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  1. GWood

    Chapter 10 It Is What It Is

    I hate you . . . at least until next week.
  2. GWood

    Chapter XIX

    My apologies to you -- I had hoped the "(chuckle)" after my comment would indicate I was joking about the lack of posts, but my intended subtlety misses the mark all too often. However, I will say this, in four days, you have posted more than most authors in a year (or two), so please post whenever YOU can and (most certainly) when YOU are ready to post. And the rest of us will be wishing good things for you (like really restful sleep when you aren't working) to ease your hell week. But with that said, I'm still like my brother's German Shepherd when he (the dog) really wants something: sitting (not so patiently) and panting and drooling, just watching your every move.... (And hopefully that mental image made you laugh, not feel guilty.)
  3. GWood

    Chapter XIX

    I'm hooked. But you spoil us with 19 chapters in 4 days, then nothing? (chuckle) And I'm also wondering if the people at my work were the prototype for Greg....
  4. GWood

    Chapter 57

    I think he'd die on his own if someone forced him to ride on the E train next to a homeless person.... Or maybe he might become a little more understanding.... Wintertime (maybe 2003-2004?), when the homeless practically inhabit most of the E train, might be a good time to see this!?
  5. GWood

    Chapter 57

    I like Sharon.
  6. GWood

    Chapter 8

    "Grandma was told and…it was quietly expressed that she wanted to rip the bitch’s head off." Leave it to Katrina Sams to say what all of us are thinking. Don't know why I'm so interested in her other than she reminds me of my great aunt, who mowed her own 1/2 acre yard with a push mower until she was 90. At that point she said, "I think I can afford for someone else to mow it for me." Still love that line. (And for the record, my great aunt lived another six year after that. Hopefully those genetics got passed down to my generation...)
  7. GWood

    Chapter 4

    I don't know why, but I have this image in my brain that Katrina Sams could flatten anyone who threatens her....
  8. GWood

    Chapter 3

    Nice way, very nice way, to handle who the current President of the United States is. And nice to see the President's "husband" so quiet....
  9. GWood

    Chapter 12

    “The loving tide of one family leads a whole state to love, with the family’s kindness, the state is kind, yet with the ambition and voracity of one man, the same state falls into a tide of rebellion and unrest,” Lilind stated. “That is the nature of influence." Wise words applicable to many generations, some more than others....
  10. GWood

    Chapter 1

    OMG, "Who's Dracula?" has to be the best line EVER! Not that I'm overlooking the other parts of the story, especially the incredibly intense connection between Colin and Devon, but with so many different eras (eons?) represented, this has to be the best line ever! With so much seriousness throughout the rest of the story, THANK YOU for ending this chapter with some levity.
  11. GWood

    Chapter 17

    I was thinking about sending a private message, but I think I need to say this publicly: THANK YOU (!) for the DAILY updates to this wonderful story. It's difficult to write a story, let alone deliver a chapter each day. And while I don't jet around the world, this story helps me remember that even those close to us don't always share the same thoughts or have the same background, but given the right circumstances, we can all become part of a team that helps the whole world. Please keep up the good work!
  12. GWood

    Last Post Wins #41

    Trying once....
  13. GWood

    Chapter 11

    Thank you! Here's a connection to werewolves--but will there be more??? I'm not holding my breath, but...
  14. GWood

    Chapter 2

    Lions, and Tigers, and Werewolves, oh my! So, based on the last paragraph, we get to see how you weave werewolves into the story, huh?
  15. GWood

    Site Upgraded - Read For Bug Information

    I agree with everyone else here--the new site is awesome! And thanks for all the time you're spending to debug and further enhance it. However, will the ability to delete individual notifications be restored in the future? I had been using the notifications list as a way to remind me what I need to read and comments I need to respond to, so the old site was helpful that way.

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