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  1. VampireMystic

    Hehehe, NAILED it! XD

    Hai. Nihongo desu! Yes. It's Japanese! if I used one of my computer's I wouldn't have to use Roman letters.
  2. VampireMystic

    Chapter 3

    Thank you. It all made sense in my head but I wasn't sure it would work for anybody sane *Aiden, with a serious expression* "Yeah, there's a lot to be in awe of. Esp-" *Peter, talking over Aiden, voice mild* "Especially when you shower with this one." *tilts head at Aiden* *Aiden turns scarlet, but snorts* "Hey, no cheating!" Peter: "If you know someone well enough, you don't have to 'cheat' as you put it, to out race them to the punchline." *Peter resumes walking* *Aiden, catching up* "The expression is 'to beat someone" to the punchine." Peter: "Indeed. But I made it very clear I've left any beating done to that punchline, to you." *fades out* Thank you kindly. I do apologize for any butchery I may have inflicted on a time-honored manner of speech. Readers, please direct all comments on that matter to VampireMystic2011@Outlook.com. As for the manager he may, or may not, fall within the scope of the evening's further activities. But I don't plan on forgetting Ms. Genevieve in the long run of my time here.
  3. VampireMystic


    Hm... Keep reading. Your questions are answered in later chapters. I could tell you which ones but... *Mwahahaha!* Aiden makes me laugh too. I'm not just saying that because I wrote it. Even months later, when I sit down to read from the beginning, Aiden still makes me laugh out loud from the very first page. Speaking of which, I have another round of reading to do.
  4. VampireMystic


    Quote me as saying I forgot to quote to you. copying and pasting was the only way to fix it
  5. VampireMystic

    Chapter 1

    I was hoping you'd say that. I'm glad. I'll keep putting new chapters up, you keep reading, and we'll keep the guessing game going. Chapter 4 is scheduled for release June 1st.
  6. VampireMystic

    Happy Birthday, Myr!

    Wow. I'm writing this on my calendar. *grins at visions of all the Douglas Adams jokes for next year* Mwahahahaha!
  7. VampireMystic

    Happy Birthday, Myr!

    Reflecting on my take on the origin of celebrating birthdays: "happy another year not dead!" To an awesome person we're grateful to know (and especially have among the wizards) Hopefully, today the cake is NOT a lie, and good.
  8. VampireMystic

    Darker Themes

    I agree. But, I'm not sure how to balance the wisdom of trigger warning tags against spoiling what I hope are surprises or "oh... now it makes sense" moments. Thankfully, perhaps, the impetus of my concerns still encamps itself in the valley of Rough Draft. Perhaps the question warrants a thread? In regards to this article. Dude! *SONG* "Com's shit is on FIRE... Com's shit is on FIRE..." Heh. This and Exposition have been an ever higher point on the scale of awesome!
  9. VampireMystic

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    Right up where? *innocent expression*
  10. VampireMystic

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    I can neither confirm nor deny that the name of the first single may or may not possibly be "Dancing on a Pole-star." May be as well may not be written by Gaga and @Comicality
  11. VampireMystic

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    Look for it in a certain underground music store in Chicago in 2020. You may regret it in hindsight if you don't wear a C on your jack off hand. I can't tell you more than that, finding the store is part of the challenge.
  12. VampireMystic

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    I'd be jumping to the other side of the room. "J- j- j- just take the bed! I'm good over here." #gold star gay
  13. VampireMystic


    Oh, and... The article was informative. It gave ne ideas. Wish I had written them down before that squirrel ran by and distracted me. Thank you Comsie
  14. VampireMystic


    I'm beginning to think he has some "butterfly" effect ability to remember alternate timelines, somehow connected to these mysterious notebooks he hoards. Spend 6 hours writing on paper about GFD, then go back and spend 6 on NKIS. But like all powers it has imperfections and limits. Firstly, it's tied to PAPER notebooks. it wouldn't give him extra time to type. Secondly, limits. It's Comsie so... It's probably tied to orgasms. And if a given orgasm isn't intense enough FAIL. No extra time. Perhaps load volume is a factor. That would limit the frequency too. Chaffing. Need I say more? This sort of power is a function of consciousness, not physical travel, so there's still only 1 man. even if it works and he got extra time to write things down he would still have to deal with every Interruption every time. He can't go all Groundhog Day, because he can't risk drawing attention. every Interruption, every time, in the same way. Still have to cook, eat, shit, shower, whatever, every loop. Probably a mental fatigue limit too. And a risk of migraines. And all the other trials of writing. And the extra "fun" of being "Comicality" see: you'd think this would be easy in his board. But yeah. Super power. Standard blessing and curse clause. Did I mention he still had to type things because only the paper notes and memory persist? And uh... just maybe... a libido related power gets hard- more difficult, to use under stress and perhaps as the years mount... *ahem* Just my theory.
  15. VampireMystic

    You know...I'd think this would be easy...

    Why not a punishment that can be repeated. Immolation only works once. It need not be violent. Strap them down and pry their eyes open so they can't look away from bad movies. Or cover there ears from bad music. Or escape a menu of food based on reruns of "fear factor" Or the complete works of Charles Dickens, read by text to speech synthesizer.

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