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  1. Foreshadowing

    Foreshadowing. Even when I get to yell "called it!" that doesn't lead me to say "the story sucks" or "the author is an idiot." But then, there's getting that feeling that I am a genius and an ego boost, and there's painfully obvious predictability. I guess I'm saying that even when the surprise isn't one, stories can still be good. It's not the writer's fault if I figured something out. Not automatically. XD I'm working on MY long and subtle game. I appreciate the advice. @Comicality, good article. Don't worry, I picked up that banana peel for you. By the way, loved the way you decorated that lair.
  2. I walked into a Dream...!

    also, on my recent vacation I was at a tourist hot spot with my beloved. Another couple of man, who were a couple, were holding hands. I totally took a creeper photograph of it. Such a thing had never happened in front of me as far as I recall. Circumstances at the time prevented us from doing the same. And and for the time being, so does geography. But I look forward to practicing my "homisexual lifestyle" a little more thoroughly and publicly. Just not too publicly. *snicker*
  3. I walked into a Dream...!

    Possessing an orientation an acting on it/in accordance with it are different. Being gay and expressing it, particularly in public, are different. In that narrow sense, there is a choice made and carried out here, creating the manner (or style) in which they live their lives. Lifestyle. *hugs* @Dmrman I think that's what he meant by it. I believe acting differently than one's orientation is a good way to end up miserable. But just a generation ago, it was seemingly common. I believe that's why we see these men that have wives and kids and are presumed to be heterosexual coming out as "late in life gays." If you look at the definition of the words, arguably they were gay men living a heterosexual lifestyle. I freely admit that the connotation of "homosexual lifestyle' is almost interchangeable with "homosexuality is a choice." In that context, I don't like the phrase either. I'm not going to tell someone they shouldn't use it. At least until I ask them what they mean.
  4. Love Rivals

    Happens. In one of my first posts I spoiled part of Where Red Fern Grows.
  5. Love Rivals

    It might have been better if you used a spoiler tag. XD Conflict is the motive force of stories. The experience of reading is watching the protagonist overcome obstacles. It's important to remember that whether it's a subplot or the main plot, a romance the same. And another potential love is a hell of an obstacle. Especially since nothing makes the cutie next to you more noticeable then realiizing they just got hit on, they like it, and you don't, at all! Grr! ~_^ Creating the suspense that things might not work out is just as important. Spoiler or not, "the bait and switch" romance arc above is classic. Note, I did not say "cliché." Only because of the negative connotation. Cliches are not bad. They're common because they work. Thank you for the good reminder, Com.
  6. Children Not always Seen,

    An interesting entry @Dmrman, I think I understand much of what you wanted to convey. I will read it again, after some and add another comment if needed. Your words were clearly emotional and sincere. Your font style and size created a barrier. After the first paragraph I pasted the text into a word processor and changed things. ( this raises the question why we don't have the same text controls in blogs that we have in stories. If I could have simply made it larger it wouldn't have been so difficult. I'm on a phone if my computer would be different.) Maybe 14 or 18 point next time? If you use this font. Thank you for voicing your thoughts
  7. Most if not all of what he writes is stream of consciousness. that's why a paragraph of page space can occasionally be a sentence. I'd refer you to my interview in issue 38 for insight into my own rich and streamy writing. But Imagine-magazine .org is down. ( not a typo per se, I'm careful about creating outside links places I might not supposed to be). also this isn't my thread. XD I do like what I've skimmed MrM. I'm way too behind on both to read it yet.
  8. Dice, Dice, Who has the Dice?

    @Myr definitely recommend these if you are dice obsessed. Or if you like shiny objects. Or if you like pretty baubles. Or if you are looking for your own precious with little numbers on it. Hmm... I threatened a fellow nerd with an "if only I could find my d20 (20 sided die)" threat. Maybe I could just buy a new and more me set of dice. We wants it... the precious...
  9. 'Technical Difficulties'...

    At least it wasn't your laptop. I'd knock on wood, but I'm at work, my fella is busy, and you don't know me well enough. Tee hee.
  10. Don't panic, 42 is back!

    (Rep 1042)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. VampireMystic


      Whether or not you can take it is between you, your anus, and the object you're trying to insert. 


      Generally speaking, if the object is smaller than your shit's and actually designed to go inside the body safely, then yes there is hope.*


      Not a doctor. the preceding advice is for humorous purposes only. Consult a real physician prior to attempting to take anything up there. 

    3. Dmrman


      hmmm... :unsure2::blink: sounds like sound advice... we'll just have to call for a council meeting....<<<<HEY GUYS....!!!! MEETING TIME...>>>> we like to do things Democraticly... and include everyone's thoughts so we will get back another time...:lmao: Just never know when a conclusion or solution will cum up...:rolleyes::,(

    4. VampireMystic


      Never on a schedule. But One usually knows just beforehand that one almost has things "solved."


  11. It's time for more number puns. 


    Reputation count 1024: "I guess I'm taking a (mega) byte out of life on gay authors. 




    Shit,  now I've got an over byte

  12. "At least it wasn't my cell phone, or another entire backpack."


    From:  Things I Never Could Have Expected to Say, by VampireMystic 

  13. Getting Motivated

    Wasn't directed at you... I said And then Blind Ambitions quote, and then: I was directing that at Comicality. Seeing as he is the one with the weekly blog that we are all commenting on, I thought it might be a good article idea. but then I remembered he said something about it somewhere else. so you're not also the talking car? XD
  14. Getting Motivated

    Indeed not. Uh... I swear I just hit quote. # I didn't do it
  15. Getting Motivated

    Especially in murder mysteries. XD Okay, borrowing the roller coaster. ( will we hear about other rides in your amusement park later?) The middle is tricky for me. In the beginning you're roling down that first hill. (Weeeeee!) It flows there's momentum. To the physical act of writing, and to the story. At the bottom of each one, I tend to coast along, slowing down as I wander around looking for that next hilltop, and the next, and the next, and the next, and... I'm thinking out loud here, but I think my stories struggle because of that search. Even if I keep writing and following the characters thoughts, trying to follow where the characters are going, navigate my own mind to find that hill, and *if* I find it, herd my characters in the right direction. The story might get longer, but that stretch of wandering prose between hills is like deadweight on my mind. The momentum of the wider story stalls. Eventually stopping completely. *looks at the 5 or 6 stalled novels* Cutting the deadweight hasn't really occurred to me before. It's good writing, it's in character, these are natural little things that could happen next. I Part of the story, right? It's also slow and meandering and *cringe and mumble* it's boring. At least compared to the hills. It's part of my process that bled ono the page. Hmm... *some large animal noise* Hear that? My scrap bin is hungry. (Edit: I keep things I cut in a separate bin. Not the circular one.) * Cough * VampireMystic * Cough cough cough * Roller coaster fits with the "story pulling you along" bit, they're pulled through the track by big chsins. If i remember correctly. I've been stuck on the opening of chapter for a current project. (I should have stayed up another hour that night. XD) I smell a slight time skip. Think I'll look for a golden moment, go straight to it and wait for the dive. "The rest will write itself." @Comicality said so. XD I'll try to keep it from crashing. No promises! Here I go! Weeeeeeee! (Great article Com. Hey, You have many stories that have been going on for years. Could be another article on how you deal with THAT. XD) Edit: missing words, the wrong vowel that completely changed the change a verb. And I think Com already said something about that somewhere after all. * Shrug *

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