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    Spycams installed and tested. Yesterday Spike got back from his "job" and - disaster - three Spikecams are now blocked by more discarded food and dirty laundry. Time to test the mini-drone...
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      Where is Zombie :-(

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      Zombieeee !!! Where are you ??? Come back !! Grrrrrrrrrrr !! lol

  1. Me, birdy - look at me! We're on p113, time to close it now before those thieves come back! nice birdy, pretty birdy...
  2. the Fly has had long enough mine
  3. cruel tree rat *gives it a sharp tweak* ..... switches off the Bot mine again
  4. bash the Bot bag the bauble
  5. I'll take that *swipe* mine now
  6. snafflegrab!
  7. no it isn't .
  8. biffs the 'bot mine now
  9. sweet Jesus save us...
  10. blame Comey too his mud stuck
  11. feels an irresistible urge to tweak 'n' take ...... dang it, that sneaky bear snuck in!
  12. maybe the BOP's another avatar stealer mine