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    Journal 4

    Jamie Ambrosius Journal # 4 So after a few rounds of intense real time strategy, we'd call it quits and Matt decided to head home. He had to "prepare" for guests. I suppose that's something you do when you still live with your parents. I personally don't have to worry about that, we have a very open house, and I've practically always been allowed to do what I want. It could probably be out of guilt for my parents bad habits, they're like gremlins after midnight, and spoil me with freedom in the day-time. I'm not complaining. While I was waiting for Matt I did a lot of thinking. Everything up until now, has been completely surreal. It wasn't like a dream, because I normally have control over those, but it was unreal. Most teenagers would probably be psyched, playing with their new-found powers. But I'm not. I'm gonna be smart about this, I'm not just some kid in a candy store with free money. Salem was actually a thing, and this could mean that people didn't die for no reason. Which means, if I exist, and this is real, then I'm still at risk. There was religious reasoning behind the execution of witches, people trying to act the role of god, the whole sha-bang. Those beliefs haven't changed. And on note of that, perhaps that's a lead on Mr. Boxom's motives. Which is peculiar, because I'm convinced he's a witch. . or 'warlock' or whatever. I also started thinking about how statistically, if there are at least four people in the area with some degree of powers; there must be many, many more across the world. If there are a lot, then why haven't they been exposed, and spread across social media like bad memes on a john cena face? Surely not every single witch has been sheltered, or smart. Of course this must mean we're heavily targeted. However there had to of been attempts to document our kind, but refuse to reach the surface. Not only is it religiously shunned, but it's got to be government controlled. Maybe we're protected and have rights and I don't even know it. Is there a witch union? Do I have benefits? Shit. Or we're completely annihilated on sight, or used only for experimentation purposes. All I know is that I trust no one but my two friends, and my parents as of now. But I'm going to get answers. Not right now of course, because I have a day planned, so I'm gonna procrastinate and get on my phone until the plans are ready. Lynn Anette: "Hey dude, I just got out of church, what are you doing?" Me to Lynn: "Nothing much, just thinking and waiting for Matt to get ready for tonight. Were you gonna head over there?" Lynn Anette: "I would but my parents are taking me over to my aunts for dinner or something which is gonna be a drag. We can hang out for a little bit before then though." Me to Lynn: "I'm down, my room or yours?" Lynn Anette: "Well I mean I already have a doobie rolled." Me to Lynn: "omw" After texting Lynn I slid my phone back into my pocket, grabbed my smokes, and stepped out my bedroom window. My roof wasn't very steep, so it was easy to walk across. And with a small hop, I was on her roof. Her window was already cracked, and I'd climb in with ease. There was a chair right under her window, so all I had to do was take a seat, and enjoy the ride. "Sup dude!" I greeted enthusiastically after getting comfortable in my seat. Matt usually sat here and I sat on her bed, but he wasn't here so this was my domain now. Plus it was comfier. "Heyyy! So you know that Devin kid I was talking too online? His ex has been hitting him up recently, and I'm not okay with that. He swears they're just friends but like, he used to live with her. You know we've been talking for like eight months now, and I don't think that's okay." She responded, which was a bit much to take in, in quite a little bit of time. I have to be honest, I'm not very good at caring about peoples personal love lives. I'm not great at giving advice, and more than half the time, I'll more than tell you to dump the other person. A majority of people are so stupid, it's rare to even find someone worth liking and putting up with. My friends and people I know put up with so much shit from other people, I personally don't know how they do it. "Yeaaahhhh. He's stupid." Was my quick, and much expected response. "But what about Luke? I know you've kind of been chatting with him recently, he seemed a lot sweeter and much more committed." I added, so I didn't sound like a complete dick. I couldn't help it, Devin always sounded like a fuck boy. She'd double text this kid and he'd send her two words back. No no boo, that's not how things are gonna work. You are a queen, and these bitches will respect. And I've told her that which is why she laughed at my response. "Yeah he has been talking to me a lot lately. He's the only one who actually sends me a good morning message. And you won't fuckin' believe it, sometimes, a good night message." "Woah." "Yeah I know, too good to be true." "Sit on his face." "God dammit Jamie." We continued with small talk for a minute, we smoked her doob, and she eventually had to leave to go over to her aunts. By this time I finally got a text from Matt saying it was good to go, so I dipped out her window and headed back to my room to get ready. I was still in my outfit from last night, and wanted to change into something much more fresh. Plus Lucian is kinda cute, so low-key I was try'na look all hot to put on a show. On a side note, not gonna lie, at first I was all, oh, only use my powers for good, and keep them extremely reserved. I'm still going to do that, but I'm not gonna hesitate to get what I want anymore. The world is mine, and I'm going to grab it. That sounded very pretentious and egotistical to write, but it's true. I've got new goals now, that stretch much further and more concisely than college and retirement. Fame and riches was now in the equation, and I don't give a damn how many hoops I have to jump through to get there. And from the looks of the hunters I've already faced, there's going to be many. And on that prior note, I was going to grab this opportunity that Lucian has presented, and take advantage of it. I had some plans for the boy, and was pretty confident I could pull them off. I had to start with changing of course, switching into some light track pants, and a dark hoodie.
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    Journal 3

    Jamie Ambrosius Journal # 3 So it's the next day, and I'm bored waiting for Lynn to get back from church. I'mma start off by explaining what happened so far today. Not much has happened yet, but there was one particular thing that struck my interest that made me want to write it down, so here it goes. We woke up to my mom knocking on the door, inviting us all down for breakfast. She always made extra in case they were over, and 9/10, they usually were. "We'll be down in a minute." I said, in my low, scratchy morning voice. I'd yawn and stretch out in my bed, bumping into Matt who was sleeping right beside me, and didn't even stir when my mom came into the room. Lynn was already up, and fixing her makeup in the mirror. "Get up, sleeping beauty." I whispered jokingly to Matt while simultaneously shaking him repeatedly. He'd groan and turn around in my bed, stealing my blankets and cuddling up. "A few more minutes." he muffled, his voice masked by my bed-wear. I wan't trying to be invasive, but I somehow knew it was because he had morning wood, and didn't wanna reveal it to Lynn. I didn't really want to know that, but my mind figured it out on it's own, which was slightly annoying. That was something I'd have to work on, because when it came to my friends I didn't want to be nosey, because I'd hate it if they did that to me. "Fine, I'll just bring you up a plate when we're done." I said, getting out of bed and heading downstairs with Lynn. My parents adored her, and treated her like one of her own children. Whenever she was here my mom especially made it a point to talk to her, maybe it was because she didn't get too much female interaction, and had to vent to somebody about her personal problems. I didn't mind it, her profession was boring and there was nothing I haven't heard already about her job, co-workers, and social life, so it was nice to not be at the listening end for once. Lynn didn't mind either, and I'd often come home to her already being here, talking to my mom without even knowing about it. "So I get an email from your school today. Why didn't you tell me you got suspended, Jamie?" my mom asked, having served us all our food and finally sitting down. I was expecting the question, but didn't think it would come so soon. "Yeah. . about that. It was stupid. Some kid was bullying me, tripped and hit himself, and I got blamed for it. You know I don't pick fights." I explained, hoping she'd understand that it wasn't the type of person I was. "Your principal is under the impression you instigated a fight, and had numerous witnesses testifying to this." "Yeah, and they were all in the same clique, trying to frame me to cover for the guy trying to bully me. That's cool if you choose to believe them though, I mean, it's not like it's going to change anything." Was my apathetic answer, quite frankly I still believe he was in the wrong for that, and that I shouldn't be guilty for doing something I didn't do. . well I did. . but they don't need to know that. "To be fair, Mrs. Ambrosius, Jamie didn't do it. I was watching nearby, he didn't instigate anything. He's not like that." Lynn spoke up, being a real friend and covering for me even though she wasn't there, and knew that I did actually do it. "Well. . I'll be sending your principal a very strongly worded email then if this is the case. My son isn't going to miss out on his education because of some punks." My mom responded, looking a bit relieved to be told I wasn't actually a delinquent. I wasn't going to spoil it for her just yet, but it was best she didn't know for now. After eating breakfast and making a plate for Matt, Lynn and I went upstairs to wake Matt up. But to our surprise, he was already awake, and had a bowl packed ready for us to smoke. I'd smile and bring him over his plate, setting it on my desk and taking a seat in one of my chairs. "Aw shit, thanks homie." he thanked, putting the bowl down and taking the plate, devouring it in three minutes tops like a real man. "Would you like some oxygen with those pancakes? You literally just inhaled those in practically one bite.." Lynn chimed, her eyebrow peeled at the sight. I laughed and grabbed the bowl, lighting it and taking a long hit. I passed it to Lynn to start rotation, with it being just the three of us it wasn't a very hard one. The rest of the morning went on rather slowly, Lynn had to leave for church around 9, and me and Matt just sat at my house, playing some video games. They weren't really my thing, but when I had company over I got a little competitive. I didn't even like the games, but I liked winning. Even if it was sports, or turn based strategy, I'd learn how to play just to win. "How're you gonna beat me at my own game? I'm convinced you're using your magic to cheat somehow." He complained, throwing his hands out to the T.v. at the Defeat screen. "That game lasted thirty five minutes, and you were winning most of the time. I deserved that win okay." I retorted, not taking any of his crap. "If I was using magic, I'd of won way sooner." I added, to give myself some defense. "Still cheated, cheater." "Shut up." "Make me." "Is that an invitation?" "Maybe it is." I'd then grab his shoulders and push him back down onto the bed, however it didn't last long since he was stronger than me. He'd quickly twist me around until he was on top, I continually tried to squirm my way out, accidentally rubbing against his junk in his shorts numerous times, which was slightly awkward since, totes just bro's. I do got to give him something though, he felt like he had a decent sized package. After he put me into complete submission, I started to use some magic. "I'll show you a cheater." I whispered, winking at him as his grip loosened up. I'd use my telekinesis to assist in forcing him under me, straddling on top of him in the cow-girl, my hand covering his mouth. It was a little homo-erotic, but was all out of honest fun, that was, until I felt a bulge growing on my butt, and a relatively strong one. It distracted me and I let go of my control of his limbs, he'd quickly push me off of him and start cracking up laughing. "What's so funny?!" I asked, still slightly fixated on the feeling of his dick just a few moments ago. "Even with your magic I got you off of me, and all I had to do was pop a boner. One of my many talents." He said, fixating his junk in his shorts and laughing. "That was low." "Like my balls, but hey, no need to mention those." "Perv." "No like, they're really low. Check 'em out." He insisted, and then he actually pulled his shorts down. I mean, I've showered with him and stuff in the past, and seen his junk a couple of times in the gym locker-room, but this was different. He was willingly showing me his junk, and it was a lot bigger now. His balls hung low, that's all I'm going to say. "Wow. I guess they are." I agreed, because, well, they were. I wasn't gonna act weird about it, but it reminded me that he had no idea that I was gay at all. "Sara Lewidge used to talk about you alllll the time, I bet you're pretty hung too huh?" He asked, bringing up an old ex of mine. We'd only ever had sex once, and nothing ever really clicked. I shrugged and frowned acceptingly. "It's alright." I said pretty humbly, I'm not entirely shy, and since he showed his so casually, I figured I'd do the same. Undoing my zipper and pulling my pants down lightly, I'd reach into my boxers to pull out my own. We were around the same size, but he was definitely a bit thicker if you know what I mean. God. When did this turn into a sex journal. Smh. "Daammn. Not bad dude, mine's more of a lady killer though." He said, putting his back in his shorts and pulling out his cellphone. I'd do the same and start checking my social media, out of boredom. "So you gonna start setting up that thing later with Lucian?" I asked, looking up from my phone to notice him already making a phone call. I'd go silent, and listen in to Matt's conversation. "Hey man, how's it going?" "It's good dude, been focusing on school a lot lately. Why what've you been up to?" "Nothing much, just smoking and hanging out. You still smoke?" "Yeah dude, literally everyday. If you ever need a hook-up I got you." "Oh I'm good, you down to chill later, and match a couple blunts and catch up?" "I'm down, you still live on fifth avenue?" "Yup. Around 8 sound good?" "Perfect, I'll be there!" "Alright, talk to you later, man." "Peace." "And it's settled. Tonight at 8, my place." Matt concluded, hanging up the phone and putting it back in his pocket. He'd then pick up the nearby game controller. "Got it, down for some more games till Lynn gets out of church?" I asked, knowing we had plenty of time to waste till the third member of our trinity was around. "Always." he responded. I'm still a bit curious about what just happened though. . like is that what straight guys do? Compare dick sizes casually? I mean it seems a little gay, but who am I to judge. It's just a dick, right? All guys have them. I'm sure the fascination about dick sizes stems far greater than just gay guys. Now I guess I just have to become friends with that hot guy from chemistry, maybe that's how I'll figure out what he's packin'. Man, now look what Matt's got me thinking about, I've been intentionally ignoring relationships and intimacy because it creates weakness. I mean, I guess it wouldn't hurt to get laid. Maybe a temporary fuck-buddy. I'll do some shopping around. Yeah. Gonna end this journal here because Matt keeps trying to read what I'm writing and that could get awkward. GO SOMEWHERE LOSER.
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    Need Help Deleting Some Chapters.

    Thank you all! I definitely thought of those issues when I wrote this. The main reason I figured you guys didn't add the option to delete chapters was because people would delete a chapter, and re-add it so it would send it back to the recently updated story list. But I like the fact that ya'll were thinking more about the persons mental health than scammers .
  4. So I need help deleting the first two chapters from my story (what used to be Destiny: The Escape) Üravœ. I decided to take a completely different approach to the story, and was in general very unhappy with how I had written it when I was like, sixteen. Instead of re-inventing the wheel I figured I'd use the same story template, and just start anew. For future purposes it would be very useful if Authors could delete their own chapters (or perhaps I just haven't found out how yet).
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    Binge read this in a night, and simply could not stop. Great story! I'm eagerly anticipating book two, and am jumping to the short story as I write this.
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    no shame
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    Journal 2

    Jamie Ambrosius Journal # 2 The next day, I woke up feeling 100% better. I was still sore and what not, but my headache was gone, and that's all that mattered. I got out of bed, and walked over to my dresser to look at myself again. I still looked pretty rough, and was in desperate need of a shower. But before I did anything, I pulled out a cigarette from my pocket, lit it up, and took a seat. It was essentially my morning ritual, smoke a cigarette, and roll a couple doobies. Once I was finished rolling, I put them in a cigarette pack, and tucked it in my back pocket. Then I got up, and walked over to my closet and grabbed a change of clothes. A long-sleeved shirt, a white hoodie, and a pair of jeans. I made my way out of my bedroom and across the hall into the bathroom. Stripping down to the nude, I started the shower and walked over to the sink. Admiring myself for a moment in the mirror, I reached down and grabbed my toothbrush. I'm always told I have a nice smile, so I work hard to keep it that way. They aren't entirely natural, I've used many teeth whitening products down to the strips that go over your teeth. I suppose in a way I'm kind of vain with my looks, but who isn't? It's not a crime to want to look nice. After I brushed my teeth I walked over and hopped in the shower. It felt so nice with the hot water running down my body. I needed it. Stepping out of the shower, I made my towel wrap around me, and dry me off with just a little mental effort. I got dressed and ruffled my hair the way I wanted it, and left the bathroom. I had to grab a couple things before I went downstairs for breakfast, like my phone, and maybe some socks. Once I put on some socks, and grabbed my phone, I checked my text messages. Lynn Anette: "Whaasssaaaap dooood!" Matthew Hillwood: "Aye homie! what'chu up to today?" Me to Lynn: "Whadddappp! Aye, you try'na come over 'n match?" to Matthew: "Sup dude, not shit lol. You wanna come over 'n match? Just messaged Lynn too." After I texted them back, I slipped my phone back into my pocket and made my way down stairs. I was really hungry, and it smelt delicious. Before I even walked in the kitchen I could smell bacon and eggs, and when I entered, there was even more. There were pancakes and sausage, hash browns, bacon and eggs. Mom must of been in a really good mood, because she rarely makes a breakfast this extravagant. "You're up early for a Saturday." my mom said, probably noticing how I was blinking an unusual amount of times for being in a bright room. I only nodded and walked to the fridge, pulling out the orange juice. "Yeah, didn't get home till late at night. Was working on a project with Matt and Lynn." I said, which was a believable story. Us three always hang out, whenever we aren't in school, and even when we are in school. After I poured myself a glass of orange juice, I grabbed the plate my mom made up for me, because that's what she always does, and I headed off to my room. We talked for a couple seconds, but the way our relationship works, we don't talk much. Just quick and to the point conversations, I prefer it that way anyway. It's not like she's going to start talking about how she got drunk last night, and was probably screaming and being belligerent. The way our family works, when we're sober, we don't mention when we're drunk. And when we're drunk, all we talk about is when we're sober. It gets annoying, and I go at all costs to avoid it. Walking back up the stairs and into my bedroom, I set my food down on my dresser and took a seat. The first thing I did was check my phone, since I felt it vibrate when I was downstairs. Lynn Anette: "I'm omw dude! Be ready!" Matthew Hillwood: "On my way mayne!" Me to Lynn: "I'm always ready ;)" to Matthew: "We'll be here!" For me to be ready, all I had to do was walk over to my window, and unlock it. Lynn was my neighbor and literally lived right beside me. Her bedroom is also facing mine, so she can literally climb onto her roof, and onto mine, and come through my window. That's how we've hung out for years, and it's been a nice system. As I unlocked my window I seen her coming out hers. "Whaddddaappp!" I shouted from my own window, with a bright smile on my face. It always made my day when I was able to hang out with my friends. "Whasssaappp!" she said, equally as goofy. It was kinda our thing whenever we see each other. "Dude, I have so much to tell you." I started, backing away from my window so she could come in. I walked over to my dresser and took a seat, turning to face her. She on the table at the end of my bed, since it was usually her spot. "You better get to talkin'. I heard you and Joe got suspended! That's some bullshit." Lynn said, sounding like she was mad for me. Which I can understand why, it was indeed bullshit, it still gets on my nerves to think about. I ain't never been suspended before... fucking Mr. Boxom. "I will, just gonna wait till Matt gets here, don't wanna repeat the story twice ya' know." "I feel you." she said. And just about at that time, I heard a knock at the front door. A smile grew on my face in anticipation, because I knew it was Matt. Once my mom let him in, and he started walking up the stairs, I pointed my hand at the door. Right before he went to open it, I opened it for him. Lynn just looked at the door like it was some sort of trick..which I guess it was. And Matt didn't even notice. "What's up fella's!" Matt said in his cheery tone, just as Lynn was about to say something, he then pulled out a doobie from behind his ear, and held it out in front of him. "Ya'll ready to get... hiiigghhhhhh?" he added, dragging the last bit of his sentence on. I just chuckled, and held out my own hand, his doobie then left his, and zoomed over to mine. I held it up, and examined it like everything was normal. Matt's a cool guy, one of my best friends like Lynn. He's lived around this neighborhood just about as long as me, and knows me probably the best. He's got short dark brown hair, hazel eyes, wears studded diamond earrings, and is quite fashionable. "Nice doob." I said, with a grin on my face. "Dude. What the fuck." Lynn said, as she noticed me move the door, and the doobie. Matt was still looking at me like I was crazy, and I didn't blame him. "Let me explain. So yesterday, when Joe supposedly hit himself...well..he did. Except I kind of made him. They couldn't prove I did it, but being the only suspect; they suspended me." I began, taking a slight pause to build up suspense. What can I say, I like theatrics. "I'm not sure how I'm able to yet, but I do have an understanding of what I'm capable of. Since that incident, I've felt connected to everything, every person, every object, I can just feel them. Originally I could only get inside peoples heads.. but after an incident where a couple people tried to jump me, I absorbed their powers. One was able to control objects, or things, or for simplicity, had telekinesis. One was able to control fire, and one could teleport. From what I've tested, I can create fire, control objects, and minds. I'm not sure what triggered them, but I can... and it's pretty cool. I haven't been able to teleport yet though, but I haven't really tried it." I said, ending my story of yesterday. I was being extremely casual, although everything I said probably sounded crazy. But hey, I had the doobie in my hand to prove it. "That's crazy dude.. I-- I can't even process that right now." Lynn said, clearly bewildered by the situation. I don't blame her, it is kind of crazy. "You know, of all people for this kind of thing to happen to, I'm not surprised it's you." Matt said, being casual as always. It made me laugh. He then walked over to my bed and took a seat. "Shooot me neitha'. And ya' know what would help Lynn? Smoking." I suggested, walking back over to Matt to hand him his doob. "Didn't you say you were jumped too? By who?" Matt asked, lighting up the doob directly after. He took a couple hits and passed it to Lynn, who smokes like a champ and busts out some of the best O's I've ever seen. "Some guys named Alex, Lucian, and Blake. Alex was the guy with telekinesis, Lucian could teleport, and Blake could control fire. I don't know if he can create it, because I noticed he used lighters. But he could definitely control it. They were all hired by Mr. Boxom. I don't know why, but I intend on figuring out eventually. Probably the next time I go to school, after my suspension." I answered, taking a drag on the doob that Lynn handed me. I took a couple hits and passed it to Matt. "Lucian Venici? I know that dude.. he's in our grade. He's actually.. kind of cool." Matt said in between hits, which I didn't see coming. "Really? He wasn't so cool when he was kicking me in the side. That's interesting though, I wonder if he was doing it consciously or not. I'm nearly positive that Mr. Boxom can control minds too, I swear I felt him trying to get in mine." "I'm not sure.. I could ask him." "That wouldn't make sense, if he was being controlled, he wouldn't know about it." Lynn stated quickly, and correctly. "Correct. He wouldn't know, but luckily, we have someone who can get inside someones head and figure out." I said, winking at Matt, who was in the same general direction as Lynn so I didn't have to blink twice. The doobie had already gone around a few times and was a roach, so I put it out and set it in the roach bottle. "I guess I could invite him over here some time, he does smoke." Matt suggested with a little pose. "I'm down, he won't remember our encounter anyway, but he might still be bound to attack me, if Mr. Boxom hasn't changed his motives. I'm not worried about that though, I should be able to tame him. I want to figure out if he knows more about these powers than I do... which is unusual to me. Usually I'm the smart one. This sucks." I joked, pretending to pout because for once I was the ignorant one. Matt's previous comment about not being surprised was probably because I'm known for being the smart one of the group. "Hey, he could be just as clueless as you, never know!" Lynn said encouragingly, although the way he used his power I doubt it. He also had to be able to control minds, since at first he rejected my attempts to get in his head. I suspected he knew a bit more than I. "Well, you should get a hold of him soon, like, within the next couple days. It'll have to be at your place, and he can't know about me." I explained, since I wanted to figure out more as soon as possible. And if I could get some info on Mr. Boxom that would be nice. “Yeah dude we could do that, how bout tomorrow?” Matt responded, which was exactly what I wanted to hear. “Perfect. I’ll bring a couple doob’s, we could match with him or somethin’. Just text me if he’s down.” I said, nodding a couple times at how the plans unrolled. The rest of the day went by pretty slowly, the three of us just chilled for awhile, playing video games with stale plots and horrendous humor, and pigged the fuck out on munchies. Sometimes it surprises me that I’m not fat, like smoking pot I eat a shit-ton, but I don’t gain weight. Gotta appreciate the little things. “Dude I’m kind of thirsty. You guys wanna walk up to the corner store?” Matt asked, pausing the game and looking between me and Lynn. “C’mon man I was just about to kill you! That’s cheating!” Lynn shouted, being very passionate about video games, and often talked hella smack while playing them. “Pfft. I was about to kill you both anyway. But it’s like 10:30, isn’t it a bit late to be going to the store, especially in this area?" I asked, being the voice of reason. Despite the abilities I had, I doubt it would do much when someone tries to shoot me over a bag of skittles, or my surprisingly fat wallet. Which, reminded me to stash some money in a chest under my bed, that I kept most of my childhood stuff in. “Like they’ll bother us anyway, plus, we got you Mr. Superman.” Matt replied, seeming very eager to want to go to the store. I shrugged, I guess I wasn’t too afraid, if someone was going to pull a gun on me I’d know about it before they did. “Sure, my treat.” I said, setting the remote down and pulling my wallet out, to extract roughly two thousand and five hundred dollars, which I’d take over to my bed and place in my chest. “Really, Jamie?” Lynn breathed, shaking her head as she watched me take out the money and put it away. “So you were the person they were talking about on the news, when all that money mysteriously came up missing from the bank. Shakin’ my head man.” “Whaaaaa’ how much you got?!” Matt blurted quickly. “Hey, I need to figure out as much as I can about these powers. If that includes traveling, I’ll need money to do it. Just planning ahead.” I reasoned, although I knew it wouldn’t mean anything. It was still selfish, and I considered just taking the money back. I intentionally didn’t say how much I had, because I didn’t plan on using it for anything besides necessities, aside from this single store trip. “Whatever dude, let’s go!” he said, jumping up and heading for the door, opening it up for Lynn like a true gentleman. My parents were asleep so we wouldn’t have to sneak out through a window or something, and out door was fortunately quiet so we’d be able to walk out without even making a noise. As soon as we got outside, I took a deep breath of fresh air. It was a chilly night, but the air was soothing and relaxing. There was something about nights I enjoyed, but the eeriness of our city kind of ruined it a bit. That was, before I had my powers. Now I kind of felt invincible, so nothing could actually ruin it for me. Flicking our hoods up, like normal hoodlums, we started walking down the sidewalk. The corner store was a couple blocks over, and near the end of my street we’d cut through a path in the woods to get on the other street that would take us closer. On the way we spotted a group of four people walking down our road, being loud and ignorant as if they owned the place. They shouted a few things at us, but as we kept on walking, and minded out own business, they let us pass by and kept on their way. It did help that me and Matt were relatively tall guys, and with our hoodies made us look pretty bulky, so I doubt they’d want to get into something they couldn’t handle. “So we stoppin’ to smoke in the woods as usual?” Matt asked, as we entered the path that lead into the woods. “We kind of have to, it’s like tradition, y’know?” Lynn added, knowing that we smoked every time we passed these parts. “Of course. The fuck we look like? We own this hood now.” I replied, probably sounding a bit cockier than normal, but I was pretty confident before, so it wasn’t much of a change. We ended up sitting on a broken tree where we usually sit, and Matt lit up the doob he brought along. After a few tokes, he put it out and we continued walking in the woods. It was simple adventures like these that we enjoyed the most, just calm walks with a destination in mind. Gave us something to do than melting our minds away at video games, regardless of how enticing they are at the moment. The world is always much more lively, and we try and make it a point to experience it as much as possible. Once we got to the other street, the store was just one more road over, and this street led to the main road that we could take all the way there. It was a quick walk, and once we got outside the store there were a couple people chilling outside as usual, smoking a cigarette and probably waiting on some poor unfortunate kids to wander by and rob them. Luckily that wouldn't be us, because we grew up in this kind of situation, and know how to handle it. The key to avoiding confrontation, is to stay as humble as possible, walk with your head down, and avoid eye-contact. “Ayo man, you got a dolla’ I can get?” one of the guys asked as we walked up, but we simply ignored him, and continued inside the store. I personally walked over to the drink refrigerators, and pulled out a couple energy drinks to help keep me up through the night. I wanted to do some research on the internet machine, and see if I could figure out anything from there. I doubted it, considering all the fuckery that existed on the internet, but I figure if I delved deep enough I might be able to find some kind of leads. After I got some pretzels to snack on later, I grouped back up with the others to see what kind of load we collected. “Jesus Matt, just get everything in the store why don’t you?” I joked, looking at his armful of snacks and drinks, that consisted of chips, crackers, dip, energy drinks, candy, and probably some hot food as well that I overlooked. Lynn was more humble, and had only gotten a water and some gummy worms. “Hey now, I’m sure Mr. Bankrolls can afford it.” Matt retorted, which lead to me just rolling my eyes, and letting it go. I didn't mind, it wasn’t really my money so I didn’t care. “You can get something else Lynn if you want.” “Naw man I’m good. I’m sure Matt got enough for a small militia anyway.” “True, true.” “Hey! I’m a growing man ok.” “That man hasn’t grown since like 5th grade, I’m sure your metabolism is going to hate you in five years.” “It’ll love me, just like you guys love me.” When we were finished joking around, we went up to the counter and set down our large harvest for the night, the arabic man just kind of looked at us like we were crazy, but proceeded to scan our items anyway. “That’ll be 31.70” “Oh yeah, and a pack of reds 100.” I added, remembering I was almost out. My parents usually rolled their own cigarettes so I didn’t need to buy them, but with my spare cash I figured why not. “36.28” “Jeeze, everything’s going up huh?” I asked, giving him 40 dollars, and taking my pack of cigarettes and placing them in my back pocket. Me and Lynn grabbed our single bags, while Matt hauled out of the place with three. We continued to tease him on the way out, laughing out asses off as we did. The guys we had seen walking in were still out there, and as we walked out, we quickly stopped laughing, and started shufling away. That was, until they both walked up towards mat and started touching his bag. “Hey watchu got in here?” The man snickered, nudging his buddy and breaking out personal space. “Go somewhere.” Matt responded, pulling his bag away and walking after us. The two men continued after him, and actually grabbed his bag this time, causing me and Lynn to turn around as he attempted to steal our stuff. But before I could even do anything, Matt had already released his bag, allowing the man to take it, and punched him square in the face. The other dude attempted to jump in, but before he could I forced him to back away with a little bit of mind control. The other fight was all Matts, within like four minutes the guy was already running away with his friend. Me and Lynn just laughed as Matt picked his stuff back up. “Fucking faggots. Think they’re all big and shit when they’re together but alone they’re just a bunch of pussies.” He said, making his way back towards us. “That was a good punch man! The first one really had him dazed!” Lynn chimed, always being there for moral support. “Yeah dude it was, your welcome by the way for keeping the other one off.” “As if I needed it, I could of took them both.” “He had a blade, three seconds in and you’d be stabbed in the gut, and then I’d have to kill some bitches and hide some bodies” “Hey man, I’d help you dig the holes.” Lynn added, chuckling shortly afterwards. We then made our way back home, taking the main road to the side-street that lead to the path in the woods. But as we were walking in the woods, I heard a couple twigs snapping in the distance. Due to how dark it was, it was a creepy situation. “God dammnit. They would follow us...and bring more people.” I whispered, attempting to reach out with my mind and figure out where they were. They weren’t far at all, and they were all surrounding us. There was four of them now, and they were each equipped with different weapons. I started to breath heavily, and I could notice Lynn and Matt’s anxiety. I immediately tried to control their minds, and get them to go away, but for some reason. . .it wasn’t working. The sounds of crunching twigs was getting closer, and my own anxiety levels were spiking. Lynn wasn’t a fighter, she was short, and a docile human being. I definitely wasn’t a fighter, but given the situation, would do what I had to to protect my friends. The only real fighter here was Matt, and I doubted he’d be able to handle all four of them, or maybe three if I was even to handle one. I didn’t have the heart to tell the others I wasn’t in full control of the situation, so I started racing through plans in my head of what I could possibly do. I may still be able to utilize my telekinesis, but who knew how successful that would be considering my ability to control their minds didn’t work. I could set them on fire, but I didn’t want to burn the entire forest down in the process. So I resorted to the only other thing I could think of. “We have to run. Go!” I whispered with urgency, and pushed the others forward. Lynn wasn’t the athletic type, so I stayed a bit behind them as they ran, Matt had the decency to stick by her while she ran, as I stayed a bit behind as some sort of fail-safe. “Oh no you guys don’t!” one of the men yelled, having caught up to us, and attempted to intercept Lynn and Matt, I extended a hand and exerted my own will to fling him into a nearby tree, it worked, but it was only temporary. While I did that, I could feel the strain in my arm from utilizing the power, and immediately felt the drain from it. Why? Just the other day I was much more powerful, and now, I’m hardly even capable? It didn’t make sense to me. The other guys were a bit behind, and as they got closer, one actually threw his spiked club at me. The spike missed, but the club hit me in the back of my leg, causing me to tumble into the ground. “Keep running!” I yelled, quickly attempting to get to my feet before another guy ran up and kicked me straight in the head. The world got fuzzy, and I started seeing stars. That’s when Matt came up, and tackled the guy who kicked me. Doing my best to get back up, I noticed another guy come out of the woods and rip Matt off of the other guy, who was getting pummeled pretty hard. I rushed after him and clocked him right in the side of the head, and with me and Matt fighting the two, they hardly had a chance. That was, until one drew a knife. He went to stab me, but with more use of my will, I was able to stop his hand, and twist it violently to disarm him, and send him writhing in pain. There was one more man that hadn’t caught up yet, but was quickly gaining on us. And the man I had flung into the tree was approaching Lynn who was standing in the distance waiting on us, being a real friend and not running away. “Go Lynn!” I shouted once more, seeing the man approach her. But as he did, and attempted to grab her, she tased him quickly in the neck. He was immediately dropped, shaking on the ground as she did so, and I couldn’t help but smile at her capability of self defense. However it was very short lived as the last man approached me and Matt, as we got off the other guys, who were pretty much knocked senseless, he withdrew a gun and pointed it at both of us, which is exactly what I was afraid of. “Ya’ll fucka’s done messed up.” he seethed, his finger on the trigger ready to pull. And in that moment of panic, I let out a loud scream. As I did so my will basically left my body, and I could see his eyes go blank. Finally, he was under my control. And with a quick thrust of my hand forward, he was sent flying backwards into the forest violently, with the power I had seen and used just the day prior. With my adrenaline pumping, I grabbed the others with my power, and thew them into the woods as well, probably more violently then I needed to, but they had momentarily put me and my friends lives in risk, and I wasn’t going to have that again. “Good job man, you had me worried there for a minute, I thought you lost your powers, or were joking from the start.” Matt said, breathing heavily from his own battles. I didn’t even reply, instead I walked towards the fourth mans body, and reached for his gun. I took it, and placed it in my own bag. Not that I really needed it, but I thought it would be useful for future purposes. Still not an evil villain, I swear. I walked back towards the others, and gave a nod towards them for their bravery. “You guys did good, like true hoodlums. That was a nice tase Lynn, good job.” I commented, actually proud of her standing up for herself. She had a long history of being bullied at school, and seeing what she was actually capable outside of it, impressed me. “Thanks dude, my dad taught me well.” “He sure did, I don’t think I’d of been able to stop that man either, I truly felt powerless for a moment there. . .” “Yeah man, I was wondering what happened.” Matt spoke up, voicing his momentary worries. “I’m not sure what happened, but let’s be glad it was only temporary, let’s get going though, before cops do come this way, for whatever reason.” I said, leading the others back towards our area. Once we got to my house, we ended up chilling for a little while, smoked some more, and snacked here and there. But besides that we basically just relaxed, and talked about how crazy it was that we got jumped. I knew it was going to happen, it’s never safe to go out this late in our area, especially looking like privileged white kids. After Matt and Lynn ended up passing out in my room, I decided to write this journal. Day two of having these powers, and I’ve already been jumped twice. It’s starting to look more like a curse than a blessing, but it did save our lives, and I’m grateful for that. Oh and the gun I also stashed in my chest, if we ever were to go on an adventure like that late at night again, I planned on giving it to Lynn, so that I never had to worry like that again. Me and Matt can usually take care of ourselves, and I guess so can Lynn, but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I guess I’m going to wrap this up though, the energy drinks I had are starting to make me crash, and I need to get some sleep before I meet up with Lucian tomorrow. That’s definitely going to be interesting. I wonder what he’s going to be like under different pretenses. And let’s hope my powers don’t fail me again if he still does want to attack me. . . Alright. Ni ni journal.
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    A Dare for the Best

    Oops, I'll have to go through it again... or get an editor aha.
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    Jamie Ambrosius

    Jamie Ambrosius is an melancholic teenager living in a violent, and run-down city. One day he figures out he has supernatural powers, and is instantly driven to figure out the origin of them, and their capabilities.
  10. Ambrosius

    Journal 1

    Jamie Ambrosius Journal # 1 So I've decided I'm going to start writing a journal, after some pretty. . .serious events that happened today, I'm pretty sure I'll appreciate reading this years from now. It's a Friday night, I'm tired as shit, so I'm gonna attempt to wrap up the events of today quickly. Wayyy earlier today, when I was at school; right after gym period, some douche bags decided to attempt to be funny. The bell just rang, and I was heading for my math class. I had my earphones in because I normally don't talk to people, and would prefer to listen to my music; and this dude who was eyein' me as I was walking out of gym class, tripped me. It wasn't a humiliating trip, I caught myself, but the fact he tripped me to begin with really bothered me. Let me just explain I'm a very reserved person. I don't talk to many people, nor do I associate with them. If you're not one of my friends, I probably won't talk to you. And this dude had the audacity to trip me, and I didn't even know his name, nor have I done anything to him. Clearly it was a joke, kids were laughing. Haha you tripped the quiet kid. But what they didn't understand is, that I have a temper myself. . . Kind of. The night before this, my drunken parents kept my ass up because they were belligerent and wanted to put up a show in front of the family. But their definition of 'show' is fighting with each other to prove how miserable each of them were. It was completely ridiculous, but it's something I have to put up with every night. They often don't bother me, but at some times it can be a damper on my mood. And leading up to that day, when that kid tripped me, I "snapped". I honestly wouldn't even call it snapping, I basically discovered I had a new gift, and I wanted to test it. After I shot him a glare, I stood up, and walked over to him. He continued to laugh, but my face was nothing but serious. He kept repeating "oh, what are you gonna do?", and up until this point, I've never been in a fight. And I guess I still haven't. Because when I stopped in front of him, he stopped laughing. It actually looked like he seen death, because his eyes were petrified; and he kinda looked like he was about to cry. Now I was laughing. There was a part of me that always knew I could do this, get inside someones head and make them do what I want. I wasn't that mad with him, since it wasn't even a bad trip. But I wanted to make a point, and in my own kind of twisted humor way. The boy then punched himself right in the face, and pretty hard too. I even had to control his natural urge to cry, because he was a little bitch and I wasn't entirely done playing with him yet. "Why're you hitting yourself?" I said in a monotone voice, with the biggest shit eating grin I could manage. I then turned around, and let his mind go. He collapsed to the floor, and started crying, pretty badly too. I just walked away, the people that watched wouldn't understand what just happened anyway. But they would be scared of me, and that's all I really cared about. They could then spread rumors, and people would hopefully be smart enough to not bother me. Still never been in a fight though, he hit himself. Hah. That was my logic anyway, I'm not a bad person, I swear. Despite my twisted humor, and sadistic looking ways, it's all for a show. And after that one time, I will never again display my abilities to anyone. I always figure it's best to be underestimated than overestimated, so if I ever come in contact with enemies, that's what I'll do. But the thing is, I don't like enemies. I don't like getting on peoples bad sides. That's why it appalled me when that random kid decided to trip me. Like I ain't never done nothin' to you. The hell you trippin' me for? Sorry for my ghetto-ness, I'm constantly surrounded by it so it's become like second nature. Anyway, after that incident I went to my math class, which was actually one of my more favorite classes. Only because I had a couple friends in this one, and I got to fulfill my social needs. As soon as I sat down, my friend Lynn instantly started asking questions about what happened earlier with 'That Kid', I still don't even know his name. "Eh nothing much... He tripped me, and I walked up to him and he started crying, it was weird. Who is he anyway?" I said, in a more lively voice. I don't always talk monotone, it depends on my mood, and my energy. "Joe Heshcott, Khy'resha said she saw him punch himself. The hell is that about?" she asked, getting right to the point. I didn't even recognize the kids name. Lynn was pretty cool, she had long black hair, was oriental, and a stoner like myself. "That was weird, I think he was just trying to be funny. Still don't know who he i-" I started to say, but Ms. Hennigan called my name. I already knew what she was calling me for, and felt pretty confident about going to the office. Just as I expected, there was the assistant principal standing by the door, with a stern look on his face. I just looked innocent, I had no track record, and felt kind of invincible, not gonna lie. The assistant principal, Mr. Boxom, was a tall and slender man. With gray hair that was receding, and a short, but sharp beard. He was never friendly, and was known for giving harsh punishments. I've never had to talk with him besides now, so I was hoping for some kind of lenience. Although with the way he carried himself, I doubt it. "Come with me, Mr. Ambrosius." the assistant principal, Mr. Boxom said. I just followed after him and waved to Lynn, I was pretty sure I was going to see her later, they should have no proof. But what if Joe made his friends tell false testimonies? Shiiittt. I really didn't want to start controlling peoples minds again, it might contradict with things they said earlier, and I didn't want to confuse things, or reveal myself. I wondered if I could use my ability to read peoples minds. . . that would definitely help. At this point I started to get a random headache, which was curious. I looked over, and Mr. Boxom was staring at me. Well, I don't know if it was staring, when I happened to look at him he was looking at me. I probably looked pretty cocky, because when I look at people, it's with the same intensity as they give me. What was weirder about it, is he took a moment to speak. It was like a little stare down before he got to the point. I had to think about it, but I was pretty sure he was trying to press into my mind. I instantly got on the defensive, and when I did, my headache went away. Even if he did have the same ability as me, he wasn't as good. This gave me another confidence boost. But left me with a lot of questions. Who was he really? Is this ability even real or am I tripping? "Do you mind telling me what happened earlier?" the assistant asked in his deep and raspy voice, displaying no change after I blocked him out. I wasn't going to attempt to press into his mind, I wasn't sure how all of this worked, but I figured it might alert him that I did actually have this ability. Better safe than sorry. "He tripped me, hit himself, and started crying. A joke I presume." I stated, shrugging my shoulders to make the assumption that I wasn't entirely sure what happened either. "I see." was all Mr. Boxom said on the way back to his office. When we got there, there were three kids sitting down. Joe, Khy'resha, and somebody else I didn't know. I then started sifting through their minds to figure out what they had told the man. It was all basic stuff, Joe had gotten the two to lie on his behalf, and say I antagonized the entire thing, and hit him, even though I clearly didn't. Mr. Boxom had me sit down next to the kid I didn't know, and I just sat there, waiting for one of them to speak. Oh and I figured out the unknown kids name was Rick, and he was a closet homosexual, oops. "So, Joe, you claim that Jamie here hit you, after you tripped him 'jokingly?" Mr. Boxom said, looking between all of us. I just rolled my eyes, what can I say, they have no proof. "Yes, he threatened to hit me earlier in Gym, these two witnessed it Mr. Boxom!" Joe exclaimed with a look of distress, not even able to make eye contact with me. Okay, he was going to play the victim role, I see. "Yeah he hit 'em. I heard him talkin' 'bout it too." Khy'resha said, lying through her teeth. But I didn't care, still no proof. "Jamie did say he was going to hit him." Rick professed. As much as I wanted to send him a little message, I held myself back. I'm not a super villain, I swear. "Don't we have this on video?" I said quickly, knowing that our school monitors us at every time. Freedom is fun isn't it? "Actually, around the time this happened our computers were having technical difficulties." Mr. Boxom explained. Of course, our computers -would- stop working when something happens to me. Just my luck. But hey, still no proof right? "Regardless however, this boy was obviously hit, and you're the only suspect, Jamie. I feel it's only right to suspend the both of you for a week." he continued. And I swear to god I was about ready to smack the shit out of him. Suspend me? Me? Someone who's done absolutely nothing... Well maybe a little bit. But still. You'll take the word of these idiots over someone who's never even been in detention? Fuck the system man. "Whaaaaaatt?!" Joe yelled, as if it were his first time being suspended. Delving into his mind I've already figured out he had a long track record at this school, being suspended at least once a month. And they still side with this delinquent. I swear to god man. I just walked out, the assistant principal called after me, and told me to stop. But I didn't care. I was already suspended, what worse could I do. There was nothing else he could tell me that I really cared about. And quite honestly, I didn't have time for it. I had a lot to do now, and finally had the time to do it. At this point, I had so many questions. Ever since I first used this ability, I've started feeling much more connected with. . . Well. Everything. Just walking past people I start learning things about them subconsciously. But it was never too much, my brain just accepted it. I think I accepted the fact I had a supernatural gift so easily, because I've dreamed about it for years, ever since I was a little child. The power I felt in my dreams, it was now a reality. I wasn't too sure what triggered it, since being tripped is far from the worst thing to ever happen to me, but I wanted to figure out what did. Maybe I always could use this power, but just didn't know. . . I have been strangely lucky my entire life. Anyway back to what happened after I left school. My first destination was the local bank. It was only a few blocks from my school, so I walked. I mean I ain't never stole nothing serious before, other than a few candy bars or grapes from the local grocery store. So this was a big deal for me, it was killing my conscious like no other. But I needed quick money, and I figured I'd repay them some day. And I will, I swear. What I did is I walked in, and instantly scanned the area for information. Not the physical area, but the mental area. I needed all the info on the bank I could get. In nearly no time, I already knew how to get in, access the safes, as well as all the security areas. All I had to do was walk in the bathroom, send the people inside, out. And then lure the employee who gave me the information into the bathroom. Ps. Sorry Henry, nothing personal. We then exchanged clothes and I made my way out of the bathroom, past the counter, and down the hall. Before people could even not recognize me, I'd get into their head and make them believe I was a co-worker. It was too easy. The only minor difficult thing was deleting the video records, because they had backed up files online. But that was only time consuming, like wiping myself from the peoples memories, it was still no issue. Long story short I only stole a couple grand, enough to cover traveling and food expenses. I even left a little money in Henry's pocket, for letting me use his clothes. As soon as I confirmed I had my ability, when I made that kid punch himself, I knew I had to learn more. What can I say, I'm thirsty for knowledge. Haha. I'm thirsty. After I left the bank, I felt the drawback from using my power. It was a migraine like I've never had before, as well as feeling physically weak. I had to call a cab to take me home, I was barely able to stay conscious. The only thing driving me was my will at the time, but I felt like death. The cab finally pulled off the main road, and started making its way towards the hood. I went to school in a decent city, but where I lived was pretty ghetto. Across the street from me was a crack dealer, and my neighbor was a heroin addict. I live so deep in the hood cops don't even like driving around here. Despite my cities bad reputation for crime, and drugs, I didn't mind it. I've made good friends, and am pretty good about avoiding bad people. Even in my half conscious state, I was chuckling at the look on the cab drivers face when he pulled in front of my house, he looked horrified. I paid him and gave him a decent tip, and got out of the car. After living here for so long, it doesn't even scare me anymore. I'm actually pretty cool with the heroin addict, the crack dealer though, I don't mess with. To me it's pretty funny, considering I'm a teenage white boy that looks like he's never even affiliated with a gang before in his life. But people don't mess with me. When I got out of the car, I was still pretty weak, and was wobbling back and forth, trying to walk towards my house. The cab driver spun off immediately, trying to get out of this area as fast as he could. In the state I was, I didn't notice three figures walking down the street. It was only until I was almost at my driveway that I picked up on hostile thoughts. Great, I fucking jinxed myself. I groaned audibly, my migraine was still as painful as ever, and I was light headed. I really wasn't feeling up to defending myself right now, but I knew I had to. Turning around to face them, they continued walking towards me. There were three of them, all male, white, and in cloaks. They were in strange attire for the area they were in, which instantly flagged them as foreigners in my head. What frightened me is I was only able to get inside two of their heads, that left me vulnerable to at least one person. The only thing going through my mind was, Shiiiiiiiiit. "I don't know who you guys are, but if you had any kind of sense you'd turn around." I stated in a feeble but striking tone. As soon as I was able to figure out two of their powers, I was sent air born, flying backwards into a bunch of trash cans. The guy who's name I figured out was Alex, was grinning at me as he did this. Fucking telekinesis. Of course that would be real. And before I could even process the pain in my back, I was forced to roll quickly to the side, before the trash cans were set ablaze. Okay, cool. Someone who can control fire. Fucking super. And his name was fucking Blake. I was acting as fast as my body even could, and I already lost sight of the third guy. "Enough of that." I said, pointing a hand towards Blake who was about to use his fire again. He then lost all focus in his eyes, and I pointed towards Alex. As I turned the two against each other, the third guy put me in a headlock from behind. I'm not a strong guy. I'm tall, skinny, and frail. I instantly couldn't breath and was seconds away from being unconscious. Before I passed out, I used all my focus to latch out on Alex's mind, and force him to fling the mysterious man off of me. I dropped to the ground and started panting, fighting to remain conscious. I didn't have a long fight, before I even had five pants in, I was kicked in my side. Somehow the third man warped back towards me, and he was far from finished. Luckily I had two pawns on my side, and they consistently threw him off of me, allowing me to at least catch my breath before I was kicked again. Well, at least Alex was, Blakes fire was kind of useless to me. The only downside to using Alex was he wasn't that strong, and was growing weak in power, and couldn't hold the third man off much longer. I had to do something, if Alex wasn't strong enough, maybe I was. Getting deep inside his mind, I searched for his knowledge of his own ability. I wanted to know how he used it, so I could try it myself. Once I figured out how he did it, I then attempted it. When the third man came back again, I held my hand up, and used what I had learned. It was like exerting my own will from my body, and grabbing him, and throwing him. He was sent flying backwards, and a deep pain shot through my arm. I screamed. I had no idea why yet, but I suspected it was because I didn't know how to properly use this ability yet. But I didn't care, I could use it, so I would. I had a pretty good concept of mind over matter, so even though I felt like passing out, I was pulling through. Because when that warping man came at me again, he wasn't even able to touch me. I just stared at the ground and started cackling through every single pain soaring through my body. I was holding him still, and could sense his mind barriers breaking. His name was Lucian and he was hired by the principal of my school to try and capture me. I lined the boys up, and mustered up the strength to stand up, albeit I had to lean on my fence. I had a long day, and I was pretty pissed. While I had these boys under my control, I was going to give them a little message. But first, I reached down to extract a cigarette from my pocket, and placed it between my lips. Thanks to Blake, I lit it with my new pyro ability, and smiled at him maliciously. "Like I said, no sense at all." I said, in a calm but raspy tone. I would of let them talk, but I already knew what they had to say. Now they were scared, and wanted to plea. But I didn't want that. "You guys will tell Mr. Boxom, that I know what he is. And if he tries to come at me again, he'll regret it." I said, in a cold, and demanding voice. They nodded their heads quickly. I took another drag. "Now get out of my god damn sight." I hissed. I then made Lucian grab the others, and warp away, with no recollection of where they came from or who they spoke with. I finished my cigarette and walked up feebly to my house. Unlocking my door and locking it after me, I made my way into the kitchen and searched the medicine cabinet desperately for any kind of pain pills. It took me a while to find them, but once I did I wasted no time ripping the lid off with my telekinetic ability. I took a small hand full and took them all, running my mouth under the faucet to chase them. That's how you take pills in the hood. I don't usually use pills, but I felt like death. I hurt everywhere, from where Lucian kicked and hit me, from where I busted my back when Alex flung me. And from my own excessive use of my will. Putting the pills back, I crawled my way up the stairs and into my bedroom. I didn't even take off my clothes, but instantly collapsed on my bed. I then started thinking deeply about what happened that day. . . From getting suspended, to robbing a bank, and then getting jumped. I tried to figure out Mr. Boxom's motives, but the boys didn't know anything about him, they were only hired for a single purpose. They knew nothing more. I was always careful with covering my tracks, so I wasn't worried about leaving any traces behind, but somehow the principal knew about me, and was after me. That's what worried me. He was relatively new to the school, but I've never been in trouble by him before. I've actually never spoken to him. The only logical reason I could think of was because he sensed my abilities, and somehow wanted me because of it. Which is fucking great, the same day I figure out I have powers, I get hunted down because of it. Typical. I wondered if it was going to affect my school life, it would be a real bitch if I got expelled for no reason. Once I could actually open my eyes again, I got into a sitting position, and worked my way to standing up. Limping past my bed and across my room to my dresser, I leaned against it and inspected myself in my mirror. My usually well kept undercut was all messed up, but with my dirty blonde hair I some how pulled it off. Running my hand through it quickly to slick it back, I then touched at a couple cuts on my face. I probably got them when that Lucian kids shoe scraped my face when he kicked me. Fucking dumb ass. My blue eyes look worn, and I was ready to get some rest. I originally intended on coming home, and surfing the web to learn more about this sort of stuff, but ya' know. Gotta get jumped. Instead I walked back over to my bed, and sat back down. I wasn't going to go to bed just yet, but instead, I needed to relax my mind. I reached into my night stand and took out a joint I had rolled that morning. I always roll one for before school, and after. Luckily my step dad didn't take it, or else I'd of been really disappointed. I lit it up, this time with my lighter, and smoked it slowly to myself. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the buzz. Occasionally I'd open my eyes to watch the result of my smoke tricks, switching it up from ghosts, to rings, to french inhales. I've gotten pretty good at them over the years, and still practiced occasionally. Sometimes I even do them subconsciously when I smoke. That about sums up what happened today, because after I finished smoking it motivated me to start writing this. And holy fuck what I intended to be a quick summary ended up being like eight damn pages. I've gotta stop now, I can see the morning light from my window, I need sleep. Shit.
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    I thought I caught myself doing that! But sometimes I'd screw up and do it anyway lol. Thanks for pointing it out, now I'll be more aware of it.
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    Thank you! Hehe, I just try and add in some experiences I've personally had, assuming others have had these same ones.
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    Surreal --Chapter 2-- My eyes shot open, my breath was stolen from my chest as I looked up into the sky, a shooting star would pass. "It's beautiful...isn't it.." I heard, turning my head I was laying in the grass, underneath a willow tree. Laying beside me was Timothy, who looked over at me with his breath-taking green eyes. I was in shock, I was actually laying beside the most beautiful boy in the world, under a starry night. Was I dead? "It really is..." I said back to him, mustering up the courage to respond to my dream boy. Everything just felt right, like nothing could go wrong. Turning my head back up to face the sky, I felt a soft and warm touch on my hand. With my hearbeat pounding heavily in my chest I looked down, Timothys hand was laying gently over mine, his fingers curling over mine. "You look so beautiful under the moon light." he said to me, looking over at me with his charming green eyes. I couldn't take it. Resting my eyes on his I'd lean forward, twisting my hand to grasp his completely, and my lips pushed against his. And in that moment, all the stars above us seemed to fall out of the sky, into shooting stars. We didn't even speak, when we broke apart from our kiss he'd pull me in against him. Laying my head on his chest I'd look up at the now moving sky. It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen, extraordinary. And everything felt perfect, that was until the sky turned red. Lightning started flashing violently above us, and before I knew it, I was spiralling into darkness, and little do I know, into conciousness. "James! Get your ass up, this is exactly why I don't let you stay out late. You were probably up all night on the internet too." My mom yelled at me, lifting my head from my pillow I'd rub my eyes vigorously. I was utterly confused. Laying my head back down on my pillow I'd blink a few times to get used to the light that was now flooding my bedroom. The dream I had lastnight felt completely real, being in the real world actually felt depressing. My dream was perfect, I couldn't imagine any better reality, yet here I lay, awake, and on a school-day. Getting out of bed I'd walk over to close my door with a sigh; my mom was now awake and getting ready for work and it was my routine to get ready for school. "Six thirty...oh god it should be illegal to be up this early." I grumbled to myself, reaching into my dresser to withdraw a pair of jeans with numerous rips along the front side, whatever. I didn't really care, I had a very carefree style, and was generally known to be laid back. Walking over to my closet I'd pull out a red hoodie, I didn't put it on yet, but I always set out my clothes before I took a shower. "Getting in the shower!" I yelled out to whoever was awake, calling the bathroom for myself. It was something that was essential in my household, despite having two bathrooms in the house, everyone wanted mine. Grabbing the rest of my clothes I'd walk across the hall into the bathroom, closing the door behind me and setting my clothes down on the counter. "Today should be lovely." I thought to myself, looking into the mirror at my pre-shower self. I thought I looked pretty good, my hair a day after washing it always looked better than right after I wash it, and had a sassy messy look to it. But I felt icky going without washing my hair everyday, so I'd take a shower anyway. After I hopped out of the shower and finished brushing my teeth, I threw my clothes on and slipped out of the bathroom. There was about five minutes left until the bus arrived at the bus-stop. "I made you breakfast!" My mom yelled from the kitchen, being in a hurry I rushed into my room and sprayed myself with some cologne, and slung my backpack over my shoulder. "Out of the way." Laena said, pushing me out of the way as she made her way into the bathroom. She was my little sister, yet had an attitude of a teenager. "Or you could say excuse me like a normal human being." I snarled at her. She lacked any sense of politeness, and it irritated me. I was determined to set her on track, she wasn't about to be like these other prissy girls in the area. "I'm tired of you doing this, you never have time in the morning! You need to start going to bed earlier." My mom lectured at me, I had only set a single foot in the room, and she was already nagging me. "Right, because 8 hours is enough sleep anyway." I said rolling my eyes sarcastically, it seemed whenever I did get a full day of sleep I always felt more tired anyway. "Well, I've gotta head down to the bus-stop, tell Laena if she doesn't wanna miss it, to hurry up." I added quickly, walking towards our front-door and slipping my moccosins on. "Here take this to eat then." My mom said, striding towards me holding an egg sandwich. She was determined to have me eat before school. "No time, I'll catch the schools breakfast." I said pulling the door open and walking out quickly to avoid further conversation. "Bye." I said as I closed the door, making sure to atleast be polite since she was only trying to help. Reaching into my backpack I pulled out my iPod, in the mornings I was never in a mood to deal with people, and getting on a bus, that was hell. As I walked down the street I'd see the other kids walking towards the bus-stop, also ready to go to school. Ashley was the only other kid in the park who lived on my street, and today she wore a white short-skirt with pink leggings, and a low-cut pink shirt with tons of gold necklaces hanging around her neck. Her long blonde hair was straight today, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. She didn't even look like she belonged in a trailer park. As our road merged with the road to the right, I'd see Jake walking towards us, looking bright and ready for the school day. I could only ever wish to be that alive in the morning, I felt like I had gotten no sleep at all the night before, and it sucked. Nodding towards Jake as it was only the right thing to do, we all walked up and took a seat at the bus-stop, we weren't the first to arrive, as some of the middle schoolers had already sat down, but Jenna was still missing. Nobody even attempted to start conversation this morning, as my headphones were plugged in, and Jake was sitting with his attention on his phone, texting. Ashley was peering out the bus-stop window, watching out for the bus and I couldn't help but look out down the streets for a certain someone to come walking down. Timothy hadn't left my mind ever since I woke up, my life felt empty as I woke up and realized my entire dream was unreal. But it felt real, and that's what made it all the more depressing. I could still feel his warm touch on my hand, and it was agonizing. The entire time we waited for the bus to come, I was waiting eagerly to see his blond hair pop out from around a corner, to see him come to the bus-stop looking completely adorable like I knew he would. But he never did, about five minutes passed before Ashley stood up, signalling that she saw the bus. Following after her lead, we'd all walk out of the bus-stop and out along the road behind out trailer park. The road didn't connect to the park, but it was literally a few steps behind our bus-stop that stood at the end of our park. As we all shuffled onto the bus, I couldn't help but get out one final glance behind me as I hoped continously to see Timothy. He didn't show. I let out a sigh and continued walking onto the bus, showing no attention towards any of the other kids, or my friends and sister for that matter. The bus ride went by quickly, the music drowned away the sounds of kids endlessly chattering a few seats ahead of me. And my thoughts preoccupied the rest of the time, I don't think I have ever day-dreamed so much. I could tell I was already going to be spacing out the entire day, I couldn't focus on anything. I even forgot about the test I was suppose to have first hour, something I completely forgot to study for. Walking into the highschool I slid my hands into my pockets and walked down the hallways, making my way to my locker and not acklnowledging anyones existance. That was until one of my best friends from school came up from behind me and poked my sides, causing me to jump violently. My sides were very ticklish, and she knew that, and drove me crazy with it. "Hey!" I yelped, taking a few quick steps forward as I reached up and pulled out my earbuds. "Doesn't the spawn of satan have children to devour?" I questioned, walking backwards and glaring at Angie. She had silver blonde hair and pulled off a unique side-braid. "Shuttup faggot, atleast I'm not satan himself." she countered, crossing her arms and holding a deathglare. I laughed and held her glare, it was how we joked around, I don't think I'd be sane if I didn't insult her atleast once everyday. "Please, you say that like it's an insult. Get on my level." I hissed at her, swiveling around and facing the normal direction of traffic. The first period warning bell would ring, and that meant it was time to get to class. "I hope you drown." she snarled at me, stomping off upstairs towards the math wing. Chuckling to myself I continued walking straight. I had english first hour, and continued walking down towards the English hall. I still had to put my backpack away and get my necessary books out of my locker, I had hoped I would remember the stuff the test was over. I generally didn't pay too much attention in her class, yet without even trying I'd still know more than the other kids in class. I had a natural habit of soaking in information taught to me. "Sup man." my friend Corey said to me, standing at the locker beside mine and waiting for me to get my stuff, it's usually what we did whenever we caught the other at their locker. "Hey dude, you ready for this test?" I said, putting my backpack into my locker and withdrawing my thick english book, one that I've been neglecting for quite some time. "Yeah man, shouldn't be that hard. Plus she usually goes over everything right before it anyway." he said shrugging his shoulders, he was right, she usually did. But I still wanted to make sure and bring my book anyway. Making our way into the classroom we'd take out seats in the very back, the teacher let us sit wherever we wanted, and we had already claimed out seats earlier in the year. We usually didn't pay any attention to anything else that went on in the class, we'd listen when we needed to, but other than that we usually just talked amongst ourselves. The test wasn't even that hard, our teacher Ms. Cruella did go over everything before the test, but I already remembered most of the stuff anyway. English 11 was a very easy class for me, it was usually just reading books and doing tests over them, and I was a natural book worm. "Catch ya' later." I said waving towards Corey, we didn't have any more classes together this year, but we hung out a lot out of school, and he was one of my best friends. He was unlike most of the other friends I hung around, which were usually the trailer park kids. He was a born genius, and absorbed everything like a sponge, and was quite philosophical. And that alone was enough to make him my best friend, we could just connect on an intellectual level, and I didn't get that a lot with people my age. As I walked along the halls before my free period it would almost be as if I spotted a ghost, my eyes fixated on a certain boy that stood out amongst all the other kids in the hallway. Standing across from my locker on the other side of the hall was Timothy, wearing a green plaid shirt and blue jeans. He looked gorgeous, and my eyes were practically melting as they looked over his slender figure. But as the thirty second countdown started playing in the halls the traffic would begin to pick up, and before I knew it he disappeared in the crowd, I could only see his blond hair walking away. I felt like I couldn't breath, just seeing him had gotten my heart beating fast, I was crushing hard, and it was getting bad. As I caught myself gawking I turned back to face my locker, swinging it open and placing my books inside. The rest of the school day dragged on forever, I didn't see Timothy at all for the remainder of school. Stepping back onto the bus I'd walk towards the back and claim my usual seat. The younger high schoolers had known not to mess with my seat, as I held a form of seniority over then, as no other juniors or seniors rode the bus other than me and Ashley. Scooting over towards the window I'd peer down towards the isles between my bus, and the buses lined up beside mine. Watching the kids walk along and find their buses. I seen Ashley and Jenna walk up and get on the bus, and as the other kids increasingly grew thin, and started clearing out onto their busses, I noticed one particular kid walking down the isle between the buses. It was Timothy, and he would pull out a peace of paper, and look repeatedly down at it, and at the buses around him. Before long he'd step onto the bus I was on and walk down the center isle, looking for a seat to take. Many of the high schoolers and middle schoolers have already picked their seats, and there were only a few seats left, one including mine, and a few behind me. As he inched closer and closer to my seat, I turned my head quickly towards my window and tried to look humble, my breathing now slowing down as I awaited him to pass, or take a seat beside me, I had hoped with all my heart he'd take a seat beside me. And as if god loved me, he sat down -right- beside me. I could feel his leg brush against mine as he got himself comfortable. "Oh, hey dude." he said to me, smiling lightly as he layed his backpack on his lap, leaning back into the seat casually. I had to refrain with all my will from staring at him, he was just perfect. I could smell his freshly washed hair from where I was sitting, and the smell alone was driving me crazy. You ever get that feeling, when you're close to someone you're crushing on, and you can't breath, can't think, and can't act right. You're just so overwhelmed with being so near the person you fantasize over. Well I have, and had it bad. Being this close to him felt unreal, and I thanked god for it, even though I barely believed in him. "Oh sup man. So uh....how did you like your first day here?" I asked trying to remain casual, trying my best not to make it apparant that I was head over heels for the guy. "Could of been worse I guess." he said, shrugging his shoulders and reaching into his bag, withdrawing a sheet of paper he'd hand it over to me. "Do you know where any of these classes are?" he asked me, and since I've been going to this school since I was in 6th grade, I'd smile back at him and give him a nod. "Mhm, but wait, you didn't actually have any classes today?" I asked, thinking he'd of already gotten his stuff in the mail in order to actually attend the school. "Not today, they wanted me to come in with my dad and get everything set up. I still have no idea where anything is." he answered, leaning in towards the paper that I was now holding between the both of us. "Well how about before class tomorrow I meet you at your locker, and I can show you around?" I proposed, my eyes lighting up as I was given an opportunity to be the light in this boys life. I couldn't believe I was about to be his escort to an all new place, and it honestly felt like an honor for me. "That would be sweet dude, thanks. My locker number is 844, if you even know where that is." he said with a bright smile, one that glowed with the intensity of a thousand suns. I felt a lump in my throat, and major butterflys in my stomache, I deserve a medal for being able to hide these kind of feelings so well. He was just so handsome and radiated with a sweet aura that you just wanted to get to know more of. "Yeah man, that's actually across the hall from mine. I can meet you there no problem." I said with a grin, handing his schedual back at him and turning my head to face my friends a seat ahead of us. As I introduced Timothy to Jenna and Ashley I couldn't help but feel special, since I was his friend, and I was the one that was showing him the ropes, it felt amazing. The rest of the bus ride went by quickly, much more than I'd of liked. Sitting beside him was perfect, and I felt like I could sit with him forever. But unfortunately it was time to get off the bus. As we all got off one by one, we walked down the center road for awhile before it broke off in two directions towards the other roads. "Later dude, see you in the morning." Timothy said to me, he even waved at me as he walked down the same road as Jake, which would lead down to his. I waved back at him and said goodbye, my other friends went their own way and so would I. And once again, I felt like I was floating, I don't know about anyone else, but I couldn't wait for school the next morning.
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    A Dare for the Best

    A Dare for the Best --Chapter 1-- “Dude quit being a pussy!” I yelled over towards my friend Jake, he was being completely unfair and a sore loser at that. He was kind of stuck up, the jock type. Was around 5’6 and 15 years old with medium length brown hair that he kept slicked backwards with his beanie that he constantly wore. “Shut up! I only made you ding-dong ditch on Mr. Jehnsons door, he isn’t even that bad. I am -not- going to ding-dong ditch the Park Manger. Hell no!” he shouted back, he was quite temperamental when things didn’t go his way. “Jimmy's right, Jake. You’re being a pussy. You’ve gotta follow the rules of the game, or don’t play.” Ashley refuted to Jake whom was currently sulking against the railing of the Merry-go round. She was a pretty girl, long curly blonde hair, brightest blue eyes, and a complete fashion snob. She looked like one of the preppy girls that would bully the rest of the school, except she wasn’t, and we all loved her for it. She had a heart of gold and was nice to everyone. She was also in the same grade as me, a junior, and made a good chemistry buddy. “Gahh! Whatever, I’m getting you fags back twice as worse.” Jake growled as he hopped off the Merry go-round. Me, Ashley and Jenna just looked at each other out of excitement, this was gonna be funny. This was a usual Friday night for us trailer park kids, there wasn’t really much to do except hang out at the park, and usually that wasn’t even that fun. But lately we’ve decided to mix it up with a game of truth or dare, and it’s been pretty ‘Appropriate’ sofar. Nobody has gotten naked or anything as of yet, but I’m still waiting for it to happen, that’s usually what it leads to. As we followed Jake towards the front of the park it was pitch black outside, perfect. We only do these types of dares at night anyway, less risky that way. “Ayo, Jim, you think he’ll actually do it? We should get Ricky!” Jenna said as she jogged up to me, this was a pretty big deal, the Park Manager was a giant grouch, and just fun to mess with. And of course she’d be a part of the group, Jenna was the tom-boy of the group, she didn't look like it, but she acted like it. She was Jake's age but looked a lot more mature, she wore her medium length brown hair back in a ponytail and was actually pretty good looking. She tried to be the big sister of us all, but didn’t realize she was one of the youngest. “He looks pretty serious, but like….He’s gonna know it’s us! Randy will.” I replied back to Jenna, I mean, there wasn’t really anybody else that would do something like this, we were the only kids in the park. “Oh shut up, he won’t have any proof! He’s the park manager, not jesus.” “Ugh whatever, but I’m not taking the blame again!” “You won’t have to, because he’ll never know!” I just sorta shrugged; Jenna was pretty hard headed and didn’t really have a care in the world. I was usually the person who thought too much and tried to warn everybody. But for the most part I had to keep my mouth closed, didn’t want to be the downer of the group. “Sooo should we get Ricky?” Jenna added again, she kinda had a thing for him, everyone seen it but her. “Nah, he’s pretty annoying and I don’t feel like dealing with that. Plus we’re already near Randy’s trailer.” “Whatever.” She said irritably, she knew I didn’t like him, but she still tried to make him apart of the group. He was an arrogant little muscle head, and his cockiness just irritated me. As we rounded Randy’s trailer we’d all huddle along the side walk at the corner of the street, his trailer sat on the corner and looked over the field that laid at the front of the park, where we usually played football or something during the summer. Right now it was deserted and the grass was growing wild, probably because it was almost winter and Randy didn’t feel like cutting the grass this close to snowfall. “Alright, when I do this you guys better run like fuck! I am -not- getting caught because of you guys.” Jake stated as he backed away from the group with a serious expression, he had to be careful to duck under Randy’s widow’s since the lights were still on, wouldn’t want to get caught before it even started. While we all waited in anticipation while Jake made his way to Randy’s door, Jenna and Ashley were non-stop jabbering, they were totally gonna blow our cover. “Shut up! You’re gonna get us caught!” I yelled in a hushed whisper, if that makes any sense at all. They were being obnoxious, and I couldn’t let us get caught. And due to me hushing the girls I missed Jake knocking on the door, and as soon as I turned my head to check he was already zipping past me, that was my signal to run like hell! Pivoting on my heels I dashed along the sidewalk and turned the corner with the others to make us officially past Randy’s house, that didn’t mean however that we couldn’t hear him yelling form his porch at us. “You damn kids, I’ve got you on camera!” he yelled after us, he wasn’t gonna leave the porch, but he wanted to scare us into thinking we were on camera. I really doubted it. “Is he serious? Do you think he has us on camera?” Jake said to us while running, he sure was a little wuss underneath that jock exterior. “I doubt it, this place cant affo-“ I started, but due to my head facing Jake I couldn’t see the person in front of me who was inconveniently walking at this hour and had nearly gotten plowed to the ground, but at the last second I swerved to the left, and brushed his torso just a tad. “I’m sorry!” was all I said as I hurriedly passed him, we were still running away from Randy, and we all probably looked pretty suspicious, but it’s better we look suspicious than actually get caught. I couldn’t help but look back a few times while we ran down the length of the road. “Alright we can walk now.” Jenna panted as she slowed down to a power walk, snapping my attention away from the thousands of thoughts that now occupied my mind. Deciding that we’d all head back to the park and chill there for a few hours we’d stop at my trailer first. It was one of the nicest in the park and was generally the hang-out spot. Everyone liked it at my house for some reason, I never personally understood it, I only had an xbox 360 with a few games, which was about it. “Welcome back kids! So where are you hiding the joint?” My mom questioned jokingly, she knew we were teenagers and suspected us of these kinds of acts, but for the most part we were pretty good kids. “Hah, just smoked a doobie before we walked in, no need to worry it’s all gone.” I joked back at her, her jaw dropped for a moment and then turned to a smile, half from disbelief that I actually said that and half because I probably look like I -would- do it. “Nah no need to worry Julie, I keep these boys in line.” Jenna said playfully as she punched me in the arm, she always tried to take some kind of big sister role, regardless of the fact she was a grade lower than me, and Ashley at that. “You guys want a drink? You know to help yourselves.” I called out from the kitchen, pouring a glass of sprite for myself, the rest of the kids came out and helped themselves, they’ve grown accustomed to it after the years of hanging out here. My mom enjoyed the company; she always says that she’d rather have everyone hang out here, then at some place where she couldn’t keep an eye on us. “Did you see that boy Jenna? He was totally hot! God I wish we could have got his name or something.” Ashley said to Jenna, this was probably the conversation I interrupted before I plowed the boy down, easing into the conversation as I sipped on my Sprite. “Oh my god yes! Before Jimmy nearly pummeled him...He was fricken gorgeous! blonde hair, green eyes, slender body. Perfect.” Jenna said excitedly, she may play the tom-boy roll, but she was a pure heterosexual. During this entire conversation Jake was just rolling his eyes, and Ashley kept giving me “The look”. She knew I was gay, and so did Jake, actually. Jake and I did some experimenting about a year ago, a dare to give eachother a handjob, we’ve done it a few times since, but it was always on the down-low, nobody else knew but us. Other than that however Jake came off as the straightest guy ever, not to mention he was a man-whore and constantly shared his experiences with all these girls with me, no idea why he did it since he knew I was gay, I guess he just liked to brag. “Be right back, gonna change and use the bathroom.” I said to the group. Getting up from the table I put my cup in the sink and walked down the hallway and took a left, my bedroom was the first on the left and was pretty neat and tidy, I couldn’t stand a messy room. Taking of my black and white striped shorts I’d put on a pair of faded brown jeans, one of my favorite pairs. While I was in the process of this Jake would walk in. “Sup.” was all he said as he walked forward and grabbed my package through my boxers, I just sorta smiled and knocked his hand away. “Not now dude, my parents are in the living room and Jenna and Ashley are in the kitchen….Pervert!.” I snarled back at him jokingly, pulling my pants back up and tightening them with a belt. “Don’t you have a girl for every day of the week anyway?” “Uhhhh No. And you know you want to, cmonn real quick!” He pushed on, I really did, he was fucking gorgeous! And he had a big penis, which was even more fun. But I just didn’t want to risk it, my parents didn’t know I was gay, plus my friends were in the other room, it just wouldn’t feel right. “No man! Maybe some other time.” I said a little more seriously, turning around and opening my closet door I’d pull out a black hoodie with a label that said ‘Save energy, Play in the dark.’ It was one of my favorite hoodies, it had a little sexual innuendo in it and was quite comfortable. “Whatever dude.” Jake replied defeated, but not in an angry way, he understood of course, but he liked to play around, which really made me curious since he was “Straight” and he’d never date another guy, yet he liked to play with another guys penis. Curious isn’t it? “Take the others to the park, I’ll meet up with you guys in abit.” I’d say as I walked out of my bedroom and walked across the hall into the bathroom, which was directly across from my room. Slipping the hoodie over my head I’d check myself out in the mirror, shagging my medium length brown hair to the left so it would curve around my blue eyes and hang over my forehead, it would have a natural messy look, which Ashley always told me was cute, but I kinda liked it straightened. It looked smoother that way, and stayed well kept without me doing much. I didn’t really care at the moment however, I wasn’t gonna be bothered into taking 15 minutes just to straighten my hair. I took a few more minutes just looking at myself, it was a bad habit but I always had something I could pick out about myself that I didn’t like, I hated my appearance, I sure as hell didn’t think I was attractive. But everyone else didn’t agree with me. It was confusing at times, but then again I didn’t really care, it was a meaningless thing to worry about. Opening the bathroom door and making my way to the living room, the others had already left as I expected and of course, my mom would ask me what I was doing. “Aaaannd where do you think you’re going?” she’d ask me while she sat at the end of the couch, she looked tired, her hair was up in a bun as always, and she was still in her work beige work scrubs. “Just to the park with the others, don’t worry we’ll be quiet.” I stated as I opened the front door to head out. She’d talk my ear of if I stayed any longer. “Be home within the next hour!” she shouted after me as I closed the door, whatever, I already planned on that anyway. It was late fall and it was starting to get cold out, didn’t want freeze. Cutting through the yards as the trailers in this park were usually back to back on the 4 roads, probably why it was so small. The park was only 2 streets away from mine, so I only had to cut through 2 peoples yards, and they usually don’t mind. They understand if I didn’t cut through there yard, I’d have to walk -all- the way down the street and then turn on the back road just to get to the park. When it was so much easier to just cut through the streets and get directly to the park. As I closed in on the park I could see the others sitting on the merry-go round, Jake was pushing it and the girls were having a ball just twirling round and round on that thing. “Hiya.” I greeted as I walked up to the spinning toy, eyeing it as it span around and around I’d find the perfect time to hop on, and did so. It was going pretty fast but since we’ve grown up with this thing we’d of mastered every aspect of it, creating numerous games on it and what not just to keep us occupied. “What should we do now?” Jenna asked as she whipped out from hanging half way off of the Merry-go round and joined us on the top of the railing that spread out in 5 directions from the middle, much like a star. “We could go in the woods and play hide ‘n go seek in the dark.” Jake suggested since the trailer park was surrounded by lots of woods. “How bout….No!” I snapped back at him jokingly, I wasn’t very afraid of the dark, but it would be too hard to play hide and seek in a giant forest with only 3 kids to look for, and I really didn’t feel like doing that. “Pussy, how bout we continue our game of truth or dare then?” he said while getting off of the Merry-go round to push us again, being the macho jock he liked to look all big and bad, we didn’t really care, we got a free push out of it! “Alright then, Jenna, truth or dare?” I asked her to start the game of truth or dare, she usually picked dare since she liked to prove her toughness to the boys, but she was also pretty unpredictable. “Truth.” She’d reply almost instantly, she probably figured that I’d figure she’d pick dare, whatever. “Mmk. Do you fantasize about having a intimate make-out session with Ricky and end up having 12 kids together?” I said half joking with her, and half out of spite since I knew she had a thing with him. “Tottalllly! Ashley, truth or dare.” Jenna asked as soon as Jake jumped back on the Merry-go round, we were spinning pretty fast now but that didn’t stop my attention from snapping to a walking figure down the back street, and due to our rapid spinning I’d have to twist my head around constantly just to keep a constant eye on him. It was the same blonde haired kid that I ran into earlier, and Jenna and Ashley were absolutely right, he was freaking gorgeous. He was listening to his iPod and walking alone, he’d occasionally bring his hand up and wipe his hair out of his eyes and back down his face. It was adorable! “Jimmy, truth or dare.” Ashley asked me, I’d kind of just look confused as I missed Ashley’s turn since my attention was stolen by the cutest boy I’d ever set my eyes on. And I think Ashley knew it since she was glancing between me and the boy while we twirled around and around. “Uhh right…Dare.” I’d say with a shrug, what’s the worst they could do? I’ve already ding-dong ditched some old grouchy man. I was also pretty shameless, so bring on the sexual dares! “I dare you to walk up to that blonde haired boy and start a conversation with him.” She’d say with a mischievous grin, she was truly evil. I would much rather of ran around this park 10 times naked. “No! No, I can’t!” I said desperately, when it came to boys, I was horribly shy, and especially this one, he was fucking gorgous. “You can, and you will!” Jenna cut in, pushing me off of the Merry-go round since I was leaning against the edge of the railing, near the opening where you jump on. Due to my amazing balance however I’d catch myself and just shoot Jenna an angry look, this was torture. To get my little revenge however I’d reach out towards the spinning Merry-go round and grip the railing tightly, bringing the spinning toy to a dead stop. Causing Jenna and Ashley to fall over while Jake was only shaken. “Douchebag!” Jenna and Ashley said simultaneously at me, whatever, that was my little pay back for them making me do this, god I was already shaking out of nervousness. Walking up to the front of the park I’d step onto the sidewalk, the boy was already quite abit ahead of me, and I would have to do some speed walking to catch up to him. My heart was beating heavily in my chest, I was so nervous! But for the dare to count the others would have to see, and that means it’s a ticking time bomb until the boy walks out of the parks view, so I’d have to act quickly. Contemplating it in my head over and over again what to say, I figured I’d make it up on the spot, I was usually pretty good at that when it came to lying, and this was kinda like lying wasn’t it? I didn’t really know at this moment, nor did I care. Ugh! I had to get my head together. As the boy rounded the corner and walked down the side length of the park I’d have to hurry this up, after a few more minutes he’d be out of the parks sight, and I’d lose the dare. I figured whatever, fuck it. I’ll just get it done and over with. Or that’s what I told myself, my heart was still beating 1000 times a second in my chest. Jogging up to the boy I was walking directly behind him, this was it, taking a deep breath I’d step out beside him and tap him lightly on the shoulder, oh god my heart was going crazy. “H-Hiya!” I said nervously as he took out his earbuds to look at me, I was dying, the confused look on his face was absolutely gorgeous! “…Huh..?” he’d reply rather confused, he must of missed my greeting as he was taking out his earbuds. “Uh, Hiya. So I guess you’re ne-…New here?” I asked with a nervous studder, oh god I hope he didn’t notice, I couldn’t make myself look like an idiot infront of him, he was just too perfect. “Yeah, my dad got a job in the area.” He replied with a sigh, he looked pretty disappointed, I couldn’t help but kick into my empathetic mode and try and figure out a bit more, if I could make him smile it would make my day, No! It would make my year, he was so beautiful! Just the way he walked with a slight strut, his mesmerizing voice that almost gave me a hard on, and just his beautiful face that was perfect in every way. “Well I’m James, but everyone calls me Jim or Jimmy. So did you like it where you lived?” I’d ask trying to get abit more out of him, if I figured out some more I could possibly give him some soothing words to help him out. Everyone told me I could be a counselor but I guess it’s just a hobby of mine; I liked to make people feel better, seeing a smile on someone’s face, and knowing you’re the reason for it, is just so fulfilling. And to put a smile on this boy’s face, oh god I don’t even know how rewarding that would be. “Nice to meet you, I’m Timothy, but you can call me Tim or Timmy.” He said while mustering a smile, I nearly died at that point; he had the most beautiful smile known to man. And he was a true gentleman, stopping his walk to offer me friendly handshake. “And yeah, I guess I did like it where I lived, had lots of friends and what not. You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” He said to me while shaking my hand, I couldn’t do anything but give him an empathetic look and shake his hand in return, which I did rather shakily, even as we were in conversation I was nervous as hell, just his presence was overwhelming. “I’m so sorry dude, I know what it’s like to move. A few years back I moved here from a few cities away, I had loads of friends, a good school. All that stuff, it was hard at first, but after awhile I made new friends, and well….You get used to it.” I’d say giving him a slight smile and gesturing over to my friends who have moved from the Merry-go round to the jungle gym to get a better view. “I don’t know….I guess only time can tell.” He replied with a shrug, looking over to my friends for a quick moment and then back at me. Stopping this time, “Well I’ve got to go in, this is my house here, uhm…. You can stop by whenever, er. Jim was it? I don’t really know anybody in this area and you seem like a cool dude.” He added as he backed up in his drive-way. His trailer was across from the park, and was one of the smaller trailers, a single wide. And it actually looked pretty beat up. “Alrighty dude, I’ll be sure to do that, nice meeting you.” I said backing away slightling, giving him a kind smile and waving towards him as he walked into his trailer, before he closed the door however he’d glance at me quickly then wave goodbye. Exhaling deeply I felt like I was floating, he was the cutest boy I’ve ever laid eyes on, and he was actually a pretty sweet dude. I couldn’t help but walk back to the group with a smile on my face, I wasn’t the only one however, Ashley and Jenna were glaring at me with eager smiles, curious to know every little details. I didn’t know if Jenna knew if I was gay, but I assumed Ashley had told her, but still was weary to come right out with it. “Timothy was his name.” I’d say with a wide smile, climbing up onto the jungle gym and just sitting on the bars for awhile. And before the girls would barge me with a million questions I figured I’d just come right out with it and tell them everything. “He moved her with his dad because his dad got a new job, and that’s all I got out of him.” I recited towards the group. Jake was hanging by his knee’s at the end of the jungle gym and looked rather un-interested. Ashley and Jenna however couldn’t help but look between themselves and have a fit of giggles, I’d never understand them. Still shaking from my encounter with Timothy I wasn’t sure if it was out of excitement, or because I was freezing my balls off. Either way it was getting about that time I had to head home and the others aswell. “I guess I’ll see you guys later, I’ve got to get home.” I said with a sigh, hopping down from the jungle gym and making my way through the park. Giving them all a wave as they all started to depart aswell I’d enjoy some quiet time so I could repeat everything Timothy ever said in my head over and over again. Everything about him was perfect, and I couldn’t get over that. And for a split second when he was entering his house it looked like he was checking me out, maybe that was just my imagination, but I swore I saw it. “Yeah it’s 11:30 and you were suppose to be back a half hour ago, I’m going to bed, and so are you!” she stated irritably, she had a thing about me going to bed the same time as her, she got paranoid if I was up by myself during the night, me being a teenager I suppose I could understand where she was coming from. Walking into my room I’d shut the door and get myself ready for bed, stripping out of my clothes and flipping on my Tv and putting it on the Spanish channel, I was determined to learn Spanish, and have been since the beginning of the year since I no longer have an actual Spanish class, my schedule didn’t have time for it this year and I was actually quite bummed out about it. I wouldn’t even watch Tv that night however, turning in my bed I had one thing on my mind, and that was Timothy.
  15. Ambrosius

    The Best of All Possible Worlds

    Haha I agree with connor, but nonetheless I love the chapter . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. And if you keep me waiting as long as I did before for another chapter....I will find you.

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