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  1. Chapter 1

    I'm glad, thank you! I will!
  2. Chapter 1

    wow, thank you so much! I'll keep them coming!
  3. Chapter 1

    thank you!!!
  4. why am I never on here, it's soo cool though :(

  5. Happy Birthday Guy, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a FANTASTIC year :)

  6. stormy stormy, why be so loud O_O

  7. Just posted another Poem :D

  8. Questions, Questions Questions

    What does circles have anything to do with this?
  9. GA CHAT Magical Academy

    HOGWARTS?! LOL Question 1 = What is your favorite season? Winter of Course Question 2 = Which of these do you prefer - Earthquake, Tsunami, Firestorm, Blizzard, Volcanic Eruption, Lightning Storm, Hurricane? Hurricanes pack a lot! Question 3 - Do you like Castles or Quests? Quests Question 4 - Do you prefer Chariot or Ship? Ship Question 5 = Which do you prize more? Lightmaking! Question 6 = What sounds better, the deception of the hand or the fleetness of the foot? The Fleetness of the foot! Question 7 = Pick one - Charisma, Dexterity, Constitution, Luck or Intelligence- Always Intelligence Question 8 = Which is more important? - Knowing your enemies or Knowing your friends? Knowing my Friends! Question 9 = Which do you prefer - The vast and mysterious Amazon or the ancient and knowing Nile? The Vast and Mysterious Amazon Question 10 = Which of the following is more accurate - The hand deceives the eye -or- Wisdom is correct knowledge correctly applied? Wisdom is correct knowledge correctly applied! Question 11 = Would you rather die young and glorious or old and experienced? Old and Experienced! Question 12 = Which attracts you more? - A great imperial capital city of murder, intrigue and fortune or a cozy warm cottage deep in a far off forest glade? A great imperial capital city of murder, intrigue and fortune!
  10. Chapter 1

    Oh wow thank you for that, I'll keep them coming
  11. Chapter 1

    Speak to me from the heart, Speak to me your fears and insecurities, Even before they come out my mind makes sense of it all. I feel what you feel, I fear what you fear, and I love what you love. This dam we have built holds us back, We look back and yet we slightly move on, the endless rush of love which carries us on Yet it shall never be fulfilled if we don't let go, your strength gives me courage, your loves alleviates my doubts, Let us break this dam, let our love break free, Let it run endlessly and unceasingly.
  12. A Poem For My Love

    my first poem on the site :D, it's just about love and what it does to you!
  13. Name Generators

    My Time Lord name is Hedin...Pretty catchy lol

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