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  1. travlbug

    Chapter 40

    Let sleeping Kohens lie! 😁😂
  2. travlbug

    Chapter 2

    Josh is so painful to watch that I'm reading with only one eye! 😉 Still, he's goofy and sweet, and I can't help but root for him. And as for Kells--there's no doubt he's smitten (and that's gospel!).
  3. travlbug

    Chapter 40

    So Deke found out the hard way that Kohen remains hair-triggered. I wonder how long it will take to deprogram Kohen or if it's even possible. The enemy crew turns out to be unhelpful, but the ship is a veritable treasure trove of data just sitting there for the taking. I smell a rat.
  4. travlbug

    Chapter 2

    Very well said. The question is, who is doing the crafting? And at this point, everyone's a suspect, even the people we've already met!
  5. travlbug

    Chapter 2

    I agree with Chris 191070 and JeffreyL: The jury's still out on Ben. He has survived three years as Amara's "bitch": It wouldn't surprise me to find him Amara's henchman as opposed to just his guard. Or perhaps, after 3 years of abuse, he has gone in the opposite direction and is plotting the death of his evil overseer. I love the possibilities! I guess that time will tell! 😄
  6. travlbug

    Chapter 2

    I love the "Stranger in a Strange Land" feel to the story. Drew finds the house surreal in its opulent austerity: It is actually intimidating --the lifestyle "obscene." He's sure the boys are playing him, and we have already seen them testing him once. We have also been warned by the author that the boys are "complex little bunnies" who "surprise at every turn," so we have no idea at this point what they may be plotting. Ben has survived the twins' hijinks for 3 years, so Drew would be well advised to hear him out. Interestingly, the design of the house, as discussed so far, does not lend itself to security, but I'll reserve judgment on that score until after Ben takes Drew on his tour. One good thing about his meeting the twins: Drew now wishes to spend more time with his own family. On the other hand, Aria has introduced the idea that there may be some sort of strain between him and his parents, who so "clearly" adore him that it turns Aria's voice "hard," "cold," and "wistful" to speak of it. If the boys trust only themselves, then--by inference--they do not even trust their parents. And the plot thickens....
  7. travlbug

    Chapter 4

    Vulnerable, hopeful, needing the love of a friend-- Shane and Parker are genuinely good guys who have the good luck to find each other. Shane rescues Parker from Steve, and Parks protects Shane from a dog and cheerfully plays nursemaid. Their relationship is special, and Parks has no hesitation saying that, while they may make other friends, their friendship should always come first. The "job" of best friends has been filled!
  8. travlbug

    Chapter 3

    Shane and Parker clearly enjoy each other's company. They both seem starved for companionship and are almost giddy with each other. I can't tell if Parker's comfort with semi-nudity (which exceeds Shane's) and his willingness to cuddle are the manifestations of a free spirit or of a friendship which already fits like an old glove--or maybe both. Or maybe, as a good friend, Parker just wants to make Shane happy. That Parker is a good friend is not in doubt, as he places himself at risk to protect Shane from a dog attack. The story just keeps getting better and better!
  9. travlbug

    Chapter 22

    I love the surprise when 12 extra students show up to ride with the gymnastics team and give their support! Declan's subsequent epiphany that the gymnasts have never received the recognition they deserve, let alone been celebrated for their extraordinary performances, shows his own growth of character, as does his resolve to remedy this situation the future. Declan's idea to have Bailey stay in the dorm overnight is brilliant, meeting Mrs. Mcintyre's every objection to Bailey's going to the football game and celebrating with his peers. Kudos to Bailey as well for shaking Daniel's hand and giving him a smile when he receives Daniel's congratulations. Only Declan, aside from Bailey himself, realizes the effort it takes for Bailey to remain civil, when it "should have been" his father standing there instead. While Bailey takes overall first place at the meet, I think that Declan's mental gymnastics this chapter are good enough to earn him gold.
  10. travlbug

    Chapter 2

    Parker's a wonderful character! He performs research, and his conclusions are perceptive. He is bold, reaching out to Shane's father, but he is also able to draw Shane out from his shell. He's tolerant and doesn't seem to care that Shane's gay. He's so comfortable being himself that he has no qualms partially stripping for his new friend or giving him a kiss. Best of all, he doesn't use Shane's feelings for him as leverage over him. (Quite the contrary, he wants to help Shane find a boyfriend!) It was Shane's lucky day when he decided to help Parker, and I can't wait to see where this friendship is going!
  11. travlbug

    Chapter 1

    I love the idea of a list. I missed my chance to do this in high school, but there's nothing to stop me from doing it retrospectively. 😉 Sad that Shane feels that free thinking is something to be hidden, and sad that his experiences have led him to that conclusion. It is very clear that silence is best when it comes to his own father, and he is still waiting for the ax to fall after talking to Ake. Shane has a strong sense of right and wrong, even if he's not religious, and Parker's decision to befriend Shane shows that not all good deeds get punished.
  12. travlbug


    I love that that this chapter is all about family--both the family you're born with and the family you create. Artie is in a truly good place: As he says at the party, he feels "nothing but love" from the people who now surround him. In contrast, his grandparents called him a bastard and his mother a whore, slapping Artie for coming to his mother's defense. They spew hate, not love: They may be Artie's blood, but they are no true "family" to Artie in any way. If they try to take Artie, I have a feeling that they'll find out the hard way what a real family will do for its members--what true family really means.
  13. travlbug

    Chapter 1

    Tremendous upheaval in Shane's life--glad to see he has a friend like Parker. Travis--the boyfriend--sounds like a work in progress. Mom may be trying to do the best she can, but I hope she does it without Cliff (bad vibes, but I'd probably feel that way about anyone who wanted all that gun/ammo paraphernalia). I didn't read The List, so now I know what I'm doing with at least part of my Sunday! (The rest will be spent at the Orange County Fair avoiding fried Twinkies and bacon-wrapped everything!)
  14. travlbug

    Look At You Now

    A pact with himself to eat only one hamburger a day? I don't know, Carter, that may be too strict! 😅 Don't worry, Carter, giving Aron a blow job makes perfect sense, and gay porn is merely instructional. Not ready for that? Well, thinking of Aron sucking you off is a better way get a hard-on anyway! And sucking on a banana? (A unicorn horn by any other name!) Carter, sorry to hear that your parents haven't even bothered to visit your body. This is the saddest moment in the chapter. Hey, Carter of the raccoon eyes and interview-dodging nature, "You're not fashion dead. Just a little fashion disabled...." (I like Yolanda!) Yes, Laura, all of Aron's love has to go somewhere, and I love where Carter envisions it all going up his ass! (You didn't quite word it that way, but that's how I read it. 😂) No wonder he breaks out in a cold sweat! Thanks for a fun chapter!
  15. travlbug

    Chapter 2

    Meteors, a strange new virus, a zombie-like killer with red-stained teeth and a penchant for throats, and an officer with ministerial-level clearance citing national security--wow! I have a feeling that Alex was very lucky in his accidental killing of his attacker. Alex may be an intelligent guy, but he seems clueless about how Tobi feels about him; and we'll have to see what happens with Alex and Noah going forward. Hmmm. One phone having difficulties I can understand, but two? I wonder if anyone else is having phone troubles? Lots going on. Can't wait to read more!

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