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  1. VampireMystic

    Chapter 1

    Nice story. Reminds me of the earliest Comsie stories I read. Not surprising once I saw that it was posted 2010. Not complaining or criticizing. Very nice story. Sometimes hot and fast is what's going to hit the spot. XD Clearly, Brian hit Josh's.
  2. Ummm... caught up finally with the predator... so any Ideas on next installment...???:lol::whistle:

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    2. VampireMystic


       you'll notice I haven't provided a timetable. 

    3. Dmrman


      when you're immortal you don't have one...:heart: :hug:

    4. VampireMystic


      More like: when you have my issues, you need an editor. 



      But that's a good line. Might I borrow it?

  3. VampireMystic

    Chapter 1

    Uh Com, Fantasy elements grounded in the appearance reality is the definition of urban fantasy. Dresden Files Kate Daniels series Graywalker (or is it Greywalker?) Pax Arcana Series All urban fantasy. Predators Predators: 2-14-9X (Shameless self promotion) And... Gone From Daylight. Urban Fantasy FANTASY, I tell you! #mic drop (Hmm, all my examples have vampires. And (excusing mine) only GFD has protagonist vampires.) A thought: There are cocksuckers, blood suckers, bloody cock suckers, cocky bloodsuckers, hmm... (they got too convoluted from here) Moving on, @Page Scrawler The Areonaut's Windless has a steampunk vibe @Comicality You wouldn't be the first to launch "sword and sorcery fantasy" after succeeding with urban. Jim Butcher did that. I believe you'd be good at it. After all, everything you put into your stories now to make them compelling is the same stuff to needed for the other kind.
  4. VampireMystic

    Chapter 1

    Lovable but tragic. Take a moment and appreciate this. Today, we discovered you have much to learn about motivating people to go read books. Some people might be disinclined to invest in characters if they know ahead of time there's tragedy involved. I remember, a friend recommended a book he had started reading that I hadn't heard of. I looked it up and said something about it being tragic and he was SO mad at me for spoiling it. XD All I did was read the publisher's description. Whoops
  5. VampireMystic

    Chapter 1

    Given the blurry lines surrounding the genre fantasy, gone from daylight would qualify as urban fantasy. Therefore you are awesome at fantasy. Mwahahahaha!
  6. 61 more words and I'll have outdone the beast by a placeholder digit on this chapter. Still have an entire scene to write. 


    Then again,  cliffhangers have a purpose.


    Whether we like them or not. 


    Whether we hang on,  or we plummet. 


    Decisions, decisions...



  7. "In other news, on again off again writer VampireMystic was seen today with a word processor open. The last image our field reporter sent appears to be a filename.


    "Predators ch2"


    What's noticable here is that the subtitle "2-14-9X" seems to be absent. Further, Predators: 2-14-9X stands at chapter 4.5. 


    Channel 69 KVMP hesitates to speculate but..."


    *TV clicks off*


    *Sigh*Always with the interruptions.


    *phone connects* Hello? This is Mystic. Yes, VampireMystic, that's right. 


    I need a reservation, for two. Oh you saw the news? Well, you see. There was also a driver. 

  8. That moment when you receive a notification that someone reacted to comment. 


    That moment when you read it and laugh as hard as you did writing it. 


    Then you check the reaction list and thumbs up from 2 hours ago probably laughed too. 


    Almost 8 months later. The same thing is still funny. 


    Good times. 


    That moment when you realize it works for the bad things too. The mean, the spiteful the... whatever. 


    Be careful what you write. 

  9. VampireMystic

    What's the (point) .5 of it all?

    The typos, my god the typos, where's my red pen?
  10. Greetings acolytes! Sorry, sorry. I was rereading a Mercedes Lackey book and saw the add for her fan club. And yeah, excuse the brief moment of imagining I have one of those and needed something to call my fans. I blanked on how to start this post after I wrote the title. Mid-afternoon caffeine on an empty stomach. Ahem. Since March, I've been striving to post chapters monthly for my story Predators: 2-14-9X March saw chapter 1 (Imagine Magazine March 2018) GA thereafter) April 2 , May 3, June 4, and then, well... Life. We've all got one, and I don't think I need go on. If that sounds like an excuse, (it does), let it slide, please. Things will go better for everybody. Hehe. Believe me, I know the feeling upon reachING the end of a chapter or book. That craving for more. The almost frustration that there's not more, NOW. Sure, nobody is posting comments on my work about it, nobody is emailing me about it. Doesn't matter. I am more bothered than anyone that I'm behind schedule. Nobody wants the rest of the story posted more than I do. Which is exactly why the aberration. Back in one of the original binge writing sessions I was blazing a trail through the jungle of creativity through chapter 4 with chapter 5 in sight. Everything was going so well a problem was inevitable. And the final scene of chapter 4 proved it be it. I knew exactly what would happen. I had the vivid anime in my head. But it's one thing to watch an anime of TV. You're on the outside looking in. Suddenly zooming in on a character and hearing an f internal monologue isn't jarring. But suddenly trying that after 3 4/5 chapters of filtering everything from Aiden's point of view? *Buzzer* No. Fail. You shall not pass. *Stadium crowd boo* And yet, without the author's benefit of seeing Peter's train of thought as the game goes on how was it to make sense? How do I smoothly relate something to the reader that the actual narrator in doesn't notice? How does Peter's behavior look specifically through the lens of Aiden? How does the carnival game? The lessons? The practice? If you have read through Chapter 4.5, you know that I figured something out. But back in the beginning, I was totally lost. Rather than kill all my momentum and become bogged down in the puzzle I simply roughed out a bullet list of what would happen with no point of view or context to it. I moved on. Chapter after chapter the story moved forward. I remembered the problem, came back to it. But I stayed stuck. Life happened and writing slowed down. Time marched on and suddenly it was coming up on the deadline for chapter 4. I looked hard at pacing and word count. I missed my deadline, but I was making progress. I decided that Chapter 4 could end on a good place without the final scene. Polished it Posted it. Escaped the pressure (of my own making) and got back to work. Hard work, no small inspiration, and even one writing session at work on a slow day, and I finished the missing piece. Yay! Awesome! *stadium crowd cheer* When the typeface settled, it was long enough, good enough, to be a chapter by itself. But I wasn't willing to give up on the chapter number road map in my head or gloss over what happened. And so, Chapter 4.5. And now you know the .5 of it all. (Incidentally, any editors like the story and willing to help out? My listed editor is on hiatus. And the more I try to balance moving forward and cleaning up behind me with life, the further I'm falling behind.) Thank you for reading.
  11. Well, I actually get to cross something off my writing to-do list. 


    Debilitating stomach ache, bah. Today is a good day. 


    I'll be updating my blog after I lay down for a while. 

    1. Dmrman


      A little late but hope youare feeling better😊

  12.  just now I thought God wanted to spare me the torture of watching eclipse. Because  I was just about to post that I was going to start it and the power went out. 


    Devil must think I deserve it. Because the power came back before I could post about being Saved. 


    (" but you could have used your phone"


     read my other statuses, I'm not using mobile data for Twilight)

    1. BHopper2


      Only thing I can say about the Twilight series... Vampires don't sparkle in the sun. They burst into flames and die!

    2. VampireMystic


      I too prefer the traditional mechanics vis a vis vampires and the sun.


      However, it does present certain frustrations in plot planning. Especially if you have your fiendish heart set on a high school romance that allows scenes in classes. 


      So, if you need to break from the norm, durable diamond-like skin that twinkles in sunlight is a solution and a plausible source of secrecy. It is also a better evolutionary adaptation than solar exposure induced combustion. However, a nod to evolutionary biology is undermined by ignoring that jewels sparkle in all light. 


      It also works slightly better as a solution than a magic ring. I meant scientifically. Sigh. I take it back, magic rings rule. (Make for dubious birthday presents though)


      Although you'd think a lot more twinkle fairies would seek out the weather in Forks. 


      ( is there also a Spoons or maybe a Splits? Diverges?)

  13. I wrote a status but I think it turned into the foundation of a Blog article.


    So instead, just know: I started ranting via text challenging the flaws in a popular vampire movie. My boyfriend got tired of agreeing with me. And yet, I'm watching the sequel. 


    I couldn't finish the second book I disliked it so much, now I'm watching the movie. 


    So, who decided vampires vs werewolves needed to become a cliche?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. VampireMystic




      After recasting in my head, whole new plot possibilities emerge. "Yeah, I could do that better. Even if I left it MxF"


      But umm... Yeah. Blonde side character as the vampire, short haircut version wolf boy as the fated love interest. Cold skin X Hot-blooded. Disapproving families. Impulse control issues. Inner demons. Angst. Threat from ordinary people. 


      Could be something.  I like the movie poster in my head.


      But it's starting to sound like Gone From Daylight dating Savage Moon. So I should probably make sure the "man of many stories" hasn't started it already.


      @Comicality, your thoughts?

    3. Comicality



      I say go for it! Why not? Could be a masterpiece! :P


      As for "GFD" dating "SM"? ::Giggles:: The story, 'Crossroads', won't continue until the new Blood Bank site is finished. But it's not the same idea as the one you mentioned above. So both can peacefully coexist! Write it! Might be awesome! 



    4. VampireMystic


       I wasn't thinking about Crossroads. -_-'

      Not EXACTLY anyway. I swear. 


      I was just thinking that, as long as you've had the two, there could be SOMETHING in those notebooks that hundreds of "missing people" have tried to steal and failed. 


      And if so, yours will probably be done sooner. XD


      I don't care what you post or when you post it, I count myself lucky you post at all. 


      Keep Calm

      And let @Comicality live his life




      Hmm... no I think I can't bring this post back on topic. I'd rather *mic drop*

  14. VampireMystic

    Chapter 4.5

    I'm really glad to see you're still reading. If you had all of the answers from the beginning, wouldn't it be boring? ;) Although, I'm overdue to explain the 4.5 bit. That would be fair. Expect a blog update. Ahem. Let's see... "Have patience, this confusion shall pass. Like winter... answers are coming!"
  15. That moment when you find typos that weren't there before you hit the final button to post. 


    Looks like I'll have to perform some "ground maintenance"


    In other news, thank you for the positive reactions, dear readers. 

    1. VampireMystic


      # I need an editor



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