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  1. I'm practicing my writing again. :) I hope to write at least one complete story within the year.


    It was an awesome ending One which hints at bigger things to come. Although I am not sure I would want a sequel. Thank you for this beautiful story.
  3. [Hamen Cheese] Charlie

    Uh, no. I didn't think Jared killed the other guy (jeez, I forgot his name already). And in fact, I thought he was in love with Charlie
  4. [Hamen Cheese] Charlie

    Up to the very end, it's a cliffhanger, LOL (>_<) I look forward to the final chapter. I knew the emo boy is somehow involved, but not in this way. (O_O)
  5. Happy new year one and all :)

  6. [Hamen Cheese] Charlie Characters in Pictures

    How do you guys find those pictures??? >_< Anyway, this Charlie is a bit too masculine. I imagine Charlie to have a boyish charm. But both pictures seem a great fit for Derek I'll try to look for pictures that match them. >_<
  7. Ch 31: Father and Son

    This chapter has a funny and relieving start but a heavy ending. Not that it's bad, but it's definitely one hell of a roller coaster ride (not that I've been on one). I started feeling happy for Derek and Charlie, and then suddenly, I felt the floor disappear below me. Very nice chapter. I look forward to the next chapters. I have a suspect in mind, but, hmm, it's just a wild guess.
  8. Ch 30: Suicide

    Do you have ANY idea how much I was shaking while reading this chapter because of the title?????? (@_@) Overall, very nice chapter. Although it was a "weight off my shoulder," there's still the father to consider. I do wonder what you have in store for him.
  9. [Hamen Cheese] Charlie

    Hmm, not sure myself It was definitely brutal, the first part was, but I think what resulted from it is much darker, at least in my perspective
  10. [Hamen Cheese] Charlie

    I didn't feel how dark part one was until I read part two O_O
  11. [Hamen Cheese] Charlie Characters in Pictures

    Charlie matches perfectly! Although I always imagined him younger. I imagined Derek with different eyes, and different hair style (couldn't describe it to save my life), but I realized seeing this picture of him that it suits him perfectly, although he could use broader shoulders.
  12. What number are you?

    I'm 20, but maybe it's because I have no idea what "Follies" and "matchy-matchy" are, haven't done an "It Gets Better" video yet, and have no idea who Patty and Mandy are >_<
  13. [Hamen Cheese] Charlie

    I'm starting to feel the same way, Auel T_T *crawls with fear towards the story link*
  14. Be prepared....

    Hmm. Did anyone actually watch the video which says he lied? Oh well, here's the text (wrote it myself based on what I can understand): From what I understand, his school mates don't actually hate him. His scars, on the other hand, are real: He did not comment on whether his scars are just there due to sadistic tendencies, or because he really is depressed. Also, he was chewing gum. Here's what I got after looking around: More: Granted, it wasn't conclusive that him chewing gum means he's nervous, but the possibility is there. Context must also be taken into account, but we don't access to the various factors which brought him to chew the gum in the first place. I know at least that smokers look for gum or candy to chew if they don't have access to cigarettes (or are not allowed to smoke in certain places). *shrugs*
  15. Be prepared....

    Have you seen the responses after the follow up video??? Overwhelming love!

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