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  1. Bagnios

    Chapter 4

    I’m unsure if I want to! I feel I’m headed to a 💔 while wanting 👨‍❤️‍👨.
  2. Bagnios


    Just one three letter word can describe this chapter for me, WOW!
  3. Bagnios

    Chapter 25

    Thanks for the new chapter. It was spectacular! 😘
  4. Bagnios

    Just Ryder

    “The Haners don’t need this. They don’t need me moving in and weighing them down. Teddy doesn’t need this. I’ve fucked him up enough for one lifetime. Am I really going to waltz right back in and do it again?” Oh oh! Here it comes again.
  5. Bagnios

    Liars' Club

    Yeah, Billy is slowly putting himself in an even worse position with Brett.
  6. Bagnios

    Mother's Intuition

    Teddy always tended to be a person of action. He’s less likely to sit on the sidelines and let a decision be made for him. He’s taken steps to move forward and risk where that may lead. Ryder on the other hand, still has some emotional growing up to do. This may be where Teddy’s troubles will lie with Ryder. There are also outside influences that may add some turbulence to their path - Liz, Blake, Teddy’s dad, Matt, and maybe even Mike. Only Ace knows for sure.
  7. Bagnios

    Mother's Intuition

    Definitely would have her on my side.
  8. Bagnios

    Dr. Theodore Haner

    I’m waiting to see if Ryder will be around much longer. The idea that his drug abuse has done some major damage to his body has been alluded to a few times. Does Ryder know something he hasn’t revealed yet? Why did he dissolve Messiah? Why come back home after 14 years? Will there be more heartbreak for Teddy?
  9. Bagnios

    Another Patient

    I was wondering about that but it is currently a sinful pleasure.
  10. Bagnios

    Another Patient

    Ace - Thanks for another great chapter! I was worried in Book 1 when Ryder started drinking and the smoking pot. It was unfortunate that he chose this slippery slope (pot) to deal with his mental illness. Self medication never works out. It seems to drive him to towards the same end as his father. I can understand Teddy's anger and reluctance. His wound is just as large as Ryder's. Both are lost souls who have never healed. It is obvious that they both still love each other. Teddy masks his love behind his professional demeanor, whereas Ryder's masks his with the past, ignorant of the pain he inflicted on Teddy. Many answers to be revealed...so many possibilities.
  11. Wow, sorta felt like ‘this’ was coming up but unsure what ‘this’ is. I had to read the section several times to prevent me from bashing Josh and thinking Kaiden is better off without him. I consider it uncharacteristic of Josh to be a cheater based on his history. If he was, he would have been cheating prior while Kaiden was coming to terms with who he was. We have no indication that he had. Could Kaiden have misinterpreted want he saw? We know that he felt Josh may have been jealous of the relationship Kaiden has with Greg. Could Kaiden be seeing it from a different perspective? Maybe that was Josh’s roommate? We know that Kaiden is still trying to fit into his ‘skin’ and accepting himself for who he is. Maybe his own insecurities with himself have caused him to jump to the wrong conclusion. Unsure why Josh hadn’t properly responded to trying to make things right with Kaiden, texts and phone messages fall way short in matters of the heart. But again, both these guys are trying to find their way with each other. I’m waiting to see what happens next.
  12. Bagnios


    We can start with lurkers...I guess that makes me the first one to go! 😳
  13. Bagnios


    Should we consider some type of sacrifice to the muses? 🤔
  14. Bagnios


    I miss this story as well. Just continuing to practice patience for craftingmom’s muse.
  15. Happy Birthday & many, many more!


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