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  1. Just Ryder

    I agree with what Bushman60 says, but that's also why I find Oli so frustrating: While he may want unconditional love/affection, he doesn't necessarily know it when he sees it. Granted, the parents have lied to protect Oli, but he is too young to appreciate that love was the motivating factor, however misguided. He also continues to think the worst of Teddy: When Teddy discovers that his father wants to ship Oli off to a military school, he expresses shock and says that it's "not going to happen"; but does Oli appreciate the support? He completely discounts it: " 'You don't have to lie.' Oli forced out. 'I know you probably want me to go too.' " Teddy has to remind Oli that he still lives in the Haner household BECAUSE of Oli, not in spite of him. I think that Teddy may finally be getting through to Oli because of Oli's agreeing to show his brother how to drum--the tentative breakthrough. I just hope that Oli continues to grow to the point where he accepts the love that's offered and doesn't try to drive people away.
  2. Just Ryder

    I love the character study we have of Ryder when Ryder is helping/connecting with Oliver. Their interactions help to clarify each other. I also love that Ryder has healed enough that he and Teddy can tease Blake the way they did in high school, though Ryder's relapse at the end of the chapter shows that he has a long way to go. And yes, Teddy, you could ALL use a good therapist!
  3. Oliver the Mad

    Oli's viewpoint is a bit frustrating: While Teddy has already said that Oli is a "pretty incredible" drummer and while Ryder (in this chapter) says that Teddy encouraged him to play with Oli, Oli himself feels that Teddy doesn't appeciate his talent ("contrary to what you think, I'm actually a good drummer"). He doesn't understand what Ryder sees in his brother but defends their relationship to Harry. He doesn't seem to respect Teddy as a doctor and discounts the nice things that Teddy does for him, but he'll become fiercely protective and fight in his brother's defence at school. Deep down, I'm sure that he loves Teddy, but their relationship is still broken. I sure hope that Ryder can help to fix it.
  4. Little Drummer Boy

    I love Mrs. Haner's greeting to Ryder, "You're not the one I'm worried about," when she meets him at the door. Ryder sees that he has at least one ally amongst the parents. Amazing how fast he and Oli wind up in the basement rockin' away! You just know that they're going to be good for each other.
  5. Homebound

    As far as I'm concerned, Teddy let Nate off way too easily: I'm still steaming that Nate had the audacity to talk back and argue about his firing before finally bowing out. You have to love Teddy's offering to let Ryder sleep with him "but that doesn't mean anything happens." Sure, Teddy, of course not!
  6. The Pen

    While Ryder wants Teddy to go easy on Nate, a sentiment which reflects well on Ryder, Nate's actions are premeditated and inexcusable. He's a danger to other patients and will need to be reported. It's a matter of public safety. I agree that Ryder's honesty is a huge step forward in Teddy and his relationship. For me, this admission is the crux of the whole chapter. Way to go, Ryder!
  7. Chapter 8

    What I like about this chapter is that it contrasts the father's hateful behavior against the Harris family's support and the growing relationship with Cole. Cameron has clearly gained more than he has lost.
  8. A New Home

    Ryder needs a new band. Oli is a drummer whose skills are "pretty incredible." They're going to be living in the same house together. Hmmm....
  9. Chapter 17

    From hell to heaven: Ian's story is so powerful because of his ability to transcend such a horrible background, not to mention the wonderfully sympathetic characters who help him on his journey. While I hated the abuse in the first several chapters, the story could never have reached its tear-jerking denouement without them. Kudos.
  10. Chapter 6

    Ian may be physically free of his parents, but his brain is still imprisoned by his upbringing. Worse, the adults don't seem to realize it: while he was taken to see a doctor, no one has even mentioned having him see a psychologist or psychiatrist. Further, he has been chastised several times already for doing the things he was previously told to do by the Weavers--things he thought were "good." He has yet to receive the support he really needs, but hopefully, it will be forthcoming.
  11. Chapter 4

    Ian won't try to help himself, but he finally does what needs to be done when it comes to protecting another. Even after all the abuse/torture, he still has a compassionate heart. The "parents" need to be turned into cockroaches and stepped on.
  12. Chapter 1

    It sounds like Mr. and Mrs. Weaver were made for each other. I hope they wind up sharing the same padded cell and that Ian can escape their clutches sooner than later. He clearly has a lot of healing to do.
  13. Hurt

    What really motivates Ryder (aside from Teddy!) is his music. I wonder if Teddy or Dr. Pierre will try to integrate music into his therapy to help Ryder heal. (It's telling that it took a guitar to make Ryder leave his room and that he would sing his pain rather than speak it.)
  14. Chapter 13

    Glad to see that Shane is making progress, but the progress is almost in spite of himself, as he still won't share his secrets. Thank goodness he takes the Paxil, and thank heavens he is finally around supportive people who refuse to be driven away by his hostility and who are giving him the time he needs to heal.
  15. Chapter 5

    As bad as I feel about Derek's hitting Shane, I feel worse about Shane's response, showing his perception that this is acceptable behavior and even apologizing for his own behavior, as if he is somehow to blame. I just hope that Shane isn't damaged beyond repair.

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