devastating. I replaced the love Seth and I had for each other with numerous, sometimes daily, encounters with strangers. Each coupling of a few minutes of pleasure was followed by a period of guilt. Sometimes the shame I felt was overwhelming. I would actually go to the chapel to pray for release for this need for sex. More than once following my private prayer session I went to the park to find sex. The summer after my freshman year was frustrating. I was home for three months with no opportunity for sex. Even an oversexed nineteen year old was wise enough to not mess around in a small town where everyone knew your business. By chance I met one of my classmates in the park soon after school started the next fall. Both of us needed a lot of sex and luckily both of us were somewhat self loathing about visiting the park. He had a private room in the dorm that made the park unnecessary. The following semester and final two years we roomed together. I never felt the same way about Lenny as I had Seth but he filled a void. After graduation he moved back to Florida. We arranged to see each other a couple of times but there was no spark, just sex. Back home I dedicated myself to working for my father and avoiding the girls my mother and her friends were constantly trying to set me up with.” “After a dry spell of about five years I met Mitch, an administrator at the hospital in Americus, about twenty minutes from here. My father had surgery and there were some complications with the medical insurance. I met Mitch to discuss the insurance problem and we immediately bonded. He solved our insurance issues and I offered to take him to dinner as a thank you. He readily accepted. The dinner lasted two hours. When he mentioned some problems with his car I suggested he bring it to our service department. A week later he brought it in. Some parts were needed and he would have to leave the car overnight. I did not offer him a loaner car which was the standard procedure. Instead, I invited him to stay with me in my guest room overnight. He readily accepted although he did not sleep in the guest room. That was eighteen years ago. I still have the same apartment in a building owned by my family and Mitch soon moved into an apartment in the same building. We use his apartment for storage as well as his official address and mine for our life together.” “One never forgets their first love. Seth will always be in my heart. But, eventually I accepted his moving as the right course so he could to follow his dreams.” “Please come over for dinner this evening. I am sure Mitch would enjoy meeting you and seeing the portrait of young me.” Henry replied that he would check with Mrs. Cudley to make sure she did not have plans for him that evening. He also told Wade that he was traveling with his friend Aiden and after he gave Wade a brief description of Aiden’s background Wade invited him. Returning home Henry met an exhausted Mama. She told him there were left overs for supper and that she planned to go to bed right after the evening news on TV. Henry told her that he and Aiden had been invited to Wade’s for dinner and that he would only accept the invitation if she had no special plans for the evening. Mama replied, “Wade and Seth were such good friends from when they were little boys through high school. Then Wade went off to college and Seth moved to Daisyville. I am sure Wade will have interesting stories to tell about Seth. Enjoy your evening.” Dinner with Wade and Mitch turned out to be pizza and beer. It was a perfect evening of light conversation. All shared their coming to terms with themselves and some of their life adventures. Wade laughed at the portraits of himself twenty years younger while Mitch joked he would do a careful inspection of body changes. Henry and Aiden found both of their hosts to be sexually attractive and would not have resisted an offer of play time. They were both relieved that the temptation was not offered. Wade and Mitch told about their living together in a small town. They tried to keep a low profile and never went out together except for an occasional dinner at local restaurants. However, about once a month they drove the two hour trip to Atlanta for a long weekend out together. They also enjoyed visits to Savannah and the Florida panhandle less than four hours by car. Most years they attended Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Wade insisted that Aiden bring his car in the following morning for a tune up and inspection as it was something he could do for his friend Seth. The next morning following service at Goodwin Chevrolet / Oldsmobile Aiden departed for his return to his parent’s home in Cou Rouge. Wade insisted, as a gift in the memory of Seth that the car be given a complete tuned up as well as new tires. The goodbye to Mama was tearful as they both knew they might never see each other again. While Henry’s family had offered to drive to Muddy Creek to pick him up, Mama insisted on taking Henry to his parents’ home inDaisyville. Her oldest grandson, Seth’s nephew, had recently received his driver’s license at age sixteen and was happy to drive his grandparent’s car. Henry’s parents graciously greeted Mrs. Cudley and her grandson. Following lunch Mama and her grandson returned to Muddy Creek. As with the goodbye to Aiden it was tearful as they both knew they might never see each other again. Aiden and Henry each enjoyed a week long visit in their home towns. Actually by the third day each was looking forward to a return to Cleveland. Two days before Aiden’s departure his mother received a letter from Roland in Cleveland. The following day a package arrived. ‘Dear Mrs. Hastings: I am pleased to make recommendations for your book club. Six books are listed below and following each is a brief description and comments as to why I thought you would enjoy reading it. I am also sending a package containing each book. After you and your friends are finished with the books please donate them to the Cou Rouge Library in the name of my good friend, JB Huntington, from Cou Rouge. I only knew JB a few years having met him through a mutual friend, Will Lang, formerly a professor of art at Daisyville College and now living in Ohio. Sincerely, Roland Johns.’ Mrs. Hudson was intrigued by this person’s friendship of someone from Cou Rouge. She told her son that years ago there had been a scandal in the Huntington family. A rich brother, who she now realizes is this JB had died and had been very specific in his will that no family member should receive any of his inheritance. He had made a generous contribution to the Cou Rouge Library. Most of his estate went to, according to beauty shop gossip, a young gigolo who had enticed the old man with ‘as the ladies said’ sex to get his riches. Aiden chuckled at the beauty shop gossip. “I heard the true story from those who knew JB. For thirty-five years JB, who retired as a distinguished Professor of Economics at University of Georgia and this Professor Will Lang were ‘friends’. After retirement they had moved to Ohio. Because JB was different his family had shunned him. He was not notified when either of his parents had died. They totally ignored him when he visited here in Cou Rouge and he finally stopped communicating with his brothers and sister. Originally he wrote a will giving most of his estate to his ‘friend’. However, a few years before he died Professor Lang told JB that since he planned to have his grandnephew be the beneficiary of his will and since he did not need any inheritance he asked JB to make Peter Smith his primary beneficiary. This Peter was responsible for Seth and Henry meeting one summer when Peter visited his uncle in Daisyville. Peter was with JB and Will during the last days of JB’s life as he gradually succumbed to cancer. He is now a professor at Ohio State University, hardly a gigolo. JB had included the Cou Rouge Library in his will so there would be a reminder to his family who had treated him with scorn that he had wealth that they did not receive. He had joked that it was unlikely that any of his ‘white trash’, kin as he called them would probably ever enter the library. Aiden’s mother commented, “Well, I will straighten out the ladies at the beauty shop. Being such a small town we all know everyone’s goings on. The Huntingtons do not have a good reputation and no one will be surprised that their own brother called them ‘white trash.’ Aiden said goodbye to his parents and drove to Daisyville and stayed overnight with Henry’s family. The next day they departed for home by way of Washington DC where they would visit the home of Reginald, Reg, Bagley. While Reg was currently visiting New York City with Uncle Will from Ohio, his two proteges: Rob Johnson and Jacob Yoder would host them. ……………………………………………. Chapter Epilog - Seth’s Memorial Service was the last service Mrs. Cudley attended at Gospel Voice Holiness Church while Pastor Jackson led the congregation. This was a difficult decision since much of the social life in this small Georgia town centered on the church. She did participate in church socials. When asked why she did not attend services she would just state, ‘Pastor Jackson and I do not agree on the meaning of God’s love.’ Aiden’s mother, Mrs. Hudson, and Henry remained pen-pals for years. Whenever Henry read a book that he thought might be of interest to her or the book club he would write her a letter about the book and send a copy when he finished reading it. The ladies of the Cou Rouge Literary Society looked forward to his suggestions and comments. They exchanged Christmas cards and occasionally she would send him a box of her molasses cookies.

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