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  1. aditus

    3 PM

    I'm dying of laughter. (Yay! )
  2. aditus


    Eeeeeeeeeeeeee, a cameo!! Oh, wait, DUH...Romeo's ROME. (Yes! There is another one in an Advent Calendar )
  3. aditus

    9:05 PM

    love these two. (Thank you! Me too.
  4. aditus

    Chapter 1

    My heart can't take it. lmao. ()
  5. *rolls around in joy* (I'm glad! Whew!)
  6. aditus

    Decisions, Decisions

    Ok, while I am not happy at his decision, I still respect it. (Took me super long to write this. So much inner monologue, mumbling, weird gazes)
  7. aditus

    Home Again

    WHAT? Noooooo, what happened? (I was bored...too little drama...What? No! No, I didn't say that! Serious? I have plans.
  8. aditus

    November Eyes

    and make everything so much worse. (but that's his forte/specialty!)
  9. aditus

    Ginned Up

    if you really care for Jonah, you’d throw his confused butt into Ren’s arms. (he'd be a catch)
  10. aditus


    but, what news do you bring to Jonah?( don't kill the messenger)
  11. aditus

    Naked Men with Hats

    It’s not too late for him to question Ren even now. (But he is stubborn!)
  12. aditus


    German. Well, since RRS mostly in English.
  13. *Humming* Reading new comments to old stories is so elating!

  14. aditus


    *pouts* ...guess it's not too difficult to imagine them 'Christening' that couch. ( *nods*
  15. aditus

    Burnt Dreams

    OMG. Paul is my new best friend. (*snicker*)
  16. aditus

    Chapter 1

    why don't I start reading some of Adi's older work? (YAH! Please! I freaking love you reading my stuff!
  17. aditus

    Running light

  18. aditus

    Clean Cut

    And if he really did, you know, just knee him in the gonads?(Gasp! Okay, )
  19. This is madness and it isn't even Sparta. (Thank You!)
  20. aditus

    The Perfect Weekend

    What could have ruptured paradise? (Um....)
  21. Hopefully now Jonah might see Ren in a different light? (With emphasize on hopefully. Hah!)
  22. aditus

    Rescue Mission

    LMAO. Mike's so slick. (That's right. Surprise)
  23. aditus


    we'll find you someone that's a better fit for you. (That's still on my list....)
  24. aditus

    Dirty Dancing

    Can I hug him? (Always)
  25. aditus

    Word War II

    Wait, does this mean Jonah has violet eyes? (Yup. Kinda.) *drops forehead on desk groaning* Just what are we gonna do with these two? (You are not alone, hahaha......)

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